The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1940
Page 3
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1940 Fakers, Keep Out! J3MTHEVILLE (ARK.)" COURIER NEW,'} " ?t Hxv government Broadens Control Over Patent Medicines Through New Law OATTON °" AWf| .'il Easter Sunday ' aalignant diseases that- can only 1 T" ','"" .'" e -treated by a physician" 'Wartmens. Those with No reputable drug manufacturer " lm>i m " sce " lju " fi ^"- f course,, would protest against! T " hat kind- of action. There is' less iinanimitv, how- ver, about (iiat- part of ihe new H' alined at remedies wlihili con- iln driies-'that may lio I-a'ail- jnnlng and dangerous. In some cases the makers li.ivc svlsed their formulas to chief of Die micro-analytical purity of tomato piodncls Six Hundred From souri School Mexican Trip COLUMBIA. Mo. I UP)—Half the student Ijcdy of Stephens college is I>V Vourier t'urifsftn \VASH1NOTON, Jan. 27.— It was lalici; wlicu i-x-tourt. jvporlnr nmed up with a race track triiin- • a few years ago and picked ) his frrmula for horse limmeni, ft v.'iisn'L chance- when he iwi>:in 'Hirig the eonttocllon as a if ttibeiciilbsls— a |M\verful ''cure" lot raised bitf blisters W' prove s efTieacy. Bttt, It was cliance again that the iverimtent eonld put, a slop to business. The mere fact thai IP remedy was fantastically use- ss wasn't enough in those <\nys to irce it, oil' the market. Mnally, Uy because Die srller of (he no.i- •um chanced to credll, lestimo- lals to a dead patient, the gov- •ntnent was able to prove the ex- nirt reporter KNEW the remedy as usEless and was able to hnl'i ie whole business. EW ttEGULATlOK'S FFECTIVE THIS VK.Ut It Isn't ciiance now that the ocd and Drag Administration has orhed- into Ihe law increasingly ringeiit regtiliitloiis to protect the nblic from dnngeroiis, ndulter- ted ,or fraudulent foods, drugs or 2auty preparations.- Hnal section!! ' the latest foo<l. drug and ecs- letics law went into effect Jan. I. Part of the law has been in peratlon for move than a year. nder it the administration " Ijas sen able to give the kind of serv- •e Its officials have been aiinina since the first food nntl dim' ct was passed in 1906. No longer can charlatans cr ig- oramtisL's mix: swamp water and corice and sell the result .EK a shopping for Spanish diciionaucs" lire cure for mankind's most ; book.? on Mexican history uid cadly diseases. • j Easter clothes for wear in a'seiiu Back in 1933, when the famous tropical climate. 'ugwell bill was introduced, 11 Uiijgage, GOO sets of il. has been lorm of iirotest, was raised against ! hauled out of storage clo«efi s slriiiBent provisions. These were | packet! and re-packed. itlmately motiified in the Cope- 1 Six hundred of the school's 1,500 md bill, and in some .New, :Dtnl i! ivls will board' a special train' on iiarters there were complaints March 21 for what probably will at the bill had been emasculated. ' lje lhe greatest hcyira of sludcnU 7te' Pcod and Drug Admlnistn- r ''°ui any .single college lo a for- ioh doesn't feel tliai way. ,'eign country. fOLD StOUE POWER Accompanied Uy a score of -liap- VEB. PATENT AIDS erons.the girls will travel to Me\ Britain's Aerial Anin/on* PAGE THREE; WASH'INO'ro.V. (»!•) -A'.lmln!v ii-iiiliui fhi-in niildnls who luivo 1 Inn compleinj ;! . S | U< | y <„ | 1IM( | vahu-s for Ihe past 26 years today that ihtut Is vlnimlly no liosslbllliy of a land p:-ii-e rilch as lollowi'd oiitbK-iX of i!m World Win-. Tlia study was made In an elfori (0 answt-r thousmids ot iiutuiries Lt'IiiK received by liie A«:leiilluni Hepaittneiit. Bureau of Agrleul- j turn I 1'Monoitilcs exjierls suuxlil ! lhroui>h Hie years to chart the probable conr.w of land values durinir [ii<> next few yeais. I-and values him-asi'il lalily steadily mull the. ovithn-'il- of lh'« World War in I'JH. Then high prices for farm products—iQ-ceul louon and 52.50 whcRt—.iciul Innd prices skyrocketing In ,,n uniJi.r- alieled speciiliillvc limim. follapse Uulned Kirmt'is Dy WW land values were 70 pel- cent above the iBrMftH average. Millions of iiiriiicrs went deeply into debt to buy land-and went broke-,when prte collapsed. The deelino that set in in I9a) cut land values one-third by liwo. When the depression slump Hit T , farmers lull lorce in liijo. land llll'ec values skidded alarmingly and -uy 1933, were 2T per cenl i;elow lhc pre-war average. Alter nuj v.ilncs In Ihe principal iis-riciilimal sec- lions ugnla moved uuwuKi, the; rise bcglJining in ici-ws , K i ux lt , a j > -•;.';.'^^. *"-^, [ : K^- f. .•:."" I.' j t *ni :.j^.-,; On 3? lSi»fl?y^iI:IilifflSI ; ;:i quick. British women pilots of the " ships from Air Tmnsjiorl Auxiliary hurry (o (heir pliines, Tl'cr. ( 'nl.'is. thus relieving mule pllol» for front Hue iliny sane n solo, MN Cor«.'|^e Cole- mnn, homo demonstration 'ejjeril lulhci! (o tli« club niemlrfrs ubout Hie iicllvltk's [or tire eomlirf your nntl J, j. plcljren, county nveni talked oil "Mtikliiif Our Club Mo i Hlllc-lent- anil pining our yej,r Book." lU'al C'lii-sly Kmiilt Found IIHIfiBANB. Australia. tUPl —A HMnrh chest e/.panslati Ls Urn pit,ltd IJOUM, of R. Malcolmson, a 25-ycnr-old limber cutler, who, c;ime to Hrktene /rain (he biisli lo Join the Roynl Australian Air J-OJIT. Dcclojs put the dipt round his chest, which was u normal men.surr-mc-iil of 3a hiehc-.s ami asked him to cxpnml, jji> did— until lire tnjift ivjuurcd 42 Indies, PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock Gimnwk'od llcsl 1'ric.cs Kirby Drug Stores Tiiciv ( 1 . I,.., ' " ol 'imcs As M Births As Deaths poi'led During U no" danger of 'I! Rc- ~ In Mississippi - Ll -- -- ---- . ..I..1UH b|[U ( 1 . I,.., , .iinomu. of the morfjagc on insny '. " ol "''""••is farms, , j Coiiiuy in tt le neur fnlnin ns v;c- ln a large percentage of cases, ' orrts ™" tillll <- ¥ l» sllow tluit abiiut fanners owed more mi nli;n-pijccd ; t '" oc "iiH's us miui.v btible.s me "The act recognizes the loriiU- ( • — -' • ""—• *"•""<< acy of honest patent medicines", lupe> lhc , lvlexlcan Pyramids, Cojo ays Dr. p B Dunbar n.'sis'-inl' acan •Zochimilco. The student? hief of the. Food and Drug' Art- I!"" bs . 8UCSls ttl !1 reception guen illustration. "The type lhat .'s .'it- ,-?' ^" lbassaclor a»<l Mrs. Jossphus le short of criminals thouuh is' Uamels """ al special programs he :lypc which is put out i'f 5r! I'rccstUejl by Ihe National Uni\ei- -• ' '-isuy and various Mexican federal stout. ._,- mornlm; (lie , girls will go lo the centuries-old .- National Cathedral for the Iradi- j tlciml and colorful mass, consld- I ered one of (lie most beautiful re- I llgions ceremonies In lhc worht. i Also on ihe Easter program is a tour through Chapultepee Castle. Innd. they had purchased a lew ycjrs earlier inau il would bring on iho market. 'I lie concurrent slump (n pi-Ices of farm products ( , | made It impossible for them lo ,j i meet principle and inleresl pay> incuts. Cnlinlnatlng In many thousands of foreclosures, land values again turned upward In ISM, but- increases' were moderate. Vnliisi lor Ihe country as a wnoie rose 1 per lent each year from 1933 lo 1037. In 1038, coincident wiln lhc recession, farm real esialc values declined slightly. Hut they turno;! upwaru again laic ui ttie yeai- muj by the end of 1933 were again at approximately the I!I31 level. itisc 'Called Kcacllon Africiillnre Department land experts regard lhc rise in land vate; since 19M us, more of n reaction I rum the sharp decline that preceded it than as any Indication that another "land lioum" may be In tne making. As a result ot the wide lluclun- tion in farm prices, iarmcr.s generally have lost their confidence In Innd as a secure Investment, they •ia'ici. This is expected lo rc'lard any Week-old chicks are led Vi.a- ^?'!^ 'S!' f«" *°^' U ' erc min'D preparations "by D," Chester D. Tclle senior - ' ter D. Tclle senior to test, potency • om, even sou ere b s " bstn "'!" 1 '" Cre!1Sli " 1 :i' rte ' ' as llieif are deaths. The county boasts u population ot Sll,- Ihc deaths for 19;|3 may not Iw coiu|)letc, due lo phy- slctn,ns being slow In sending in reports lo the Mississippi Counts Health Unit, a tatal of 5(1 death':; i have been reported compared le IG3U blrllis. in J9:i8, there wwe OSI deaths compared lo m-i births. The lowest- dentil rate .since a check wns- kept was in 1021 when (hero were only 524 hut Hie population lins Increased since thai time. Of IheSll deaths reported, pneumonia led in the causes with 'M fatalities, seroml on ihe list was '.heart disease which tolaletl •!!!. •Still born was third.In Ihe list with (7 -lives luiil. Accidental 1 deaths claimed 3^ and (lie toll of tuber-' -:ulosls was 33, Paralysis caused :il denlli-s, diarrhea nnd premature Willis each loftk 'M an.-t kidney disease 22—-Use same number killed by cancer. Twelve died from malaria, ten from diphtheria, seven from ruptured appendix, six from mental .diseases, six from child tlrlh. fever, two from trom Influenza. blo-ciie, M )10C|1C1 »'^- he quantity of the 'supposed!)' 5' le . Io ' mcr »°'»e of -the iragli: lihg'erou's drug. In others, caveful |" nxuml ">« and his Empress Car- ibels warning against- exces.;lv? or A?'. ang-continued dosages nir a-reed vl!i| Ung the anc-icnt archaeologl- o. ' ' ' • • :CRl zone of Tecilhunenii, the girls Then; are cases where the man- "'-" ' see relics of the ™tra, iinle- /RCturcr simply does nni. ni™ 'J:?" n = Ai:tee . llllci Possibly even f . "','1" ' )ro<ltlcls '' j Another factor is the ability of — __ __ , ___ _ the nation to expand production . . °" available acreage to meet any indicated they needed a "blind conceivable Increase in demand date;-- and Hint. too. will be ar- There Is little or 'no possibility 'of la " 8 ™- n- "Innd shortage" such as OCAS entertainment aboard train a curred in 19H-1U1D to force prices bridge tournament has been nr- sharply upward. ranged and. movies will be shown. Government ' control pro»rtuns liesldes the retinue of chaperons and low : prices thai .have forced several nur.;es. and a doctor svilt marginal 'land ot'it'of cultivation' ac:ompany Ihe slmlenti. . . not- agree liat Ills preparation contains u rug which can be liunnfii:, an<l re the administration lakes ie opposite prsitlo.n nnci n court, lust- decide. VORK AGAINST HUG DANGERS The Food and Drug Adminislra- on wants It made clear that is not trying to keep people rom treating iheir own minor all- ncnts through remedies bought ni he drugstore, nor Is it seeking to i.'," „ iave all drugs put under lhc re-' -• tr let ions cf a physician's n«- cription. crated Catholic shrine of ., America, that of the Virgin of Onadalupe. the only duly canon- ked Cainolic saint ol obviously Indian origin. Moior trips to Puebla nnd Cu=r- nnvaca will take the party through ancient Indian villages over a mountain pass of IO.OUO feet altitude and will provide a view of lhc [JCtI and Ixliicei- -.. -„. „ „.. Schedule En route to Mexico and on the Kress hiive i educed tilled acreage by aoout SU.oto.ooO acres In the past. 20 years. With higher prices and 1 increased demand most of that icd lo cultlvn- To Go To Pine BIuH {J"f woukl l)e return The. acreage planted In cotton. Dwlght Bow-en, ivho for years has made his home in theville while serving e ly °'' ^ from h " S more than -lO.OOO.OM _ 1 '" l>IOCcl return trip the girls will visit he picture probably won't, be eu- Irely clear until a number of test ases have been disposed of. Dru gs, of course, represent only ne Item on Hie administrations 1st. Some or the worst exhibits in ts famous "Chamber of Horrors" ame from the Held of cosmetics, n tills field the new law enabled he administration to take swilt inrt effective Rction. He's Justice. So's She ABSECOiV. N. J. (UP)—Mr. and rfrs. Fred Shaw are both Justices >f the Peace. They have nainc- ^nkes, Mr. nnd Mrs. Warren Shaw )f Passalc, who previously were he - only man and wife holding >fficc.>^ns Justice of the Peace in ^ew Jersey. Chief subjects of pre-trip conversation among the students were the stops at Kelly Field, army aviation school near Ban Antonio and at New Orleans where the girls' will he guests at a ;Tutaue. .University dance. Weeks v ago each girl recorded her escort preference for these dances. Those .who had friends near enough to nltend sent I their names and addresses lo sponsors of the tour, those who didn't tnfviiii: wnne serving a? manne-r , «««;„, «,-v^.v UU .im:., of the locals. K. Kress% ton hr( 25.000.000 acres; wheat acreage been notified of hl,triu,sfer to . iusrl)ee " ram:crt r ™» more liun Pine Bluff transfer to so.OCtf.COO acres lo 65.000.000 acres, He antl Mrs. Bowen will leave 1 ","'' S" 8e . ln "»»y olhcr crops nest week. Mi. Bowcn will he sue- ceeded he-re by R. E. Igleharl, who has been assistant manager in the Hot Springs store. He and Mrs.' Iglehnrt and daughter came Wtxi- nesday night. I E. W. Foust, local assistant mnn- ' ager. goes to Little Hock as nssk- i tant inana°cr. .1. o. Paul of Alex- ' Skvhrt *, n, SALT LAKE „• ' nlglilly sorvli-es, Mrs. nuidipv' Is Kirnieily ol Manila. Mts.< Edu Decl-.ev. IUM n- turned Irotn tiattle Cvtek, Mich , ii-here she visited relatives for the JJiisl. few days. ' ' Kaymond Jloncli of Kfniilla left Monday for Utlle Hock to enlist In Iho United States Navv 1 . Mr. nnd Mrs. Hall Vpuhg of Paviujomd nnncunee lhc bhlh of a daughter, bom Jan. '27 Mrs YHHIHI. daunhtcr of Mr. O, It. fjhelliy, of Maiilln, ore doiny nicely. Hi'. Cl. S. Atkinson who 1ms been 111 for the past few days Is report. ed lo be improved. . and Mrs | )n by' Well, That. Was A Good Time To Lei Eddie Do 11 MANKATO, Minn, (UP)—Dynamite, like women—so ex|ierus s'ny— •• grcws increaslnt'ly loitcliv w'ltlv - ;c. IMdle Becker, didn't know II, ; Kddlc, \vho was only doing his 1 , duly ns he saw it. walked Into the. 1 police station here, dumped n blij box on the "I found this stuff In n shed t was cleaiihiB," hi' said, wipplnn on Hie box fur attention. "What do you want me, to do with ti?" "What's ! in 11?" the desk scr- uskcd. 4-rr Notes Cole lUdue Tlic Cole Hldsc Clul) inol . , ,->»• • ** vjtvuj mv; 1 liurstliiy wllli Kil(j«r Sawyer prc . three from heal stroke, two Of the IU30 births, -1173 were to white parents and -in7 to nc-<rop:;. Manila Society—Personal Eighteen dull memliers wcin present. The uroitji opened the ineelliiK by slnshiu '-Yiinkee Duodle" which was led by Maudle Fr.iiiks, sony captain. Tin) lollowlnu pvoijram wasi;lvcn: "February Heroes" by (he C >HI[ ); rending by Cleiuldlnu Singitilon 1 piny, "Our Country's I.'||, B >' |,y'Alice nmiBlns. Eiliini- aawyer, Cecil Kay and Cecil Hrendy. Mildred Lung- ley, Alice Douglas. Cecil Ruy, Sue L.u>i(jliiy and acnililliu! Slnglclon snnif it solid, "Drenmlng." J. J. Pick-ion, county agricultural agent, ami Miss Corn -Coleman, home demonstration nuciit, discussed plans for IDIQ, • * • Ilox Elder Thirty seven club members iintl fouv leatlcis were present at lhi> meeting of tho nox Elder 4-u Club Tuesday. .lewd l,cc itolln le;l (he club In singing "Hwlnij Low Sweet, chin-lot." Mlas Cora tjx Colcinnn, home dcmoiistrntlon iigenl, mid j. j. plckivn, county iiljenl, discussed 4-n clilb nlans '— '"'" and the •-- - "-• ' -.-: U,e ^lel'Tthe' Sa™' ^ $? ine chl,..- in-ekcd under tho box ,. , ss <,M,y mo4«e rtv d. ««rt the rtou-calcher, who Just . The follow nf club captulns unyc - , . h"|.pc.ied to lie around, tirow.led reports' n.k „ iku « • " . The chlet didn't, sny n word, Tiie desk sergeant ociild not. Anil thi! iliiB-culcliei- also prudent the ! club Look." said Eddie, rapplnn the ' ,,,„ s]nvtl . ', i ™*-: 1 .. ^, to .^' wta - OlmrK u'e you wtint me lo put this." sergeant couldn't, Dorotliy Maxwell : prcsltbd over niectliig of Ihv Oosncll l-H opened with IK Low .8woot I) Icd by Virginia Cook, jsoilu captain. Talks were jjlven by the following: ta- daughter. Miss Eillili T'liiton, wenl luarry three miles from town. to Memphis Tuesday lo see "Done Tllc «etlng chief didn't curry U, With the Wind". They were ac- ''' htl (iesk sergeant couldn't Icnve IlKMIiUBEK LEFTY'S Service Station for Mobiloil and Mobilgas Now Mnmiged- by Waller Cox, Jr. and B. M, Murray See Us For Anti-Frecze! STANDARD TIRES AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! A S CAc Per Week Uw As On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ander. La., replace him. come Monday to Abyssinian "Fuzzy Wuzzy" women gum their hair over a network of wood. m:nly called burros—lire pretty well known, especially in western fiction. But there's a new llocky Mountain variety now. It's Ihe "Rocky Mounlain Skylarks"— n group of young Salt Lake City business men who have purchased two small planes and are cooperatively learning to 1 fly. Read Courier News aant ads. NOW J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Oplame- (rlst in BlyUicvJllc. Glasses Filled Correctly GOOD DEMAND FOR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON Phone or Write Us Now Geo. H. McFadden & Bra's Af/cnci/ E. C. PATTON, Agent P.O. Box 218 Grand Lender Bldp. Phone MX companlcd by Floyd fipcnccr. Roy Mcorc, who was severely burned last Sunday niornini; when n can of fuel exploded noising his clothes to he Ignited, is reported to be resting as well ns could be expected HI a Illythevillc hospital file Thrclkald and son, flced rhrelkald. of near Mmilla, Is reported to be ill with pneumonia. Mrs. Emm Matcher of Carawav -! conducting n reviviil meetiiif u>. he Church cf Out!. It Is wild that, :lt.spite the inclement wcalhtT, large crowds arc attendini; the Uin station. And the riM husy. Eddie carried II. do;;-ci\lcher fn a cow, sweat glands. only tht! nose has Now In New Location J. J. HARGETT SERVICE STATION Main A division I'honc 500 •" nrv """ "^••^•^••H^ |« y ^ i^__, as $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. y Phone ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm & City NS LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS —LONG TERMS Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in this slate. FLORIDA BROS. & GO. Life Insurance Fire 1'nsurance Investment Securities Osceoia, Ark. ON THE LEVEL! 335 A big, roomy 1940 Packard v ff ..Sedan delivers here* 1 for r a down payment of only, . And 4 times out of 5, the car traded in exceeds the down payment, further reducing I he low monthly payments. Too, operating and upkeep costs arc far Mow the level you'd estimate! Your dealer can give you equally straiglu facts about what you gel in a Pack- ard—<]ii.ility, h, xury aiu | performance—that most cars can't touch. See him today! PACKARD ASK THE MAX WHO OWNS OH[ 'delivered In DlyllicvUIo

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