The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Kl..YTHEVJI,LE. (AUK.) FORSTfiTE Kaiser's Last Fight lo Keep Imperial Throne Revealed ( Continued from Pace 1) spoke briefly of one case in which a young man had been nude lo walk after having l)cen cripplM BY MIKOTT SAUNDEKS NKA Srrrlcc /Writer PARIS.—The manner In which Kaiser Wllhelm tried to cling to I his throne during the last, dm b hours of his reign two days before the armistice, and a dramatic bu: unconvincing gesture at Uic end to die at the hands of his troops, have been related by Maurice Murat l)c fore the Academic des ' Sciences since babyhood and the patient i Muritlcs el Politicoes. walked across the staije to show! TlieFrcr.chsavant, explained that how he could get aucul alter hav-ltho new light he was able to thro 1 Ing cradled on his hands n n :1 knees all Ills life. Mrs. Jenkins gave a rend 1 on Hie historic scenes lending to the abdication was based on documents, .sonic of which liavc port of activities in Arkansas In I never before been disclosed. Tliej iMs \voik tn UK last tlivce yeai> and summarized a plan of what will be done when the stale make* Us appropriation. Edgar P. "Dail- rcvi'al Mdi'Ughls on .the event' which took- plucc In Herlln and I] Spn in 1018, (lie negotiations whtci went, on between Prince Max von cly" Albn was introduced and Gns- liaden. then chancellor, nnd flu tnvc Jones, president, of Hie state (.Social Democrats which led to liu. commission, also spoke brlelly. | kaiser's Olglil. "On tiie morning ol Nov. 0, nt o'clock, the knlser refused dcflnllc- ly lo abdicate," M. Murat "Some hours Inter, SchcldciiKinn leader of the Social Democrats, re allzini; Hint the Communist parly was preparing n coup cie main, announced from the window ol tlit Helcli.stat; Unit, the republic h!ic been ]jroclaliued nnd that Wilheltr 11 liud abdicated, 'nils wns not. true "Tho knlser, who wns In tipa was niitllied nnd Imineillntcly licit n council ol «'nr, with all the av- my chiefs present." M. Murat con- llinu'd. "The chiefs, Incliullng th' Radical Demonstrations Throughout World dieted for March 6. Prc- CHICAGO, Feb. 28. (UP)—A general uprising of radicals In American and European cities lias been called for March 5. presumably by the Soviet Third International, department oi justice agents revealed here today after a night of police raids on alleged communist head- quartersT Ten men and two women \vcrr arrested when Chief of Detectives . John Stone set onl last night (o trap leaders of the radical movement in Chlcaco responsible for outbursts In nice-tine hulls and unruly parades that h.ive led lo battles with police. Police also prevented showing of a mortiy; picture-. "C?-ir Ivan, the Terrible," depleting oppression of 1 the reign of Oar Ivan TV in Russia and wrecked cftlce furniture and destroyed books in the Division street headquarters of the mirporl- ed Communist party of the United States. Department of Justice agents said they understood the wave of radical unrest that has broken cut- in demonstrations in New York, Chicago. Boston, Detroit. Cleveland. Philadelphia, Watcrbury. Conn., Chattanooga. Milwaukee. Los An- ROlos and Seattle was preparatory to the international outburst on March 6. cto\vn prince and Hlndcnburg. ad vised William lo abdicate, and Gen ral Hart alone held out for resistance. *. "At Ihc cud of Ihe meeting Ilia asked about Ihe feeling li the army what were Ihc billtics o! a march on Berlin. li Ihe meanlinie he agreed lo al;:ll cale, providing he kept the throni of Prussia. "Thf same day at '.! o'clock tin army chiefs held another mcellni in Berlin, the kaiser absent. 1 v:as decided that no blood shoiil be spilled al any cosl and prepa rations for his night lo Hollan uerc made without his knowledge "Al -I o'clock news was receive thai bands of rebels were mnrchiu OH Spa ty nssnssinale the einpero Illndeiiburi; Immediately notllle the kaiser thai he wns not sure o the troops .and ntjvUcd ImmediiU night. "At 10 o'clock on the night bv. 9. William, while actually get- iig Into the train, having agreed o leave Ihe country, changed his Use of Soybean Forage . Is Making Rapid Gain. 1 WASHINGTON. (UP)—The m tensive use of the soybean for for CKC and Increased use of the beu for oil, meal and human food hav icsultcd li\ a phenomenal incrcas In acreage and production of iti crop. Feeding value of lhe v soybeai comiiares favorably - with thm u otlier concentrates. Soybean . l :ec' will furnish, .lit moderate COM, a cast psrt or the high protein con ccntnurs necessary for stock lent MB nnd milk production. Soybean llay can be fed profit ably to nil kinds of livestock. 1 indites an excellent winter niilo! tor youiiB cattle, .sheep, horses nib miles and can be used to good ad Mintage for hogs and poultry. A imluro, liic soybean Is valuable lo all kinds of stock. Hogs glean ; maximum of profit from soybeai he killer :n»t Vein >hiKr.i[)hi'il l^Ki'llier )T;ir nf Mil' mind and declared thai he prefer- iti! tf> die ut the huiid.s of the sol- ilHT.s. Illndeiilmrg tried to dis^imdt him and llntilly the emperor agreet lo i;lve his final answer In th-. imunliilj. "In the morning of ihc tOtli Wll Hum acquiesced and the train lefi (or Hollantl." The kaiser's decision lo die at the hands ol his troops wns mon pasture when It supplements a con; ration, soybean pasture may b? used In late summer ami early fall when perennial pastures are short. The fertilizing value of soybeans compares favorably svilli that of other legumes usually grown for green manure. Straw from soybeans Is valuable for roughage for wintering dry dairy cows and beef cattle. It Is also a good roughage for .sheep. Old Horse Pensioned EVANSVII-LE, Ind. (UP)—Hay. a horse that has drawn Fred Echlueler's bakery wagon over thn streets of Kvansvllle for slstec:i years Iras been retired on pension. Working days for the horse, now 23 years old, have ended, and daily he svlll receive food and in the summer will continue his res', on a farm. Rend Courier News Want Ads. IT T E Tnvigorutecl Hair Kools Also An<l Hair Grew In Much Heavier And Beautiful MRS-LEAVfONKl REALLY WONDERFUL "I think Lea's Hair Tonic Is renl-1 years. One couple easily seventy ly worth while, lor one's lialr anil: years old of wealth In Ihe cigar ' heroic. M. Murat It surely restored mine to Its nai- explained, and lidded lhal William never hail any Intention of carrying out his threat. New York Cotton Sues Over Liquor Sale TROY, N. T. (UP)—Miss Nfary Hslpln hns brought suit nealn'.l Fred Brown, alleged proprietor of n roadhonse, for injuries suffered recently In an automobile accident. Mill Halpin charges Drown with having sold drinks to her escort, who drove the machine, prior lo the accident. Read Courier News iWant Ads. f 0\Y 9«ANH good remedy for nervousness is watching a fat man s. NEW YOflK, Feb. 28. (UP)— Cotton closed barely steady. Oi»n High Low Close' Mar .... 1510 1525 151G 1520 May .... 1550 1555 1538 1551 July .... 1514 1580 1563 1576 Oct. old 15W 15% 1578 1530 Oct. new 1575 1576 1505 1512 J(UI 150-1 1503 15fW 1!)97 Mil. old 1610 IGlfi 1605 1011! Dec. old I58C 159G 1580 1501 Dec. new 1C08 1C13 1590 1GI1 iiols closed quiet at. 1530. off five. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 28. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close 1510 1510 1601 1510 1534 1538 1521 1538 1558 1503 1545 155B 1578 1581 1505 1574 1508 1508 1588 1594 1C02 1C02 1002 1002 Spots closed steady al 1510, oft five. Mar May July Ocl. Dec. Jiui. Baking Powder DOUBLE ACTION Vint-In tlu «o«ch Th*a la UM »T«n Same Price for over 38 years 25 ounce* for Use less than of high priced brands MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED HV OUR OOVERNUENT rol color after being quite gray. business, says a few drojxs on the once every ten days or so. seemed to restore the vigor ii'ihas kept his mustaches and haiv cnlp and roots and my hair came! Us beautiful JiH black over Iwclve heavier and prevented tt falling i years and her hair is equally at- ut as before. It Is such, a si'hipk 1 1 tractive and free of Bray. Their last natter to apply, too, and.after cue order for six bottles to take with ets I'.ic desired results just an oc- nslonal massaging of a few drops nto Ihe scalp with nnger lip's, ev them to Eurone, came only recently from the Commodore Hotel. New York. Surely no one, no mailer •vy ten days, Xteps. one's hair 1=0 I'.uw tustidioiis or skeptical, can ilco." writes Dora Cnlhoun, of, louder hesitate-, al least, lo try Mrs. Lea's Hair Tonic. One may defy their barber or hair dresser to d.'- ,lnco!n. Delaware. Thousands of men and wnmrn prematurely sray oi- Betting o!;l lect the use of l.ea's nnd It surely Isn't much bother. If druggist hasn't Lea's Hair Tonic and won't find Lea's Hair Tonic tafcre ten off their nge and enhanc .heir appearance wonderfully.' Tr? i obtain of., his jobber for yon. just .vriter of this article' for Mrs. Le^ I send dollar bill with address to L^n .las personaUy mel a score of Tonic Co.-,? Brentwood, Md. They .iromlncnt men nud women win) ' pay postage to yoilr home, hotel iiftve used Ixn's Hnlr Tonic many ' oc office. Gold Medal FLOUR '"! Kitchen Testedj For Every Baking Puvpb^e, On Sale at - • SALIBA'S MARKET Blythcville, Arkansas Excuse That Worked SYRACUSE. N, Y. (UP)—Frank Thomcr. arrested nfter a prohibition raid on a place In Salhu street, is free today because he explained to United Stntes Commissioner Chapman he was merely minding the establishment : \vlnie the owner went- out to get a haircut. HISS N;«A womju, Of ; "£Di-ICI!;,flli5.,WW€i( : T|AE fbPOLAR NUHBEP; Read Courier News Want Ads, Z. A. McCUISTON 213 S. First Union Market Phone 334 Dont be misled). .. I am one of the oldest indeemlent grocers in Bl.vthe-villc.ville. SATURDAY SPECIALS These Prices for Cash and Ctniry Only PORK AND RKANS — Campbell's No. 2 can OfTc 3 cans for uJ CRACKBRS Princess, Soda salted, 2-tl). box fur ....- HONEY, Golden Drip OCc 1-lb. jar, each LIU GRAPE FRUIT Texas Medium Size 5c BAKING POWDER, finow King, 1-lb. 9-oz can; OAc each LU RAISINS, seeded or seedless, 15-<>tincc pkg. lAc each 1U COHN FI.AKES, OCc Posts. 3 pkjrs. for .. LnJ HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday " North of 49" —Wifll— Neal Hart and Barbara Kent Big Western Thriller Act of Scotland Yards No. and Comedy Admission, Matinee and .Night 10-25 Coming Home Theater Monday and Tuesday, William Haiues RITZ MATER Friday and Saturday All Talking The Battle Potatoes Idaho Red No; 1 15-lb. Peck Pk. 45c Celery Large Bleached Stalk 7c Lettuce Firm Heads Head 5c Gertrude Livwrrnoe and .Charles Ruggles A Jlusicnl Play Comedy! Thiills'. Romance Voice From the Sky No. 7 and Fables Admission, Matinee 10-SOc Admission, Night 15-35c "Speedway' RITZ THEATRE Coming, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday —with— "The Love Parad" .—with— Maurice Cevaliere COFFEE Choice of II and K. Old Judije or Canovu Per Pound 36c Choice of Forbes, Sante Fe Trail or Four Leaf Clover Per Pound 35c GREENS Fresh Turnip and Mustard Bunch 5c BACON Sugar Cured Sliced, Pound 25c Srawberries Fresh :md Firm Pints 24c Bananas Nice Large Yellow Fruit, Ib. 4c Pork Chops a Ib. 25c Sausage Pure Pork Country Style 16. 20c PIGGLY WIGGLY Strawberries Fancy Floridas Qt. 45c Sugar Pure Cane 10-lb. Limit 10 Lbs. 51c Coffee Latiy Alice Fresh Roasted Ib. 29c iETTUCE Lar « e6 r 51 MUSTARD GREENS *„. 5' TURNIP GREENS BmMh 5 C I CARROTS Hunch Spinach New- Texas Crop Ib. 5c Peaches Courier Brand Yellow Cling No. 2 1-2 Can each 19c RICE Fancy Blue Uose Pound 5' CORN Standard No. 2 lAc Quality, Cim 1U Potatoes A-No. 1 Red Triumphs 15-Lb. 1'ecks 43c Af PA i'urity Nut ULLU I'ound I OLEO Forrest Park Colored, Pound Bananas Yellow and Ripe Ib. 5c Soap Crystal White 10 bars 33c Matches S ssa t 6 boxes 23c Jello America's Fumous Dssert 3 pk^s. 23e Flour Red Bowl or Tri Sum 24-lb. Sack each 99c Brooms 4-Strings A Real Value each 49c In Our Market Pure Lard 5-Lb. Limit Ib. lOc Chuck Roast Tender Lean Pound 25c Bacon Black Hawk Fancy Sliced Ib. 25c Salt Meat ^ Ib. 12k Mixed Sausage Ib. 12 Meat Best Grade Pound 20c Mince Meat Bulk Pound 20c Bib Roast Genuine K. C. Beef Ib. 32c See Our Vegetable Display We have strawberries, English peas, beets, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, celery lettuce, green onions, radishes, cauliflower, squash, spinach, mustard greens, turnip greens, rhubarb, egs plant, parsnips and snap beans. _.

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