The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1930
Page 5
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1930^ Fort Smith Expert Plays for Radio Bridge Audience The radio bridge audience gleaned some good tips on expert play from the fourteenth of Milton C. Work's Radio Bridge Games, broadcast Tuesday from Station KLCN, with Mrs. E. L. Bradbury of Dallas, -Texas, Miss Marguerite Cohr of Fort Smith, Ark., Earl S. Cobey of Rochester, N. Y., and Gratz M Scott of New York City as the exhibition players. The hands were: Mr. Scott, Dealer, South: Spades, Q, 10, -1; Hearts A. K, C; Diamonds, A. K, 5, 4: Clubs, K, J, 2. Mr. Cobey, West: Spades, 9, 6, 5, 3; Hearts, Q. 10, 9, Diamonds, Q, 10. 8, 3; Clubs, 7, 5. Mrs. Bradbury, North: Spades, K 1; Hearts, J, 4; Diamonds, J, 9, 7 G; Clubs, Q, 10, 9. 8, 4. Miss Cohn East: Sp.ides, A, J, S, 2; Hearts, I 7, 5, 3, 2; Diamonds, 2; Clubs. A 0, 3. The only bid was (lie opening declaration of one No Trump by Mr. Scott, Dealer, South, which all passed, Miss Colin, East, would have liked to have made a lead- directing bid to keep her partner from opening Diamonds. With only a singleton In that suit, she appreciated that West was likely to be long in it and lead it, and that sh: would be unable to help establish It; but she had no suit in which a bid would have been justified. So with South as Declarer at one No Trump, Mr. Cobey, West, made ihc original lead of the Trey of Diamonds, the fourth-best of the itronger of his two long suits. Mrs. Bradbury spread her hand for Dummy, and Mr. Scott, Declarer, .vas surprised to find that he had (our cards in Dummy and four in nis own hand of the leader's suit. DON'T FAIL TO SEE The Womack Medicine Man Who Will Be At St. Francis Drug Co. Blytheville, Arkansas From Feb. 14th to Mar. 1st Medicines for all needs. Consultation free. Satisfaction guaranteed. A FHKK GIFT TO THE FIRST 100 PERSONS WHO BRING THIS ADVEIlTISEMEN'f! A 4-07.. 50c size bottle of Womack's famous lemon, vanilla or black walnut flavoring free with each §1 [mi-chase of • Womack's medicines, toilet preparations, extracts, etc. Come curly and be one of the first. He knew the lead was fourth-best, and subtracting three from eleven and Jin ding the remainder to be eight, he realized that Miss Cohn. fast, could have no Diamond higher than the Trey, because he himself In his two hands had the entire eight the the lead had shown were not In the hand of the leader. By the same reasoning, Decfoi- er could tell that the leader's remaining Diamonds were the Queen 10 and 8. Planning Jiis campaign before making his first play, Declarer counted six sure (ricks . . . one Spade, two Hearts and three Diamonds. If the adverse Ace of Clubs were part of a three-card suit, not more than two Clubs could be won unless Dummy's long Clubs were established and an entry made in that hand to cash them. Tlio King of Spades wcis not nn assured entry because East, miuht hnve the Ace; so Declarer determined in make up an entry in Dummy's Diamonds us lie needed three Club;; for game. Therefore to the first- trick l)c- chircr played Dummy's fi of Diamonds. Miss Colin, East, played tile Deuce, and Declarer, South, won with the Ace, making Dummy's Jack a sure entry. To trick two Declarer led the King of Clubs; West played the 5; Dummy (he 4; East the Trey. MlS5 J5LYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIRR-NRWS HOW ONE MAN ENDED "RHEUMATISM" Stomach Trouble*, and Built up His Strength At The S*me Time There is u way to gel rid of rheumatism pains along with pains in tlic stomach, back and sides— and until you try it you CHTI blame only yourself for your suffering. !'/s thro-.ish the use of the roniiirJc- nl>!e medicine Tnnlac lhat for j'pars l:as Mcailily but iimv'.ly been iMirfoTjinm: aJmMt wfracutyuj U'ncfuj tor million*. Hero's just onf case out of thui]>andi who have in their ioy taken the trouble to write us. Jtii narr.o is Mr. B. F. llur- bni:e. Mr. Hurbnye, a transfer man, Euf- fereil for 15 years trc*\ rheurnallim as he hrt'l to rarn hb livit:y like you and I hp hail j'jat Kboul iUsi>;ifrcil when u a ]mt resort he tried Tnnlne. "I eciilj hacdty move nlxiut or raise my arms ii|). To KO u;i or down stairs ic would au>m like ray knees would l, t eak. The wi.j hail nt?rut and crippled me uy. I!«3iJes rheumatism, my digestion uu bad &i:.l I was rundown generally, [t uss a mistily hij handicap in my business, yinally I becan TanLac and it won the bout for me. It began nt or.ce to overcome my muscular rheumatism and now have not an ache or pain and am a well nnd ncir man. 1 rec- onirr.entl Taniae with unbounded eonfi- dence." Other rrmcdii-s may promi'e but Tnnlac performi—a real medicine th«t back* cbims with a r;nnrantee. Accept no Klbstitalc. At all drjgiiuu. Cohn, fust, lioiwd Hint by np lief Ace of Olubs until ihc third round she could keep Declarer from nmiiini; Dummy's long Clubs. She knew tlml Dummy's King of Spades wus not an entry, and hop- i'd her partner could prevent mi entry In Diamonds. Ucclnror continued Olute lending the J:ick. West plitycci the 7; Dummy the Queen from hcv sequence, hoping to dUlodgc the Ace one round sooner by making East. Micro Hint she closed hnml hud no more Clubs. Miss Cohn, however, wiis not deceived by the subterfuge. She played the 0. Declarer then led the 10 of Chibs fiom Dummy; East played the Ace; closed hand Hie Deuce, and West discarded the Trtvv of Spades. To (rick five Miss Cohn, Easl, led the Tiey of Hearts..Mr. Scott. Declarer, had his game won, whether he won or lost this (rick; his best flmnce tor nn extra trick seemed to be to play small from South, hop- Ing that East lind the Queen of Hearts. So South played the 6 of Henrls; West won with (ho Queen; Dummy played the 4. West returu- e!l the suit, leading the 10 of Hearts. Dummy played the Jnck; East the Deuce; South, Declarer, the King. Declarer then led his 5 of Diamonds. He could mark every Dln- j iiiond, end kjieii' lie must Joue one unless he could catch West nap pins and induce him to play n email Diamond oil this trick. In that, case he might shut, out an adverse Diamond. But Mr. Cobey could also place all the Diamonds, and knew his Queen of Diamonds would die unless he played it on this trick. Accordingly he did so; Dummy played the 7; and East was called upun to make n difficult discard. She knew that one moro Heart lead would establish two Hearts In lier hand, to ivlilch her Ace of Spades was her only entrv. But she also knew that Declarer had the Ace of Hearts, and that if Hearts were led, Declarer, two Diamonds, and two Clubs . . . which with the four tricks he already had, would insure Ills gome. Miss Cohn saw thai a Spade lead offered the only chance to save game; should her partner happen to have the Queen and another Spade, Uie lead of the Queen through Dummy's King would stop game. Miss Colin therefore nskcd for a Spade by discarding the 5 of Hearts. To trick eight, West, noting his partner's discard, and realizing H was possible thai she had the ACC and Queen of Spades, led his best Spade, the 9. Dummy played the 7, and Enst, appreciating that South had the Queen, played her Ace She knew her partner would liavt ed Ihc Qwn If he Imtl linil It. •r would have won ullh Ilie Queen and Him Irave dlsninlixl his iwo »K Slides on Dummy's Clubs. Jfclarer uluyed the 4 of Sapdes. icn iibced Ids linnd face ui> on the lublo cliihuliig the. rcmntndrv or Ilio (ricks. which nilversiirics :otiee<lccl. Declarer scored M [or tricks. Tiieix' was not honor score, as Aces vvrf easy, Mi 1 . Wink Viiul very little comment to make on the piny of (he nniwi. mcnl io comiiiend Declarers ciraiim; ih c . surc tnl ,.j. u , Ulim . uiys Diamonds by overtaking the "rsl lili-k. n play on which (ho winning uf Bllmo hiiiueil. Mr. Work also emjiiiTiiixrd the soundness of Mrs. Diadbury's pass of her partner s ordinal No Trump, which, ns He said, called f 01 - ,, u special comment except that plnyers In imniy unrls «! 1)10 Country of lute Imvo Bjijlii-i'fd the idea (ha! nn original "Id of mo No Trump should al- ivnys tx laken out by bidder's part. nei 1 regardless o[ the strength or nki'.cw of ihc hum!; some who do nut cany the inke-mil idea to t»al iHllculons extreme believe nt il iil»iiys should be imidc with llvp caul suit, ic-Kimllcss of the reiiBili of such suit. Mr. Work P0l»l«l OHL that the No Trump declaration In Auction is W<1 Io lie lilnyed and should not be taken om unless l litre is a constructive reason for so cloliifc. which of course- Mrs. Bradbury did not have. She would |;ave been fooUsh Io warn Mr-Seoll. away fiom n No Trump Thrills! Mystery! Danger! Romance! JtMurdeEJBackstairs" is Tingling Detective Story Tl/TURDER had been committed at the fashionable Berkeley mansion, where house guests were gathered for a week-end party. The bod_yof Doris Matthews, a pretty maid, was found in the swimming pool. The only clew was the pungent odor of perfume that hovered about the murdered girl. Even this insubstantial clew apparently was valueless because Gigi Berkeley, beautiful young daughter of the host, had sprinkled all the guests with a similar perfume the preceding night. A SHARP - THINKING young detective, •^ "Bonnie" Dundee, was present to keep an eye on Seymour Crosby, one of the guests, who had never quite satisfactorily explained circumstances surrounding the death of Ins first wife. . . How the keen-witted Dundee solved the crime, found that the murder of Doris Matthews was intended for someone else whose death had long been plotted, furnishes one of the most thrilling, yet true to life, mysteries ever written. "Bonnie" Dundee : v Be Sure to Read "Murder Backstairs" -By Anne Austin* Beginning Tuesday, February 25th, In COURIER NEWS by 11 bid or uvu Clubs wueii there was no niipareiit I'ltnncu of milking iiine nt Clubs. nini nn excellent wjiu 1 of <loliif so nt No '1'iinnp. At Contract Kotilh would ojien with two No Triim|is. on Ills count of 20 and four suits stopped; In fact lie wus Just one ixrtnl sliort «f (ho 31 coma needed for nn original three No Trumps. 17, will) four suits Flopped (counting Ace 4, Itlng 3, Queen D, Jack 1, two tens 1), win-runts the ovl«liml Uld of Hvo Nil Trumps. North would Jump to three. Such u Jump is Justified for u flvc-cnrd suit headed, by one of the lup honors). Some 6-count liniids n tii'o-to-tlirec Jun!|i They lire: An Ace with any other PAGE Fat Comes At Forty Sometimes in earlier years. Il comes wlicn n certain gland growl weak. That 13 wliit modern authorities find. And pliysicinni ihe world over now combat tliat cause. Tlicjneiliod lliey use ia embodied in Nianaoh |iK'scri|>lion (ablets. People h.ire used ilicm for 22 years—millions of boxes of ilicm. Now in every circle you oni see what slender (inures, what lienllli „ v .T >r llut right method brings. And =11 without abnormnl cxcrciso or diet. livery lio.v o[ Marmola contains tlio formula imd facts, USITS know tlio reasons for all B uo<l cffecls. In fairness to youisclf, m iry Mnnimln. Wairh the results. All driiiijjibisifiipply il ol 81 nbox. one count, or n King and Queen whciher of the same or different suits. Throe No Trumps would bo Hie m>al bid, und the play would be (he same us in Auction. Head Courier News Want, Ads. BUOYRUS, O,, ,.«JP)-"l}orMd". al a horse sale is .the claim of $, n. Angno who reported his nuto- iiiobllo had been stolen only to discover he was In error. The auctioneer used It for a platform and he did not recognize his own car. Half and Half Seed for Sale the only genuine Hull 1 and Half Cullon. Sect! oiio yt'iu- from originated, Exiwri- enu! h;u convincsd me lliul it is Hie greatest cotton in the world. P. B. Crothers One mile north of Cooler, Ho., oirJIabel Martin C;inn. "Coming events cast their sht,dowsbefore" AVOID THAT FUTURE SHADOW* By refraining from over-indul. gence, if you would maintain the modern figure of fashion Women who prize the modern figure with its subtle, seductive curves—you men who would kccptluttrirn, proper form, eat healthfully but not immoticraicly. Banish exccssivencss—eliminate abuses, lie moderate —be moderate in all things, even in smoking. When tempted ID excess, when your eyes are bigger than your, stomach, rc.ich for a lucky instead. Coming events cast llicir shadows before. Avoid that future shadow by avoiding over-indulgence if you would maintain that lithe, youthful, modern figure; Lucky Strike, the finest Cigarette a man ever smoked, made of the finest tobacco-The Cream of the Crop— "IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING" not only removes impurities but adds to the flavor and improves the taste. Throat Protecfion-agamst irritation-against cough. *Be Moderate! . . . Don't jeopardize the modern form by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing tab. lets or other quack "anti-fat" remedies condemned by the Medical profession! Millions of dollars each year are wasted on these ridiculous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderate! We do not represent that smok- mg Lucky Strike Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do declare that when tempted to do yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a Lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-indulgence in things that cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form. TUNE IN—Tltc Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every Saturday night, over a network of the N. B.C. @ l J^J, The American Tobacco Co.. Mfrs.

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