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Fall River Daily Evening News from Fall River, Massachusetts • 6

Fall River, Massachusetts
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6 FALL RIVER EVENING NEWS SATURDAF APRIL 5 1890 MISS ALICE SANGER Dry Goods More Money Is to be made safely in Southern Investments than anywhere else HON WILLIAM KELLEY Penn THE PRIVATE SECRETARY OF PRESIDENT AND MRS HARRISON WOOD HALL Undertakers Funeral Miller Elam rushed in and asked for ei stenographer She went to his office and was there two years when Oen Harrison was nominated to the presidency She knew him but sUghtly as the other stenographer in the office did his work but the day after the nomination Mr Miller sent her to the Harrison homestead and she remained there until January when the president gave her a two months' leave She traveled abroad during that time and in addition to being one of the best stenographers at the capital she is also a cultured and noble looking girl Caroline Sifton Pepper How the Correspondence of the White House is Bandied by the Deft Fingers of a Young Woman How She Was Brought to Mr Harrison's Notice SAMUEL ALLEN 3 C3rraxiite Block We are now prepared to show a complete line of GINGHAMS from 6 to 25 eta Double Width Spring Novelties atl2ya cts Plain Bordered Cambrics Black and Colored BRILLIAKTINES from 25 cts to $1 Embalmers Directors Copyright 1890 Washington April 2 FRESH FROM PARIS Also a full line of BLACK DRESS GOODS from 25c to $175 In our Undertaking Department we have a complete assortment of Caskets and Robes OP THE MOST DESIRABLE STYLES AT REASONABLE PRICES HE calling and visiting public of the capital numbers ten thousand During a season the laaies of the cabinet receive this many and senatorial ladies who are well Heavy 24-inch BLACK SILK at $150 Heavy 24-inch BLACK RHADAMA SATIN at $150 A full line of COLORED SATINS at 33 Tams March -What a pity it is for fashion in beautiful Paris that France is republican! No more of those magnificent fetes at which were worn costumes that cost weeks of study and set the fashions of the universe after There are now no such things A little stupid dinner or a Still more stupid official reception at BLACK JERSEY WAISTS JACKETS From long experience we are enabled to give this branch of our business the most practical and careful service $3T A competent ladj assistant accompanies us when desired liked meet half this number The list of the most popular representative's wife rarely goes over three thousand and even the ordinary individual passes the SAMUEL ALLEN mh27-d9m GREAT LAND SALE AT CARDIFF ROANE COUNTY TEE On the Queen and Crescent Railroad and Tennessee River THE CARDIFF COAL AND IRON CO (Chartered by the state of Tenn) CAPITAL S5000000 HON SMALLEY Burlington Vt President- RICE Fort Payne Ala Vice President HCYOUNG CARDIFF TENN Vice President- DIRECTORS Rice Fort Payne Ala Smalley Burlington Vt Gen Joshua Chcmberlain New York City Hon Robert Pritchard Chattanooga Term Charles James of James Abbott Boston: Hon Carlos Heard Biddeford- Me Hon John Whipple Claremont Montague Prest 1st Nat'l Bank of Chattanooga Tenn Hon Tarwater Rockwood Tenn Hon Pingree Hartford Vt: Hon William Warner Kansas City Mo Young of Cordley Co Boston Mass Dr Ford Kansas City Mo WILL HOLD A MAMMOTH LAND SALE OF Its CITY LOTS at CAEDIFF APRIL 22 1S90 and Following Days EXCUSSION TKAINS Will Be Bun from New England Leaving Boston SATUEDAY April 19 1890 The Cardiff properties are not experimental The coal and iron have been profitably mined more than twenty years The location is in the midst of already developed properties The company own over 60000 acres of coal and iron mines and timber lands situated in ihe Ten-nesse Counties of Roane Cumberland and Morgan Its city of Cardiff contains over 3000 acres There is scarcely any industry which cannot find a favorable chance at Cardiff for successful establishment and profit The development is in charge of men of approved judgment and experience Excursions to Cardiff for the sale will be arranged from principal cities of the North and West Proceeds of sales to be applied to the development of the property by the erection of Iron Furnaces Coke Ovens Hotel Water works Motor Line filed rle Lights Manufacturing: Plants Public Buildings TELEPHONES AT STORE AND RESIDENCES- TELEPHONE NO 132-2 BE1VS0N Night and Sunday Calls at ourBesidences Given Prompt Attention STORE COR MAIN STREET AND fflABKET S1AEE Hosiery Gloves Underwear Veilings Handkerchiefs Muslin Ties Ribbons Kid Gloves Lace Edges Linen Edges Aprons Corsets Bustles Hoop Skirts Ruchings Babies' Hoods Baby Cloaks Dresses Cuffs Collars Cotton Cloth Pooket-Books Shopping Bags Belts Shawl Straps Cups and SaucersVases Fancy Goods Jewelry at the Variety Store At Low Prices the Next Ten Days RESIDENCES WOOD 24 Durf ee Street A HALL 204 1-2 Second Street allotted five hundred friends before the winter passes One can conceive the immense labor attending the proper care of so many callers and can understand Mrs Chief Justice Fuller's plaint when she said: "It takes my three older daughters and myself every morning in the week putting down the people who call on a Monday and answering invitations" Every year it becomes a more colossal task and some women have been obliged to hire secretaries just for that work unless they have daughters If they do have the task falls upon them and many a wealthy senator's daughter works as hard as a copyist in the departments For some time after Gen Harrison's election to the presidency Mrs Harrison tried the task of being her own secretary As the mail increased to forty and sixty letters per day she called in the president's stenographer Miss Alice Sanger to write her letters and she herself signed them Ever since her return to the White House in October she has been obliged to delegate the whole duty to Miss Sanger and only personal friends receive letters in the handwriting of the mistress of the White House When the morning mail comes to the executive mansion the letters are quickly separated by a clerk who puts all directed to Mrs Harrison on Miss Sanger's desk She runs over them quickly throwing aside those that bear the unmistakable script of the crank The others she carries to Mrs Harrison's room The two sit down at the desk Miss Sanger selects those that bear the NO 61 NORTH MAIN ST MOUNT HOPE BLOCK A Plan will be offered which will enable purchasers to secure lots at reasonable MORRILL Undertaker and Funeral Director and not speculative prices the intention being to give patrons of the sale a chance to make a profit as well as the Company Accommodations will be provided for all attending the sale For further information prospectus etc apply to VT RICK Qnlncy House Boston Mass COKDLEY CO Bankers Boston Mass Or to the Company CARDIFF Roane Co Tenn IT'S JUST THE RIGHT TIME TO PLANT SWEET rJE SEED THE AMERICAN GIRL ON THE BOIS which there are no really grand toilets to speak of lime Carnot dresses well but she does not make anything of her position as the leading lady in the nation as regards dress Nobody copies her It is sad to say it but it is your countrywomen who carry off the palm for handsome dressing They have the money and the taste but they have not the proper means of displaying their beautiful gowns here for Mme Carnot from some unexplainable reason does not welcome American ladies Perhaps they are too pretty and too bright On some of the old and noble families therefore falls the pleasant duty of receiving the pretty young American ladies I noticed day before yesterday a young American girl driving along the Champs with the dowager Duchesse d'Oporto and afterwards they descended to take a cup of chocolate in the Bois I HI i i 'mil the quicker the better for if planted too late they do not bloom as well We Coffins Caskets Eobes etc Always in Stock and at Low Prices CSf A thoroughly experienced lady accompanies us when desired All calls promptly an swered OFFICE 71 NORTH MAIN ST Near Mellen House- RESIDENCE 26 DURFEE STREET TELEPHONE CALLS Office 323-2 Residence 323-3 have a tresh arrival oi Vick's Mixed and White Sweet Peas Vick's Dwarf and Climbing Nasturtiums For sale by the ounce or pound GEO BLISS Bank Street (CORNER OF SEVENTH STREET) TELEPHONE 314 mm fiv A BRUNEAU 2 Granite Block Is still on the watch to supply the public with the BEST WATCHES AT THE LOWEST PRICES IN THE CITY Waltham Elgin Howard Hampden Rockfords Swiss Borel Courvoisier and the WONDERFUL PAILLARD NO N-MAGNETIC WATCH We have a large stock of Ladies' and Gent's in Gold and Silver and every Watch is war ranted to give perfect satisfaction and for the same quality of Watch you will find our prices the lowest You will save money by examining our stock before buying elsewhere DURKIN CO FINE MARBLE AND GRANITE MONUMENTS AND TABLETS IN THE LATEST DESIGNS thought the young lady's dress was a model of simplicity and it was worn with quite French chic The gown was of drab poult de soie with six rows of brown velvet ribbon around the bottom It was entirely un-draped and had a multiple not of brown velvet ribbon The jacket was of shaded tricot cut very plainly and trimmed only by braid and buttons With this she wore a large hat to match in color Sarah Bernhardt drove by like a flash but left a vision of a princesse toilet in gold celored plush and cinnamon bear skin The great donna however does not seek so much for dazzling effects now as she did before she became Joan of Arc She looks acts and dresses her part off as well as on and seems to live in the sweet delusion all the time and every one who knows her says she has gained much in all amiable qualities Bernhardt wore a lovely toilet the other day at the a gray argentee Irish poplin cut princesse It had a border all around of black fur above which was a deep embroidery in silver Do not be humbugged by paying $5 for having your watch demagnetized BRTJNEATJ will do it for his customers free from charge while waiting and guarantee it to be thoroughly done At A BRUKEAU'S 2 Granite Block Fine Flowering a Specialty esigns furnished and ail kinds of CEMETERY WORK done in the best manner and satisfaction guaranteed CURBING AND POSTS CUT TO ORDER DIAMONDS! DIAMONDS We desire to call your attention to an exceptionally large and fine lino of these genuine beauties We make a specialty of Diamonds and all kinds of Precious Stones Our stock of Ladies' and Gent's Gold and Silver Watches Pins and Ear-Rings Finger Rings is Complete liST" Would be pleased to have you call and examine the goods g3 Kc 81 Pleasant Street my8 ALICE SANGER writing of any of Mrs Harrison's intimate friends opens them with her silver paper knife thtows away the envelope and passes the letter to Mrs Harrison If it is anything she wishes to answer herself she places it to one side Otherwise she returns the letter to Miss Sanger who takes stenographic note3 of the desired reply always on the letter so that there can be no mixing of answers Then the grand bulk of the begging are taken up The secretary reads them at a glance and tells the gist to Mrs Harrison For instance a woman in Wisconsin or Alabama or Texas writes for a dollar to buy a rheumatism plaster and in leading up to the request inadvertently relates her whole history and the laborious process by which she contracted the disease Miss Sanger says: "Mrs of wants ona dollar to buy a cure' for he rheumatism" According to the reply she puts "yes" or at the head of the letter and in a few days Mrs of is delighted with a letter on White House paper bearing the words: "Mrs Harrison begs me to state that she is very sorry for your affliction but there are so many calls on her charity TEBBETTS'S Cloak Store 99 Westminster Street 1BUTLKR EXCHANGE! PROVIDENCE i JACKETS! JACKETS JACKETS The finest assortment ever shown in Providence They fit beautifully and are so cheap" This is what the ladies say of our immense assortment of Ladies' and Misses' Jackets and it is a positive fact Black Stockinette Jackets S3 50 56 87 58 $10 Fine Black Whipcord Jackets $5 56 $7 5750 58 5850 to 515 Fine Diagonal Jacket? 57 5750 58 5850 59 to Fine Cheviot Diagonals '58 5850 59 $10 to $25 Fine Cneviot Cloth Jackets 57 5750 58 59 to 815 The whole store is filled with new and beautiful Spring Cloaks Ladies' Wraps Keefers Jackets Connemaras 55 to 810 Misses' Jackets Children's Cloaks and I HICKS No 25 South Main Strc OVEL OSBORN SOLE AGENTS FOR Has the Largest Aggregate of Coal Kf Iron City and tft Agricultural values held by any single Cor- porationin the South 5 Over 3UO000000 Tons ot Iron and Steel Ore Three Iron Mines cow in profit- am able operation VQV Coal beyond compu- ration Timber in Afm Jolns's Lioi Asbs Pan is mm and large supply BP A city bite strategic mm as is no other A seconu mmmm Town Site superb ater Power Un- mmtm limited Water for beverage Supply Uusurpassed MLV Over 260000 acres mgf of Arable Land admirably situ- atedin the Finest and ll Healthiest Region 111 Found Climate declared to be mm marvellous for health Scenery Pictures- que and Alluring Days Xever Tropically HI Hot Nights always 'delightfully Cool Mineral etc" Kesources big with waiting Wealth Umt Every condition for Rapid vy and also for the Gain of all who settle there or who 1 invest in For thirteen years we have handled the above faints and have no hesitation in ree ommendine them for use in either inside: or outside work Tbey have been ucknowled to be THE BEST MIXED PAINT in Ike MARKET Call and get Sample Cards and prices before you do your Spring Painting THIS COMPANY'S CAPITAL STOCK $3000000 Shares only 850 each receivable on down payment for lots or lands at a premium of 33 Subscribe now and secure a little of the Last Half Million Dollars offered at par Value rapidly increasing since the East Tennessee Land Company's Wonderful sale of nearly 600 Lots for nearly $600000 at the Key City HAREIMAN Tenn Full particulars furnished on application A signature that is probably known today better than any other woman's in the United States Usually three-quarters of an hour is taken up in going through the mail Miss Sanger then gathers up all the letters goes back to the office and takes the odd half hours be SIGN OF THE GREAT WHITE BEmR OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS: CLINTON" FISK JOHN HOPEWELL Jr A WAGNALLS A A HOPKINS President 1st Vice President Treasurer Secretary James Hohbs FERn Schumacher Wm Silverwooh Walter Harmman Leeson Goodall Breed Frederick Gates Philip Mason FINE CARRIAGES COVEL OSBORN Troy Building 54 Equitable Building Boston Mass New England Office 1 Pleasant Street Fall River THE AMERICAN GIRL AT THE THEATRE Our bonnets this season alas! are go ing to resemble cockle shells as to form and they are not at all chic nor becoming but perhaps we will get used to them after awhile Only the exquisite beauty of the flowers and ribbons on them could reconcile us Isn't it droll that when bonnets and hats were large parasols became veritable soldier tents and now that bonnets are growing smaller parasols are becoming smaller also and the new spring sunshades are not much larger than dinner plates and all in the brightest of colors though some are covered with lace I noticed at the opera last night that nearly three-fourths of the ladies and gentlemen too of the old families wore bouquets of violets so that the very hall was filled with their perfume It is significant bu may lead to nothing Marquise d'A tween the president's or Secretary Hal-ford's calls upon her to write the answers It is said that Miss Sanger knows more about the president's affairs than any one except Private Secretary Halford and for a matter of ten days before the opening of congress she was the only one besides Mr Halford who knew the president's message She is a jewel of secrecy this young woman and both the president and Mrs Harrison trust her with every confidence She is a down east girl and was born in Connecticut twenty -four years ago Her parents moved to Indianapolis when she was a child and it was there she had her schooling At 15 she graduated from the high school and expected to go to college the following year Her father who was traffic manager of an Indiana railroad met with reverses lost his health and the young daughter was forced to study typewriting and stenography She wrote in various offices and was taking court reports one day when Mr Miller of the law firm of Harrison GEO BROWUELL Offers for sale at liis Carriage Manufcatory and Repository Cor Acushnet Avenue and Cannon Street Bedford Mass A tine assortment of Carriages namely: Lau-daus Coaches Coupe "Victorias Coupe Rocka-ways Extension and Standing Top Family Carryalls Phaetons Goddard Box Top Buggies Open Road and Business "Wagons Also a very large assortment of sseuord-Hand Carriages o't all descriptions which will be sold iow apl'89-dlr GfIKS ft JURKKK Supr -jm" ma mm mm mm mmm mm mm NEW SPRING STOCK OF CLOTHING Latest of Patterns and Cut for the Season of 1890 We are now constantly receiving from our manufactory onr new styles of choice goods for Men Young Men Youths and Boys comprising STYLISH SUITS and SPRING OVERCOATS In all the latest shades NOBBY PANTALOONS in the latest patterns Remember these garments are made especially for our own retail traJe Pauts and Vests to match Orld Pants from 75 cts to $7" Bovs' Short Pants fiom 25 cts np RUBBER GOODS in variety Our prices are as low as the lowest for Infants and Children Cantoris cores Colic Constipation Cnnp CtmA Tlnn-tirn CARPETS FJlla Worms gives sleep and promote di "CirtorU is so well adapted to children that I recommend It as superior to any prescript! on known to me" A Abchir HI 80k Oxford St Brooklyn A prize of $500 was offered for the best design for a soldiers' monument in Iowa It has been awarded to a woman Mrs Harriet A Ketchum gestion injurious medication WUDOUI Thz Centaur Cow ant 77 Hurray Street WM ASHLEY CO 20 South Main St 51 Second St Borden Block FLINT BARKER'S Correspondence Cards and Envelopes at the News Office Shelf iafer plain or scalloped at the Kews Office.

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