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Kingsport Timesi
Kingsport, Tennessee
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I 1 -ff-y KINGSPORT THE CITY OF INDUSTRY FiJLLX'ZASED YvTElE AsscaATri) press O' VOL NO 1T3 IIEIXEEB JL KINGSPORT TENNESSEE MONDAY JULY 17 1933 SIX PAGES TODAY PRICE THREE CENTS Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth Parley Will End HEW CODE GOES HI EFFECT TODAY FOR TEXTILES IN SOOTH DEPRESSION Effl (Crucial Moment Is Reached IN SIGHT AS WAGE This Week As 3 States Vote SCALE INCREASES 1 Alabama and Arkansas Will Vote on Repeal ad 3lel tterktrJ I omonow Icnnessee Votes Thursday Drvs and Wets Plead Cause Wag RiW With 1973 tad 12-Tt til Start Week By MACKENZIE AsssttslsJ Prsss SlsJT Cttrs' LONDON July Thai th world seonomk Uadsra Fatter Payrolls Shorter Hour and Increased Eo ploymcat Featores Plan of Industry 4C-)Ur reeftrters reextrters har dseldsd after! a (ininA Lay sad cctuUtraiisn Lithuanian Pliers Die rJr(() COOLS PLANNED FAIR COMPETITION as Their Stops at Moscow to i Have Work Done On Plane ftoatAT tkk tt rpim i4LUHIl Jstj ii if they a lMr tU aeoth! ATLANTA Jnly IT (AP) HE KILLED COUPEE TO GET MACHINE If JAMES mmJ rM lul Vnw Washington 4 1M i Uat to traay cosV spoil ths thy chaefs Uf Us Its wtkh will-ult a rtriti Jal jf will cvt Is rtcwDvtbtd la tU satUity Ti It lit that ths parity iltuU sot revived aftsr ike rsctvi srs a vok-sd at this morn lei'i msstlnc of ike aUsrisc Cora mitt It was understood Thrr frvwiiijf in kkb at leiil souls of tbs A roar MISS GOAL WEATHER GOOD Bodiet Found Burlod in a Shallow Grave in Colton Field Near Horae Heads Were Smashed soldlv Pomerania Cer- many July 17 The airplane athjuu bs Ur4rt of ftlur ptitU sUtUr Uuri shd si- l- ibtts tattle virtually it i i4 Itnsrt klb luustn sal mwrliU rtuw KrtMr 0aerlMfc btr0 4 ifu-t im Ujhf i Jam A I net rH uw cttJtioa IS it tf IUU All UU (J Ur Uu tndj 4ar if 1 Vdf-4 1 (Ssr npen AUUim 4iltssi L41b( their twppvrt ls- iA4(erf w-Zh ta i4 IktoM I "ksp th RwMiillH prsfnra of I tWM4s4v UU t4i" iU hf4t KaomtsK tUul rmmy majority of the mi-Z li I Ss thaw utn sUui VlMfJ if rfl Ik eight- Country null tirtvdrn iiMCf ltfiulm to rufiJ sf operation to Inert Ttsiit ret- I sit tmr rvpmL unKsiitf power of their eV 1 44 fta m4 iit4 lit tjl the Lst I ley eeJ spread rk ihscC 3 ever Li erth Is 1 Isr tit Ixirt of party I greater number we4 tawrh Is Ut4 n-iiUt rtI isf prelui iU ley and sf rtal right Taf iBaoiitioM of the tVs Biwtuf ti 44sr tti'I tit Wti 4mi is th Thtjr art: ti si it! sf v4! Uat (U frta hU itii im) tat4iMn! A ttl sf fsrtf esl ttapiiMn! WIDE SEARCH h-an delegation concur Uat the Lithuanica la which JJtephsa coafersar as couilituted uIDrilU nd Stanley CIrenaa were unwieldy it Uocka it on non-top flight from prtsifr hew lork to Lithuania crashed If and when It hrourhi into today at Kuhdamm and! when it it brought By STANLEY RICHARDSON Attociated Prat Staff Writer MOSCOW July 17 (AP) Wiley Post American round-the-world solo flier landed here from Koenigsberg Germany this after- noon and a few hours later soared eastward on the 1818 mile journey to Novosibirks an Siberia Perfect -weather conditions prevailed from Moscow as far as 9 AUCU it vui iiiunivw oo a at co Ala July 17 err were killed KuhJarora- AP) Jesse Patterson negro field hand wa arrrsted early in hsjnc sst doa Ceaesa or elaewber iU tB ot Soldin number wiU bs wbltUed Th Pne -covered in jtoday and officers said he that It will not take tntttfortL The lodie of the airmen il was he wb? killed Mr and Mrs Hugh Crosby near Co- Ural Mountains Local local farmer heard the cnuh i Iambus Mis and buried their i upder it lcal firmer heard the ensh UD' CTve the irman 1st (Csstisssd HI Jal i weath-A pert keep track the ub' ccramittees appointed by tb aub- A of the coramUiifrnalf1 tn lhl patch cn meteorological information but the actual discovery of the rn- before he left said it was prob- shlp not made until a few The negro who disappeared that cloudine between the allegedly in the Crosby automo- Urals and Novosibirsk would bile the day after the couple clear up before he reached ikat KIDNAPERS MAY RELEASE O'CONNELL GANG hours later A party of ariatioa and police left immediately from Berlin for Soldin Soldin- situated on a lake of the same name near the border line tiro Frasslen first wg missed by neighbors has been the object of an intensive mn hunt for days Birmingham police said Patterson m4s Is ie lists Us fr lSMf fwsss sf IJI9 1 ssl suZA lslr ts4y KIDNAP VICTIM a Isnd ls ts li Iml sf 1IIL I scir ft w1mi I al4ld ss oms wi2 ftswrst iii tHr3fd 4ss tut is nrs'i ly 1ik ti wi 3mTWS Is Uesiwn is (t Is 14 fr isiss a ZfT Os fssx-ss rl tnsar is ilm ki as lTinsm-i TIj bt Ot fr-t sf LJrsti ds9 tT lAer FREED BY Luer CP lies For 124 Tslla of Phyaisal and tal SufTsrinf RANSOM PAID? ALTON 12 Jslr IT Four Letters Received By Uncles Strengthen Belief Release Will Be in Piomade hi confession to MissLs- inces cf Neumark and Pmerania sjppj andZklabama officers Police surmised that the aviators 1 in attempting to land mistook The Crofibys prominent young Hnuri Men trtetops for a meadow NEW YORK GANG Lttn A euslmast way sf If In asilk and flS la lb north Llmliaiiona ss Ike operation of fitJarths maebinsry to IS bean week Wstbsss Lioutsd 12 ns les (ion of worksrs arer If year sf art I Tit rsds was th finl Watsr Automobtlsa rvtd to rsrseery adcrdniitrattn Uf htmnf and Gun Flfurw Bnd alarid la Death Tolla lit Jely 9 Vlrteally all pbiLf fcf th cotton nclll and teiylf jirvdutlry bare rabscriWd to Uf term Indlcalioe orer ths wk end wers that trsnufartartra of ra-' yon wlk kratud matenala wool Jen psodorU and andrwar would I In tn when kittles dm rvoned their worker to ths mlili this cnomler sa a ad ths amdeaui dtxhsnre I Prorlssona of ths cod wers wf fan ot applied wHh the occlaira of both liters va im-l Teaatwies ttb eutlet and worker Stuart refseled foo dead Ls wises Cramer head of the Crameev and Vagi Us eh Cramertoa Jf two a ad Mtoittpp sad Sssthjha eelimatsd SdOOO authsra Carat sa each tf-ratlrsa will find remOT- Near KaotVle Tear Vic'- He predated th evaa lUetsa wa drswad ir4 lesel will lacreae th pur area Post refused a chance to snatch journey He had been in cow airport that he might iepevdi up mechanics working on plane It was 5:12 (9:12 a EST) when the flier- started the Novosibirsk leg tua journey He had bene in Mos- cow 2 hours and 52 minute When he sped away from the Soviet capital a more than 43-hour growth of heard had disappeared from his face as he spent fifteen minutes of his short stay here in the airport May Better Mark Post who seeks to better the pnark he and Harold Catty set on a globe-girdling journey in 1931 -had left Kfenirrsberg at farm couple disappeared from their home six miles from Columbus June 23 A search failed to disclose their whereabouts and finally reUtivea went to Mississippi to hunt for them A hurt over the farm revealed their bodies partly clad and with the head crushed and wrapped sacks in a shallow gTave in a cotton patch Both were graduates of the University of Alabama where Crosby's father is direorp(jeX-tension courses By ROBERT CAVACNARO Capyritkt 11)1 by TV Aat-elated Prate) ALBANY Joly A strong feeling prevailed here today that the kidnap ir of John O'Connell Jr would rtleste him in New York or in a suburb of the metropolitan district The belief waa given Impetus when it wae learned that of the 'our letter received by th 24 year old national keuteevanl'a uncles and Dan O'Connell on of th first three note ws Tcaaease liter A saeg argrss1 of eoHttr lo that matted from Yonkers and the h- life in the Teoare-j1 I fourth bore a White Plains port a 4 at )l4eMatie I i the I mark The other two were mail Terry ef Tean waUf1 south wll ebrai rd la thl city 4resd la Os ComlsrHad river 't1 aH-alghl thlfla and adopt a The fact that two of the let- fswf 'f4 ssitr 5s4r Urrit-f 1 tr at C1 12 tfc-) itr rT f3d vj esd lfds rf ft 43TAJ sessnf ly 41- ss II- lnu 1 yt NrL wtT if Ces 21 Witts Lstt eyinl sJ I tIMIUtd li If udt is sTisJ fits wises ws Sfseisd fs t4s rat tH 4 ItX C't et Ill feat Ut s-1te Its -4st isf ftt4- -j fists Esl-ts Sheet ef Coal Soldin near where the Lithuanian flier crashed on their at-tempted flight from New York to Kaauas Lithuania about 400 miles short of their goaL They had covered a little over 4000 miles of the 4400 mile distance There waa some doubt about the exact time of the crash Investigator said the bodies Indicated the men died sometime between 3:00 and 5:00 a Women out gathering berries said the heard a machine about fite o'clock and that the noise suddenly ceased Later a cyclist discovered the pUne with the flier buried beneath and the wings hanging from trees A rural policeman found a route map copies of Chics ro newspapers snd a pouch with letter on which were the names of Darius snd Girensa anJ also of Victor Yeeglsites of Wilkeabarre (who ssrred as the mechanic for the svUtors) Bodies Left A guard waa placed at the scene by the police and for the i- 6:45 local -time nt IL T) Weather reports indicated that automobile for transportation to I after he pi seed the rainstorm Birmingham officers said The he braved at the time of du parture he had fair flyins? cen3 ditons the rest of the' way" Post and (iatty had an elapsed time of 54 hours and 34 minutes when they reached Moscow Post made the trip from Koe- car when found was covered with a "heavy tarpaulin The negro at first denied any connection with the slaying officers said declaring that two UT II treeflaet rVmJ a try af pAral tpar1 ts-ps aeira eff-tg' 4 a mmm' 'a1 (S JL? aJ taVf welir wets rt-a" Uj ot irf white men whom he did- not know cigsberg Moseow in 5 hours ia let of NatheiU Lt rnploys one thf i(UrJ is i lo ia aa n- gfffvgSfa Tfiav £nr fni 2 10 1 A Gitaaa 4-d in nl Csa1! aasrl4 auioeesUl accident al Cams Aadrrton rs 4 nl of Manufacturing Com-hredqsarter in kfa hrl w- had asked him lo bury ths bodies of the young couple This he declined to do he said Urt were mailed from close to Manhattan and that the last list of intermediaries was published Urt Friday in New York City newspapers revived the theory that the kidnaper hailed from New York City District Attorney John De-Uney has expressed the opinion that the crime was perpetrated by an out-of-town gang prab- vy so Duiii9wn ftnE pn a 1hS fi Vtl al STof mZr 1 i a9av a I g- 9rs'ag rn-ti't ef kalt eg time being the bodies were left DIVORCE SUIT IS FILED BY HUTl ON far ably from New York he with th ari stance of a local! dcovery of the tragedy rewdent In th capacity of the ond dark night "finger man during which rumors of a plane tat drssard i sa allrwyl lo cf a4 fare avaiiakl and probably ths Three died when ea airplane Ini a tpa and I training tlarrieeakurr Ceeige rVw la mill and th employ 1 ni of all at wage that will Km V'r nwiar seaeg la ws4 Moc 11 It fraa Kr1 tsw lr n(4 a4 a MP frt fr-trn Trar (il I -ret I Says Marriage to Airaee Is "No Bed of Plans For Theatrical Career being heard but not seen came from various points in eastern Germany The Lithuanica struck the same patch of bad weather which formed Wiley Pott globe-circling American flier to land at Koe-nigsberg Last Prussia cn route and 35 minutes ad had therefore an elapsed time of 50 hours and 10 minutes or his arrival in i the Soviet capitaL He was be-Vin? the schedule he had nrrang-el for himx-lf but was 4 hours and 24 minutes ahead of speed he made with Getty The Oklahoman loet time In Berlip because of cIays' in refueling and later in Koenigsberg because of rain Not Expected His moroplane swooped down suddenly oat of the west circled October field and ti en made a perfect landing Airport offi- cials and the corps of foreign ex-1 Cheap Paper The paper on which the note were typewritten and signed in the handwriting of the miaairg youth waa of the kind purchase-able at almost any low-pricd chain stor It waa reported that the authorities alto know THIRD HUSBAND yimt'uzZllt kcow ral eon TV'd- la rart4y eat WUirt Ult Ftaduct a well T1 erw I mt I Wrl rifil other nmmodttWsL- kflr(aia4 km i Administration official in fU ef ft I Jfh Lang drowned In the Wathlrgton sy the 40 hour week rofJ ea I lewra la -w4 eleJ aer Baton Roeu Umtu iadtry't rae wagae ri r-S ew jel' 9m tHt'f tV9 ur mployed numbering 100000 ef atvg II livra feeeeet uh UV? 2S00 and in addition ajija fl iH Orteana Fdard HkteUy drowned great 4eal ert4r of aeawdeaUl vM Ui fhiatraj SL rend a YJVx i cru 14 0 Pfjit In the MM-mirt at Nr Oriraaa rtftt pe-depraicn the make of the typewriter used fnm Berlin to Moscow in writing th letter Previously" Police found the had been generally understood that the notes were hand printed fi York at poUco KUnx 1 UwL wZM CeftAHn frnM ew anw nw 4 Miami Fha in a Reports from mid esn surrounded gasoline tank of the Lithuanica empty Hence they believed that the pilot came down Intentionally but because of the fog was unable to see the treetopa The bodies wero badly mangled Several trees snapped under the weight of the plane Near the 3VKut katweew tl la ndw we p5 many Kctel when a Isddtr on Urt (q Qf eraployraent already treJw- Lr t' 7- 4 jr lu wif It jled MV itetft lit feLce weeidly with! i or vtwm i tkt he as LOS ANGELES July 17 (AT for divorce was filed by David Hutton baritone singer against Aimce Semple -McPherson Hutton the evangelist in tuperior court today "I am sorrjrto find it necessary to take such steps but the really well meaning folk of the temple need peace and a rest from hippodrome publicity in or-j der to carry on I must admit (and' also some gas and oil' that married life for me has been said no bed of rosea At times I was Airport officials rustled him tempted to call it a into a private room at airdrome state Instead of marital one" headquarters and- a doctor ex-Hutton said Jammed him Then he disclosed plans for a The airman gave orders to retheatrical career beginning on move the cowling of the motor correspondents who had not pected him to in Moscow particularly because he spent the night at Koenigsberg comparatively a short distance away were taken by surprise Tost climbed out stiffly as his plane taxied to a halt He swayed from exhaustion after his feet touched the ground "I need some work on the ship he up-grade od expanding Un te make a fw-i kided physical facilities to meet in xz lTf creasing demands for goods trwtUa tkai I heather was repslriag was dwl )U executive in South Caro and spot American cigarettes candies were found cn an anonymous tip and combed the neighborhood la Wert street between Tenth and Eleventh avenues last nigfc in a search for O'Connell which proved la vain With the passing yesterday of the 10th day since was seised from an automobile in front of bis Putnam strtet home the today again expected further in tiro Clio ns fro nr the young man's captors eithrr (Continued en page two) CLUriMAN OtIJ LONDON Jaf aal I'agUa-f St Jii wirt ii evented Uvsirat is It'll tCtr -v k3 art lie fieL Tl et eaffeve-dL He ta-d Caro and on that basis the higher wages would add fSdO0000 annually JL Speed was killed la 1 their purchasing pewer fU freaa boa car at Creaoaa1 The Lane cotton mills of Lon MltsiatlppL (CaaUaeed on pago two) Flight Net Approved NEW YORK July 17 (AP) Stephen Darius and Stanley Glrenaa li thus man American filers who crashed to their death (Ceatiaeed ea page we) I naee we The trie wkirh I wv s4 r4a3 8 s'Jret fll'T! T7TT rrr': Y5rTS I ef tl Ley dsrisg hi caplirity 1 said this indicated he -some mechanical about hoW long to stay in Moscow longer than-I Thursday He will open at a Long Beach theater and then nontinuo appearances in am eastward trek already booked Hutton months ago dropped out of the picture as temple bus-i he replied: lnM manager although he re-) can' help Aviators had experienced difficulty To questions he intended HOW THE WORLD IS RIDDING ITSELF OF DEPRESSION af th vtctisa la Sleeper Jailed farrt hia ahdartaea added saaee jfifTeshf I a March foe th iaasgaraled bsedtltlf rilg feeeaL rtale and ewaiy nf ay trtg th lart day af ie44 nsrriAMi II deidrd I rt'atwN aaS pa Ice ware lurtiw twin rec ef tl Iwakev's ak4 lew tog Editor note: What the weri4 delag nation by nation a4 people by peeplv to ceaqurr lb What I Turkey pro Wen and IuV and ITa and Era tiTt? Ad wfeal upeeial ree are ltd ofbr nations taking ta oe tjee preblrfra? Th AsaecisUd Ftses haa ask-ad lu rerrvepandeata la ather land fae tb answers Their It was noted that the plane was dripping gasoline from the undercarriage just below the seat This airmen said indicated a leak in one of the main tanks 1 Approximately 200 officials and employes of the airport' with a sprinkling of members of the foreign colony comprised (Coatinved page two) 4hVI I tWyt km jJt a it a La countries The debt problem' In South America particularly is major one and solution by freer movement of goods between American nations lies the wellbeing ef good portion ef this hemisphere generally greed Aritttlt Argentina la one ef them In that country recovery efforts center principally la commercial negotiation with' Great Britain Chile and Italy with similar dealing hi prospect rtih the United State and BrartL Maintaining debt payment and striving to balanes the budget also art involved problems that mained connected with the institution until few weeks ago Ha will ask for a portion of the community property Mrs Hutton advised her husband By cable the would arrive at Baltimore July 25 on the City of Havre Their marriage waa first and third She is the mother of two children both married Hutton gave vocal lessons and sang until hit marriage the evangelist Sept 13 1931 Shortly after hi marriage he was named defendant in -a breach of piocniaa suit by Mbs Haxal Myrtle Joan St Pierre comely corse pills af public works Industrial control and sUmuletioa of consumption and they era begin-I'd ta feel aomewhat bettor From the world economic conference a complete diagnoeU and a major operation on tariffs debts overproduction and slag gith money wsre ei peeled bat with th impending adjournment vt that consalutiea the nations nr re4 ta proceed with tho recovery programa they started maathn ago Then consist mostly of plans far helping poeple get money and epandleg It more freely and schema lavalvtsg the outlay of biniona for eonstroe-tion projects the prevention ef very red action creation ef demands far serials commodities 4 the Lb a mam Governmental auperrision of Industrie ranks high among these panaceas Italy the United States Germany and Russia are among its users and oil tin nitrate sugar wheat and cotton are products for which It has beet applied or soggeeted President Roosevelt's new deal has set an example at least for peed for many Into developments is anti-depression a vast reject Industrial supervision working codes inflation crop rortrictloa pries raising The first ef the cods dealing with the textile went I a to offset today In its nccens mide the hopes ef aevvral nations on the American continents era mom perhaps than thoao of European ntntM Loot said he takan by far bed nf dsage bv I etaed dtfttg hi cattJrtty oaf avty by It as If get In nsel at ef fm ntthtn tk aiglt are the basis ef three ll iWirtiti rsisied iiI nr stwiea prepared by TV leak erplalaed Is eu'A flefferad Asaoclated Preta art treated hr tk cable editor th nt af whkb rtr Hi waa gfeva ely Us'1 Anwricaa foh 77 artmUUm arargva rsrtxlit tl eTastt JhJ tts A stl bar! bCs4 err Is eat asdj aa-4 brake Im Lg In tee a re CCegTrigiled 1111 by The Asto- mmt firta I ft re Wiag famiih! -Ud Freo) uatlod th tah bafsee rg la 4 a asrte car seat ta sir aJ a Ter Ha a 2 meats tk nslioa af lb Istpp' led th werti have Veen taking tk NO CHANGE TENNESSEGt Generally fab tonight and Taesdayi little change of legal In teraperalnre i $5000 VIRGINIAi Fair tonight 'and South American country faces The cumber of coemployed In After several weeks Argentina act at 80000 in 1932 sitirpabhing she won Utile abaage la tern- aeem Increasing A cur-jodgmant fhlch Hutton (Ceotlaond pago sis) 1 pleaded is unabln to pay has Taesdayi perati.

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