The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1940
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DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP E COURIER NEWS ^ WnilTHMAHT ATlrr A HTC* * .-• . „,„ . : . , r^^ VOIAJMK XX.XVI—NO. 209, Blythevllle Daily News Blytljevllle Courier Mississippi Valley Lender Blytlu-vllle llcmlcl : /II1KANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUni Balkan Entente Hopes To Avoid War; Kallio Still Hopes For Peace m.YTI-IEVILLlV'AKKANSAS, THURSDAY; FKBKTJAUY 1 1!M() HELSINKI, Pel). 1. (UP) —President Kyosti, Kallio ,to)d parliament that 'Finland WHS ready "to negotiate an Jionorable peace" but at the same time he appealed for additional help described the war as a "senseless bSirbarous attack" by Russia at,,! ne said that hecanse she was Hie victim of aggression Finland had well compelled "to destroy people imocem in this war-mite of the misslan people, Russia, he wild, has lost entire divisions of her heat manpower and he praised the unity and courage, of the Finnish people. "But we sorely need help seeing that wo have against us the By United Economic shadowed military in Europe today. Li Jugoslavia Ihe foreign ministers of Uie.Ualkan entente — Rumania, Turkey, Greece and Jugoslavia — were {fathering for important meeting- tlint .some observers 1'earcfl might result in a split because of increasing pressure from the big powers. Germany is dependent upon supply lines into or through the Balkan states and expanding Soviet Russia has created fears in southeastern Europe. Italy, long seeking a sphere of GETS BIGGEST Ifll _ Frank Murphy,'Al Smith, Herbert Lehman Among Those Accorded Refunds WASHINGTON, Feb. 1. (UP) — Tlie intenialional Mutch Company received an internal revenue Wx refund of $1,315.202 to top a long list of taxpayers who were returned S40,'!13.G8G for overpaid taxes hi the fiscal year ended last Junj 30, it was announced today. In making public the list of tax refunds of $500 or more Omlrmnii John J. Cochran (Uem,, Mo.), of the house committee on expenditures In the executive department pointed out that in the same period the treasury collected $250.000,000 dominant interests in the Balkans, In back Income (axes! military' forces of (he Soviet On- has rallied opposition to Communism but wants Hungary nnd Bulin the general ion.' Among those receiving refunds of over paid i\icome, estate, excess profits, excise and processing taxes I were Supreme Court. Justice Frank /7o//ie Xs -Death Trap; •Seven Die In Flames FREEPORT, Pa.. Feb.' J, tUP>-Tl-a|>| W | („ tlttlf bedrooms a family of scvt'ii was mirnctl 16 ilcaili i 0( liiy when Uri- destroyed n two-story frame dwelling 1>W. The victims wei'c: Omnr Brown, 38, and jlfnrlnu, 35, lit; w |fo. Thi'lr chllrtrcii; Belly Jxm; 1C; ]I(!«i, M; Omni- Jr., 12; Tliomns, 10; Josejih, 8. ' Slurllnj; shortly nfUu-'/J, a.m ilio fire ((iilclily .fjirond throiiBli the wood Ktrnclwe and Ihe IIOIIM- was « muss of Humes wi'rti nrcmi'n arrived. V Bodies of the victims; 'were found j., tlirec difforcnl rooms on Ihe second floor of Ihfi Imlliiliy. All cxcopt Brown nppnrenlly died before they eoiikl mnke any altcmpt lo save themselves. A fireman who climbed to n poioli roof of Iho burning. liiiltdliiK saw nrown slavering Ihrough the liousi-. As nrowii reachrd the winrtow he collnpsed and fell backwurds Into the. bliuilng room. A nelshbor awakened by cries for lipip discovered (lie flrc nnd summoned Hie lire department, diaries Mansfield amlHarry Mimslirid, brothers of Mrs. Brown, were ipeclnlors as firemen fought llic names. Kallio pleaded for assistance in 6 anil included what he said lie regarded as one agreement. _ ^ u ^ °f t^ & (mDSt inl l' ort!mt ' categories Tne allte d Powers are working 'Murphy,' $Y7M.""foniier'"'N : RA *Ad- 01 Hnnlsh defense—airplanes. to cut '"to Balkan supply to the • mintslrator Donald Uichberg 5115, He said that foreign aid to Fin- R ™h. . former Governor Al Smith of New! -lands air force was necessary to a " e Balkan entente is meeting York $139; Governor Herbert L"h- - prelect civilians against Russian Primarily to attempt to Increase man of New York, $2,473' U S bombers which he said were u-scd ts safeguards nsalnst being drawn Ambassador to Japan Joseph C in tlie "mast inhumane manner" lnto ™' ftmi to guard against In- Grew, $12,880- Roger W Babson RnfiM-Q T^nliin ._»._ —. _ . . \njfrm /r<nni«ti...t »»-.> - . . ._ '. . . . '•*"*"•' Before Kallio spoke, Speaker of (Communism, Nazism or any economist, 514,001; Frederick the House Hakkils made a speech otllei ' influence) in the southeast. Suite Jr, Chicago youth of "Iron I m which he implied that the dis-, I ." a formal way the .... ruption of normal values espe-' likel y to accomplish anything im- cially the fights of small slates P. ort ant but in informal conversa- the meeting is not '. lung" fame, $1,2-18. Chamberlain' Says Inlicrenl Dangers In Sticli A Proposal Very Real LONDON, 1'Vb. 1 (UP)-Prime • Minister Neville Chamberlain refused loilay proposals for a I'.rltlsli economic dictatorship. I lieplyhiB lo u mollon by Sir Herbert, Morrison that the war cabinet should Include a minister whose ,*|ji!clBl duty would bo to be In charge of economic orgnnlxntlon chamberlain (mid he \vns nnnbli* to i accept llic Invilallon. j "Unless (lie euso Is overwhelm- IHB for Introduction cf u new non- dcpanmenlii) minister with nutlinr- !ty over other ministers It is very rash lo add new layers of Mlnls- leis and new layers' o! olllelal lo those who already exlsl." Oham- bcrlnln said. "Tlio (lungers arc very considerable." . He announced thai an export council wculd be established and that it would consist of a. number of leading business men, includlne Is fo ^ Return Federal Prisoners Involved £olmsiT " rll '""' s * >rc '" 03t Man Here To Face Charges SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 'Economy 5 Bloc And Farm Bloc To Clash Over Cut In Funds WASHINGTON, Fob. J. (UP)-The congressional economy tlnvG meets Ha lirat major test today \vhen tho beoriiiH vntm,, „„ th c $084,890,268.-agriculture department II. I he farm bloc seeks lo restpre some of i deleted in eonimitlee. !l LOCI Speaks Tonight Refunds to Hollywood film stars ,.„ generally were modest sums com- , ,, vl i'; n11 wll!llu » Arthur Johnson ,.. , — --- —..»,.* . . _ - tjv-.i-.ii*^ i.i,*», ufwub^r • J1 ""''*- l ""~|finlii • .. wrf.*, * *,w, i. \ui-;~ Which started with war between "°" the "nnlsters hO[icd to dis- pared with those received by cor- ctL Blythevllle llnce weeks ago he Charges will be tiled iwalnst, two! the great powers, resulted In Fin-1 cover whether they can sink their porations. ls snl<1 lo lwvi! 'aken with him federal prisoners In connection i land's invasion. . own quarrels, claims and counter ( Thirty three taxpayers received '"on^ «'hlch did not belong to litn'i, vtlh the death'of a cell male in He did not mention Germany' cl a>ms for the duration of lhe ..i-i>.~ ... -. -... .•..,... . „ , , . —• - o Irade unionists In Pulaski Connlv lail WOU(1 lmvo lll '- 1 » l)( !iship on the uiusui v,uuiuy juu COHI1C| , 1(s wm0d Bmlo| . rcl)rcseu _ Ueath tn tiros of the treasury and mlnls- tors cf supply, it would organize LITTLE HOCK Feb 1 (UP)— c!t|101 ' 1 lllulc deln'ls. Polish Oil , , ' lcd by ch al»«iin Mill via Jones, (Dem., Tex.), of Ihe llouso Agjlciilture Commute, 1 gathered In Iho cfflcc of Rep. piia Ferguson, (Dem, Okla), to plan their- attack on tho proposed rf- diicllons. They hopo to reinstate i;t taisl 478,000,000 of the amount chopped fiom the bin by tlie op- , prqirlallons committee, •• • The faun Woo dilvc gained Inv- nodis after Secretary ot Agrlcul-- • tmc H>?iiry A Wallace warned that !•" thcso "attempting to scuttle the ' farm pro;jiam"' wore Inviting ie- * Drtsiils nt the polls In November. . Ho (old his pi' conference yesterday Unit /minors "ought to bo - |>ut on their g«md " ' House Icndeis were confident ' that « substantial pait or the re-. diictloifs would bo rctnlncd In Hie liouso; but crcssetl their fingers • -. rioout the depth of Iho economy desire', of Die senate. - * They were not cheered by ' Die [senate nppiopflatlons committee's i iictfon ycstoiday In lestcrlng $39,,000,000 of (he $04,000,000 slashed. from the Independent offices supply' 1 '" 1 ' ' specifically. Before Kallio's statement to pal- and stand together to protect neutral status. liament tlie censorship here had Tilc P re5s m'e already is -«' been tightened suddenly b\it it wos'' " lat some ^servers at the _..„ not known whether the action had mcct ™S which starts tomorrow, be- been taken in anticipation of (he llcvc l )rcsent threats of dlsanna- ., . ^ j. *< u bj kin vc tu.xj/dj ci ;> I.\;LI.:IVCII > i, ,, , " . ' •-.>- •.•viiui ui n wj|i 1|])L|U 111 11 11 > , : war repayment of more than $100000 i 1 !?" 5 ' (ilnmt)lltl engagement and Ihe Pulnskl county Jnll as soon as n " l "°""M '» fo their each. wedding rings, and he left behind the federal bureau of Investigation ™ olle< ' all mlnci Tax refunds in Arkansas included: . hl "J «" ""P^ld-for radio which he lias completed 11$ part of the In- OC ™1''"' 'I'olaml. tron? TnlorKtnio m-ncm-v en,,,„.,„.. «f had sold and a number of checks oulrv. tlm nrmnpniimr • «iinn. n ..i. A| , tho snmo I strong Belgrade *l.rt i^.ullvlo 111 <11 .^Illlnllo I41U1UUL.U. 111^ -">.J|'.V.\.M *vq {Jlllw \Jl IJIU Jll-' . .• HUerstale Grocery Company ot "»" sold and a number of checks qulry. the prosecuting attorney's , l _, _. ' J mnrlccrl ' nn fit.Kft" Mil.t^T. ln-( In n<n n « , .... J (wcl't Dr. Allen D. Albert of i'nrls, m., 1 ' 1 the house ror the BERLIN Pel. I "mm a , saclol °BHl ahd noted lecturer, will "''SlS'' " or b ? 'wHislon o[ ,. r!, ' . '• '• lul " ~ Nazi sneak nL Iho iiinii c,.i,nr>i ,.,,.m,,. n SIlOiOOO ai>l>'0">l;Ulon foi thn "" 1>orl " a ? '» Pol «»'' t°<<")' rcn«l- him lonl|>l T30 o'clock 1, NlUto " fll spoMorVa bj ' tho l "'"' li'i'i Iiislltnta of Inlcrimtlon Helena, $1,081. important announcemet Kallio earlier in the war had said that Finland at all Um°s was ready to negotiate an honorable peace with emphasis on the . honorable. The speech was made on the occasion of the last session ot p?r- Hamsnt. He .(hanked the League of Nations, jnd all nations-."which have .helueiJ] us .in many ways." He extended' : Especial thanks to Swerteri. . Referrlt)5Mo\the' Swedish 'volua- ~T£grs" Kffllto said : .that 'Qiey" had come "writ equipped to Finland's' assistance." New York Cotton ment may result in breaking up the entente. It is not likely, however, that such a development would come suddenly. marked "no funds" which led to office announced tonight. decreed .that the Oe'nn^lchsUg ' ll . U » tel »»'»"B. his nrrcst yesterday at Binning-, Howard iircwcr, 15, of conway ?'"" be toyniulcd by rcprcscnta- national VIST llam - Alil - : <»«! last night about nn hour after ^ ot Ulost! l )nrls " f Polnml, bor- tic nt of t c Sheriff Hale Jackson has gone '« was found In critical condition uorl "B °" Germany, which lio hiis Procrcss cv 1'asl prcslilcnl of notary Intor- ii« , Look Who's Coming ' .Back—Old Man Winter A. F. of L. Says It's Na- Blslnnt lo the' iircsl- gonu i«! was lOUml 111 critical condition """"* "" viumiaiiv. wnmn nn nr.o r, ..."'" > V^'Hltiy Ol to the Alabama city for the prls- ''Tin n lieatlns, officers rcporlcd. nnnox( -' (1 outright, oner who has been charged with Authorities said Iwo of four sms Fmnk . a.i governor „... embezzlement, disposiim of prop- smiths who occupied the cell with " f ofl""' territory* (tlint Is, Ohi'na "ii,ur"jam"n' h P '"w"C erty subject to a lien and false Brewer admitted striking him with ' ollsll -spcak ng unit of occupied formerly editor and' n«ni.|«fn pretense in three cases to make a »'clr fists. H had —' '•-—- ----- ''oland. us dlstliir-i. fm,,. n, n „.. rn'tny emtor and associate lottil of five warrants Issued. He "lined whether the ho In European ™l'«n)s arid noTb'een d "}"""»<''. "» «">«.«l fom ,hT^« S '''^f "Se" MiSSs C pair would bo '" wlli , ch a««i»ny Inlcnds to loiivo | bu c " Minncnnolls, . Ill..._.__ , • IID I'fm'.K] . I tvilinrl t U« i-nniLl..n i^., i LITTLE ROOK,,- Ark.. /Feb. return engaGefncnt Arkansas 'is : .schedyi!cd,for old man tion's Numb.e Worry Tocjay will lie given preliminary hearings accused of murder or a less serious '[° f'°' L ' s) > Issued the rcnubHlonlng All oil supplies are to bo put at the .disposal of n now general oil monopoly. There had been Inaugurated pievlounly monopolies (for tobacco, alcohol, salt and mutches I The new mnopoly is lo buy oil at prloes to bo sot by law, oj to give ciders regni-dlri^ dlSpdilflon of following his return here tomorrow, charge. While employed here for several | Al1 five were in Jnll on charges months Johnson is alleged lo.havej 0 ' violation of the Dyer act. become well known—so well knowii.' , that he allegedly obtained t> radio, • i.tsvb.rings and a suit'of clothes by i^Un-''- W ^^'"' l ^K.'^:';Seycrni;vt)uty Open High Low Close Close Mar. 1010 1017 1066 1070-7 1005 ranged from 20 at, Little Rock to Prev.130 at Fort Smith. May MHO 1042 July 1003 1006 Get. . 944 944 Eec. . 933 934 Jan..-,- 930 .,.•• 1033 1042 S98 1003 937 941 031 932 1023 1000 939 932 930 NfJI) l v KW !- .'.- Pl'CV. .'. '; Open Hteh LOW Close 'Closa Mar.; 1(;S2 .1037.U079, 10.87. 1080 Wagt 1C51 :a&52-' : .1043.- 10pl5 1047 July 1014 1015 !l007 1015'' 1010 Oct. . 945 947 941 • 945-G S43 Dec/ . 934 937 932 938 934 Jan. .- 930 929 Injuries Suffered While Sledding Fatal CHATTANOOGA, iTenn', ; Psb ^1 .(UP)-Wllllam H. : Atkinson; '".2l', rnffnn\' aiea vesterday of injuries 'suffered' OUiUJ/Ji whell (he sled he was riding crashed Into an automobile. Monroe Whltaker, i who WHS rid- iiift "tandem" on tlie sled with At- k'uiion, remained in critical condition with inj-aries • suffered ,•- in the accident. '.-' Stock Prices A. T. & T. 170 3-4 Am. Tobacco 893-8 Anaconda Copper 28 5-8 Beth. Steel 731-8 Chrysler HI Cities Service' Coca Cola Gel? GeiVi. Int. Mont. N. Y. Central .....' Packard North Am. Aviation Eadio . Republic Steel — Eocony Vacuum •.... Studebaker .. ...'... sta: of N. j. Texas Corp U. S. Steel Gorge at Gayoso' •'Bend May Hold For Over Month CARUTHESSVILLE, Mo., Feb. 1. nij u luutit ivuu uuaiu uui, lie . • P 1 P his landlady the unpaid for New Orleans Deco In En- employee auccumbs for the account, according to , .. _. ' ' «-•" report. : Calling on both major political Owing n room and board bill, he ' parties to write into their plat- S«vc forms this year plnns for elimi- T - Mo Hating unemployment, 'the AFL's olflccrs.' executive council yesterday assert- -~ .ed present gcvcrnmcnt policies had r . '' faile<l to solve lhe unemployment CautlOUS AuproaCn problem and had retarded private T tir n I i 'IT i' NEW onLE ANS, Feb. 1. (UP)— 10 War Problem Urged Momus, the god of inlrlli, rules Former Railroad thusiasm Of Carnival Season ibusiness, the. only place where labor can expect lls Idle lo be ab- J. A, Bumbaloiigli, who followed tho occupation of railroading until he lost his leg In a train accl- HIs subject will- be 'The Slraij- " For Raw. Materials.'" Country.: Would Prepare For Eventualities, Wants U. S. Friendship TOKYO, Feb. i Oils good-lime city Ilr , , , , Funeral riles.will be held Fil- sorbcd. ' nlythcvllle Rolarlans'were told Eecontl "">' of Marcl1 OraK. I day afternoon', two o'clock at Cobb The AFTVs program for eliminal- that they must take the' "Ions hlll'-f Snl 'K°" of Akkad, founder of the Funeral Home by Dcnton M Hcnl Ing unemployment urged: . and not" at this time adopt any nncl ent city of Babylon, and his pastor of the Church of Clntst' Restoration', of-^-business >'cori- course-which would make It-dim- ^ 1 ' c)wc relinquished his rule of Now wllh burial in Maple drove, ceme- Dorn In Sparta. Tcnn., Mr.' Bum- t, at tho outset or iU Board which llio house had eliminated. The house faun bloc will concentrate its effort'; In behalf ot these; Items in the agiicuUUral bill: 1.' A $25,000,000 fund to continue; tho fnriii tenancy program 2. A $-17,018,000 fund for pay^ me'nls to s\mai prcdiiceis under the 1037 Ktigar act, which cxplics Dec. 31, next, halfway tluoiiyh (he fiscal year for which tho fund would 1)6 appropriated. 3. A $500,000 fund for water facilities, •1. Rcstoutlon of liio full budget nmount of $22fi,000 for dry land agriculture, which was cut to 5100,1100. 5 Rehtorollon • of the budget figure of . $3,000,000 5 for foiestvy, which was cut to SlflflO.OOO.,. ~- i ' Peiijuton ,sal(I thoifi'i\os a'"fnlr- ly food chnncc" of rcstoiiijg about hnlf of tli Q cuts and that most of tho Items eliminated would have ' pretty .gtme'ial farm support." Ho conteiided tlmt the sugnr fund "rightfully belongs" to sugar producers who have tinned over tho money to the government In pio- sslng taxes. fidcnce .by 'm "positive; effort ts'ert- "-u cpuragejgreater Industrial activity" tin ,uit In the future, to welcome back Orleans for a tiny last, night at those who have been Rotarlans in lhe Municipal Auditorium. His parade of 15 floats, each flout ew session, i the bill. President Roosevelt failed for n new nrma-1 to recommend such fluids and tho mcnl program, I appropriation!; committee followed the navy asked, at tlio some,'Ms lead under nn agreement not line, the moilesl sum of W,S33,i)00 • to go above budget ortlimue* Per(21,803,001) yen) for a five ycanenson admitted that there would ., . __ hitlough began his jcarcer categories: program of rearming warships now In .service. The army's request wns In two ajiji; jccssajion oj^'.'.all, EQ^rnnjcfit Germany and Italy, jn a talk by actions 'that tend' unnecessarily to Dr. Allen D'. Albert of Paris. 111., . . -- ^ .„.„.,. „„. , tl<luu .._-. • a , M ,,,,, m ,, r.nnnnnnn ,1 discoiirasc business expansion." i at the weekly luncheon meeting at swinging n night stick to keep after the accldciil 12'years r,go ! for n IhVce vpnr nn ™ i "The only possible practical way the Hotel Noble tod^y. .spectators from tlirowlnz recks nt when hn mnuoii in r;i,,n,,,.m« ' 1.1 ^. .,..* ""immuit repicn- tO';eii<l )i:nemnloyinent-is lo!prs- "Rotary In A Worl, vide jobs tn- Uhe; unemployed ; by a burly policeman vvlicn .. a -.. young. ynnji 'liiiu--"retired ' 1—S"Q1 Mn run ni9nAinnnn ,1 n night stick to keep after the nccldcnl 12 years r,• ' - 5 ':? J ' 200 ' COB <W0.030.000 yen) , spectators from throwing recks nt when he moved lo Blv-thcvlllc the subjects, wound •••••---• - - be "no group support" for that appropriation. Jones made a spirited defense of the farm tenant projram yas- tsrday asserting thnt ;)ionic and farm ownership is the gieatest de- — River authorities. here, today pre- private Industry to go aroimd." ment. Tlie council suggested such up." This prediction was 15 7-3 based upon the abnormally low 3 3-8 stage of the river, which is now 25 • ',' five-himdrcdtli.5 of a foot b2low 5 3->l • (hi! zero mark, and has been in the 13 1-4 \ zero stage since in early November 11 0-8 10 1-1 43 42 7-8 55 5-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Feb. i (UP)—Hogs: 9800-9000 'saleable. Top 5.55 110-230 Ibs. 5.40-5.55 140-160 Ibs. 3.50-5. r i5 Bulk sows 4.10-4.65 Cattle 2200 Steers 1200 Slaughter steers 650-11.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers 7.00-8.75 Slaughter heifers 6.50-10.25 Beer cows 5.00-6.00 Cultcrs <fc low cutters 3.50-4.75 Chicago Wheat open nhli. low dose May 35 SB 1-4 D5 1-2 96 After completing an asvial survey of the Gayoso gorge, government engineers estimated the gorge extended upstream almost 30 miles Tlie towboat "Illinois" is lodged in the center of the Ice pack, about 17 miles from this city, and authorities stated the power tug nnd Its bargas had broken apart and ba- come wedged in the ice jam, shorter work Nazis' Successor available Jobs "T"_ I/" /•— -» among a greater number, increase I O IN I DO consuming and purchasing power , , . and thereby offer opportunity for continuous growth of Industry." Delcnnlne the exact extent, of unemployment. AFL estimates place the unemployed tttal in the country at approximately 9,000,000. "Only when tills knowledge is obtained can we act intelligently,' the council slatement contended. The statement also asserted the government "must bear the heavy burden of providing relief for mil- legally can be worn in Louisiana, tr . o__ p p- i Then Rex and Comus will hold," 0 ' -Springs bitt dietedI that hljh temperatures' for j^,rind^.- '" """ a period of from one to two weeks will be necessary, with accompany-1 """ "" " " ' " ™: Albert Burks Home curs. Authorities estimated that when -the jam did break, it might take as long as two weeks to clear out of the channel so that trn river Destroyed By Fire Fire destroyed the home cf Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert Burks at Premised Land Friday morning when might be safely navigable. (toth were away from home The II was further indicated that no I damage was estimated at $2000 attempt will be made to dynamite only partially covered by Insurance the Gayoso gorge, since little ben- While Mrs. Burks was teaching can be gained. The ice would' school and Mr. Burks was in tov.n merely form another gorge furlhcr j Ihc fire was discovered by men ' ' ... J private bolls on the nlcht oi Miu'- dl Gras and Lent will bring its! days of repentance. | Superintendent of Police George Rcyer company- slop the prl Occupants 1 T D J I \\T U ft- "" ™apicrs irom o 10 1520 In Wrong nOUSe s t a i c sponsored the drawing as I - part of Ihe ossoclalional good SIKESTON, Mo., Feb. 1. — Eii citizenship contests. Featherslone came to Slkcston to . PCKC based on Justice could not suun^ uellever in defense, lie attained as long as some na- cut contended that it would be clous adhered to cxclualonlst poll- weakened by anything which Wins D. A, R. Trill cllvi n " : ' "" li "J" s ' st "t»s as' re- .ens a basic industry" I&e""ft«ri > cui- ' !W* race, religion, territory, re- UTTLE nocic, Feb. 1. (UP>- I?.'""""' .f" dc . Immigration and islt his nephew, but names some- Miss Mary Jean Alfllck was the times can be confusing. 'contestant named by the Bly'.hc- Fcalhcrstonc asked where his ville chapter of the D. A. R. relatives lived and n resident, mis- _ understanding the name, pointed « ena f ftr Carawav Rack to the home cf Clco reversion. , •J c n<ui>r Caraway DaCK At Senate Desk Today ,_ . , , ,.,.,, WASIUNOTON, Feb. 1 (UP) — reversion came home and started g • Investigating ««lr »>«"«. , ArU cn , wonlllll sonri to r ; return- Im vour Unclo Ed. tcatncr- ^. ._ .. ,. , . .__. _ r ,_. Nobody -»'as at home so Featherstone found a bedroom and retired. Soon afterward Mr. and Mrs.! I'm your Uncle Ed," Fc; stcne called fr:m the bedroom. Fcverston had no Uncle Ed so he downstream peered from behind the door into VCI , cd ,„. So optimislic is Adolf fliller of faces of his hosts—perfect strong- cd to the capital today after a long Illness. : I It is her Cist birthday nnd she by being at senate con- "We propose to cwrt further ef-, Rt Hn " Moon. He was 40. forts In the confident hope that i Tllc Rev ' J - L Woolman, pastor Japanese-American relations can bs restored to normal status, that Is lo suy, a treaty basis." Wiikes Nominated For Helena Postal Office of the First Church of the Nazarene, conducted the rites nt: the WASHINGTON. Feb. t church with burial in Elmwood cemetery. Pallbearers were Roy and" Ira Gaincs, Eugene and Larry Davii Irvln and James Alexander. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. j Ollie Gaines; his parents, Mr. and (UP) — Mrs - J - L Gaines; two sons, B.' V. President Roosevelt today sent to alld Invert oalnss; two brothers, the senate for confirmation the Roy alld Ira Oaincs. all of Bly- nomfn&llon of Luther J. Wilkcs thevill e; 'hrce sisters, Mrs. O. B. to be postmaster at Helena, Ark. Smlt h of Chattanooga, Teniv, Mrs. L. T. Buck of Senalh, Mo,, shd Miss Jniogenc Gaines ot Blythe\ll!e. Report Articles Kalina nmsral Home was in Stolen From Auto assortment of articles , , ,. ces was iglnally n eupbcard was an stolen last night from the «r teal horde" arranged to hold lon ? ln ? to Willie Van Winkle which WEATHER May July op«n high 55 1-2 55 5-8 54 1-2 55 1-2 55 1-2 54 3-8 corn nnv annmrtiwa t, J M VT pasnea m m ;|nrc. HO is head of tie Aus- 54 3 4 £«,fcm , • f£ hcadw «' 'o»' ar; i "" Mcmp } • ^ sav e his clothes. lands Deutscher, orf. a ni?alion 111 t in i g r p '.. 6 ° rge alM S «s He escaped through a back \vin- which controls Germans living M l-s 30-mile formation. dow. outside the Reich dnwrr, ?i 'Z h ., through the ages. persons. ... . . ^—i — - -.... ,..,,.-sn; lv ,nvii Arkansas — Partly cloudy, colder wnn shelves nnrt was parked In the driveway ot hi 5 In west portion, temperature below giaaiiai acidiuons home at 1000 Hcarn street, he re- frcciing tonight; Friday partly ported to police, , cloudy, colder. —: I ^fcmphls. and • vicinity—Increas- U took 40 years to the day to mg cloudiness, sc-meahat warmer build the Mormon Temple In Salt knight -with lowest temperature Lake City, Utah. 24 to M| Friday "cloudy.

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