The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 26. 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cent* t word for flrst insertion and one c«0t a word for each tuUequtat inter- tlon. NO advertltemeut token for less than We. Count th! words and ccnd the cosh, Phone 306 FOR SALE BABY CHICKS-AU VirleltM, from proven flocks. Custom Hatching «ollclt«d. Marilyn Hatchery, Bly- Ihtvllle, Ark. Sck-tl TEED FOR SALE—Corn, hay, o«t», special price on car loads. Phone 55, Ira Crawford. Igcktf. FOB SALE—Clover, Timothyor Pea Hay. Write R. L. Morrow, Oran, Missouri. 15pkl Mighty Good Cars at Bargain Prices Get Our Terms—Save Money 1928 Chevrolet Kcaiister, new luint job, Kuud (Irrs, motor In A-l Mnditlon Price IZ50JJO 1327 Model T Tourlnr, motor in excellent condl- tlun, good tires atid new paint job 5150.00 1928 talt Model A Phaeton good tires, motor in good condition, price only . .$295.09 1327 Model T, Itoadsler, pick- u,>, mptor in «cfi:^nt condition, good tires and good pkk-up body, Price $135.00 All above and rnaney others en display at comer of 5th and Main. Fhoae 811 Corner 5th ani Main •PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers BUDDED papershell Pecan trees and fruit trees. Reduced price on early Spring orders. Gregory Nursery Company, Cabol, Arkansas. Zlpk-Mar. 11. f FOR SALE-4 good work mules, also hay, two miles north of Armors!. J. R. Dobbs & Sons or A. Conway, Blythcville. 20pk37 FOR SALE—Buckeye incubator, 120 egg capacity. Phone 877. 24pk3 FOR SALE—Comfortable Home oil paved street, close to school, with 7 rorjri and bath, double garage, concrete driveway, servant's house with 4 roorhb that can be rented for $4. per week. This property can ,be bought for $2,000 less than - it cos.t. ...Good cash- payment, balance monthly.' Convenient modern Home close in on' Kentucky, with living room, dining room, 2 bed rooms, breakfast rcfm, bath room, hall, kitchen and screened back porch, garage and servant's house, and beautiful lawn and garden. This property is worth (5.000 but can be nought quick for $3250. Owner needs money and $1,000 cash will handle it. Three choice residence lots on Kentucky and Davis. Ideal sites for hrmes that will please your wife. Each of these can be bought quick at half price. Phone 797 G. G. Caudlll, Office Farmers Bank Bldg. ' 26ck-tf FOR KENT FOB RENT—One or two furnished rooms, close in. Apply Jimmle Ledbetter, Triangle Store. 4ctf, LAND FOR RENT We have about five hundred acres of good cotton and com land lo rent lo parties who have their own teams and. equipment. Hempliill Lbr. Co. KENNET1-, MO. 20ck28 FOE RENT—Five room modern house svith balh, garage or North Tenth slrcct. Phone 230 or call at 016 Holly struct. 21pk27 FOR RENT-Nlcc Slcnmliealcil bedrocm adjoining batli, COS West Main. Phone 042 or 27. 26ck-tf (. WERT He Makes 'Em See YL r JJgV|_M.'E. (ARK.) COUniER-NEWS ©1930 NEA Service Inc. j/ LAURA LOU BROOKMAN IWAPFRH Xt.VIII no. r>. n .... .V..U 1.1. i.«..i ^.ii.,,,, V VI»I¥I« II 1 S'i CHA1TEJI XLV1II I.OWI.Y tht file car. which looked black ID the darkneu, mails nt najr ilohl Wett TwoirUi jueeL i'be <ir|»er peered at cocb twuse M he P«»MO. He wai Minting lor • idee" Dan Cameron shook bis iu-aj "Under the elrcumsiancA," lie s>ld, "I don't think It would be at all wise." "1'n afraid you don't under- itand." Knlsht persisted. "1 must number and this was difficult og.'eee Judith! Tlitre (5 something of came part of lue Imusos were un-llne utmost Importance fur ner to lighted know! Tfi« jfmoiBfne hesitated, an^ .'l»ml—!' •hen moved forward. Hefore tin \ '*'<>• r next noiiBe Ihe chauffeur tirmisiii the c«r In B hilt. He aitM; 10 Hi, pavement. "Thu la tli« place. sir." lie said .* "Khl c " ni ° Mo \\icm. Dan opening Ihe dnur or Hie inmicau : l urnrd and followed Mi gaze lh« driver's Inno li was cvl- jTliero at tlitt lop of the stairs stood Juilllh. Rut btie was not the snme Judith wlio had left Arthur Knight's hoiae : There were hnllou's under the iiluc Oh, don't you under- n afraid 1 don't!" iHTjniR KNHJI1T raised his jye.i In despair and n? lie did so mo now thtit 1're dent that he did nut approve of the Arthur KnlRht slciincrl out the sidewalk. "Walt unill 1 coine bacU." he dl-' ' ycs "'"' llcr rested, "L don't that will be." "Yei sir." Knight Evinced up She now aow lone : ' t ' c " lc ' 1 thinner. Judith's eyes were ; fastened on Arthur but she did not smile. "Jmlitli!" salil the man. rublilni; tlie hulld- forward. "I've got in talk to you! Ing. then hurried up the stop* and! 1 " 1 '"'' n ' 1 " lcan lvlliu l s" 1 ' 1 ln >'°" lliat afternoon. Ynti'l! ^Ive me a phaiice to explain, won't you?" Ills voice \vas more eloquent than live'"'8 words. ICnliilit bad rusltecl part "ay up the stairs. "Yes," said Jmllih nodding, still unsmiling. "Yon can coino up." She led the way down Hie Iiall to ronR Hie bell. A u-onian opened (he door. "Does Daniel Cameron hcrer Klglit ashed. "tea sir." "I'd like to speak to him. Knight la my name." "I'll see If Mr. Cameron Is la." the woman Bald. She stepped back, opening the door wider for Kalght to enter. Then she. turned and tor rled up the stairway. Arthur Knight surveyed the tits rear room. Dan Cameron followed Knight sulkily. When they were In the room Knight ox claimed: "You'ro not well—you've hcen 111!" He was starlue at tlic girl. "I'm much belter now," she tolil him. "It's nothing to worry aboiil.' ilngy hallway with disapproval. He) "sit dowu. Judy," spoke ,i;i noted the worn door, tha ugly bon ] He moved, a chair for her. Judith took the chair and regarded her husband. "You understand of course. Knight?" Dan asked for"l understand you asked quei of wai flowers which stood before tbe mirror and the small elec trio globo feebly struggling to brighten the scene. The man moved restlessly. At the noise of a door opening and steps upon tho staircase he raised hie eyes. Quickly ha lowered them. r Young Dan Cameron came down tho steps. Each man measured the other with & glance. "Mr. Bally. lor me." He paused ou'the third atep aa be spoke. "Yes. How do you do, Mr. Cam eror.r Knight/a Tolce betrayed his uncaslnfw. "I—well, the fact i. I 'caMe'here hOBlnt that you might help me." "In what wayf The iarsli edge of ihe words left the other plainly embarrassed. He teiltated, then aald slowly: "J thought you might help me find my wlfo—Judith." "I'm aorry, Mr. Knight ioesn't wish to see you." The silence which, followed poignant. She "Could I-wou!d yoi her I'm here?" Bind telling she fait! firmly, "lhat I Intend to remain here with Dan." "But I want j'oti, Judith!" Knight's tone was moving. ".Mr. Knight," said Dan, "you can see end Isn't well. I don't think you've any right to disturb her this way—" Knight turned toward him. ^ "Do you think," he said slowly, "that U Is a disturbance to tell my nlfa that I love licr better than anything In the world, that I want to spend the rest of my life trying to make up for mistakes which l;avo hurt her, and that day and night 1 have grieved for her?" "'Arthur!" There was protest, not Joy, In Judith's Tolcs. Knight atarted M though struck. "Do YOU want'me to go?" he said. Judith's Ifps trembled. "But I've told you I Intend to stay hero with Dan. \Vo need each other." "Arc a hrother'a claims above a husband's?" "Then—you Judith. gllUDENMf Judith could not i-cep back tho tears. Knight waj on his knees bcslilo her, his crina around her, her head pressed lo Ms shoulder, llalhcr Incoherently he comforted her with soothing, endearing won!:. Jinllih tnUlifl Bllctilly. I'renenlly b !ie ralu-d her head, "Arthur," slio Bald tensely, "you moan—nothing—niafeea any dlfler ; ence?" "jN'ollilag Itt (lio ivorM nukes any dKfcrenc* lo found you asaln!" Han L'anieron was ijulic oul or ihc scene from then nn. JinlHIi nnd Arthur iiiilKhi were in each others arms, warm kisses on Jmllih'a ll|is am) nml forehouil, lier hnmls I'aressln;; Ills cl^ir face, lialh pair of vyeK hlurred friini Niiiclnei and tears at ilic same lime. When Ilielr ecfiinsj' r.ilmnl, Knight drew lib chair close to liers. "Darling," lie smiled, "there's no much In Bay! J mine Here tu t:tlh to yuu, and now heforo I've hei:un 1 feel lhat cvcryihliiR's hcen said." Jiidllh sliook her iicad. . "Hut It hasn't." slie denied. "1 watu to liciir uverylhltn;. I ivatn to uiniw what you've hcen do- iny nnd how yon happened 10 come here nnd why—" Hero Dan was Inlcrcited. lie came nearer, leaning tigtilnsi itie la bio. "1'J like lo hear about somo of those thlnaa myself," lie said. "After all. I'm Judith's brullicr." "Of course." eaid Knljjht. "I'm looking forward to knowing yon a lot belter, Cnmcron. I want to know your father too." Judith's eyes grew serious. "How lonn." she asked, "have you known about—us?" Knight answered her gazo directly, "Since about the third evening yon had dinner with mo last November." J£NK1HT had uirned lowunl u.iu. "Oil. I'm not Betting tinicli ol » salary," tbe youili angircrnl, "Inn there's oi'iiiitiiiniiy it,cre. nil rl-litt It 1 can t:iakc the gritdo." "Of course j v uu rr.n!" Dan bliislinl nwkwnnlly. "Jmllih and I," he ilnndrred- "yun miMtirt mini, M .- ro nsiimncd of dad! Von Sl . v . )IIM n | lm , ( ,. vi . rj . thine we h.u| USB cleaned .nit nficr the hank f:il| n | I'bno was vunus!, niiiiii-y M lull- I,, i,, xeiv Vnrk and |iu> for .linliiim hniiiiK-ss cditr-.e. )ne nf r.nii^r-,, |,u.|,d s ni:uin iho >nly nno »:,„ nas |,,y a i . K ,,, , rn rn> . 'ob In II.,- ),, mi ii,,!,.,. lu> „..,„ ,,,;. mi: ivlui t..!d „,; ,„„ ,„ , l , l ,,,„ B1|10 . mi. .In.:* ,!(,!.,, u ,|| ,-„„ a ,. l)||t f, know!" murmured "1 know that I havo been miserable anil lonely—and I know that I love you more than you could possibly guess from my blundering mistakes. I know that J v.-=it to come home—" "But—Arthur!" "Oil!" Hillary. The little ensp was Inrol- "It doesn't sound very gentlemanly," Knight continued, "but I want you to ItiiuH- tho truth. H'lien 1 realized what you had suddenly come to mean to me, Judith, I did EOino investigating. I knew 1 couldn't liro without you uuci In order to know the quickest way to win you 1 called in an— er—confl- deutial Investigator. I didn't mean to spy, my dear— you bcifeve that, don't yon? When lie made his report you were more than ever the girl I wauled." "Told you iin?'-' asked Dan. wholo story, did "Why, yea, I supposo so. Ho told mo that you and Juilllh liatl come from a liulo town in Missouri- forget llio name—and that your father had hcen unfortunate enough to tie railroaded into a prison sen tonce due to mismanagement of a bank. Ho mndo it explicitly clenr that llio man was the victim nf un scrupulous superiors. Naturally 1 couldn't blame Judith for not car- Ing to mention all tills, IhouEh I fail to 6co any rcllection nnon any of you—or your fallier. I bellavc you'ro In a ralhcr good oDico here aren't you!" hu; li!v "Itni in llils liir,-' -It iiijili'> Dan c.i ml. "Mr. K thought :i ibout ynii Arllnir ' . iklnk i klh.Mii II HU, ,, v ,.| alnll .,i. -I, fool riillnilnin." II lliriisl bl-i lain! he i-:ild. "I've ;, r .il| M,|.-|; 9 ' OUll BOARDING HOUSE PAGE FTVl By Alieru wriinn n\i lianil wnrinlr "PorK'-l atHiiit it." IH> said •Arllnir." «ald ihc B lrl li:i|nil sfrcly. "will run i^^ m( , ,„ Sll] my fatlier! iiej tmrh » lino mi i,,. I want you 1,1 know him the ivuy I Jo. There's nuotlicr yi-nr left ho fore be can — come to ve us." "Of course I'll take you. We'll o next mcmtli." For that lie rewarded by two radiant liluc eyes and u KJIIITIC ot the hand. «|>UT 1 liaveu't made my armlngy l> yet." KlilKlit liasleiicil nu. "and It's Ilio ninst needed." lie lu-si fated, "I'm an old foul. Judllh." lie wrnt on jlnivly. "Von otiglu to know It by (bis Mine. lint, you sco. I couldn't net ihe notion that n Invely yoims Ihliiu like you could really caro for me. I ihniieht I was doing the right thing In giving yon up— lo a younger man!" "Oil!" "Yes," went on Kululit humbly, "I thought— well 1 thought It was Andy Craig you cared about." "How could you!" "I.ooV Into my eyes now und tell mo you lovo me," said Arthur Knight fervently. Judith look his faco In her bands. "I lovo you," nho said simply. It' was on tho way borne that evening In the car that Arthur Knight remembered to tell bis wtfo about Tony's nnd Andy's marriage. Thd' young Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Crals hact sailed the day tieforo for WLlklM* •Fd' VO T , ABseuce, srio 1 LOQK Aki-fc AJEEP5" A ?A-fCH( opijE porM'2 —v- MUS-fA BBE^ 'F AR uss-reAp OB PLVIMG -n- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THE SERVANS' PROBLEM By Martin France, months Tbcro was to lie a 'two boueynioDTi nnd after tlmt an Indefinite post for Andy with the London representative of Ilinunr Urolliera. Knight said lie behoved tko youngsters would be nappy. "Ily the way," bo said, "you and I are going back to liermudn nnd llnish up that lioixsyniixju. Or would you rather ni^'no tho trip somewhere else?" I-'rom bcneatli lowered bstiea Jn- dtth'a eyes flaslicd an eloijucut an- FOR RENT—Large front bedroom, nicely furnished, adjoining balh. Call phone 411-W 124 West Kentucky. 25i)k4 (Tho Kuil) LOI5T LOST—Men's liats were exchaiiged by error at First Baptist church yesterday at morning worship. "J. C. Hargctt, one mile east of Blytheville. 24-1 WANTED WANTED—At once, unincunibercd woman to wait on invalid. Mirt- flle-a;ed, lady preferred. Mrs. K. O. Odoni. 123 North Fifth street. Blylhevillo. Ark. 24pk27 WANTED—Afan and wife fo do milking and general work. Phone 877. PERSONAL HOLSTEIN BULL FOR SERVICE —I have a thoroughbred Hoi- stein bull for public scrvicu at Chicago Mill barn. C. O. Qiaves. 24pk3 PIANO tunitig nnd repairing. Work guaranteed. Rates reasonable. Call •«23. 24pk23 WEDNESDAY SPECIAL — Grraso job 50c. Dixie Service Station. Phone 315, Ash untl Broadway. 24ck26 THE THREE TOUGHEST GUYS IN TOWN ARE No. J—Our Icati, Zinc anil Asbestos Paint. No. 2—Fifty Year Seal O'Cedar Shingles. No. 3—Oiu- Hardwood Floors. Tough Because of Their Lasting Quality and Ability to Stand Up Under Severe Tests. E. C. ROBLNSON LUMBER CO. flfe W. J. KK'OX repairs shoes good, rtivcr. Wo. 2M West Main. TO WHOM IT -MAY CONCERN— This Is to notify tile public thai I will not be responsible to any one for any debt or fnrnisIiinE tliey may let to Tom Craven who is Yen are further notified that I will enforce my landlord's lien to any crops lhat may be Brown on nid land by said Tom Craven ' " growing JOASH CHEST FULLEIITON, Neb. i UP)— Adopting the methods used by Kin-; . ..... Joash in Ihe niiuh century. B. C.. and all thaw purchasing | lo entlicr funds to repair Ihc great ' crops of Tom Craven on iny land are hereby notified that sharecropper on my lands located Ihe lias no right to dispose of ahv I" r " f^"™..?: T "<->' <-pt c" my written consent. temple, tho Presbyterian church constructed u Joash chest to collect the unpaid church dues. So jiopular was the response lo Hi!) ^ "'^ R W " 5 ^"^ lo apk23 1 Ur.kcrsfield. Calif. 60NNK TOME fc CffS. CXKQ. Ml' BCT< NOMBEH OtfV SOI, Ttttft 00^ '. Wt COOVD • TVt VtCtW^E f>i>i' TFVWD OCST WAO \ WAV, VWHDOT TtUJM6 B. Left hand shutc of Little ' SOMETHING TO WONDER AJJOUT 00^ IHE. ) Of VOU« / 1JFE. COMING TO / / MUM. / Hk^PC 1 i woNutD vjHpa n cooup BE? \^ 1 BEfttVI V-tQ VT FOW MOMt ME. VOHELN VOU &C.T DOWN •3 OFT FOR VOU, BOX \ ! IOOKS LIKE OLD UWLUW. UK SMILED FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CAN'T STUMP PATSY VH-V.EV.V-, 1 GOtSS VoOO DO-'.' TUE aeue 'sws TVS: PROMISED W7U rV\tU4 At*) Ace MQ CO \F (T DIEO ? 'fcO VJOW.DMT IT r «T* = ^«- /

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