The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1930 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1930
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE IT'S KIElin KIATHKVn.LE. IAKK.) COURIEK-NKWS Seek World Supremacy in Oil mm FIGHT Giants of the Petroleum Industry Preparing for Far- Flung Contest. BY MILTON BRONNER NEA Service Writer 1X)NDON.—If the proposed billion dollar merger of the Standard OU Company of New York wllli 'the Vacuum Oil Company Is Hie forerunner ot au oil war between the Rockefeller Interests and llic Royal Dutch Shell Company for world supremacy, one thing Is ccr- tsln- Slr Henri Dcterdlng, czar of the Royal Dutch Shell, will not. run away from any struggle .thai the American combine may start. He Is not of the running-away kind. Europe Is looking with anxious eyas on the proposed gigantic merger of Standard Oil ot New York with Vacuum, which Attorney General Mitchell has announced will be teeted In the U. S. courts. H realizes, too, tliat aligned with the Standard Oil of New York Is the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, which Is even a bigger concern, and th« other Standard Oil companies. World EaltkjSttn Thus, the prospects for a flrst- clus oil war between the two most powerful /actors in the industry Mtm 'far from remote. While the various Standard companies and their subsidiaries are gigantic, the Standard's power \vns weakened somewhat by the famous dissolution decree" of 1911, which divided them into separate units with territorial limitations on their actvitles. Against these is the great Royal Dutch Shell, which lias entered the American market, on a national basis and whose retail stations are oner ing still competition for the Rockefeller Interests. ' DfUrdlni Another John D. Sir Henri, one of the two or three giants In the international oil business, Is the European counterpart of John D. Rockefeller. He has competed with Standard Oil for years. In fact, Standard once trlea to crush him. , Today he Is probably the only oil man in the world who can rival Rockefeller In the size of his holdings and the extent of his power. Like the elder Rockefeller, he started from scratch, building up an enormous business with fits own hands and brain. All over the world there arc men working for him. His intertill touch every continent. 'Sir Henri was born In Holland 87 years ate. In bis early youth lie went to the Dutch East Indies, and in the Island of Java he got a Job in' the Dutch bank—an unimportant sort of Job, poring over ledgers. There didn't seem to be much future In It; but he liked the country, so he jtayed. Bow : easiness Began •About 'I860 Dutch capitalists In the far' east .organized a modeat, $600,000 corporation for the work- Ing of petroleum wells In the Dutch East Indies. •The ibead of this organization was a man named J. A. Kessler, wlx> set : up his headquarters In Batavta .-and began operations on a small scale. He needed an assistant, and he asked the head of the Dutch bank to recommend, u bright young man. Now young Henri Deterding was not exactly a success In the bank, and his president thought this would be a good chance to get rlct of him. So the young clerk was sent over to the new oil company, The two leaders In what nppsurs to !x> an approaching battle of flams for control of the workl'- oll supplies are pictured here. At the left Is John I). Rockefeller Jr., tad of the far-mine Standard interests, and. at the right, Sir Henri Dclcrdlng. head of the Royal Dutch Shell Interests wlhch touch every continent. dard Oil Companies With a ridiculously small working capital, the young company began to spread out. It expanded from the islands ot Java, Sumatra unfl liotni'o and started absorbing othei producing companies. But although It, controlled many Mmrci-s of oil, its distribution facilities were insignificant. Dctcrdliu; went lo London and nir.tle an j agreement with the Royal Shell company, then called "tho Standard Oil of England," whereby the txo concerns were merged under the title of Hie Royal Dutch Shell Company. Dcterdlng ivns put in charge—and he hns neon In charge ever since, more than a quarter of K century. Hatllt.H Standard In Chlnn At that time the oil trade with China was practically controlled by (he Standard. Deterdlng, familiar with the far cast, set out to win :i loothold there. Standard Oil tiled lo down him, failed; Deterding begun building up a network of |iro- ilndng, pipe lino, marketing, uxplu- inlloii, Uinker and holding companies and Uxlay he has one of the greatest business concerns in the vcoi'td. For years Royal Dulch Shell 1ms been looking lor new holdings all over the world. Sir Henri has been cspcclnlly nnxlous lo get his hands on the rich oil lleltts of (he Caucasus, In the Russian country known as Georgia, This recently «l lo Ihc menlion of his name hi AY, FK German courts. Certain Germans were being tried In Berlin ,on charges of Issuing spurious Russian notes In the Georgia district—with the object, II wa? said, of undermining Russian currency, getting real money for themselves and eventually stirring up a revolution which would free Georgia from Soviet rule and make t: an Independent country. This, 11 said, had drawn the interest oi Sir Henri, who wanted Georgia lo be indi'pi'ndenl so lhat h!s company Girlhood The trying time in a young girl's life is readied ,vhtn Nature Icatls l»cr mite; tain blcps across tile line wliichJividcs girlhood and womanhood. Neglect at 'Mm critical period is largely responsible for much of llic misery of wontcn. OEU-n llxire is irced of some safe, strengthening to:iic to overcome the languor, nervousness and distress girls commonly experience at iliis lime. Dr. 1'iace's Favorite Prescription soothes lltt nerves, encourages the appetite and helps the cnlire womanly oigain'bin. Ii is purely ln'rbal — contains no harmful ingredient DruRgists. Tablets or liquid. Send Dr. Pierce, liiifTalu, N. Y., lOc if you desire a trial iiky. of tablets. could get control of Its oi! fields, Sir Henri has emphatically dc- j nled this, declaring tliat he knew 1 nothing of the affair. MAGNOLIA MOTOR OIL (Paraffine Base) At Magnolia Stations and Dealers ST-O where he became nssl&tant to the managing director. Takes Control of Firm If banking hail not ueen exactly his line, the oil business was. lie made himself Invaluable to Icr. nml when Kessler died, ft few years laler, Ihe stockholders madi: young Delerdlng his successor. Then began nn nnmlng period of growth, quite as spectacular a.i (he growth of Rockefeller's Stun- R AT over lines of world's greatest Motor Coach System tomi Trip Ftrti MEMPHIS .... J 330 NEW ORLEANS ... IMS BIRMINGHAM „.._ 12.30 CAIRO .:. S.20 ST. LOUIS ... 9.00 KANSAS CITY __.... 1«.SO DENVER 36.75 lev Ont-Wrr X«tu CHICAGO „ $ ».00 DETROIT _. 13.00 BUFFALO 20.00 WASHINGTON ..... 20.00 NEW YORK 20.00 LOS ANGELES 40.50 SAN FRANCISCO . 45,04 • DEPOT 2nd k Ash opposite O!encoe Hotel Every Pound Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction ? 'You'll Like It' I Know SPRING CLEARANCE Fortes Sante Fe Trail Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction Grocers who sell Forbes Santa Fo Trail Coffee are always eager to recommend it because it means a satisfied, constant cofftie customer. fir fcamtmlcal 7rani>6rf«/ta» BIG TOMORROW It builds trade for the grocers just as it builds satisfaction in the user because quests will invariably ask "where do you get such fine coffee?" 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