The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1940
Page 6
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(PAGE'Si Di 'iscusses L'a'n ci'i An, Baseball Chain Systen Pro And Con BpSTON, Peb. 3 <t i"--iiasebrd 'men today applauded u- .subtler -of I,airy Mr.cPhall, fiery lirooklyi Dodger president, who ;n one breatli blasted Comm Issionc Kt-zitsav.' Mountain I^iiiciis' am 'chnlji slore coiivlcllciis nmt in the poimwl out Din d.ingtvs nf a 'system that, ijitylil rwniunlly Mfir •competition, H was a great speech he made to baseball .writers aiid ofllclats at the fourth' annual Boston baseball writers tliMiw !nst nlghl, but-tils 3,000 word ecu.ii,«iLiry 0:1 Judge Landls' recent .smasiimg of ihc l)e- troli Tiger farm 'system WHS jusl aUcut as Interesting la Mr. Average l r an as whs- l.indiv ovti lengthy pronouncement, ': Staging in elfect a one i«nn debate, MacPhall, who once tried to Kidnap the Kaiser nnd got away with an ash tray, dlscti.wd "Hie case for the commission! T" nnd .''defense of fnnn systems." ' The red-haired impresari.) of (lie Dodgers who brought nre lights, foot, races nnd floor shows to major leagues, said Lnndls' seven point bulletin following IILS freeing of 90 odd Detroit controlled players had thrown tjie gome Into "seemingly hopeless confusion" nnO that if something isn't clone In n hurry the "minor leagues nmy be Injured to « degree inquiring "years to repair the damage." • Identifying Landis as • "prosecutor, judge nnd jury." MncPIiall questioned the fairness of such n system. "There Is no appeal," he said. Today's Sport Parade Kf HENf.J McLEMOXX v HOLLYWOOD, Cal., pel,. 2. <v. , —Yesterday us I was sitting -MinwA Imviirg a cocktail in the S nme diy wlili Ifrdy I.amnir, I.sna Turner, Vivian Ix-igh and Jean Aithnr, some-cue mentioned that girl juc>.- uere ^oin& to ride hi a race. lit Ihe Aijua Cnlif-nU 1 track ijnf i'undny. i Hrul they sail! a submarine ici'l •«; fbjhled i n tny hnlhtiib I -i/i , A • ! IVlCCl Again • THE PAYOFF By .1KRRY HHO.VWIKU) NKA Service Sports YVrllji- The uuirds ar( , running wild f •Hull's the iwsitHoftii smry I the day us ( . as ,. crilk ,, agf6( , >< l>k season's :iop of buckcoiul inni Is tlir: (jrenurst iii year.'i 1'rob.ibJy (he i^t cxplanilion lor liiis Is (lie am -lias Reaction To Fishing, Hunting Ruleg Sought of :pc.<M]erl up .so wurfi that no r 'i-i • .,,,. .,.1 i-v i „ "' ; "" L " "V ••><-> mnm Him In 1 heir Hit Ihe Dock i ta " . «'"»'ii to use m™ Affair it l Die NKV/ . • — -- J >:-chninpI<)!is --. F'IVI. linini'ilhlely.told one .--,; mv Sati friinc-Isco and Mi-!lo -'-•-'• to c-fltcll ;i fliccl JJeftcon N V— »-ill nlvr> ' *' "lu [;l>^ i p./ iui!; Aposinll it ie position lor llielr defensive atlllty -' ihe hoop JIH- :ilCIIC. • pop Dial pill to go ask the parole com- K* of tliclr inictdlng new- for Will U or center. A do^i-n or more arc flashiri'. 1 AII-Amei-lyft lorui, with two of t'-ie 11* of; l«'i«l'ng candidates vejy much on '" '"'"'•' ••'''" Bobby Morrs , Mo., Frb 2. J>. K. nosier, uresldent'of Hie Pemteot Wildlife conserwt'fefi League, aiiDOMiicetl ycsu-nlay tljat « meeting ol i'emlstoi County, sfjcrtsnien Dad been' called for nm llmiwlay nlghi, Feb. 8, - a t ,)„. 'llih si'hool biiiidlns Merc at T.'M '. M. KepreseiUativcs of the 1'RJPAY, FEBRUAKY 2, 104) ^~~ ' Conservation Commission wJJI be preseni to get the reaction itl residents of Uils vicinity to new jegnlutio/i.s inking of (Isli „,„«,, icr inictng new- . if il would b« all rijjht dr:);,)a "HU Hie l)Kk" ImMH ,-H ' hau!lJ<T, i,; only o to ex - .misier Orlbbl«r and Uil IK n«ll IB " ' '" U "" t " - o f, mr.uijj y| J|v|| ;md game. liev. rosier stated tliat till interested persons of Die <;oun> " will be given the oppoi'tunlty .to (xjjres:! then- opinion rnlatln- to ilii- nev; rules jnd regulnilous at or me to go to Mexico over the Madison vfek end, Oiinicji. I bill chusc-s U-et 8 of ', "'"'. - I Al iw liiitwl shuwlni on J.ui. D. l" cs E°°" lor seven or eiaht points it!! H i,^ coli'fnts to Id. mo go tliU olfi-rlivg evoked r> gr«il Inu-lv-1 (-'Vt-ry eiilne. Jerry Slolncr Bull.') i until (,, ihc MrdcT. down Mexlc-n Un-ly of mlugletl nrnvos, l/)0-i rjitl! l ' a l ital:l '»«l [mcemaker U'ttii'liv-li 1 vay Uni sluglng at this momniK. nyiirj bottles, r.ltfr Frisco Vied hit|*l"> l 'to' p . "W lias an nnmzlno u-! veil If you nron't* I'll be at, Ciil- (lie deck llirlce, southpaw lleuini' ' point nverat-e. The other lilj'ui Tl .IJLIVK.IVII ^ijuiuL' \.innil l li, i Ml11 - '"w.^v-.-, (mvjiy uj (l(;ld(|/.>i(-.-i I n rt \ At 1U Initial sliuwlni on Jan. D. i lle ' s E° ocl for seven or ela)it points i Ctliada Seeks tliU olfi-rln^ evoked >\ greiil Inu-lv-1 "'fry eiilne. Jerry Stclncr, Buili'i i t> T i't~'i- I l.LU.I., r.t ......,.!,,! V , . '. .l,r.,,nl>, ., .1,1 .. _ ,. . , LJOilOFS 10 AlQ ITOOUS you when tlie' girls B pt to gal- once and nn uiifortnnati' UoltU- . WillioiU ovf.r liavlna seen slfutk rlngslcler oiii;e. irl jockeys in aclloil I ,su-onf,>ly The first iicrforiiiaiiiie. v/iis t,l uspect there Ls go;i>s lo be a lot 12 nets, but tonight's .show hv; f double connected v.'lih llio bfen expanded lo it. Tlii.s ionuer l|lole ''i' 1 '!!' ilLslunci! Is a major ivuson why In the first [-!acc. no one Is yr- A|)ojloll is the 0-f> fuvorlle lo re- iB to be able to Identify the peal for llic , (iculslon. Apostoli. they get on by the silks of former middlinveiijht kins, is a slow 10 jockey. Don't try lo tell 'me sillier, while Mello. Conner li«hl int. any girl is Rbing to wear any heavy chump. staiLs (ast but imi- Iks ilml ni-c lianded (o her, re-, ally fades In the later of Chlaugo lif; Ix>yo!a In 20. Nifties of ihe southwest ars Pot? Oreiisy, who Is nverajln<; * cfclit points n gnnie fur Baylor. 'jTn'1 Cnrasvcll, Klee captain vdo litis an uveraste better thnn 10. HI:HI:TTA 01-- PUKDUI; is BEST CDAIll) IN HlC TUN Cill Huffniun. Tennessee captain and third of the great .......... • -~ "^ ..... i ""f >..wv., .1, V..L., (ju,ii^. i ,ii in unit! 01 ino yrenl Turi or color, out. or fit. Th<?; It xnusl be emplmsi/ed that net- ' basketball family is the Vest - ' nde JoeJ<eys becoming (o Insist Uim's . Ji did i ULIU,1*1115 rtjmut'A of blue, nfj not hit the deck fit the first per- (itlcr what (he renl colors .ire of forninncc. Insleatl he hit Die ceil- •e owners they are: rilling tor. Ing after Aposloll had been awarded id If yoii think any red head In the decision. Jimmy shouted "We ic bunch is going out drcs>e;l In wua robbed!" so loudly that the cerise shirt, then you don't Ijoxlnu commission suspended hhn low as milch about women us (or GO days. This suspension will drf. | go Into effect tomorrow. Another filing, what woman is Many of the fistic fraternity going to pay nny attention to Hie thought Grlppo justified because instructions given lo her In the IJctlinii .seemed to huve n slight jii&mwiiuiw given to ner In me uminu seemen IB nuve n slight Lou Possner, who has been I paddock by Ihe (miner as to how, edge In rounds won. nllhoiigh he 10 nnd 12 points a game he wnnts the horse ridden? She'll tired badly In the latter rounds. Olihhonm A. and M ins n ride the horsn hiit n<: <:lin i^ipnvi^ i The referee, exnli^hied Inter ttmi >ir» lin^t AH A...^...^^ ,,'.. '.' .* toiincl guard in the south, but'lie isn't finite the scorer tliat Lnyton Roust- of Kentucky is. diet Atibiiclion of Michigan Slat; hns altraclcd notices In cveiy game he hns played. Fred ISeretta of Purdue is iJjr best guard in the Bl'j Ten. Colorado htw a sllek number In TORONTO. Out. (UP) __ T )ic Canadian Red Cross has made a I call lor 1,200 volunteer donors lo give blood for Canadian troops oiw.s-cn.s. Those men wanted must bi- in good health and between (he liBes of 2t iiiul so. About half 11 |)int of blood will Ijc taken each lime a donor presents himself, and he will not bo called more than once every two months. The Comiitughl Laboratories are to prepare serums to be transported lo troops avei-seas. | Only recently have means been discovered to keep blood s?rtuus safely for tin indefinite period. Formerly, it was only possible to keep the serum for 10 days. , Research (vorkert-, including those of the Department of Physiological Hygiene, at Ihe University of To- I'he average woman is Independent had penalized Uetllna a couple o! "It is apparent that Judge Lan- dls. feels that, nny set-up which permits one mnjor league club to control 25 or 30 clubs ana own 100 or 800 players is fundamentally unsound. Continued development ntong these lines may mean that Jialf a dozen organizations will eventually control several thousand ^players. This would be ex' ' ' dangei-ons mid would tremelv .threaten baseball at Its very foundation—the source of talent supply.-"; ;•"• -, -V • •' Defending Ihc farm system, he pointed oul (lint in the "horse and uuggy" days—befcre radio, movies and automobiles — minor leagues were able to operate profitably but the growth of these three Institutions /pilotving the world war had reduced baseball from « : leagues. SCO clubs • and more thqn - 7.CCQ players, to/11 '[bankrupt", Iciigiics, 75 .clubsland less than 2,000 plfiy- erafby-V.932. / i ;. .; . v • He credited Branch Rickey'ofliie' Cardinals rind his system of farm chains tlm(. spread so > rapidly; wiUi-lhe renewed prosperity of tiic; inlno'rs. Hcipoiiit- ed'Wt-niat 41 •Ieagtiesfv'fliilshed ; the 1939- ( season, with.275 clubs nnrt 6,000; playeis. • ' ..-.,.• MacPhaii; estimated thai Laiidls' receijt ruling would cost the miii- ors S3,000,COO IjnUuqlly In subsidies He. aid', hs^ iihtl -telegrams 'from' wore (hah 30 minor league presidents indicating ''The'unanimous belief thai the' farm system saved minor league baseball" and that at least 15 of Ihem were doubtful »s to whether their leagues could operate' unless there is a modified-! lion of Landls' bulletin. • Landts- plan lo abolish all farm i systems probably would necessitate rewriting all the major and minor 1 league rules and •• could not possi- «ly be put Into effect before 1041" he said: • ' I "I am In accord with ils objectives," he added, "But, I am net Prepared at this time to agree as to Ils practicability In ail respects. How-anyone can jump to the conclusion he Is Cor it or against II i overnight Is beyond me. "There Is a suspicion in my mind that some of the brothers 'of the oppcsltion arc unduly alarmed. I haven't seen anything over the judge's signature slating- he is committed to all the details of this plan, or that he favors it -lock stock and barrel. Possibly the result the judge expects and has in mind will be good for all of us. "Three hundred-clubs In basebad cannot operate successfully when the owners cicn't know what Ihc rules are or what they are goin° lo be. On the other hsnd, 1 sincerely believe that the rules shotiW be revised to prevent further development of n system, which in some respecU, is unsound; ami which if expanded, may eventually stifle fair competition in professional baseball." ) Read Courier News Want Ads. m ., , and set down for the remainder of J,' r " ?1 the meeting became of eosslpin;; ' COIllfoit- t ..... ^., „ ,^,j mijmiimii. mi.' , wbo'll bo able to believe the iveivjlils 'able- living us n professional mi t Agun Cnllentc on Sunday? Wo-| elcian, threatens tlml he will de- men just don'l go flrouml revealing their honest weights mand a legislative investigation of Don Thuiman. A prize sophomore' Is I.oyoh's Lou Possner, wild has been hlltimt cclk ' -- --" ' in the blood. In England, there donating one pint i roiito. have discovered that the I secret is to remove the rc;l blood' nnd only the serum is left I All-America candidate in ji^ .(Cub) Rciiick, choctaw Inrllan Intl who was tiiird in Missouri valley scoring last year nnd nn nll-lengul- selection, critics rate him one of the most colorful ylaycrs in t!ic country. The coast lists; Ken Davidson of Stanford us nil outstamlfao Among Ihe California'.* . cinch for All-Amcricn, guard. forwards, Souilieni vhuglm Is a month. nre 100,080 of blood n Some historians claim America once was called F^i Sang.and that a Buddhist missionary visited 'II as early as 450 A. D." „.„... , u , „„-,„„,..,-,„,, ,,,„„ , ne , 3 mini num-.M wfiBi.ii.1. Ulc 1)l)xlt 'S commission if lie da- other posl wide open The soutti- Anl what will happen in case of tccls "anythlnj scicw.v" about to- [ pii w from Honslerland has been -i a photo finish? Is there any wom-j night's decision. He has clven the ioiic-maii show in every game Fif- im with insufficient vanity to think commission the names of two men teen points is a poor ni»!>t they're taking a picture o n of the; lle dms not - want to officiate to- m8ht "" <icl ' ftil i' circuinstunccs. be horse she Is rldlnt' nnd not- of liev Once slie realizes there Is a 'jnssi , billty of having her picture (nkcnj nl Hie llnlsh line shfi will forget in'omiscs. nil iibont riding and spend the last lhe Jal1 - 5ln ( 'B ! >t drew only flvi nni. l\i f,f n ..,11 . .,,.J .,,..(.,,. TTH,-. flODUt £19.00^ l]\lt 11, IVRIJ Klr"1l fl , i o , , irv «ii.arvi', iiijiiaj 15AITI.KS lurige or irfwce," Grippo No[ ns fa>l Qr dever; ^ ^ Mn _ slstceiUh of. a mile primping. TlK Kl.l >.y<-1 til I uj n Illll^ JJIJJlJptljg. 1 11-w , ' > — • " horse,.will have lo get alonir Ihej t«i-iller nnd caused so imlch con- best he can,as the sal Jockey pow- lrovcl ' s - v lnilt Pi'omolcr Mike Jacobs •s her nose, udjusls her cap - ! !X ". c j : .''J ilcr more becomingly, nnd daubs on fresh lipstick. When she crosses' ... i which ... .>i,i ; the finish line she. will be sitting ' . w straight up in (he s h the camera the old s Don't be surprised if. after this race with lhe. pii-l ;ockey.s. you rend such stni'tllnj Information ns . . e saddle gtvlmji hellv - v ' cl '°»» k » ld smile. exccptlonnlly fine l if after his 'E" 1 s«aps. a sate of al le:isi $-10.00!) Aforcover this battle to determine lilcli ihull challenge for the light icavy crown is .supported by t.ivo • 10-round llahl- Tlie semi-linal toecther Sammy Angott, the Ij011lsvl lc E llils: "Miss Fifi Mahoiie.y was svs- pciutpd for ten days by the ;Uw- ards for tin-owing her compacl ot Jockey Marie Otalm!-; while, romu!- Or- the far. lutn." of. Chicago; two ouUtnnding 135 T pounders. In the other 10-iovmder, Imrd-lilttlng Billy .vim-quart, of Win- W.irtcliano of give the meets New York. . Promoter Jnrora AJinstoll-Dettlna winner .. heavy title shot in lhe last •MKs Eunice Partsmnrt and Mta of x, al N Doris -Chuiy were lined $100 well m .?, , ri«hi ' " * v n n ' on: the lod»y' B ; rUnnlnK of the Lassie . Stakes. ' Leachville Team Wins Over Paragould the vk'lor of the .uvl at Miami on Feb. 28 champion Billy Conn and Jslstent n scorer Is Bill'Hupac. illl- om > jno)s' «-foot. 2-Inch captain, easily lhe leader In the Wcst:rn "Conference nt his position. " Banks MePatlilen. Clcmson'? foal- bnll All-America. Is making'H greni bid to repent on the court by averaging better than 12 points. •" Si Lobello of Long .Islnnrt lends the Metropolitan League in s-orlng but has rivals in Moe Becker of OiKjiiesnc, Gus Grobevg.of Dart- inoutli. Jim Bennett of. Cornell and Bobby Lewis of N. V. U. .',-r. " Oklahoma offers .Jiinni angles. John Adams ^., uoai has averaged 15.points a gftme. 'Hie Rocky Mountain sector has a conp'lu of ctetid-eyes in ,Hoyt Brawncr of Denver and Nick . Witts of Utah, (Vlio huve averages of H. Oregon has fallen fnr siiort of its 193D caliber ivlien the Webfcet wan Lcllo light be Gns Lcsitevlcli. For tonight's melee Apostoli expected to scale 170 pounds, about live less than lieltina. Science Softens Discipline BERKELEY, Cal. )-Prorc^ independents defeated the Para- i,^.., 11 ., 1 -rpiilil live 45 to 23. A return game lo mnkl|1 . ..: Unlverslly O f California iMcNptt, all of Arkansas the National Collegiate croivn but big John Dick is still the best scoring hand In Hie p.iclfb northwest. " -,-, Lending center candidates nre Virgil (Country) Wllkerson ^of i'otilhern Methodist, \vho cages nnywlierc from 10 to 20 points a night; Oeorgc Prat her. Alabama's brilliant sliol-makcr;' neb Callhan of Detroit, Jack Harvev of Colo- - - ' • ant. They have found thai Ihe old time method of forcing children to write hundreds of times will be played nt Leachville. Fojmosn Gets Health Tin „ MONTGOMERY. Ala. (UP)-AI-1 ",V, ',? , WrltC ''""IWds C abama health Ideas arc going to " lsspcllc{1 l ™, rtls ls nfilhn c((cc Formosa. large Japanese isluml. "'I,"f ,° "T"' They """ ll Dr. Takenvune Soda, health officer i J£ U 'J° 'l..!^ of the govenmicnt general of For- nos.1. has completed a survey of lealth work In this state. . arvey ol Colo. ln «, re contribution rndc . aud aeorge oinmack of North school life more pleas- Carolina. ^Thcj- all make the bell rinj. Little Rock - 4 COMPANY Pine Bluff - Fort Smith ,, hls . c - ves ' v «"«'«c the just close word nnc FARMERS work it out at his own pace. Read Ccurler News want ads ATORCE CASH For 1938-1939 Government Loan Cotton Louis Applebaum 1«T St. titi. . Rytherflte, Artti PHONE 167 L.D. 19 Let Us Arrange A ~" LOAN AND REMODEL FOR ADDITIONS AND IMPROVEMENTS ON YOUR FARM BUILDINGS Loans Made On Yearly Payments 24 Hour Service EASTARKAI^S 204 NO. 2nd Don't wait! Come in now 6 And (Jet a Month Guarantee Plan ON MANY LITTLE'S {'ersnn- ally Endorsed Used Cars ]fl.3fl Chevrolet Deluxe Town Sedan. Radio & Heater, black color, only... : 1039 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe. Low mileage. A licnuty ;'.'• Sft-15 IMS Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe. Looks like new $-115 19:57 Chevrolet Coupe. A good car .. §3-15 1936 Chevrolet Coach. Radio special 5295 1 !W(i Dodgrc Sedan, city driven, only §225 J.US Chevrolet Deluxe T. Sedan. Hadio, Heater Slu5 19,17 Chevrolet Town Sedan $;j(j!) 193S Chevrolet Sport Sedan. Motor completely overhauled. Heater, new .seal covers...'. §425 ))' C .i!?',"'£ a cnm l )lc ' 1 ' I'ne of Trucks. T.argc & Small, '/z-.i/t & !</, Ton, AH Makes. Our prices are riffht. Easy G. M. A. C. Payment Plan Open Nights & Sundays Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Phone 63,3 PLENTY OF SIZES for the so called "HARD - TO - FIT" 212 SHORT LONG PORTLY STOUT SHORT STOUT A large selection of Mansfield ENTIRE STOCK OF MANSFIELD TOPCOATS $23.75 Some demon statistii-mn has figured that 37.7^ of Ihc nation's men wear "irregular" sizes. Mcad'» .stocks are boupht Iccord^- 1> . . . so even at sale-limc, stout, short and (all men will find their fit here in suits that nlU -stay fit permanently I We suUcsl • V ° U ,°re r aSo S "T^ SCrve J '° u pnm ^ "^ ' our stacks are amplo . . . | or prims will soon be history! Hait Schaffner & Marx SUITS TOPCOATS As Usual the Best Is Always at MEAD'S 315 r- MAIN 315

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