The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1930
Page 6
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(k: PACE -six Ready For Battle of 'Tin Eared ^--^-.-.^^i^S ™--^^--^-.^==^=.-=^^ Big Odds on Bestow ., to Win by Knockou:, Other Bouts Interesting. MIAMI, Fla.—With n big majority of the fans who expect lo witness tonight's ban!? between Jack . Sbarkcy, tlie garrulous gob, and! Phil Scott, England's coiurlbullan U) nstlana, feeling certain Hint Sir Phil will take an early dive, the Jig show appears to be almost a •ertaln financial flop as the hour 'or Uie gates to be swunic 0:13.1 nears; Many believe (hat the best flijlil "•( the evening will develop In tin; emi-flnal with Johnny Risko, tli" . Cleveland taker, battling the gl- lantlc Vlcforlo Cniniiolo In a (en .cuiid bout. ^Another preliminary that may teal the show from the Shnrkey- ^colt \melcc Is the meeting of Tom- iy Loughrin, former llghlheavy hamp, and Pierre CJmrlcf, Bei' :lan menace. Jimmy Malone.v. the •erslstent Boslonian, and Mol=e •'SouqulIIon of Prance moil in an- 'therj preliminary. • The odds are licavilv In fovor of 'HarKey to knock out Scott—a nier.- "latter of 5 to 1 although ihsy may •e lower by the time Hie two prin- Ipals'enter the arena. Campolo is •- two to one favorite to beat n!s'•o while Maloney Is n 5 lo 1 snot .1 trim Bouqulllon and I.oughrai: ^ a 3 to 1 favorite over Charles. AH 10 combatants on (he cird ^)cnt today Quietly. Sharkcy ami' ~cotl.. both pronounced in excellent •'hyslcal condition, exercised ycs- . :rday and are In seclusion today lach voiced confidence in brief statements. Sharkey being of th" ^pinion that the "fight will end i.ulckly." Scott declared he "would 'w able to cope with Shnrleej bijWiilkimBrduchep SHARKEY DOUQUJLLON MALONEV Hero's Ihc lineup ef principals nntl siili-principiits In the "battle or fillhl fans at Miami toir.g.u. H may i x - lme:-i«-thuj to note Hint Ihc favorite principal. Jack Sharkey, durhii; Hie past. Plenty ol'fc mcnlbn rci>orls of diving exerts who -.vill witness the fhjhls. CAMPOLO SCOTT this prn , raill und ,, !cnty Qf Fields Loses-Kccps Title .iharkey-Scott Fight Will Be on Air Tonight NEW YORK, Feb 27 (UP) — bulletins r.rt the SharUey-Scott fight tonight as furnished by Frank Getty. United Press sports editor at the ringside, will be broadcast over WEAF and stations associated with the National Broadcasting ermpany, covering the entire country. A special wire to the ringside will carry the description to the NBC headquarters. Dougan To Fight Flowers'jVfcirtlr? At Hot^Springs LeRoy Dougan, Blythevllle's traveling bantamweight, will meet Url- sus Flowers of Little Rock at 110' Springs FHday. March 1, according to an announcement made today, Doiigan claims to be In the bes>, condition of his career tnJ exyccis to Rive Flowers a lacin» \.Xi! they tode'punches. Dmijan arri Flcrc-ers will 1 * »n There they left of! -here \.\ .inly Then.a downpour of ran. ••.-,'icrt their show as an attract: , tti; American Legion state co .•nllon Dflugan drew a temporary aisp-n- sion after the fight but '-.vas later re-Instated. Following the Hot Springs bDiit the local battler plans an Invasion of the east. iElFFEfilTH" BAD EASE OF PILES Doctored a Lot Out She Gain. ed No Relief —Simple Remedy- Finally Found HEALS AND ALSO RELIEVES PAIN "I suffered so with bleeding piles I could hardly He down or sit dcmn ?w ? e t , The doctor xcau * «n- uv,, IHI, p me ' " nd l VV3S afcald *ould have to be operated on I already had suffered more or less th s way for several years, tried Mjtos. and lots of U ;l, u . , hlngi . Then I saw a Colac Pile Pill advertisement in tne St. Loui, Times The first bottle was nearly gone before I could see results, but after «iat they proved as good as can be They are healing to the bowels' and relieve that dreadful pain, aim WoMjig how many women suffer I gladly write to say y flll can refer pL m £n? S °, ne who prai5<!s Coln <: P>Ie Pills, always." writes Mrs. w H. Cftpeland, Sudhelmcr, Mo Thousands of grateful an-J women have found these little pills Uken with a swallow of water „ meal limes go deep down inside !L^ e rools °' th e trouble, and healing, soothing and fjanlsbui* the cause work almost as if bv • magic. No salves, suppositories or ugly operations anymore for them If the readers sutlers with piles In any form, oblate at your druggist Mw'lfc t"? USe on P" 5 " 1 ™ «»"• ant« that treatment will banish S"; -» n . d symptoms to complete atisfaction or money back if out druggist can boUin of his Jobber for your or send 75c for reni- ar bottle of K pills, postage paid to Colac Chemical Co., Brentwood' Md ' Adi-' . Francisco. Fields is .shown P elds- title was not n , s , akp M E.boi-dl Named On Sigma Chi AlJ-Aniei'icau All Tc Kntrr I'ro I,?a»uc applicant lor franchise 1:1 (he National Prolesslunal Poallxii.' 1-iasnc for the 1030 season Is tin Urcokly Dlue Devils eleven. They ivill have Sam Levins. 1920 Princeton fullback, anil Walt Winnicl: foujier Syracuse '.aclrle. H'alks l>rrtly Fn-;l, Too Jess Euerdt of this city, siud-ul at the University of Alabama, has been tnoseii a member ol the Siv In addition lo her K raceful run ma Chi fratcrnltys all-America:) iiliij; speed. JWte s^ma wish football team for the year 1(M. j Cleveland sprinting acc ? has p Jess s picture alonsj wlfn iiio--:-' reputation in her home ioini as i of other members of Ihc mythlra 1 ! hrcl-nnrt-loc walker. She won a team appear In ;\ reci'iH Issue of i w<.men's walking event in her fivH teh fratcnilty'b offlclnl pnhllealioi-.: attempt In that branch of snort " • The tenin is compose! of Signal ! • Clils who ni-p oil oiit.itnndltig teacm- Originally fotir-fifths of our for- IhrotiBhuul ihc country. | es:s were in the eastern Unite,! E'oeidt was vnvslly cenlei- for |ii» s 'ates. ncccnllny to the Anu-rlc.iii Alabama Crimson Tide last SM- ' 1-|to Association. foil and received several voles In- ' an iill-Sainhcm berth. Why Noire Dame Wins Any pwij.'ejrliies you mlgli: IIRVC about why Noire Djme wins s& many Icottall games in Ihs fall would b» cleared ui> II you ooulci see Ihc boys on ihci campus down at South Bond In Hie springtime, i'l'hc first, pcej) of tli3 sun coimiu ) back iiorlli finds hundreds of tlis-j'i out for spring football and i .-.-•• lake to it like kids go lor marbl-i. : More than eoa Modems |ii;iy • football annually at Noire Dame. There tire class teams. liormliory I tiains. "A" Icaauc and "B" league | (tarns—yon «m make som; kma ,of fooltal! team nt Noire D.-ni? j no matter how iovrib:c you are. I Thai is why there U no Imra| mural alhle'.ie prublt-in at Noir-j [ Dame and why th; first learns 1 are always jjocxl. Savins Strcitslh The sysleni of training 15 nn hi- telli(jeni use of elfort tint alwnyu leaves plenty of power In reserve. In (he spring, there li an e;gM or nine-game schedule between iu- (rjimnral teams. Group work I blocking, tackling and other fini- jdamonlals of the game are (augiu ; them. Spring is the time for til- hard work. VI.K'.-: the m?n coup ! back in the fall they are versed in the essentials of the game, which are blocking ami tackling. "When lliey return in the Tall." says Tom Lieb, who coached the team during the absence olKnuti- Rockne last sjason. "they know what they arc supposed to <1? They are in physical condition ami ready to start offensive plays. For three weks In the fall, there Is a review of the fundamental'; with blocking, tackling and running to get, them into condition. They have to be able to take jolc-- and give them." After the team has one regnhv Same under its belt, s select group of 15 "firsts" does no ECrimma°- mg dining the week. Thsir i.ard work between games is over if they arc hurt at Notre Dame, they 1>J1> VOU KNOW '1,-fAT— DOES ;\fcCarthy of the Cub. has a bunoh o< giants en hi- hands this year. . . Of th/> 31 athlete: he toak ID Can lo:nia, n are u?n of six fcr oj- above in stature. . . You old Oklahoma ca'.vboy fricni Ted Blankenship, is v;ith th Sox down at San Anlone ani h=^ taken off a world of cx- ces; weielit . . . DDiiie BMii k helping him try 13 cam back . . . Sidney Well, new tv/nsr of the Red::, has even c.-nvassins the fans to .'int 1 . cu'. what time they v:ant th; gsme?. starled. . . One fau :U'fe:rt that the gumts be started at 3:15 because when the 1 t::ed to start at 3 he neve,- ECt there bsfore the Inning and never got. ;o s"<; tho starlins Ditcher. go hard on Saturday afternoons."Two ol the teams we phvpd last fall had. their whole lif>; scrimmaged out. of them every day during the week before we met them. They dliln'l have the stam- l)ia and iverc slow on their feet." [•--•...,... It's Prelly Sottl During the season, rei the Mon: day and Tuesday folkn'ins tin; eamc, the players gel together and review • the - formalins iha'. J:«d been used aganfst them. They fcliiiiy the lormatitns of the team Ihey arc to play 'on t:-;e toUmlng Saturday, while the Reeled la 'firsts stand by and watch, a t;am using the other fellows' formations plays the second and lliirj -larslty teams, "Then we spend aboo. !5 r- 20 minutes on our own plays," rays Lieb. "The first team men are never on the field more than an hour and a 1 a day, but tin Eecoi.d and third teams get plenty of toil." I The iciea Is to .keep that fin; I-If am fresh for Saturday. And It Is. Miss .Eleanor Holm.-jnr"" Nc-i York school .girl., has assumed a i p-unlncirt position hi women's i swimming circles. Three tac.<- ttroke . records j'n four' days comprised. h;r recent drive a^ains, worlcl marks. • . ro MUNC1E, (HI')— M;rrllt Fosler. ! "8, u-as shot in the lex by poliro i wh:n caught stealing from a B i-j. eery. M. u. Eclmiston. store ! er. said he would nol projieciilv be- cans; foster was a customer. , Tins picture ^revcnls furious Intlghtlng belwe™ Heidi, left, and. Young Coi-bett III. Fresno, Cr.lif. Clinmpion Jackie sol itl,, ); ,w. nt Uiu, left hook to Corbel f.s stomach. Corbr(( „„,,. i; , ^ True to l ? orni "Si> ycu'vu bought another ci: !:rolessor?" "Yes; I couldn't rcincml-ji- >.\ nelly where I parked luu uili . one."—Answers. In 1893, only 5.1 gallons of 1; .i-,> liiis were derived from n •H-.-nllna baircl of cn:do nil run thrr.ugh American refineries. Today is» gallons nf isasiHiic arc ub'.::ir.";l WERT Makes 'Eiu See are hurt in a game, and not c!ur- iuy practice. "We want the first team lo rr rested and in good menial nnrt lihyilcal condition," says L!ei:. "They have to'be able to go tine! SALES LADIES WANTED LOCAL AND TRANSIENT, PERMANENT REFT,V ED PROFITABLE WORK, INSIDE STORES. SEE :J\iRS. PIPPIN March 3rd io 15th at KIRBY DRUG STORE BlytheviJlc, Ark. REPRODUCTION doesn't mean ""' '• approximation . . . or suggestion . . . 01 compromise! I-leai VICTOR RADIO in your horns . i? R E SI Ask us 1 Pai-kliurst-iVIarsh Radio Co. !| Clothes Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tni liookkeepiiisj Systems. Phone K iiHinm BldR. Blylhcville. Ark. Referee Jim Griffin announces Ccrbett the winner by holdin? al-(l is gloved hand while Gig Rooney, Fields' ,nnn.,gcr. waved hi, ini-d • i protest, and .shouted. "O:,. r.ils." or w=rcls to that effect F'i'dsi prcv ously had hols'.cd his own hand, believing ho had won ll,e l,,|,t' | but the referee decided riilTcrently. " | Rtad Courier News Want Ads. Half and Half Seed for Sale Summcvoiir's the only gciuiino Half, and Kali- Cotton. Seed one year from onsiiialcil. I'A]n:ri- cnce has convinc:«| me that it is the irivak-si money-makiitsr cotton in the world. • P. B. Crothers One mile north of Cooler, Mo., on Mabel Martin farm. ill !{!?;« What Silk is to Cotton- the Carey Silver-Green is to ordinary shingles (COMPARE silk with cott6n. The ^ latter is flat—one tone. But silk crinkles in the light—two or more tones of the same shade. That's why women prefer silk. Now compare the Carey Asfaltslatc Shingle in Silver-Green with an ordinary shingle—you see immediately why it's preferred by people of taste. For this durable shingle sparkles in the light—two or more tones of the same shade. Ask to see it. GRIMES LUBBER CO. "A Home Industry" ASFALTSLATE J5HJNGLES "THE SHINGLE THAT NEVER CURLS" Feature Keller, Heuman, Thompson Clothes For Men It's the KCJwnn that -when Clothes nie.-in so much to the man who wants to look his best— and hsre is a store that offers you that opportunity— we can clothe you properly and keep within your budget. At present we are featuring the new blue-grey effects a.s well as the lighter shades of tan and j;rey and smart looking tweeds. Some suits have one pair golf knickers and one pair regular trousers. We. invite you to se usual suits priced at thes If $ 35" S 50 For Sportswear \Vc offer the famous Sportswear line of knickers and golf hose by L. Grief, while golf shoes are tlio inimitable Florshcim's. Knickers §3.50 to 38.50 Hose 81.00 to 33.50 Golf Shoes 38.50 to 312 Headquarters for Well- Dressed Golfers. Dobbs Hats The finest hat in America non- shown in the new Spring shapes and colors $10 Wilson Sbirts Florsheim Shoes Collar attached and collar-to-match styles in solid colors and blight patterns $2 , $5 The new shoe modes for men, as created by Florsheim are now on display. See them today $10 R. D. Hughes & Co. Correct Clothes For Men and Boys

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