The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1930
Page 3
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[MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24,1930 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK) COURIER-NEWS ( Contlnutd from Page 1) to protict the public from Ill-considered, unconstitutional legislation that would Interfere witn rlfhts md properly without uu process of law. <J. Wti»t remedies have been A. An amendment, requiring a' l«ula six to three vote lor declaring -a law unconstitutional;- ai cmendmerit to lake irum toe cour tntliely the power to puss on con stitutlonality or laws. 'Tb* Present Mttubtrs Q Who are the nine member of the supreme court and when ill. they Uke oftlcev A. Chief Justice Hughes, Jus appointed by President HO../L-I pi«viously - served us uu ossoclau justlc* from 1610 to WiG; Ollv. Wendell Holmes. Massachusetts, ; 'Willis Von Duvantcr. Vi'jo- |rrilim, ISli; James C. MeReynoids, nesses, inn; UNiis U. Urandcis. Massachusetts, 1916; George auth- iid, Utah, l$'2>; t'leive .ce get hts position? A, President Washington offered ohn Jay, of New York, his choice f any office within the gift oj the jresldent. <J, What chief Justice publicly ienounccd his prede&sot as elnther a fool or a knave"? A. John Rutledge so denounced In the Dred Scott case that Con- grew could not prohibit the existence ol slavery-hi the territories, and that a pm<m ol African descent could not, under the Constitution, POSMSI the Tights of si citizen, Q. What chief Justice presided over the imjisaehment trial of Cardwell Take* Two From CUrkton Team J»y for the unpopular Jay com- ] president? merclnl treaty with England. | A. Salmon P. Chase, over the 1 . CARDWEtL, Mo.—Cardwell high school met and defeated Die boys' and girls' teams from Clnrkton Friday evening, February 21, In the I Cardwell high school gym, It was Q. What chief Justice was ap- \ trial of President Andrew Johnson j pointed but never served? A At a dinner one night, President Washington introduced Associate Justice William Gushing, ot Massachusetts, os "the next chief Justice of the United Stales," much Cushlng's surprise. Ill health, however, caused, him to return hh commission. "The Greatest Chitr Justice" Q. Who Is olten called "the greatest chief justice"? A. John Marshall, of Virginia, one of the greatest legal minds in history. He had no college education, was the eldest of 15 children and was a soldier In the Revolution, toward the close of which he be- tjan to educate himself In law. Q. What chief Justice lUtemplcil lo lorce (he attendance of a president In supreme court? A. Marshall summoned JefTer- 011 as n witness in 111* Burr Irlul, ;ut Jefferson refused to obey. Q. Who gave the famous Ureci Scott decision that had much to d*. wllh bringing on the Civil War? . A. Chief Justce Taney, who held by the Senate. Johnson \vas a> quitted. The rcg- The girls' game was a'bit slov, .. „•*. and somewhat one-sided. The In- I OFK (/OtlOn Idlan girls began ihelr scoring 1m- NEW YORK, Feb. 21 (UP)—Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close 150S IMS 1416 1480 1528 1534 IMS 1509 1554 1665 15JO 1532 1517 1577 1550 1551 1595 1598 1570 1571 an 1605 1005 1580 1580 PAGE THREE inlf their points. In tho last tjuar- tcr tho Deers (Ciorklon) seemed to wake up ami scovct! eight ot ihelr fourteen points, The flnnl score was: Cardwell Indlnns 21, Clarkton D*m u. Mar. May July 1922; liiwai'd T. jjn- ird, Tennessee, 1923; Harlan F. dtone, Nev York, 19H5. Q.. How chosen and what salaries? A. -All Justices are noniiiiateu iHpOhurti, uy tne president, subject tb confirmation by the Tlie chi»f justice receives a-.'year; the others, (20,000 each, Holme*, 89, OWtU Mtmbir 'Q...Who is the oldest member 01 the court? A. Associate Justice Holmes bom in 1841. He Is a son 01 oiivei Wendell Holmes, the poet, an-, fought In the Union army in the Civil jWar, Being wounded three times. Q. Prior' to Mr. Hughes, hou many • men have served ns cnie: justice? A.' Ten. John.Jay, New York |1W-1?U; John Rutledee, Houtr 'Carolina, for a short time in 1795 ,pllver Ellsworth, Connecticut, 1796 flBOO; John Marshall, Virginia, 1801- H835;" Roger B. Taney (pronounceu ""Taw-riey"), Maryland, 1836-1364 P. Chase, Ohio, 18G4-1813;I "Morrison R. Waite, Ohio, 1874-1888; • liielvllle W. Puller, Illinois, 188S-; 1»IO; • Edward Douglas Whit?, .IJoulilana, 1910-1921; William iiow- jard-Taft. Ohio, 1921-1930. : It.,' What chief Justice was a for- luwr-'Confederate soldier, a Dcmo- !crat and a Roman Catholic?. A.' Edward Douglas White, Loui:Slana, appointed by President Talt. Q.' WTio are considered the most "liberal" members now? A; Justices Holmes and Bran- dels-; . .- .... . Appointed Tone JJ QA.W^iat ' president "appointed J^lret Justices In five months? ^A.- Harding appointed Justice .ulherland on Sept. 5, 1922, Justice lUtler on Nov. 3, 1922 and Justlcs !sanf6rd on Jan. 24, 1923. p 'Q. : ,i How did the first chief jus- medlatcly after the blast of the starter's whistle, and the visitors were unable to check them. Cardwell made almost half their points In the first quarter, alter which the Clurltton girls began to play somewhat better, although outclassed by the undefeated Cardwell girls. The end of the first hnlf showed the score lo be 25-6, Canl: quite ' £0 fast as the first. The score at Cardwell Brewer Rlggs Ladd McCoy Blakeney North Bishop' Arnold Blslwp Collins Spots closed easy at 1530.-otf 10. ™™ ^ . . , . , .j ;'0 fast lla iiic niai, iiii: iuuic ill, (\f.W (frltmnx COCI«n the end of the game \\-as canlwrll NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 24-CUP)—j 3D, Clarkton 11. 3otton clased quiet. Open High Lw Close Mar U72 1487 1462 1462 May 1507 1485 1491 uly .... 1532 1511 1510 1514 Oct 1550 1557 1652 1534 Dec 1572 1577 1551 1554 Jan 1586 1585 1562 1502 Spots closed steady ai 1503, off line. WEAK AND PALE TIRED, ACHING, Georgia lady's Mother Weg yed Her to Tdke Cardui —Greatly Benefited. VALDOSTA, Ga.—When In bad health, about three years ago. Mrs J. M. Strickland, 8,11 West Gordon street, this city, took Cardui. anc as a result she Is*now recommend Ing it to other women. 'I • was weak and pale." writes Mrs. Strickland. "I lost weight. -I was tired and ached all over. I tried to keep'up, but finally had to go to bed. "My back and sides ached until I could not rest. I almost dreodcd to see night come. "My mother came to see me and begged me 'to take Cardui,' which I did with good results. I felt Elronger and better. My nerves were mere settled, and since Cardui did me so much good I ^ been glad to recommend it to others. It is a good medicine." Many other women • have 'reported that Ihey began taking Cardui on their mother's advice for this medicine has been in use so long its real worth is known by several generations of women. Try Cardui for your troubles. The boys' game, while nc>t quite so one-sided, was also rather slow and not so very exciting. The tlrst, quarter ended with the score ol 4-i Cardwell. In the neKl quarter the game took on u bit more sjx'ed and !at the end of the half (he scon, was 8-3, Curdwell. In the third , Quarter the Indians scorc<l nearly Gills' l.liif-u]] I'o-s. P. F. P. C, C. o. Cl. a, c. c. OlarUon Dye fierce Davidson Grooms ThornVjeny Blaylock Thorn btrry ( Boys 1 I.liu'-up lardwell PCS. ClarXton Whltson F. Unlley l-urkeii OiulMj Crucc Shnnno! Doughs Hcrceu l-'. Ray P. Mlze F. North c. C. O. Ml/e o. Stewart u. llardln a. ntshop O, Oobcr G. Cunningham G. Referee 1 Koyil pierce. Timckccp cr, Tillm'n!) Hull. Scores D U Wil kins. Between MIC halves a small boj some 3 01 4 j-vurs old, dressed In Clarkton unltorm, giivc an tshlbl tlon oi lam-y one-man biisketba! To the Yanks? A rtonl for U\K lid Morris, nbavc, o the Ked Sox, bv wlilcli the Yon 1 kees would send Durst and Kwnl: and iiniiniiounccd cusli for th pitcher, wus it'ixirlcd us being no Collated. tlml wns much enjoyed spectators. by th Hospital Notes Patients admitted to the Blythe- llle hofpltal ycsterdny were Ed nwler, Cooler, Mo., and Martha iJoorc, Premise Land. MENA—Meiu citizens on March 1 will vote on a proposal where- y the city water system would be ccondltloncd and extended at a ost of $40,000. The project Includes our miles of new mains, the drill- ing of a new well, and Installation 6f a new pump, together with retirement of »9,CXXJ'ln Indebtedness now against the *atitr Improvement district. The comm las loners hope to use profit* from opeiatlon of the water system for retirement ol the .bond- Issue without the assessment of taxes against Mtna realty. . In Death Valley,' Calif., a tem- p«ratur« ol 134 dpgr«s In the shade has been reached, ' ' A THREE DAYS'COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL Coogha from cuMi may Itid 'o le- riout trouble Von can slop llicin now willi CieoimiMiHi, an cniutiiTKi! cmisoto Ihal i> i.ltnsnul lu take, Crroiiiuliiun is a rocillcal ilisrovtif wiili Iwii-loM oniuii; [i wtiilus anj hciN llie inlbaicil membraiKi and in- hlliltt Keru\ ^ru^ilt, 0( all kno»n ilriius ofniwlc U rfc- djinlu'd !,)• h![li malii'il nullinrilin M ono of ilie i;iMtni ln'slinj >i!tncirt for coughi fiuui cuMi uud bronclilil Irritalicni. CrconmUloii contilni, En to creosote, olber ctemcnti wHicti Mothe and hid lr* In filmed membrane) ind MOJ> tli« Ir- illoliun, wMIe tlie creotok goci on U I lie stumacli, a olxorlKil into lli« LtocJ, aiurkt llic ten of the troulil* •nil vla-cki the ^[QHih of the germt CreuiiiuUion Ii guinntred ullifac- locy In lite ticaimtnl of coughi from coIJa, Liuncliitii iixi minor formi of iiritalloni, and U Mcellcnl fur building up the i)ri!em iftrrcolJt or flu. Muney refunJed If not re- llficil ifttr lalinj accordiiflo directions. Aik your druigiit. (tdir.) CREOMULSION THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON IN USE BY ^ WOMEN rott mat SOVCMS While taking Cardui, a good laxative.-:jto -Use Is Thedlprd's a packagt Critical eyes everywhere' are Judging vour appear- Send that SPRING COAT now—for dry - cleaning that refreshes fabric —• for pressing Uhat rnoulds back, smartness BARNES PHONE 180 ,:; . . '^^"''^"^^"^^'^^"'^^"•••^^••^••••^^^•••IHH Oil Stoves At Less Than Mail Order Prices We liave just received a.carload of LEONARD OIL STOVES. Tliis is a 5-biirner, built-in oven stove, finished in grey and has genuine porcelain top, back and sides. This stove is guaranteed to be satisfactory or your money back. The burners are the short type with asbestos lighters, gives a quick, extremely hot blaze and is easily kept. As we buy by the carload our price is This same stove in the mail order catalogue is priced $41.95. Come in and let us demonstrate this wonderful stove and we will take your old stove in trade. Hubbard Furniture Co. "Back to the Home Merchant" . t .THE WORLD'S "" [FIRST REFINER "l.'l SUPES-iflS .The motoring thrillyou.experieiQc?.jd when'':, you tried your first tankful of ;Barnsdall Super'- Gas, will .be .doubled when' try 'the' new' SUPER-GAS with- ETHYL. Barnsdali; the 1 ' name associated with Petroleum from the very beginning, refiner of the finer motor fuel, now offers you with the addition of ETHYL, the world's finest motor fuel. SUPSIvGAS ETHYL, more power from each gallon; smoother engine action; less shifting; quicker pick-up—better performance and control in every respect. Try it! THE WOHLD'S FIRST REFINER \l;\ <$* F ARN SDATLL B! SQTJART: TOYOTJR MOTOR

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