The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1930 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1930
Page 11
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1930 rOUniKH-NKWS PAGE ELEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS Two conU, a word for first Insertion and one cent a word lor each subsequtiit Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 60c. Count (lie words and send the cash. i'hone 306 FOR SALE BABY CHICKS—All varieties, from proven Hocks. Custom Hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Ely- Ihevlllc, Ark. 9ck-U FEED FOR SALE—Corn. hay. cals, special price on car loads. Phone 65. Ira Crawford. Ucklt. ©1.Q30 >«* SERVICE INC FOR SALE—Clover, Timothy or Pen Hay. Write H. L. Morrow, Oran, Missouri. ISpfcl Mighty Good Cars at Bargain Prices Get Our Terms—Save Money 1828 Chevrolet Kt-adstcr, new paint job, good tires, motor in A-l condition Price $250.0I>| 1321 Model T Touring, motor in excellent condition, eood tires and new paint job $150.00 19;!8 Late Model A Phaeton good tires, motor in good condition, price only . §205.00 1927 Modtl T Roadsler, pick»;?, motor in excellfmt condition, sood tires and food' pick-up body, price 5135.00 All above and maney others on display at corner of 5th and Main. Phone 811 Corner 5lh and Main PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorised Ford Dealers lli:i.'l!» 111.111'. IUDAY tthm DICK-HHiiKtii.Kv, ki> rnrmvr rla"«Kinle Etl Ynlr, Invilr* t>t:Ti-:<Tivi-: iin.vMi; i)rMn:i: lu ain-Kd Ikr «*-rk-rn<J HI llii? hnitir uf bl> iMllllnnnlrr imrfrtu, Ibr drlrvilvr Mrvnttn, lirrnukt buimr erit«l. And fcr lerk* Ul» d»- 1-rrlUr bHOEr into ul» nullr«Nr. Olnnrr Ihnl t-'rlJtt> iilukt !• not ft plrnHnm HlTiitr. COIICK IllIKKI-:- I.BY l> hni.iJInK nnitcllr uy • '« duai:kfrr'» rnKCiprmi-nl lo I'ruatjyi CI.UUI.MIA kmi'll {* nil* lull*!; niii in luvr willi lirr llnni-ri Him. llrrki-lrJF ffcilri* out IK lirl noi-lnl •rrrrliirr, MIIS. I.KITriA I.AM- IIKUT, Iiimirr lorlrfr li-nder of Srit Yurii >«d it frlrnd nl rrn»- li>'«: <:ICI. chr ir.-jrnr.iil.l dnuirh- trr. fninklr rrt1li-lA»-« fair f:inillyi Dirk und M. ,»..ihcr ilrlnk fno i:iurl« i-hnm|i:iKi*r. II IK mil n litrunnnl k'lUKi'tiLild. though llun- Urr Irrlv nun-It ilr:itvi> lu Crnnk. In nn Inu-rvrLt t^-forrn dnnrln? lillL-r dlnnrr Srjninur Onklir |«Tr- HrniH Urn. llrrkrlry ivtlli u lnr>;r rr>»cnl tln-k nt r<Lu-ntUr |ivr- lunir. »[ilcb AlrH. llrrkrlrj urri-|)(l »llh rrlr> or i!rlli;!il. I:1 K I. alter i«*fw -ffs&FfjyiT^ X J W %// n '*.:%. ^ 44 i, % \% 4^ ANNE AUSTIN ^$ S^^ HKor nil U »i tnr lr!ii Ibrii hr hff[di|im Ibe luTliinir (rum hrr n'"l HIL»!II-M in.itj[> trim* n Kar»t. Kiirlnkllui; Ibrnl il'l- «; .lli>. llrrkrlr; i-n.ird Ifnit "Ij/ 1 HhiiiH filttl'* .rurKr llrrkolry rriiTH*c« * •iftwlyi ClKl Mlumlilv* l* rimm. ami Dirk lurcbl-H ly af(*r hrr. rr. nh-fcrnril. rrmriLllif r« al>U til li-li'|i^iiu« pullf^ lrr» nliuol Nr)mi<ur T BUDDED papcrshcll Pecan trees and fruit trees. Reduced price on early Spring orders. Gregory Nursery Company, Cabot. Arkansas. 21pk-Mar. 11. FOR SALE—Buckeye incubator, 120 egg capacity. Phone 317. 24pk3 FOB SALE—Comfortable Home on paved street, close to school, with 7 rorm and bath, double garage, concrete driveway, servant's house, with 4 rooms that can be rented for S4. l*r week. This property can be bought for $2,000 less than it cost. Good cash payment, balance monthly. Convcn'ent modern home close in on Kentucky, with living room, dining room, 2 bed rooms, brcak- tast roc-m, bath room, hall, kitchen and screened back porch, garage and servant's house, olid beautiful lawn and garden. This property is worth $5.000 but can be bought quick for $3250. Owner needs money and $1,000 cash will handle it. Three choice residence lots on Kentucky and Davis. Ideal silos for hrmcs thnt will please your wife Each of these can be bought quick at half price. Phone lav, G G Caudill, Office Farmers Bank Bids.' 2 <* k - tf - FOR KEWT FOR RENT—One or two furnished rooms, close in. Auply Jimmie Ledbclter, Sauiidcrs Store. 4ctf. LAIND FOR KENT We have about five hundred acres of good cottcn and corn !and lo rent to patties who have tiieir own teams and equipment. Heninliill Lbr. Co. BENNETT, MO. 20ck28 NOW <IO <)?( WITH THE STOKV CHAl'TBH IV IE wide front hall of the Uerke- ley mansion eiteniled beyoinl tlie Immense circular staircase o whlto matlilo. which wound upwan lo the Ihliil lloor. with a broai Iriiullns on the second. A few fee D'Jhlnd the staircase the ball endei in a wall, with a;, ordlnary.sizei lioor openlne Into what Dunde knew must he the mysterious regions ot "backstairs." devoted to tbe butler's pantry, back hall, servants' Bitting and dining rooms and kllelien. Now that door sloort ellgtilly ajar. And from It came eound; which caused Dundee to abandon, temporarily, his search for tho library and Its telephone. "Hc-ase. .Mr. Dick! Let mo go! if your mother saw us— No, no! 1 slian'i dance with you!" U was a girl's voice, high, sweet, Hurried. unmistakably British Ami ihe only answer to that fran tic pkn was a tipsy, exultant laugh "Oh, Lord! Dick up to Ills old . trick;!" Dundee shrugged disgust edly. and. o_ti impulse, lerlted oi'e tbe'dnor and plunged Into Ihe nar rower bnijkeiairs hall. The ilelective's lirsl huuressio of the girl was that she was falrj small and slight aud bloml. l ] al gold hair curled about her delicately llusUcd little face, and wa knoiied In a shining bun on ih nape ot her slender neck. He dark-bine eyes were wide willi genu hie fear as her black-clad tiod Btralneil to releaso Itself from th emhraco of the drunken SOD of her mistress. Hut Dick. h!i reddieh brown hair falling in dank wleos across lil.s sweat-headed forehead, snaichcd the girl closer and forced her to follow his shambling dance steps. The languorous notes of "Tho Pagan Love Sonq" from the radio penetrated snliiciently lo animate liis groggy legs. "Say you'll meet me when that beastly crew In there's gone to Ded. and I'll let yon go—" "Hello. Dick!" Dundee sang out from the threshold, as he pulled the door lo. "Sorry to intrude, but will yon tell me where 1 can find a tele phono?" "Sure! Dullcr'a panlry. Kirsl door on your left," Dick Berkeley - answered, his feet halting but bis disliliiKly nt l)ui-,iir-i>. Uetcneil to iKo yc.un-.; 11 fur n i!:ii:ai "TlKink ymi en mucli, you ibnr! ii-.n I'm winn nil my em i;:li ^ ti.r UH iilu p:iriy ID- moriiiu- iilniii. AMI UK- iii'.i.,le 13 lUEl Kli>M-!ti;;. toj. reinoiulicr! . . . turn oft i!- t . mill, IIIUFtll'l :•- r must hli.-. ,\]r. " i.;.i!" uliily. Illl t^lt! -.v;.s IV iibvloiisly. HJK HOARDING HOUSE VMS viRSf irj -Ttl' CLUB -fVtl.V i osf AM' rouup COLUMN - -fo PI-AV voot. K M 1 VALL WllBW MAMMffiArU vJeM-r iioORS or AMP Te/J llERB 5AVJM 1 Ruyiimur Crnsuy o lino falirln o( Idl Ihlll, j;..1!idal fit tir-r nlldltnlo. not tiotng 10 .lib; IK"." Clorluda l..-. "THl uli.istl) ' 'i <!IB! siulukled nil tunic vvlii' us. v "Why. 1 Icy li:i -tc:. V | C are vciy ta. My in.iiil, . , ..;li|vi-|j ;,;.; it flu; r-,i tiiilr'i ;!!( ,t ,,.,[. ,,„-.'ii|.ni!.|y nwkvwinl— " "/'vc go! a janny pricltling oj the scnfp. // / tccre n aomait I'd say / had a premonition. rms holding tho slrninlns C'rl lore closely ngahut his brenst. • • • tyOU'ltE drunk. Dick, ntnl you'll ^ better BO to bed," Dundee In- errupteil quietly. "It you'll let Mls3 Mailhews show me where the telephone is—" "Please let me BO. Mr. Dick!" Doris pleadeil. her little bauds dressing Iianlicully against jrcast if you'll promise lo meet me when and where 1 Enid," Dick l>ar- ined with tipsy solemnity. "Very well!" Ihe girl eaiiHulnler] suddenly, uut the hlue eyes sbol a glance at Dundee, which told Eiii:i that she had no Inlcnlion of kccu- lus tlie promise. "Oh!" she vrailcd "Hello, boy!" came linck Cnnlnln Slrawn'a heavy voice, "llai-iiig a good time willi tlie s'.vclls?" "A Eoorl lime? Thai rates a laugh!" Dundee relorleil. nnrl nl> Used v,'itli :i curt hark dial did not sound at nil amused. "Llsicn. clilcf! Can yon p.end one of the hoys over to 'I lie Mornituj .Vcics "Si:rc-ly you duli'l mean liu.o Dnris MattliewsY" 1,1:1! lie lur I tmvnr^ Mrs. Liunlicri, n queer i'X|:ie?r,l;iu iinlvGiliii; in-ruj-j lila ttiln. arJ.vici'i^.Ur [;icp. "Uldu'i l write you tlinl t lud bail l).,iir. cniiii! n:i lo be with i lierlirlnv .-ir:,l Cloi!r:<!a?" Mrii. Lain. ! tim iiplinl. ••Ihit I'm guile sure I I illd, Soniour. I bo|ie you rlnn't mltid, biiL i;|iu \vas Ioi>l-:lnn lor a [dacu—i-;ir:ic to uco mo wbcu 1 slopiico off In Nov.- Vovl: on tny return trnrii i-i:incc-" She he.-luili'd, anil D.inilce v,nr, suro Ilia; llirro v:as rc;:l anxiety In her lovely, soil voice. | "iMirnlY" Crns!!y ccliocil. "1 shall be tk'li::l:itil to i^e Ijnrla iijialn. How is nliu'r" "Still nilnnhly |,rcUy." .V.rj. l.nin. brrl smiled, "ami qulto happy. Klio has just bui'i>;^(j o:ij;ai;«.'il to tlie HOOTS yVND HER BUDDIES AH, TIIH DOPE By Martin complete rciiime ot jeliiiiuVeur. niiucnu Arnclil. and Ket me a the Crosby 0:1=0? Although It bap 'peiicd In I.«:nlgil, 1 rnthrr ImaKlae every city l:i Hie Cnlicd ytatog carried a least-d wire report of tbe affair and the 'Inquest, tho Crosbys being who ihry were. . . . Abaut IS mcutl:s ar,o, I believe. . . . Thanks, clilel. Anil have il mailed to ir.e in a |j!.iln ctivcloin.*." "What's up. hoy?" S'.rav.-n softly, as young Berkeley released her. "Look! You've finite spoiled my apron!" Anil she tried IncfTcc- lually lo smooth the wrinkles frnm the crushed scrap ot lace and lawn. "Tile telephone's right la here— Oh! i\lr. WicketU" sbo gasped, ovcly little face tjuin:; almost wlilte as lue crumpled apron, before she turned anil WANTED—Man and wife to do milking and 'vork. Phone 877. 24pk3 FOR RENT—Nice Slcamheated bcrfro-m adjoining bath, 603 West Msin. Plionc 642 or 27. 26ck-tf. FOli HENT—Lnrgc front ucdroom, nicely furnished, adjoining balli. Call phone 411-W 124 West Kentucky. l^ 4 FOR. RENT—N*ely Inrnishcd room close in. Meals it desired. alfo enrage. Mrs. E. A. Spiccr, 120 Dusan. WANTED AGENTS WANTED for high-grade line ladies beautiful underwear, iwpular prices, factory !o wearer Liberal commissions. Address Ar- linc Turner, 914 Scoll, Lilllc Hock. 21pk3 LOST .OST—Men's hals were excliangecl hy error at First Baptist church yesterday at morning worship. J. C. Eiarget-t. one m: villc. ;e east of Blythc. 24-1 PERSONA!. W. J. KNOX repairs shoes No. 204 West Main. good. HOLSTEIN BULL FOR SERVICE —I have a thoroughbred Hol- slcin bull for pnWic service- nt Chicago Mill barn. C. O. GIKVCS 24pk3 Jags- moxr, i o o It isn'l tlic shortness of the skirts that bothers, ifi Ihe np-crccp. TALK WITH US AROIJT A MODKKN.VOUI/TUY HOUSE and let us figure the cast for vou. E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Toscani to Conduct liAYHEUTH. (Ul'l—Artll-n Tos anini will conduct all the p<?r- ormanccs of "Tristan and Isold;' iiwl "Tannhacuser" at the Bay- cuth Festival I'lays in July anrt \,inii«t of [liK vcar. This will 1.-: Toscanitii's first amicarance at BayrcutU as conductor. • « 1 J f curiously, after the request bad been K'-iutcil. "1'rotatily nolliiiiK. but—I've got a funny \'rick!in^ of the scalp. IE I were a Tvoainu, I'd say I bad a pretKuuiliot:. 'Ni^Iit. sir. \Yhcri he rc-'un:i;'.l to tbe drawing riiotn. where the air was heavy I "Oh. Geyisc 1 ll.r. with Hie perinnic Glgl hail so Mol-'l'lione lo tho Kar;iS jackstairs. tied up tlie|| s |,| y WESU ,|, [, e found that 'had not rojuincU Ihe parly. A ncv,- splendid \o'.i:ig n:rili, I bclii.v "I'm suing lo bed/' ClyriluJ.i .111- Tiniinrc-il nbruplly. "Uond ulclit, everyone." "U'by. It's nrt 11 yet. il.irllng," .Mrs. Ilcrkctcy [irole?lcd. imt as ber left Hie r'xmi willuiat re- liljiiiR .-ho iti!.li.'J: the il-.-ar cliild is hi'hii; ecnf-lble. Tniuoiruv/ v.-iil Lio siicb a heavy day/' "We'd heitcr he yoins too, lion," Mrs. Smith iv.itlorcil. "I womlc-r if we :-iay Iwrrow ^ur nml ciiautfeiir. Al-bie. Our c;ir'.5 out ot ntiler. nml \vc c:u:ie out "(N'rtaiuly," Mrs. Hc-rl.e:cy ie- tilled, hut she (rii-.vih-d tlii.'1'.lly. Wiciictt Itlc- e for Arnold lo Ihe car around liiiiriorliotcly." Rut It was lully IU ml nun.i Uc- "Ustenlng In. Wickctt? Good | , UI10i somcililns about "tiptoe-ins hrc \Vlckmtanaounccdth slloiv, wasn't It? Hut listen, Stcne- Kace, you'd better mind your own —sec?" And Dick Ueiko- Icy lurched toward tho buller who slood In the door ot his pantry. "Yes, sir," Wicket! answered, but bis eyes spoke so bbck a Ime [hat a shudder ilpuled alonu Dundee's already overwrought nerve?. "Yo:i wish to use [lie telephone. Mr. Ditn- dce7 I'll show you to the library, sir." • • • A MINUTK later: "Captain Slrawn. please. Dundee speaking. . . . Hello, chief. Dundee rc- through tfie tullrs." was throtlilcs j t!:0 wailius Ueniaiinn Snilihs. from the r;dio cabinet, ami Cl<> : l |a 'l iilri-nily fald their ;;ooil-iiight3 rlmln and her il.incc. Seymour, l» ice around. Crosby, wore- ibm-liig alone." v.-ltli! "I'll like to tnlk v.-i;li you In (ho grave pcrfectloa. ' I library before jciu v« ii|i-tnir.-. Ah- Willi almost sick distaste. Dut'bio." George Ucrkeley h.iltDil 1"3 obcOicnl lo his promise lo the alii 1 ''''^- aa "!'•<!. Wrs. l,am!'i-rl nml sent anil ilirgrsced (;i»l. UnniliT! Hc J'mfnr L'iioshy wore ini.ving tc- rro?scd the hi;; room lo whore Mrs ,wanl the ma'rtile' ttalrca-c. Berkeley sat on a couch bcsMe Mrs Laiiibert. "All ri K !il I promise! who Jiad iilrcniy readied the sci'ond-llcor lar-illiis of tho ^lalra, heard tlie Ptc-rn but low- I must say— Oh. ll:ere you nre. . f i"il;cn words very clearly, dear .Mr. Dumlcc!" Mrs. Horiiel liro!:e Djark a r"lk!ly tndknant Mra Lntnhert to r hla scalp ha'l ti:at odd, re nioullory pricklir..;. roll (To ISe C'lnlinuoi!) AIOM'N i'OI' :,...mmW -fc*:4 WERT He Makes 'Em See Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tax. Bookkeeping Systems, Fhonc 52 Ingram Bldg. Biythevllle, Art. TOP Of ,voo LCT PMSV CAT MAU6 VoO LOOK A "'" "" To VOO II V'b TUT: TO W1O \\'~<? V=(XR TOO W '. voo OOKS'T THST'S kit t MOW wow twtTRIP "6

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