The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1930
Page 4
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THE BLYTHEVILLE COUK1KK NEWS THI COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHEBS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H.' W, HAINEJJ, Advertising Manager Sole Nations! Aft'ertlsing Representatives: Tne Btclrt'lth Special Agency, Inc. New York, Chicago. St. Uwl^, Detroit, Kansas City, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Ban Francisco, Los Angeles. Published tfwy Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter nl the post office at islytheviUe, Arkansas, under act or October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press. SUBSC1UP1ION RATKS By carrier In the clly of Blyihcvllle, 15c l»r , week or $6.50 per year in advance. By mall within a radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per year, $1,60 for six months, 85c for three months; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, 16.50 per year, In zones seven nnd eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Ethical Codes The ethical codes of Ihc so-calturt learned professions serve ;i valuable' purpose in protecting legitimate practitioners and (lie general public iVoin charlatans, quacks and sliyslurs. But they have their ridiculous aspects and their ineotisisleiieies, which sometimes have the effect of defeating the ends they are intended to achieve. Take, for example, the ban upon advertising ;whicli applies In physicians and lawyers. The and competent lawyer, the"skillful physician, if he adheres to the ethics of his profession, is barred by- rulo from soliciting pntron- ajje in an open and above board manner and by his own conscience sense of personal dignity from adopting such subterfuges, na often serve the ends of his less honorable but superficially equally ethical colleagues. lie must sit in his office and look wise until by some miraculous means the HEWS'that he is a man of ability gets spread abroad nnrl by gradual stages his reputation becomes established. The chief beneficiaries of this conspiracy of silence ore the very tjiucks and shysters at whom codes of ethics • arc aimed. Obedient to no codes, they , thrive by exploitation of Ihe means that are denied honest practitioners and obtain numerous victims who would bu denied them were honorable professional men permitted to l statc their wises. There is a need for ethical standards • '"i^DLJinc of businosK ibut they should be based on the .ordinary canons of decency and morality; There is no need for artificial regulation^ that in extreme cases are nolhing short of conspiracies in restraint of trade. Lindy Still Is A Magnd The name of Lindbergh lias loM none of its glamour as far as school children are Concerned. The other diiy Liudy wont., froii'i his f California mountain cnmj), ' where lie had been flying his glider, to a small town to visit the weather station. A school child, hilc for .school, s;iw him So in and hurried to tell his classmates about it. » Within ]5 minutes every, child in .school wii« clusteruil nljout the dotii 1 of tlie wealher sUUiun. They infused to leave, nnd the twichor finally Jiad lo t;o in nnd get Lindy to come out and talk to the youngsters before she could got thein back to the sehoolhouse There aren't more llian llirce or four morials in America \vlio could do Hint to a schonlroum full of kids. Undy's hold (in the iinajjination of the yniniK- stcrs evidently is quile us strong as it < ever was. >• The Value, oj Publicity Tlici-c is nothing so dendly to corni|>- lion and mUmanajjomunt in govcni- mentiil :il'fiiir.s as publicity. Chii-ngo's lii);iiR'i«l DICKS dalr.s b;ick lo ;favorilisni -and incompclence that prevailed in liur tax a^essiiK'nU. Fur many yuars the assessments were kept sGcivl; and so, though (buy w, : rc ama/.- i)if,')y »m'f|iiitl and uiijusl, nu one knew it, and those who wore being fleeced never protested. A couple of years ago, however, Hie State Tax Commi:vion ordered UK- assessment published. And then the trouble came. Chicago citi/cns rose in wrath, and while the present period of bankruptcy is mighty unplea.smil it will end in a much faiivr, more efficient assessment and Chicago will be much better off. » Shady political exploits are always pulled off in (he dark. If the liglil of. publicity is kept shining all the time graft and incompetence can't get very far. SIDE OUNCES By George Clark Bcncs of a prehistoric sloth-have been discovered. WcnihT If i; looks anything like n congressman. DJ not net ranch hi Philadelphia. A new United Stales tmnstnl was appointed the other day. His name Is Fetters. The landlord hns raised the rent on Ex- Prcsitait CuolldM io 537.50 n inonlh. He pra- bntily heard Unit ho was wiling lor (he magazines. Connie Mack was awarded the- Uok prize- for having rinnc (he mcst for Philadelphia. But how about Al Caponc? nidn't liu put the police department on the map? . Senator Rob;ion of Kentucky 5ilys (he sugar lariff inirslUm is uf iiilm-sl lo people in -l«o or'three hemispheres." \Vc ha\em h.nrany rc- lioils from liic Jciirth one yc!, however. wns the earliest currency In voguo In America. If Hu-se fcreiiin prize fillers keep taking our money, we may gel back to It yet some dav. Hut any cltects which t'hey may acccmpliili are quit?.temporary tack of VlUmhu r.:»jr Ciiue D*c»r The exact causes 'of..tooth decay ire not known. There'Is evidence tlmt the lack of certain vitamins :n the diet tends to eneouage diseases of the gums and tooth''de- cay.. There is evidence that In- sulllclent amounts of calcium In the food may be associated with tcotli decay In the young Unquestionably, diseases' affecting the mouth, with the presence Kf bacteria, encourage decay in :hc adult. Hence, It is advisable (o have the mouth clean for this reason. There exists an equally Important reason for the regular use of cleaning preparations In the mouth. The person with a dirty mouth and with a bad breath Is a Toclal misfit. "1 >vanl some cowboy stories; my doctor told me I need outdoor interests." ,li WASHINGTON 'LETTER A Chicngo jtul./c told'a ijrnnrt jury liiat every cuiumui Is lll:ely lo shcot a cltizon. Oh. Judtjc. Isn't It possible sonic of those Mluws arc just taking home Iho guns for their kiddies lo play Lady Astor I'.ns offevc;! n museum the liisiuric tire^s she wore when she first became n member ol the House of Commons. Thai opens an IntiTcstins fii'lil. How about the hal Senator Ilellin (Irsl tail:cd llnoiiuli 1 ; OUT OUR WAY By Williams ,-AK! BLiKiO BiROS TAlU"? " -—•" f _«»«»>»«•__ OUT FOR A GOOD LICKtN «V RODNEY DUTUIKIl MiA Sen-lie Wrilir WASHINGTON-To the extent that the results of the London nav- id llmilatlon conference me unsatisfactory lo the Big Navy lac- tion In tlie United Slate-;, the cuulry Is sure lo hear irom Sen- olor Freddie Halo of Maine. Senator Hale is 'probably •'Hie must cntlmsiastlc alhlclc in Hie Senate si.'tl also Is chairman ct tile Naval Allah's Committee. li.ilu is (i 100 per cent regular Republican, docile ami .silci;;, on every day of the. year except ihosc when lie is given to believe Uiat someone has designs on hi 3 navy. Tims wlien Piesident Coolidge wanted (he power to hold up carrying out the 15-cruiscr program Mr. .Hull! came dashing out irom his obscurity to lead the successful fight, to thwart, the president, now he knows he U iiTliac- _ President Hoover by Ins squawks at the cui.i-jc of OUL- ilL-.'igatiitn ui London, but that li.isii'i dissuaded him from ilcnum-laliuH and it won't. ' • A Lover of ilit Se a One hears 1'Yeclilie Hals has a line old model ol a clipper-ship on his mantel piece nnd that ills favorite form ol menial exercise !s to sit and contemplate it. Everyone says that he passionately loves the sea. In fact, he Is often fondly tailed "Kcwbuat JIulc," nllbogui'i that may be only because former (Senator Jim Hccrt of Missouri during the littt cruiser bill debute described him as "a row-boat setting up as Ihe flagship nl ihc navy." Hale is a good-looking liltlc man. with bristly close-cropped hair ana mustache. He has splendid biceps and is fast on hlr, Icc-t. He loves vi box and also bou-h t:ficii tvith Senator Coii7ens m some alleys on K street, generally defeating the Michigan state:-:r.i'.r.. He and Cou- eeus were the first two in Washington to get the r.r.v model ForJs when they came oul. ihough someone slole Halc's. Oihcr favorllc Hale sports are duck-hunting ami fishing. He Is n 5)1.1 rk fit Ij.-.-t.'gc antl Indulges with others pf the best players hero, including Alice Longwovlh. He is also siiid tn h.iv i-;:laycd pake:- in the old Harding cabinet CIIIUES. As 1-li.iii-iiinn of Ihe iV.u'al .'IfT.-ifrj- Cuiniiilid'c he is invited to most olliclnl functions and generally toes, but lie Is a bachelor arid lives with Ills mother in a bljf old mansion on liitli street. Mrs. Eugene Hale, the mother, was once Hie social arbiter of Washington and Is distinguished as the woman who had a father, husband and son in the Senate. For Eugene Hale, Freddie's father, was a senator from Maine and he married the (laugiilcr of Zaclwrian Chantiier, lamo'uS senator from Michigan. I'crhaps Ihe outstanding ihiu» about Senator Freddie Hale is ttiu fact that he was worlli 550,000 to Ills father and mother when lie was bom. Old Znchariah Chandler promised his daughter and son-in-law .thai lie would 'pay (hem $50,000 lor every child of (lie union and thus ' Fred Hale helped his parents pile up $150,000. Hulc, like his mother, hntes publicity. He is wL'll educated and l many friends 'u'ho are nltvays willing to rush to his defense,' but his shyness causes him olien to become brusque and so 'he is some- limes accused ol being arrogant. He is 0:10 of the members of tlte Alibi Club, "organized many years ago r.s an offshoot of the Mctru- ixihum Club, where men might go and remain nndisturt:<l by anyone in tlie outside world. Manj great personages have been taken there for privacy. King Albert of Belgium was a guest once and af- Irr Speaker 'Nicholas Lomjworlh and C'h.irles Llndbergli/had disappeared here one day 1 it was foiiu.i that they had gone lo the Alibi Club for lunch. He Wiis Slow Once Some of the Big Navy folks complained that Freddie Hnle was a litllc slow in getting to work on the 10-cmiscr bill and had let the pacilisls get in all their best licks against it before their own 'side got started, but if so the delay was not traceable lo Halc's lack o; good intentions. When Ihc William B. Shearer invesligation was thrown into his lap latu last year Hale writhed and squirmed in the hope of averting it. although he eventually had to assign il lo a subcommittee under Shortritlgc of California. OHIO 1 .-; STATEHOOD On Feb. 19, 1803, Ohio was admitted to the Union. In the War of 1812 the new ,(a!e was twice menaced by the combined forces of the British and Indians, but In both cases defeat- Hi the invnfters. The first victory was ffnhsed by I'erry in a memorable battle on Lake Erie and the second by General William Henry Garrison ca the River Thames 1n Canada. Ill the Civil War Ohio gave the Jnion a large number of'officers among them being Grant, sher- iinn. McDowell, Rosecrans and iarficd. . . Recognized, throughout its' history as a fruitful soil:for 'political icUvlties, Ohio gave the, nation -oven presidents: rj. S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A.! Garfield. Benjamin Harrison Wil- Ham McKlnley, William H. Taft and Warren G. Harding. ^WEDNESDAY, FEBRjURYjyi French Aerial Weddings Are Declared Illegal PARIS (UP;-Marriages In the air nave been declared Illegal by the French government wliich points out that the law Is definite In Iliat respect and that the only lejfal marriages are civil ceremonies which must be • performed by the mayor In the townhall. Despite that the famous airport of Paris, Lu Bourget, has become a point of honeymoon pilgrlmmage. The restaurant, at the airport which overlooks the flying field where 40 commercial airplanes land or take off during the day, has been bcolced every noon for months by bridal parties. CHINESE HAVE S1ASY GODS I'EIPING, (UP)—The Chinese have more gods than any other n-t- tlon in the world, according lo Newton Hayes, F.R.G.s. They have more than 30,000 gods, one for practically every species of anim-i! and object in the world, .such as gcds of mountains, cows, snake-; nnd-insects, according to Hayes, as well as for many abstract Ideas like wealth, mercy and disease Strangely enough, however, Hayes says, they have no central, nil powerful deity as nearly every olher nation has and they are not so reverent toward their gods. MEN'S STLYES REMAIN" BERLIN (UP)-Women's styles undergo drastic changes with amazing rapidity, as their husbands' pqcketbooks can testify,- but men's fashions have remained much the same throughout the centuries, despite attempts to make them more comfortable or more beautiful. According to Praulein Helene Dih!e here who -is an authority on the subject, physicians have been trying to make men ! reform their styles for. centuries, but the males stubbornly cling to their tight collars and • belts .and heavy 'suits. .'.Read Courier News Want Ads. Announcements The Courier News has been a thorlzed to announce the follow): candidacies, subject to the Dem cratlc primary. For County Judge ''GEORGE W, BARHAM, election). For Sheriff' .W. W. SHAVEK (Re-election;. For County Treasurer W. W. HOLLIPETER. For Circuit Court Clerk T. W. POTTER. BILLY OA1NES. For County Court Clerk MRS. JOHN LONG CUc-cleclloi For County Assessor J. 3. DlI.LAHUNtY. JIM FOWLER (He-election). For Justice' of the Pence Cliickasaulu Tuviiishin JOHN WALTON. For City Attorney IVY W. CRAWFORD (Re-ele lion). For City Clerk n. L. MCKNIGHT. GEOKCiE CROSS. S. C. CRAIG (Re-election). MISS MARY RONEY. For Alderman, 1st Ward J. LOUIS CHERRY. I-. G. THOMPSON (Pets Plumber). For Alderman, 2nd Ward HAY WORTH1NGTON. For Alderman, 3rd Ward ERNEST R, JACKSON. Each day (here are enough da. papers published in the Tnil Slates to cover an area equal two and four-tenth times the ar of New York's Central Park. Cleaning the Teeth Is All Any Toothpaste Can Do liy 1)11. .MOliHIS riSIIBKIN Jiditur .lotmul of Ihp American Mnlii-nl Association aurt nf Hj- Keia. the HcallH Magazine. | One ct Ihe. most di-b.itablc mies-1 tioii!: in medicine and dcnlislry' tcdiiy fuuccniK the exact value ot • icutlipasles. month washci.. loatli- powtirrs and similar mixtures fur i the health of the mouth and Ihe; Icelh. ; Many physicians ;.nd dentiMs arc com-lnced that tlis most any ! Icelh cknn a:id |w!i f ;u-d, nnd that tocth;:ast;- can d : > '. o keep tile tlieivforc any j^ni .-<:.ipy prcp.i.-a- llon tl-.iit tastes MCI; scrv es the: purpose. Hcwevi-r. ;;ie preparations UitU are av,r,;.,b'.e arc com- <. BETTER STIC STANDA DARD GASOLINE troth decay. It .ha- been argued that sugar helps to cause decay! cf the Iceth and that food panicles boltt'ccn the tcelh Increase denial caiics. 7he disadvantage at.'"ciiilcd ivitli food pKrticles and Miuar is that these provide mediums on which bacterin grow nnri lhai bacterial products nrc injur- ioiu t3 the teeth. Seme toothpastes arc sold with t!v siwc'al claim that they kill '.he ecrms. in the mpnlh on con- '.iic;. but most physicians realize. that lile first mouthful of fo:d or' !l:.' first breath of air will bring CT(7\M,L\_i=vi^^ 1 i-'l — | C'MJOl' *L» SC^vJCt. i\* ] plex in thi'ir f 'in-Mibs and extraordinary in tlicir cl.iiir'f. That "Arid Jlmitlr Knsinnw Some toothiu.-Us a;v widely advertised fcecaiM i-[ iiicir alkaline cGiitent. since it ::. •.;••. cd that al- kllinc tends to ran:;..'i.ict the tendency cr the iii-v,,;-;, ( 0 become ncid. It has n i. hoivcvcr. been proved that then- i- any fcricns tendency in this dir.-ctlon, that nn opiiovLie pecially va'.uabU-. Anolhcr )>n.pj wlh tl-.c areu:-.,,-;-. o normal t.i:. v :icr cncv is es- It rtupii- .. 3 ^ ;hat the presence of normal £ ai lv a prevents ing nr-.v germs into the mouth. Koine toothpaste.* contain nbra- i' .substances which scratch riKiii'.rl and this Is bad since any- il'.:uR tliat makes a scratch or an ab;a;.;e!i may prcuuce a spot In wli'cli genus may enter marc easily. Another toothpaste Is sold with the claim that it contains a sub- :!aiv.c which digests away foodj l.'.irtic^cs and mucus, and another! is sold with the claim that It con- \ "••I'.? enough of certain antiscp- i|c to f.errlizc the gums and keep' tncm sterile. Tlte important thing fo: :he averngc iierson to rcincin-> w.- is the fac; thai most o! these! picrarations are kept in the nwulhi not longer than > few seconds and ] "Standard" Gasoline, as well as all other "Standard" Motor Produrts, is made with the utmost care and sold to you through "Standard" Dealers only after it has undergone road and laboratory tests of the most exhaustive and painstaking nature.. Great modern refineries and many.ycars of experience,, supplemented by such tests as shown in the above picture, insure your getting always dependable fuel which will deliver you maximum power, quicker pick-up, and a minimum of carbon content. The picture above illustrates what is known as an "Orsat" test to check the completeness of combustion of "Standard" .Gasoline in the cylinders. The motors from many types and makes of automobiles ate used in various tests to provethcability of "Standard" Irn/iromf Gasoline and "Standard" Motor Oils to do their jobs right in any motor before they arc even ofFcrcd to the public. STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA Road Maps And Information Free Before starting that trif>, assure yourself of rfic iwst roiiJc by tailing the '.'Standard" Touring Service, 2134 St. Charles Aivniie, Nciu Orleans, Lei., far Hnifis on J latest road in/brmation. 1 STANDARD 109 WE SELL "STANDARD" PRODUCTS 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION COKNER WALNUT AND FIFTH SREETS

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