The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER-NEWS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1930 SIM MM Mr. Sluirkey Puts Punch Into His Work Luxora Mauler Wins After BI e i n. g Fouled Several Times By Opponent. Stan- lcs.3 io\inc' ar- that »le•• l:isi counter at i sceola as to Hie rospcct- Ive merits of Hie Luxora I i B li I-1 heavy nnd Jack Carr, lately of Parsgould. The de- [ ctslve end to a dispute that started several weeks ago was hiKh- ly satisfactory to the fans—es(>cc- lally nftcr Carr all but ruined ihe show by opening u]i with a series .of low blows—and if the writer hn:> ever witnessed an intentional foul I at least tliree of the four were Intentional. Referee Danehower ordered Cair back to his corner nftcr he Imcl louled McRac a fourth lima In :i neutral corner—apparently u deliberately placed blow—and llic Lnx- . ara battler sank to Ills knees. McRae's liand was raised as lie was helped to his feet—and then bedlam broke loose. The fans begun yelling for n fight and Carr and his seconds began :i whirl of protests with Carr sound- Ing high "threats" of taking a protest to the state commission, After McRae rested he agreed to go on with the ftght nnd CoiMiilssoncr Jeff Roland rather tlun disappoint the audience allowed the fight to proceed. Blit it was to last only n few seconds longer. The two big boys thoroughly aroused began to tear In with punishing blows. Curr landed another low clow but it fell on Mc- Rne's hip and did not appear to be Intentional. With startling suddenness, McRae caught Carr with :i terrific blow forcing him on lite ropes in a neutral corner. Wide open, Carr lolled on the ropes and McRac socked home a devastating right, and the flght was over .Referee Danehower tolled off the count but, It wiis teally not acces- sary as Carr was out and out to stay... The flght should never have proceeded after it was first stopped but the fans were satisfied at the finish. Carr should consider himself extremely fortunate that his purse was not held back and a long time suspension meted oat. for the Vac- tics he'employed in the ring last night. In the serntsrindUBfrKld .Mack- Jin, dusky BJythevllle lightweight, disposed of .K. O. Dummy, negro battler for the U. S. government fleet, in easy fashion. Macklin sported probably ' the tightest pair ol boxing trunks ever displayed in a flght ring but they didn't" seem to handicap his style. .Macklln took the lead from the start and floored K. O. for the count of nine In the second round Dummy jumped up still in a daze to tie saved by the bell from further punishment. He. answered the fbcll -for the third round but went down from a punch, to the mldsectlon for the count. He had to be carried to his corner, Roger Mabin, 100 pound negro. staged a whirlwind finish to wi:i over Jack Calary, another youth of color. The pair fought through two • rounds on even terms, but MnVjln I began to find the range with an i overhand right in Uic third romirt i lor a slight advantage aiu-1 nil but I upset Calary with the same v.eapon n In the fourth and final .-;•' 'a. | Kid Curtis and K. O. v .• -. two ,' negro midgets, fought I, three V round draw. CRUSHING UP SPORTS By Lanfer FIVES PREP FOR , DISTjjOT NOT .Twenty Teams In Jones-; ; Ijoro Meet; LeacKvitlc; County Favorite. In Tonsil man, this Jnck Sliurkey. And it win. Oinrles, his spnrrinx partner, wlit'n tills uniiMiul action photo was taken at iliv ringside In Sliurki'y's trali>)iix i-amp at Miami. I'la., where the Hostua i;cl) Is shaplni; up for his liuuL willi I'liil Scott, liilllsh heavyweight invader. There MILS iltivi- and nutter In OL' blows Uial madf Slim-key's ring lleutcnuiil lake U> cover. Quintets of 20 high schools ' nontK'asL Arkansas arc busy i week polishing up thtir play for' I tin; annual IJIstrlc 4 lournuniciit lu j j be held at JotK'.slKiio I-'riday ami I ! Saturday. I : Due to the fuel that twenty' i leami; have L'liU'reil, four 311010 llrjii iLsiiiil. Uic regular 16 game: bracket schedule will lie preceded by a preliminary round of fui:r i game;;. ' The I.cnclivillc Terrors by vir- ! Uie of their two point win over Ins j lllythtvlllc Chicks In the duals of ! UK- Mi.sslsslppl county tourney hur i week will be Ihe test bet from thr.s ; county to cop the meet. However. 1 the boys from the west end of tin- I county will mud .stronger opp:.-.,]- , , „, i lion than tliey have ciU'.amutML-J imrsh solng for Pierre ul imy Umc l|)ls Rell ,. 0 , l ,, ml lm[: ., He Picks the Husky Ones When Pnp Glendon can picture a powerful sweepswinuer in u rangy, clumsy-looking Individual buill after the fashion of Vlclorio Campolo, you Kiunblc that the giraffe will become a nifty oarsman If he absorbs the tricks and Iruln- B of "OKI Dick.' The navy's gilz- zlcd crew coach lias a knack of them. Glendon was 13 when lie signed his first coaching contract with Hit Boston A. A., but behind him were ••%! New England fishing .schooner. Po;i • " : -< Is tlie only man lo come lo collcse lowing by way of the <lcc|> sea. The ease wilh which Pop turned out winners nt Boston brought him .. v ._ n coaching job at the Naval : fe:i$ Academy am! there he slaved for !-?-:^1 '9 rears, retiring in 1922. lie was •ifi'l s «««dert by Ills son. "Young Dick. 11 : ^Sj l)l "' w ' 1011 """• young man left lo if^ become head coach nl Columbia ft»» friends prevailed upon the mizzled overcame if they are to winners. Right on Ihr heels of Hie Loach- villc lujKi'i'ijiUlon Coach Henry Hud- I ;:on'!; Clilckasaws appear to be an- ! oilier likely candiilale for from Mississippi county. Tl: ;| Chicks, l;d by the lanky Orlh Mar- \ shall nl center, expect to hit their stride in the district tourney after i sulfeiing a reversal to form in ihe i county meet. Hudson will probably send the same five he used In llic county lourney uguhisl Lake Clly. The quintet is composed of and Brogdon, forwards; Marshall ccnlcr; Raydcr and Short, guards. J j Several of tlie teams who liavs i filed entries ill Hie tournament mv 1 more or less unknown amounts biu probably four In the entire are rated almost on even terms at the head of the list, including tin; formidable Jonesboro quintet. Charlie Craig ol Fayetteville and I Hugh Mlxon of Marianna will ac'.' as referees, The preliminary games will be: ' upper bracket: Hulucrt vs. Bono: | Corning vs. Marion Losver bracket'. | Wilson vs. Luxora; Monelle vs. Ty-1 roii7a. First round games In order drawn . e: upper bracket: Earlc vs. win- i er Huluerl-Bono game; Lcaclivlliv Marmaduke; Sliawnee vs. [irn-i ami; Turrcll vs. winner Cornlns-1 :«rion same. i Lower bracket: Joncs'coro \* \ Inner Wllson-Lnxora jjame; Ok- ', cola vs. Marked Tree; Lake Cilv , s. Blylheville; Hector vs wlniii'i | I'jnellc-Tyrony.a i;auie. ! IT raw ^MPiOM EWER, SlTgD JoHM L.SULUVAM'S KNWOKED our FIGHT... _ OEMPSSV RlifUSEDTo v/iSlT A UJREATH 0V U)A-=. NOT ^KGD OUT.. - in thirty days to answer the com- Louis Joint Stock Land Bank, to- Befcrc Oscar Alexander. Justice of Chicfcasawba Town- plaint of the plaintiff, Glasco Elec ship, Mississippi county. Arkansas. COMMISSIONER .S SALE Notice Is hereby given that the :ndersignec! commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a de- ree rendered by the Chancery ccurt for the Chlckasanga district if Mississippi county, Arkansas, on he 24th day ol February, 1930, wherein E. C. Stuck was plnlff. No. M26 and J. W. Whistle were defendants, .wir, sell at i.'U'uiic auction to he highest and best bidder, on i credit of three months, at the runt door cf the courthouse, be- .wcen the hours prescribed by law. n (he City of Elytl'.eville, Arkansas, on the 22nd day 'of March, 1930, the following real ectate, 10. wit: Lets 0, 6, 7 and 8 of Bl:ck ' "C" In the Original Survey of Hie Town cf Dell, In the county of- Mississippi, state of Ar. kansa?. Said sale will be hud to satisfy raid decree In the sum of $6,11 L88, with nine per cent interest from February 24, 1930. The purchaser at said sgle will be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure- the payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon tald uioperty as additional security for the payment of such purchnss money. Witness my hand and fie'seal cf said ccui t, on this, the 24tli day of February, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETErt, Commissioner In Chancery. 2-25-3-4-11 WARNING ORDER Chancery Court. Chickasawba Dis- tricl, Mississippi . County. . Arkansas. II. T. Brandenburg. Plaintiff vs. No. 4701 Ellen Brandenburg. Defendant. The defendant, Ellen .Brandenburg is warned to appear within th'rtv dnys In the court-named in the- capti'n hereof and answer the complaint ot the plaintiff, H. T. Brandenburg. Dated Feb. 17. 1930. W. W. HOLLiPETER. Clerk. B\- Elizabeth Blythe, -D. C. Jeise Taylor, Atty ad Lltem. Feb. 18-25, Mar. Vll teacher to CUIUE back. WORNING ORDER R. J. Dodson vs P. W.-Wright The defendant, F. W. Wright, Is warned to appear before Oscar Alexander, a Justice of the Peace for Chiclcasawba Township of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days from this date, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, H. j. Dodson. piled January 30. 1930. OSCAR ALEXANDER. Justice of the Peace. Reid, Evrard and Henderson, Attvs for Plaintiff. .... fOXY lalf the world doesn't kn how the other half Uves 4 but a lot of people are. trying to find out Patting a Hop uu K The . pitchers arc In the MII From this day forward will come stories-of rejuvenation, of tint bad shoulder that is coming tirouud nil right this year, of Dint leg that used to bother but Is ported nov; anil mingled with the assortment will come tales of strange new curves and hop-balls thai will be seen when Ihe big show move.': northward. . Now hook, slop-balls, fadeaways floaters, knuckle-balls, win be dis covered from day lo day by llu. pitchers In the south. Some o them will be real, but most of then will bo forgotten by the liu-.e th season opens. Evrn Malty Tried One No'pitcher Is above experiment ing. At one lime or nnolher llic' all catch the lever of discovers Even Christy Malhewson haj H. He worked for weeks once with a new spit ball that would wiggle. It was a slow one, and did strange thiiiRs on its way to the plate, bin in the end Matly had to give ii up. He couldn't control It. Thai is the way wilh most of the trick deliveries; you never know where they're going. Catcher First to Throw 'Km For several years a catcher for the New York Giants named Uow- crmnn threw sptlballs without knowing what they were. He would wet his fingers, heave the b.iil lo second and it would lake on a crazy motion. Whether or not that ^ where Elmer Slricklell. of the Dodgers, got his Idea for the spll- ter Isn't known, but It was Stricklett, fooling around with the ball in spring training, who gave the baseball world one ot the mort deceptive deliveries of all lime. The story . of SlrlcklcH's discovery was flashed over the wires, and it was no time at all until scores of pitchers were trying It The sports editor of one Chicago paper refused the story, saying tt DID YOU KNOW THAT— "Don't be surprised if there are a couple of murders here in ' the next couple, of dnys," said one Chicago bookie after "Bottles 11 Capone's horse. Charm. went over lit New Oilcans Ihe other day, paying $118.50 lo $'2 lo win. ... "A lot of the bookies were hit so hard they won't be nb!e to pay olf- ana Hint's Just too tad for them." . . . When bookies gel a heavy play on a goat, they usually wire some of the money lo the track (o be placed In the mn- luels. bringing down Ihe odds. . . . "We wouldn't dare do that with a horse ol Capone's." said the bookie, "because the boys would put the slug on us in u iniiiulc." . . . Clssell at second nnd Hunneflcld at r.horl prob- nbly will bu the While Sox double-play combination this year. . . . Uonie says hr- has a world of confidencu in 'at boy Cisscil All of Section 14; Soul/least Quarter ol Section 15; South Half of tlie S:iiih Half of Section Eleven 111) and that part of the North Half of the South Half of Section 11 described as follows: Beginning at the inlcr- secilon of the Ncrth line of the Southwest Quarter of the SouthwcH Quarter of Section II with the center of drainage ditch No. 7; thence cast to w'scre snid line intersects with Pemiscot Bayou; thence alcny said Bayou In a northwesterly direction to the intersccllon of llic north line of the North- cast Quarter of lite Siutheasl Quarter of said Section, thence mirth lo the east and we£t. Glasco Electric Company, Plaintiff. vs. ' R. F. Johnson, Defendant Arkansas-Missouri Power Company, Garnishee. I WARNING ORDER I The defendant, R. P. Johnson, I is warned to appear in the CJurt 'iiiamert in the caption hereof with_ Witness my hand as such Jus tice of the Peace this 25th day c February, 1830. O3CAH ALEXANDER. Justice of the Peace. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attys.! fcr Plaintiff. W. Leon Smith. Atty. Ad-Lltem.'- Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Special Izlng in income, Tax Bookkeeping Systems, Phone 52 Tiysrani Bid?. , .Blythevillt. Ark. jlain Chinese Believed ... ,. IT m [ ' center section line, thence west Victims OI long WanarC „„ SI ,i d line to the center of DOWNEY. C'al.. Feb. 25 lUl'l — Bodies of three Chinese, their ipacls crushed, were found in mi .bivndoned ranchhouse near here oday. Deputy sheriffs who \vcrc called o the scene expressed the opinion he deaths may liava rcsullctl ti'oui tong outbreak. NOTICK OF 'COSIMISSIONER'S SAI.K ball throwers dwindled. Tills y< theie are still four men allowed moisten the apple before they tbro It. They are Jack Qiilnii. of th.' Athletics; Burleleh Grimes of UK- Plralcs; Urban F-.\ber of the While Sox, ntxl Clarence Mitchell ol t!u> Cardinals. Grimes is still nolr.c ll;<c a house afire. Fabnr nlso is pi!cl-,- ing good bail. Qtiinn was po-.imlci! rom the box In his world sei'lr.: j ippearancc last year, but there are! till ball games left In ll-.e Potts- •llle miner. Mitchell of the Carch- •mls is 33 and still flingnis* toilets. H all started because a pitcher vanled lo find an easy uay to yc', ,he side out. was "vulgar stuff." was continued until The spitter the baseball magnates decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to have the men nt the plate sock one over the wall for th; edification of the fans once in j while. It WRS abolished with tho understanding that those pitchers who at the time depended upon li could retain its use. There Arc Four I,eft Gradually the number of spit Maroon Games Open To AH Prep Schools MK\ Sct<lrc CHICAGO.—Making University of Chicago Interscholas- kai^as. tic basketball tournament more o: a national aETair Hum over, tin event this year has been thrown open to all high schools, public anrf private, which will meft the required standards of cleglbllily. ] Dales of Ihe classics are April l-:i, inclusive. | Broadening of Ihe competition means that the tournament will b; open lo denominational and private schools as well as public htg'.i schools. While the winner of past tourneys generally had b?cn acclaimed national prep champions, the 1930 winner will hdvc even clearer claim to the title b?caurc of Inclusion of all secondary schools. Notice Is hereby Riven, that I. lie undersigned as commissioner of the Chancery Com I of the :hlckn»)vrba district ot > county. Arkansas, acting under and by virtue of the authority of 'ertaln decree dated September 24. 1929. and recorded In Chancery Record 8, page 587 of the records 2-2.1-3-4 of said court in a cause therein pending, wherein the St. Louis Joint Sleek Land Bank, ct 'nl., wen. plalulifls and R. C. Hose. « a!, were defendant, said .dccrci> being in favor nf the Fir;t Notional Uank In SI. Louis ami foreclosing us lien on certain real estate herein described against the defendant. R C. Ucsc. will on Saturday, Marcl V>. 1030, at Hie front do3i of llic courthouse hi the City of tilythc- ville. Arkansas', offer for sale lo the highest bidder Hie foltowin;,' described real cstalc In the Chickasawba district cf Mississippi cminty, Arkansas, to-svlf. Northeast Quarter of Section Twenty-two (22); Norllu'usl Quarter of tlie Northeast Quarter of Section '23. all in Town, ship H Ncrlh. Range 0 East. Also the following described real esUUe in the Osceolu district of Mississippi couuly, Arkansas, to-wit: ' Lot 5 of niock B of the J. IS. Driver Addition (o tlie City of Osccola. Arkansas, being in (lie South Half of the Soulh- car.t Quarter of Section 36. Township 13 North. Range 10 E.15I. If HID proceeds of riich salo arc iiat sufficient to rallsty Ihe lien of the Firsl Nalional Bank In St. Louis as set forth in said decree, then the following described real estale located in the Chickasawba the annual district ot Mississippi county. Ar- drainagc ditch No. 7. thence smith iibqut sixty. (60) degrees wef^ along the center line of ditch to the point ol beginning; also east of t'.ie Bayou: all in Township 14 North, Hanisc 9 Eaa. Said sale to be made upon a credit ot tluce- mouths and the purchaser will be required to exe. •utc bor.i! wilh security lo be approved l>y said commissioner. Said snle will be made for the purpose of mthfylne the Judgment In favor of Hie said r-'ir;t National Bank in St. Louis' and against tin- defendant. R. C. Rose iii the above entitled cause. Witness my hand as such commissioner on this 24lh day of February, igjo. HOLt.TPOTER, Commissioner. bc offered for sale subject to the first lien cf the St Golf Parlor A few more days of free instruction in use of uli dubs. .Driving lOc per Approaching ;iml r>c. 122 South Second St. i WIHT6R eXCURSIPN R AT 6 S over lines of world's greatest AWor Coach System Round Trip Fjrtt MEMPHIS * 3.30 NEW ORLEANS ... 18.85 BIRMINGHAM 12.30 CAIRO _ 5.20 ST. LOUIS 9.00 KANSAS CITY 16.50 DENVER 3«.75 Io» One-Way Ktltl CHICAGO $ 9.00 DETROIT : 13.00 BUFFALO 20.00 WASHINGTON . ... 20.00 NL'W YORK 20.00 LOS ANGELES . ... 40.50 SAN FRANCISCO .. 4J.OO DEPOT Make that unoccupied room of yours do its part in paying the monthly household expenses—an inexpensive descriptive ad in the. Courier News, giving accommodations offered, location, etc.- will quickly find a desirable tenant. The Courier News' classified ads are noted for their ability to quickly produce gratifying returns—that's why practically all the available rental property in Blytheville will be found listed in Its classified columns. Courier News Classified Adoertising

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