The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILU: COUUIKR NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO,, PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor : H. W. HAINE3, -Advertising Manager Bole Nitlon»l Advertising Representatives: The Beciwlth Special Agency, Inc., New York, Chicago, St, Louis, Detroit, Kansas City, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Fiaucisco, Los le Published Every Afternoon Kxcept Sunday. Entered as second class mntter ol tho post office at Blyllicyille, Arkansas, under act ol October S, 1917. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRirHON JIATKS By carrier In the city of Blytheville. 15= per week or $060 per year in advance. By mall within a radius of W miles, $3.00 per year, fl.CO for six months, 85c lor three months; by mail In postal zones tsvo to six, Inclusive, W.50 per year, In zones seven and clylit, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. The Need Oj Preoention Everybody is pretty well up on the fact that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. One of these days we may have sjnse enough lo take that into account in every day life. Two stories in the daily pa|>crs recently give especial point to this. One of them concerns lltith St. (.'lair, the 29-year-old New York woman who got a life term when she was convicted of shoplifting for the fourth time. The other has to do with Charhs Hannah, (he 61-year-old misfit who confessed to the murder of four-year- old. Melvin Horsl al Arrville, 0. If there were two cases that pointed to the need for preventive measures these are the two. Take the St. Glair case first. Ruth St. Clair Ijas been up for shoplifting four times. All in all, .she lias stolen less than $1000 worth of merchandise. For thoic offenses she has been sentenced lo life imprisonment. There was a good deal of protest al this sentence. Then Ruth's, record was reveahd. II is discouraging. Repealed attempts have been made to help her. Various people have tried to "give her a chance." Every time she has been a back-slider. She is by no means subnormal mentally; yd some queer, unexplained quirk- in her make-up has ;pullud Jier back, each time, into a life of petty crime. Today, with all the good will. in Ihn world, New York officials aru/ forced to adnritithat she is about incorrigible. Life imprisonment seems to be almost the only answer. Then there is Hannah. Ho quit school as a boy and wont 'to work in the coal mines. Then he look up railroading, was fired for drinking, did odd jobs for years, drifted into bool- 'cgging, got into trouble—and finally wound up as the central figure in a peculiarly atrocious, revolting murder. Now neither of these people is what we call a half-wit. Bui each one has always been lacking, m .some, psychological sense—an "incomplete personal- * ity," as the psychologists pul it. lOach one, given a fair degree of bad luck, was almost certain, from earliest childhood, to wind up as an enemy of society. It's too late to do anything about it now, of course. The prison and the OUT OUR WAY electric chair mx 1 iiljont all that roninin. Bui sonic day it miirlil pay society to r.tiopt jiiTVcntiv; methods in cases of tliis liiwl. Tiioi'i: oiijjlil to be some way of spoUiiiK vases like this in advance. 1'crliaps the bmliliiiK science of abnormal iisycholutry is not finite far ciioii}.')] mlviuiml, just yi't; but at least it could give HOIDR valuable liclp. As it is, we iln notiiiiiK until the dani- nge lias Lton done. Then we dust out another cell and mourn another tragedy, We won't he iv,-illy civilized milil-wc have found .-omi- way of Kk-orinif these "incomplete personalities" into patlis where they can harm neither (hciii- sclvcs nnr the K*l of us. /] Puzzle. For Teacher .Modern lilV is I'uil of pux.x.les; hut Konithnv: a «:h<;ij| tiacliL-r seems to j?:t more perplexii!« ones than anybody el.--o—which, i.rrti.-ip.", is only natural, scdnj; Ih;st :;!H yoililKHlur is ClloU(,'ll of a ptizxle to provide several grown-up.} with mem;il exercise for days at a time. Anyhow, a ('lev: laud school sometime ago decided In segregate its pupils, puUintf (he hoys by themselves awl the jrii'ls liy tliein.wli'c.-!. Now, assuKsinj; lite r. stilts. Hie teachers don't know wh;il to lliink O f it all. Kept by themselves, the boys are fighlinjr all the lime and developing very rowdy titidenciV*. Kept by themselves, the girls also are fretting- rougher, so lhal they sock one another will] ruler* ami talk back to (hen- teachers. Yet each croup is gelling far better marks in similes than formerly! How are you going to figure that one out? There's a puxxle that Ihc teachers will be chewing over for n long lim?. SJDE GLANCES By George Clark Announcements The Courier News has been au- thorlwd to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary. ...THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27.JOSQ i For County Judge GEORGE W. UAHUAM; (Ke election). For Shtrltt W. W. SHAVKIt (lie-election). For County Treasurer W. W. HOLLIPETER. Tcr Circuit Court Cleilt T. Vf. POTTER. UILI.Y GAINES. For County Court Clerk MRS. JOHN LONG (Re-election) For Comity Assessor J. S. mtjLAHUNTY. JIM FOWLER (Rc-elcutlon). For Justice, or the 1' ChlckasaivlKi Township JOHN WALTON. For Oily Attorney IVY W. CRAWFORD (Re-elec- "Cuppa cuffcc" It Is said that a day';- teg ccsls London nearly a Million panels. Tlic Chiiinbcr of Commerce oughl to tafcp slops axainit 11. CcnsMcr <<:c lien. If \: rnly could k-arn what bricklayers act for layinij :1 ,- mv or bricks! There Is a k-lcimone for every rive persons In America— anrt most of them swear. Thomas Edison says mcsl mc n use only a small part of dieh brains. Tliumas lii bccuiiihi" quite a [fcuienfr In his inter yours The nclm cf America's dependence upon rub bcr \v.\s snt'ssoei nt the naval conference The only. vnbber Europe i KC (l worry abaul is the siilVly In tlie tourists' necks. Golf take? tun ccureit out of n man. says John n. No. he didn't say deceit. !a WASHINGTON LCTTL'R Yuiilli-lie-sins lo icvoll at the ase cl 10. nc- conlin- to a scientist. W:- had gone mi tliinfc- i»B CO was abcul the nge. N'cw York is called B:-.3<lad-on-the-Sumvay. Huw abi-ut .1 nn:ne f.'r Chicago. soinclhin c like B<;uib-ay-on-tl)e-l!erzer. It's much easier to empty trlcnd imsbami'.s IJOcktlboBk iviien his ftomach is full. A iwir folelinu toothbrush lias l K eu put on the market. Somelhini; had to be done to make K.'i'in in (heie mcdcrn fints. By Williams T;~r \ •—' -•*•"' — ^ —^=r"~ : ™>t = ==*- : / v \ / KIHTOII'S NOTK: This is tl.= ' third of three interviews with lcail- : ITS of (he Hetiatc's palKical fac(i<nis c.n the rcccrd ol Ihe Scvcnty-fir-,1 Coii R rcsn lu dale. These dispatches: ?re especially timely because uf rt-' icul ivhilc 1IUU5C discussions almul '• reeding up the Senate. • '! _ • i U)VJ!0»NEV JJUTCIIKJU ' NI'A Service Write}! ' ! WASHINGTON— The Deincr-r.its believe they have gained, much popular .iavrr through Ihelr MIC-I ccssful opposition to the Hnwlcv- Smool (nriff b:il In co-oporaii«:i! ivilli the Heimbliran progressive.;. Democratic renttors unite in resiling nt Ihe charge lhal Ihe ;lo-, lay In passing a tarill measure- in ll:eupi>:r house, caused by the caw 1'iry Iwvc taken in mjllmpr Ihe flnaucc coinmUtce's bill aparl. !' nu unfortunate rath-jr ;!i.-.ji t t' bcnclicial ctrict on tho country. I Si-rr.'S Speed of HO-JM' ' | "fn (he Senate," snys Senator' Alien W. Berkley or Kciit-.uky. "our 1 time has been taken up l;y i!ie ef-1 fen to prevent liiflleiloii r>n th?j ftuntry of Indefensible imc.i'cs iiJ I lie (arilf us carried In the Hnw- ley-S:r.cot bill. "Ilii' Iiott-c serins to ;:avc con- nnerl itself ti the appropriation b'll and but one nrchi!>liif;i e;i- fcrcemeiU incnsurc— the t:,im(er of the cnrori!:mc:it m.ichinay from Hie Treasury to the Department uf Jubilee. While "an approiirin- !:.•)!] bill tnny be regarded as a. con- rlniotlve measure Ihe iviiiiisc nc- •iiviiy of pjsflug c:ie is unt e.vanl- !y IcgUlntlve work. ln:t only the cutlomary nicthcd rf supplying needs of the government. "The li^lit over tiie tmilt b 11 has been more prolonged than would have been r.;cc.-«ry if tl'.r bill had beer, pvopeily considered in the Hoiisi'. But it \vas j.iuu-.K\; through thrve imdcr gag rule which pre- veiiled even Hit cITerins uf a mend -'.'.. Tliat inside il necessary for tlie Pcii.ite to 107k more carefully lilt- eush item and gainer the facts more scoentlficnlly than ever be- Icre. That is what, the Democrats ,'ided by the progressive Republican!', have been trying to do. "We have not been actii.-.trd by any dcJii'C to injure Ultimate i'Hfines;. and fcr that r^ixm li.ivc. clfercd few r,mci-.dmi':u.s re:liicing I iaUs iu the prerent l,iw. but we hive iriv-0 t~ benefit astli-alturc in .'•o f.-.r n^ .1 tarid' may c!.- FO without nt the samu Ihr.e ::iil!ifyiug lhfs:> fcriipjiis bj' inrre.i;'!ig tiic of the necessities \v!-,l;h ngri- rullurc must buy." All incUr.itiuiis point to "isirreas- m r lleaiccrntlc gains" throughout tl:e r iiniry. Hartley said, because! the pc: ;>le have discovered that: HepiibliiMii claims of porpetualJ For fill Clerk u. L. MCKNIGHT. GEORGE CROSfi. v S. c. CRAIG (Re-election) MISS MARY HONEY. For rtldrrmnn, 1st Ward J. LOUIS CHERHY. L. G. THOMPSON (Pete Iho IMumber). for Alderman. 2nd Ward KAY WORTHINGTON. I'nr Alderman, 3rd Ward EUN'EST R. JACKSON. ALONG MAIN STREET By E. L. H. Senator BarUIcy C£;::r';y Republican rule A coi-resBoiidCDt irrltes this columnist lor Instructions as to UIG proper prcccedure in making out Ills income tax report which, uy the way, is long overdue. My advice. heretofore, has been restricted to riiiestions of etiquette, manners, fashion, und such things as affect the fastidious, but I em anxious to p!cnss all my readers, so I am going to give the gentleman a copy of the report I made in ncremljci- which has not ye: fcccn returned and I presume" is Okcy: "One blonde wife, Fordor sedan cat, radio set, three goldfish and t'.'.ree children listed as dependents." I then too): my grandfather's age ant! multiplied it by sis and seven-eights and subtracted my telephone number..! added the siy.s ot my hat and subtracted my house number. I -deducted '51.000 Icr keeping by blonde wife all tlu year, then I took the totn! and divided it uy the number of lodges I belong to, multiplied, it us- Hie number of electric lights i:i' my house, divided by the size o! my shirt collar, added my life iu- £»raute premiums, divides my chest, measurement and subtracted my blood pressure. Subject 1.3 income ta>:— 000. + * * "Eut gee whiz, Dad, I don't war/, to stay home tonight; nobady here but you and Mom and I vvriu: n go out with the gang.'' plead™ :i ivell-knoivn Blythevili? boy he other evening. The situation l< typical of every home which hai vere \vittiDiit foundation. -Mori- men nre out' of cinptoy- imia and Mckinj work t^day than nt any lime in the last 20 years," cr.umiiuicil the Kentucky senator. "This is a deplorable situation which no one contemplates with plea, lire ra:;l it is nmtic more de- plornbie i,hen v.e reflect lhat the present administration has done ir tli'.ng to relieve the situaficu except Ic mate furlhcr claims of universal prosperity." , it . And , tak ' e , t Irom ii|t . c|i . ;i B?.rktcy believes tint Repuhllean • boy that is worth . n ham; has leadership, both in (he Whil;lthat Gan» spirit. Huii^e nnd in Congress, is rt limit | for having t-ikcn no effective rcmc-1 Tin diameter and circumference dial slcps. He contends that O?m- •. ot the earth v:ere calculated bv n sou. It expresses the ccrnt, and progressives have been i 0 ccmplai:i Eratcsthcnts—u Greek—24 E. C. the c::h a'ccut conditions. lame-inH:''"'';™^ r" 1 ,' "''i 11 """ hav = b «» Rot «l in » considerable ho R-n-rt£ n , 1 , • • n 'f e " UmlWr Of ras « a « «<*""•: the R:pabl:can leadci-shii> m iieith-! l!lc rco! 0{ .... , such .,with an nc.u. nm- ai,n-,-i"-n - •"••"•", cccurs soinetime-s witn an nciue ft 15 diEpo, trmatle any movc, :coW . swc iii llg 0 J the lips and al^o even cf a i.-.mor nature, looking. otlier localized swellings. iic toivar;! iieeded relief. <\itls for Kcniedics "They ha\c cve:i denied th: r-x- i;te:ico ol tl-e csnciiticn-, thtm- selvci. which every-ne in the country :-. well ir.vare have existed lor lone; time. Hew Kcaclioii Can Within recent years a meilio-.l h.i.s been worked oil! for t;'s;iiiv, (noil sensitivity. A small s-r-rjich l.i made on the skin and an extract- of the protein substance m- ! volved is put on the scratch. If • ", Nc ; , olll> ' Ilavc '''s'nj-'"'"-''*^ the person is sensitive. l:c rr- ni ijota houses, m conjunction with, rponds-with an intlainmatlcn .!'. tlie prcsiesMve Kepnblicaus. cal!e;!| ihh point. altenlirn n Ui^e condliions. bnlj it (hen become iierc-wv t.- we have also stood ready lo co- him lo avoid the special foVl ,- operatf In every ]>oss!blc and his diet or. il such an avolrtarc.- proper way >, alleviate them. I is extremely difTicull, lo te.n th•1 thin:: the people appreciate possibility of dcsensi;i2,Tio;i the o en ris md will demonstrate I : Ihar .v, H ir,-ca:ion nmnis^kably at M a ,, tf New Useg For Q , d th elccilcn" Inability lo Eat Foods Ct Cert Household Standby am 11V 1>U. .1HIKRIS r!--t{iici.v | i^lllcr ,T t ,irr,.il ,:f t!i : '.tii-ricn; j Mllli\'.ln A'..i:riatir.K ,?;*-; ,j u v _ ' »r:.i. llu- llrallb Ji ..;.,ii,,. ' i Fcr E:mir- lur: si I..., ,..,-„ rMi . | l?ed that l-.Kimn bein:- iv,.--v •!,--! vrtap firasue syipp' ;i "'-iia-i- '' h« Ihr r.iiiv; ,,f <rr.-,-, ' io ,i. j ivayl:r.<r. knows a!;-.::: .|r.i\i-ber-l v v.iih or hives, w-u.'a :. ,- lorm! if >'.:cii s-:nsi'.ivi;v. Few prop:;? kiiwv th.i' - !.•, crm . i iiiitti.s- as astli:::a r : ; . u .. v „..! liammalion^ cf iV.r :u .r, u -,.], sr .' nv.ic.ns ot a (ir.ii of fli:i:l' iii;i.v (jccasi.iu :Ky i;: ( ;,;, ; 0 ^-j-- : , , a s^iiMtivily. The d;-.... f(s) ';)' a V«' cf Ihe triis'.'.ive vfaci.^r. :.,-> ; t> 'J-^ '.he body Cm ; >r,. r.i::,'.'•' V'.'velnr.'- tary muscles, witli ; : Ve '(-;i'ulalio-i o: f'::6s tic:-,-. iK^osis ui -i-bAne'• Many i'.irlb of ncfly Involved ' Ti-.c brc.-.criial tutcs ••-. ei'pes'-' ivc ti.-.,:. liie cr, and ,:.(• ,-y.-< rir cc:.•::-;! i.-i' s : ,, : , ai tions. Ti-.c biood involvccl. :ans of • primarily vessels are lna> fcr.d w:t:i nii; j Women have longconsiJcrcd "Stand| ard" Parowax the ideal seal when ' making jelly, jams, nnd preserves. j But practical housewives have discovered rnanynew uses for Parownx. On "131uc Monday," a stick of Paro- cxi're:;n;i | """"ibiiaved into the wash boiler, will help to take t!ie dirt out of clothes. A tcaspoonfulof hot i'arownx mixed with i ; pound of hot starch itn- |rar!s smoothness, lustre, and finish; P;irouM<cis spjendul louse in cleaning fowl and game. Clip the wings, . ^.'d !|; 0 |.,et that tiio abrl^m .\\::;|.'n:ns ol jeiisitivfv to . , i;: t ;>„.,. , li; ,j 0 abtloailu.ii i;.i:n | nnd remove the coarse guard fc.ith- i.i.i.r.i and pnfsible \o;uii- I crs . leaving' the bird covered with nnd -eveic activity of the i down. Then melt Parowax nm^wi I h ' nui^c'.?.. ol the bowels. It is ne', : a clean paint brush, coat tlie bird in!r.-f;iier.i ti-.;il p-'op!i> mi^'.at;,.' ! with Parowax. When cool nnd hard hr-» MI;!.,;;.,,!? for serious uifec-[ Eimply pull off the Parowax and fei-'cii'iu"' '>" l ' !l> ''V r ' !l " l , 1 ;"" 1 ''•'" every feather lifts off. ' Th/iii'ld'"^^"; 5 sensitive " ' i™ ivs5 ' elc " vvhich J vi « "ol bo used certain re,ic;s l:y tecnniii"-. somo * lme . ltie '' laroivax nnd lrri;:-.b;- uhrn he eats ::r\ ' \ ' covcvtho implements with;a coating small <]:;ami:y ^ is jicr.cvalli ' ofif - Thisisasurcpreventivoofrust, weakened bv the reaction. . Sold by all dealers. Mb. carton— Among speeiii s>n:;«or.:s tha;! four sticks—15c. Atlv, The Stillbirth of Gately's Chain Store A few weeks ago this bank warned the people of this community against the purchase of .slocks in companies about which they had no reliable information. We suitpo.-e il was generally understood that we had reference to the inirchasj of Cutely Chain Store .stock. We feel uow that we were rtniiss in our duty lo this commnnily in not sounding this warning sooner. Our only apology is lhal we have never held ourselves out a.-; advisers to the public, and that our motives would have bcui misinterpreted. We realize now lhal these reasons should nol have controlled us. By means of conspicuous example and high prcsiiiri salesmanship many thousands of dollars were secured from people of this community. The savings of women and lalwrinj' people were not overlooked. This monev was sadly needed in the community. We sincerely regret the probabilily of its loss. -But it caii- not now be helped. • If those having savings or inheritances to invest must seek investments awav from here, here are always listed bonds and'securities to be had which will be safe and which will vicld VinMT? m atu l Km "' e retllnl - An >' C;ON - bElUATIVE and miormcd bank manajfcmont can IK flepcndcil on to advise its patrons, when r:nuestcd to do so, of the soundness of stocks lining offered for sale. If they do not have this information it can always be secured. As in the case of the Barfield and Huffman road fight, and of the now existing contest between the independent merchant and the chain store, this Iwrik will always be found fighting for and del ending the interests of the people 01 this city and community. In matters of private or public affairs we neither dictate to orders nor psrnnt others to dictate our policy to mi'mitj ° Ur fh ' 3t ail " ' S t0 £WVC this c ' om - Tlie Fsrsf National Bank An Independent Bank for . Independent People of G ARDENING time is . ahead. Fresh packets Northrup, King & Co.'s Seeds are now on display in dealers' stores. These seeds are of unsurpassed quality, A five cent price on all standard size vegetable packets and most of the flowers/ makes this line attractive to thrifty buyers. Seeds

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