The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 2
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fAOB TWO jLYTHEVILLg. ^RK.) COURIER-NEWS Items of Personal , Interest Social Calendar Thursday Th° ladies of tlie Catliollo church are having a Ixneflt card party l.i the evening at the social hull. Trie Tnursitay Luncheon > elm v;IU not meet because of the annual meeting of the Arkansas So-, cjely! tor., cripples cluldrcn. Urc. Crawford Greene Ij having tie Young Matrons club. TUe, Mld-\Vefk club Is meeting til the evening with Mrs. Harry W. Halnes because of the nirctiiix 01 the crippled children's society. The. JeivLjh Ladlw Aid- witty will meet hi .the evening at tin- home of Mrs. William Lans with Mrs,.Ike Miller also hostess. Mrs. Paul >H. Jiosenthal will tu- tertalii the Wednesday Jjrldgc dim. Krlilar Mrs; George W.--'B:n-li»nj*ls s 'cn- tejtaJnlng the members of Hie ex- ecutive'board of the Woman's cluD witr^n 1 luncheon. The'new members of t!ie Wom- an's', club will be honored quests ni - a party nt Ihe club • house In the allernoon Itnmedlalcly following the monthly business meeting. ' The Kldelb Sunday school class of tlic First. Baptist church Is having *a '. banquet for Imst.inds 01 members and the members ol tlu Leader class. Mtss Lillian Boyd Is having the NlgHt, Brtdgo Club. Th'e' iK. o. club will have a parly at tjtii Woman's clubhouse. '. . Saturday Mre.'x. If. Moore und her sister, Mlss';'Mary McHan;y, arc having :\ bridge party at their home on Wes; Main street. Geoffe H'. Barljam Has (Birthday Farly. Jujt how old George W. Durham really Is was never leurncd clesplw 23 of'hls lawyer friends making ei-- ery attempt. IninsiJ'sNe it- the par- ly Tuesday evening to ascertain his years spent on earth. Tnes . uerc-'toW tlicy woulii know when the .birthday cake arrived at tin conclusion of an appetizing four course 'menu but there was only » , question mark formed by 'numerous tiny .'candies which topped the la-.l mountain of pastry. Mrs. Barhnm was hostess lo >rn party'ol Osccola nncl Blylhevllle attorneys in surprising Mr. Uarham. It was an ofTnir greatly, enjoyed by those who were bachelors for Irkj evening. Lovely spring flowers 01 snapdragons, s\v=etpeas and jonquils; formed the centerpiece anil smllax ;spread over the large banquet' table arranged in the llvlhij room., Bruce Barham assisted his mother In sen-Ing .the^iuear-wlijqli was climaxed with the uppearanci; ,pf UJB;birthday oake.-i- '.,...: ^iiiy Afipq dinner the men "'jiijdyci! ecodysmolies and,-,'.'jswnpplng'J l;i»v yeis'- stwies and jokes. Much amusement was derived -from t!io honored host's birthday gifts. Besides a fountain pen given by members of the local bar association, there were other gilts among' whlc.'i were marbles, kites, tops, French . harps 2nd toy airplanes. The guests were: Cecil Shane, A. G. Little, Ivy W. Crawford, V. G. Holland, Max B. Reid, Doyle Hcn- •dcrson, C. J. Evrard, Znl B. Harrison the Rev, E. K. Latimer Fr.irk C. Douglas. C. M. Buck. Jesse Taylor, W. .Leon Smith, Virgil Greene and W. D. Gravctte of Blytlicvlllc and W. W. Prcwitt, Jumes Coslon, Frcit Taylor, S. R.,-Simpson. Q, li. Segrayes. A. p. Barliam, Sum Ho':l- ges and Bruce Ivy, all o[ Osceola. - ,i • * Cardell-Rirncs. . The. marriage of Miss Beatrix Barnes and Mr. Clyde Cardell. both of Manila, took place herp yesterday with Justice Ed Walkrr informing, the ceremony. The Rev. and Mrs. Biifjs t Complimented ,With Party.' The Rev. and Mrs. MarlpiL n. Eogss, who are moving to Hut Activities and News of Women CHICAGO CIVIC OPERA COMP'Y AT MEMPHIS Municipal Auditorium arch T & 8 . Wflh il;c rj^cljieij>r (ta,-« if- tcctj. l-j^nuco, ,rtllr.« , r ..| „„. [ncnlie rortmrjc* u used by t >..j s:r«a! orrani^iioa In iu £0 -nil- hon Ajl^r Sorr.o falCHtaro. Thu' ICMOTI ic. oitrn is ptc.fnlcJ I.T S(cmj,!iis by Kcmphi. Op»i 3 ,\i- scculicn („„• prcfij) „„., u ' HctlNjrtfi Club. ' . 2n« I'EOl'LK '' . , .,. « •lull. =>lri. fihii r , r oriep, .Bcr.tlll. il-jrVe, I_-\i:» r i. 50-pC.ORCHESTHA GRAND BALLET IncMrf a, O t l.ucll .(M.Utcr. M.rch iih) "NORM A" Krid.r Kirtl. Jt»r ( h Tit. ..-- "LUCIA" *«i»rf. r v»iincc. Muct, s'b "LOHENGRIN" S.Ur^r Kirtl. Slartk Sih. ORDER Li AH/ TICKETS NOW , n ^-"^ rh *J u!B ° f r rrc "- Arena, »( "•1 15; Drejj Cuclf. !3 » r ,d n- ''»"..»)« .nd ( 2: C,l"; Bits o Mostly Personal ',, i ,- ' = -f'i critically 111 for several weeks -Iho belter today. Everett Allen has returned Iran a two weeks business trip to Me* 1 Orleans. John Lytle,. of Parajould -is -i business visitor-In the city today Oicnr Haulaway attended lo LsliiEjs In Memphis yesterday • Mrs. Bernard Gooch and IICL mollicr, Mrs. C. E. Crlggor, motored tu Memphis yesterday. ' Earl llalelier spent yesterday in Memphis," ' " • •-!•'..:. • Missi Cora Irfc. Colcman ;1 S - ;u Shuwricc fills aflomOThHwBtllh" a meeting of (he Woman's' 'chili I»OG KETKli'Vfc'S MOI.AHS KEARNEY, Neb. (UP)— vcriic Leech, fnrmer of near here, twhy was In ijossesjlpn . ol a spare set of Iiilsc teeth—lost last fall wluh lie was husking corn, and" tgifii-r and returned lo him by his" doij. HOG .GIMtlUS I)KA1> MAN UKUKORD, La. tUP)—A pa <taj, said to have been his muster's bc:>! friend ir> life, proved to be his guard In.defith. The,d9g wn».foui;d snujjglcd'.,.pver Georee ;Purcci)'s tody ..when' police 'discovered toe death here. Hospital Notes -••• • •, Patients admittect tq'lhc-.feh-llic- i'llle hospital since ycslerdayf pic-. Mrs. Hullliigsworth, Ykrbrol Kay llowcil, Nimmons, Ark. B. J. Lawler, Holland. Mo., was dismissal. UNUSUAL HANlSi «y.WH, E.,M«KENNKy | U.M-oiildnoi-be dllflcult to play i a hand If we few the position of certain high cards. When ro,,. rrcnicd with Ihis sHuallnn It may pay you lo give 'the opponents a cliaiiM lo make. a mlslalce, as did the declarer In today's hand. MOftTM V ,, T ll-K.J-9-1 .VEs.T D— V-6-4-3 «ST C-K-U C-0-1 S-JO-fi. H— 10 3.3 3-K-C.J. K-U-T-* •8-2 • n— 10 C— 9-E-5- SOUTH— DEALER C— 10* U-A-3-S monds, dummy playt tho seven East discards 'the deuce of spades' and declarer the ace of clubs On (he next lead from West, the deuce I of diamonds, dummy dlrcards a' vmall spide, East the three of] trades. apd declarer the king cf cluto. West'now'puts dummy mi fcy leading a small club which dum-J my wins with the Jack, East fol-i I'.wlng with the seven and declarer' discarding tho eight of spades. I Declarer now-'leads, the small! cpadc from dununy. East fowwote with Ihe six and declarer wins Ihe lilcl: wllh the nee, West following with the four. Declarer has noticed thai East discarded ootti c^ube and spidr.s, therefore' •' h« must 1» attempting to protect the queen of hearts, so declarer now leafls (lie deuce of henrtr, winning the tvcTk in the dummy with -the ic*. . He lead* (lie <iueen ol clubs from dummy, discarding the queen of tpades; and now leads the Jack of WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1930 hearts from dummy.. East • play? tho seven, declarer lets i\, g} through, and it wins the trick, The remaining hearts are all good and declarer made fhjee no trump, scoring game. ' • I Has Club. Wlic-n Mrs. C. R. ISalicock )m the.Tuesday Bridge club she nlfa cntcrinliipil' Mrs. Chrfrlpj THiinin; Mrs. M. o. Usrcy ami Mrs. t'btclrr Minnls, of Stuttgart, who is visiting, Mrs. W. Leon Smith. ., Mrs.vAltirlflge, wonHlja^qjub p:;<L,' ; n casserole, and high among 1)1? guests went to Mrs. Usrey who «as given cards. Tfie hos_tess. served luua.(b:!i : .;|. ad- wllli'cinnamon rolls < arid i-jl- ice. Fletmaii-Mlyers. A marriage license '.vas Issiictl today to Miss Lottie Mlyers and >.!i. Austin P'lcemnn, both of Manila. The hand «as played at auction. Mouth, the declarer; bid one no turnip. The thirty aces were given I preference oyer the,weak heart to; suit West' IiaVSea.-prererfhig to! rpcn the diamond against no trump, ralher than bid them. All Th.i contract bVJding would be South two no trump, West pass. Ncilii tlirce mi trump, all puss. 'ttie Play West opens the king of clin- mnnds,' dummy follows willi tin- three. East'Hie ten. and declarer: the five. West now leads tho. (|iiccn of diamonds, dummy plays i Hie four and East discards tfie' deuce of clubs. There is nn further use q( declarer holding en, a> he.-wins tlie trick with the ace. Ijoutli,. the -declarer. Bhoiild now, stO|) 'to fduril Iiis hund. He is as- turcd.of two club tricks, one dla-1 ni'ml. one spnde and If the hearts! break rgiht rive heart tricks which \voiild give him nine tricks in all mitt tsiune. Tlic natural way to play the .hsarts would be tlie king from declarer's hand and then lead to the ace and dummy. Of course this i would give Ea;t a guod heart. | Statli, the declarer, reasons, tli;ucli. lliat if he puls West back i in the lead, he might gel either! | ; a 'heart, or spade lead from him! i .when his diamonds were run out, I \"h'^ch would Rssnro htm of game ', In case the hearts did not, lie right, j So,declarer now leads the nine of -dlamrnds. West wins with the jack,' I dummy plays the six and East discards. Hie three of clubs. | West now leads the eight of cl'a- Looks Young, Feels Fine "Eight years ago before niy last baby was born,"l started taking Lydia • E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I-got Such goodrteisults that I named her Catherine Lydia. I have six older children and .five grandchildren, too. I am'44, but people tell me I look much younger. 1 am now taking the Vegetable Compound again because of my age. 1 cat and deep bercer and I do al! niy housework, anil my washing. I *ill do my best to answer letters."— Mrs. H. Dolhoiidc, 6318 Lydia E, Pinkliam's Veget3l)le Conipoiind Thank the Neighbor*, , • MRS. FLAT: That wireles-, pfQ-! I gram Isn't coming in any too well MR. FLATT: Then let's cp;n an other window.and see If we can gel It better.—MoEtlque, Charleroi. A Medicine You Have Waited Many Year.sFor THE NEW KONJOLA Being introduced in our store for the. -FIRST TIME. • This celebrated new remedy Is for the stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels and rheumatic Hud neuritis trouble. Chicago, Philadelphia, and other large cities have gasped at the wonderful accomplishments of this remarkable medlcjnc. This remarkable compound is destined to bring new : hope, happiness and glorious health to Blylhevllle people. Thmu-.inds of seemingly hopeless cases of health troubles have been conquered in larger cities, by this advanced compound. Konjola. the medicine made, from extracts o( 32 plants p{ Nature, containing over 30 beneficial ingredients, war(:S' with the sufferer's own foo'd, bringing more normal healtliy action to the important or-'- gans of the b:dy—the stom. acli, liver, kidneys and bowck- THE KIRBY DKUG STORE THE KIRBY-BELL CO. WOMEN NEED E I'V!»£S , iRinori'pw,. were ;ionjrcil gue'sU'al n-])iirty giveii"by ; Mr. n;uf \Irs. R, N. Parrnr Tuesday evening vhen members of the Ladles Hiljb class, of the First Presbyterian church and several friends made ip'the *J present. There were In- .t,ercs,t|H B . gp_i Iff! H'ilJi furcivclls s.-i'iti'tb (lie with best vvi3lica=for their ImimhiWi In Iheir new home. •Dainty rcfrcshmenls were serve:!. "I notjc.e you alwiiyS use 1 Essb. Do you •• 1 ' •'" ' - think it is really,worth the difFerence ;; DR. PIERCE'S Favorite Prescription Head Courier News Wnnt /Ids.' had to excel . * • • * 1' to capture sncli popularity *845 AXI> up r. o. n. nniKirr TAr DC Solo .Sd Sr((on»— , birth Stiimlnnlnnd Dr. /.U.T« mudtlx—cnjny n' xtr'nttilf grotring jHifitilrtrify. ^Tht'ir rnominrsj mil i-tirnfilrt '.: .hare 'MighlrrI • l/ioitivmrfj of niiyrrt In irhum Ihfst '•'- altribiilrt arc of the frit i*nipor|(incr. /(nifir/irnf/irj- ' •re United icilh l/rr klntl nf performance thai t)c Svto girr.>, pride afaicncrihip it •: inri-ifabir and permanent. There is no r'nynl'road lo ' '' It miret'-'bo carnfed'by . . . To cnptnrn public favor so <!c- Vtoh'ely, »io Cliryslor-imill DC Solo Six'ltad to pnire llsclf Mi|>cri(tr «a ils firld. To »wcc|i past sn many oilier aixrs in sucli an incro<lihly sliort time, ' it liad to excel in all clemml* of (style, luxury nnil |icrfornianrc nnil prove ttmt it offered more Ilinn had ever before been ofl'rred by nny Six so loW in . : price. The public Uns FCCII llic I)« Solo Six rofne •up like- a-ineleor—breaking; all nalcs records for ' •'firtttyfaitg-cnr.- 'J'lirrp is .only, one answer to n success like this—mnl (lie ans.ivrr is ilominnnl quality, dominant ; ju-rforninnrc anil dominant value. Everybody i s invileii to make comparisons. OT0 Companion 4 Sn K(|iht LOWE MOTOR CO. BU'THEVILLK, ARKANSAS u '?'•' m, • •>-.,,.;; : "Welt, I.didu't-ithink so for many months,' till I was,persuaded a fair tryout. Since! 1 have noticed the difference in starting, the greatly added power, and the smoothness of operation, I consider it by long-odds the most economical of motor fuel*/'.. Cojr.pany of U.iii'hn» ar>J nhcic t*y dcilrr iH« "StinditiT tta<le. maik. from the nlvet pump *ith the 'f>, r»:e by vnnn -n Srnvc. 3134 w. NW Oflwsu, La., far rnaf> a-J latttt roaJ n/cr- '*"\&f' THE GIANT POWER FUEL

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