The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR- THE BLYTHEVILLK COUKIKU NKWS THE 'COURIER -NEWS CO,, PIIULISIIERS : 0, R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manascr Sole National Advertising Representatives: The Beckwlth Special Agency, Inc., New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Ciiy, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Sari Francisco, Los Angeles. Published Every Attcrnoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at tlie post office" at Blythcville, Arkansas, under net ot October 9, 1817. Served by the United Press. SUBSCKIMION ItATL'S " By carrier In the city or BlyDievillc, 15c per week or J0.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius of SO miles, $100 per year, tl.CO for six months, 85c fur Dircc months; by mail In \io:tal sones t\vo to six. Inclusive, S6.50 per year, hi zones seven and eight. $tO.OD per year, payable in advance, An Obligation to Be Met. Wednesday or Thursday of this week volunteer committees will conumT.rt? a canvas of all Uixpn.vers in 1,'lytheville Special School District \'o. 5 in an effort to'ohtain agreements pkdt;h:j; at Jensl 75 per cent of the properly in tin- district to nn additional ten-mill tax for the support of our public school*. The most i!t>tii!i£i>nioiit consistent with maintenance of a Class A school system will leave the district, with revciiilfs as they arc at present, with nn annual deficit of'approximaldy ?20,000. There is no possibility of in- . creasing school revenues though ;mtt>ml- ment of the present constitutional limit on school taxes before 1<J3-1. In the meantime wo must oil her find means of making up this deficit or face the prospect of temporarily discontinuing our high school. • The latter alternative is imlhinkabla. Scarcely anything we could do would hurl Blylhoville more. 1 Appreciating that the situation is one that has to be faced, a group of business men and properly owners, representing most of the largo laxpayint; interests of the community, met Hie other night to discuss ways and means of providing adequate school U'vvmus. Their decision, reached without disa>nt, was that until a change in tliu constitution can be obtained it-i s up to the taxpayers of the district to submit to a voluntary tax adequate to the emergency. These men, most of whom aro the ones who will be hardest hit by the ex-' tra fax, not only pledged Ilicmselves to pay it, but promised (heir help in the campaign to sign up I lie necessary 75 per cent of the property. Now it is up to the rest of us—(he smaller taxpayers of tlie district to whom the increase will mean only a 1'nv dolhira a year—to insure (he preservation of o\ir high school l,y our prompt agreement to pay the voluntary tax. Maintenance of an adequate school system is the first obligation of any community. The slate constitution does not permit us to lax ourselves sufficiently for this purpose in the regular way. It docs not prevent our assessing ourselves a voluntary extra (ax adequate to the Good citizens interested in (he welfare, 'now and in Die fnliiiv, m lliiir community ,ind ils buys and idrls, v.-ill welcome this opportunity to do tlieir share. Upseiling An Old Maxim Strict attention >. 0 l/isimiss and a conscientious <:xdu ion from tlie mind of all trivial mall, rs arc supposed to In: flu 1 main keys (•' hiici-i.'.-'s in tin's modern world. Hut eviry >'u often something hnpp:n!i to niako you wonder. ('on.'-Mcf l!i( ca-ic .if the late Alexander I'. Moore, form;-) 1 ambassador to Spain ami iVr:. Jir. .Mofiiv wtfs (luinendy useful as an ambass.aiiir. !b .-crvwl his country well, and lu-i|- ci ma!:i- Spain forget tin; gjjj^NCES ; _ByGco rge Clark ^iVi, "" in his iliploiii::'ui- car >u- very admirably. Yi'l .Mr. M'Miiv V.-HS a playboy; and it iv.-i.- (in .•!.-•<-)>• liii,- quality that made him such ,i j.i:od aii.bas-.-.ailui 1 . lie: liked fun. liktd .'.,11,1 •ui.a;:, liked i,, ]>] ;1 y aroiiwd; and !:;c,c lii-.cs of hi:; .mdi-arrd him in ill- i,ij.i' ... r-paiu mid the Spanish couil ai:d gavi- him a value, as a 'lijjlojiiat, 'Ji.-il a more serious, businesslike man would nnl have had. Drawing On Savings As t!v.' (>i-it)lii:r stock market cnisli IKISSI-S uvlhu- li;,rK into lii.story, it Kiwvs movu iiiiil more apparent (h;it Uiu froiixy of ^icciilatinii Unit pix-ceilcd it «';is not at all a iruod thing for tlic country. A clip slicc'l n-oni the American Banknrs'<ii-i;ilj<m re veal j that i;ut year, for tlic 1'iisl limo in 20 years, tlic amount of monuy iluposilud in the nation's K.-n-iiiKs hanks ilimimsli«l. The slu-iukatre iiinotmtcil to more than $195,000,000 (Itirinf.; the Y2 months—an amazing .-itttalioii, in view of the fact that siivinp-s in thu year previous increased l,y mtiiv than i?2,300,000,000, The; liankui-.-;' Association Ijlutnus lhu recession hugely on the lure of Uie stock market, whicli k>d people to withdraw iheir saving ,',, , in | cv to ,. pmi _ late in slocks; and it hi-licves that deposits this year will increase airain, nn\v lluit tlit' iii.-ii'K-ut Ijtwm has collapsed. I'rohlijition lull;, in tlw end. •Iwcomcj either very dry or nil \vcl. ~h \ •- '\ ! s}?,3?'<. . ...>V1 // JggjjMY. J^JgjyjAjJYJJL,! 930 iWASHINGTON '"LETTER first "Now's !he time for you t<i KC( insurance, Ed. Take us younjr fellows, lh t . rales—" Eating Wrong Type of Food Can Cause Eczema Attack Eilltur . MOKltIS MSH!!i:i.V nriul O f of February i; (he sliortwit inonili. bin uuie.v, you VITC loner on £ toc:-:s you can't realize really liovv Fhort !! Is All or these debates lo Hie naval parloy ar- tivrtl in LPiitioii ;,]i uahl, but .v;n:e of lliem are ••itlll at sea. A jury ccnsuined n (icr.oi, un:rii's of trcr which a in-in c)iar K cii \vjth Urcvvinu. !le was probably (UMiiissnl bi T .iii,i. _,.£ irisu/r.-eiL-nt evidence. A nun Is .101 r.W r,l 50. wys a California' Jiirkf. Aiul woiiicii. of toiiisc. scMum reach Hint An i-Kpl.-.n-:- w.i.-its n lullooii niili ivliirli (Ji iJi'Sic'.r.:'..- tin- Ui:iiinurith c.-.vcrn of N,w Mc\icj. Am! h,w iiljuut a ciiUamriin; to sra'.e Mr Ev- HOLDIM -TH MfttcH To WATCH the Anvriciu Mfiliral Asvui'iatiOfi ami c,t llv- Bfia, thc.IK'allh Masa/im- In tile last quarter of a c-:i:nr cases of eczema have been luut-i belter defined than they «er<- b- lore. At one time any inflanmi.*:: the skin Hint was assoclaui! swelling and redness anil i:,u dat:on ol fluitt was called r .-iidays it Is realized Hi.;: :•»:•• ma is n condition of l!ie fin; v, iih the .symptoms that, have bn:i motioned, but which follows :i d'.-fi- nile course and which is :!;=.-.c!at- ed with a special rccjtlm: o.-i ;):•• part of the-sl:iu to certtm: Irn- lant or f-xcltlnt' agents. Anioiii: Hie external ::T::?.I;'.S which may bring about t:. n;::- tions of trzcmatous are such chemicals as frequent!-.- occur in normal life, including .'c iiimid"- liyrte mid un-pcnl!nc, :hi- dyi-< which are n=«l to .<-:.uii fur an,i Imir, vecel.ible irritant!, suc'i r.-j poison ivy, primrose . i:.; m;!..,; i ; j" Sometimes the rays <>; i.'.:; sun produce ec^cniiitDUs rea.'tuns in tiif skin of certain pcopu-. The specialist in ^s-isi-s uf tin- skin Is likely lo s..-;-ai.ue the ron. ciltlcn which fo!.i],i; a delimit- couise and which i, known us <•<•- zcnm from an ordn:.i;-j hinniiiiiii<- i lion of the skin bro-,i?ht about by iiii'.ntins substances am! which h I I called dermaiiii5. Ai:v liHIanimatlon ' I of the skin is Usually Infection occurs i:i cfimbiliuijoj-. - with tlie inllammaiicii ani defines ! the situation. Sometime* pcopie vho nrc sensitive to i-eriain food MibstAtices re- Mi with (-enema ,-;, ;ho skin; 1,1 j other Instances, il-.ry r? M < with th-I <J-,'ie of eruption that is callca i urticaria and which consists (it itchni;,'. blister-like hives. " | , Uabics may b? sensitive to I i wheat, lo eggs, or to .-iiiii; and rt- j spoml alter the takiu: O j ,, L | C i, ; u:x i .(substances with i!czi'm.m;:js re.ic- Amwiwcemcnts The Courier NV.vs I..i-, been nu- thorl,-.od to amwiHuv f:v following , can:liclnciL>5. M:b<cc: :o u :0 Demo-1 cratic primary. Tor {'uiiitty GEORGE W. cleclioni. j lions, in such cases the removal , ' "I the sensitizing substances from 1 the diet re.MiUs in prompt ailevla- Uon oi Ihe symptoms. There w.-i.s :i nine when the skin was considered something entirclv apart from the body ucncraliy aiw merely cs an envelope to MoH the- lest of Hie organs. Nowadays tin- ,skln is considered as a mirror of the system reacting in various ways lo (he chr-nges that go on in the i'i Olt'S NOTE: Tlil$ - Js the it three Interviews with leaders of the Senate's poljllcul fac- Uuus on Ihc record of Ihe Scvsnty 1 / llrsl Congress /t« date. These (Us- patches are especially timely b"- i-:iusu of recent White House discussions utjout tpeediii^ up the * r * UY KODNKV UUTCHEIt -N£A Servile Writer WASHINGTON—Iteyular Republicans In ihe Senate, especially the oitcc iiowcrtiil ia^.ion known as the Old Guard, arc willing to agree with President Hoover aixl leaders In the House that the Senate has been moving too siow.'y and that legislative alfairs are In a terrible mess. The present seems lo them very b'ack indeed and the only brighter aspect of ihe future lies in the i fact that the tanfl batlie canno', l BO on forever. When President Hoover sume ol them to breakfast, to talk over the possibilities of Epecd-up, as demanded by HOIISB Floor Leader'Tilson. they told him sadly but blnnily that he had bitter keep his Ehiri 0:1 because any executive interference would only make things worse. Sees "Needless Delay" The almost general disappointment of the regular Republicans with (he result of the special and regular sessions In the Hoover ad- minlsiratioii's first year is expressed by Senator Hiram Blng- hani. of Connecticut, whose position is similar to thai of other Old Guardsmen such as Smoot 01: Utah, Uccd and Grundy of Pennsylvania, Fcss of Ohio and Glll;u of Massachusetts. "The action of (ho coalition of Democrats and western Republicans has caused serious and 'needless legislative delay as well as business uncertainty," Bingham says. "They are tearing down "their own campaign ol 1928 when they went almost as far lor protection as the Republicans, aficr condemning the Fordncy-.McCumber taiin aci in 1Q24. "The business world had every reason to believe that neither party woilM aiiack the r-xistiin- schcdules. but the coalition Ins gone and lowered them in ir.r.nv Senator Democrats' reversal of their presidential raimmlgn nitltiidc, even though [hey are back to their historic position. I guess the\- feel that whatever they do they' can't, bo any worse otf and their votos in lire past few months will discourage any mrynufacturers from ever again looking to them tor protection. those agricultural products i!i v there is a large surplus they M-C> to ihiiik that protection isn't afj. d Bocdi'Wcll, of course we in the'easfl could cieate a large overproduc.L tlon If we wanted lo, and then truf tariff wouldn't do us any \ cither. A Discnui-jjjinj Record "A1J In all, one may say that u view of the way the tariff was dis cussed In the last campaign one )i«: the right to feel depressed and discouraged with the record of a joilty of the members of the Stn, ale. . i "I do not deny that overspccu- lalion was the principal cause o 1 the stock market crash, but, tn< coalition has done nothing to lielu' nothing to give business coiuij denco ami nothing to nourish iha' delicale plant known as credit," "What of Ihe future?" the sen-! ator was asked. I "Heaven knows," replied St-nii-M lor Blnghnm with a smile. CUTEXBEKfi'S :DEATII On February 2-1, 1-S08, utejibcrt'. ihe Inventor of prlnt-'l ing moveable types, died at \taiml Germany. ' Born of a wealthy family G'AI tenberg acquired somewhat" of fl reiiutation in Strassburg for hln_ lechnleal skill. Desiring to carry oil'I his ideas of printing, and lackhvf the necessary capital, Gutenbenl "This group" of western Hepubif- ns wl8lM himself with Johanna cans in the coalition has been try- Fllst - a wealthy citizen of Malnza Ing its best to preach sectionalism j The 5' s ct "P a press and soon printJl that the east Is opposed to ihcir ^ °" il lnc famous "forty-twJl interests. But the eastern senators • lil!e ' Blble - • ' i| have shown much more willingness [ In . . 1455 I '"" st dissolved the part-'l interests of Republicanism. "It has been extremely unpleasant, to notice that Republican members ol the coalition are unwilling to listen even to the arguments citing unemployment "in New England and the bad straits in which some of our factories find ihemsolves. "They have just voted Mindly (Re l-'or f'.licrilT W. \V. SHAVER >HL--d-.'CtionV l-'ur Ounly Trc.iMircr W. W. UOLLII'l-TfKIJ. Fur Circuit Court Clerk T. \V. POTTER UIU.Y GAIXES. Fur County t'ouil Cle'k MRS. ,)011N LCWG IUc-elcction>. Vyr C'uuntv A^cs-sor J. 5. niLLAIIUNTY. JIM FOWLER (Re-election). For Justice of tlic rhirkas3nlj JOHN l : or City Allurncy W- CliAWFOHD ( For City flcrk R. I.. McKNIfiHT GEORC.K CIJOSP S. c. CRAIG (Kc-r:cction) MISS MARY RONEY. 0 ^..^ ,„.„ ,ui >I; i,-ii u.riii in ir.p.ny "They liave just voted biimllv casts and u won't listen to the case against any increases which ou 1 of the northeastern industrial stat es help the manuteulers of the 1 " '• northeastern states. 'I nm^jiorfcclly amazed at the I "Because the tariff doesn't help ous privileges as well as an inco.-n were attached. It Is said that the invention o printing did more (o promote man-'l kind's culture and progress Ihait any other invention in the ii of the world. When a man stop.s having ex,_ pcrience he stops, learning; nft ( . ! ' that he merely remembers nn'.' then lie becomes Hecht, author. muddled."—lieil Ecart courier News Want Ads.'l Thrills! Mystery! Danger! Romance! _^MttlbB_ "Murder Backstairs" Is Tingling Detective Story jyjURDER had been committed at the fashionable Berkeley mansion, where house guests were gathered for a week-end party. The body of Doris Matthews, a pretty maid, was found in the swimming pool. The only clew was the pungent odor of perfume that lioveral about the murdered girl. \ Even this insubstantial clew apparently was valueless because Gigi Berkeley, beautiful young daughter of the host, had sprinkled all (he guests with a similar perfume the preceding night. "Bonnie" Dundw SHARP'- THINKING young- detective, "Bonnie" Dundee, was present to keep an eye on Seymour Crosby, one of the guests, who had never quite satisfactorily explained circumstances surrounding the death of his first wife. . ... ; How the keen-witted Dundee -solved the crime, found that the murder of Doris Matthews was intended for someone else whose death had long been plotted, furnishes one of the most thrilling, yet true to life, mysteries ever written. Be Sure to Read v "Murder Backstairs" •By Anne Austin ° —•. . THOMPSON' imo Alllci-lll.ll!. -i,,! \Vlr,l KAY\VOirn:!.Nc;-;-ox For Alricrnan, "nl \Vir.l ERNEST R. JACK:/OX Beginning Tuesday, February-25th, In

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