Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 28, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 28, 1895
Page 5
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Responsibility! Which in your mind es the most the button or the suspenders. We can furnish you very responsible suspenders at a very moderate cost. DEWENTBR, The Hatter and Furnisher. Save This Coupon.... No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned.your body. TUCKER &YOUNG, THE, FEflRL STRBET TftlLORS. KEAL ESTATE & INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. JLOAN8 NEGOTIATED. GEO. W. HODEFER, MlOBrondwaj. Over Hauk's Jewelry Store. CHAS. W- SeLEGUE, IWatchmaker and Engraver. • Comer window Johnston's Drop; Stow. Broad• way nnii Foort.h streets. Formerly with J- o. •Taylor. All work warranted. Ulie him n call. DAILY JOURNAL ~ SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 28 —^-^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^•••^••••••^^^••^ m ^^^^^^^^^^^^ " McKeen's steam laundry— Rood work A good thing 1 to tie to, our 75-cent Oxford tloa—Stevenson & Klinsick. Low prices and large stock makes i lively In the carpet room at the Trade Palace. You always havo an assurance of .ho latest style when you buy shoes at Stevenson & KUnsiok's, That scrofulous taint which haa been .1 your blood for years, will be ex- elled by taking Hood's Sarsapatilla frhe great blood purifier. alia Bros, clroua will bo moved TlhePan Handle Sunday, the 28th, om Bradford to Marlon. The ag- egatlon shows at Marion Monday I then RODS to Anderson and appears |thera Tuesday. The Rev. D. I. Hobbs will exchange pulpits today with the Rev. J. A. IcGlons of St. Paul's church, Ander- Mr. McGlone Is a preacher of exceptional ability, happy in expres- eloquent In hte delivery and pleasing in his manner. A. B. Watson of 414} Market has eturned from Cincinnati where he has been taking instructions In shirt cutting and making and is now pre- ared to do all kinds of work In that line and respectfully invites all those deiirlng strictly first class fitting •hlrts to call. Awarded | Highest Honors—World'5 Fair. OFL BAKING POWER MOST PERFECT MADE. [ pun Grape Cream t. r Tartar Powder. Fret 1 - -1 Ammonia, Alum o. wy other adulterant ..,. 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, FOE DECORATION DAY. Committee*) Appointed to Fiep»re For tue Observance of Memorial l>»r. The general committee appointed by the G. A. R. Poet 14, to have charge of the memorial services this year, met last evening at the residence of Capt. Frank Swlgart and appointed the following subcommittees: On Invitation— Geo. P. McKee, W. T. Glffe and Geo. P. Chase. Thia committee ifl requested to extend invitations to all civic and military societies in Cass county to join in the parade. On Program— John B, Winters, representing tbe G. A. R,; Mrs. Lizzie Brown, the Woman's Relief Corps; Mrs. John Truman, the Ladles of the G. A. R., and Chas. B. Chideeter, representing the Sons of Veterans. Oa muBic— W. T. Glffe, vocal; H. C. Cushman, instrumental. On flowers— Jas C Chideeter for the GAR; Mrs Godfrey Twells for the W R C; Mrs Geo Westerman for the L of G A R and Burt Getty for the S of V, who will appoint a sub committee in each ward of the city. By virtue of his position as commander of the G A R Post No. 14, Comrade A J Robineon will act as marshal and will select his assistants. The standing committee for marking soldiers' graves is composed of Comrades D B MoConnell, Rodney Strain and 0 B Sargent. Comrade John EnsSeld has charge of the engraving on the monument of all C*»f» county soldiers, deceased. All persona knowing of any deceased soldiers of Cass county, whose names are not on the monument, are requested to report them to comrade Enafield. A joint meeting of the General Committee and -the above sub-committees is appointed for Friday evening. May 3d, at the residence of Capt. Frank Swlgart; time: 7:80 o'clock. It is Important that every member shall be present. W. T. GIFFE. Soc'y. A. J. ROBINSOX, Chm'n. The EyoUtlnn Of medicinal agents la gradually relegating the old-time . herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the roar and bringing into general UEG the pleasant and affective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that ia manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all leading drug-gists. Mr. Shocrlu'M tin* Talk. Indianapolis Sentinel: Tbe Hon. Si Sheerln of Log;ansport, came UP last night with his wife to attend the theater. He aaya there is no truth in the report that the sale o't the Loganspori gas plant has bean consummated, though he admits that there have been some negotiations. A Hparlt from a Locomotive, A blaze in a matresa caused by a park from a locomotive, was the cause of a run by the fire department yesterday about 2:40 p. m. The b'aze waa at the rear of Mri. Mott's saloon, corner of Fifth and Canal streets. No need of going barefooted while ihoee are 10 cheap. — Stevenaon&Ktln- ilok. I PERSONAL INJOKy AT KAH.ROAD CROfS- IXG3 The Indiana supreme ;ourt has made an important ruling on the subject of personal injury at railroad crossings. The decision follows: (1) Where a peri on crossing a railroad track is injured by a collision with a locomotive or a train, the fault is prima facie his, and unless he affirmatively shows that his fault or negli gence did not contribute to the Injury he can not recover. (2) Oae who approaches a highway crossing over a railroad track li charged with the duty to proceed with caution, and if he attempts to cross either on footer in a vehicle he must exercise ordinary oare and prudence and ae§ume that. there i» no danger. (3) The question of oare at a railroad crossing aa affecting a traveler is no longer, as a rule, a question for the jury, but prescribed as a matter of law. (4) One attempting to cross a railroad must listen foa signals, and look out not only for signs of warning 1 , but attentively both ways for approaching trains; and if by looking he could have seen an approaching train in time to avoid injury, it will be presumed that he did not look, and must be adjudged guilty of contributory negligence. (5) The absence of a flag- man from a crossing- where duty requires him to give warning to travelers will not excuse one about to cross from exercising the sense of sight and hearing to ascertain to himself the approach of trains. (6) If facts, in a special verdict are such that the court can adjudge as a matter of law, that the loured party was or was not guilty of contributory negligence, the finding of such alternate fact by the jury will be disregarded by the court. COAL PREMIUMS FOR MAECH. The work of compiling the coal saving premium statistics of the Chicago division of the Pan Handle for laat month has just been completed by clerk N. I, irwln. The sheet shows that among the passenger men en- igneer John Truman and his fireman W. R. Kelley, will draw the largest premium amounting to $5.55 each Engineer Joseph Stults and fireman H D. Calvert, head the list of the freight men with $7 50. Engineer C. H. Tourman is a fair second with $6 60. On the whole the result is better than in the past three months just preceed- ing. The Wabash pay car was here yea- terday. The Pan Handle, Wabash and Van dalia will change time May Isi. ' The Pennsylvania passenger station at Richmond is undergoing extensive repairs. The swltohtenders watch house at the upper Pan Handle yards has been equipped with a telephone. Elmer Thomas has resigned his position as assistant foreman at the Pan Handle lumber yards and will remove to Chicago. C. G. Newel' writes from England that he is well and enjoying himself and finds a ready sale for his horses. He declares early spring weather in that country abominable. The Pennsylvania has taken the contract to furnish the new Chicago, Indiana & Eastern line with locomotives. One engine baa already been delivered and numbered "I". She will be used in construction work. The Pan Handle is getting its engines in good repair and now has more and better power than it had for years. Engines 310 and S47 have lately Been run out of the shop and will be placed in freight service on the Chicago division. A large number of the employes of the Pan Handle machine shop and round house were off duty yesterday attending the funeral of Mrs. W. P. McCarty, wife of their shopmate. The machinists union of which organization Mr. MfiCarty is a member, donated a very handsome floral offering. May 1st tbe new book of rules on the Vandalla coes into efiect. About twenty engineers and conductors must procure new watches their time pieces having been rejected by tbe inspect ors. .Nearly all the train hands have been examined regarding the new rules and havo been found amply proficient. A change of working hours in nearly all departments of the Pan Handle shops takes place tomorrow In the motive power department the men will be given a half holiday on Saturdays, thus losing three hours a week. Car repairers in the freight ahop who heretofore havo been working ten hours a day will now work but eight, and the employes of the coach. shop will also work eight hours a day. initead of losing Saturday afternoons heretofore. The men In the round: Not Cattle But Clothin •;' Another Great Slaughter ie proposed. We are dickering for a Thousiad Suife and a Taousaod Pairs of Pants. Wait 'till we get them. Then, "On with the Dance," yes. on with the Pants—Suits too because if out' offer is accepted they won'; cost much more than oriinary Pacts The Jess we tail you the more you will remember eo we will simply say WAIT. OTTO KRf\Ua. "OF COURSE." We will sandwitch in some great, good snaps in shoes »lst» Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! house have not been disturbed but will continue to work ten hours a day. Machinists Ferdinand Soheuman last evening tested his new pop valve on Pan Handle engine 423, and bar- Tin* one or two alight Imperfections that can easily bo remedied the trial proved a complete success. After the device baa been perfected Mr. Scheuman will put It on the market and expects to reap a handsome sum afl the result of several years bard study and work. Mrs. George W. Jones, widow of the farmer of Roan who was struck by the special train of George J. Gould, the New York millionaire, SB It was passing Roan one night last October Friday received from the Wabasb railroad company |5,200 in settlement of her $10.000 damage suit against the company. 0( this Bum, it is stated that Mr. Gould paid $1,000 the difference between the amount offered by the company and the demand of the plaintiff. T. P. A.XoteS. Post F., T. P. A. held an enthusiastic meeting llast night to conclude arrangements for attending the fifth p-anual se£-> slon of Indiana division ''which meets in Indianapolis on next Saturday May 4th. The coming session will be one of more than usual interest to the fraternity as matters of importance to the association will be considered. A member of the Indianapolis Post was at the meeting last night and from him we glean the following a=s regards the day's proceedings: Pro cesblon forms at 1-0 a, m. on South Illinois street and parade the principal streets and assembles at the Propy- leumatll a. m. when addresses of welcome will be delivered by Governor Matlhawe and Major Denny of Indianapolis followed by the Nat. Pres. John A. Lee of St. Louis and others. During the afternoon session the visiting ladies will be entertained by the ladles of Indianapolis by being shown the beauties of our "splendid capital city. In the evening all the visiting Knights of the Grip and their ladies will be entertained with a grand ball atthe beautiful Propyleusn. It is especially requested that all members of Post F will take their ladles with them. A rate of |2.35 for the round trip baa betn secured via the Pan Handle; ticket good going on any train leaving here on Friday or Saturday and good for return on any train up lo and Including Monday May 6th. H F. Trick who severely sprained his shoulder about three weeks ago is reported to be much better. A Bare Event. Silver weddings arc not uncommon, but a silver betrothal falls to the lot of few. • A case of that kind is reported from.Berlin. • The engaged couple first pledged their troth in December, 1SGO. The young lady's aunt, however, threatened to "cut her oft' with a shilling-" if slit; dared to get married. Consequently, the loving- couple had to forego their most, ardent wish, viz: the prospect of a speedy marriage. Still, they..remained true to their pledge during" this interminable courtship. Not long- ago the obdurate aunt departed this life, but by desire of the intended husband the tveddiEg- was postponed to enable the couple to celebrate the twentv-fifth anniversary of their betrothal. ihere is a good'deal of public praying^done that don't mean anything in Heaven or on earth. . We are tired of hearing men pray who'are always instructing the Lord, but peTCr ask Him for anything. The preacher should pray that every •tiffl£tte opens the Old Book in the pulpit BOmebody will find it new.— Bam's Horn. ... '-.-'• • - NIAGARA FALLS EXCURSION! Tliunday, AUBIHI 8, 1SOJV. Tia. the .Lake Erie A. W«»«eru 11. JK. On ThursJay August 8, 1895, the Lake Erie & Western R. R will run their popular annual excursion "10 Cleveland Chautauqua Lake, Buffalo and Niagara Falls at the following verp low rates, viz: Lafayette, $6.00; Indianapolis, $5.00;Fort Wayne, $5.00 Witn corresponding reductions from intermediate points. In addition lo the above, the pur. obasera of ihese tickets will be given privelege of special excursion side trips to LewlBton on.the-lake, including a steamboat ride on Lake Ontario, for 25 cents. To Toronto and return by lake from Lewiston, $1 00; to Thousand Islands, $5.00. Tickets for the above side trips can be bad when purchasing Niagara Falls tickets, or af any time on train. Besides the above privileges, with that of spending Sunday at the Falls, we will furnish all those who desire a side trip from Brockton Junction to Chautauqua Lake and return free of charge. Tickets will be good, however, to return on regular trains leaving the Falls, Saturday, August 10, for those not 'desiring to remain over. Tickets will alto be good returning on all regular trains up to and including Tuesday. August 13, 1893. Secure your tlokc'b. also obalr and sleeping car accommodations, oarly. Those desiring can secure accommodations in these cars while at the Falls. For further information call on any agent Lake Erie & Western R. R. or address C. F, DALV, Gen. Pass. Agent, Indianapolis, Ind. THAT BIG RIGHT HAND. tJaod More Than It» Mate It Grow* Big aucl Important. "I wish. I were ambidextrous," remarked a young woman who was seated at the glove counter of a Woodward avenue store. "I wear out so many right-hand gloves before those of the left hand that a pair would last nearly twice as long if the wear were more evenly divided between the two," says the Detroit Free Press. "Couldn't you begin now?" asked the young woman who was fitting- on the gloves. "Ne," with a sorrowful inflection; "I've tried, and taken several tumbles in consequence. I always use my right hand to open doors, to swing- myself on a street car, to clutch railings, to carry parcels and my umbrella, and hold up my gown, until my left hand has become almost useless. I couldn't save myself from falling with it." "It is the same with all ladies," said the glove fitter in a tone intended to be comforting. '•Yes, that is the worst of it. I can't see what parents and instructors are thinking: of to overlook, as they do, the value of the left hand. My right hand, because of the extra work it performs, is half a size larger than its mate. Have you noticed it?" "Oh, yes, indeed; we try all ladies' gloves on the right, hand first." said the girl as she fitted that useful member. Swedish Proverbs. Mrs. Baker, in her "Pictures of Swedish Life," says that the Swedish language is rich in proverbs. Many of these are exactly the same as are found in English: "The burnt child dreads the fire," and "Better late than never," for instance. Others, while corresponding to proverbs in English, have a turn peculiar to themselves. The following- are a few examples: "When the cat is away, the rats dance on the table." "A new broom sweeps well, but an old one is best for the corners." "One bird in the hand is better than ten on the roof." ' "When the stomach is satisfied, the. food is bitter." "To read and not to know, is to plow and not to sow." "That which is eaten from the pot never comes to the platter." AXD8KMKNTN. D OLAN»S OPKKA HOUSE S. B. Patterson, Manager. Wednesday, May 1st, Grand Benefit to (§) (§) Manager Patterson - BY - Frederir and Marie MnrpkjJ Supported to Members of *c Jnlla Marlowe Co. PrewuUne Pygmalion and Galatea!' Using ;w » Curtain /Eal««r tt«S Clever Comedy. A BED OF HOSES Advance sale of teat* open* Setae- day at Johnston's Druc-Stors. PRICES-75C, 5Cc and 25c- D. W. TOMUNSON. REAL ESTATE bought and sold.' MONET loaned on reasonable tern«t» OFFICE 400 Broadway, '3d floor. Entrance on 4ih Street DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! REAL ESTATE Wanted, Cheap Cottages For Sslc. Wanted Lots and Acres Vor;Sale, Wanted Small Fanai For Bale. Wanted Business Blocks For S*i&.* Wanted to Exchange Farm*-for -eitr ftopew. Wanted MercnandUe to Trad*-:«r-Farm*. DDEES3 H. a.:«OBDOM. Spr« Block Logansport, Indian*. KROEGER & STRADJ, Undertakers and Embalmed 613 Broadway. Low Rate* via Pennsylvania On April 29th, 30th. and M*7 !§*. the round trip rate to Indianapolis wlE be one fare from ticket" etfct'ions fa Indiana on the Pennsylvania Line*. Reduced rate tickets will bo sold M~ ount the meeting of the Supreme Council Uniform Rsnk K. of P., W»C applicants, and will be good retcrnlnp until May2d, inclusive. Vandalla Line Excnrxlono. Log&nsport lo Indianapolis and return April 29th to Mfiy 1st, iaeiusire. good returning May 2d. Rate $2-36. Trains leave Loaanspert 7:34 a. m.., arrive at Iidiaoapolis 10:i5 a. •«. Leave Transport 2:50 p. m., Indianapolis G:15 p. a. J. C EDGE-WORTH, Home *»eek»rN' Kxcurnlon to Ruin Folntw. via V*mtlntl« Line. On May 7, 1895, VandaHa Line sell to various points JD excurfiioa ticketf ».t one fare for tie roucd trip. For full particultre c*E on any Vindalitt Line agent, or addr«c E. A, Ford, General Passenger Agent, St. Louia, Mo Low K»ten to r»«ti«n«pi>ll«. vU V«»- dalla Lin*-. For the K of P. Socamorcent at I*- dianapolia, the YAndaUa Line wilt w»l from points tn IndUo*. on Aoril SB' 30. and May'l. 1895. excursion tloketfi at one fare for vhe round trip Tiofc- eii good returning to and includt«fr May 2, 1895 '

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