The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1940
Page 1
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 270. ,E COURIER NEWS OP NOIV1HEAST Al?KANSrtS AND SOUTHEAST MrsKnrmr Blythevllle Dally News Blythcvllle Courier AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUM Mississippi Valley Lender niytlirville Herald Questions Japan's 'Sacred War 5 ; Balkans Have Their Troubles I'd) 2 (Ui')- HK1.CRADK, JuKotlHvta, )„,. ',- n ' M. lCiU l ns T~ Fub - 2 " (Ul')-nuninnin was the'--''-—' —' 1 '' eiWtC(l '- today to '"••"' ARKANSAS, I'MUDAY, KUIMUJAUY 2, 19-10 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Carol Lombard Clark Gable Reported Missing In, Wild Area an tipi'pnr today with a at tl>« Baikal' HiTte!!'^ mwt- eaustic nt ack on the govern- ing by indicating ihnl Bncll iTi^nts policy and a demand aj-eat might seek some ninw- M; a statement on how long merit- witli Germany -iml IMH L^" 1 '^!!'""^M 1 "! 1 : ?f w y Soviet Russia mileis Finnish Find Ways To Cope With New Armored Sledges By WEVm M1U.EH. WITH THE FINNISH ARMY OM THE KAREMAN PROMT. Fi'h '> cur r V ' I'*/. 7 f '" b '',""" /' vo H. Imnled i,, o,,, H ' ° P Lu,nlwi-.l|i-oiul, «.milry «|,i,, '' '" '••' !" m| lrtl«v. trips to ram,, nionu tho - 6 cw rt l .lavs (tsy. mussing since 8 a. ni. yratc-r- Offiviiils of Iliclr Goldwyn - Mayi'r. o r g iv n i i. e d n scnt'diing p<uiy. They li'uwl thai. UK" stats, wlio urc married, l.uW 'iri'iw, Uu> alllrlaU luliicd. "Ilk-liiis wlio di'W (o (lie irtlloH'i'd tl»! I'oiul In Inli'iidlni; to (Mile's ni| . nu u-,|. Tni , y ,'„, « >»,. It,,, mu i t VVIH nul Warns Congress Not To Cut Farm Finance SBill Toonrastically ^ C T aterials tlifi house licioncy of imlividmils mul !• Y., l-'el). 2. (Ui 1 )—I'rcsidenl Ro'oscvei't' :l»y thai (h-nstic; reductions proposed l>y his agricultural. Inidjjel figures will impair of- niul wprk iiiulno liardshij) 9.1 sity, llamei 01 of sued -Ji. the lofty Wenk-of the empire"." I "" us " mt , lllc altitude of Rumania The Minis brake up tlie sle-l<>» Tlic army joined In the attack a creating concern among the attacks with hand grenades ' "~ on Salto end said that lie hod „,','!'';*' , ltves of llle otl> "' xmih-| The fighting on inp K,,V.H O ,, "made open Insults ngaln.ii the' objectives ot thc sacred war in ,. China."' tlle Orlgore Gafenc-u + At. a prcus conference Afr. 'Rorrow' Auto, Wreck 11 And vVrc Injured War ministry officials that Saito wlthdi.iw. his crltlcim and it ivns announced that the war'minister would sprak In reply to him in the Diet tomorrow. The government's plans for eventual peace with china "were luf- t'y and Idealistic," Salto said. He demanded that the gorern- miil Wlnkler niul Ciiipeutci- lluvr 1)l1 "' Mnlcrluls" In the secontl free, ' vclt clto<( excerpts from his mrssago ai«l salc\ he stands f|rmly "lion his quttmcnl made In lluu message (hat he onnnot accept tt- sponslbllHy for (lie 20 per cent cut below his Ijudgct figures j - Inscribing the proposed i educ- tions ns perfectly tenlflo" tr.e :_ president reiterated his conviction A young toy, fninDmrly . known i!!", !°f W tWon * IOT ">8ri:uKii>i ' " ' ' ' ' ni.vllH>vlllc nnd ' °"" " ol l)0 a fov'on lhe .-ili-rets 'of T;;;; -•••—• I isthmus defense line marker) me i w According to unofficial sourcrs second day ol furious attack Hi tin Rumanian «-•--• Otto Wlnklei- and Eilck Cnrpen-' I"!'" ^ «'»!' p«We „,.<! Miss - of tho M-CJ-M studio (lew (o , I ; omlwi<1 r °"' « bhlhdny . " ' tl«n in Hie Eiiscmuln Hotel ment omtfne Its plans for a settlement of (lie undeclared war with China, the exact nature of .vieh| a settlement and how long it would' nn ""aerst/mling be before it could tie reached. I ~ hls ll wtls suggtsl He ; demanded information AS to i" 10 " 10 rorm of "on-a - what.the government means when! y undcr which the Soviet claims it says it is striving order in east Asia." Auto, Cab Collide, Two Pedestrians miomobilo (lie pair drove y i( y , "' n ueiiriigc _ here _ Is de- .,*.„ '..,. iional Understanding sponsored bi Hie Hljlhi'vlllc liininary the entente slates secure Hungary and Rumania guarantees from for ..... _ lion with the ReiclT In lutditlou, i( Rumanian Ruin'nnla might seek for a i: ncw i °" Kumanla's Bessafabtan. LANETT, Ala., Feb. 2. Wiien an automobile and (UP) — taxi collided here yesterday the occupants were not injured but two pedestrians were killed. C. c. Smith, 62, and Graver Gunn, 48. were caught between the colliding machines and killed instantly. The two men were crossing tt\e street on their way to work at a ,te)ttile mill. ; Drivers of the 'two cars were held lory (formerly Russian) would be northeast of Lake Ladoga.) at least temporarily shelved. Rn- I drove by automobile for more mania's frontiers now Include ter- tlmn 150 miles along the isthmus ritory that belonged to Rnssln,' and was held up tour times by air i Hungary and Bulgaria before the r '''d alarms, which forced us to World War. - [ wait in thc forest In temperature The apparent "about face" of the j of 10 below/zero lor as much as Rumanian foreign minister ' was nn hour at a time.- described ns designed primarily to' Tl 'c Russian tactics In their attack up the position of Bucharest' tack on the center of the Manner- in opposition to the Hungarian llplm "no forced, the Finns quickly demands for territorial revision. - I to adopt new methods for turning j back the armored sledge units which were pushed across the sno.v by tanks until they were closj to defense positions. When the sledges were nctir the Finnish positions the Hussion troops Inside leaped out carrying light I'ollce Outwit Tow Cars WORCESTER, Mass. (UP)—Radio-equipped tow cars have an- noye .dpollce lor three years by speeding to accident scenes but i police radio calls arc sent in code. •'.-.• t , ".New York Cotton Health Officer Says No Abatement Expected Until Warm 'Weather LITTLE ROCK; Ark.,. Feb. 2 .nw'chlne '. guna. .nnrt!j'scattered into, the woods. In this 'manner they were, able to take advantage of the; armored covering of the sled?cs until close to the Finnish lines. Tne Finns liiially found that they could break up these attacks inosl readily, ut ^eacham's corner near yours," Dr. Albert said, "And tho im« «m irtnT E »r^ 1 ir r hti "r 1 lcfl ii , nt ui f, motor ™ mJ His di.scus.slon or world ntfn r. JW '* «l» ^" M ° »« «« rtltt i\n4 (i^o^i..^ it._ r , . . VIMUliy JIJ AllCJJlgftll, HiuIOIiii full liecn the nct;ro liai a head Injury wlil-ii "*..I"" 01 """ ns wclt ^ {( " <-hc Il^e i-i less serious ln ""°" llel addition to the lafipi fcree.i since 102S We must thsre- lorc nvoli) tho dnngci of too drastic sudden a curtailment of gol- The car bclmigeil to R C Welch Members Of Independent Basketrjall Team Arc Injured •', Two members of - tlia.'-.qao'eol'v basketball .tarn of .the' • Mississipot County Ainiuciir naskctball I.eajiia were injured.nnd four others also No Dealhs Or Injuries Involved; Damage Cli- mated At $15,000 HKI.ENA, Ark., Feb. 2. (UP)— . . No dratlis or injuries wnre 1 their lociny ,I he brcnk to' have resulted from r tmn did not involve thc war offensive todny but regarded llic simple' raeh nation l.i making (o survive! and the innterlnls Hint (|i C y m u 3 i have to conlinuo lo exist. Dr. Albert, who s|x>ke here lust, year In a similar institute, delighted • his audience which wus tlio luruonl of any of the lectures, At thc contusion lie answered a nuintjcr of cHiifient siippoit." He's Hero Even If V, He Didn't Catch Thief riucsllons nskcil. Charles ,s. Lemons . ATLANTA, da , Feb. 2. Cot 1 )-; The young Indies »t the boarding • houso on 15th stieet hailed Robert HerKlns, 21, as a hc-ro today even | though he (jot only a bjllct wound ' Introduced by use of hand grenades which were capacle of blasting Ihe sledge ar- (UP)— f^ive thousand eases of influenza have been reported to the ' ... : . • . pfe'v. slp - te board of health since . the ••: Open High Low Close close' fil ' st - of' the yehr Dfrecloi- W. B. Jap. ..930. ... 930 934 1068'Ofayaon annrunced today. Mar. 1084 1084 . 1C78 1079-80 103D 1 - Dr -' Orayson said that there hnd May 1049 1049" 1B42 1042-43 1003 bcei1 110 ' Abatement' In ' the epl- 045 demlc. national in scope, and that 931 It was not expected to -decrease 'until the weather becomes .warmer. : . According to Orayson .the epidemic was caused uy the unusually mild fall and lhe following blizzards arid severe temperatures. July 1014 .1015 Oct. .943 940 Dec. . D38 940 10C9 944 936 lull' 947 939 931 New Orleans Cotton Jan. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Prtv. Open High Low Close Close 833 93S 933 1092 1092 '11)39 1C58 10S3 1053 1021 1023 10J7 950 951 948 941 943 D40 1091 1055 1019 948 938 1073 1017 050 941 yn Co-Op Group To Hear County Agents Fnrmers and thalr families of , Mississippi County who arc obtaln- «•*«/.!. I>,.,-«^« '"= olectri<: j'y for their homes in OFOCft. r) ICeS Hie Rural Electrification program sponsored by the Mississippi Cmiiity Rural Electri/icatlon Cooperative will hear talks by extension agents 20.1-8 when they attend the annual meet- 74'. : Ing of the group Monday attcroon A. T. & T 17) Am. Tobacco 10 Anaconda Copper Beth. Steel Qhryslev SO 3-11 »Wl>e Rosy theater. Cittes Service 4 j "™e River." a 31-minute film Coca Cola 119 3-4'depicting the history of the Mis- Gen]. Electric 38 3-8 si«iPPi river with sound explana- Genl. Motors 52 b-8 tions Blld music will also be shown Int. Harvester 53 3-4 and ft floor lam P "nd a table lamp Mont. Ward 513-4 vvil1 be awarded as Kalltn Is Defiant HELSINKI, Feb. 2. {UP)— President KyostI Kullio.told parliament today that "no nation with a lower standard of civilization than ours can conquer us." • Reopening parliament the farmer-president announced that series of six bills demlhg with national defense presented. "If we have endurance and remain faithful ahd stand shoulder to shoulder we can be assured that no nation with a lower standard ol civilization than ours can conquer us," he said. ••• "It fcehcoves us to realize- that leaders of great nations and their clmd masses nre against us." (Before Kallio spoke thc official Moscow radio had broadcast that the "Finnish bandits will be destroyed and exterminated." It was net clear whether the broadcast \ras In response to » speech by Knlllo yesterday In which he expressed Finland's willingness to negotiate and to "honorable p?ace" but at the same time calling for increased foreign nld to carry on Jie war.) N. Y. Central North Am. Aviation Packard Phillips Radio Republic Steel Eocony Vacuum F'ndebaker Std. of N. J Texas Corp. .. U. S. Steel .'.. Jim J.» Pickren, 25 1-4 1 igrlcultur'l agent c Pickren, newly named of North Missis- late lust, night. Odis Lee Dennett, 23, has a head Injury, and Justin Edrington Jiv. boats, rowboals and the speaker, who Li a veteran newspaper nun,'toucher, author and lecturer., ,-. ..•.',„.,„ ;. : ,,;:; ;, Tiio tuiid lecture 'of this scries v.-Ill be given In two weeks. Evsry Japanese lives to 'jmllatc the typlcnr Amcrlcnn, Dr. Allen D. ight craft were splintered will wharves were damaged as Huge blocks cf Ice cnuhcd ngnlnst lli Wai in '. wcnlher wetikcned Ihe Imae dam ollcc tlml had hniul- buL Mr Friri,> 0 iA., \,"~ 7' c<l tlle (low ° s the muddy wudjra removei fn , S ? ', "r" 3 tC he an<1 ^tcrday HI collapsed as jcv- S of-,clt M- P ' nC ' ' y ; I ," Jl(1 ' cral "«»«ral Arsons looked on. m?v, 0f v,- Uh ", n f, Cn f,l I L"!f d .," ';'"- ?P -boats were forced (o cluun told stnilents oj the — - sc ' 10 °l ys.stcrdny when '"*- spoke nt the assembly period. '•• "J- . I-Tn +n^ ' - ' prove of'vr* -m tue *& £*.*»**«.& ^» ^Vs^X^i^s^sr^^VV^ boon dctei Fred Helidrlx was driver, of the car, owned by W. T. Ramsey, I mlher of a player, . which left Highway is and climbed D lies larfje rokos of ice. Oiitnagc was estimated: nt $15,OCO. After llic cold wave liad lifted, persons went to the river to sec betore it came to a Vernon Price, the Eorge but few'dared walk on . Ho told, his audience, that they may hate ,thc sins committed by the Japanese, and • awmans but, lr|ed to show, thetii how to love the "sinners" in I;!?. i>rief discourse ot th3 people- ot these [\\a coim- IrlM. . • : in discussing tho Japanese he em- American Federation II. p rpi ' • i. | * " "•*? «*"V.V1*\IJ WiU gU LS |JUrSL"l Labor bays lheV ! Arc 'fond' hecn rtrted'on* the second t pi , _ _*"_ ^. "-•-'. '''. l)rtnr (I'll I In f-htilt rtdlurl lintm.i .'•• •-enemies.'/ MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 2. lloor while they dliiec! below. .'.' Perkim nutcU that both roobeiles ivoi'c perpetintcil on Ihc'glrls" pay(UP)_ clay, so lie fl^uied the thief womd Adolf Hitler and Josaf Stalin wcra strike a tjlrd time denounced today as "the enemies I l^tst nl?'nl was payday, so Perot, mankind" by the American Fed- i Mus ln y In wall with a pistol up- cratlon of Labor which asserted stairs. Sure enough, a nun appeared "ns long as their creed of tot^ll- mwt begun golnj Ihrough the girls' tnrliinlsiu rules In Oermiiny anil ptissln the pence of the world i.t In jeopardy," . , . . The A. F. of U's executive coun- Perkins came out of hiding and pulled .the trlggei. The pistol (ailed to work. Undismayed, Perkins yelled ell iia-serlcd that although Germany ; "Stop thief." and iiusslj "Insist they are thc in-1 "Who .says .so," answeied thc Innocent victims'of (lie 'Imperialistic- trtidar: pulllnj the trljger of : hB dewourncles of Europe' we In p« 1 It - for fear It might . break. ' hfl plmslzed thulr. good quitllltes ami i cn k ,\ ow otherwise." their love and hdmlrolloii of the i "We.know now bbyond (motion Altlcrlc " 1 - - '•,"'•• 'I that NnV.l Ocrmany and Soviet The German people arc decrjly litLssln are tbc Impcrlnllslls na- rellglous, '-very submissive, willihij itpns of Europe," the council said. o\vn phtol, which worked^ , Thc robber escaped-as. clutched at n painful but, not serious lleslr wound In his side. • •"I'll get liltn next .time," Perkins said today, while the girls ac- ntfed^lth^nn!- nC^c '?«? d h ljt CS " v '' iris K(l)n » R " oss !t wns resp.-i:!il-idlirercncc In Oerrnany Is that" for Tl e c : w"s "°cc'-"d b voPd'Te ^ '° r th ° lar " c trowd - J " 51 ll ll ' C '"? sl a00 -» BI1 ™ tllc ^^ " nVC _.___ <.« WKS «iec_ea beyond ic- fnw m!imlcs nftcr ho 1)aa stql , lcc i been led by a group without any •olr : the Ice. onto the. bank, thc moral scruples from I-'retolck tlio A j to be led and genuinely kind and "They divided Poland between them, claimed him as their saviolir. 'try-Ins nt present" pair. The accident occurred ot 11 o'clock r 0 ™- rn | ln ,.«,i as the players were returning borne j '"JsL*""^ irom Lcncbvlile where they tiad played 11 (jnmu. Unfamiliar with % sraU vr r-s ^^^™*.»y™ on at full speed to str; before It overturned. i Great to Hitler." to eiiuulf Finland. If tills move la 'Ili7l,_t», r__,, !L n iiicccssiul tho nc;it Intended vie- "»«iS UrOUnanOg L/ay Gorges at Friars Point, Miss., and Gnloso Bend, Mo. <ncar Cn- lUtliersvllle) still hnd not dlspers- linn probably arc Belgium, The Netherlands and thc Scandinavian countries," , !.*. Percy Wright Asks For new record low stage of 5.9 (ec Qreenvllte, Miss. City Attorney's Post, Ptmiscot Co-Op To Hold Annual Election WPA Expenditures In County Over Two Million In Five Years Farm Bureau Member Percy A. Wright today authorized | the Courier News to make formal ; announcement of his candidacy tor the office of cltv attorney at lhe Set At 1586 Apr " ») ui 'lcip.->l election. " At """ Mr. Wright in making h A iviiirlivind drive of Hires d&ys •13 a 81 p - A - R °sers of Clear Lake, pvcs- 43 1-8 idcllt of ltic Cooperative, will press 7-8 sl<le nt tllc lliccll «g which will be- Igin at 1:30 o'clock. Chicago Wheat May July open high 96 97 3-8 83 3-8 94 5-8 low 96 93 1-2 close 97 193 3-4 ! iPcmiscot 1939 Crop ! Totals 121,979 Bales nounccment pointed out It CAnimiEUSVILLB, Ala, Pel). 2. Dunklln Electric Cooperative will meet Saturday, Feb. 3, at Iliiyti. for the annual meeting and eke- .i was customary for th« office to bii of ofnccrs . -Glenn Eakcr, co- shared between the younger mem- c l >er "tlve superintendent, annomic- cers of the local bar. He snld lhat C(l ' Without A Groundhog? ATLANTA, On, Feb 2 (OP)^ Sunny or cloudy, this was a drab day for the Atlanta zaa because thc groundhog doesn't live here any more. Tradition . hits il that If the ground hog sees his shadow ion Feb. 2, he scurries bock Into his • holu for six more weeks of winter. As n result of close cooperation pynniaslmn, $2,800; I.uxora school, if there's no shad-w the ground- between county end municipal of- $3,200; Dycss Colony schools, $192,-:t, 08 sngely decides that ficinls and the WPA, nmny worth- 600; luine economics and manual here while projects have been under- training building, Luxora. ?1.8GD; I Ciiy Parks Manager Gcoree I taken In Mississippi county sines Shady drove school, $2,200; Plat Simons who usta-ly has a lot of Inception of the WI'A program In Lake school, ?2,-IOD; Osceola negro ••<, «.|Hnr; folks over the tele- July 1935. Floyd Sharp, state ad- school, $800; Smith-Hughes build- phone whether or not the ground- mlnlstrator said In a report to Ing Lcachvlllc. $1,700; West Ridge ho? saw his shadow'just let th> County Judge S. L. Gladlsh, re- school nnd Smith Hughes build- 'pnone ring today '• leased todny. lug. $12.500; PromlsM Land school, He had tried'repeatedly to ob-' Actual expenditures In the coim- Cl.COO; Luxora gymnasium, $7,700; lain a replacement for the zoo's ly from that time through Juno Lcaclivllle eym, $3,700; - Blythcvllle departed weather Indicator, but 30. 1839 were $1,»I5,5!7 but ndril- gym, $8.000; Lcaclivllle schcol, 528,- hunters told him the llttl? animals llonal expenditures and allotment.'; 200; Burdctte school Improve- were holed tn because of recent Eleven members of the of his opponent, has served two tcitns ceir.tniUce;, frrrr. all of the county will cr.nnwtiin next VmlncErtay, clny and Friday. U. S. Newspaperman Chicago Corn Livestock j CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Feb. 2. ton, H/.;. K;.^^nSr gK-- "i I—AT .1 7.nrfrnr e,™, . -._ . .... ' * lv ut - l ^ LI &" ' a 1 I llCIC . . . . leaders v;M V ll>i: residents. -M. J. Zarecor, government. sla-j !C pjr;, ol the (.is'Yjct tis.ical cotton agent for Pemiscot, Wvnne Tuesday. ' i l n l, r , ] i _ i county, announced yesterday that 1 charts- r<-l^.,. ;I . of Os .,,.,, Joft£ l '• JOHOS IS , open high low close !f'""'"f s '"' hls .™wnty for 1033 p.-.^m. prtiKJed in the busi'Ac'ss AtJBoinled, Slierllf LflanCc!lor "°'" S May 547-8 551-8 547-8 55 \-8 '° tn ' ed 12) .S'9 bales, which was sos "ion which followed stirner ••-• ' «^l>«iiiie«i JIIKMII, n .„. July 5-1 5-8 55 1-8 51 7-8 55 1-8 I7 ' 636 bales more "'an In 1933. I,.d by thc New Liberty Hemp . i Mr. Zarecor also submitted total'oiislratlon club bales ginned for Missouri, which . \vere 423.178 lor 1939, an Increase cf 94,958 bales over 1933. , _._.. TOKYO, Feb. 2 (UP)-The for- Thc cooperative was organized I )1>lrs lo vends. $8,100; Burdcttc- park, $60,300; Dlythevlllc park. C| S" tffi ce aniipxmced today that J. three years a»o and served mere Lost Cane . $10,800. These roads f.71,700; Dyess Colony park, 520,- R. Young, International News Set- thnn 500 rura'l users in Dimklin. wctc '*'° r kc<l before adoption cf 400; BlythevlIIc athletic field and vj cc correspondent., had been char?- I'uniscot and New Madrid counties. tlic Bounty wide rond project sys- .st/idlum, $48,700; Osceola athletic "I with violating the army crlni- tcm nnd many others now are be- Held, $3,800. 'nal code by disseminating abroad ing Improved under this procedure. Levees and drainage: Improve- slanderous nrtlcies and ruinou Expenditures lor this purpose menu la District No. 9, $32,600; "bant the Japanese forces. EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Feb. <UP>-H08s: 8500. Top 5.73 1TO-230 Ibs., 5.53-5.70 Bulk sows, 4.15-4.75 Cattle, 9.00 Slaughter steers, 6.60-11.50 Mixed yearlings, ' Slaughter heifers, cows, 6,00-1 Dlytheville, Oscecla Blow Torch Explodes ^ rms To Get Refunds Causing Fire Damage WASHI^GTON/KGO. 2.~prcc:ss- • — inc tax refunds n An explosion . of « h o?^ e "or dominant on the chancery dociict tag, Blythevllln, S900; Poor homo. District' No. 5, $100; Osceola scw- «.-... . . ^ ^ lo p.rtty l"K tax refunds made public vis- blow .torch, taday by the housa ccmmlt'.ca on tonight with fr temperaturef, • v — Mostly wUi'int- X f °f M " lha " BMd - T h< i ^ lef ' trymg l ° ^ ^ '"• stato ho.Uh dcpM tmeludB- \\elnbcrg, inc., of Osceola, Ark. .an unlocked safe, locked It, closes Cutlers and low cutters, 3.75-4.75. The damage was very slight.

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