The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1930
Page 5
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24. 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cent* a word for flrst Insertion and one cent a word for *ach subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken tor Ins than SOc. Count the words and stnd the cash. Phone 306 FOR S»A>.K GENUINE BARGAINS" Corner lot on Chlckasawba and Division. Ideal location lor a Home or Duplex. Can be bought for half price. Modern 5 room Home on Dougan for «le at 30% reduction. Easy Terms. Modern 7 room Home well located on Kentucky. Easy Terms. Modem 1 room Home on Lake St. Easy Terms. These four arc unusual bargains and v'.ll not be on ihc market long. O. Q. CAUDILL, Phone 797 Ollice Upstairs Fanners Bank Hide. BABY CHICKS—All varieties, from proven flocks. Custom Hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Bly- thevlllc, Ark. 9ck-t! FEED FOR SALE—Corn, hay, rats, special price on car loads. Phone 65. Ira Crawford. IScktf. FOR SALE—Clover, Timothy or Pea Hay. Write R. L.. Morrow, Oran, Missouri. ispkl Stop To Read This look Then Over Carefully Listen to your better judg-, ment. Come and let us demonstrate 1S28 Ford Model A Phaeton, a real bareatn $235 1925 Foril Model A Road s lcr, Cowl lights, Rumble seat, 5 white wire whels, a real buy S45 1 ) 1S28 Ford Mode! A. Fordor, 5 good Ures, 1930 Hcciue, paint loks good f27S 1328 Ford ModtJ A Tudor, motor in A-I condition, paint looks food $215 Remember all have bccu reconditioned and are guaranteed. Phone 811 Corner 5th and Main PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers . BUDDED parx-rshell Pecan trees and fruit' trees.' Reduced" price on early Spring orders. Gregory Nursery Company, Cabot, Arkansas. 21pk-Mar. 11. FOR SALE—4 good work mules, also hay, two miles north ot Armorel. J. R. Dobbs A; Sons or A. Conway, Blytheville. 20pk'.'7 FOR SALE - Credit on Granam Paige car. Willins to sacrifice. 800 Walnut St. 21pk2S FOR SALE—Buckeye incubator. 120 egg capacity, ['hone 877. 2ipk3 FOR RENT POH RENT-Tliree rooms ivill) bath, garage, furnished or unfurnished, 800 Walnut Street. 21pk25 FOU RENT—One or two furnished rooms, close in. Apply Jimmic Ledbctter, Triangle Store. 4ctf. LAND FOR RENT We have about five hundred acres of good cotton and com land to rent to parlies who have their own teams and equipment. Hciupliill UK. Co. KENNETT, MO. 20ck28 FOR RENT -Five room modern !iou?c with bath, garage on North Truth street. Phone 230 or call at DIG Holly street. 21pk27 NEA Service Inc. OUK JIOAUDING HOUSE IH'.I.'I* HKUK KJllil JUDITH caMKKOS. rfrto Vork l.r |i I • I. nin t II r. A II 1 II n l< KMIill'l rirrulirr *l Ihr uuti- ll«fcl/iK biiiiiM- lit nkli'k >h r I- fBUildjrJ. Knljckl I. a nllimn Mill ii dnu^birt. Td.M:. IK. am • u», JI.MDIt. HI. Ton? rlfoilu.rr, Jll4llh » i c«M dliiErr. IVbrr Juul.i, ruNiri fcainr for Ckrlun,:,. • nil*:,,, kr U rqinllr nnrrlriitl , AM>V l-BAIIi. , , uune „„-, Kuluhi tank iiMrd, Inkr* • iintl. lion "lib Ikr pnlill.hlnc '• tn I...P nli), Ti>»x «ii« ,vtll« »rr rrrnur«ilr. Tn»r lrlr> in ointliir* r> rr imkfr Ihol Judlli rni) Ann? j,rr rarrrlBB no .11 • iiralr. Wk,.n .1.1. mil. .h r crl.-U. Hi- ("ill 1. 1.. > rnaiumuil.liic LAURA LOU BROOKMAN II, J it r.irrrlNC nn n qirlntl mi KI:V »i n in i >] i: liai 'iim-k on and tn:i we ^u i* '.'iiile's." ^ i "No. Dan - really I cuni-in i !-!••>: ||>'-I" He clapped n Maun »'i nei .'I :er, "See licic. yntuiK winiiaii. nit '.a ynn think i? tuiss lii-n-T" "Well. I can tu. Mil I ivon'i ••« "I rilling." JlHlltl) very rn i ;llly kl.'(i) del nun; When ilicy had reai-liiul me U .,I:I M rant nnd wero seau-ii m ,-i i.-niip -i, . tried lo cholio d:.wn inn.I I,,..M she knew Dan uanu-d 1m i<> was n painful L-ffuit. i'l I' ngM I IK- iiarK i-iul I Iruiil r.alj • •••• In! the nay u|i Hie slalrn I house lo Die "Ii .full.-AH. ] -i want ii;)" c arT i hi-y were In Itio young IMIU ugftln ho closed the iimi ran from ih> ii. Hrr Inihi.r quiirrrl ..Trr ikl* Inn 1" elrl i. Hnnllj t.ruli.n Kn.Kbl lii-i-iiuir» Jllnnfritttfty Ml *»IIM DHrUwinln. Jiinlur* ami «mrh amll bl» nuhrr Ii"-Utn» ID rri-uprr:ilr. Hi-turf li-nilnit Ihr lii.y ndmlla le Juilllk Tohj lnlnrr|ii» /. Icllrc tntenA- "> r..r Jimitli nnd Inlrr I,ill,,,,, h" Inn, ,kr rli, nl,,.,, , hr .,.,, • rr nirt-l » ruling mnn. \Ylib r&t» T.iu, Mrrr. Jujlli in li-niv Ihr h,,u,r r,,, l,, u .Tfl-H. •JU'lhh Kiir* tati> ,*V*-i» Vjrk, and • rtd» • nium In nn InninKplraflM* • r.lrl. Afirr dn>B ur itiUrrr •!>*• apt-lili-M n. rrlurn m»1 |<I) Arlftur Ihr iruik. *hr nrrlrr» u ihr- •uil"!-. Arlhui mli« i-nlJI, «k;l "hr linn rntnr. Ur rrfu»r» <o INIri* "> r>nlnii.iUi». una in/. Ihrlr rukhra franj fkr fcODM- n'n4 «nr« 1n n jnanx man* nnmrd IIAN. Kb* Irll. kin >kr kn. <-nmr In .1.1?. ROW CO OS WITH THE STOItr CllAlTtm XI.VI TMIE man's arms lightened aboul the girl. "Don't. Judy." he bcgsed. "Please don't cry!" He stroked uer hair seuily. Jiirtilh clung to him.. "Oh." she •ij UUIK'H" was numerable- i>t ! <U liomo," lie told TII- i-iiiini \v;:<i not larne bill there ••.-i" Hio nluli oilllni; iu bo found In HI i In- nii| "in-own mono fronts.' i-i'.i-ii'-iak-il nowadays Into every ->",: mini i.'iimdrics «ad rooming -.-:-i-s in ivrulc.sslonal otllces. i lie riiiiil|1ii-(> n-aa im intuit| J iiMiortinciii which had seen : days. I'lio landlady's taslo 'i «Hy ran lo color, lllack and v\i.n i-ii'iyrine. vividly Bi.luiclicd •uih :. I roll's, cnrlalned Hie win :-.»a I'lio cot which ii|ii.arcnily •--^L'd ;ii Han's lied \vag covered • 111' UK- 5.i:iH' fabilv:. .liuliih t1in:v.Y oft her hat and coat ::il .sink lino a chair. "H'cll." slie talil ilienrlly. "Ar nir's s;oliig to K« n dkurcul" I'lic man eyed her wltliniii ma!<- ing a reply. .Moments nasscil. Tlieu dananiUM, aivay. J'm ju a Miss." Den uu Ililtl 1111. 1'Lll'CH WhlTO IllO hill I.I l-l .1:1- spanlietll dlpliuji as ui-ll as ^i,-:n:and cliona and half n dozen vjrii- lies of Anierlcun ilcHHcns ' Tliey sal at a lable fur two unu Hie yuuiiK man mhlrcssocl Hi,. 'falter us tlionfli Ufclr aci|iin:m jniico wns ct long slandlng. Tboir • w;is a liaze or smoke Iti Iho ivom ; I'lio diners were beginning to ll:ln i away from llic tables. Not lialf ti ,lto said huskily. -Jiidirii-caii't'you ;ilic |.l,icc.i were tilled. 'torsel about htm?" ! Juilllli Q-lcd to eat tlio soup. Slie! Blie hail iiirnci) her licad so jinstcil It. look ur.ollier umuttiful. I ho could not ECO Her eyes. Suddenly illicn pui down the Hpuon. i slio faced about and llnug her aruis I "ll^n." slio said, irylnu to kec|; I about the youns man. .Her vulce linn. "I don't know ivlmt i "01 course I can!" she crlc.l, "1 i I'm going to do. 1 tried—oil, ] | —I hove furfiotlcn about nlm. Dan, tried so hard!" Uarlliij;. let's begin over a^aln. Will "Listen. Kid, you know now 1 j yon lei mo slay here?" teel about this. Well—leave the! "You hnnw I waul you to." worrying to me. ; Besides, you're In Ajain In Dan's arms flie found no condition to talk now." comfort. Most casual have eald the I ho talile was observers would I murmured between sobs, -It's all )i? ir a " d cy ", wcrc dark t)rolv ' ! young man across i 'PONY KNIGHT had been mlstrcs; good-lookliiB. Ills r of her fatlier's liomo for II was slender. any longer!" Here—let's elt down. Every, thing's golns lo be all right again. I'ou mustn't cry ibla way. Honey. Please—!" The strain linil sriapiici! and wlih U bad gone JnJIih'a rescri'c strcngili. For several mlnuics she verged on liystcria. Cjradually she became iiuleter. She lay still in Dau'3 arms and her soils cca?cd . . . .The cast of Ms faco been so-Oreadlul. Dan. 1 had lo s o mclh l, 1B like Judith's. Tlio nms ;ome to you. 1 couldn't siand It I taclie )m wore added age to n dls llnctly youlhfiil face,' He ^lad a straight noso. broad lips wljidi sii(;- Gesied Imiuor, bm his cyea wen- serious. | "You're not eating anything," he ; complained. I "I'm trying to rat." I "How about cofliec'i \V«ul:ln't you ' like some coffee now!" Jmlitli agreed. She ;ni:si bolsici up lier slrcngtli ijomebow. Perhaps coffee would help. FOR KENT—To man or couple. berlrooni with fireplace. Tlirce blocks from business section. C7a!i 071. ckM WANTED WAN'l'ED—At onrc. iminriniilierrrl woman („ nail on invalid. Mid- j WEDNESDAY SPECFAL — 'Grease die-aged lariy preferred. Mrs. K. job SOc. Dixie Service Station O. Odoin. 123 North Fiflli street. | I'lionc 3J5. Ash aiitl- Broadvav Blythcvillc. Ark. 24pk27 2 4ck2G slowly. Finally she raised Her Lead anil Inokeil at tlio yonns "Uap— you're so good to lae!" He procured a large n-lilte hnnd- kcrchlcl and banded It lo Ihe elrl Jllditli n-lpcd away tins teardrops which still slalncd her checks. -cold water and you'll "\ow tlien- (eel belter." "I'll be all rlElit now," she mur- mure.d. '-ipteisc don't bother—" '" 1 TBeri-'she' slood up and let him rielp her off wlih ber cuat, Tlio tossed aside on tho felt hat she divan. "It's all over!" she told him brokenly. "i- m neve,- so j, ;g bil( , b osaln. Arllnir said—lie said our marriage was a failure!" "Listen. Judy, don't try to tell me about It now. Waft until you feel belter. Had anything to cat?" Judilh shook her head. "But Pin not hungry," she added quickly. "1 couldu't cat. Really I cocililn't." "Well—you're going same! Listen. f $ to Just lue 001110 'he young man ate heartily. He lold Judith it was toi'iunaie she hail cuuio iiisL wlicn bbc did. 'Ten minutes uiurc anil I'd huvc licon gone!" lie said. "You liwcit things just right, Judy." Tlicn he saw that tills brought the- irouldeil look bacli Intu Judith's eyes. Immediately no trim to turn nor mind from bersel!. There was an interesting new smuggling case in the evening newspaper's. . Uan had read the story and related how several unnamed social celebrities wero believed lo be or.erailng with underworld characters In bringing country. The girl tried to lialeii. Her head aclied ;uid tuc coft'ce did not relieve lier nerves. Sue. barely tasted the dessert. When slio raw v that Dau had tinlslieil slio said: "Can't we go now?" "Yes. ot course:!" u aa arose anil helped her with her coat. Ten mlu- nles later they were, buck at the rooming house. There was a WANTED—Man and wife to do milking anil general work. Phone 817. 24uM LOST LOST—1 black horse mule, brown nose, about 10 hands high, G years old, wearing leather halter. Notify II. c. Brown, Hermantiale. Mo. REWARD. 18pk2C LOST—Men's !-iais were by error at First Baptist, church yesterday at morning worship. J. c. Hargelt, one m::c east of Blythe- vlllc. 24-1 PERSONAL W. J. KKOK repairs shoes good. ^No. 2M West Main. LOOK! WE SI.-A'ER MIRUOWS- Make and rcfinish framfs. CMuss cut and fitted. Satisfactory results Biggs Bros., at Bpiccr's place, Blylhcvlllc. i'honc. 2^pk'25 110USTEIN BULL FOR IjERviciE —I have a thoroughbred Hoi- stein bull frr public r,ervic« at Chicago Mill barn. C. O. Cisivcs. 24pk3 PIANO tuning and repairing. Work Btinraulccil. Hates reasonable. Call •> 23 - 24pk28 HOLD TIGHT WE are-going-to publish the names of the three toughest guys in town E. C. ROBINSON j LUMBER CO. 1V.UI.\'I.VO OHDEK Chancery Court. Chickasawha District, Mississippi County Arkansas. Estclie Capiey, Haiiuiir vs. No. 4GSG Cnrtiu Capiej. Dcfcnibnt. The OefeiHlaiit, Curtis C.ipley. is days. She held cotnnlclo sway and no ono disputed her authority. Noi even Ktilslit. for be sucn: lib morn. Ings at tlio cilice anil Tony seldom saw him before late afternoon. Nci'criliclcss. Tony Kulglit, on ihls parlicular April afternoon, looked anything but contented. It was nearly three o'clock and Tony was In her o\vu room. She had ]usi jammed Urn h'rcnch lelenhouo down upon 113 siiiinl and sr.l lapping one foot angril)- on iho floor. Slio reachril for the Instrument, seemed aliuiit to pick It up ngaln but left U. Trmy'3 drawn lips and Hashing eyes wuro omiiinus. W'ilh a l-ouiiil slio was out of Hie chair and ;icrrir-s llio room. "Oh! slio cr!cil, "it i really bo. lleved it! If I could bo sure—!" Slio stood perfectly still as ilmugli an itl v a hail come lo tier. A crafty la,,j : t-nivrcd'tiie girl's eyes "Why not 1 ;" i^ilil Tuny, address Ing herself because tlicro was no one else to hear. "Why not do HI" The answer tvns a sudtlen £cra,ti- bio toward iho closet which lield her Ort curjjc tbe rose tiro cade negligee, hurled over lier head to Inn.! upon a chair. Mules were Tony pulled at a row ol frocks, selected ono ol ilicm and donned Iu. She jammed her feet into pumps,, searched for a liai and perched one on lier head at an outlandish angle. Witli one arm iu her coatsleevc and t!ie rest of (lie garment (railing, siie rushed from tlio ronni. IJy Iho time slio readied the downstairs hall she had the coal I properly about lier. Mumbling In _cMmmcrlui: I cohmallr. Tony nulled open the "IM It uut rlili hurry." "IllKlit away, Tlio eecmidj which'passed belnre HiC- roailslcr BIOOI! In |hu driveway Irritated ii lc girl. As Bm ,,, | la ll]c chaiifleiir sieupcd down she was Iu llio eoni, !, tr | 1; , I1US ou t | |0 W 1 ICO | wiilchcd i hi- tlio ell'nl am a long, luiv wliUtlo'/iiicu'rcauliitd bla ivoik. IT WAS ;l * Arllitir iHunea lino •Oinliiiilc run from , - ; ' s Mlblllliau 1 10 to llso suiion ut Maiibaiiaii 1'uiiy was lii.i.k'.! ror. Thlny iiiiniit t .j «as a i:,i:ii:n,in,. allowing lor luck wllh tin; l, : ,!ii 0 8 i KI111 | 3i rll;il ntler . noon Tu.-iy Kite (|, 0 dlslaiu'e tn K nilniile-i. :;i lL . waj c.iiniuus nhcio CMicrleMi-,' in» IH |i!c<l ciiuilun. Tlio rest of il-.o trip B h 0 let tlio roml.-lcr on I. \Yl,i.| blew ber hair and lier checks wuu Hushed n-| if u she finally sl,,ueil iho cjr'a fi-ecd thrinigli n,e cily streets. N'O.I.|:-.CO 10 park! Tho Ajircs. slons that il'ipeil glllily from Tony's longue ceiinlnly hnvo no placu In Iho lKii>! ;s 0 | (..lliiiiet. A tean.nn would l.axu Hblencd anil probably At hisi rhe brought llio roadster to .'lie oiirli, i.aiied ni;d lumped out on the Bidcw.-illi. Tony faced nbout nnd iv.-ill.-wl ia[iWly i!o«- t i die o| oc i[ A BIoKilojcd dounuan glanced at her as she hiriied to ciiier nn ImprcsbUe gray slouc npartint'iii. Sho Igiinrcd him. hurried through Ihc dears and across llio lobby. At the cm! ol n long corridor slio stepped It-to an elevator. •Tllueii." tlio tuia tko unllurciul operatur. She CI:«TKCI| lutn a carpulcd hallway. Now Tiuiy seemed lo '.iColiaio. Slio advanced, then paused, mi. ptilslvcly she moved down itic corridor ami Moinml before a d.jur- w.-ij-. After an Insiaat she rang ike bell. There was no ansner. Tony rung a second lime and walled. A .small yoritli with Oriental features oju'iied (ho door n fi'w ti;ciies. i.ini luntn-j at liw dunlit- fully. "I want to see Mr. JlorlliiiiT." The boy shook his head. "Not here this afternoon." ' : "Uut I must ice him!" "Mr. Mortimer uut here," Hie boy repealed. The Hash in Tony KII!K!U'>I eye.) sltoulil have warncil him. AII "at onco.tiio girl rushed pnst the servant and through Into a room bo- yond the lirsi. "Oh!" 'siio cried shrilly, tailing on tho ihrcsbolil. "this 13 your business pagiigviiK'ui, la It? I tliouglu so! Tlila Ii why you can 1 ! keep appointments wllh me. How daro yuu llo like that? You—!" It was Mickey Mortimer who in. tcrriipud. 'j'ha liluud yoiiui; noman on tho davenport from .vhhh lie liad arisen stared nt Tony. "Now ibnt you've foiiinl out," salt! Mortimer coolly. "vvh:ii do yo By Aherii TilERB ESG5- IM A SAME OF VoUf .«-t&AD - |p VoU "fo -tXKE -TV(E OFF, GWe ME KtiVS" To SfORE AMP SHOP Tn Ti<IS 15 CASE A RABBIT' o\i SHARP O ; /ER A TJOO'1*S AND HER BUDDIES IT WOULD UK TKKRIIU.10! By Martin lliink warned i.-i appear njthiti (lays in the court named capiion hereof ami answer the complaint of UK plaintiff, Eslclle Canley. Dated February 8, 1930. W. «'. HOLL1PETER, Clerk, liy Harvey Morris, D. C. Alexander and Cooper, lUtya for Plaintiff. you can do uboiil ever to casually. (Tu U* Continued) lie Uiu'.y i \V. D. Graven, Atty ad Litem in "The public demand; simplification. It lil:cs to s:\y that 1'erJiins v.'cn llic war with sonic l.-tlle help ii'cm (he Unki' Snldirr."— V'ilhjahnni- Stefansjii, expl-jrcr. Eishty per cent of the tornadoes occurring in the United States happen l.-ctirecci t!:c hours of noon Feb. 10-17-2J, Mar. 3. | and 6 \i. in. VJEMT (,VEV) -;o BCTTY WO •SHE ktf •? ihtqr; KT. OWE to t VOT! LUNCH. AMD LAW, \00 &PKJ XOO'D Ot BM.V- THli LOST IS FOUND! VOUHD HCP \ / \NtUL,Bl-tSS Kl SCVtmH >. / Ht - (\BOU1 f'U HOUR KCO. ) V IT'S SVi£ SijBe l-i KL1- // TO WAKE tucktutc fff 1 '/^ OUT // HCR VJF. • FKKCKLES AND HIS PR J ENDS " 6£.t=VT'S Sttti"' TO 8£ MARO 10 T6U. TfJv GGilJS'TO &o To OSCAS'S H.30SE M].\\ V.OMES AMUAALS SO.'! LOOK WHO'S IIKUK\ Btosscr ss PC&TT/ nice A'-V. WSHT-o THAT'S DOS 'WAT SUS\ BROOQVT THff MS OF AIMYS IS A UTTLS BcXM-

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