The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 20, 1930 >^^^^^^ =?r "~~"— —— —i n .j - . f i „-j. Hoover Honors Washington's Memory BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.1 COPIttER-HEWS (Continued From Page 1) ll that surpluses musi c; ro:i- oiled at the source. 'But Uw work being started and the rest dc- nds on you." *BB«'» present popularity lierc as mostly achieved when he deflc.l Barnes and the western dealers. The grain farmers} iver did like the dealers wlmj ade most of the profits in the I 4siheis, but they were at the deal- i »' mercy. (tow they have a cliam- ' on in Leege. The Farm Hoard Letge 's Life in Brief Alexander Legge (pronounce,-! Leg) was born on a farm in D»he county, wis., in l8iK, moved to Nebraska in 1881, worked on a (arm 10 years, look a Job with the International Harvester Company as collector, was assistant general sulcs (manager, by 1900. general niati- . jeer and vice'president m ion •-Jnd president In 1922. He was v ««o ^economic adviser to the American 1'eace Commission vice chairman of the War industries Board and manager ol the Allied Purchasine Commission. For his war services he wat awarded the D. S. c. Lately 'some admirers have called him "the brightest star In the Hoover administration's crown." At any rate, re is hard- t boiled, hard-headed and astute. And he gets things done for the farmers ssss u been trying to set up a markets' «nd stabilization structure vne4 and operated by farmers, ir j« grain operators are forced om.. control the farmers may ge fair break. Because Legge mmte< ft .farmer to dominate Ihe mar .ting system the operators wen toning for him. Barnes, a largi f porter and chairman of the di " "B of the U. S. Chamber o irce, led the charge. Hi —. no ° encouragement at th- hite 'House or anywhere else That incident, plus the credi ven him for stepping in at (he ne<of the stock-market crash and tfging wheat at' 31.25 a busne len It might have gone down '" or 70 cents, seemed to mak- gge solid with both the farme;s id the beligerent Senate larm oc 1 which, has kept off his neck er since, turning its guns on ain dealers. j' N» "Pall" Behind Swnes I "That's the ,.rsc time my motive^ Vn e»er.questioned," Legg esaid U v<as on tlie same street, from which George Washington once iieviewed a parade In his own honor that President Hoover stood jw-.icn, as pictured above, he presided over a celebration at Ale'xmi. dm, Va., honoring the 198lh biithday anniversary uf the first President, Shown with the chief Executive in the reviewing stand are Mrs. Hcover (at the right), and Governor Jolm Garland Pollard 'of Virginia and his daughter, Sue. [soon a slhe tariff bill is'out of the way on his .bill to eliminate the futures markets : by 'denying them.the us? ol the mails. It requires approximately ' 800 cubic yards of sand to wmd one mile of road. , the -*? rs ' after he ^ —L'^^IT"-^"' '-HHI.MUIS uuer ne • 'd toW.^m that If they wanted T ton they must put their case /iiarely-before the board withou* pending on any work behind tlu. ;3ome. delegations .of farmers come : the board and. want the earth i.t Legge: sees to it that they com- y..wlth the provision of the la« at all loans'must be reasonably "All-you fellows want is to be'led ourid by the hand." he told one oup. >• You've got to do somcihii; r yourselves." . • He doesn't often- ;eil anyone to : to \hell-In so'many words, bu~ . has-- oa occasion when >de him good;and angry.: thev New York Cotton NEW .YORK, Feb. 26. '(UP)—Cot- n closed steady. Open High Ixiw Close 1510 i51I 1499 15« 1540 1525 1560 1562 154G 1582 1585 JaiM 1603 1604 1590 1608 16CJ 1597 1505 1533 1556 1578 1595 1604 Spots closed steady at 1515, up Orleans Cotton "JE WORLEANS, Feb. 26. (UP)— tlon closed steady. Open High Low clore M90 1490 1482 I«« ; 1511 1520 1505 1513 1541 1544 1529 153 1 ? 1583 1565 1551 1559 1584 1585 1575 1579 , 1590 1590 1590 1550 •Spots closed steady at 1408, up 15. ^ Is said that about one-third .ithe people go through life with" ever having whooping cough. Baking Powder OUBLE ACTION "-* >I ""-TTT> Sane Price tor over 33 yea^ 25« Utt ICM than of Ugb priced brands .MILLIONS OP POUNDS UatD 1 BY OUR GOVERNMENT Federal Forces Offer Little Resistance to Invading Insurrectionists. T M r SANTO DOMINGO, Feb. 26. >UP I f| L —Revolutionary forces entered Santo Domingo at dawn today and occupied the clly. Heavy rifle firing in the cenlral pla-ca at 6 a. m. signalized the attack on the city but casualties were believed to be few. The insurrectionist force is esli- mated at about 2,000. 'rhoy were armed wllh rifles bul were not uniformed. Three gunners who were part of the government's forces in the northern districts where the revolt originated were reported killed. The revolutionists look over (he public works department and the central police stalion. They seized olher startegic points. The regular forces appeared to be submitting to the occupation without resistance m the capital but the sound of cannon firing at a distance could be heard. General Jose 'Estrella. who Is commanding the revolutionary army led his forces into the city. After the occupation ot the capital he visited United Elates Minister Curtiss at the American legation and assured him that the lives and property of United States citizens will be protected. Exchanges IJnderiPire In Senate WASHINGTON, rtb'. 26.' CUP)^ A resolution calling upon-Secretary of Agriculture. Hyde to; report upon the advisability ol closing tnu grain- and cotloh exchanges'u-as introduced into the scnaie. today by Senator.Heflin. Democrat, Alabama, opening, a general debal'e on the current -prices of cotton antJ grain. .•••,. In the debate Senator Nye, i^e- pubclican. North Dakota, charged a conspiracy exists among private ;rain .elevator operatos to discredit the farm boar dby tleperssing the price of grain. Heflin and Nye asserted that futures trading in grain and cotton should be eliminated. Senator Caraway, Democrat, Arkansas, announced he would ask far action as Many People Calling at- The Vi»K«, T\ —..-. Q* — • -_l *"l_ _ Kirby Drug Store and the Kirby-B*il Co., To Learn • Its Merits. ... •-• Immediately following yesterday's announcement. th»t the advariced medical preparation, Kanjola. was lo. be introduced .'.In.'.Blytheyflle manv local .people eagerly ......*,. .ukAi . i^viwc *jeje cditeriy seeking this medicine, and teiUrig of Bad Symptoms Leave Quickly Constipation Troubles Soon Go Awav Following Use of Black-Draught Burke. Tcxa^.-Mrs. Orea Craw- •ord. of this plnce, tells of her use :f Thed/ortl's Black-Draught which she says covers a period of "a Bccd many years." "We use Black-Draught as a regular family med'cine for constipation, and I try always to keep t in the home. "1 have found it a reliable medi- ine to give the children when they et, upset, from over-eating, or lave colds, for after taking Black- Draught they get all right In a It'll! while. "I use Black-Draught for bilious, sick headache. I have found that :1 dose or two. taken at night, will give nulck relief for constipation and Ihe complications which follow when that condition runs on. "A bad taste in the mouth in the morning, dizziness and a dull headache, all leave quickly after a few doses of Black-Draught, I find it Is not sale to let such things run on. I try to head off the danger by taking Black- Draught In time. It is a dependable medicine." repsrts 'about-it'which'-'they'''hi TPPPTvi<lH "ilv/XM ''«.!«'* I.'. jc.I-_-V,'-'.«_ri'_- 1 receivefl '•from -n in cities 'where' 1 the- l; -herrAi,eprp ' ' -, pound' was prev'fo^ly: 1< ir]fn>auci£' this msdtclrie. and'some: had ^™u*- «1 It 'thru '•acqaalntances. at'larger c;tles. i -. .1 •''.-:-• ;.- j • r r -. : \ The extent to which this -Konlo'la has aroused , ..proves • very, clearly, that health troubles..due toi disordered ..jvtjmach,. liver, kidneys ind. bowel^, ; are so commcn that [. mnd reds are" 'suffering daily..! .The forms of misery ..described by a great many sufferers interviewed j ye "tent ay, were aa follows: FLETEni s oi?t, p. aUbtrt, vice president; Cecil Shin..-vie* pr«ia> m; Re«e A. Caudle, rice presldmt; Qov Har-' L °- p *™"' hot., vice president. The •Ifenioon session i s to ^ S, *! V" " lty •"dltorlura. The public Is Invited (o all of the uro- gram. ' ( Cottimutd from Page 1) Mrs. Edjar Bornm; The Value of Coordinating Work for Cripples 1! B. Cummlngs, Federal Vocational' Rehabilitation, Washington, D c- greetings, Parent-Teachers assocla- t on Mrs. B. «. Lynch; address, Dr. Willis C. Campbell. Memplils- report of officers; the Value of a- operation In Slatewlde Movements of Welfare, Dr. S. A. Drcnnen. btuttgart; address, Governor Harvey C. Paruell; report of committees; adjournment; meeting of Ar- kamas Crippled Children's Commission and Board of Dh-ectors of Arkansas Society for Crippled Children. Officers of the stale society are; Judge R. u. Williams, president; y LOGAN, Utah. (UPl-Belriyed by a thoroughly frightened coyoto that wa* attempting to recipe ihn wrath of rnnchfis. Cache vVlley'i ftnwus Wg cray k || !cri n wolf (} ^ t«rrorlied slieep and cattle In the Lewbton section (luring (lie wlnler was frightmed from hit lair and fell under u barrage of shots laid down by nnrksmeu. EfcTUSEs" TO OMY COLORAUO SPRINGS (UP)— Violet G. Iflrlmcr refused to "promise to obey" w j )M , i!lp ap , PCilr< il W u lh f ' rank L - llol »> ^ M married by f,. w. Hlglumith. Jost- Ice of the peace. 'll le justice used H 'y*™'™" "Uliilf obedience" ?o 1 *" 1 ""* ' R»M Counrr Nrw« Want Ada, TaroW Reuses Post, Urges President to Name Raymond Poincsre. PARIS, Feb. U. (UP)-pormer Premier Andre Tardku today refused President- doston Doumer- gue's Invitation to form a n»« cat- Inei. . Doumergue suggested that Raymond Polncare be called (o auty «s the only candidate capable 61 obtaining u sub.staiitlul majorlly In the clmmber of deputies. Tardleu's refusal lo accept Uv. 1 task was announced after a hurried conference with Doumeraua shortly before II a. m. leaders of the senate and cham- bfr Iia dlnfonned President Dou- mergue that In their opinion ohly Tardleu under present clrcuuiaUiic- i could command a majority. Polncare. former premier and one of^ the few politicians ot France "' " k L ong b ** n Mt "> control rt "™ k " '— been recovering and l«t week —--...nut that he fei In no condition to accept the re sponjIblllllM of (eadeMhip so sooS, AS Mvs OKDEK PORK, Ir.d, (UH)-Al. though this village's entire fire department, o! four men has resigned. Fire'Chief John Campbell said they will be on the Job as usual II an alarm Is turned in. The firemen (onstipated? Tfw AU.V<tcwM( LoutlM IJD TO-NIGHT 111- UOO-: .A .-. , STOMACH: Indigestion and uj bloating feeling like a rock in the st-mach, which in reality Is a mas« of undigested food, dvspepsia, intense pain In the stomach and chest, wild heart palpitation,'feeing like a rock from the throat lo the pit of the r'tomach. awful headaches, lose of weight, strength and tUsue, sour' stomach: dizzy spells, cramps, spitting up bits of! half-digested food and a htjt. sour liquid. • . LIVER: Attacks of biliousness, sick headaches that may lust for days, constipation, dizzy.spells, yellowish- complexion. KIDNEYS: Sharp pa'ns over the kidneys, a dull Khj feeling ncros the back, stlffneK in the back and lower limbs, especially In the mom- Ings Jurrt before arising, frequent getting out of bed during the night, dizziness, spots before the eyes. lack of vitality. BOWELS: Painful, bloated feel- Ing In the lower stomach, worn out feeling sleeplessness. . Many o..ther forms of suffering arise from, the dissrdercd condt-j tion of the system that results from I a sluggish stomach, liver, kidneys, and bowela. For instance, there; may be rheumatic and neuritis! troubles, with it* agonizing aches! and pains. i The above forms rf suffering i yields readily to the work of Kon-1 jola and this medical preparation has so completely ended the health troubles of so many thousands In larger cities that It Is declared to be what countless sufferers In this section have long needed to actually reach their cases. Konjola Is n^w being sold for the flrst lime In Blythevllle at the Kirby Drug Store and Ihe Ktrby- Bcll Co., where many people are calling throughout the day to find out ab-ut (his surprising new medicine:—Adv. resigned when the town bo«rd refused to pay each & salary of 12 Quick Relief for Coughing Spells Famous Pttwrlptlon Stops Them Almost Instanily The phenomenal success ol a loctor'j famoui prtscrtpUon called n>win« l» due to ita double action: It Immediately sootha the irrlta- Jon and ton direct to the internal iawe not reached by patent medl- tines and couph «yrups. The very flrst swallow usually steps «ven the most obstinate cough. • • Thoxlne contains no harmful Jrajs, Is pleasant taatlng and «afe •or the whole family. Bcld on a ntney back |uarant«e to give b°t- ti and quicker relief lor cou»h« or •ore throat limn anything you have .w Wed. Ait for Thoxlne, nut a $ , f ° r "**.'" 3S °- «*. «n1 bottles. Sold by Klrny-Bcll i,,, 00 -- Klrby °™K °»-. "id all other good drug stores. Adv.-2 THREE IMPORTANT FACTORS INTO THE COST OF OBILE 1. Row much it costs to make the ear 2. JfoM? much extra you pay the dealer 3. Jfoir much it costs for operation and ttp-keep . i HE PURCHASE of aa avtomobile Involve* • coflildenW, tvrvfnt •^I^^^A'tt'- •houjd be cwfqiicoiuidwWI from J| ' rbn «' •nd the •nloi.lYe w o f Tlie lower co.^? filing, combined with at Ike |ow dwrra for fiMnebtg «nd «**•• ' " ' ' "' * ' •- ' •-'•- • : - "••••'!•. 'iVl! 1'i.irp the va much extra; yoa ' » • T«ItM) ' i lhe;price yoa p»J-, i :.;',:'/.-/ : , -.,. .'..'..j. ,;• = :> :';.'•!• v>i>:-.: ;r>.-^...' »-;.:,:,,.:: .;/•..- addhion : to ' and lain the car . F!»rd goes falo valoe faJ-tBe, ear. It U not waited (a high deale ' ' ' '' ' tt. ' eeajtbmy ; ihjrt ;>harartfrhia'. the 'manuf ae- THE FORD tAR eianse of the erBtiency of Ford production methods. The money saved throngli this efficiency, is put back into the ear in improved quality of material and in greater tare and accuracy in manufacturing. The conilanl effort is to eliminate watte and find waya to make each part belter and better without increating cost— frequently at lowered COM. Because of Ford economies Ja largo production and became the Ford organization operates on a low-profil margin, the price yon pay for the ear it much leu than it would be under any other condition). Yet it bring* yon many unutnal feature* of construction «nd performance. At least $75 extra value is represented •lone by the Triplex shaller-proof glu. windshield, the RnBlkw Sterf, the fow HondaUIe doWe^cWng hydnmlie ihock alMorben, and the five steelnipoke wheehu The umuually Urge a....^, a f theie jeaaive ;.co«» acceawriei. '. n e fiaaneJag ' and " tbe aame low-profit margin as the Ford Motor Company, hi* dUcount or commit•ion being the lowest of any automobile dealer. He doei a good huilneeg became be makee a email profit on many sale* inettad of a large profit on fewer Bales. NOTE THESE LOW PRICES Roaditer . . $435 Phaeton . $440 Tudor Sedan $500 Co*!* • . $500 Sport Coupe $530 Two-window ForoW Sedan . . $600 Three-window Fordor Sedan . . $623 Cabriolet . $645 Town Sedan $670 for lii U>lrvi«l CrtJft CemyMr r thit ; the : not \ht> fint y. but the toul cb*t. after moalha and yeara of sen-ice. ; Here. again there 1* • decided saving when you buy a Ford. ' The cost of operation and up-keep i* lower because of simplicity of design, the high quality of material, and the reduction of friction and wear through nnniual accuracy in manufacturing and assembling. The reliability and longer life of the car contribute to its low depreciation per year of use. The intelligent, painstaking service rendered by Ford dealer* is under date fac. lory supervision and U a factor in the low up-keep cost of the Ford. All labor is billed at a flat rate and replacement part* •re always available at low price* through Ford dealers in every section of the United States. In two, three or five yean, depending on how much yon drive, the taring !• epttmting and maintaining a new Ford wfll •mount to even more than the saving oa the first cotl of the car. ' FORD MOTOR COMPANY

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