The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1930
Page 2
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Interest ' . Activities and News • Of Women . * >,-.' "•. '.'•' i ' \\ ^ there's 1 going to x oi'two Interesting' benefit card parties on, Thursday and Friday,nights «nd »i\ op- ed meeting of, the music deptrt- ment of this Wdman's club Friday' afternoon, pot lo me'nt'on Satur- daj''s,'.bridge parly, which arc at- trtftjnj BlythcyUie. aoclcly. I , Tjbe ladies of the church of Im- ni?tu)a'tc Conception Till charge: - 23 cents for their card parly Triurs- j day• night.,at. the social nail and the .Woman's flub affair is to be the fcllowlng night.,'. Ihe three operas to be heard in Memphis soon .»J1 be reviewed at a meeting of the music depatl- nicnt to nilIch the public is cordially invited. • There are a number Iran here planning 10 hear "Nor- uia." "Lucia de.-"Laiiuiicrinoor" J or "Lohengrin" nnd this opportunity to'lipai the synopsis Is welcomed, Thursday The"American Legion Auxiliary Is havirji a benefit .bridge and. rook pur})' st the clubhouse. Mrs. Ross D. Hughes is the' .Thursday Luncheon club. The' Mid-Week" club Is meeting with- MIS. A. B.'. Falrfleld. . . Mfj. Stephen H. Brooks Is entertaining the Two TaSTa . the Armorel f] T.-'^; is havluj a Special progra'nrat, 1:30 o'clock. The ladles ot trie church of th-j • Immaculate Conception are having a benefit 'card party for rook, rum>my, bridg; and pitch at the social hall at B o'clock. : .'" .;' •; ;: PritUy . . ;... The Music department" of the' Woman's club is. meeting, at Ihe clubhouse. The Fidelia Sunday school class of the First Baptist church will have a banquet at' 7 o'clock for the members' husbands and (or members of the Bible class taught by Ivy Crawford. . ' •^here will ba a'JjcnifU card part:.- at'lhe vyopian's dub at 7:3p.o'clcick of • rook, bridge, 'rummy arid pitch for boili men aud women, ; '•' SaturiUjr Mrs/O.'W. Volhner ie having a bridge' part-y 'at the clubhouse- far htt Bister, Mrs. W. J. Wunderltch or:Plckcns, Miss. •• - - L -"-- ! ..*' r ' ^^ " ->' ' • ' - W/iUcm-Srmpird '' ";A marriage license was 'i issued this afternoon from . the local .office oi-the county corut clerk to MrsT Eslelfe"" 'Marih'all" SheppaM,' fojrnc'ili''.of. .h^re.'and'nsw yt Sites- ton, Mo., and Mr. Ou'y Wattoni "of this city. •• »' • • • Clrcte Have Heelings. Circles.ftf '\,t ffi-tt Methodist church woman's missionary • society, met Monday.'.afternoon lor their monthly meetings. At •. circle • 1. which met with Mrs. B. F. Brog-' don, there were'13 members present, Mrs.' W. .A. fitickmon used the 15th.chapter of John In conducting trie devotional concluded with a prayer by Mrs.-^. P. Uo=. Mrs. J. D. Barksdalc was' elected secretary .and' treasurer to replace Mrs. M. OjfGoadwin' who was tnms- fened,.tOj»,' Tlw.Jiost- ess served 'individual. clierly pics, pickles,''cake.and .vhlp^tiT"creamy Mrs. W. W. 1 HoUlnQlcr' eiitcrtalh- ed the. tai^inembsrsAvlio attended circla.3.'.. : -Ac> 8:25-40 was us=d-for the devotional, which was led by Mrs. P ? - - '' Aid Won't Meet , . ' TJie Jeivlih Lfdl« Ald'sodoly. will not jiicct thlt week as un- nomiccd, Hcme." These rj'.aiu befan with tlie entrance to t|ic hoaio and- epdcJ In the kitchen.- Mtii Helen Joe Klpp of Hie HledJiiont, M»., ofljcc, «av5 n tall: on "Courtesy to Customers.' Ml.-j Klpi> It a ncv nicmbjr ot th: wcmen's commute*. "B^clal pnd Kccnomlc Elfccis 'o; Electricity" was discussed Ijy Clara Ruble of 1113 Blyihcvlllc general- -oftlcc - nftur llave MjMlon iStudy, The Rev. W. J. LeHoy.-yjftir of the Lake Street Molhodist clicruli, was in charge of the lc.6son • B.VCII lor the members ot tlie missionary society on the thtme "The Chtirun and the World Parish." The Rongs "Cnrry Dip Cross Wll|i a Smile" nucl > "Jesus J Love Thee" preceded the' discussion on "Reconstruction of' the Foreign Countries" tn whlrii Baptists siuay UIB namt Ijmj. -•'-••_•• j~"-j-. *wj«efiy-oi ncrc the pastor explained the obihclc-i Members ot the First Baptist 1, hi f li *' D Ulc clly ttforc ,the churches. church woman's missionary joelety i; *«.- "'.I? 1 *!?** ***"• Mrs. LeRoy conducted the <!e-. vollonal taken from the secon.-l' P.-alni and sentence prayers wen offered. , Tlicre were n members present. n round table discussion was Dinner wns served when visitors \f.\\A new members were Introduced. Study {lie KOMC Mostly Personal Over the Bridge Tablt Men of Blyllieville will their debut this week to far as ten. eflt parties are concerned. Hereto fare they've had to tpiaS Mi»ii dinner hour liitenlnz to thw wives' tecital o{ who c'an't play an-j I who can but they arp s6!nj to hav? . , , |i chaiwc to speak after Thursdpv Miss Adah Dunavant, acco:ivmn-i and Friday nights. At the partc« l\ 1.11 \A\F*n*. \f i _. • " •' " - - •• - — - »"- - - led ..l>y. UUics Uule. Suaub Octavli Pruelt, ol P»ragould siwnt Monday in Memphis H. U. Highflll has returned from Memphis where'Jw tpent the weekend. - . ..,-,Fred ; W. Schate, church woman's missionary (met Monday afternoon at the, i church for « program meeting on Ihc theme "The Home Land. Our Hcrllnsc" with Mrs. T. A. Ruevcs s leader. at the catholic hall and Woman's club 'oil kinds of ca'r'ds arc to hi ilaycd. Olio good-locking young married man. was heard discussing what he would wear—which means the ladies may not be so Ihrjllcd over having the men go loo If there must be anything neu H,.Wlndt,.formerly oV-Blylhc- ylllo nnd now ot -Port Wayne Ind (3 attending to biuliuw here and Celling,MrY,and. Mr*-A. B. Kiir- llas Jlrldfo r«rty. Sixteen guests \verc cntei letiici 1 . by Mrs. Frert Fnwlcr Tuesday "veiling nt her home on Walnut slrcrt for n bridge party. .In the four E'aincs played. Miss Neal I/.irkclt received bath salts for' the hliili score prize and the cut prize. cards, wcnl to MUs. Lillian Boyd. -• The pinte lunch Vas Jellb sntacl. sandwiches, potato chips, olives ami coffee. . . ». .» .t . . Bawytr-Allcn,- : '- ,.'•• Ml=s Mildred ( Alleh and-Mr. BO'J Sawyer, both of Cnhithersvllle. Mo., iverc • married by-.Jin.IIc: Oscar Alexander today In" this city. * •' * - While-Moral!. The mnrrlngc of Miss Stella Mn- ran and Mr. Louis White, tolh of here, look place Tuesday, with Justice Oscpr Alexander performlu; the ceremony. Lrldc Conj;llmented Mrs. Dixie Crawford, who was before her recent marriage MJs-i Elizabeth Hanley of Stcele, was ;thc -licnorcc nt n bridge party given 1 by Mrs.'John W. 8i\yder' Tuesday nfternion nt her home on West Ash street. High score prize, a [wrfurne tray, went to Mrs. W. J. Pollard and the bride's remembrance was a iarxrtdcli tray. V An appetizing salad course rc- frcjticd- Ihe three tnbles'of guests which Included afrs. A.'.a..Rhodes nnd Mrs." "Henry , Workman of Sfcele, Mrs.' Walter Card nnd Miss Waymulh.Card/at. Wilton.. .. ... "^C.thic . party, Mrs. .Crawford <x re n chiffon frock ot- -morning blue made fitted with circular trimming ol the same material. Mlar»(arlha Mann and Mr. Robert Scltoon',-both of.this*city, were iwmlcd yesterday by "Justice R: U-' McKhtght. . ' ,."'. Mnnch-M»ddux.\ The marriage, of Miss 'Martha .faddux, of ParagonlC. .'njid Mr. itrl L. Munch, ot Fremont, Ohb. ook place at the home of the Rev. '. <t. Rode, pastor of the First Methodist, church, who performed '.tie ceremony Inst evening. They will live . here where Mr. rfuiich Is In business as manager o! .he'new'indoor golf school. Mrs. W. M. Pylcs U ill nt her Carolyn"Hall, who has" been I for several days, Is" now imi>rov- «.' .' .'"-•'.' T. T. Belote has been confined cc 6 " ly « condition lo improved. Circle 3 met'"with Mrs. A." Ml Butt with -.13,'mernbers. present. •' For • IhS devoltariaV.-Mrs. .A. 'M. R. .BransM rcad:irom., and the'Lord's prayer, was .'offer«d. A salad cours; • was set-fed'.--.• '•-,-'.' ...... - •'., At the- luncheon mceilrig ."of- circle 4;:flve'neyimenibi!rs \v?re : iy- eluded.-i6'-;tr«;-«''pirts«nt. Mrs.• H' N, War^..y';f- r iad"tha.dc\'otlonil and the stu.dy.,i«;4i givei'viiy Mrs. c. 13. Redraan^.fii'thla. group 'each rricm-, ber £,tOjye«jrn $1 and to maks 'a rhyt™r-tel)fiig' : hoir ihe ; ' sunX,.w^is made bslore next meeting \viieii the verses will be read. BarilUt Wemcii'Mc*l • • There we're 11 members and five vljitors'-presentt at the irjee^lng ol the missionao' society cf (lie Second Baptist church Monday aflcr- at'-.the home of 'Mrs. Leslie Mcore. Etver.ll ;ongs were used ant prayers offered by.Mrs. Spiccr and Mis. T. L. Asher in the dcvolioni' led by-Mrs.-J.iWb.Hichard ns tnken Iromi John 1. iyirs.- As,her also niadeja short talk.'.- ; • : Tw(i members, Mrs, Clint Dunlnp and Mrs'. J^ W, •'ftlchard" \verc Vn . rolled. ••••>••-•••'• .... In :the-"'toc'ial'hour; Mr.-, Cl.vd. Ellis dnd Mrs. Sam Overtoil were in charge of the ontcrtainnient. ap prcprialC; to Ge:rgc \Vashi ns ton' birthday../.';-, Thi" licstefs"s'ch-ed" hot t^males. jelk,; whipped cream, hot chcco- latc? and cofTCf-fthd on the phtts were ! cherries -for the first president's) bltliday.""' Mr. and Mn. M«lcolm Lollcr an- louncc the birth of a son Thiifc- Su, "£,;.'?" lav/February-13. . - ;"£« & -ur" VJojInln rt'blns,, daughter of 'Mr. 1 ,.^ .iid-Mrs. Johniils Boblns, who ha« • „, :ecn under treatment it Ihe ,;,* ,' Campbell clinic in Memphis, w« |^ . ight lo hrr home near field Wednesday. Although vhat Improved .she-.Is not. y recovered and will undergo an,'- !tftlon wllliln the next slx'f ,-ccks. Mr. and Mrs. -Thomas Hoslett', cturncd Wednesday-evening from! .. . Armstrong Springs vjhere they were I ' Miss Ova Bishop was taken to tir ailed to the bedside of Mrs. Haj- Joriesboro hospital- Sunday.- ctts-father, J. A.;Hagan. Mr." tta- ^The Baptist W.' M= B.'meli Tucs- an was som sw hat; Improved ft. day, Feb. 18 at the home of Mrs. he lime of their leaving. Mr.- .and: ifr. J. Jolinion. • ' Irs. w. E. Hogan remained for a' 'O.'C. Ha'rtsoe of Plggot 'Ark r onger stay with ttr. 'Hagari. . i visiting here' ' • - •' ' ' ' Mr. nnd Mrs. Gtbrge Peary call-' . Tht^. P. M.'S. met Monday cve- cd pti Mrs. H. L'.'AdkUsori Tues- Whg'with Wija • Georgia Goldcil »' day evening. - - . ' {the'home of Mrs. : J. E.'Brcwor. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Pepper vis- V } Miss Christine -Tinnm ' of Her ted In St. Louis last week., .Th.ey s Jiersvllle visited here ; 3aturdny. notcred up Tuesday and returned' : Eslcs Francis of Flint, Mien.. -,- Cns-' Friday. Ardlth Jarbroe, Mrs. J. A. cly. sr.. and two c B. and Josephine, i Adklbion called at the McKay .iomc Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Llsh Acikisson were '.?Thc Rev.'.p. Q. Rorlc, pastor of he" First Methodist: church, per- 'qrmed the'ceremony Sunday when Miss Helen Oann .ana Mr. Hoy Johnson, both ot Jontsboro, v ere narrled.' priwttry (Asswiation Beports on^Ccmttcry. •'At the:meeting of Ihc Mapls Giove" Cemetery nssactatlon Tuesday alternoou; at ths^liomc of Mrs. Ffrank Webb, it was reported Hint the. .cemetery is "now. in 'axcBllcnl c^nditign'and very pvetty. with the trees,-trimmed -'doss . last sprlns, putting'out gr'coii llinus.- ^'Iricljtded' In thi t6 present wove two me'mbcrs who hart been nbscnt for a long time, Mrs. Helen myths and Mrs. Herman Stiles. '. -A nominating committee was tip- pclnlcd for the election ot officers next, month. '.-A letter-was read from'Mrs. .W. M.'Ctow, -fnimer president, who is nci- jll at licr home lit Heath, Ark. She will be confined lo her bcrt tor several more months. the hostess, assisted Uy her daughlers. Miss Francos n - :!)1j. Mn. Charles Short nnd Mrs. Avon PC- ttrsan, sm-'ed a S3brt crurs.;. Ark-Me U'cmcn I,arc s. Dinner Mrctins- The Women's GcmmiUc? of Ilia Arkansas-Missouri J'owcr rominny mil Tuesday nftcnioon at ihc Hole! Noble for Ihc regular bi-.mmth- ly meeting. This iucelin? u'r.s call- id to"orricr by Mrs.; nick- nnn. .chairman, and roll cnll was a-.Vswerdd by those t>r«rnt giving j a "current event. Mii'-Roiaiielf.woods and Mr E.-I Kirkpitrlck, both oI.Ashiscrt.'Tcn-' nesEcf, ootamed a marriage llcciis- at ihV V>eal-;0i8ce -uf ih» corntv- . court cleric Tuesday. • ' M»yo-lnjrlcton. . The marriage of Miss Sa-Jn E Inglcton and Mr..E. T. Msyo. botli of here, look place Monday with Justice R. L. McKniglit iicrfQvminj the ceremony. ^ T. G. Seal, chief were the gentlemen r.Mfts an- ipcakcrs of Hit afternoon. Mr. 3c baugh; gave instructions on "Safely" and Mr. Seal pave the first of a scries of lecture* on "tintcs." The'employes from thr Canith cisi-IIIs olflcc gave n \ilaylct. "\\'t\ Cashiers Oct Gray." This wns -fii! of comedy nnd everyone cnjoye, it. Mrs. R. B. Snndcr'r, ot Kcniiil gave, a plan for "LiRhiiug th Miss .Virginia Word and Mr Tav-j "'-HI lor Jacksb^i' botli ot this'city, we're ' v - iv! .' married by the Rev. 'J. 'A '[**!' pa slof'cJ'the "Church''' ot CVt' Monday. - • . fteld and Mtoer • friends Mrs, My Country Tis of Thee"; pray- c. Mrs. Perry P. Webb; talk3, Mrs. Ionian Wnlpole, Mrs. J. W. Ilbli- p. Mrs. II. E. Plankcnshlp ana MUs Cordelia Wilhitc; voice solo, America, the UeautiJul," Mrs, Paul has wai wlfhher.-mdthtf-who was ... at tlio Mrs.-Henry Humphreys Is visiting relatives In Hennlug and Kipley, Term., for a n'eek, prayer. Mr, «. F. B.omey- ^ gSSft. ?££*« ^ , .. , , scarlet fever. ", 1 Cn ^ nC ^^°') '.L^L^.^.P^woad, of uitle Roc:,. ... otttl lo old a ministerial slud?n'.. obtaining an education at Jpnes- oro College, Jonetooro.. •' '• Huffman spent Monday here. Mrs.. under- wood, who has been seriously ill. is w improved, he told friend' Dr. I. R. Johneon \t .ill a Dr. . . home on West laryngitis. Johneon \t .ill at iik Main street from ' '.•••'•• : "'' l1 ' at l)ls • street from NeW8 Notes visiting here! J. The.'. hor4a6';.|t. " Ivy, | scho61;.''Charlcs: T;'.itra'raer. by * pTul'K^Si'vS.icd sun- co r,VS d !Senr d J with her cister, Mrs. liulbcrt """ty.'^rv?. a .Bg"l- PatIcntsVdismissed .froin' fhW^i thevillc hospilnl today were: Mrs. : here for an ex- mcnf of veins and membrdrie at h the Intter's pa- the base ot the wing covcr.Ta, *i- rlrs. A. i'. Bowlds.' bratlon of this nicmliraiu 1 '' pro- Mrs. Ella - Ray was the guest Sunday of Mrs..Max Hay. Mrs. day with iVelcb.'ln H!ckn]«n. 9. Ueiison returned Wednesday cyeiiinj from 'Hot' Springs where lie has, been for "111: health. Ho E scnicwhnl Improved. _ __ The-so nnd 8 p. T. A. monthly I FlEht>'r"ca~x r Manila., .-Mrs: meeting WHS held at thc.pcliool Inst; Lcveti-.'.'Cariilhersv'l'le Tuesday afternoon. ifrs. J. T. I . '. ' Vnlker, mother of Miss Elva Walk-i .A''katydid utters l(s notes as er, pilnclpil teacher, became a' fast -as two hundred .1 mliiule Tho member. i apparatus which produces tlie mu- Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brown oi sic consists of a curious rtaveloi)- lew Madrid are here for an ex- nicnt 1 ' of veins -- • ' • ' ended visit with cut:. Mr. and Mi Mrs. Preston prey of Blytlic- -. duces the sound. vlllo spent the week-end with licr' 1 arents, Mr.' and Mis. S. Perry. Ardith Jarbroe of w and 8 spent he week-end with her cousins, llic rlngan girls.' Taylor and Harmon Adams «-erc business visitors in lilythevillc Saturday. J. W. Robhifon was a business visitor in Blythcvlllp Monday. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T. Wnlker and taniily attended church services nt Tyler, Mo.. Sunday night. Msrle Rny spent Sunday night w'.lli Louise Chmirtlcr. Mr. nntt' Mrs. Mannrl Adkis'nn were sundny gncsts of Mr. nnd Mrs. Earcliel Kcii^on. Turner Klsicl," Glllx-rt AdkK-on. Mabel and Agnes McKay molornl 'Caflilliprsvlllc Sunday ?li;;-- ncou. •Joe McNIcl of Circcn Brlai nnd Fiavls Hall were iu Caltonwcorl Sunday. We ciate THE EXCKLI.I'.NT BUSINESS C.IVEN VS !,,\ST SATURDAY AND THIS WEEK. We art hctlcr jircparcd now than we were on our opening day to care for your jirom-y' arid meat needs' w a j ch for'KOBIlNSON «nr ad Friday night. Fortune's Strawberry Ice Grejini Most of Hie week's gossip is about people whct'used to;llve' here. There Is really.scpie on ^lylhevllle society but It- can never be" printed, u dcms. A lidyj>" frlicr'fs always having a nice party, liad. pnotlicr "(if them last, TTfursday night. A- sps- cijl attraction, was t!ic colored lump in gar of varlid.'sliadcs'and shapi;/ The town's tuning with talk <.[ Hie wedding js one of our nicest bachelors Is to be married—they: say it's to b2 before 'next Thursday—but tin's is. merely gossip. The lady being discussed formerly lived here and that makes it all the better as her friends are.looking forward to her return. Another wedding won't be .'so distant even sl- though'''"lt is said" they bath deny It.'i'In fact, there's two, but one or them wilfbe a.complete surprise to many but not to the girl's most Intimate friends. But that's right-it's springtime and birds have already, teen heard singing. While thoughts of'soine turn tn love-making others arc becoming engrossed In business. Mrs. Baker is owning a kind of shop In her home, so to speak, "where she has all.' kinds of house frocks arm smacks which she made. We lell licr. she will have lo take a down'- lo«;n location n she continues being so clever with the needle. Her sister, Mrs. Berkshire, 'of Emporlo. Kansas,, is smart, too, and they make a fine combination. .Irene anil Matt Monaghan named their daughter Barbara Jane. Tlie lady weighed six pounds and five ounces. Irene and Ihe.baty won't be" home'for six more weeks as they ore going to visit' Matt's' mother after leaving the Methodist hospital. - . ...;',--. Mr. ant! Mrs. Jack.rtlll of Detroit, Mich., wha : lived-'here until ceveral rnonlhs ago,-liave a new i. iionnrt son bom -Sunday, the Ifiln. He has been .'named Robert Hov\- elt,'according, to'announcements received ot the featured singers. A large picture and aj nice writeup in a Memphis pap;r Sunday told of h'ei rapid tiie In the radio world 'anc her attainments as a vocalist, ern "•"1 be remembered here as ijje .. jclous dnnccr, 'especially when the Charleston was new and stit and 'finks Hall were In the-on- tcsta staged by Jlmmie Boyd alone with others. Bssldes entertaining wcr WMC s!ie is secretary In War. en:e Saundcrs' main office ' ; Bonccta Langston and Annie Laurie Ellis, students at the state university, *ere recently cho-jen for weeks' choices'of "Who's Who'- of the school paper. The wrfcuns were unusually complimentary in which • their • various connexion* with clubs, sorority and othti groups were listed. Each week the publication selects one student foi Its "Who's Who" column and, of course, it's quite an honor to be EU- lected from among so many. : Mr. : and Mrs. Roy A. D;an aip Miss Ruth Blythe, who are living in Monroe, La., were In an automobile accident recently In whlcn their car wns demolished. The wore:, of it vas that the ncjjro who strujn them had no money to pay. for damages so he's In Jail on charge* ranging from driving while intoxicated, to reckless driving and u'slos profane language. None of th;iu was hurt, however. Selmn ! '-LeVy'.' Alleribcrg and 'her «w daugrltt.'.' 1 Ruth Aijh.-'-arb m liiloxi,: Miss:, ii-h'iie''Milton''(s iH' Hi--' \'ana. They.?write- that':it;'s :j«Mly' aimosfc. cummer •: weither." d o w ii there. 1 -. '''•;.--. ...'-... Therf are a few from here wlo expect to:>ttend the .-American L:- gion jubilee;at the "Memphis .tuct:- toriiim March . 3," 4 and 5 when Frances Smith ; Pox,' formerly of O'ceola and Blytjh.Qville,' will be cue Tlead Courier News Want Ads. Nerves Seemed AllTo Pieces Larfy nirih't Skep Well;-Was Weak, Suffering Before She Took Cardui'','' : Ca'.ro. I11,4A year arid; B. half ttg\ when she was in a run-'do'.vn wcak-ened cfmtHtton; Mrs.'.'.rplin , A. Medlin, of 2901 Conmiereial Aye- nue, this - ciiy, took Cardui. - Here is what- she has to say" about it: "At times".I'would, have- bad headaches. ' My legs hurt a" great Heal. My,nerves-were all to.pjeces, nnd r did'not.sleep'well. I get s:o I could not 'tjeep-a night through. • "I read- about 'Cardui. I began taking this -med'cine and found it in every way suited to my need. "I kegait' 16 feel . better very shortly, but.'I continued "taking Cardui a'sT'.wantcd to feel.strong and.well. .-..'.- • -. "Bef-rc' lorig. I--was feeling 1 'Just tine. I slept" well. I had a good appetite. Scori.everybody • was -tell- Insr me rrow-- '"well-I looked.". Ms- color was.good and^I felt like d~- ing. niy-.Koric without any "great effort. ..-'.. - .--.;•; "I am glad I' look Cardui:'.. I recommend it to" others,, as'niy Critical Eyes Everywhere are Judging . yourappearanoa -. Send that SPRING COAT now— FOK DRY-CLKANING THAT '[{ILKIIESUES' FAB1UC- FOK 1'liESSIN.G THAT J!OU1,DS BACK SJ1AUTNIOUS BARNES Phone 180 ." - -'^CV-. •' '-" '• •' " Keeping Things New, health greatly -Improved'.^ after ^1 tnklfn;'!!-.".', : ': .-,. -.-,'. - ; had y Vhilo taking Cardui, a :good Eixatlvo to use Is ThedTord's !)uck-Drauglit.- 25^ . a package. tWITHSAFETf Invest your .money in our 6 per 'centj : interssi-' • bearing^, fail paid slo.cki;. InterCxSt payable (luarftriy. .Like a'bond truappe'iirance bul : different!-Ciliy'.bp converted inlo cash any time upon thiHy- 1 Say's ro-i 4 -.' - . ; " ^ '-• •--.-'•• > -:r •'•-.. tire to the association. Secured-by first-r loans, oh real ,cstate. • ' ..••'• si LJitvui.<.•;•!- /.'?H .S •'!:(,': ."«'• '. f±4-m nmA " . ' ""•:'*:.• '"""' B.v'W.-.M. 15URNS, Sec'y :inil Manager- 'r-.,- Belote Implement Company DRUG co:,.' ,,Yo"u'r Rexall Store 1 Just received ment of liciotis ice creani full of Ittci-Hls Strawberries—taj>c a >i iiiiarl home iniii{;lH. Don't forget. t(|'.'droi) in lure for y<nir saiul- . \viclius and hoi drinks. iOvci-y day (lie crowds U .' at our tciiintnii) ;iro your throat the comfort a throat-easy cigarette If takes three year:; lei prepare llic tohnccos llmt inak'c OLD t;oi.n a smoother cigarette J . . The thront- scraich begins to leave when its BKTTKR TbbACCOS arc allowed lull time lo picllow and ripen .. .(he -irrilalion goes \vhfcn (hey are completely freed from dust and impurities.., The roughness disappears when they;arc .blended lo honey •smiKitlincss.^itlmo artificial Ircalnicnt added'. .-. Three years to make your throat say "O. K." and your taste say "100%" . . . But .it's worth'it to. OLD GOLD, and to you. ..'•-. (' ''NOT 'A COUGH J'N A CARLOAD'' On \vu, KJ*O . ., OLD COLD-PAUL \VHITEMAN HOUR. F«ul Wbllemin, ivlch hji compttle orcll«(t» ,.. »iwy Tucsdiy, <) (o to r. M., Elllero SttnJud Tlrc«

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