The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1930
Page 7
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1<)30 < CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word tor flrst Insertion iinct one cent a word lor each subsequtnt linerr tlon. NO advertisement talcen for less than 50c. Count tU» words and tend the cash,' Phone 300 KOH BALK BABY CHICKS-AH varieties, from proven flocks. Custom Hatching solicited. Marilyn • Hatchery, Bly- thevllle, Aik. Oclt-tf FEED JOB SALE—Corn, hair", osta, special price on car loads. Phone 65, Ira Crawford. IScktJ. FOR SALE—Clover. Timothy or I'ea Hay, Write II. L. Morrow. Oran, Missouri. I5pkl Here's Your Real Bargains iii Guaranteed Used Cars See Them! 1929 Chevrolet Six' Roadster, cli'an a.s cun bCi'rrduced 1929 Phaeton, Ford Model A,' sllflilly used, a r«l buy..S383 1928 Chrysler':, Coacli, good tires and car in cscrl- kat couditioa. 5385 1929 Ford Mode! .A standard Coupe, Icoks RtioU and Is in A-l condition .....5390 See these cars on display at corner of Firth and Jlaln. Phone 811 Corner 5th and Main PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Aullioriieil Ford Dealers BUDDED papershell Pecan trees and fruit trees. Reduced price on early spring orders'. Gregory Nursery Company, Cabot, Arltan- Eas - . -': 2lpk.-Mar. 11. FOR/SALE—i good work mules, also hay, two miles north of Armorel J. R.;Dobbs &, Sons or A. Conway Blytheville. 20pK7 FOB.; SALE-Credit ori GnTrmrri Paige car. Willing to sacrifice 800-Walnut St. 111:1:1% HI:HK TOIIAY J| (HI II I AJU:HO\. *rw fork < M» » i. m n r rlr> A II T II I H IvMiillT.' rwrullvr ol lir uuli- IlkblnB Ul.u,,: It, nblrh sd» I. .. w - -pl'tfrW KnfKhl (• u ivlj.ntrr tillL » «»liiEltirr. J-llMf, IK. no j , 00 . J .\ll.l!. Jll. run, ,!,.„„„„. Ju °J "Ilk «• It Roll dlcKri. llrr fnlhrr •nllrf hrr, itfalaaltr, ll'lirn Junlur """TV *.>»<• fur I hrl.rma, bull- OKI, hr U riiur.ll, iui(rlmi]l>. «*•*,"-* .•'«•»•"•'• " >"un« •«:>• "1.1.1 .u, , ldrd , ,..; kr .. J (,„,,. °°, *?'"; "" 1-uHII.Wn, fcua... llr U In t,,,r whl, Tnn, uai cu ||, on irr Irrimrnllr. To»j Irlrn II, fomim-r hir f^lhrr thr.( Jujllll "ml An^ rrr ,M,r)ln K - or, nn ' " hr " •'" """«. "I"-".' ........ "rt,!,,,,,,,,., ''" the lltiil o( Arthur Knight would not and _'''!'«''; rnrp>ln p ,,n n illrlnllon "IT) JllriiKY M O IIT I M K II »vc.ihl.> tinrf iii;ir»[rj. Tblii U r*- »c^li>ij »lu. n ihr; n rr nrrr»nu n( .! Ji. in. «,,r rr< !.!;«« rfrlvluic. TIIIIJ «»il lirr fiilhrr c|u:,rrrl o,,-r Ililii liui ibi- i;l r l U Hiitilly rnrKlvra lyilql.t l,.,.,,i,,r, m „!,), ,,„,.„,„„. '•NI. .!in:liir i-imicii bumf /md lit- l"rc l,r lrn>,» BUnill. to Jutlllk he *£'^ nil^JiiLl^ril lirr, 'Lnnj Inli-m^ili, n Irllpr ulilrh '•ni'u-* nr Juilllh. I.JHH- h Kc rnt- liiu* |:i. r hM-tHLMirLrr i.ti N lrl[i lulu Hir rli, aa( ) M . PW [ UT nll . r , n >"im^ in:in. airr inrt.lll'nv tu IrU b'r rj.ihrr unln.< Judjlh E arK "««j .,,rlnu",cti. Jullil, cue., 'V";l'iB I ..... li- lot Arlkor. Hri^ln* >.i<rrrljrr<r r^cmrlN fhnc •'«"•> I'nili: U lii[:.sinK, ir.o. Judllb ^"^ in mi lni'i'n-i[i],-aiiu* hotel im 'MM'tr i:ru:iJi\nr. Xril daj Hhe n»:mi« nhnlcKKly n l m u| ( {j r r i| yi Mf.prrt l.j a urtiir o< culll. sl, c nn;ill* n-nrbv* (lir nalrr fpnnl. .MMV (.n u\ WITH TIII: STOIIV . • CliAI'TKK XI. IV ,VO.\'/-7 of die nieii and women r.bout tier nnilccj the girl ilre^e'd in siinliliy liln:k sitting alunc on n hencli facing the \va;cr. Jii'lith stinliocl her neighbors. river 11 attic the _ , 1'or two.hours she leaiafntil luj the imrk at Ihc writer's edge. Then] she left her bench and walUd [o llie subwiiy smtlon. Tliue iva.<, no olijcct with Judiili. Shu \\atetied Ihe Ion;; Ci|) train ninibSc oui! of slfflit. then Luar<lcd rt local. Thirty mlnulr-s hucr che omerj;cd Inlo dayllglu. sin. «-enl Imck to llie hotel «nd up Iho elevator lo ber I' 00 ""- ! ltl « l!il"« that was right. In plead Juiliih turned HID key in Hie!'" 8 fcr fiui'liinco lier iirnyera linil laleli and sv.-ung ihe dour open. H M 101 -'"- n »»^<!reJ. • was only n little after four o'clock, J'-idlth was Btranscly pale — ~^^ ^*" ~MT~ xji»* ^?s i ^' ^f*i- -J IAURA LOU BPOOKMAN Judith slipped (o |, cr burled her lic-.-ul on llic bed. (Jh, (!<;<[." she [irayed, "hv!|) me! iii'ln niu lo know wiiat Is riKlitl" (Suddenly blio knew lliat wan tlie liniwlanl llitng. .Not h«r own sol- llsli Imiijiluess should guide her, iely stirred set sho :»-.>sc. She ••.''.HKlii n gUniiMc of lict iell«cil«B in the mirror ni:d timed at II. Slie scarcely rccoRiitzcd herself. Her wrlut ivatch told her It wns nearly six o'clock. Jiulilh dlsro'jcd, • Intlird and drcisrd afiesh, Tliei: •tl:u hall mill lucked Ilio door. A nibllc eliaiixu had t;iken place in JinlKli Knight's ainicaiance. The bjy In Hie elevator eynl her curiously, hut Judith did not notice Vhroiish (he hold lohby'and out on Hie street she inuveil. Involnn- t.'nliy silo uoiiglit Uu restaurant where she had lunch. ) next morn" , , • •• ..'"h "ui^ u'.inru luncheoi: r .i:,l ,. f ,,i M j,, ,,,„ „,, " • noon vl lib bh whtlo Blldo (hat I i-ii..i p.iii,.,-y park. It win "•lU-lllllK II film-toils with (-rlinsoii sliirlis ' «i:l inlo lho-liirli:>r i:!urlly her I HO iiaiida ilior. 'J'hcre tiaircd iverc and ttvu old ineii. wliiic- rcil-chcekeil. who sat nearest. Tlicir collars were liunclicd up atwut tlicir chins to rcaril off the daylight out of doors, but here In tlu 111 He roran wlih Us one window f.nfiiij; IJIQ court, every- llili:t; v.-as' Slio fiiaiipcil llie elcflrlc llsht swlifli. ihreiv off her hut and 0031 and divji|ied (hem on llic lied. She ••'•em to tlie ivlwiow and gazed initl'ln! n:i»le rendy lu leave the roi:in. iiiii-i'riik'iily, After tliosL' IIOUM injll:i!>lt iiuulo lier vanso on tho iliu fve.ih iiir nnd sunlislii tills hid- UiveslioM a:id Klance'h.ick over hcr iuiis ;)lacc vv;:s liiiolerable. slioiilder. Assured UHU she hail not [oi-;;ollcn aiiylliiu K , B ho iieppcd lino' . the ro^in. .ludltli f.fe;d llie Irulli lioiieslly, at lasl. " f was afraid, t'or 'H hours she i:a-l been luriiicd by forhlddins liurrarj lilic had refused lo naine. She was afraid of what should liaii- rc:i when Arllnir Kiilgiu l:nev,- the triuli. Slie was afraid even of ad mitt lug she was ufrald. Tho wholo sicke^Jns panovaraa passed betoro ht-r mind. Wliy not adi:,li If! She was beaten! Judiih did not know how Ions she stood staring out of llie window. An Idea, V.IKIIC lull persistent, was beginning to slmiie Hself In her mind. She considered liila Idea, ells- bell. now! lOSl C A t ll!" Judiih isa BuliiB—iio»!" to h»r. . n ,,,i ))u M '' IV/ilEX s i:er sh she hail finished her illn- he i>ald tho cashier nnd Into the street. 'HK electric HK:'I(.I beaconed hut Jiidltli ignored them, '/or ECV- ernl lilccks she walked without iiO' search of It again. U>C " '""' Krapi " s '" licj " B ller surroundings. Then svind. Tlie tv.o men were arsjiiiny, | SUPIIOSK she should go to Ar- IhoiiKh £lie cntiW liot wli.iti U '!' r FOR KENT FOR- RENT— Trirce rooms with bath, garage., furnished or"un- furrdshed, - 800 'Walnut Street. •' -i-i •-••• •^-• ) -^ ij^i ___ FOR ^RENT-^One or. two.'furnished rooms, close in. Apply Jiminie Lecibetter. Triangle Store. 4ctf. FOB -RENT~-Nice 'steam lieatcd hedroom adjoining bath for gen- tlem'ara, 603 West Main slreet Phone 642 or 26. 14c!;-ti LAND FOR RENT We have about five hundred acres of good cotton nnd corn land to rent to parties who have their own teams and equipment. - • Heitjpl iill LLr. Co. KESNETT, XtO. 20ck28 Mar I May July and thin. Tin; other's shoulders were Dent aud une side ot his mouth moved..clicivlus rhyllimlcally. Far al the !p/i ,1 girl r.-as scattering criimhs for the pigeons thin swirled and lluticred atout her head, Slandins, gazing off ,|D W II the lurhor. were several sailors. Olhcrs in short jackets and jaunty raps lolled on bcnciies aud blinked at lhe : sun, A paily of feminine sight-secrs passed Judith, chatting animatedly. 1 Mcasenger boys, stenographers, women .pnsliing. baby earriascs •iivere all^part of the IhroiiK. . Each •-•Etoup .vats preetcupicd, oblfviousUo . the. rest;-,.r_. 7- ;,,.,- . ., Judith Knighi's nilnil was iiusy, too, Slie slnred ai n ;e water, drawn by its restless lure. Far In llie illslnnce great ships were liead- inf; ocean-ward. Olhers, rctnrninrj f'-ic foreign seas, were steaming tnio port. Sarlng out at Iho hazy horizon. .'•JJDi lost herself in reverie. ,Min*'•*• passed. Then she remembered vii«l had haiipeiied and her melancholy relurncd. Ihc . rsallied that she had passed the earner where she should have SHU she Cut the stir, tht noise ot fiirnci) to reach the Iiotel. continued. „ , -.«,..» S!:o was not Ihlnklng—at least you ,e I hlin?" j',,,11,1, tolll „„„„ „,,„ ,„,, no , I ell h.iii the truth!" came ihuiwam to think. Subconsciously her answering argument. "Tell him all mind was In ferment. Should she S ',1!' ? ho "i,' 1 llavc Io . k1 t ^' [ore !'oi:r KU baci; lo Arthur? Should she rc- ••Hut I'm afinld—" There it was! Fear of what disclosure wouid bring on une hand- fear of concealment on llic other. Tho cdnlhcitng elements of JuditYs liatlled back and forth. Such are- not seillcd quickly. In Iliis case loo much was ct slake. Judith knew she had given Tony promise to stay away for two weeks. Jiut what ivas that promise except payment of liirtckmnll? Sl.c bad asrccd to Imvc the house for iv;o weeks: She wiisijiloInG ihis in order that Tony wouil noVfell lier falher what she iuew'.'- ' :.Was .it dscenl 4o '.bars.iJ The Icug aflernoon out of doors had mciln her weary. At last Judith turned and made her v.-ay back to thchotcl. When the v.-as in her roei'i once more she s!i!'i;,-d into tbo one eliair and drew i; IO;I K sigh. Yes, she was tlreJ, iiliysi -.•>!!;• am ] meulally. She conm no told hmeir sl:e had nearer to ; t decision. iai \.e.-, not true. When any is st::!cd aud faced frankly half the l.r.'.lio is over. Judith "was unaware uf lids. Sfie ivav palnsiutiing t |, at CVC] ,( U! , about, .he;- iirei-irailons for tho FOR UENT—Five room modern, house with bath, yarase on! North Tenth street. Phone 250 or call at 015 Holly street. 21pk27 FORWENT—Two room.-, furnished fciy-light housekeeping. G25 Wiij- mil, Phone 521. Mrs. s- P.'Cavcri- der. 10ck24 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. 21. (UP)—Cotton futures closed steady. OIICM High Low Close 1520 1337 1521) 1520 1552 1563 1548 1S19 1570 1584 15Sa Out 1588 1603 loSfi Dec 1612 1522 1007 Jail 1G10 1GM 1014 tlius?infaht.- clir.ascd her fate carefully .-, ..»>. .....uiii^y ffiH; crc:i;ii, cleaned ft with'hot Mmnnls enlercd into the watnr and hr,:n!i.-,l | lcr i, a | r 50 Vhy, Judith asked her- strokes CM. cither side, it wiilj as Ilioiii-ii, liy Ijiuii-iiig liui-sclf at these lasts, si:3 loimln lo forget more 'niiurlant tiling. At last, UioiKh it ivas still early in tho cvtiitii:?, fhe lurncd onl Ihc li£!it and clhnbcii inlo bed. H Judiih Knight bin) oll !v jjnmni it her decision already was made She had reached Iho lurniag point "i llic sc-ariim- agony of that' mo- meat when she had slipped lo licr knees anil crio;t. "iielu me know '"'--it is righl!" FClf, was Tony so anx>oi:s to have lic-r leave? \Vliat cnuld two weeks— elcvnity timiigli Ihc-y seemed tu Jn- dilli —do lo clian^e Iho siitiiation? • ffow would she feel when n> the end of that i>eriod s!ic ivtnrned The (angle scorned hopeless. Oh, there were ijoints (hat wjro olear enough! Jaditli Knight knew wiiat slio wanted—to rejjafn Arthur's love aud their former lianiiiuess. Slie wanlcil this so desperately ibat nu exiu..-.. -. Tho t:•.;•; r, fust en.iii;", aisuln. V.i'i! red !li:lT< ,, ranenii ,-.v, : and [i!:;:.}i. llence. ' !-:ill»ty her. l.,:c,il I inlti .^igbt and onl lishM. H't'"£l ll^lltt'. ^l; i il in tii.i ynbrt'r- • U Ull EH-IHtd flow to Jiidlili's IIHU.-I. cur ivl.- : (lie r.Thl i n-.o d.:,ir. Hlu- «:n hrealli- | lcli sh(J t cwmA "If 1 !n:ny," she told herself "I Ctlll n::<.!;o t ' M .| ;;„... Sho D::.-I ni.iko ihn 4:10: S!iu must n,:,):,. it: otherwh-o Ihcro would he an liuirasslhla hnlMinur's delny ami she euiihl not reach Hie houso uiiill after r,vc o'clock. Lu;!:!ly there- «-a= liitlc lo park. Pajamas. li:, W ]!e, coiali ami bn:<;> and cc=:,:i.t!,-s »- r L , te3.s:d Into tho traveling l,.ii; lii-liuv-skeltcr. Whca they were all In ;i:nl Ihu bag locked Judiih Kralibwl It up nnd rail. She chafed al the cauhlcr's delay as ho tinned for her kill. "Tnxl?" nskcil tho driver sia- lloncd kfore the door. No. ll:e subway wculd bo iiuletcr. n'llliont totlicrini; to answer, Ju- illth ran down Hit tlrcct. Tho liaitllni; lias was not heavy. Slie nv.niii; oiitn a tniin, h;i;Jy si|iiec/ini; In hcfmu Hi,, niilinuaiic doors clicked shut. Judith dropped Into tlie flrtt scat nnd eyed cadi pnsslni; staiion dclianlly. As U:ey ueartd the r.iIUay ilntlon slio mailo lier u.ij- ( 0 ([ cc door, ready lo nut the uiiinile the train OUR BOARDING HOUSE 7 SAV, Lis'e*A ~ f '' UouJ Okl L WA S'Qli Aki' -Trlo'Se FUMBLES OF-fit• - CLUB, -16 LAY OFF DROPPlklQ AUcd-. Id MY C!<3AR STORE ^VOU'RE / BUSINESS .' -IHIAJ \ voii-i. S ACCUSE ME : L A ' PAGE SEVEN ( * JeLL _ „ •foli CAW FLOUMDER J| VALS ; ARE 'tiWk ALOlJ<2> MI/JUS i^ 'A ;: CROUjf>' By Alieruifr I ''*. .'; r- „•- : . -•-'•'•• -I :— '•"• • ~ *. 11 • • 1 k'6 15-W<iri-r;V •".'•! DL>. A/0' NoUR . i 'T I _-,_-'.;.. • ~ l • stunned. Off to .... ... duwn a Iligiil of s 1500 1580 1007 1014 FOR --1U3NT— Nice comfortable bedroom to men or couple. Mrs. Nolan, 310 West Walnut street.- 19ck2-l FOR'SALE—Three Jersey cow.', two fiesh. oilier irill IK in about 10 days. O. D. Grimes. Box 871. ^Ock22 LOST LOST--1 hlack horse mule, brown iicse^ nboiit 1G hniuls liiRli. G jear.s.old, wcarinc: leather lialtcr. Notify H. C. Brown. Hennandnlc. Mo. REWARD. 18pk26 LOST—One Irish setter male, red: One. Lcwellen setter female white with lemon enrs. If found notify' W. W. shaver and receive reward. PERSONAL W. 3. KKOX repairs shoes good So.' 2M West Main. WERT He Makes''Em See Sirols closed riuiet at 1530. olT ten. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 21. IUP>— Open High Low Mar .... 1506 1515 May .... 1533 1544 July .... 155C 156C °ct ..... 1573 1586 Dec. .... 1502 1605 J »» ..... 1015 1615 Spots closed steady nine points, Closo 1532 150^ 1530 1531 1553 1553 1512 1573 1503 1532 1611 1611 at 1503, o' Held. Evrard and Henderson, Atlys for Plair.tiif. Jan. 31, Feb. 7. Read Courier News Want Ads. MOM'N I'OI' Four Perfect Bridge Hands in One Deal rnABODY, Mass. (UP(—An affidavit mis m'jessaiy 10 conviuci- bvuiu mends 01 \vniffim~Ii." Hill that in a bridge game lie. dealt ilu lo cards of each suil to a dlirrrcnt- | llclot window nnd lo the sn:,ur- b;:u trains. Jinlith's luarl liouiulid. There, waltijii;. f( OT ,) t | lu ,| : jo 3lie entered the iiean^l ntnl found a seal. A cold liiilo shlicr ran down her splitc. ft he'll only list™!" Judith ted., "ll Arthur will only .un-- ileijian'd— !" ' -Nov.- that tlie excitement ot catching the train was er,.inl. Ihtro was-a lu in |i in Judith's throat, S'.io was, afraid Unit Arthur would not nndersland. Hut cleu hor worst fcnr.; had mt prtpired Judiih Knlslit for the luo- ieiil 3D miunles laUr v/heii siio faced Arthur Knight in the livinc room of )I(K home. "I'm back!" r'.:o falterc-!. Knisht eyed hii -... ; .i» T.U'e coolly ,-iii,i deliberate!}-.' "What have you couie for?" to ked. I'l'o lio Co.nlimirity player v.u!iciu trickery nr.rt nfi'j rt proper cut nnrt siiii>f!r. Herbert K. ReyiiHld? si;;n. ! Fvore to the aliirhvi:. Tliero :. said to be one char.-jc iii 3rf).i!Cn. r.SH deals Hint Hit- i.u-d* v.iil » r.naiiRe thcmvelvoi wiilioiit is! tended preparation. Rend Comli-r News Want Ads L SAY THIS • E66 - BliT 'MV PRESENCE ADDED AIR, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martiij-fH' swjffi ;WE WRTV , .. ----• O«AX -i ME Pitt , -II X -~ Oyt« |W TO' VfRK _ A-Tll MftM .' -03-^-^3-- Divnv t«*j- - WORKING OUHKR K. J. Ucdson vs K W. 'Wright The defendant. F. W. Wright is warned lo apprnr before O-c ir Al exandcr, a Justice .ol the Peace K r Clnckaiawba Township of MiRsw iiplii County, Arkansas, wilh'n tlv'r ty days from (His date, and answer the complaint of the phiintifr R j Dcclson. ' ' January 30. IMo OSCAR ALEXANDER Justice cf the Peace. Royal C. Miu s I'uWic Accoiinlant and Auditor Specializing 1n Income Tax. Bookkeeping Systems, rhone 52 Insrani B!dp. BIytlievillc, Ark-: Jags- riioxE I 0 0 LOST—A fountain )ien by a young man lull of Ink. lie- Uirn lo Courier ofTtec. IF ^HERE'S ANYTHING THAT WILL MAKE A WO- i MAN FIGHTL\6 MAD ITS i A LEAKY ItOOF. | We fix 'cm. ' j L C. Robinson | Lumber Co. i -' HA 1 -! f/AU! OfV, OZARf VIEflf?/ ON 1HE NE-VJUYVJEIDS jHtN 1HE.Y LCft MhRR^D WNT A.MY FOP UtB MIUL\OMS ONLV 10 DYSCOMER 1HM SWE HW LO-ST EVEOY1HIMOIN 1HE1 tt^LL STREET CRr\SH 'Af.l, IS WiOI.L THAT ENDS 0. K. *Ki:CKl,ES AND HiS FRIENDS "-': i sEt ;MZYS GOT us Boa POT ,rJ Youa DOG B£ SOHE To WOT : -VIE l''^R^^lu\) Autn fi«v FOB DOUGH MiD SHE LOST IT IN \"{W-L STCtO. BOT ll"M" IWE VIKLF or \T-SUE ' LtXUD A LOr Ot '^ Ht'S ^\ nn B^oxe ^-Qff~7o"£< TOO'. JBL®T lUl " I5y Cowaft" ' UPPER-HAND ^R TNAT-ARE^T v /tO AFR^iQ S'^E'LV. CUASE OS AU. COT VJUEN SUG SttS te*f.\ '" VMITH OOB. r/y. Doss Bv Blosser'.'""' 'r? 1 frs ""•^C' Ii K, JUST TODAY CHE POT { *0% ri MY PUP OUT AND SAID • '-/>:, A • THE VARD WAS THE PtftCE FOV2 /W I „.. \JJ I ~>vr:il. •4|rV- ."-'4

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