The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR m;YT_ni<!vn,LK. (ARK.) couniRR-NKws FRIDAY,' FEnUUARY 21, 1930 •THE 'nLYTHEVILLE.COUKlKU NKWS '.' ' THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R, BABCOCK, Editor H. W. JIAINfiS, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: The, Bcckwlth Special Agency, Inc.. New York, Chicago, Bt, Louis, Detroit, Kansas City, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Sau Francisco, Los Angeles. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class mailer nl Ihe [lost office at nlythevluc, ArXausas, under ncl of October 9,, 1911. Served by the United Press. SUDSCHirilON HATKS By cniTler In Ihc city of Illylhcvllle, 15c per week or S6.50 \xi year Ir. advance. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, »3.00 per year, fl.60 for six months, 85o for three months; by mail In nostal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In tones seven and eight, $10.CO per year, payable in advance. The Mailer of Service The fact thai Connie M;uk, manager nf the Phil:ulclphi;i Lc:iguc baseball club, has belli the ?10,000 Kthvanl w . llok iiwnnl for "having rendered the most oulsltmd- inij sf-rvice to I'liilndclpliiii" during; .1929 opens the way for a bit of medi- talion. Rendering a service to your horn:' town can be done in lots of ways, and probably there is no reason why a baseball pilot isn't jiu-t as eligible as anyone else. Yet one cannot help wondering; just whal-sort of service did Philadelphia's people give their city during 1020 if, nt the close of tho year, a com- miUce of. serious, iiilbllijjenl men found that the victory of a professional baseball club was the most noteworthy 01' the lot? There is just a HUle bit more to this than you might think. We get a little confused in our so/isc of valuer, every so often, and this Pbiladelpliia incidtnt illustrates it psrfc:tly. Philadelpliia, of course, is very nuicli like every oilier American city. H is a •little bigger than most of them, and some of the doings of its politicians and its underworld arc perhaps a bit beluw standard; but, on the whole, it is probably a typical American city in every way. Think over the situation of tlic average big city and .see if you can spot a few of the opportunities for improvement. They arc rather miiirrnus. A citizen looking for Hie chalice lo serve his town could find plenty to do, in Philadelphia or anywhere else. A judge could find plenty of ways to make the law more respected and honored. A politician could find plenty of ways to make the city government more responsive lo the people's .will. A police official could, quite easily, rnnke llio city s;|fer for honest men and women. A school official could help to give the city's rhildron a i;rwd preparation for the adult life that lies' ahead of them. A business man could do his part toward promoting happiness by making industry stable and efficient. An artist could make liis citv pleasant,r (ihu'e by Jiddii:;.:, a little bit, to the beauty and colnr available in it. You could li-nsthen that list indefinitely. H'.s long cii''iigh, though, to make one suspect, cither that Philadelphia's citizens miss'd a Sot of chances hist, year, or that Ui.' prize committee might have looked a little bit farther. Whtn nil American city names a professional athleto as ilm man who has served it brst :iirmi; ; -h an entire year, it is (juitt 1 obvious that either perform- unco or judgment lias gone slightly askew. SIDE GLANCES By George Claik Not the Wisest Course Somelimc:; ii. does :-.e:m as if our prison system could, ju.-t jio.-sibly, be rearranged so that it M'oiild do its work 'a little bit belter. A weekly magazine tells of the release t'nim iSinj: iSim,' prison of oui 1 Krank .Singer, who went in in 1001) for sloalii.g '••"'!• fiinjvr came out "unable to tie hi.s own lie o: 1 I'a.-'leii his collar." The state gave him $10, be had ?45 of his own. and lie. luwl earned, during bis term, nearly !?;>l). With this equipment he wa.- turned loose in a world which he had last seen mofe than 20 years age—lo sink or swim by his own de- Vices, with the aid of some $91. It is hard to escape a feeling thai there is something wrong with this picture. In theory, this Frank Singer should be chastened and repentrnt ready to take his place in society and earn his living in "an honest manner; but is he? Do thesa brief hints about him sound like it'.' Don't they .suggest that his 21-year prison sentence might not have been the wisest way of dealing with his case, back in 1009? The Editor's Letter Box /.' . .-'•'- '-.>:• ^-^iS.* - '/?-s '•V ! ^ i '^?) &Dl : ^-®£ lllf%% r tc •-•' $."?><!£?y.l:<}*.fr--,;' . jrffc .' ^^P^Sfe^ i' ::j$fa Ju:|jr, j7| -m fi^T^s§r l.clttrs Must lie .Signed The Courier News Is in receipt of a communication, signed- "A l(jj per cent Blytlicvllllnn," delivered to tins office by messenger (his morning. We would Gladly glv? E|iace lo this letter l>ut cannot <lo to until the writer Identities himself. The name will be held in confidence, If llrat is requested, but we must know the source of all material submitted to us.—The editor. SAN FANCISCO <l)l>>—It wasn't the golf bug that bit Atllso Biglleu but he was a "sport addict" and Mrs, liigl'eri could stand it no longer, she i(jtd Superior Judcc Franklin A. Grllihv here recently "He played basketball three r.ighe; a \vcek and baseball or Wonderful News For Fits 11 Sufferers Brooklyn, N. '/.—Most stubbon cases of epilepsy have been slop- l>cd by new remedy. Thousands of Millcrers have been helped. I( you have fits write at once to Plicuo- Icptol Company, Box 71, St. Johns PI. Sta. Brooklyn, N. Y., Dept. 30, for Ircc booklet. adv. Sundays," she said. "He Is so addicted lo sports that It's extreme mental cruelly." granted. Her pica wasj The oil that stands up under heat • speed and high compression MAGNOLIA MOTOR OIL (Paraff ine Base) At Magnolia Stutious and Dealers "Wonderful, Louie! That's the finest thing you've done .since the 'Spirit of Pyrotechnics' you did for Ihe firemen's I dinner. A Constitutional Function Jlr. Hughes is confirmed for the supreme court, which is probably as it .should be. Despite the charges against, him, the man's reputation for learning, fair-mindedness and integrity is too great to cause many Americans to feel any dissatisfaction with his appointment. Nevertheless, no one need say that Ihe iiltack which certain senalor.s opened should not have been made. In a democracy such as ours Ihe Senate ought lo scrutinize such appointments very carefully. Xo man is so eminent that lie should go into high office without any nuestion as to his fitness being raised. U is up (.0 tin 1 , president lo make suc!\ appointments, hut it is the senate's duly lo lie-liberal., over Ihoni. In tak- inx t-hi 1 time to argue alum I Mr. Hughes, the i-eiKiie was only carrying out ils constitutional function. WASHINGTON LETTER BY 1IOUNEY DUTClIEi: iNt:.\ Service Writer WASHINGTON, Feb. 21—"O! ccuise I can't talk about when', o: cotton, but I can tell you a n.,;-. • story." Chairman Alexander Lcjje of the Federal farm Board rx- plnlnecl lo a newspaperman the] other 'day. The discussion had turned to' wheat stabilization, hi connection with reports that, grain dealer* were attempting to beur l!u: IK-I;- ket and depress prices to t!:c iih- credit of the Farm Ilonnl. «!i;ih lias been too active to suit :!u> prain dealers. "About forty ycors ago." Lj^e went on, "in one of the wcs:.iu states a cowlxjy v;as elected coi-.:;iv treasurer. But thr court house had .'timed down.and they hart to p:i'. .lie treasurer'.'; oilice in Ih-; .sa'm. 1 :olel \vherc the new trcnsunr .ivnL "Tlict-a were sill! rather Li-.vlcv. lays and one ni^ht a I-IT-HI 01 ^harpers at the hotel L;O! '.''ie 'cowboy- into a game o[ rtiaw. Aftc: while he found liim^ch' with ar. extraordinarily ynod h.iiul and he made a large bet. ."Tt:ey raised him a thousand dollars and the co\vb:iy b'.v..-.i\ to realize for the lust liaie what he was up against. I as he could hitch up a horse and buBcy. Mrs. Gaudier pointed out. that it wns only a short distance. 1 "That path runs right through | the graveyard." complained the boy. "What do you care about that 1 ' Don't, you know that no ghost is going to catch yon?" "Yasuin," the boy said, "I know dey ain't. But I don't wan- none of 'em running after me." ALONG MAIN STREET By E. L. H. An observer says that.women who sina while washing dishes break fewer dishes than those who don'i ."inj. And there arc a lot of husbands here in Blythmlle who t:av.- heard their wives sing who would not mind the breaking of a lev; dishes. The cigarette advertising show-, ing the double chin is very timely i ,. It comes just at u time when all! 01 the Ciiris'.nKis canoy au:l iiic j candied fruits have been ca'.cn. | Times probably never will pet. so ' tta^ im ii^akiiM. . , . • - ' •"I haven't B : that mi::-', licre P iUl '" tll!s c""'"''" 11 ^ tliat it will boys: he said, 'but let me vj down- ^ l«*-We to fic i „„ odd-job man -tairs 11 minute 1 I ° llu ;l llltlc vvc "' k ou Saturday al- v.TLirr ;-.ays /hc-:e is i rrent d.r. ' nf.ili-slr* Ijc.-jmiiv: l-o ci.-i-i t.i !v.L-n'. : ;. V/L- h.;\r n.tlrc:! tjnilr .1 lr,;llcs ]i&\r b:.o:nc OUT OUR WAY .Hy Williams v\ Hc came back and peeled off a Ihoiisand dollars from a -ar,;^ roll lo slr.y, then he nit»rc!. He iossed :n the roll tinrt a IjuiK'l; uf c'r.ccks and county wafinnts 2:;d s:,i:l " 'Now see If you 0:1 brat me and the. county too! 1 " So the [train dealer:, c.iti Interpret the yarn to suit t .'.ui<;lves. Lc^gc says il's a true story. The latest story on Capi'.nl Hi!', conmns a senator. uh:i -A.IS de- larlhii; from the St;n;uc v.i:i-; one fteiuoon recently whr:; sinicono asked him if the Scnul. h.ul re- "i v .'o." replied Hie rciiii:..:r. "but they've- been talkinp :!b,»i.! fcyp- n!l day and f liavrn': [,.:.[ any K^yptians in my district .n:d I'm titcd and I'm tjolni; en Liljv.-:." The Senate was dcb.iti;-,; the taritT on cypsum. Dean Roscoc POIIIK! of :h? Haivan! Law School, member of Vre ;- irlcm's Hojver's Lav,- L!ii:.,ic;>:iieu. Comnmslo'.i. explained or.: ;if tln- dilliciiltks of the co!nm : .ss:,i:i ii concocting its proiiilhtioii eiilurco niciH rccommeiiilalion v.licn h: ar.iv.-.r.-d before the Ho'.is: J'.iiii- ci.iry Cii:u:uittee. He said that it was clilliciilt f lo^muialc a waicli woi:l- •IK', .ill scctiun^ of the coimtty r,nr nil phases of the problem and no' cenllict with the existing lejal set up. "I urn reminded of the :/.my a'oeu the way i.-.Ucnus arc prnvid-.';! fo Ihe and Uritish nrmu't." h 1 aid "When a Biitish rr.;lm.-iit w.uit uiiiforiiis tliey send for a uii-i;- an' . "'.',', ! . h . wl11 '! ot bo 10 "G nmv ulltil thc : c lcckcr pl ^' ws ccul nkc "" lloli -i ! ws ' "^"t and «« °^" ex- t ' lll " s c "" ioor s l 101 ' 15 I heard somebody on the radio | .iniuiineo the other evening that ' icL'eafirr it would be necessary to ' jut Amos and Andy en the au- wir:> a This is another one if those what-of-it items. Wlia;. of anything, was ever ^0112 o those animals in the Kansas Jiiy 730 that, according to 11;? icwspajiers. predicleil a mild wui- er? Now THAT IS GOOD COFFEE 'Wo need to look further for a Coffee that will please me better, for this Forbes Santa Fe Trail Coffee has just the flavor i like." Trail Announcements The C.nuK-r News has been au- .hori/.cd to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary. l-'nr County Jutlsc GEORGE W. BAHilAM, election). (Re Tor Sheriff W. \V. SHAVER (Kc-clcctionV W I'or Cuunly Treasurer \V. HOLLIPETEK. Tor Circuit Court Clerk T. W. PO1TEK. BILLY CiATNES. 1'nr County Court Clerk MRS. JOHK LO.NG (Re-election). v> that cv- ^:i colonel :'..r:!: v.-h:.t .I'A arc fc.i' pretty measure each soldier, cr.vnne pets a perfect "But ulien a Trc rrd:i;. a :l'0tisar.'.l i:: h.ivc a foM'.m'.a to til the mcasurcm a ihouband men. "The uniforms co::io i ut well for nearly cvvry.-;!,-. i;n't it's lion). Iv.irfl on the occar,Lnu] :unii who may be six feet and f.--ir Inches tall or only five fee: f. :oe." "• ' Sniator Tom Httiln's rcii'.Jtation as the best story-teller \:: Congress is sultcring. Ever since tho stale committee read him ci.t of th^ Democratts party of Tom hasn't been fcchns :'ui::.y n't nil. Ills last recorded Jc<:e v us told to l'iir County Assosor J. S. UH.LAHUNTY. JIM FOWLER (Ke-elcction). I"«r .Uislirc of thr Vfacc (iiirk.isawlia Toiviisbip JOIi.X ,vALTON. I'or City Attorney ' IVY \V. CRAWFORD (UC-elcC- . 1'nr City Clerk K i. MCKNIGHT. OKOUOK CUOSP. S. C. CRAIG (Rc-clcclUm). MISS MARY HONEY. the Senate months ,vr.... ascribed 1'huuUcvl. to Bishop Candle:' of Cr.jrjH: Mrs. Cand'.cr told a :: c --ro bov workinj on the nlncr ; j-o to a I neighbor's l-.;;:se a iv.::o .iv.-.iy an,1 | git s;me rncik. ciis .,:•.;': • ;f.; P " r , ana jt)-.e key sa'.d hs vc.;:,; rj ,15 scon lor, 1st Ward ; J. LOUIS CHERRY. L. G. THOMPSON (Pete trio i Tor Ahlcrtiun. 2nd Ward HAY WORTH1XGTOX. I'or Alderman. 3rd \Varrt ERNEST K. JACKSON. Forbes Santa Fe Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction INCLUDE A CAN OF FORBES SANTA FE TRAIL WITH YOUR ORDER SATURDAY MORNING—you'll be delighted with this new and better coffee, Once you give your family a taste of Forbes Santa FQ Trail coffee it will become a "regular" at your table—your coonstant coffee—your reliance as the, successful climax to every meal, and luncheon. On Sale At All Grocers Forbes SANTA FE TRAIL D. Canale Co. Distributors

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