The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1930
Page 7
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_FUIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1930 Huge Sloth Riviil of .Eady Americans i - r • . • . • . * ==^^.-!Mr!SK^^^ PAGE SEVBN 80-Milo an HourJVans-Atlantic Craft Discoveries Prove America Inhabited 20,000 Years Ago. . ; liy HIHI.IP .1. S1NNOTT N'EA Service Writer LAS VEGAS, Nov.—A race of early Americans, believed to have pursued gigantic ground sloths 20,CCO years ago, is in turn beins hotly pursued today. The purtuers are not prehistoric- monsters, tint lead- Ini! American sc'entists, zealously digging in a gypsum cave on the: Colorado river, clrsc lo the Boulder : Dam site. ' Kot only the claws, hones, hair and hide cf the long vanished sloth Eusclei but also remnants of a highly developed'human civilization In the same era were accidentally discovered, imbedded in the gypsum. And the effort, started in a mall manner,.no«- $purc anthrcpo-' cnily handing mimng development woikj, 0 eive us (he mummified body in the cave when long buried gua- a tlaill , vit , d , , , u • ,, no was found. It was sent to the £ lrt,ld i )c fouml American his- Amcncan Museum of Natural His- tory «lil be pushed back 20,000 tory. Dr. Barnum Brown declared years" it related to the huge ground: Tne c . lvc in whlch (liscovei wn , fl-ths of a bygone era. Traces of madc is aboul 200 bv 80 rcc \ tee have been discovered eke- [ar , onl a coracr has where In Nevada and California. ; cd up by the searchers. Jr. James Scherer, director of. TI,™ im,,™, ...„,.„ ,,,,..i.;,.„],. the Southwest Museum at U>s AH- ti"mo^o, e ,!^.oth >-^hbya,rian gli ,arc,a,, His Believes Half-Boat, Half- Ain>!a:i{> Will Cross in . Sixty Hours. QUINCV. r- li-j!r I'M 1 science, pj- Uuriloy had u Mill- In his b.iyliuodl : Iv.ilj.lwm, lialf-Mrplam.- i id skim the A'.lanlli: |p. ' which It--?:; th:i:i linco days. 1'iobaiily no u i:u rise woiul Itnva fll'tlg; n .-mall rmuilio u (I,,, wl .. ds created !, ; . ;-.v 0 ISO-K. r. mr iron such .: Hi-.iii;'j..|ofii:ii).j nii:!i c y nlrc'.uly h:i iu,- l» huvil a go-<\ m usl> K-fiw hi. iil- q ,i| c :. ti>|i?c!nclcil ml(r HY \V.H. li. MrKEVNEY A piny Unit seldom arises Is the up, in onli-r that you may liinlerstiind wluit Ihis ploy Ij, It In today's hand. ten pledges of party lovnlty. In such crises loyally" is' largely 1 Chester Stock, Carnegie Institute and California "Institiilc of Technology author of authoritative treatises on the prehistoric ground sloth species. Another member was i Dr. E. L. Furlong, palaeontologist, I Uu'.vorsiry cf California. ! Indians, under Harrington, dc- Ecenc!cd • into the cave, 50 feet underground, under four feet of gypsum, discovered a claw, bones, hide and even the coarse brown hair of the Nortliotherlum sloth, a type recognized but little known. The First Weapons The parly was thrilled by this discovery. But more thrills were in store for in the uncovering of what had been the floor of a cavern! by a herd of ground sloths, spearheads, darts and feathers hound with sinew were x found; near the monster's bones. • The'"rn6derr>J.'p-cmiipncd scientific Y party 'Tfas>. -wiUskcd ,-back through j the ages to 'mankind's firs developing Rn-.iiistruuicnt. a weapon. For these dated hack to the atlatl, or dari thrower, great-great-grandfather cf the bosv and arrow. Well-shaiicd and tooled spear and dart heads of Hint v:ere found. Some of the dart- shafts, in gcort preservation, were four feet long. -"Proof (hat the users had evolved from the primitive to an artist : c stage war shown by the method. In which green ltd mineral paints wrrc. used decorate the shafts. Hist«y Back 20,000 Years Dr.. Scherer. is enthusiastic over what might be. disclosed in the cavern. "The sloth find "is amazing," he fay.-. "But of particular importance was the rinding .of artifacts in almost idrcct association with the Moth bones and", claw.-'In'ad- dition to Ihe darts, .:,lhere. was beautifully madc twine of yucca .fiber and bound feathers, appar- 'Stic differences. The Nortlnotheruim creature was about as high as an elephant, and about IB feet long.' according to scientists' restorations. Its Ihree-dlgitcd paws were used in gathering its herbifcrous diet, and with tile formidable claws, for defense. Jungles and heavy forests a matter of Judgment, by Hie jud«- c-o and cleiks of the election aim It is imuclpalcd that there will be lriey'11 Vote in Primary Despite Rules Is Guess of Leaders. few challenges. LITTLE ROCK, Aik.-Tlmt icii- rescntalions carried Iu vnrloii.-, newspapers and by varlnus HEV.-.S services «ith rc[erciicc to 111? man• which the Democratic nurcv ' were its habitat. Its claws and in Arkansas will 'rigidly on ore,„-„),„,,,„„ i,,,, „„,,,„,.,„.. „.„., , . !)an> . rulE . regarding voting int!* prehensile lips Batliering feed from the gi'ound, and also from lower branches of trees when the huge creature reared to its hind [(uar- primary next August are e.xager- ated is the opinion' of n number of leading Democrati leaders here. "'•'' „-,.--! ,, .•- "I Thc expiession of opinion has Descendants of Sloths [reference to a report that all per- Shanging weather and floral - sons' who failed to vote the Dento- condttions firally drove the beast cratlc ticket in the national clcc- frrm a world in which it no long- i tion of 1023 will be barred from er fitted. The tree sloth and the: participation in the August yri- ant eater arociiR its deschedants. j mary. • Scientists., long knew of ' the ! It appears "to be generally be havoc wrpnuht to these animals ilicved that, no such rigid enforce by. the sabcr:tqo^h t'ge'r, wolves, mom of the rules will "be fo'lo-ved amii otfeer n carnivorous beasts. But i While party tulca "'s'icli -. . . ildp in otfeer, carnivorous bea^. Bill, While party in - s ,, cll , h url I »<•••"• "ere. in a g.vpsum cave, tlie I course could ts adopted ainarent" artifacts! woriii'h"learnins'that apparently i-ly the plr,n will be to pern-it tbt I the monsters had their human j so-called "L-olters" to relurn to tin- oueiuies, who battletl the brutes | fold, provided they will nled"c lliciy either for food or in • Ucensc ot j support in the general election tin'(heir livp.s . ! fall to parly nominees. ' i Just now, Dr. Schercr's party | The requirements for parsons do- : telieves the darts, etc., were j siring to become canUiilutrs for Wonderful News For Fits Sufferers Brooklyn, N. Y.—Most stubborn casw of epilepsy have bec-n stopped by new remedy. Thousands of siiirercr:. have been helped. U you have fl 1 ,;-, write ill once to Phcnci- leptol Company, Box 11, si. Johns rl. Sta. itawklyn, N. Y. Dent 3D for free bc;k:ct. •. ' ' »-,!!!.- on Sis Ij'.n'U prow nnd clirlstiT.-ri it lhi> -Silver A ;cru-.-. of lii.i! niv.s simlhw.ird nl- MB Ihe Atlantic csnsl to Florida will IM undertaken soon. The hy- diogl'ilcr. fcr that is ils technical nnnse. is *.o feet in length, with u single ivi'15 ol -10 feet. Nclllw: 1 «-htg nnr motois arc sufficient lo lift the craft into (ho nlr, Dnc:lcy Is sure it v.-lll be so It will Just touch the tops of oven waves. Thc'mum jpccd, while loaded, Is expected to he 80 miles an hour. E.M-epl in tin, loualifst ie.i-:. this should aflord Ihe btubllHj ol an airplane in flight. The controls,, even to tlu- aiM-ial nitlilcr at tile item, arc operated exactly like these cf an airplane. Thc cabin is nearly tis rcvo'iii- ticnmy in dn-iun n:, Die e.\li-r : or In a space of 30 by 8 feet, luxurious quarters arc . pmyiiied -for. 3U passengers b:nt on I<Sto:>5in!; the adv. ocean in a hurry. Pplding berths arc provided, with tcick'er chairs for daytime sailing. Meals can be scrretl . from a fully equipped gal ley. '• -Read Conner Nevs Wniit Arii. probably hurled into the sloths , the Democratic nomination for of- thiring battles .with' hunters. The j Rcc will, it is mid. be reqiiiicd to i tlochs, tlicy believe, sqtight the i satisfy central commltlM thnr.' cave for safely and there died of • they supported Democratic nomi-1 " -r wounds.-'- : . . ". :necs at the last gcnernj ejection. That, -limvcver, will be part o ; their ' candidate's party pl-dVcs which must be.filed with tjie cel:- coniniltcces- prior to thp p'ii- *» T . . . c -. . Bcrhn Automatic Phones In ;' • ' ^ BERLIN. WITH PILES Some Doctors S;iicl Uli-ers Others Abcesscs ;mtl Others 1'ilcs •A SIiMI'l,K I.ITTI.I-: KBMKDY CUHK1) IT "After you have .suffered as I did lor tl'.rcc years, and-.spend ail I did in vain, you surely feel yrat*;- ful when somc'hing comes ;ilcm« and hc.-ils you up nnd makco you well, and nappy, at my aije. 70 ycavs." writes C. F. C. Stamp, vhn like scores ot iwople liciv, pi'.xls.'i Colac Pilo Pills to the ?ky. "Some doctors c.illcd it. al-sccss, others ulcers and seme just piles, but. 1 was in terrible pain .with almost a steady (low of bloody Ium3. or sometimes it was clear red blood. Our family physician, and R couple more did (heir best, for me. and I had already used the remedies advertised in the papers ro you can Imagine my relief when I found Colac Pile 1'ilk were each day te- Ecniui; the pain, and bloody flow. H KOI Ics-s und less until U f|iil!. and the bow els moved regular, an 1 comfortable again. They suvclv healed me tip. and made' me well and happy, continued Mr. sump, a well known farmer of ['lesion. Iowa. Seven out of ten past forty years of age are apt to suffer wi'.ii some mild or serious rectal trouble. Colr.c. Pile Pills—a couple with, a swallow of water at meal times, do good lo countless tliousimls. They arc sold oil positive guarantee ct results or money back by loading druggists or send 75c c.-t^h or stamps to Coiac Chemical c->. Brentwood. Md., tor full srz» boit-c return mall. " Glorious Health For Hundreds vtfilythevitte People That is the Piwpose of THE NEW-KCBN JOLA The nieaiciiic: contains extracts from 22 plunls uf Nature. which helps invigorate and icstorc the stomach, liver, !:;tli:eys and l)t,tt-f!s to a more ncvmal, healthy action. It has asloiind- ed the drug Irad.c, In many of the'largest cities. ,..' ; .'; Xow A( KIUHY DRUG STOKK THE KWHY-UKLL CO. Husband: Do you nie in a cap? Wii'p: Np! SL-IK! - J tlmt in-iUy'tiin'liiil (u I-ltul- son'.s Tailor Shop, they will clean and rc-shaji: :i- • . , i _ . it in th; shape for new spnnt; $ Hudson Taller THytlieville, Ark. I if (I 1 I ! f The attention of every citizen i t ? invited to an Ordinance of the City of Blythcville prohibiting and declaring it a misdemeanor, punishable by line to place in the stilts or alloys of the City of Blythoville- any waste, filth, paper, tin cans, tree trimmings or other .debris. , ', l , The,habit of using alleys i'or a dumping ground is contrary to, the health, sanitation and appefmfnee of our city and it can not be. permitted to continue. City ofl'icials ask th ecooperation of all citi/ens in Ihe enforc<;ment of this Ordinance. '.G.GOODWIN Chief of Police I«»««B-« IE ««. =SISJW _ ^ I I I ivA 1 i «* 1 I 1 <•»'•' I 1 I 1 m W 1 WEST S-9.7-3 ' WORTH S— Q-: 2 H-K-7-!; D-ft-K-Q-S ' C-A-O-G CAST C— 7-4-3 EOJTH-DEAUCrv C— H-J-3- S-A-X-J-IO-S 6 ' ll-fl-3-2 n-a-2 C-Q-1Q.2 'I lie IHdlllnj; The auction bidding would be: South one spade. West pass, North two ipndcs. nulling iitirlncr'a lil-l oi one to two without nu hitcrven- li.d aimvs u very stronc « willliii;nc:ii (o double nhnosl I'ny bid made by oppancnts. This «i.i:ld closa die bidding as nil would pass. The conliiicl Ijlcldliiji would lie: South one spade. West, puss, NoiUi four spattcj, nil pnss. I lip rlay Wcsl opens the i|ueen of hearts, (iuin.'ny plays (lie five,'East, (he uix mid Soulli, the.declarer, the donee West conUmics whh Ihe J»ck of lienrls. dummy plays the seven, East UK; [our nml declarer the three. The ten of hearts Is next led by Wcsl, (lummy covering wllh Itw king, nnd rcnsl wins the Irlck with Ihe ace, declarer following wllh tin.- i:ast now returns (he Jack of illa- incnds. declarer plays the deuce. West Ihc three and the (lummy wins tho trick with the ace. If East, who holds four diamonds, n):o hold.? the king-of clubs,-the "Vienna cuup- 1 is now possible,''' therefore the declarer returns tho ace ol clubs from dummy, East ; plays the live, declarer (he- deuco and \Vcst the three. The (|ttc;n of ' spudcs Is now, led from dummy, East follow;! with ihc four, declarer the live and West the three. Thc deuce of spades Is next led from dummy. East follows with thesis, declarer wins tho Irlck wlUi the nee, We*! following with the' seven. Declarer now luads the king of spades. West follows with tho nine, dummy tho eight and East rilscnrds Ihc nine of clubs. South, the declarer, now leads the- jack o( spades, West discarding the tour of clubs, dummy Ihe six of clubs and Easl the Jackpot clubs.-, Now the ten of spades Is led by dc- • clarcr, West plays the seven of clubs, dummy the eight of clubs ami East Is now helpless. If he dls- cards the king of clubs, declarer's queen of clubs will be good, while If he discards a diamond the three diamonds In dummy are good. ' The "Vienna coup" has been-, completed nntl the declarer scores.- four odd, making game. ' Business Shows f eady Increase THERE IS A REASON Visit Our Slore Saturday and Learn the Cause Specials Strawberries tl pt 24c '«rr iK-^n.fja-jf^f gtli'VIUniKSnfJfSJ^n^^fftff^fff^ttffftttn^fi Pure Lard ^ Lb 12c Lettuce Fnnty .California Hard Head Each 5c Cheese Full.Crcii m Lb25c Potatoes Butter 1'ancy Red ir.-lh. Perk Pk 44c ' Creamery Lb 39c Greens Tiirni(> Kancv Texas Bunch 5c arom or Pkg 5c ery Fancy- California .himho Stalk 7c ed Oats, 20-pimcc I'ackuge's ' '3 For 'teak Choice Lb29c Boosters for Hlylhcvillc Inlcrcsfs—Hailroad and Cherry Strcefs We Deliver Phone 977

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