The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1940
Page 3
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'__:7..'rmjRst?AY.' FRRRUARY. v 1010; County Health Unil Report : Tor 1938 Is Made . Public . iof Mr. niHl-Mrs, D. Garrott and family. : rhu son' cf Mr. and ,Mrs, Hoy Aycock, who lias boon .seriously .111 of pneumonia, is slightly Improved. Mr. and Mrs. John Been,' of Blythcville,. \vore the finfidny of Mr.-and Mr.s. Clyde Ai-niaii- troi-t. ••'••- -• • - i Miss Dorothy Aycocl; returned home Monday after having sprat Die u-;:ek end at Manila • in' UIB home' cf the Rev. nnd IvJis. p H. Jernigun, . . . _,BIflTni3VTLT.R (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS New cases of pi-live found in Mississippi County by the county health unit durliig 1933 totaled 3]'wlille thi-re were 43 cases Of diphtheria, 39 cases of typhoid fever and only six cases of smallpox. TJlnesses from communicable' disease Is on Hie decline ns the program of-the unit continues to filter through the county with the Rctivitiss of venereal diseases, tuberculosis control, infant and children's program ami sanitation. 'A report of the pist !^ ::iont!is shows thsi extensive work 1m done Iii tuberculosis control. Besides making investigations ami examinations which disclosed the 31 new cases now fictive, members of/the null examined 30 'suspected cases and 'contacts fount! non- active, t made, 3Q home visits to tuberculosis cases and made 111 x-ray films tln-pug)i cooperation of-tne Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association with' 25 pc-r cent of these found to bs negative. Children given the tuberculin lest totaled' 453. . . There \vere! .483 cases of syphllU diagnosed' with 5,923 treatments given, 1703 blood tests uiade in the tBIythcville office and - 9.152 office visits bi patients for examination, advice nnd'treatment. Of. the 43 cases of diphtheria reported in the recent near-cpidemi'. ami a few others scattered over UK year, ; there were -seven deaths. Th-. unit members immunize.) 102. children uncli 1 - --ix years of agi against diphtheria. There \vcre umy three .deatli^ from typhoid fever of the 3SJ reported aild there were 13,053 im- nnmized against, this diseass. Smallpox, which is fast on the decline because of the vaccination Immunization, took no live:} in Mississippi County, in 1930 among Hi six. cases. Members of the unit .vaccinated 4,150 persons. '• Work • amon;; ruite-partum, infant, pre-school ami school .chilli re P. is a large- part' of the program each ;year.' Durings th3 past year, there were 257 home visits -maik to expectant .•mothers; .133 tc mothers, and: bahies, - ' ; "• '•_ Dental.-, attention: w?.s given U 394 children of indigent parents- and S^GOjSClJQoLjahllqren \vcre hispccteji by physicians and muses lor\de- fects;" physical J^ianc^lnaps,. ijifec- lious'jPtOiy eoht'agions •' diseases. ; To follow this up, there were 403 home visits made. 'JXventy-t-oree crij>;jieu children were adiiutt:cl to miisin_ service. v • _i , •''•. ;' :-\ ..'. . : ; The ; - J saiiitfillon report of the j-ear showed that 145. sanitar. privies .were-' installed, 15 s^pti tanks .installed tind&r o\:pcrvi:io. nf the /unit,- 119 private premiss inspected along with inspections o: swimming pools which ;tbta!at!' 51; school buildings'. 5G;, publb "w.'.tei supplies', 21;/-sewerage plants, '¥!', canning plants, 15; the -318 .fob'. handling' establishments ur.cler supervision of -this department, 9oO; the 17 dairy' I arms under' supervision, 174; Ihe 7 crc-nm stations, 20.';' . ; , : ' : :' There were 25SO specimens collected and sent to the laboratory in. Little Rock. . ; -.''• t > • ; '• ..' . Dr. K. E. at-h Inner is director of the ivnil which has offices at Bly- thevihe and Osseola. George;Sliani- lin is sanitarian; -Miss -.Ada Boyd d-d r-,f rfl-;r« nurse. Ellen Harrison, are at-Die Blythevillc office; Mrs. Lucy Miller is nurse at Osccola; Mrs..Norman Bunch is clerk here and Mrs. Luais Msy Bennett, at Os:eola. : :' •tin Henson, L\icrelia Buneli. 1 Uoio i Emma Parrbli, Pattle MulliiiK. Ruth Krcch. l' Cftlvln HolJIucswortli and KoIIv Knle received lionornble inrnthn'i on the lilgli school n Swalil. Ernes-1 line French, Lillian Jlmicli. John' Perry Hollinusworth. Bardette h'-?ws 4-11 Club Iiidrasfs Six new mi'iniie'rs were udiiiltted to the nsirdcttfe' 4-II club at a Tting Tuesday with the Icnotr-rs, L. }l. Antry and Miss Marjorle Varaer, and 'nssisliinl county asiciiis, R. w. Schrocilcr imd Miw li'iez KIncaid. • . ; The club is ;,o large that li has been dii-!ri"d Into uvo, -sroiijis wlili-ii iiavu stlparate tiicutings ami projji'i'.ins. t'lub No. Two.will linve a program at the next meeting-. After "Scwaiicc River" had been suny. M(ss Kincald told the his- toiy o; flic scii|.>. As the sccrotary CHlli'd (he roll tarh mpi,jij,. r (old ahat he had iu:complislu;d .in uiu last, mor.lh.; : During the inoolinx which Miss Kineald hid with the u'lrls, she tcld them how to stai't Iheir project. )3adi ol the first year sewing fili-ls are to make- a skeveles.s dress at Iheir next meeting. Mr. SchroEcier met with the boys. Have Skafiitg Parly Members of the tenth and eleventh grades of the Burdette Echo;! were guests at 11 skating party Tuesday night. They met at the home of Ernestine lirlttain be- iorc t'oiiig to the park to skate. Mr. Taylor, their geometry teach- : 3r, chaperoned Die party. After the skating ended, they returned •-o the Bi-ittaln home to play a 'number of games. Yarbro News Ifouor Koll Announccil. Ten .students of the Yarbro >chool were named on the honor .'ell fcr the third six weeks' term. ; The high school honor roll Is as follows; Mona .Nell Taylor,.Rudolph Lambert, Gwendolyn GIT, •Mary Hell Holmes, Dorothy Pnr- ' ish. In the elementary grades the .following were mimed: George Frank- Nona Nell Taylor, Jiianita S'cal, Gwendolyn Orr, Mary Noll Holmes wore on Die hlfjli sclmol honor roll for the Jim semi-stir. On ilic elementary semester honor roll \yerc the names of George Fymik-S lin Henson, Kosc Emma 1'arrlsh, I-'nttle Mtiliins, jimli Krech. - Ifonornble mpiitlon for iHc first' semester went to Calvin Uolllngs-! worth, Kelly H«!c ami Uorouiy Pnrrlsli, in the hlyh school anil ib Peggy Vatbro In the tleinei'itniy idicol. forfeit Allnul.HKe Kf.ciils Annuuiuril. 'His following students had perfect attendance re-cords lor ti-.e' first seiiiMlei-; • ilish school: Mai> Swain, Kelly Hale, Edward Hunch, Calvin llol- llnc.swortli, Junior Hawkins. Elementary .vc-hoot: Jerry Uol- Church Conference Scheduled At Luxora I.UXORA, Aid.. Peb. 1,—There ivill be held at tin- Luxorif liipllst church Suiulay inomlnj nt eleven o'clock, l-Ybrnm-y 4, a church conference, at which nil members U' the church are wsed t6 be present. When Poisons Slow a^djmtate Bladder "* ^f'fiish Tlici» Out -for 35 Cents ' Go to yo.ur frriieglal todaj- arid got tills sure, awICi- anil dluretis snfl s(imul.i:n —iisk for Gold Mcilal Hanrlcm Oil Capsulos aiul fitart at mice t6:ll\isli tiiihicys ot waste matter salmatt'il \vith aciiJa and poisons. Thal. ! i> a (inick and effective wny to liot;) iiring about moru healthy kict- ncy iiclivily aiKl.rclit-vo'lluit bladder Iri-ltiition wltlv Ha scanty n.-issaKc \s-ith smarting miei bui-nltii; as well as rosU less nlsjlits. Ucniuinbcr the Viilneys oftt-n nt^l fliwliinc 05 well as the iKlnvii. iiliil some sin;[i(oms of Kl.lncy we'nknc*3 ru>- be: yttlhiK up often duricit: the nru-lu^-|iuffy eyca—l^cfcaclio lint he sure and get COLD MED\Ij Haarlem Oil Capsules — tins ortftiial nmlfonulne — rijjlit'from Haarlom In Holland—lite pi-ice la small (35 cents), the good.results will rulllll your expectations. Koit'i accept ii-'nutiiitUutc. New Liberty News Has Birthday J'arty Mrs. Clyde Armaiitrottt was ho.s- less to the. Birthday club for a party at her home Tuesday. As ill \vns the first meeting of the year, activities fcr '1940 were discussed before the hostess aliened the gifts which emitaUiecl Items lor her - kitchen. Miss .Tean Annanlrout assisted her mother in serving a sftl- ad iiu.l dessert plate. Th<- next meeting will he Wednesday. Feb. 7, at the home of Mrs. Holder. » « • : Mr. and Mrs. Horace Floyd and family and Mr. nnr.l 'Mrs. 'R, M. Aycock and family, of Sardis, Miss., spent'the week enfl hero with relatives. Mr. nut! Mrs. T. w. Steward and daughter. Patsy, of West- Memphis, were the Sunday'guests REMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia ; Mo'biloil and Mobile/as Now Managed by Waller Cox, Jr. and K. M. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! Inspired by the charminnly quaint hats worn in the picture! VFinc S [ raws an( j soft, supple fells for snrinc' —gaily trimmed! An arbor vltin- licdsi' Ivlnmii'ii sunn ivrtci 1 II Biow in uu- sinitii:. iceifi.rui (nuns mmm BUY .n r tc,> t « Il.m. LIKS h « »«u „ u,,.,, OK ritur o,h«, Mil «l Ih. HJU, r« t .<ei«4 ,! f IT'S WJRBH—Al V EG OTA HI, H PENNEY'S He CATSUP. Small filw ;.... SOUJ'S, Ass't. Klmls, 2 rni- Mr. SWUBT KKl.lSli; Jtar .,JOc (iiivilcn Vegetables No. 2 t'ooknl SiwKhrttt, 17 ny ,.l2c IIAHY F()OI>S Can 1\! CilunnUr ,1'lCKl.KS, Jar I7j-j(i _ VCAI. IOM- ... .'i for C fX)OKi:i>-l!ItA),VS,'2 for did you ever see Knitter's l.arijc Krcsli R«ci(lt' OF NEW FT I I —RINSO \Mrgo in Sm '"l CO UN 1IEKK. No. 1 C'.iu litu COHN BEEF IInvli, 'i fur Me 1'nrli & llciins No. 1 SOWS, Afesnrtcil 3 for Me TOMATO -SOU) 1 , 2 fur 15c. Hot-Dated Coffee 3 Lb. 11b,Bag15c ; M'ondbtii-y.'s l-'adal, Stiitp -.v v. >'' Huy ,'! Cukes—I'ny 1c for 'ii'h' L'nUc Scores of-Beaiiti'ul New Spring PRINTED RAYONS! SPUN RAYONS! RAYON CREPES! No. 2>/2 Can, E P- & G. SOAP itUE ROSE BICE,"£:10 The most gorgeous collection of prints you've ' «l Liifi price! ' • ' -. • ' . ' DRESSfNG;,, f 23 RAYONS : Yd. . " Attractive novelty -.patterns for street and-sportswear. As excitingly new as the first ' day of spring. • GABARDINE • CREPE ROMAINE • CELEBRITY Prints "TOPS" in dress rayons 1 Exquisitely lovely! Goracous cls- slsns! Glorious ,JQ colors! DUG Yd. Acc-Ili'. BROADCLOTH . New spring prints! You'll te •.:an) such a' dandy fab- : He at such' a low price' ; 30" Wide! * « ' -• Fast Colors' IvCvd. Avenue PERCALE PRINTS v Here's a wonderfully Inexpensive fabric that's perfect for wash dresses, aprons children's •, n 10 C Yd Inspired de.signs,' iiitercstiiiw fabrics . . just what yon want for spring:! There's a spot-resistant I'aljric in most effective sporU Piittcrns. •.,',.' . There's a' sensational new J'abn'c that captures a M'ooWike te.\ltii-e In smootli,-cool rayon! There are prints for street ; <lrcs.scs {or siiil.s sportswear. - - ; . . . Kvci-y^one is wasliribln! Kvrrv one is HO" wide. HfJKflu i>C ],!1XC -'-DRESS PRINTS 30" Wide -I r Washable iDCvd. These tcmptliis nc«- prints will make you eayer to s'.art 5'our spring sewing! SO-SQUAKGS . . . Tlicss Iiriiits need no introduction . . . SPECIAL PURCHASE! Bli .HERE EARLY—GET YOUFZ SHARE AT THIS BARGAIN PRICE! Yd ..,-., SILVER MOON DRKSS PRINTS . . . Highly mercerized, eye-appealing new pvinls Hint, raiHnrj nil the lovely freshness ot spring! A marvelous collection of patterns! Yd ; GINGHAM CHECKS In this spring's radiant col- crs, it's more popular -i r than ever; Yd IDC BUOAncLOTH . Never before lm . Ve i 1V , e , SCC " thls kintt of ft!l)ric so Iow '" pnce! ,%f«n»faettirers' close-out! Hurry-It will SfiUSAGE I'tirc I'ork ' BEEF ROAST K. C. Hccf 17 ' SVERS Home Dressed. 35 lOOITlV BUTTER ,,„ 25 Fresh I'icnics •!ft< Lb. Ill J.oin or Rib LI). 12 lc ROILED RpAST MEAT Lb. 5ALT MEAT SPABE HIBS rcnn ' "a* 12i c BASKET ROAST HENS Fully,;' V .Drcss'ctl, 'Lb.' 22 C LAMB FRVES Set- 25' SWEETBREADS Sc( 25~ SfiAPPER Fresh Red Lb. Fresh Spanish Iftc ,., Lb. !« SHRIMPS Fresh Veined O«c LI,. &£, Kwick Krisp Regular Piece

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