The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1940
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E COURIER NEWS ? VrWVmPANT* Am.-i v* n . ,-. _ -^-—^ v 7 r"+^ VOLUME: XXXVI—NO. 2t>8. Bjythevllle Dally News Blythevllle Courier JHIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mississippi valley Lender Blythcvllle Herald Lewis' Miners Group Endorses New Deal, Silent On Roosevelt COLUMBUS, 0., Jan. SJ. (UI')-Tho United A! i n o Morkers Union today demanded continuance of Hie New ^\W°*™mteKmm ft-csi'lent Uooscvclfs Ural ariminis-! JIKYTJIKVIM.R, ARKANSAS, WKIINKSDAY, JANUARY l!1, 194(1 COPIES FIVE CENTS Iration and left to its executive board the i|iir-.stion of en dorsing Mr. IJooscvelt for a third lorm. The 2400 delegates to (.lie U. M.* W. convention approved ilic recommendation ol thc-ij- resolution.! commlilee <md U. M. w. Pmidi'iu John L. Lewis on voice vote after one hour uncl 30 mlimlc'; of debate. Lewis announced that Hie volte vote was "ovcnvlidinlngly" in favor of ihe resolution nillioiigh a .substantial number of "noes" wove PI I heard when the (luestton was cull- 1'CUCral SIIIE MERIT 1 ed. There were 110 demands for a standing vote or a roll call. The resolution virtually directed (lie board to support a 'literal" Democratic presidential nominee if "Hying Wedge" May Develop Into important Victory HELSINKI, Jan. 'S (UP)—Pii-ror fjghtlnfc along Finland's north central frcnl wns reported in military dispatches today as '<! Russian nlr- ylanes raided Rovtmleml foi- ihe fourth time. Renewal of heavy fighting on (he Important, Sulla sector \vus reported .Hid in another sector Finnish ski iniops — iT-enfwced by Swedish and other foreign volunteers—were .said lo have smashed Blyth eville Joins NalIon In F. D. R. ninl The liani|iiPt 111 thr> Hotel Noble. DJ T. r. iir.yNOl.DH nl(!lll for (lie tall'fll Of t)l« Umlf.l l'r, M Wl.llo HOIIUI C«rrcs|>oiuleiil .Mississippi county lnfiinill« J'a- WASHINGTON, Jan 331 mi>>~ raly.sls Fund was nllpndttl by 211!) Hie miloii-ivhic celVljniiton of BIICMS who comiibiited fluids for I'n'sldenl Hoasi-vt-ll's blrihduy wns in proaram and at tin- -:amo expected today to provide $1 500 WM) ilmi' had a delightful tlmn wllb ii'r DIP fnmj to fight, infantile Cliamljcrhu'ii Makes Al- mosl Persona for Con I inner..! Friendship Intensified Warfare Expected To Follow LeadersSpeeches 1 CS Into Russia's Boar d Acknowleri, 'Substantial Compliance' j,".,^ '^^n^T"^' ™ s nu i'iucr(afniuK program nnd course IjHiiqm't us lealurcs. I Hundreds ol' Ihousaml'i danced i>>: Wlllki O. Ctimiibcll of Mm- '"'' Hlsli! "so tlnit ollii'l's might Phis, Intprniitloniilly known bonr «'.\lk" nl iJimuamte of blrtlidiiy •pcclnllsl, was uutst siiciiKur, linn kitik in lumen- of Ihe president's \neclo Curtcsl. of .Memphis, dls- Smti blrilulay. The festtvllli's \\fe tliiBUlslifd hr.rpist, gnrst fnvcrtaln- I'liina.xcil shortly before midnight '<"' , „....„. „„, nielr appearance highlighted wll *'i> Sir. Uoosevell, In a. five mln- lions of the world. wnphaslKlnif Ihc lj;ni(|tn't of which James Kill ""' "thank you, bless you" radio " ltlc <l ilMhv for good reunions with Jr., of nij'ilievllle, county chnlj'- MM'SSIIBI! to tin- dancers and tlui J(l l«"i nnd for fuiuu- trade man ol the ID-Ill campaign, wiis 'U'Hen, i''d npprecliitloii for w '"' BiH'openi) .slates, euiti lonstmaster. | HIP conlrhniltoas at (he bulls and Ul1 ' Mea • "behind our nun In a lew minutes of informti! l " tho "mile of dimes" campaign, with the Uniicti Him..«" (alt: for t'.ie concluding muuber of Ml '- Kooseivll snld llml he hoped lly l.'niU'd Press . I mspwls lor intensified warfare in Appeal lo ( l«y »» result of „ .snrios of c pacts Tax Collectors Taxpayers Pay in Big Way j d ^ Ruronp mount nil by the lc™c™ of — + Adolf Hitler, nrltlsh Prime Minister Ncvlllu Clittinlicrlatn tmd Freiicli Premier Edoimrd Daladitr »l) joined In n clients of tlutn't- enliiB sjjceelies (IcslgnM (o pr«- imvo Ihc jicoplc both for major attacks by tin. enemy nml for at- (cmjits to seize the oirpuslvo U'l'l'l-B HOCK, AtV., ~'' Sl ' l ' > comet;. { 'Hie little nations studlet Ihe Jan. 31. "l"*' 1 '*-' closely for new lluci ta to Iheir Neutrality and fuitliei in lliclr preparations fo U Copenhagen, a Cleunan nla 10 (hrauijli clear skies to within L-e miles of the capital was fir on by Dniilsh unll-aiicraft guns' 1 rales !lll!l <l>w representations from tho locally ' Mrs. Luna Drown reborn! , vn l ' ait 01 lne WKe mit the coltl - durlng debate on ihe resolution to- rescntative of the "bamI • I • i mutl| 1 |1P snltl luev WCl 'e Inrned day. f fom Kansas Citv toil™ in < • fi liacl: nt n " l )oinls - Nlt >e Russian -- „Demands of delegates that the Thompson in makhV ml'L-rh-,,',,>», ianks nllcl nv ° R" 85 *"" planes were "? " ie '">«onal eroup: lo hunt n o IIIIILLI lU.tlll,^. cJ 1O J fJoK'n MtO ™«tmTII1Tr,,l» ,.«(,( t clls - hnlt '« cthcr " alf is Dtccntilionnl ,ni!i-y protcjii.s In he suld thai "such Is„,,,, • , • -. - »ol Hie slronucst Influ- whlle lire " ll(l I8 "'ollon picture, radio and ollcc s In Ino lives of nations or i.iu and Jnuaii^p uaviM-nnirMii- t , • "•«••"'« 'wittiiuiis, saica ••••" -"^v iKiiivsenmuoni from thu ds^m , '"* " lul « nsoll «>o 'KM accounted for Dnnlsh govtrmncnt to Berlin An- rnn.fon I lai"ln"t"l,V. lnelden[ " ie 1>l " k Ol U '° tolnl fl « m ' c ' '^ ll ' 11 «° ot Ule 'V^n "inere nM d aroused ,m B ry prote.H..s In I 1 ',, ' f rvonsncs5 Dt lhe hmtlll « fo>"' two Ihlngs , s "" s committee resolution be voted down and one of the 47 resolutions agl- Air »»i i />» tatin» a third term ke adopted Another IYJ c mber Ol shot down, the communique said, 1 on the isthmus. ™' e has never been center of al- n nl the six major balls held since (lie cause)"' 1lvllSh > l °" hotcls - A " found, which <-' mellls " flci r tllc iwesldcnl's s|ircch, of men." )l!.s minrks oonccrtiln? were Ihe most friendly heard lu a long lime. drew applause and some jeers during the debate. Mrs. Jake Duncan, 65, Tho Red army's 51th division ' Wnlm Springs, Go., Memorial lies In the "flying wedge" was l )ilnl P''<>8ram. which Is taken care 3 Succumbs On Tuesday [Tnl ^ ago . has „ fl . aclm , u r . b()nc '" lier foot, x-ray pictures Duncan died at 8:30 made yesterday at Walls hospital composed of about~22,0u{fincii. 'i'l'ie of '" nnolhcr manner. e' L ft' ' .m rc '' ealc(l - Finns—usually outnumbered them-j Iils discussion was concluded ShTwaT fi'r ""'" '" "" KCClk;i ' vf l "!"' S '. !e ^" l C b"aWo"o go lo tage'Vmai! 1 ,"!ver." t0 "°" C nClVa "" money^p^t^ua^lUi U^'stntn- Fune?al rites will bo conducted S, ,he will b'" with'i ^ ' M Mk "», Re «" «riaj' «'ns reported In ment that the mart urgent need bv the Rev I r Wnninnn ni ihi- >t,- \;i, r-\, tt "'V mother, nnoinciul advices to have moved; 0 ' lhls section In the infanlile oy me M. J. L. Woolman at ihc Mis. H. B. Calhovm. who has been better trained and clipped forces paralysis. n B ht is a hospital and : since the accident occurred. First Church of the Nazarenc this hei afternoon, 3 .o'clock, with burial in Elmwood cemetery. . t n Born in Dyersburg. Tcnn, Mrs. Allto [S Returned Duncan moved here many years' " ' ago. ' j - Sh.e,,ji; survived by her husband.) . Jake Bunc&fl: one daughter, Mrs. I ^ automobile belonging ifr'.m the isthmur, front to Ihc Salla [ an enlarged program lo nld ne- sector in an effort to counter attack Finnish trcops, which drove Brocs who suiter from the disease. Mr. Cortcse played three selections of unannounced numbers on them bacfc 30 inHes, Ii5 Mile Dl'iVC Repeated Red nrrny thrusts, dc- )lls beautiful harp which were ro- , signed to outflank the Finnish Uelvcd with much interest. A nii- automoblle belongin-' to f? 1 ?? 65 fa<:1 "K Hie Russians in ihe [live of Mnrsicovetcre, llnly, Mr. reported in [Cortese has become InUrnallonoUy I^ra Alexander of. here; •' three ! Fariwwqj-th Black was slolcn last s »l)i>. . Ecctor, . were sons, EhJIe /r -Duncan of here; L/p.rnlght but was found lulls parkins nnlltal 'y dispatches. Davis 6r"Ksnnett and Carl Davis Pkco "i's morning after !wvln: of Friendship, Tenn.. three brothers, tjee Robert, Walter and William Smith, all of Dyersburg. Dispatches to Scandinavian news- k Cobb Funeral Home Is in charge. New. York Cotton Mar. opsn. higli loxv close . 1073 1C77 1053 prev. close jeen driven 125 miles. The gJGdlliie P n l' ei ' s I'sportecl that severe fi; .ank cap was removed and the 11- '" 8 !l!so wns ln Pi'ogrcjis In _.„ cense tags had been placed inside Kllhmo secttv of the central front the car. about 20 miles from the Russian The car was parked in ita street Border where a strong Red army near the residence of W. J. Wtm- orTc ns've was believed being prc- derlteh when it was stolen between l' arc <l. 7 and iO o'clock. Several hours • HMircli last night failed to reveal London Notes LfiSS I Severity In War Styles May . 1044 ic4B 103? 1033 1033 Wholesale Grocers' July . 1011 1012 99S 1000 1003 " Ilo2tsdl « « . f" , ! CONDON (UP) - There Is a Oct. . 950 055 ,936 939 0451 Utl'lCial bUCClilTibs ct = c P'^-a back from ihe stern se- Dec. . 941 947 ' 932 932 937 , Jan. . 940' 940 '930 930 931 i LITTLE ROOK, Ark,, •— I (UP)—Wiiliam O. Davis', New Orleans Cotton' M •°- ecret3i 'y ° r the verity of early war days fashions Jan. 31. t: lhc gaycr nnli mor » feminine Paris dress shoivs say "gay sl»i- I Wholesale Grocers Association, cited p!c drcs555 «'>* a lot of embrolrt- here today. ery to brighten them. But, not too Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. open high . 1082 1087 . 1054 1055 . 1021 1022 . 953 955 . S48 943 . 944 944 prev.' Davis hnd held the position for !"°" y fnils yct - On'ety'ln clecora- lov; close close 12 years. Prior to that he was asso- u wi " !nko the V^f °f- frilU 1073 1080 1079 elated with n Little Rc:k whole- fcr ^e-time-being." •'- ; , , , •_., 1042 1047 1050 sale grocery firm. He was barn in Tllc liars1 ' masculinity of 19M- 1017 Lonakc county. His wife survives. ? Dl8 l vi11 " ol be allowed to return,. 1003 941 033 929 1010 9« 934 920 950,941 937 nown ns a coiiccrt. also'devotes a part of: his lime to teaching. Acclaimed by music critic. 1 ; ns one of the great masteni of Ihc harp, Mr. Cortesc thrilled his appreciative audience with the manner In which he swept the harp strings to give (he cITect of n whGle stringed orchestra in concert. As on all occasions when he appears, he captivated his listeners. The cutting of tha four tiered beautifully decorated birthday cake provide;', more color to • the program. Mr. Hill Invited Dr. 'Campbell and Mrs. James Q. Clark, who nas long been active In ciippkd children's work, to have this honor. The Hcv. James A. Overholser, pastor of the First PresbyUriun church and president of the Min- .sterinl Alliance, said the Invocation after the guests had gatheira m the Blue Room. Miss Nannie oliuk Smith, inan of entertainment for the Jaa- canltals. At Bilcliarest It wns undeistool , Hint more men were beln, Called t up for Iralnlng tlinn nt nny t int. ^ since Iho Rumanian capitil cv pressed fears of dlfflcultlos on the Iluntjai-lan frontier last spilng Pos <( r.iuly Iwo million men will ba inulei ! l«rms in Rumnnla this sprin? , G .^, | ^t HrtLsscls the ncvvsimpci I (bio Iftl'gCS IJlCS Ilelnliiue publtehcd a dlspilch Irom Did Not Write Policy' r""' 1 tcl " UK <lf Ulc dlM: " 5Sl0 " rltlcs from one hotel lo another as air forces nml charged Germany they made the rounds for personal wl 'l> Hircalcnlng the existence of .ij)|«nrances. small European states. LcLlcr WASHINOTON, Jan. 31. (UP)— Oennan offlecr-s ot n plan tpi lauding Nazi troops from "dread- alrplnnes" In Great Dri- tntn and behind the French Mi(,l finally settled (he Issue by hiring a union orelicstrn and paying ofl the non-union men. Outstanding of the oilier balls n . n . rrOOt-Keader PORTLAND, Me. (UP)— Occupy- ^^^^r^w^! 1,-J^B,^ drerts of other communities were M,, '• '^iv wi,,if „, , Ihosc hel dat New York's Waldorf- nerformcd Ilic ' nak of A rl nrl™ _«..! e~t ^ _ ,,L _- . . IJti IUJIILLLI IHU IHoti Ul Aslorh and Concourse Plnza Hotels . where Mrs. James,,.Roosevelt cut/ her son's btrtliday cakes'. AnotlieV nottitle cilcbratlon was that In e Silver shlrla. 'i'lic committee charged these al- !cuatloi« were based on a foraed leller, nobcrt K. Slrlplmj. commltlco n3 it secretary, announced that .Gardner McLean, -Jackson, Icgislallvo representative - cndcr, lias fw tllc 0. 1. O. labor's non-partisan le ' Insk of rcartlnu IcnBUn and Harold WdnbctB alsnl- cl -' inure (ban 175 volumes since Join- n "' wllllngrtcss to appear for qucs- ?Hy.ine .the jirallln project of. the -WP/\ "onlns...- , .'4 "f/. fn Portland. " \- / ;-'- ! --- . -. ;•*£,• v:,'- "f- Mrs. J. W. of the time dlfferenllal. In Chicago, 4,000 pen S5 each to dance at the Dr while 55 tables In the hotel's Gold ' Coast Room were sold at the rate' ed a reader nl the rntn Dr. Schirmer Talk-At Kiwanis MeEtmg Dr. E. E. Sclilrmcr, director ot the Mississippi county health unit, wns tlio principal spcakei nt to day's luncheon'meeting of Ilic Ki j'yanl^,\the,;Hotcl Npble Ur. SchirincV'-loltf''.'^ tli$ constant uatllc by the stnle and federal health departments Co pro Dies At Affp Of 74 V(mt "'"' C1 * r * diseases' ana tcld of l Bt - UI '^ Hie ' CT >' between Die health pro Mrs. nciin Solomon, wife of J, grnm and ultimate success which ° C wns auctioned off to swell that city's conlrlbulloii to the Inf.mtllo ? Stock Prices AT&T 170 3-8 Am Tobacco 89 Anaconda Copper 20" 5-8 Beth Steel 73 Chrysler 81 Cities Service 4 Coca Cola 119 1-2 General Electric General Motors Int Harvester Montgomery Ward N Y Central North Am Aviation Packard Phillips Radio Republic Steel Socony Vacuum Etudcbaker Standard Oil N J . .. Texas Corp U S Steel . Match This if You Can Chicago Wheat open high low May 971-8 975-8 951-4 July 941-2 917-8 035-fi Chicago Corn May July open high low 553-3 535-8 553-i 551-8 5G1-2 553-1 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Jan. 31 (UP)— Hogs: 12,00^-3.000 on sale Top, 5.60 170-230 ibs.. 5.50-5.55 140-160 Ibs., 340-1.05 Bill kOTWs, 4.10-4.60 Cattle: 2.70D— 2.5CO on .sale . Etcets, 7.50-3.40 Slaughter steers, 0,50-11.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 7.00-8.90 Slaughter heifers, 6.50-10.50 Beef coivs, 5.00-8.00 . Cutters and low cutters, 3.50-4.73 but there Is no swing back yet to' , Ihc frills and furbelows that • were 11 1101 ' l»' cs ented Herman Cross I-o£o popular when war broke, mi|..;' i Evening dress Is' -still' ousted by long comfortable woolen frocks^ warm and 'decorative. The military styles which Ihe war introduced' are definitely "out." So are-scarfs (it headwear. .. ..' Boy Scouts Invited To Attend Lecture tey, who sang several numbers, Miss Louise Angel who did a to<J jazz dance number; ^frs. Clm:les Moorlicnd who gave nn tmpersoii;!- lion rending; William Bc.s-.vick «ho sang and Jos Evrard who played the accordion with Miss Joan Bourland and Miss Smith performing nt the piano, and Impromptu group singing. The patriotic motif was .'lire- lively carried out in the ilcora-.i- tions of a large (lag on the ".ill The celebrations cniliy] R two- week campaign for funds to light the dread disease which struck Mr. Roosevelt In 1024. Tiie custom was begun la 1034 when Mr. Roosevelt celebrated his first While House birthday anniversary. ie Hictlle pages. Blind almost from birth, Mrs. W. Solomon, died this monilnjr! nw^mi,,., ,,r ,,,,1,11,, -i.,i«r t ", «Mr..£; si?.' r^tT-" iic iios *V" ~«%f - ^ was gradated at ill of pneumonia for several d,ys,'inclusive '.Jr^T ''' "*° """ removed to the hospital, ,.a,.o l-icjinia; member of Die 18 wilh diplomas In literature nnd she music. yesterday afternoon when her con- Nuv nt 42, Mrs. McLean Ims .dltlon became critical, been married to Allen c. McLean Funenil cervices will be held of Portland for (he post 22 years, Thursday nftcrnoon. 2:30 o'clock, and In addition to doing her own at Cobb Funeral Home with - the' 10US ° work hl>s !o " e bcen n Inu '' i1c ilcv ' E ' "' Williams, pastor of t ' vclcc. ' f °'' h ** (nn ™ "> l'" ino "'»' , Methodist church, officiating. . In his radio message, Hie presl- Blind folk nnd Inn-la! In Maple Grove ceme- nlloived a tery. dent said: "Today, I think the nation as n literature' being transposed Into Solomon moved to Blytbevl'llc j vclec In selecting Ihe types of Born ncnr nipley, Tcnn., ivfrs. Helena, Ark., Klwanls club, was R guest, : Named State Member Of Rivers, Harbors Group OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 30.—Ben Butler, prominent local "business whole Is aware of and nwake to Uraillc ,nnd, according to Mrs. Me- IM7 and had long resided on DI-llT" rcceivcd 1>ollcc thls wee!c Hie scourge of infantile paralysis. Lean, shov/ ; i! preference for slor- vision street where she was fa-1 "W™"'" 1011 ' ns (ll e Atkani To minimize Its effects, lo drive, les of action, mystery and romance mllhrly known as "Auntie." 1 " ; I ) " ! -' iCI »"'lw> to the Natloi as n contrast lo the usual clnsstcat Besides lier husband, she Is sur- tone of Braille works. vlved by n granddaughter whom The Dratlle volumes completed she reared, Mrs, Elnlnc Dnvnll, also It out entirely in the long run, Is. as you know, our primary purpose. But as Ihe years go on I hope Dial these annual celebrations will ex- by the l^orllamr project form ihe of Ulylhevllle. tend that task to the cure of all nucleus of n library at the Maine —-— crippled children, no matter what, Institute for Hie' Blind nnd Is _ tlic cause of their crippling . . . ; proving a great convenience to the OSTOGQnt "During the Work! War we hid E '" tC| slllcc Previously the nearest •-' nearly 5,000,000 men under amis. llmnr >' WI >s at Perkins Institute at It Is safe to estimate that at IcW j Watcrtown, Mass. four or five limes as many Amerl-j -— can men and women and children. PI .,, . _. are enrolled In this new army Ofieritt J. M. Campbell o'clock, when Dr. Allen D Albert (] ol Paris, 111., will speak on "The' Strugjlc For Raw Materials." Tiiis is the second of a .scries of four informal talks planned by the Blytheville Rotary club in nil! I which has Joined the march to save life and not to take It. "It Is in that magnificent spirit and with Hie definite knowledge that we are making sure and steady progress that Dies Of Heart Attack FORREST CITY. Ark.. Jan. 31. (UP)—Sheriff j. M. Campbell of SI, FrancU Bounty died suddenly grams. Miss Sarn Lou McCutchcn, Miss 1 Ernesline. Hslsell, Miss Jcancttn T W M « „, ,, - —-- - - i Jean Sebaugh and Miss Mnry Nolle ' WO 1M6W Members of International Under-. raU <jrso n served us check gir.'s. I For Ihe arrangement of this al-| fair, Mrs. B. A. Lynch-was clnir- man wilh Mrs. A. Comvay, Mrs. Ellen W. Klrby and Mrs. H. H- every one of oyu—'Thank you, and lo;ln y nl llls 'ionic following n heart Ood bless yon'." ~* " " Infant Is Placed Under Oxygen Tent A four-wceks-old baby i_ s in tin / after luvinj been ruslie;! to Blythc- :< ,'iils List night. Join Lions Club Paul Pryor, local manager cf the J. C. Penney store, and John P. HoMdiins assisting on lhls i-oin- '' cl " ml| Ic r . tleputy sheriff of Mis- mitlce; Mr. and Mrs. Jessce filitt 51ssl Pi" county, were Installed as were in charge of the house nnd " Cw members of the Uoro club at oxygen tent of Walls hospital today souvenir programs. E. B. Estes was , s *«™y luncheon mectlus yos- ---------- • - - - charge of ticket-sales: Mr.r R.| tc ™, ayntnth1 P HolclN1oblc ; Oscar Bailey was In cliarsc of Patricia Savage, ol Holland, wa critically 111 after having • tricken with pneumonia. bcsn Farmer En^lai to assist MIS! Smith wilh arranging the ontiv-l IninmEnt and Mra. Harry Klrby,j Mrs. Farnsworth Black and Mrs.' attack. He was CO. Campbell was serving his eighth term ns sheriff. Funeral arrangements were Incomplete. 'Kidnaping' Turns Out To Be Arrest LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Jan. (UP)—City police today "solved" downtown "kidnaping." The "ki napers" were U-o I'ultwkl county . riraidcr Justly Proud W. J. bollard, as members of SPRINGFIELD, vt. fUP)— Mrs. Coin Box committee, arranger: (or Fi-nnk Bingham h as constructive the c'.ieck girls. use for leisure moments. Recently Oi;l of town gucsls at the ban- slip braided a round rug. 9 -feet in ! diameter, rug. 9 -feet in quet were Mrs. Angclo Cortess and requiring 28 spec-Is of Dr. Smith of Memphis, Brent Man- All you folks who nave at one time or anotlu a vvct-or U I linen thread to complete. She cslt- ley of Kansas City, the Rev. ar.d j males aie devoted 250 hours to the Mrs. E. H. Hall and Mr. and Mrs. . Smith of LeachvDle. avocation. 01u-> Stale Honors Bilker I Tcanvstcr ISows To Progress CGMJMBUS, O. (UP)— A new MURPHY. N. C. r ',_ ( men's dormitory, now under con- Hamplan, veteran clravman nits of negro school, who (lanced. Thirty nine members were pros- en I. fy clly olflccrs. Autos Collide On Highway Near City *"** Rfil Cross Gels Iron Cross LONDON <UP;-An Iron • Cross has bcen sent lo the Hcd Cross for nny value It may have. The cress, of Stanford. 111., collided wilh the so jj) michlna driven by Dave Abbott Monday night on Highway 61, i thrcs miles norlli of a curio. nf^iK*; JOi '<;! )h ,, L anclcrs. above, I si'™!tai ."> "if Ohio stale Uni- clienis know him as Gu.5, adailts ,,,„ f,,,«.' b S.^ V -.'l as " Prelim- ! v '" i :! ! L c '' 11 S s 1C1 ; C ' *"' u = ^^- »«« « I*™ »* » teamster the •^thai • C ma^ l l CDIe °" llls ! as IJ ^ rrHl111 ' ln , hQnor o^Nowtoii superiority of the automobile ever He s| match as conrl ao- t>i« . v^r iir.^ troasur^i- nf i\._ ....... n." v . ,r. J .._ \._ i- ...i..,l .' . .. blinded Dart Shoollng Upscls Home a tech- CAMDEN. N. J. <UP)-A wife charge of reckless driving, won a divorce recommendation Illinois resident was later when she testified that her hus- cd - fcaud went out at ntglit lo shoot pionshir C ou »^», 11,1,1. ,,„„. » .,, ^..i, S]lc tesll n C (i thal tlie dartS| in 1837) .sns to the National Rivers and Harbors Congress to convene In Washington,. D, c. j.-.iien 11-15 at the Mayflower HUel. . Mr. Butler, who was appointed on Ihc Arkansas Flood Control Commission by Governor Bailey last year, nttendcd the Congress In Washington last year. Dcwcy Short, of Missouri Is president of the organization and \V. J. Driver Is chairman of Iho Board of Directors. To Hold Final Rites For Albert Johnson Albert H, Johnson died suddenly Monday night at his Marie home. The remain.? will be sent to Hope, Ark., Wednesday afternoon for burial, The 65-ycar-okl fanner is survived by his wife, Mrs. Dorothy Johnson; three sons, Jerome John- son of Marie, Orady Johnson of Stcele nnd Jeff Johnson of Hope, Ark., and one daughter, Mrs. B. Campbell of Shrevtport, La. Sale Of Ticket Asked To "Ride the Rails" ST. ALBANS, Vt. (UP)-An unidentified traveler startled a Central Vermont Railway ticket cleric by asking if he could buy n ticket' lo "ride the rails" to Montpjlier. He said he hnd rlrtdsn m:re than 5,000 miles "blind baggage'' on railroads without paying a cent, but now wanted to pay the full rate for the privilege. TJie clerk refined and the traveler walked away, announcing lie would do It for nothing. Pekka Nicmi. who won 50- kilometer world skiing cliam- t Cliamonix. France, WEATHER Arkansas— Fair, not quite so cold 1 When he a truck. waitress. of inc- imc». Memphis and vlchity—Pjir and temperature tonight, 24 to 23,

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