North-Carolina Constitutionalist and Peoples' Advocate from Raleigh, North Carolina on July 9, 1833 · Page 3
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North-Carolina Constitutionalist and Peoples' Advocate from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 3

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1833
Page 3
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i CITY OF-i-KAEIGlI: 7rell proposed the hare iLc poiyci to mcikc law?, ns e The' health "of them! We anticipate the mosw s well as TUES DA Y,: j JUIiYl 9, '1833. ceivt'd iLs cognoinea. Mr.. Sea memory ot Miss .hsther .-wake.- The health of them. Weanticipat Mr- Jones, the, historian of North Carolina, was from, the deliberations of such' a bod- hut one beneficial results, rr- THE FOURTH sqF JTJLYwas celebrated frwit hunusu&l eclat n our city. The ceremonies of the day'; wet characterised With more than the usual demonstrations of public re io'ems. At sunrise the cannotis were fired and the bells rang. Abouf 10 o'cjlock a procession was formed in front; :of the government house and marched to Union Squ'arfor the. purpose of laying: the Corner StoV ofzthp Capitol, agreeable to the arrangement-" previously announced by Capt. Bingham, who atted as jMarshalupon the CaToli occasion. An immense concourse of adies and gentlemen, were in attendance at the laying- of the stone. We -heard it estimated that three thou- then drank- - - : - ' liy Mr. Eurgwvn. The Raleigh Deletion They well tmdersiand the'work of: Internal Improvement; (alluding to the dinner-) n . '.i i By Mr. Hardin of PiUsborough. ; While we recollect the Ledies, let us not forget our Swaws.'i By Mr. Sneed. The lather of xmt ' late Attorney General, Col. Philip Taylor. ' . By M r. Boylan . -The health of Mr. Joseph Gales, sen. The health of Mr. Bovlan was then drank. . . By Mr. Jones. Wm. Hooper and Jndgfe Ircdelltwo North Carolina Patriots of the Revyluiioii . - A great many other. . sentiments ,". weTe given,' complimentary to distinguished gentlemen, and with reference to Internal Improvements in N. na.' Several incidents with regard to our Revolutionary history were related with interest. The day passed off to the apparent satisfaction of all present, and our great regret is, ; that we can' not furnish our readers with something more . . r . . .... i than a sketch of what transpired. THE THREE DAYS. " The fourth, fifth and sixth of July , will long live in the recollection of the citizens of Rale.igb, if not of the whole State Not for anv remark able achievement or battle won by: the sword or cannon but they will long be remembered as the commencement of a new era, which we trust is dawning upon our State. The assemblage of such a large concourse of citizens at our seat of ... . .... ... a -. . . Government, at this seasiort of the year, is un said persons were present, a1 yery small portion of whom were enabled to witness. theoeremony. The Rev. William Hooper- Offered up a prayer to the throne of grac. Dr,i; immons J. Baker Grand Master, addressed tfyej company. . cir-cle was formed around the corner stone by the masonic order, and the usua rites.upbn such.oc-casions were performed. Tficre were several Tery neat and apprdpriatei addresses delivered upon the occasion. One by jjudge Seavvell on the part of the Commissioners of the building, and one bv Gov. Swam on the part of the State. , . 3 t u - i ' !,' m 3 . ? v - j r precedented; and when we take into considera tion the occasion -which prompted so many of We regret not being able to hear these addresses as we desired, at least,' to give; their substance to the public. . . .' Jl . j j ' " THE DRATfON. ! Half an hour after - the- laying of the corner stone the assembled multitude proceeded Uk the Presbyterian Church vhere after a prayer Ty the Rev. Mr. Blaket; the. Declaration of Independence was xead'by Mr!, b. R. Ramsay and an oration delivered by Mr.jHenry J. Cannon, which we were gratified to 'perceive was 'listen ed to with the greatest attention and the most ap our distinguished imen from remote sections of the State, to leave their tiomes and endure the fatigues of a long.journey at this oppressive season of the year, theireflection affords a favorable au gury of the future prospects of our beloved State. It is an evicencethat the people are getting alive to the subject of Internal Improvements, and that plans for the promotion of that object are no more looked upon as the idle' chimera of vision; aTy brains. -;It Js a manifest awakening of our Stale from a supinenessV. which, if persevered in pointed in the several Counties sentiment seemed to pervadethe .members; A deterrhifia ion to' do j something for 'the Improve ment of N. Carolina. " !: a The convention adjourned, at a late hour on SaturdayV after an iaddress, from the President which we shall publish next week with the whole proceedings ",of the Convention. The 'utmost good, feeling, the greatest disposition to horrno-nise the different sections o the, State, prevailed with every one, and jwo doubt not that the rnem-bers of the "convention, carrying the sentiment imbibed, 'will infuse jhem into the hearts of their constituents. . Something will be done for North Carolina, and the reproach which has been; ; cast on her name and reputation will soon be remov ed, and the whole State .will unite to elevate her character abroad and. meliorate her condition at home. j v - ?The following is the substance of the resolu tions finally passed by the Convention: ;-, '.. 1. That the condition of the State requires! that a liberal system of Internal Improve men t ifi - ' f . ' : : i .'A . : ! snouia dg immeaiatejy organiscu aim vigotuufciy prosecuted. - . . . -f'.t jl- " 2. That the Legtsbturs ought to proYide. a fund by loan or otherwise, to enable the State to contribute substar.ikl assistmcc in the prosecution of works of Internal Improvement, j:! ,- . ' s 3. That true policy requires that sai3 ifand should be appropriated, in the first instance, to build up markets in our own State. j , . 4. That it be recommended to the Legislature, to provide by 1 w, that the State shall; subscribe for two-fifths (f the Stock in any -Company hereafter incorporated for the purposes of Internal ImprovementrWhenever the other three-fifths shall be paid, oij secured to be paid, by! indi viduals. - '!! . 5. That the President shall appoint a Committee to prepare an Address to the people 'of the State, on the subject of InternaKImprovement. ,; 6. That the Proceedings of the .Convention be laid before the Legislature, at its next se&sjon.- 7. That Committees of Correspondence be ap- Kcaraiai: James Adams John Allen Mrs. Lucy Andrews A. TJST OP. LETTERS, , J : in, the rosl Oifiee at Raleigh; on the urst ' day of Jnly, 1833. , - - Mark Anderson. William C. AhboU, 2. i Tarent satisfaction bylthe numerous assemblage I , , . 1 1 v . . .u u pu trui aaimowivu uj . a j much longer, would subject us to the reproach of the world In the -language of; the Orator of the Day, "On this day the foundation of an edifice, which will be the pride of .North Carolina, has been laid, (alluding to the Capitol.) On this day, too, we perceive the laying of the foundation of another superstructure, which nor age. nor time, nor change, nor fire, nor sword shall destroy" referring to the spirit of, Internal Im- which filled the church almost to overflowing. The young orator is entitled to much credit, for the ability withwhidh he t xecu'jed his task. TheoTation was replete withj eloquence and yery appropriate, and drew down upon the Orator at its close.the enthusiastic cheerings of. the au- h ' i - dience. - ' , - THE ILLUMINATION. On the evening of (the 4tjif the N. W. end "of the grove which ador.ns thej Capitol Square was handsJmelv illuminated. ; ISeveral decorations and transparencies -added very much to the appearance of the scene. Among them, was a large star, with a transparent representation of an invitation published by a large number of the the old Capitol, on onc side, nd the declaration of most respectable and talented citizens of our Independence on the bther i Among the various town and county delegates to -a Convention to objectsof attraction, tHere was nne which excit- devise some plan of Internal ' Improvemer-t for ed more general admiration (than the-ascension the State, assembled in this City on the4th inst- of a Balloon, which was sent up in a style that They met in the" Government House at four ; 8. That it be earnestly recommended to the citizens of the several counties in this Stqtp to elect three Delegates jfrom each county, to hold a Convention in the City of-Raleigh, on the; 4th Monday of, November nevt,' to deliberate. further upon'the subject of Internal Improvement. t3 The word Omnibus. We called at the Book Store of Messrs. Turner & Hughes the other day, and picked up a book, called the "Hundred and One," in which .we accidentally provements, as manifested bjc the assemblage of stumbled ori the word "Omnibus;" "and we'Wen- so many State. people from different sections of the tiori for the benefit of ICT THE CONVENTION. Agreeable to be somewhat like tha Standard. , It means the National Gazette that the derivation of. the word is there represented to given by the Editor of the "for all. - Stephen U. Bledsoe, 2 Mrs. Mary Bledsoe " Beasley (Dantel) u ' '.. i AUxr M. BKlrer f . Madison Banh. Iter. Bennet T. Blae Bryant B. BuCbloe. William Bawey' ' - .Xdam Brower Unas Collins, 2 . , Alexander Collins .... Richard Cooper Bennet Cooper " " John Cooper John It. Cooper"- j ; ; Clerk Superior Court , Noah B. Chaudkf Haley Dnpre, 2 Wm. P. Dosou Thom3s Davis; ' . ' Miss Harjiet Daniel John P. Dilloa ' - ; ' . Stephen Ellis . ' Jofeo EUrs Samuel Freeman , VV'at t Freeman ; -Maj Thouis Farrcll " Maccray Fran lis Edward Green, 5 Seawell Grady , Mark Grady . James Grady; , .'. A. M.Gornan 1 Mr. Garret (stone-cutter) William A. Oraham Isham A. Hendron ' ; Mrs. Mary Harrison l nomas Hill ; , ; . ilolanUW. Howell, Lewis Ilopson ' Richard Hartsfield". ." r .Mrs. Kizza Hartsfield William Hart- , Samuel Hancock Alfred M. Haywood, 2. Thomas B. Haywood . . William R. Hinton, 3 Mrs. Mary HartsSeld AJvin Jones ; Richard Jones . Henry Jones . Dr. Jones Miss Amelia A. Jones Willis W.Jones " James B. Jones -Matthew Jones Austin Jones, busannah Jones Tboaias Jones, 2 Cd.Tignal Jones' v j ' .. ... v . Rev. John Kert ' John Kerr - JimessB. Lee - k - , Robert Love i fZenbr'nBaftlcIt Dorris Barber - Matraaduke Bainbridg " James Burns i Beihel Cliurch . , . Henry lirown Miss Julia Ann Bryant Mis MarvMane Black Iteddick Blake. . " Geoipe W. Chandler , Robert Ciithton Thomas . Chrisruan ; Anderson Cleromons Woolsoh Clemmoas William Canley ' Henry S. Clark ; Josiah Crudup, 3 v . D, William Drnman Dr. S. P. Dillon Benjamin Dunn ' Miss Mary Dunn. ' JJohn F. Ellington ' Miss Eliza. Earp. - . F. - . , Isham Finkway or Saborn Finkway :. Miss Eliza A. D. Fort,, John Flemming." " t ' G. . . - MissDilly Gilbert S: John Gully, Sen.' Miss Frances Gray Jesse George ., John W. Gilbert Abel T. Grimes ' ' EzraOylL 1 II. Joseph B- HintOB, 2 C. S. Hawks William Hall, or Harbcrd Mobley , . , John S. Holland - Fanny Holland Asa Hamilton Joel Hamilton ' : Lewis Herndon ; Owen Hugj?ins -Miss Mary E.Hill Isham E. Informs his friends and the public jrcncrallr, that liavinsr pspvin been burnt out of h:s est; blijiment. he has rc-oencd his Watch, JattUcry ana Fancy Store-two doors below the Fos$ Office, wlici e he will be happy to execute all orders with which he may be favoured. HaTingJust received from New-York and Philadelphia his Spring supply of good?, i assortment is stilt very extensive and being" very ilcsirous of reducinyf tho stock on hand, he will dispose of them umiMullyl low. , Ey Clocks and Watches, of all descrintions,. repaired with usual caw, and all kinds of Gold and Silver articles manufactured vkh accustomed neatnesf, dispatch and punctuality., V , , Raleigh, June 13,1 S3 1. 4t State of North Carolina, Orange coitnhf Superior Court of Laic March Term A. D. 1833. . JOSHUA HORN, vs. JACOB COUCH, Judicial attachment, levied' on 100 acre's of laud more or less on the waters of New-H op c", adjoining the lands of WUHaH) Horn and others. - IT appearing to the .satisfaction -of the Court, -here, that the defendant Jacob Couch is not an inhabitant of this State. It is therefore ordered, "that & publication be made in the North Carolina' Constitutionalist. a newspaper published in Hic City of Raleigh for three months successively, commanding the said Jacob Coucii personally to be, and ippear before the Judge of our next, Superior Court of Law. to be held for Orange county, at the Court House in Hillsborough on the' se cond Monday" of September next, then, and tlicre t replevy, or plead to issue, or judgment final wiU bo entered against him and the land levied nn, condcxancd to satisfy the RlaiminV demand, . Witness AbtterReii ton Bruce, Clerk of our said Court at office in HiLUbij' rough the second MoikLv of March A. It. 1853. - '" A. B.. BUUCE, C. S. C. April 16, 1838. 22 Sra. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, Wake County. Superior Court of Law. -Spring Tcrmj833. ELIZABETH WALTON, VS. r TIMOTHY J, WALTON, Petition for-Divorce. High. J. would not have done; discredit to the Balloon king Duranl, himself. j THE DINNER. , , On Friday, the members of the Convention, sat down to a collatibn, prepared for thorn at the Government House, by the ,City. authorities and the Raleigh delegation. The company took their seats at l o'clock and $id not rise until 4. Gov.. Svain took one end ofi the table and Judge Sea-well the other . i '. o'clock in the afternoon of that day. The Convention was calleoTto order, by Gen. Iredell, and on motion of Gov.. Owen of Bladen. His Excellency avid L. Swain, i Governor of the State, was appointed President of the Convention, who on taking the chair made his acknowl edgements to the Convention for the distinction conferred upon him, accompanied with other appropriate remarks. On motion of Gov. Iredell, Saml. F, Patterson, Esq. of Wilkes, and Charles . DIED, . ' ;T ' , ' This morning, after an illness of a few days, iKobert Cannon, Merchayi, for many years a respeciable';iiihabi-tant of this City. -On Friday morning la"st, after a short illness, :in' the prime of life, Hazleti Ky e, for several years a Merchant of h , . , :?'' There was committed to the jail of Randolph, county on the 12th instant, two ne gro bo)-s, uie by the name of Washington, and the other James, who say they belong to the heirs ot liarrv Jones ot Halifax i county N.C. and were hired to work in the Gold Mines i at Brindletown,;toMr.Simms, from whom they ran away lucre is noj particular -marks to qesenbe them, only they both are p oung and likely.. The. owner is requested to come and prove his property, pay Charges 3 Expressions of patHolisfy flashes of wit, and Manly, Esq. of Raleigh, were "appointed secre- sentiments of feeling'flowedjabundantly from the taries. " ( rich fountain of intellect and fancy gathered The counties of the State were then called, we . around the table. We are s-orry the toasts were do not know, the exact number represented but not taken down, as most tf tem were very good, we believe, nineteen or twenty. 'A hundred del- We hope pardoned forf publishing such as egates or more were in attendance. ' A motion -we recollect. , j'i i ' - was made by Go v., Iredell, to admit all respecta- r -By Gov. Swain. The annihilation of lime and space, f ble strangers present from those sections of the wmtu uan iciiuer ivun ,u.uuu youveuiious mailers oi every day occurrence. I i j " By Ex-Governor Owen. ' Raleigh The centre of gravity of the State of North Carolina. By Jndge Strange of Fayetteville. A sound heart in . a sound body! The City of Raleigh in the State of North Carolina. :. ' ' By Gov. Iredell. Woman wllcadds to our pleasures and shares our pains. -. 5t I" 1 . - This toast was' succeeded by some remarks from Gov. Swain, complimentary to the fair sex, in the course of which; he made allusion to vari ous ladies, natives of North! Carolina, who aTe and take them away. June 29th 1833. GEO. HOOVER, tShfF. 3t-kf. NEW! GOODS .1' the ornaments of the femalelcirclcs in the States m which they reside 'The fairest flower that ever bloomed, f ', "Tn southern sun t?r gay-ISavannah." At the dose of these remarks, ex-Go Vernor Ire- dell proposed the health, of Warren R; Dayis, of South CaToiitia- j : . 4 i By Hugh Waddill Esq. of Hillsborough.- Gov. Swain The Leonidas of;N. Carolina, has met the enemy at the pass of Thermopyla; a'ud vanquished them. Which toast calred jforth iomc very appropriate remarks from the (Jrovenior. - ' By By Internal, lit ptovements of ti. Carolina. " Our State,'; pur w&ole State and 'nothing kGcn. Iredell -We of the bat oar State Bv . Mr. Ronlac of Bertie Kast Consider him one of nature's nublest son? By Gov: Owen. The ijcounty: of ; Wake Whatever may be the views of tlte ether cottjities in this State, there is one coiyity determined' to awake frord its slumbers; that county is Wake! WcJce.'t Whlelif ...'.'j 1 ' " .The health of Gov. Owen was then ' drank with applause; 'Mr. Joseph S. Jones, of Warren, addressed the company; and;explained the deriva-. tion of the name of pur criunty. It takes its name from .Wis Esther Wakrsbteofthc wife of Gov. Tryon; she was rcrtmrkable for her vfr- tues and accomplishments, arid it was to comrae- morate her came that ;lhe. cbtjmy-.',oT.Wake'-re- State, where measures had not been adopted to send delegates.. As the object of the Convention was merely to interchange sentiments upon the subject of Internal Improvement and deliberate upon the expediency, of recommending the a-doption of some plan for the promotion of that object, -he did not think any objections could be urged to the participation of any respectable gentleman in the proceedings of the Convention The motion, however; was objected to, and withdrawn. 1 ' : " ' ' -Col. Grant moved that a General CommiUee of one member from each delegation be appointed to whom shotrld be Teferredalj;- propositions for Ihternal lmpfovemeni. before ebalecTiiTnhe. Convention. The; Convention then; adjourned after discussing some unimportant resolutions until Friday 9 o'clock. ; ' T? ; On Saturday the Committe'e' made a report, wnich was debated .from nirie until. 4 o'clock, and after various amendments and alterations was adopted by the convention: -The debate was very interesting, and occupied astride field.. ! It was characterised by an unusual- decree of eld-' quence and display of patriotic feeling. A friend tooktlowh most of these speeches, but we reo-ret his busiriess will not allow hjm; time to "write them out..: , We do , not - believe there , ever was such an .array oftfalent, exhibite J upon any for mer occasion in this State, as' that presented by the convention. U was a concentration of . most or the eminent and talented men i in' the 'State; of all parties. , It is a matter of regret, as was, suiid by a member of the convention, that they did not Just received and r.ow opening by WBUUntrik. miUinins: At tlie Brick Store opposite the -Market House; !com prising A SFLEDIl) ASSORTMENT Of Fabrics of almost every description for Sp-ringand bummer ware, many M are ot s STYLES BNT1RELYNE WAND BEAUTIFUL Also a general assortmentof Hats,' Shoes, Coltori Varn, Hardware, Queeusware a-nu Groceries. u - ' - Any of which will be sold low. . U t s ; David Justice, Jr. Ralph Johnston, 2 William Johnston .- , Sill Johnston Richard Johnston . - Polodore Johnson. 2 Mrs. Penny Johnston Nathan Jeivett Henry J. James Ollen R. Jacksoa" - achel Iredell. On tlie lJth of No vember Jast, I put a" Jett; into tre post othce in this place, directed to;: James Fassett & Co. of the; city i of Philadelphia inclosing a check of $340, payable alj the Branch of the Virginia Bank in Petersburg, to the order of Zacliari.ih Luney; and on the 17th tlay of the! same month, only eight clays-after the letter was mailed Ihere, some man who sitrned nis name j. scon, presenieu iuc cnecK at tne bank in Petersburg and drew my money: That some post master or his deputy, has stolen this check- from (be mail there can be no doubt; and it is possible that thev may Jiave disposed of jt to some, one' w lip drew the money for thc-m, he not knowing that it4 tvas Stolen. Should it be the case, and the man who drew the monev will make it known to mcj with such evidence as will lead to a conviction of the thief, I will pay, him tlie above reward. - ' ' T:L , - HENRY HU11PHRYS. GrccnsborougK N.. June. 19 , 1 . ' THE Subscriber having qualified as administrator on the estate of jthe late Lieut JAMES-II. COOK, dee'd, at the present term of the County Court of JEdgecomb, requests' all persons' indebted to the; said estate to make, payment, and hereby notify all those having claims against said estate, td unngthem forward within the time limited bj law, otherwise this3 notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. - , s. , . . HENifAMIN DlJATTLE, Ad'mV. arfaorough, May, 1833. : .-.t: - - v 4t The Fall Session wit! edninience oiiFriday the9th ot August. ; i ' . A The English department lis umler the conduct of a competent and faithful assistant from' the Ardover Seminary for Teachers." A class of English scholars Bryant Miller Henry W. Miller V t Betsey McKeethal James McAllister , George Mnrdeu - -. , iamnel Markam - Mrs. Mary Mitchell Allen Nance William Nichols Ab. P. Ned , Henderson Oneal Hart well Peebles 1 Turner PUlIea-Miss Ana Price ' Miss Elizabeth Price, 2 Miss Allire Price George W: Purify - - -Alfred W. Potter Jesse Peltitord Miss Rebecca Pullen Dyson Perry Washington Revils Mrs. E. K, Ragsdalc Thomas Reynolds David Royster i - : '- -:; --'f: Allanson Salfmarsh- Hon. Montford Stokes Martin' Scott John Scott, Sen.: : Willis Scott ; Calvin Scott - Anderson Stephens, John Sugg James. Stephens : Worren Suggs ' Hoilum Sturdivant, 2 James Stewart Charles W. Stewart Gilliah Smith Sheriff of Wake, 3 ' William Smith' Allen SimmS:, Miss. Ridey Tailor Miss Mary Temple . Harrisoa Terrell Joshua S. Terry k: IJ. S. Kenworthy j Drury King. ' L. ijohn T. Leach ," J." J. Leach. L , Miss Nancy Mitchell Mrs. Sarah Moss Ma reliant Morriss William Mangum ' " Henry McGee George C. Mendcnhall y K-.-V-i-sj!j:'i 'r - : ,N. . " Samuel Norrice r Willie Nichols,'!!. ' O. . Hon. John Owen. V. Miss Mary J. Perry Jordan B, Phillips Richard Phillips - r Williamson Page. Henry Parker John Parish William Powell Matthew Parish John W. PoweU. IT appearing to the Court that two subpoena's hav regularly issued against the defendant to ,appeaf and answer, which being reuirned "not to be found" and proclamation having been duly made, It is or dered that advertisement be made in the Haleigh Cort- stitutionahst and the Raleigh Register for three month:; for the defendant to appear at the next term'ot thu Coui-t, to be held on.the first Monday after the fourth Monday of September next, and answer, or the petition will be taken pro confesso. '' .Witness, John C. Sted man, clerk of our snul eoMrt atofRce the first Monday after the fourth Monday cf March lBoJ. - JOHN C. St'EDMANyC. S. C. June 11, 1833, .'30 3ra. ', STVrE OF NORTH CAROLINA: .'j Chatham County. ' y 1 Court of Equity, March Term, lbo& - George H. Shutt and Wife," - . - vs .. i Archelaus Carloss and John Crump. Potitfori filed of Sept. Term, 1832. R. Green Rogers James Ramsev . Randolph Reddinj S. . It appearing to the satisfaction of the C?oHrt, I that 'John Crump liath removed bej'wna the limits or I this State; and the said John Crump being a defendant to tne petitions it is omereci ny tne ueurt, that artver-tisement be made in the State Gazette published at Raleigh for six weeks, that the said John Crump da appear at the in Pittsborouglv at the next Court or Equity to ? held for said county, cm The hird Monday I in September next, and plead, answer or demur to tlu: I said petition, or the same w:ll betaken As Confessed awl heard ex parte. Witness, Tlibmas Thompson, Clefk and Master of .said Court, at office, the third Monday ot Marcli, lbu, ... . TII0STH0iIPS0N,'c.!.t. June 25. ; . 32-6w; " f REXsi'iy Ce'aktmest. ' April 12th 1833. In the late conflagration1 of the Treasury building, nearly all the correspotidence of the Secretary of the Treasury, from theestablishment of the Department to the 31st March '1833, was destroyed, iftclndini?. Jas wcJJ the original lctte'rs und corhmanicatimrs adilress- cd to the secretary of the Treasury, as the records of the' letters and communications written by hiirf. With a view to repair the loss, as far as may be practicable all officers of the United Slates arc requested to cause copies to bepreparcd; and authenticated by them, . of any icuers excepung mose neremarter alluded to) which they may at any ime have written 0g r received from the Secretary of the Treasury and all those whV Itavebcenin ofEtfr) ami bther individuals throughout the United States, and elsewhere, are invited to do the s,aree. TLat this corrcsoondence mav hf imnwj into appi-opriate books, it is requested that it he copied on folio foolsdape raper, with a sufficitni margin on all sides to admit of binding, and that no more than ones letter be contained on x leaf.-" It fa the copies Jbe wriilen in plain and distinct or cn- grossi g nanci. tv here the original caa -be spared, it would be pcrferred. . TiiereasonabIe incurred in copying the papers now requested, not exceeding the rate often cents For every hundred words will by defrayed by the Department. . ' . , , The correspondence which has been saved, and of which theref jic, no copies are desired, are the records of the letters written by the Secretary of .the Trcaury to Presidents and Cashiers of llanks, from the 1st Octi ber, 1819, tp the 20tii Februarj', 1833; all Uie correspondence relating to the revolutionary claims under the act of 15lh May 182H; and to claims of Virginia officer to halt pay, under the act of 5th July, 1832, and to applications for the benefits of the acts of the 2d March 1831, and 14th July, 1832, for the relief of certain insolvent debtor of the United States. Copies of som circular letters arid instructions, written by the S cere tary, have also been preserved: and it is requested that, before a copy be made of any circular letter or instrue. uon, wruren py ute ; sectiary oi the Treasurj-, tb date and oiiect of the .circular he firt ht.ifpil m Department, 4nd its wishes' cn the subject ascertained. "':-, . . LOUa McLANE. " ' ' " Secretary of IttZ'ncisxnj. '- Taken ; r And committed to the Jail of Fran1 lin county, K. C. a Negr man " uproscd ti JJ beJ5 or 50 years of age,' 5 feet 7 nrS htchi Z Us h'gh,; inclined, to toop, a dowrt lik, -J ami is either partially derar: red. oritFects s tube; he, says that he beloegs to Stephen Brown, of Northampton county, N.C. and tells a tale about Brown utIipi-p ihoxr nrill 1, fill tt - jsyrapprng wiwi t,oraon lor m. - lie. mentions rtvent t l Z J ir, - " " VMC49-iu;0flre Browns, Caty PoweL Whlieatkl other-, of Non fi lar as tncy are able: , TJiev" cspect jii a taw i amnion , lie had the aouearatice : of a'sanrre - when laxeii; ne cans niinseii ljiai. - J ne owner is ivquc-teci f a nma 1. il'i pil . . . .1 1. 1 . . or he ivi be dealt with as the law directs. ' J M , r - i'-r D. yorTG, Jailor. .Tit.:e23. 3? Cnttf . Berry D. Simms .. Guilford Simms Jacob Spam Phcboe Spain r Redden Sauls Thomas E. Saals : John Singletary - , Samuel' Shaw Bcnj. F. Seaborn William Snellings -3liss Tabitba Savage Miss Martha Spivey Mi ?s Martha Spain -Matthew Strickland . Dlllworih Sledge Miss Mary Simtnoas,' Mrs. Susanna Thompson. Miss. Ann Trice Obcdiah Todd.' . ..i V. V. . . ; JTorner C. Uiley i 1 jCowles W. Vaiden. Alfred S. "Wangh . . John White (stone cutter) Robert White Miss Polly White i Joiner W.- Watklns r' Mareomb Wootl i ' v Miss Sarah A. Wood ," Mrs. Tabitha Wood. Gilliam Upchorth s Nathan Upchurch . . Stephen Wheeler John Walton 'V Mrs. Nancy Walton : v Rev. Henry Warren - -Ridley Warren ; . ( ; Mrs. Mary A. E. Williams John Williams ' t . Booker Williams " r ' Jethro Yates. ' ' - " IC? Persons calling for "Letters ia the above' will please say they are advert ised i .1 .;,; .-r- ; ' - , THOS. G. SCOTT, P. July 1, 1833. 4 , v . - , ,f List" M. gT XurnerG? flu ghes have removed their Book.- for the presciit.' to the cession t louse ot the Presbyterian t Mmrch days a-further supply of new Bonks. Printing -of cicry dcscriptioh Ezcekled mlh ncalnrh c n't dipc !c h. ! i

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