The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1952
Page 5
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*OTfDAT, 'ATOTTST 11, 19SJ BLYTHKV1LLE (ARK.l COTTRTER NEW* PAGE FIVE . 4ofvance Pee& af Items Here's an advance peek at samples ot the bargains that will be ot- ferctl til rnrllrlpatln? slnres here Wednesday nn the wcrkly Rlythe- ville Value Day. For the young males i n the /amily, n clnthine istnre here i Picture No. 1) will have 'regular $4 !)8 Elnn slut-, „„ sale fnr ?2.<W. At nnolher clothing sine (Picture No. 2', the older males in the fnmily n. ill fnrt imliorally-mh rrtiserl sliirts thai rbfiiilnrly sell fur SU.tlii piir.'ri at S3.50 for Wfrir.osday nlily. An all-fiunily barpnin will be the 32->i:ccE dinner set 'Picture No. 3i reenlarly tnir-cd fit $7.115. which will !>:• llVO-pncecl at $4.03 SVcdniMdiiy. Something i, v the women: 51 Kiiuce, is tlr.nuT nylons rl'ic'ru'r- Nn, .Ji to be offertri Wednesday tor only in cents. (Courier .Neva I'holus) Ridgway Says War Threat Still Big; West Is We; SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, Allied Powers in Europe (£•) — Gen. Matthew B. Rlcigway said Monday the threat of war is still as big .as ever, and there are serious weaknesses In the West's buildup to meet this threat. The supreme commander of Allied forces in Europe told conference there WHS doubt whether the Western Allies could reach thetr 1952 goal of oo divisions — 25 active and 25 in reserve HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Little People Will B e \YouCan \To Live Longer Expect inonln and similar respiratory mal-| More than a Ihird of Ihe — and 4.000 planes. Ridgway also said he favored two year's military service — something European nations are to discuss In Paris Tuesday amid indications they will not adopt it. Logl-tllcx Shmr Befirieney "The most serious deficiency to Very Busy in Dingle Bay 3™uy In Nights' Tale of Love artirs, but Incrrnsrs for riirnrders like c.miTV and olhor i malignant tumars. Water Tank Blazes popu- Ontario and Quebec are Canard's lenrlini; fur-producing proV" CENTRAUA, 111. f/p, -- Til. — A hralih • ch.Tiir rs w r-i e atiijns! it, but MQ. nation's rloatli l.ranshorn'.s hia railroad wntrr tank caucht fire amrd n (Irivinc lain. cent i news date." Ridgway said, is the SHAPE!. j buildup in (he logistics field, By REI.MAN JIOK1N (For Hal Ilnyta) NEW YORK I* — You may lire, be Michael Sachs Dies of Stroke Comedian Played Seven Years Blind NEW YORK m — Michael (Mike) Sachs, who continued as a burlesque comedian for seven and a half years after colng totally blind, rii^d of a stroke early tortay. His wife, who had been his stace partner for 19 years, said he was 'so very happy" last night, at the thought that they were poinK to play the season's openlne Aucr. 23 at the old Howard, Boston burlesque house. Sachs died in Boulevard Hospital near his Lone Island City home. Re was 62. He lost the sight of his right eye at the nee of 5 when a blank cartridge exploded while he was at play. He lost the staht of the other eye In 1945. His wife, the former Alice Kennedy, said the veteran of a half century on the stase "never made a false step" while playing his comic burlesque roles in his years of blindness. He knew the stages well, and Enp Eave him cues. They were married in June 1951. the little people are busy. I these nichts, in the glens of Dingle The problem of builrling ware-i Ray. County Kerry houses, troop installations and air They will be snooping i.p moon- fields Is broad and complex, he | beams from off ihe lakes of Killarney to put in the boy's eyes , said, and "i haven't, had time to go into the almost innumerable de- anri tails of that program." On the question of British -nd i J'hc'v French hints they may not be nble i tne " rearmament src-als i make °' him blind with O '™ Hv ™- the will set the night wind fr to reach their rearmament s-c-als i ]''*> K ™ "° ;V h ' sperln * "^o™ because of economic difficulties or " ac " rec : «*ich ™ e; )" s "doling of my heart, and to Breda it failure to receive .sufficient (J. s. aid, he sain" that is "above this headquarters and at a. Rovernment- al level." Question Can Be Adjuster! He added, however, he felt the question "can and will be adjuster! without damage to the SHAPE pro- pram." "There I.? no reliable evidence known to me," he said, that the threat of agere.-sion acainst the West had diminished. In preparins the defense against such a threat. he said, there were "serious inadequacies." but all the SHAPE organization Ls trying Its best to meet, these, deficiencies. 1 will sound like the voice of Prank Hayostak. The little people know how to rio these things. An Irish elf make even an onion turn lo gold, as every child knows. And when ?. -ho-.vs you his face. name Rnci address — Johnstown, Pa.—on a piece of yapcr. put it „,, ,, L .,, S „, bottle, and threw the bottle ! jmnrnvrirmnp in in overside from an army deep in the Nnrtli WASHINGTON study shrnv*, thn rale drnpnrd nr^rlv 45 prr rturlnc the first half of this ecu- : Liclimine set the fire atrip the t'jry while life cxpcctnnry tnrreas- j elovntrd wnndrn strurtuip. Volun"'• j I" 1 " 1 firemen put out the blaze. "All nirrs have shnrfd in Hi r \ Mi." snirl n hook Atlanlic. j tnss $ninn He never saw the little lady, as ' search on she stood on his shoulder, ami i Tll <~ "n whispered In his ear, (cllinjr him ! J- 1 " 10 P^''. q do this. If he hnd, he would transport. . publisher! ycsicrday by the Brook- InMitutlon. o private re- have seen that she wore a glass slipper on one foot, and the other foot was bare. She gave her slipper to Mickev Mulloy, years ago. on the giant's causeway, near Dimluce. as everybody knows. Mickey Mulloy was a fiddler. He was cominsf home that night from playing for a dance. And his heart was like the stones In the causeway, heavy and sharp, and ;1h rale nf n.2 per wa- compared with H6 per in IDfif). A decline was noted In diseases like pneu-' Several Sight Aerial Lights TOKYO Wi — A dentist in Brppu Kvushu reported last, night he two brlsht throucrh the circular objects sky frnm northea Navy Lends 12 To Aid in Iowa Fight on Polio SIOUX CITY, Ta. I!P\ — Southwest Iowa counted a number, of poliomeylitis Monday. Ihe U. S. Navy provider 1 . 12 hospital corpsmen to ease the nurse shortace on the polio wards at two hospitals here. Nurses on the polio wards at St. Joseph's and St. Vincent's Hospitals have seen almost constant duty since the polio epidemic- outbreak here last 'month. Four more pnlio deaths were r<-- tiorted in Iowa over the weekend, brincinn lo -!2 the number so fan chase him around the fairy rini;, it Is for his purposes, not yours. for seven years. Ihe tittle pen- pie have been scheming anri con- trivincr to bring this American boy across the sen to Dingle Bay, and Breda O'Sullivan. They will know what to do, now he Is there. It l.s a surprising thing that all leprechaun ( hurting him sore, because ot that yovi 1 girl named Sheila O'Melveny. He the reporters who went to Tratee for the meeting of Breda O'Sullivan and Frank Hayostak have not •mentioned the "daoine shie." Who ' else, do they think, arranged this thing? | They have only fold how It jslarted. and what happened then- \Vnilcj How Frank Hayoslak, who was record ; a soldier coming home from the cases i wars in 1945, was seized with a sudden . sat down there to rest anri think. Then he heard a voice sayinjr, "Will ye play for us. Mickey? We will be dancing if yon would." "That 1 win," said Mickey Mulloy, "If yon will tell me how to win my true love, Sheila O'Mel- veny." In the morning, when he wakened. Mickey Mulloy found a tiny glass slipper in his hand. And he remembered that he dreamed a impulse. He wrote little lady told him to give it to the dark-haired sheila to make her see him Iruly. He did that, and sbe was soon his bride, as everybody knows. Now, you say it was the culf stream that carried the bottle, slowly, slowly across 1,000 miles of grey ocean, and laid it cently his I on the beach in Dngle Bay, at the feet of Breda O'Snlllvan. f But there are as many bays on i ihe South Coasl of Ireland as there arc pebbles on (ho Khore. And the currents there run north to the Orkneys, to the Ktraurse. dark people of Ihe islands, the people with seconri-sit;ht. No. it would be lite little folk who guided Frank's bottle to Dincle Hay, and brought Brerta there lo find it. Beinff an Irish srirl, she recognized their hands in thi.i. Any Wrenn would have done the fiame. So sbo took out the piece of paper, and wrote a letter to Frank Hayo- stak. Esq., Johnston, P.. U. S. A., as the reporters havo said. He has gone over to see her now. seven years after the little lady whispered In his ear. They have ridden in a carriage, from Tralee to Dingle Bay, holding hands, and talking, shyly. Anri the little people will be weaving inacic webs and making music in the tjlr-n. , 1V sail I rhi5 " nr - ;t. to In Southwest Iowa 104 polio Ecmth'.vest and from east, (o west cases have been rrportrvj. surpass- The dentist said the objects mov- in2 tnp r ecord epidemic in 1948. cd much faster ihan but thai he felt they shootinc stars. 1 other persons seeing aerial lieht=. A nrw gold strike, assayins STOO a ton. has s-;vroc;;eted the little Cai:fnrnia mining r.iv.n of Sutler Cre-k out of its recent S17-a- to-i dnlririims. Th- s'nko was madn the :i.-avby hi-tnrie Central Eur- AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION THEATRE Manila, Ark. MONDAY & TCKSUAY "DISTANT DRUMS" Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your I'nniniimity C'cnlcr" MANILA, ARK. Milliners Sal. & Sun. I'linne oS LAST TIMKS TOMTK GIRL IN WHITE' Juno Allison Gary .Merrill AH? CONHITIONKD HY RKFKKJERATION • flBC«»9«««DO*0»*«*a*i ' LAST TI.Mi;S TOMTK JCHI11 LAST TIMES TONITE \vilh TIT.SDAY 'GUILTY BYSTANDER' All Slnr Oist Back~To-Schoo! lation nr Uruguay lives in Monlo- C O M p 11TI JHtIT MITAL ITRUCTUKAl Hill . GA» UNO IUCTJIC WHDINO • OIH REPAID} • IUCKSMITH. INO « HASOWARl • MACHiNt PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153. Expert Spray Painting . . . Metal Roofs , , , Get o Job That Will Lost.' Experienced! Reosonable! Call or Write For Free Estimates Phone 215W 7/ie 7/re of f/io Century! NOV/ EASIER TO OWN THAN EVER! For a limited lime — during this gnusua!—you enjoy Ihe BIGGEST savings in ycats on ihe one lire in fhe world with RoyalJex TreacJ, EverlasJin Renewable Sufotyt Don 'Imisj your cftontc-COAlE /W FODAVI TrKS,-\\ !: 2 I'nr I'lirc ..r^^;^m, ^nf3*?m .^•jL':i»£i~^^tv;\ pSx price! "ALONG THE GREAT DIVIDE' Kirk l)ou.«las Virginia .Mavo \VKn.-THi:RS'. 'WITH A SONG IN MY HEART' Susan Hayward Rory Calhonn TI:KSDAY, M-G. 12 All Tickets'I Sc "MY FRIEND FLICKA" I'rrslnn Knslcr Roddy .McDowell Tn Technicolor WBn.-THl'RS. THE LION HORSE Sieve & Wildfire, (he Wonder Horse. I'irc petiorm- mplclely new introduced in 1952 — EASY CREDIT Tfc'RMS*

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