The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1930
Page 3
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.TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 25. 1930 Blytheville N 0 w Within Few Hundred Bales of Little Rock's Total. The weekly report of the Arkan- EBS Cotlon Trade association, released yesterday, showed Blytheville within i! few hundred bales of Little Rock in the race for second place In total compress' receipt! among Arkansas citlss. Receipts here last -.veek were 1,787 bales, bringing the total fo- the season to m.BSO bales. Tola- receipts at Little Rock arc 124,31C tales while Pine Blutr, with 115,301 bales, Is far in the lead. Total receipts for (he state last w«k were 11,912 bales, whicii co.n- pares with 9,521 for the week previous and 0,981 for the same week a year ago. Receipts for the entire state, up to date, have been 1,313,35« bales, ,1ns against 1,155.369 U the same date a year ago. Fallowing are the receipts for the we«k and for the season at leading Arkansas points: f West Memphis Blytheville Helena Marked Tree Pine Bluff Texarkaha Little Rock Walnut Ridge Earle Forrest City Marlanna Eudora Jonesboro Newport Fort Smith Leachville Last Week 2.476 1.781 1,088 889 881 S78 009 10S 452 410 3«7 329 313 1!00 1P8 161 For the Season 92.090 123.890 59,183 15.255 115.391 58.574 124,310 54 .ttOO' 20,057 50,254 23,185 63.454 38,968 50,910 32.575 24,967 Signers of Baseball Note Win Peoples Bank Suit Chancellor J. M. Futrcll ruled in favor of Ihe defendants In a suit brought against Ihe old Blytheville Baseball Association by Walter E. Taylor, state commissioner for the defunct Peoples Bank, in chancery court here today. The suit has been pending for several ytars in circuit court and was transferred to chancery yesterday. It Invclved a note for S2.500 said to have been signed by a number cf local business men for an indebtedness of the associalion tn the bank. The defendants held that al the time the nole was signed it was j stlpulaled it was not, to be used unless signed by all the - directors of Ihe baseball club. Judge W. D. Gravelte represent, ed the plaintiff and C. M. Buck was. counsel/ for, the defendants. "T.-morrow we marvel at our short-sightedness of today "—Henr Ford. In the Mississippi Chancery Court, Chickasawba District American Building and Loan Assi. elation, and W. L. Delouy as Trustee, Plaintiffs. vs No. 4G63 F. H. Garner, et al. Defendants - WARNING ORDER . The defendants C. H. Garner and Ida L. Garner are warned to appear In this court within thirty days from this date and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, American Building & Loan Ass-ciu- tion. and W. L. Delonv. as trustee In witness whereof. I have hereunto set,my hand and the seal of the above court this loth day nf February, 1930. W. W. HOLUPETER, Clerk of the above Court. By Harvey Morris, D. c (SEAL) Nelll Reed, Atty ad Litem. Feb. 10-17-24, Mar. 3. She Figured a Film Job Would Be Better Than a College Degree BLYTHEVILLE, (ABIC.) COURIER-NEWS Arkansas Democrats Do Not Take Dr. Millar's Threat Seriously. LITTLE HOCK, ArK.-.More than n week has elapsed since Dr. A. C. Millar, editor of ihe Arkamus " " "•> niiiivi :i vialulloii of (lie Methodist, and oilier leaders of the !(lvv lo I' 1 "!* 1 c.nds for prizes us to ""™»-»™-"' "" '---' - •shoot cups for money !m ,j ns i oll|f -• Club Women Get Crap Shooter Oi'f With Siniill Fine 'Hoovercrnts" In 102D voiced a I Ilireut of a third party In Arkansas political nfi'ali-s should the I Democrat decline to pencil pur I negation In (he Democratic prl mary elections, by IHMSOIIS unwlll- i i"K lo iileclge support (o party nominees, nnd It appears (hut 11 the demand wns expected lo (hrov. it scare inlo Democratic ninks, Hie men who made It nre doomed to The truth is, few. If any, leaders aino n </ iti,. Democrats appear to Itive any [cur that organization of u third party would be possible It seems to be generally believe:! Ihat, even should Dr. Millar ctiri-y out. his threat lo attempt' organization of a third parly composed of former Democrats, he will find so feu- falloHws tlml IDs action will be i educed lo nothing more than a gesture. Primarily, that belief Is based on the fact llmt Arkansas has been overwhelmingly Dcmocrallc evei since the days of reconstruction. 3u one-sided have things iwlillca! V ire! til a Bruce BY DAN THOMAS NEA St-rvire Writer HOLLYWOOD. Calif. — Virginia Bnico owes her entrance to Ihe moving picture world—indirectly, anyhow—to higher education. Virginia was a coed In the University of California's l.os Angeles Institution, and was being "rushed" for a sorority. Two sorority sister;, in her presence, fell to ai'BUinf; about the movies. Sister No. 1 said it was Impossible for an unknown individual to break into the movies. Sister No. 2 said it could lie done. Virginia, listening, said she'd go and find out who was right. So she trotted of? lo Hollywood and registered at Ihe Central Casting Bureau, filmland's clearing house tor extra girls. Officials there liked her looks and put her in Uieir lis'.s, but for some months she lirard-jioihiji!.' more from them. She decided the Central Castin.; Bureau was a washout, and went about making the rounds of Ihu sti.dlos. One after another passed her up. Then she turned up fit ilia Paramount studio, and it wns lit- lucky day. Assistants there were hnntlii" frenzledly for society types to play in a cafe scene tor the Moran ami Mack film. "Why Bring; That Up?' They spotted Virginia, beckoned to her and gave her a job—a tiny jro that paid her just seven dollars and 50 cents. That was enough, though. Whs Paramount officials went over lln. "rushes" of the picture, they discovered her in the cafe scene and ordered a screen test. It tunud out nicely and she was offered a con tract. She figured a chance ut stai dom was better than a chance at bachelor of arts degree, so she signed. Since then she has been comln along nicely. She was given role in "Woman Trap" and "The Love Parade." and nos- has n good par 1 in "Slightly Scarlet," the specia co-starring Clive Brool: nnd KVL lyn Brciu. OF M K8NJOLI MEDICINE T8LD Kirhy Drus Store und Kirli> Hell Co. to Introduce Advanced Remedy for First Time in lilythcville sippl C-unty, Arkansas, thence smith 850 feet, thence east 1013 feet, thence-north 850 feet, thence 1 Here's another story of an imex- west 1 1013 feel to point of begin- i Peeled leap Into the movies Anno nlng, being Blocks 1, 2. 3, 4, 5 and Mar y Ransom was a Texas giri C of the Hollipeter and Shonyo Ad-, S1 'e was pretty well known in he. dition witli slreels and alleys. own s ^ ip nt: H rTn.n-r». i—:— -Daled this Fcbrnury 11, 1930. NEIL REED, ATTEST: S. C. CRAIG, Clerk. Mayor. own state as a (lancer, havino appeared in night clubs tn Dallas lonio—but slie wanted to hit Houston, Galveslon and San An wider field. i./iivj, ^L.TK. i So she went lo New York. At the Feb. 17-24, Mar. 3-10! "'" sne wa s met by her chum. Jear | falters, who had gone to New Yor» :t and got a. Job at Pathc's Long Is land studio. Jean led her straish to the studio and introduced .her lo Director C. B. Maddock. "Wouin't it be great," asked Jean 'if Anna could get Into the talkies WARNING ORDER Chancery Court. Clilcknsawba Dis- lrict, Mississippi County Arkansas. Estelle Capley, Plaintiff vs. No. 4696 Curtis Capley, Defendant. The defendant, Curtis Capley, is warned to nppVar wfthin thirty days In the cctrt named in the captton hereof and answer the complaint ot the plaintiff, Eslclle Capley. Dated February 8 1930 W. W. HOLLIPCTER, Clerk. By Harvey Morris, D. C. Alexander and Cooper, Atty.i for Plnlntiff. W. D. Gravctt. Atty ad IJtcni. Feb. 10-17-24, Mar. 3 In the Justice of the pence cour of Esq. Oscar Alexander, Chick- a;awba Dislrict of Mississippi County. Arkansas. H. C. Sims, Plainlifl vs. . H. Ferguson. Defendant. WARNING ORDER Tlie defendant. R. H. Ferguson is warned to appear in the Justice of the Peace Court of Esq. Oscar Alexander for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and an- s'.ver the complaint of the plaintiff, H. C. Sims. Witness my hand as Justice of Ihe Peace, on this 18th day of February, 1930. Orcar Alexander, J. P. Harrison, Smith <fc Taylor, Attys for Plaintiff. Feb 19-20, Mar. 5-12 NOTICE OF ANNEXATION Notice is hereby g.ven that the question of annexing the contis;- ious territory described below will be submitted lo Ihe qualified electors at the next annual election to be held on the 1st, day of April 1930, that said contigious territory desired to be annexed !s thai property contigious and immediately soulh ot the present city limits In th* area bounded and described as follows: Begin at the Northwest, Corner of the south Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section Fifteen, Township Fifteen (15) North. Range Eleven <U) East, Missis- the same day she reached No i York?" Maddock agreed that It would And—Jo and behold!—three houii later after she hail landed Anna Mary Ransom was taking a part in her first talltte. Things like that really do hap pen now and then. Don't Throw Awav j That Hat You Like So Well! If yon were lold lha't one single medicine put hundreds of men an< wctncn back to • work In Chicago Philadelphia and other large cities after they had been idle for months with health troubles. It P TO your ears in work— every nerve at high tension Wo wonder you snap at the wife and bark at the children. Watch out! Overworked nerves way lead to Sleeplessness, Nervous Headache, Nervous Indigestion and a host of other unpleasant disturbances-. Why don't you try Dr. Mil«»' Effervescent Nervine Tablets? Just one in a half glass O f water makes a pleasant, sparkling drink delightfully soothine to over-taxed nerves. Dr. Miles' Nervine is now nude in two forms—Liquid anrt bffcrvesccnt Tablet. Both are the same therapeutically. Large Package $1.00 HLD/CN T/ilLCR 1HCP can clean and re-shape it in the new spring shapes for $1 Call 53 Blytlievillc, Ark. G. H. MOSDY Discoverer of Konjola d sound impossible, wouldn't 11' And that countless people weru completely relieved of rheumatism and neuritis, anil Ihat' they were able lo walk again, without cane crutches, and that this same medicine rcstorrd health to men and women who had suffered with stomach and kidney troubles 'for years, fl-^t complete relief had come In cases of misery where lealth resorts, expensive treat- nents and medicine upon medl- clns had failed—Indeed. It seems mpcssible! Yet, it. is all true and he medicine that has done al there things Is the new Konjola vlilcli Is hefnc Introduced, starting oday at Ihe Kirby Drug Store, and Clrby.Bell Co., this city Wherever Introduced, this Konola is vastly different and more ffectii-e in thousands of cases of ill-health than any previously xnown medicine. It Is a remarkable liquid compound for the following well-known troubles: RHEUMATISM. Especially severe cases where pains are Inlensc muscles swollen, joinls -.tiff and "gid. In the milder cases of this disease. Konjola relieves almost at once, and this medicine brings the same resulls to the neuritis victim that it does for 'the rheumatic sufferers. STOMACH, LTVRR. KIDNEYS »:>d BOWEL TROUBLES- Neat-hall forms of misery that arise from ihese unhealthy organs have been so quickly lelievcd by Konjola that men and women Siiffereis everywhere were surprised. It i s u, e action of this medicine on the organs of the inner-system that removes toxic poisons from the system and brings quick relief In so many cases. The secret of this Konjola Is the way it ads on the mportant functionary organs of li C . *"$* name ' y: The st «™ch, Hver, kidneys and bowels so many diseases and long standing disorders of these organs were so S!?'?V° n ™ eml Bnd entirely As long as club women of vllle phy cards for prizes «„,,„„ Interference from the police crnp shooters ,my o.vpoci leniency In his court, JIKJ.JC w . D. Giavelte nnnomu-ec! m assessing a S10 flue on a yumm m , m ft | 10 pu.,,,]^ Blll |. ly to rolling (hi. bones. "It Is as much :i vialulloii of (he been u en n," u.lcmiou is lies bel«r<-ii ocrnl c p.i, l practically ,r" ~ J ,' new mmpouna -- thousands of people In larger cities were able to give un takliii? medicine (or time to come. After the great accomplishments and wonderful work of Konjola tn Jiher sections, It is declared that this medicine Is wbal hundreds of sufferers in Blytheville and vi- clnltv have long needed to actually reach their cases, and prepara- »ons arc being made lo Intro. ",1 n'« K ^ y D , r " g store ' a "< 1 K ^- ov-uen c\, where Mils medicine n,m be /?,' rt antl CJC P Iall "fd- to the public daily, Allv tint uubcxly cvc , ]iavs „,,.. ,"" ly rl8i11 -' i) " t "" h-ei, ,„ f, lcl!on!ll u; , ( . mi .|,,| ;ws „, „,(, 15,.,,,. . „ , s , m , sl , lelc;] , hlll bll( „ vc small ,.. fr ,. rlll of thc ^ ^ who rnviwd Hoover ™,l,| suvcv In 'T :i ; !oll - hl l> «'llh the ,»nv Uh wlili-l, they had nlliliulcd nil Ihch ll- n new lu-s and cast their lo'.s 0 , , , o of hati nl for the olil. The ctiaiio-s .seem (o l;e thm th> vole in (],,. n, mocril[ | c rll ; this yeiir will be us 1,,,-ge or liirjvV tlnui ever before nnd thol the ten- ei-nl eU-ctlw will show Ihe usiinl Deinoriailr /lujorll. • pro]»sc lo liilllct Eovere pun- i:"iiu>ut on those arrested, for ths oilier," (he Judge said. "That ap- pJlrj to soelal gurnet nmong friends, not lo (hose caught In gambling houses." John nhciles paid a fine of $10 for gnmliiK \vhl!« cases agalnsi Torn Sjilib.t and K. Hiiulley were continued, Hie Monday afternoon session of police conn. l r orfdunc.s \\ere uki'ii on $JO boiuti posted by a Mr. I'rewlll and » Air. Shoit by the court /or "ob- slruclhiK procesii." Dnti C'nduVll. neuro, paid n lolnt of $75 In flues, nan wns held re- for a wreck on Ash sliTi'l. He hurriedly left the scene of the accident -,v)ien he discovered lib i-nr Imd lumped t'l curb at the home of M. Cl. (Joodwln chief For Pains Due To Neuralgia Millions have loimd quick rcllel from neuralgic heudnchcs. rheumatic pains., and women's pains by lakini! Ciipuillnc. Being liquid It, elves relief iinu-li quicker than Inb- Icls or powders. It .soothes (lie nerves and quickly std]is Ihe pain. Cnjnidlnt' dous not upset the Mnninch n nd does not cunlnln opl- iiles. Al <li'ii s stores In 30c nnd Ufc boltlr-s. • _ (t ,dv.) without (rciibllnz to remove mi automatic pistol ho car. rlcd. R. Mow, rc'Uurani operator, was fined $50 for illegal iwsscsslon of liquor. Uorn CoBillI nnd Alberta Wll- llnms wnv fined «!Q each for ills- lutbiiu! (he pence. Tim I.l.m! !„;,[ ( . ly[ , e Uoyil |JBl(1 Iini'.i of 515 nie.'i f or |,ui)|Jc drunkenness, as did Curl Culllson. No More GajT In Stomach and Bowels If you v fleved of u Inkr II.W" S to lio prnunneiHly it- In ttomitch AH'I boweli, nil'1 i;n, Ti.bltli. v.l,kh l iireiml*'! r»|i cc f3lly (or fctoiiifcch UBS .J »» ihrt Uid 1-iftc.u rekutclnu from n picitiur. 1 1, nt ••iiipl>-, Himwlnii Idling «t lh» pit of the •lu.n.xh wllf ill.-ip.,".,; th.l tniloiia. n-i,'.,,:. | e »|, ni , »i[|, ^ MIl ]. llo,, v.111 v ...... ],. <„,,! y.m W H| „£„!„ U« lo li, la u il»< j |,irjlh without f,\mit riuri Yoi.r wl)-. •V-py |r«ll n , l bo Jtpb-r.1 l,y , dr.lro for In «lecp" hr»o nani»nna .« 1'nlilfti ;ircvcr\l fiat II.MJ) fjilnfclhitf ui(!i lli^ cfrcula- llon. Ccl llie i:riiultie. In Hie ytllow 7)»ck• Kf. at uny K oo,l diuu nort l'rlc« II. Always on huml nt CI1Y OUUO STOHK "Today sound Is new. Tomorrow there will be somelhlng else—th« tlftlarged screen, -the third *- ftieniioiib.-WJll Hays, feu Notice /fo? Difference Immediately STANDARD' HOUSEHOLD LUBRICANT 'Coming events cast their shadows before AVOID THAT FUTURE SHADOW* By refraining front over-indulgence Men who would keep lhattrim.propcrform.womcnwho prize the modern figure with its subtle, seductive curves —eat healthfully bur not immoderately. Banish exccssive- ness-climinatc abuses. Be moderate— be moderate in all thing*, even in smoking. When tempted to excess, when your eyes are bigger than your stomach, reach for a Lucky instead. Coming events cast their shadows before. Avoid that future- shadow by avoiding over-indulgence if you would maintain ihat lithe, youthful figure. Lucky Strike, the finest Cigarette a man ever smoked, made of the finest tobacco—The Cream of the Crop— "iT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING" riot only removes impurities but adds to the flavor and improves the taste. ft It's toasted .Your Throat Protectioti-agqinst irritation-againsf cough. -Th, tak, S,,ik, Dm, o,d, t ,, n , nigh,, „,„ , «„„«,», „,„„,,, of ^ „. „ c © 1530, The Amerioa Tobicco Ca. Ut

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