The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1940
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1940 BLYTIIBVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS , «>.^«grs,i«^?r ^^*> < r? s 3r<5?'5>^w t OPPORTUNITY PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Oally rale per line for consecu- 'ivc Insert ions: One lime per line... lOc 1'wo times per line per day 08o Miree times per line per day...06c Eix times per line per day.'... .050 llont)) rate per line COc tards of Thanks 50e & 75c Minimum charge 5CK; Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for the iniin- ber of times the add appeared and kdjustmcnl of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- /ide of the city must be accom- yanied by cash. Rales may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory """FULL"ER"BRUSHES~ <;all Ui-.n McUaii, i-liuin: 105U Notice For Sale Bark's Coal and Wood Yard. Clilckasawbn and Railroad. Ttli 1 - jihone 907. 31-pk-7 Grocery store, rooming house and service .station at Osceola across from Magnolia Killing Station. ^V&. ; ^ All cimcmiiMl are hereby not i lied Phone 328 at Osceola. 25-pk-ll Dry Cypress wood. 51.00 per Rick. rgains HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyde Lewis At Walker end Harris Sawmill.JON OUH USED CAR LOT East Main SI. ' 13-pk2-13 Sec These Models And Our Many Others Todiiy • 1 still make mid sell Dr. Phillips' Analba Uirhneut. Mrs. O. B. Phillips, 21G No. Franklin. S-p-;-2-S Registered Poland China pigs. .? months old. J. I,, pinkston, Hoi- '3fi Fcrrt Tudor J105 laud. For Rent Rooms or apartment. Clilckasawba near School. Phone 170. 30pk2-29 3 and 4 room unfurnished apart-' '3(1 liulck Cnut'h 5295 S -nk-31 I'll' Ohcv. Simrl Sulun . .5375 |'37 Kord "fid" Tudor $315 i ;'37 Ford "85" Coupe $;• '38 Chevrolet Cuncli '.fj incuts. Newly ctecorntcd. Private! '"' SPECIAL BAKGAINS TODAY 3 room furnished npartment and btith. Modern and clean. Corner Main ant! 2nd. F. Simon, phone 704, 25-ek-lli'32 I-'oril •:M Ford '30 Ford Bargains h USED TEiES A«D Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. I'lION'H L-5 Poultry Highest prices paid for all kinds ol Poultry. Fisher and Worthy, Steele, Mo. I2-nk-2-12 Ba!w Chicks Custom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery slel Coupe S33.5D Tudor $89 Tudnr $50 Tudnr SH.50 Unfurnished apartment, 4 rooms '3G International rick-Up ...$151 with twlli.. 508 \V. C'lilcknsRWbn.. 12-ck-llj' 33 Forrt riek-\) v SCli Thii is the time of ttmei to buy a laie model used Foiu V-8 — tremendous choice ot unmatched values — priced way down for quick sale. Many are rare bargains — jxtra good trade allowance —terms that don't pinch your purse. We'll make you a deal you can't refuse. Come in lot's talk it over. Desirable bedroom in private home, with heat and private until. 1037 W. Walnut street, phone 884. G-ck-lf ROOMS, furnished or imfiimi.'Oierl, One bedroom. °H Hearu. 3pk2-'i Nice bedroom convenient (o batl) Slcnin heat. Phone 280. 21ckll Welding EXPERTEI,ECTUIC AND /'CKTYLKNE Drag line am! heavy welding specially. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER tlml we will not lie responsible lor niiy bills conlriieted by miy person. undiT nny (.•Irciiinsliuiris, e.v- ci.-in on wiltlcn order .signed i>y J. A. Ownllney or Orn 61 ins Ov.'all- uey. VICTORIA MERCANTILE CO V1CTOUIA I'MK'J'ATIONS CIWAI.TNKY IMPLEMENT CO. OWALTNISY'S, Inc. .1. A. OWALTNEY. I'resldeiU. OHA SIMS CIWAl.TNEY. Vice 1'rcsldcnl. 31-7-M-21 U''« of smne, and will perform till Us Hncxrculed contracts. Da led nt Aniioi'i'l, Arkiuisas, this lljc 28th rtn.v of Jfinunry, 1010. Slijncd 0. B. HlUlrrbmiul J. L. Terrell. 1 31-T-M-21 Notloi> Is hncb.v given (hut (lie wrtncrslilj) ht'iclofore oxlsllnu be- \vrnt UK. whose tmmcs urn suii- icrlbi'd hereto, under the linn mtnc nml style of lllldcrbrund *. I'lTrcll, cnijRgcd In (|| ( . business ol iirnihij; In Annoj'el, All.^l.s.-ilppl bounty, Arkiiusns, wns dissolved on lie Mill dny ol Jnmmry, 1D40, l>y nudml eonsenl. 'Hie, business of nld parlnci-iihtp will be wound U|) >y J. L. IVrrcIl, who will collect ind receive nil money due or pjiy- TERMIWX TERMINATES & TERMITES •.BRUCE-MEMPHIS Sl'liNI) V01IU GASOLINH f IIOU.Ait WlSlibV SAVE :ic i« .Jc I'er Gnii<m . ON GASOUNK Valuable Coupons IVIIIi Kuril I'mdnisr (iASOUNH—MOTOU OH. KHHOKKNR VVhcli'MiIi' £ Itclnll TltADU WITH JOYNER OIL CO. llull'IK'MlllNlt Driller TANK CAH TO I'OltfC CAU Ifilillwny Cl. Niirth, Blyllu-vllli! Wn lli'Hvcr I'hnnr. I!i3 Many of our desert animals obtain necessary liquids by means of a chemical ncllon in their digestive tracts, which changes some of the starchy portions of. their food to water. Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF :'• Safe Driving! fitife motoring Is the aim of every driver. Then, why not assure yourself of this safety ns fnr us your automobile Is concerned. Drive lit and let our mechanics put your cnr In sliapo for any driving. The cost Is rcusonablc and the work suar- EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL~WORK GUARANTEED IMione 10 or lies. 10J9 BIylheville Norfb 12-uk-2-ia "Welding EXPERT Lndies telt of i^reen fabric. Pound i Thursday morning on Main St. [at Got! Hotel. Owner JTmay have belt, by paying cosl of this ad. Courier News Office- Key to Willys Ovrrlanti auloaio- hi'.e. Owner may have same by ELECTRIC & ACETYI.ENi'', P"yi"3 cost of this ad. Courier ; News Office. Charles Long, iunnerly welder fori Blytheville Machine Shop j tooKiiifwo PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. I'lioiie Ktd Repairing DKAOLIXE HEAVY WEI.U- — Expert 31111 repairing. See E M. Damon at the BMlievllh' Ann- cry on Wednesdays and Thursdays. ING OUH Sl'liCI/iLTY -2 or 3 bedroom modern house, 1111- j furnished. Will IJB permanent | renters.' Call Langslon-Wroten Mo-J J1ISSOUH1 tor Co. 30-pk-a -^.\ Lund For Sale GARAGE Dell, Ark. To Buy Wanted to buy Government Colton Loans. BIylheville Giu Co. Feir.ale Help Wtd. Girl under 30 with experience as stenojrapher. Shorthand necessary. Slait .565 per month with Blytlieville office of large National Corporation. Give qualifications Pest Office Box 59. 30-pk-l LONG-BILLED BIRD 1 Largo bird pictured here. 5 11 is 3 bird nllie<l to the ibises. 9 Since. 1C Single thing. UTo build. 13 Leather strip. )5 Indian. 16 Sun god. 17 Roof finial. 18 Railway. 19 Wood sorrel. 21 Hautboy. 24 Sheaves. 27 Saucy. 30 Meaning. Answer to Previous Ttinrle JagSE aofcjQR 14 This bird is carrying a baby. 16 Ornamental rosette. k 18 Repulsive. 20 Set of rooms. 22 Tramp. 23 Eye. 24 Bones. 15 Myself. 2fiRcam. 28 To recede. 29 Fish eggs. 31 Rocks 32 Largo type of SI Norse £ocl. •i2Hodenl. VERTICAL metal. 44 To improve. 2 Sour. .13 Mngic. 47 Anger. 3 S molding. 37 Tino. 48 Pertaining to •! Fahutous bird. 30 Chief odors sound. 5 Grief. 40 Officer's 50 Epoch. G To distribute. nssistaril. Tin reality. 41 Part of eye this bird. 52 To hnbitualo. S Low lide. 43 Gocl of sky' 31 Smoldering 53 East Indian 11 The 45 Great lake. '"'"I*. palm. while stork is 46 Back of nei-k « One lhat 55 It returns to the best 48 Baking dish. curbs. (lie sam? known. 49 Sheltered M.Tunip. si!e year after 12 Attempt. ' place .iSDispalchcd. year. 13 Membranous 51 Upon M Spikes. 5B Sofas. bag. 54 Like ' LAND—80 aercs cill over on HicJway C2, SI per acre wish,»>it« over jicrioil of six years. Conway & Houchins Bljllievillc, Ark. _ ' _ ia-ch-if Farm Loans Large or Small Al Low Interest Itnles. We are equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tract of farm Inntl, at low cost, and ati a low interest rate TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 13^ Walnut St.. Blytlieville, Ark For Sale or Trade MSSLES Will Irade for Mules, Cmvs, Hfijjs, Gallic, Corn. Hay and Lumber.,' T)clla Implements, Inc./ See Floyd Simpson ' . 8-iik-U Ar<ms Personal I. i v c r, .nc . " 1 y he bile to rlrt yourself o . nation, pas lahis. and a a y ' lir ptmk feeling. Take one b< cxtc ' u .tlmn ACTIVE MVEIi 25c at all Kirhy --------- -idgc rn"f*n t 1 I U/>LM 1 II contended - ------- - / asserted Call 1!). and PREST<J Br i,ic heav (he job thawing re ; i( , t for , nl jie-t by electricity., nncl wor] . ,, Baitodalc Mfg. Co / I Victoria Cross H Of I.ONUON iUP>- llTOiy. lainous V. ' llf! homc of Mr. jVVnr' h iitting on' Dllrks at Frcmls- ! Fnr he Is nf* morning when ; uniforiiw of a rr y , flom llomc - The 'Curtiiin 0'Lc,ir cstlma( «<> «t S2.009 ! nn\ii(is>nt of an c ° vc '.' c<i b >" insurance. !.,„„,, r B " r l=s was teaching I" He «,T. n ) r - n ' Jrks was in town \mn the V single . ( '' " lc dlscov «cd by men uri- i i imrhino urn, - ialc Ja c!:sou of Osce- IV PI f.' : , lin' Hoi 1 „„. ,..,. . , dashed in in sliii riim-r nt j ' n to sav <! his clothes, lani , ,,., .,„ )ed through a hack win- \vh:. 'kind. HP toA" 0 *' a bvctlicr of Mrs. ; 'irh hied si l ' ly escaped serious bums : and then < (1 '°. nl o! .">» house col- I M,* 1,^,-t t rtf^^ "6 "Aw, isn'l Ihnl cute? He's k-elliiiifj, you know. Nnw I.nratcd ul 1111 Nurlli ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON F.DWAUUS. I'rnprlctor All Make., a! [«, (m m r.v|.«vrl(crs, ,\a,lh, B M,, c nii«» Cnli'Ulnlors—[tefKilrliiB—i-arli—Klliliom DRS. NIES & IN1ES Ulylliovllli, FIU'ID IIA KM AN PAST VJITH MO ONE 1 LL 500K1 FWDOOT.' Knock, Knock! Who's OOP HASN'T IF I CAU'T SWIM UPTOTH' ; ey GUM.J CAM /XT LEAST CLIMB up 70 IT. BUT DEEPCOWM IKITHE BRIWy OUR HEAWILY ARMORED HERO -STRUGGLES TO RBXcHTHE ?BOKT HOOTS AND IIRR WASH TUliUS BY ROY CRANK FOIUOWEP ME THiS FAR, UULESS THAT WTCHMWI i OVi &U\«C,I RECVCOU THERE'S WO HARM. IN VCUR SONG TO THE OIL WEU-...OKLV KEEPOOIET HERE M IKE 6EOL06IST SWD ID RWPMW HOLE IV! THH PIPE VJ1TK ^ PIU6 W IT. AH! v BLAZES! AVID TWLRES THE PROOF SV.TTIF 1 THAT WUK 6fl^WttER ! s STOCK rSVfT'' WORTHI.ESS. THERE'S THE SECRET THAT THE OIL H0» ARE 60 nE«f>ERATE IMTRVIM6 TO KEEP. SO DESPERATE THAT X THEV'O KIU. AW MAM WHO ' LEARMED IT ND HIS KRIKNDR BY MKRIULlBLOSSKI{ MOW, MY FRIEND. YOUR RIBS WILL TASTE MY POISONED DAGGER SUPPOSE THE cop DOESN'T SEND IM A ROT CALL? WHAT WE'LL IF ME JUST SHOWS / HAVE To ITS AIL SET .' WS'LL cx> A scene TOMORROW OM TMH MAIM STREET BRIDGE. A COP PASSES THERE AT N:NE O CLOCK EVERY MORKiNG CHAMGE SCRIPT ACCOROIt-iGCY ' By Fircb-. which hu-

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