The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1930
Page 8
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, PAGE lilGHT • JISU. LEADER Pllin Two American Delegates K -> COURIER-NEWS His Genius for Conciliation . Makes' Him Irnporlanl Figure at.Conference. BY MILTON' BHONNEU NEA Service Writer LONDON.—The famoics reporters for the big Paris ncwspaperi these days prowl mound Henry Stlmson. Secretary ot State an 1 .•^lead ol the American Naval Conference, with eyes mull ol sad reproach. For Slluison with one Ml swoop t>|X>lled their very best stoiy For days when others orated, Stimson kept silent. )le sat nl taMc with his head bowed and Ills C.VIM dropped. The Frriirlunni), observing ibis. were telegraphing lo their paper* - that there lycrc sharp [inference. 1 ; between America and Oreat Britain nnd tliat Andre Tardieu. head of tlie French delegnllon. wus acting as mediator nnd pr.ircmnkr-r betwcen the warring Anylo-Sax- ons. And thon, without any warning. Stlmson dropiwd his bomb. He Issued his famous statement that America and England were in full agreement on naval parity. IN pointed out that they were restricted in their scrapping of battleships until they know what France and Japan would do about, submarines. He adroitly plnce:! most of the onus for the .success or failure of the conference upon the PW PROFIT TO Public Will View Finest Home In U. S. JTUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1930 W. Morrnw, D. S. Amtav ^|"s ^'i"" f1 \ hK ° 1blnMn . »' w.l-,r lo.Moxleo. «,,d urlVtal,'to "a C2,i, "n ' M lr«tl .'^ "' _ tlio Uiidcm ,uvm .<ont>r,n,-,.. ', , MM { nn ,,., v; ,f ^^ ""' of the conference. • Now the French writers have 1 to tell their audience thai there wns nn Anglo-Saxon combine which was seeking lo lmi>ose ils will on the other countries! Former Senator Fred Sacked of Kentucky and new American Ambassador to Germany, stopped oil In London lor a few clays and wns piloted around by Ambassador Dawes. who Is atso n member of Ihe Ameilcan naval dclcgatson. . They appeared together at n bU luncheon and had their hends'close together. All the American news hounds begun to sit up ami take notice. Dawes must be telling Sackett the real Inside dope nbaul the naval conference. Wherefore as soon ns the American scribes could do so. they grabbed both men and tried to mil them through the third degree. Saokett wns very tncl- turn. Dawes beamed ai the reporters and said: "As n niatler of fact, I have not been talking lo Fred about Die conference nt all. but have been telling him all I know about high diplomacy and specially ns regards you fellows. I gave him three rules: "FIRST-Look Mse. "SECOND—Smile. '. "THIRD—Say nothing to the reporters m:d say it a lot." . • * * ; There Is n general feeling among political observers that when things get down to a real crisis In the conference the American who will 'Morrnw, American Ambassador to .play a very large part is Dwlght -Mexico. Up to now the delegates have pretty well divided their labors. Secretary of State Sllmson h»i had most of the conversations -wiUi Premier Ramsay MncDonalil. he«d of the British delegation; Hugh Gibson, American Ambassador to Belgium, has done mosl of the talking with the French delegates, because he speaks French perfectly and does not, have to bother with an interpreter; Dawes and Secretary of the Navy Adams have tackled the Italians; 'find Senators Reed and Robinson hnve busied themselves with trie Japanese. The American delegates have acted like one big happy family. There has been no politics. Democratic Senatorial leader Joe Robinson being in thorough sympathy with the aims and purposes of h:s . Republican colleagues. Tlie tecting as to the importance of Morrow was manifested in striking style the other day because the \atibn. a great liberal weekly, devoted a special article to him. something it has done to no other delegate on any of Uie national bodies. After paying tribute to his great successes as lawyer, financier nnd ambassador to Mexico. It said of him "he seems to possess an almost uncanny gift for reconciling those conflicting interests which strike the ordinary man as irreconcilable' And it went on to hint- that before the conference ended Its labors, he would have ample opportunity to demonstrate his abilities. When the American delegates and their wives recently dined r.t AdmlnUlty House as the guests jf A. V. Alexander, Secretary of tho British Admiralty, nothing interested them so much as the table at which they sat in the historic dining room. For at one of the table the? observed that a round pice? had been cut out. It was gravely explained to them that this was done for the comfort and convenience of Samuel Pepys. author of the most famous diary In the world Pepys In the days of his prime was secretary of the British Admiralty. He had a very large and a very round tummy which was the mark of the good manner In which he dined and wined. This tummy was so protuberant that the geniuses ot the Admiralty had the idea of cutting out a round piece from the table. Pepys fitted himself into this curve and could then do justice 'o »U the food and drink that were ' placed before him. Now He's Oul" Names M'an Who Fired SlioJ in Gaslonia Strike Disorders. CHARLOTTE. N. C.. Feb. 25 (UP) lulliis Fowler of Gastonln lesll- ler trial here today that he saw Horace Wlicelus, tine of the five defendants, fire Into a (ruck lond- td with striking coltou mill work-' crs as it pissed on the Onslonla highway September 14. Immediately nfter (lie shot rang out. Fowler testified, Mrs. Wiggins •rlecl out that slip Ijad teen .shot. "I was looking him right In Hi? face," tlie witness said, adding Wliceltis steadied the plslol by lay- Ins It across his arm. Fowler continued by asserting Whci'lus WHS one of Die null ConuniiiiLst mob which prevented the WlgKtiK (ruck from proceeding to the South Ciastonla strike meeting and that lie saw Wheelus laler fire at ccciijunts of the trtirk as ttey fled across a cotton field After the .shooting, which followed a collision between (he strikers' truck and a car driven by Fred Morrow, another of the defendants, Fowler and Whcclus torced him into n rar and look him b-ick lo C.nslonia. Find Tiny Stiil In Negro's Home To Constable Elbert Taylor; hh ep'.ily, Harry Taylor and Deuiily Sheriff Arch Limlsiiy goes (he hnn- or for capturing what Is believed to be the smallest still ever found in this section. A 10 gnllon cracker can was used as a cooker (or the diminutive outfit discovered In ttio home of Andrew Jackson, negro, who lives In the Lee Wilson plantation 'No. 3 near this city. The "cooker" and nn Iron pipe which led to a small worm was on display in the office of Justice EJ Walker this morning. An examination revealed lhal the cracker can was sealed with dirty dough to prevent steam from escaping except through the pipe. With the top removed the "cooker" was shown to be lined with scales of burnt tin. Officers say (hat (he cracker can was filled with mash "and placed on top of a kitchen stove to cool; when In operation. The midget still was not In o]>crallon when officers discovered U but the cooker was filled with mash as was a barrel In the house, they reported. The old negro will tc arraigned on a felony charge of i>o»e^ing a distill and mash. Camllle Cliaulempts, premier of Franco for the last eight days, lost Ills first vmc of confidence in -the chamber of deputies this afternoon nnrt must resign, lie Is leader of the Undical-Socialisl party. Ills defeat means further delay In the London arms conference. Drive on Delinquent Tag Purchasers Opens Blylhcvllle motorists who have been tardy In the purchase of 'their 1030 stnte atito licenses might do well (o become iiedeslilans tomorrow or bctler ftlll lush to the Klicrlff's offlct; and make application for their tags. The reason—five members of the Arkansas stale highway patrol with Andy McNeil in charge, will inaugurate a campaign here Wed. nesdny to check up on those as yi:t delinquent in buying Iheir 1D30 lags. The stnte palrol gave local citizens a good example of their thoroughness when they staged a one night rlrlve against traffic Iniv violators here bsl fall. It is rumored that they planned an oven more complete camp.ilgn tomorrow—even if Capt. McNeil Is n former resident of the city. Rare Opportunity A little Jewish boy was caught by the dangling ropes of a balloon it the country fair. When he was being carried aloft and the crowd tood aghast as he hung rlcwn- vurd, the father crlrd: "Ikey, Ikey, throw' down some of cur business cards."—Tit-Bits. HEALTH LOT STREET VENDER: Blimey! 'Ov, did yer come to over-slretcii It like that? ACCORDION PLAYER: Why, I was tellin' a flsliiu' story and I forgot all about my bloomin' accordion.—London Opinlnn. BLADDER SUFFERERS DON'T GIVE UP HOPL Dr. Bond's K and B Prescription Brings ttdicf When Others Fail. N'o realtor how \ mf , 0 .j )„„ ;„.„, " , ,'-, , Tl n WMk ' •"""Hi or ,i; r . or.ltrol lila<Mcr, or »hat fcinl ot run- r.iirj jou h.rc used, jcu MOII'I be fuir to joursm tmtil jon h«t» trie* Or 110NIVS K »nj n prescription ij- h ;.' ramatu prescription is (ir^xm) cwlf. IT for pains in Ikf Mel;, hi^lj n :. orril iirinf. buniinp. frfrjnrni passn-. 4:11! fdliiir up rifh.v. If , 0 . fc, ri 'nr of th«c *jr»plom.., ,H >w ijOND^lv »T,i B torfAT. Doa'l wail. I'rice, GOc or S1.20.—AHr. Sold In Blythevllle, Ark, by Robinson Drug Co. ( Continued from Page 1) of one Inch staple, or thereabouts, was small in this counlry In proportion to Hie demand of Amori i c.iii mill*, while much more shor' ! cotton Is grown than American mills can consume. The inference given was that a better market Is In prospect for Inch cotton Urn. for the shorter staples, which mm,; be told abroad In competition with the heavy competition of India and olhcr foreign producers. Mr. new said Hist (lie outlook or 1930 made economical pro <lm- llon the primary essential for uic jotion _ grower H-IIO ; W1K , S to ()1)lahl - - "vi«.j lu uuiiLin profit, on his crop; He said (he situation warranted the growing of feed crops 21 least up to the full demand of the local market and advised dairy farmers not io be discouraged by the present low prices but lo expect a leturn to normal levels. "-IUMI iu Adherence lo Die "live at home" program was urged by Mr. Lyudi who declared thai ihe fanner KIIC> successfully weathers low price years and profits most In good price years is Ihe man who produces or n> XI-:A MiTviri. ASJJEVILLE, N. C.-ft has been 40 years since young George \V Vunderbill, who had Ideas of iui own about Dm disposal of his share of the vast family fortune, stood on his mountain cstale near AshevUle nnd said to his arcliilecls: "Build me the finest hous- in America." Oiwns to I'ubllt Tourists will be permitted' to pass through the vaulted halls, wlicre only the great and neni- srcat have trod before. Its ilcli s'.ore of art tieasures will l;e view- . . ...iw H'uuucf* un , "-wii. ui uit uvuMires win ue view- ins own farm his own feed and i cd for Uie nrsl time by others iliais , , r ^^'ho grows feed and food is a I " wruiromcnts. Bankers'" liii'vi'i Ihosc celebrities of" the 7»>stYhTe'j ne_sald. that the farmer (decades whose names appear on its icglslcr. Blltmore Hour; 1 , as the mansion was named, heretofore has been viewed only from a distance by sightseers. But the entire estate will be available lo them now, by Ing cotton to buy foo<l and feed High Production Urged The farmer, who makes a profit , pro on Ills cotton In 1930 will be the man who grows close to a bale to the acre, Mr. Crltz declared H» exhibited charts showing that the best farmers of Mississippi county average 4G1 pounds of cotton to the ncre, nt nn average cost of ro- ductlon of 10 cents per pound: .'Tin 1 average for the entire county, 1 lie said, is 331.2 pounds per acre, produced at a cost of 11.5 cents iier pound, while for the entire country the average production Is only }57 ixmnds to the acre, produced nt a cost of 19 cents jxir pound. "Farmers of Mississippi county are ut u. decided advantage corn- pared to the rest of tho country in the production of cotton," he us- crted, -but the man who permission of Mr. and Mrs. Joliii Francis Amhcrst Cecil, the latter being the only rhild o( Oforge W. Vnnderbilt. Vanderbllt was only 22 when lie ordered this "tinest house." Cut, however little he may have known about art nnd architecture, he at least chose outstanding experts to m.ike the plans. Richard Hum, then a fnmoix, architect, supervised the work. The gardens ie- maln li monument to Hie skill of the late Frederick L. Olmstead. designer of New York's Central Park and other large projects. Many Art Treasures Materials were imported from all over tlie world to erect the mau- oiniM, u.iv uiu inrin wno wnpts • r.,, —^— to make n profit this year had Vt- """' slBl1ccu ^r5 were brought •- -...'--. .' """ '*i from Scotland for most of the work. Meanwhile young Vanderbllt w»n- ciorcd In'foreign countries, colled • Ing treasures for the Interior. Tons of antiques, paintings and rare tnp- ler put himself in the 4G1 pound [jcr aero class." Mr. Critz's advice was lo plant no land in collon that will not produce nt least two-thirds of i> bale to the sere, ami to use the l?is productive land for growing Iceura-j GOOD FOR ONE THING hay nnd corn. ' '" [. Mother to Small Son: Don't you "Use some of Ihe good ' land [.think it's awfully good of Uncle to tor corn, too," he said, "and"lion' 1 .1 buy you this lovely present. , , , fail to plant soybeans In alt of It." Back Yard Place' For Chicks Says Chief "Be sure to keep your chickens in your own back yard"—was the annual spring warning to Blylhe- vllle housewives and husbands issued by M. G. Goodwin, police- chief, this afternoon. With the advent of warm weather n number of complaints have been made to the police by iratfl residents who threaten wholesal" destruction to' "the neighbor's" fowls which persist in ruining llicir plans for.a wonderful garden or flower bed, Allowing fowls to fly and scratch at large is- agalnsl city ordinances which mast be obeyed, admonished (he chief. AND THEN" WORK Boy {going to business college): Do you think you can get me a 5«xl position when 1 graduate? Professor: Yes, It you'll agree lo slatt at the bottom and UJKK up.—Answers. 666 Every Member of (he Family Took Rlack-Dranghl When ' Out of Sorts. WALNUT RIDOE. Ark—"Unlil 1 was a grown girl, 1 did not know here wns any other purgative b'.it Thcdford's Black-Drnught." writes Mrs. J. C. H:\thonie. ol til. 1 ; place. 'My father gave It to every member of his family. "Whenever we got nut ot sorts, ac f/ol down tlie Black-Draught box. made n tea ot Black-Draught and ftave It to us this way for Indigestion and constipation. "There were eight of us children in our family. We were a healthy lot. Black-Draught was about our only medicine. "I have continued to iue It off nnd on in my home ns I have needed It since I have been married. I give It n good recomir.en- dfltlon. for I know from my own use Black-Draught Is a good medicine." Thedford's Black-Draughl is a purely vegetable cathartic or laxative medicine, composed ol selected medicinal herbs and roots. Black- Draught Is finely powdered, which enables the Juices of Uie slomach to extract its medicinal properties In an easy, natural way. Adv HAND-WEIRIIKD Barbara: Tlw butclier offered ma his liand this morning, daddy. Father: The scoundrel! now dare lieBarbara: It's all right, dear. He tried to sell It to me with Ihe meat, buL I nmrie him take ills hand olf the scales.—Til-Hits. HOME THEATRE Last Time Today Silent Picture with Miss Payne at Piano i • for ConfUpation. [Indigestion. Biliousness • and Beautiful Marion Nixon With Good Comedy Admission Matinee and Small Son: Good of him? Why, .'hut's he for—The Humorist. PILES EKI ID ITRIDDF Thousands Are Troubled for Years and Tell of Quick and Easy Relief INEXPENSIVE REMEDY COSTS ONLY 75 CKNTS estries were ship|x?d back to Asheville. The house was completed in I89o, five years after construction was begun. Then, as it is now. the chau- teau was surrounded by virgin forest in which wild game lived unmolested. The gardens are said to have few equal anywhere in the wcrld, and include practicallv every rare and exotic flower which can live in the North Carolina climate. It is hi surroundings like these that the ghosts of old and new world aristocrats will be "at home" to the Smiths and the Joneses after .March 15. G'WAN HOME He was one of those young men wtio never seem to know when to go. She had yawned several times, when a clock In the hull struck midnight. "Is that an eight-day clock?" he asked, "Well," said the girl, stifling another yawn, "why don't you stay a little longer and find out"—Tit- Bits. Read Courier News Want Ads. Frown Fast "Was your hubby cool when you told him there was a burglar in the house?" "I should say so. Why, his teeth actually chattered."—Answers. "I'm so happy and grateful at being free of my old Pile troubles I'm wrillng you (o use my name If you want to," declares H. H. Ncrdinan. retired farmer of Buffalo Center, Iowa. "I had Ihe Itching bleeding, painful kind and I had them bad. I used all kinds ot salves but found practically no relief until I saw Colac Pile Pills advertised in the paper and got tome. Those Pills started doing me good the first day, and I had no Irouble after I used the first 75c bottle, but I kept on using throe bottles in all. and T am free of all signs of my olct Pile troubles. I sure nm thankTul and recommend C'otac Pills wherever 1 learn of somebody suffering as I formerly suffered," continued Mr. Nordman. Thousands of men and women suffering with various forms of Piles have been happy lo find salves, suppositories, etc., are no longer required. Jusl u couple of Colae Pile Pills with a swallow of water each meal is all needed for ' rinlck relief. Druggists here arc authorized to sell on posillve guarantee of satisfaction or money back without quibble or question. Or send 75c in stamps or coin to Colac Chemical Co.. Brentwood, Md. Adv. Read Courier News Want Ads. HowYe Your Brakes? Keller drive in here and have them TESTED FREE on our Raybestos Brake Testing Machine . . . the only machine between Memphis and St. Louis. ACCURATE TESTING : .—with the— , RAYBESTOS TESTING MACHINE Dixie Service Station _ _ _ Tablets Relieves a Headache or Neuralgia in 30 minutes, checks a Cold thp j first day, and checks Malaria in' three ilays. 666 also in Liquid. RITZ THEATER Last Time To day Conrad Magic, Kny Johnson, Charles Bickford and Jnlirt Fayc Cowl Short Subjects Admission, Matinee I0-3f>c Admission, Xight 25-50c Coming soon as yesterday. Coming Wednesday und Thursday Will Rogers, in "They Had to See Paris" Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday, Maurice Chevalier in "The I.ovc Parade." Coming to (he Ritz Theatre Soon, Watch For Dates Marion Da vies in "Marianne" Victor McT.nglen in "Cock- Eyed World." Ucssie f.ovc and Chartes King in "Chasing Rainbows." Jancl Caynor in "Sunny Side Up." Hebe Daniels nnd John Holes in "Rio Rita." H A T / for J f) N Blues-Greys In the Lead! It's the color scheme that will tie in complete harmony with the new suit tones offered 'this spring. Plenty of tans, browns and other desirable colors arc presented. SNA1-S WEl.TS HOMWJRGS Filled to Your Head! We offer a service that not only helps you fit the Hat you want to your hend, but to the contour of your face. In three feature groups you'll find the Hearlwear vou Jike. ' Stetsons an By rons NEW HEAD CLOTHING CO. „,.

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