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i I jtr 7 Today's Skies IHpn IdookriM Midnight Ut Quarter Thursday Prominent Areturu high in i south pm To tkt eat of Arcturue to tha constellation Corona Boreali (tho Northern crown) Thto group to Alto called Ariadne' Crown (AH Time tHtm Standard) The Weather 4 Pair eiid cooler tonight -Continued fair Wednesday with little change of temper- -m a a WO 4a 4 ature high 85 last low 51 noon reading 72 Vol No XXXIX 109 Kingsport Tenn Tuesday June 1953 Five Cents 12 Pages ee May Accept UN Pro I Ancient Rif uej ThroTighVideo First Queen Since Victoria Formally Ascends The Throne Kingsport oath In Holston Lake Drowns A' Mishap By PAT FIELDS Times-News Writer A Kingsport youth drowned in Holston Lake Monday afternoon when he and a companion were thrown from a racing speedboat near the river bridge on Highway 421 which runs between Bristol and Mountain City Leroy Jessee 18 son of Mr and Mrs Emory Jessee 1508 Redwood Drive was seen to rise to the surface only once after the boating accident which occurred between 4 and 4:30 pm Lifesaving Crews from Bristol and Abingdon Va arriving at the scene at 5 pm recovered the body after 25 minutes of dragging operations yards to shore where three flsh- Tommy Johnson 19 also of I ermen waited to pull him in Kingsport and com- Johnson said the boat piloted panion in the boat swam 30 1 by Jessee apparently struck a QUEEN ELIZABETH Crowned queen 'of Britain and the Commonwealth today was Elizabeth II shown here wearing the diamond and pearl tiara of English queens since Victoria The 900-year-old coronation rites were hailed by thousands around the world Mt Everest Is Finally Scaled By Britishers LONDON (JP) A coronation eye announcement by Buckingham Palace disclosed last night that a British expedition has planted the Union Jack atop 29 002-foot Mt Everest in first success ful attempt to seal the highest mountain News that two climbers in a psrtjr headed by Col John Hunt had successfully battled their way to the summit of the Icy peak in the Himalayas May 29 was relayed to Queen Elizabeth Korea Chief To Cooperate 'At Any Cost' Will InsisJ Chinese Reds Leave Korea After An Armistice SEOUL (fl3) President Syng man Rhee said today South Korea will "co-operate with the at any but declared he will insist to the end on the withdrawal of Chinese forces from North Korea after an armistice Rhee said he had received a three-point message from Pres ident Eisenhower but refused to disclose its contents The 78-year-old statement came on the heels of a report from Washington that he had proposed to Eisenhower a mutual defense pact plus substantial Sv financial and mill tary aid as South price for accepting Allied truce terms "Out of gratitude to the common sense and wisdom require that we co-operate with the at any cost" Rhee said The White House firmly declined to comment on remarks about cooperation with the United States must accept anything the President wants but allowing the Chinapaen stay in our country Is similar to accepting a death sentence Saying he is in a difficult position" Rhee did not elaborate on his statement indicating South bitter op position to the latest UN truce (See Korea Page 7) Congress Roundup Odds Against TaxExfension Humphrey's Appeal May Not Be Enough By UNITED PRESS The cards remained stacked against extension of the excess profits tax today in spite of an admittedly Impressive appeal from Treasury Secretary George Humphrey It was generally conceded that Humphrey helped the chances for the request in his testimony Monday before the House Ways and Means Committee Humphrey argued the tax should be extended six months to Jan 1 so that it would not give Corporations a break before a cut of about 10 per cent hi individual Income taxes is due to take effects After listening to him one high ranking committeeman Rep Robert Kean (R-NJ) said he might vote to the extension bill out of committee even though he still planned to oppose it on the floor Other congressional news: Korear-SenJohn Spark- man (D-Ala) joined Sen William Knowlaiid (R-Calif) in warning that 'a Korean truce might pave the way for Com munlst admission to the and new Red-adventures In the Far East It was learned that House Republicans and the White House are pear agreement on compromise reciprocal trade legislation that would eliminate most of controversial restrictions proposed by Rep Richard Simpson (R-Pa) Reorganization Congressiotn al approval was expected for the plan to set up inde pendent agencies to handle for eigri aid and information operations with the State Department setting policy TEC President Gels Honorary Lsv Degree PROVIDENCE I F)-James White president and general manager of Tennessee Eastman Corporation at Kingsport Tenn was awarded an honorary decree of doctor of laws yesterday by Brown University The degree was nonf erred during the commencement' ptogram at Brown American ROK Infantry Beals Off Red Attacks Chinese Koreans 1 Hurl Heavy Assaults On 1 1 UN Positions SEOUL (JP) More than 4000 North Korean ahd Chinese Reds slammed against 11 Allied mainline positions and a handful of outposts today as big-scale Communist attacks exploded In Eastern and Central Korea American and South Korean infantrymen smashed 10 of the main line attacks nine on the bloody Eastern Front and one on the Central Front Fighting for trenchline positions just in front of Luke the Castle on the Eastern Front still raged There South Korean troops of the 12th Division were counterattacking for a second time against Reds who hammered their way to Allied lines An Eighth Army briefing officer said the bitter fighting on he Eastern Front was the heaviest in that section in more than a year Some 2500 North Korean Communists overran two small outposts and stormed four mainline xisitlons on or near Anchor Hill U1 four attacks were beaten jack by troops of the 15th ROK Division the Army said Another 750 Reds a full hit Americans of the 8 45th Division in three attacks against Sand Bag Castle Each Umathe-attackera -were stopped at the barbed wire by rifle and machine-gun crossfire Id the Castle fight 500 to 750 Reds threw a three-pronged attack against the Castle defense lines and against two main-line positions east of the Castle The two eastern prongs were smashed North of the Punchbowl American soldiers battled hand to hand for 20 minutes in their own trenches and hurled back 175 Reds who overran a listening post and clawed their way into Allied lines Freight Trains Collide In Ga Crane Operator Dies In Rail Wreck Fire ROME Ga One man was killed last night when a Southern Railroad freight train collided with a local freight head on touching off a fire which raged little more than 100 yards from a huge gasoline storage tank All workmen on the two trains were first believed accounted for but at 6 a today salvage crews clearing the Tight of way found the crushed and blackened body of Ed 'Williams operator of a crane on one of the freight cars A switch engine was pushing string of cars onto the main line when the Southern freight smashed Into it knocking 14 cars into jumbled heaps on both sides of the 18-foot embankment police said One tank car loaded with sulphur dioxide burst into flames only a short distance from the gasoline! storage tank and another tank car which had just been emptied of cleaning fluid All of fire -fighting equipment was rushed to the blazing car and firemen poured streams of water on the storage tank to keep It from igniting Patrol Warns Road Will Be Dangerous -Motorists on the Johnson City Highway are being warned to proceed with caution for the next few days by the Tennessee Highway PatroL 7 A topping of hot tar will be plaeed on the road work which was to have been begun at 7 am Tuesday toward completion of widening the shoulders and other repair work on the routed The tar will make the road extremely slick and will remain so several days Warm weather will likely delay the hardening of the tar accord -ing to Sgt Seehorn TUP Proposed Fund RiderScrapped Ike Insists Red Ban Proposal Be Dropped WASHINGTON (JP) Republican congressional leaders agreed at President' Insistence today to scrap a proposed ban against further funds for the United Nations if Red China should be admitted to JLtolen was Tne aeci5iGn wa announced by Sen Bridges (R-NH) after a White House meeting of GOP Senate and House leaders Elsenhower had suddenly called the special meeting this forenoon Bridges said the President endorsed' a Substitute proposal that both houses go on record as opposing the admission of the Chinese Communists to the UN under any circumstances at this time Bridges added that it was the sense of the meeting with the President concurring that this country not only would oppose Red admission but would take active leadership in keeping the Chinese Commu nlsts out of the world organization Bridges and Sen Knowland (R-CalifKsaid special meeting was called because of indications that the British among others may press for the admission of Red China in connection with a Korean armi stice Bridges is a key figure In the matter as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee (See Foreign Page 7) Atom Blast Delayed LAS VEGAS Nev (UP) A of atomic explosions expected to be the" most powerful ever fired within the United States was postponed for the second time today because of unfavorable weather conditions The Atomic Energy Commission called off scheduled pre-dawn blast for least 48 Self-Protection: Asians Suspect Us Dulles Says tUrgesJU Act To Regain Confidence WASHINGTON (JP) Secretary of State Dulles returned from his survey trip to the Near East and South Asia declaring that this strategic area? like china could'-falU'victlmr to communist domination situation calls for urgent Dulles said last night in a nationally broadcast and televised report on his 20000-mile tour of 12 countries He said he found the United States because of its alliance with France and Britain countries suspected by some non-Europeans of trying to restore their colonial interests The Arabs he said harbor a resentment? against this country and are fearful of Zionism the movement in support of a Jewish state than of Saying that the had given most of its postwar attention to the important but not Western Euro pean- area Dulles observed "It is high time that the government paid more attention to the Near East and South "It came as a surprising shock when the 450 million Chinese people whom we hud counted as friends fell under Communist he continued there could be equally dangerous (See Dulles Page 7) Street Scenes Read construction project furnishes muddy weapons for out-of-season fight among small boys Students In hurry to be 'on time for last day of school to pick up final report cards Memory of 'Memorial Day holiday lingers as young lady dodges friendly pat on back to protect sunburn Defense Budget: LONDON (JP) Britain crowned Elizabeth today in a magnificent spectacle of ancient pomp and pageantry before the won- derlng eyes of her little son Charles heir to the throne The thunder of guns and the pealing of bells proclaimed to millions massed" in streets the formal accession of-Elizabeth the Queen thd first coronation of- a woman since Victoria 138 years ago Crowds massed 25 to 35 deep acclaimed the Queen going from Buckinghem Palace to Westminster Abbey and coming home again Only 7500 persons were in the abbey but millions more amid the 2Vr-hour ceremony by television for the first time Cries of "God Save the blended into a mighty roar from thousands of throats as -the purple and golden coach left the abbey for the mato cor- onation procession five miles and more through the center of the old capital The 27-year-old Queen who had looked drawn near the close of the long abbey' ritual and once near tears flashed her smile The Duke of Edinburgh was beside her There was a deluge of rain as the main procession got underway The inside of the queen coach was lighted by newly installed fluorescent lighting inside the old coach and glinted on her coronet nd Jewels Wind-blown rain and brilliant sunshine competed with each -other for control of the day But the millions who had gathered to cheer the Quewmood firm In sites some had 'staked out 48 hours ahead of time i The sun -burst through lowering sklei when Elizabeth was presented Jto the congregation Inside the abbey as un- doubted A cloudburst drenched the jam-packed capital at the moment of crowning It rained steadily for 90 minutes (See Queen Page 7) Elizabeth Calls A For Tolerance i Tells Subjects To 4 Guard liberty Peace LONDON (JP) Newly crowned Queen Elizabeth tonight called on her 6po million subjects tiC erywhere tq guard freedom and the practice of tolerance so can go forward together iff In a mqying coronation message prepared for broadcast to the nations and territories throughout her globe-girdling Commonwealth and empire the young Queen pledged all my to devote her life to the service of her peoples this resolve I have my husband to support she said Elizabeth gave her peoples high creed She said: ax 1 institutions with their 5 free speech and the respect for the rights of minorities and the inspiration of a broad tolerance in -thought and Its expression all this we conceive to be a precious part of our way of life and Elizabeth said this message has been sustained and invigorated over centnries by the British family of nations She said these principles were sacred to the crown and monarchy as to its many parliaments and ask you now to cherish them and practice them she said "Then we can go forward together in peace seeking justice and freedom for all men" SOLUNAR TABLES Tb MMdut at Wnf Parted a prlntatf balow ha km takeS Irea Ma Akiaa Knifht BOLON4R TABLES Piaa your day that you win ha ntuic Is rood territory or huntlnc to (ood corar durto thaw Umaa If yea rrUh te ftod tha hast oort that aaah day ha to otter Tb Major Parted or show boldlaoa typ Tbaw berta at tb Uma ahova had last for aa hour and a half or taro hour thereafter Tha Minor Parted sbova to reyular trp hr aoaewbat shotfer dura (tea km Jftear MaJsr-Mtear Majw a Tuesday 1 ll-H Wednesday tl 1 t'W II -a 4 rhursday tl 1-4 PrMay 11 It IU Uj -Saturday tit t-M I'M Vsa Sunday I'M IJI LAKE STAGES Lair lTel Tuesday at WatearaT Cberoke 1861 Holton 1TU1 Boons Mi large wave while negotiating a fast turn remember being thrown through the air about 30 or 40 feet before hitting the he said "Leroy must hate gone even farther I think I saw him once but he cry but and I see him The speedboat running wild circled the spot where the two boys were dumped and kept the few spectators on shore from coming to their rescue "If the boat struck one of the spilled aircushlons and knocked it in front of me I would have drowned John son said He said the three unidentified fishermen "swam out and dived for Jessee after the motor (See Jessee Page 7) Kaufman Denies Time Running Out For Condemned Pair NEW YORK The attorney for condemned atom spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg says he will move for a new trial perhaps later this week on the ground of what he calls new evidence The lawyer Emanuel Bloch made his intentions known in Federal Court yesterday as the judge who doomed the husband and wife team warned that their time is running out Federal Judge Irving Kaufman once again refused to spare the lives of the Rosenbergs and speaking of future defense motions told Bloch: "I would suggest -that you bring on everything you have with Marshal William A Carroll announced today the Rosenbergs will be executed at 10 (EST) June 18 Carroll said the date and time were determined by him and Warden Wilfred Denno at Sing Sing Prison yesterday Bloch said the plea for a new trial along with further motions in the 8 Court of Appeals was among moves he would make for his clients Foreign Trade Act Extension ForYeafSeen WASHINGTON (UP) House Republicans and White House representatives have agreed on compromise legislation to extend the Reciprocal Trade Act In substantially its present form for another year it was disclosed today Speaker Joseph Martin Jr said the compromise will be speeded through the House in the hope that Congress will approve it before the present law expires June 12 The compromise follows the lines of the recommendations made to Congress by Presiden Eisenhower It does not contain the controversial provisions of a proposal sponsored by Rep Richarc M' Simpson (R-Pa) which had the backing of a majority of the Republican members pf the House Ways and Means Commit tee Simpson originally proposed taking away the present power of the President to overrule the recommendations of the Tariff Commission In maklpg reciprocal trade agreements NetworksRace To Air Films i Of Corohatipn NEW YORK JJP) An air race between CBS and NBC to be first to teleeast films of the coronation today promised to bring Americans -speedy views of the historic ceremony The Announced plans for getting the film from London to Boston run like this: A Canberra jet Is due to off from 'London at 7:30 am EST when it will bA 1:30 British summer time and the ceremony has sot yet been completed It will fly to Goose Bay Labrador with films for the networks and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp-Waiting at Goose Bay with engines tuned up will be the one piloted by Joe de Bona for CBS and (me by Stanley Reaver for NBC They will race for Logan Airport from where the films will be put directly on a nation-wide hookup (See Race Page 7k AF Sergeant Denies Plot To Sell Secrets 'TAEGU Korea Guiseppe Casclo 34-year-old Air Force staff sergeant today pleaded innocent to charges of conspif ing to give the Communists secret information about American Sabre jets Casclo a native of Poughkeepsie and later a resident of Tucson Ariz was a lieutenant in World War IL Casclo will be judged by a general court-martial The maximum penalty is life imprisonment Since his surest at a Central Korea airbase last Sept 21 Casclo has been held in Japan-He was flown to Taegu During his imprisonment Far East military medical board found him sane a finding concurred-in by the office' of the Air Force chief surgeon in' Wash ingtqn The defendant has a long and creditable record in the Air Force In another- defense proceeding a Senate armed services subcommittee began an investigation of Air Force 'procurement with emphasis on prices paid Kalser-Frazer Corp for building the Fairchild C-119 Fly ing Boxcar cargo plane -Talbott said he doubted the Air Force could spend the full $17500000000 promised by the former Truman administration for fiscal 1954 beginning July 1 pourtqg some of It down a -He described as a report of Rep Samuel Yor-ty (D-Cal) that1 the Elsenhower proposed 1954 Air Force spending ceiling4 $15100000000 will be raised substantially Yorty said he got the information yesterday from last night a palace spokesman said He described the dramatic news as a coronation A message from Hunt relayed to Buckingham Palace said "All is The young queen replied: convey to Colonel John Hunt and all members of the British expedition my warmest The final assault on the Central Asian peak on the" Nepal -Tibet border reportedly the third attempt by 15-man expedition within the last few was made by a New Zealand beekeeper Edward Hillary 34 and a veteran guide of Sherpa tribe 39-year-old Rhutia Tensing London newspapers hailed the (See Everest Page 7) British Given Delay In Bermuda Parleys PARIS A foreign ministry spokesman said today that the conference 7 of President Eisenhower Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the premier of France in Bermuda scheduled for late this month would be postponed several days at the re quest of the British government Officials said a delay of six or seven days was being considered That means the conference originally planned to start about June 17-would not begin until the last week of the month the officials said The spokesman said the postponement request was made yesterday by Churchill to French Ambassador Rene Masslgll Churchill disclosed to Masslgll he had simultaneously asked the United States If it had any ob jections to a delay have held her feet but only to protect In addition to alimony and fees Mrs Wayne seeks an order restraining her hus band from resorting to physical violence Wayne charging his wife with misinformation and untruths Contradicted most of 19 tos timony presented in her behalf He denied their trip through South America under RKO spon sorship was in the nature of a bonus He said it was for publicity purposes4 A gift of 5000 shares of stock in Republic Studios Wayne said was presented to him by Herbert Yates studio head deny ever telling her the stock Was a bonus or that was trying to beat income taxes on the actor declared Air Chief 'JotWorried'By Slash Stevens Collins BeforeSenat ors John Wayne Soys He Never Struck Espstpnza Just Held Hands Feet WASHINGTON (UP) Air Secretary Harold Talbott £ald flatly today Tie was about admlnlsrtatlon plans to slash Air Force spending by $2400000000 In fiscal 1954 The Civilian 'air comment to a reporter Indicated differences with the Air military leadership These probably will be aired tomorrow when Talbott and Gen Hoyt Van denberg retiring chief staff testify on the 'Air -Force budget at Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearings Testimony' on the $16500 000 000 Army spending goal for the year starting July 1 came up today as Army Secretary Robert Stevens and Chief of Staff Gen Lawton Collins went be- fore the subcommittee' LOS ANGELES (ff) Actor John Wayne a 6-foot-4 former college football player has testified he many times had to protect himself from his temper by holding her hands or feet He denied however that he ever struck Mrs Esperanza Wayne former Mexican film ac-tresswho seeks $9350 a month temporary alimony pending trial of a separate maintenance suit in October "I have never in my life struck Mrs the actor boomed In Superior Court yesterday "But there have been many times wheil I have had to protect myself from her Asked to explain methods for such protection Wayne continued have held her hands and ir j'.

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