The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1940
Page 5
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iMOK'DAY, JANUARY 29, 19-10 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION line for consecu- For Sale Grocery store, rooming house and i service station at Osccola across! from Alngnolln Filling Sliitlnn.j Phono 321) nt Osccoln. 25-j)k-ll - --, ----- ,. t r line lor consecu- •-• . ... | insertions: I Dry Cypress wood. Sl.OO per Rick.j One lime per line .............. IOC At Walker find Harris Sawmill.! .,'wo times per line per day ____ 08c • Ensl Main St. 13-pM-13i rhree times per line per day... OOcL ,,„ , I Blx times per line per day ..... 05c, sl1 " milkl! [lll<1 Ml1 Dr I'liHiips' , llonth rale per line ............ GOc! Annlba Liniment. Mrs. O. 13. i farrts of Thanks ......... 50c & 75c i Phillips, 216 No. Franklin. 9-p!:-2-0| Minhniun charge DtJc I ,•> , , , „ , i Ads ordered for three or six 1 Rej ' stc |' wl ! olilllti China pijjs. 3 You Won't Mind the HOLD EVERYTHING times and stopped before cxplra-. lion will be chnrgcd for the nnm-, ""• ' lltd and G . lnonl!lji " l ' ) - •'• '• Pliikslon, Hoi- All CtariJtaJ Advertising copy Vinmltted by persons residing out-i /ide of the city must 'an uccom- Vanled by ehsh. Rates may be cas-j ily computed from above table. ' Mo. For Rent. Sec Those Models Ami Our uy wmpLiu.-u iiuin jiuuve IHUK!. log ]>.,: r b Cti-if-t Advertising ordered for irregular 3 anil 'I room unfurnished apart- ' ' '-"•"" insertion.* takes the one time rate.! infills. Newly dccorak'cl. I'rlvate '37 C'hrv. Sport Sedan No responsibility will be taken bath. Upstairs. Close in. Phone T2'l. tor more than one incorrect, liiser- an-ck-tf ' 31 i '' 01 ' 11 " C(l " Tiiilm '37 1'ord "K;° lion of any classified ad. Notice Bargains In USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE S5 Farm Loans _,3 room furnished apartment find i biith. Modern and clean. Corner „,, ,,,,,....„... „ , 'Main and 2nd. F. Simon, phone J8 ch " lolcl <<""•'' ~ ;764 - 25-ck-ll SI'IvCIAl, UAKGAtNS i Unfurnished apartment, 1 rooius TOHAV • with bath.. 50!) w. cliickasawlni.^, •,<,,<,..,, ,., Phone 128. 12-ck-tt i ; 5SSir^l™^!n~iiri™u homcj' 3 ' 1 ! '' OT " ' r "" or with heat and private bath. 1037;.;jo [.•„,.,( Tllrtw $SQ I W. Walnut street, plione 884. , i 6-ck-lt '32 Toril Tmlor $52.5(1 '36 Itilrrnalioiinl rick-l)|i ...S151 Large or Small Al Low Interest Kales. i^T^TTTT~7 ROOMS, funiislied or One bedroom. PM llcani. 3])k2-3 Nice bedroom convenient to bath Found Unties bell of (.won [«|, r |e Vin . mi Iliursdiiy monitnn , m M.,!,, yi «l Cloir noli.), owner m,,,,,. ),?,« licll l>y |inylii|. eost of nil, M \ C'omln Ni-ws Ohlw. Key to Willy:, Qveilnn.i nuioino Wlc. Otinw , miy |,, nv sn|iw , )y l':>.vlns cost of (his 1U | cuinl News orilre. liusincss Directory mnlor vrhMe, Uril Hie .rjcWcnt (distance or 331 miles bv a Muoi come und 1 come under the slntc motoi vfhlcli! net und that It was nut iiivesMiry to make n truffle accident report on II, li, .he Anny .-,1cons The covered tlio amount of will's siirfncc ever taken at slnclo exposure. I'lovnllon ot 211,1100 feet nrul n FULLER BRUSHES '30 Tortl Tuclnr "iS Jinirk Cnaoli 105(1 nl .Vu(,, sidrl.s u, v A. Cnl. met -.., [,,,,„! r nci'ldcnt invcstijiitors hud n imu,i,. m (o ,!,,[„,. vv)lcl| w|| _ ii;i n. is. ••O :!( . I .,I S , IIB .. WK it)}, /ool-limii BiisoliiK'-dilven niito- iiioMIe nl 11,,. ,,,,,| nl „ , (m „ lost control ,-l it ,,,,,| u ] }C . M { ( ^ foi 1,1s ion. in W ;itl3 Ulnrii Him Hie toy mi- wn* mil n '33 Ford 1'ick-Up of farm land, at low cost, and ut a low Interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut. St. Blythcville, Ark Stearn^ heat, phone 280, 2icklt J This is the time of tirties to For Sale or Trario ' buy " Iate model used pord iUl OaiC 01. liaaC V-8 — tremendous choice of unmatched values —, priced way down for quicit sale. Cows, Hops, I ^ Qn y ore rare bargains — trade allowance don't pinch your 3-ck-ti i P urse - We'll make you a deal you can't refuse. Conic in SJ'OI) VOUH (.MSOUNM SAVE In -1o I'd- (J N f.'ASOUN Valuable Coupons •'!<• In -1o I'd- ON f.'ASOUNK Oil, SKKf.; 11'lKlrsnu 1 ft (trial) •lll.ADi: WITH JO\NER OIL CO. i ..... li'iil ttralcr TANK {.'Alt TO I'WW CAK i;i, "I (lon'l cmr it' tlic maid is slii<lyin,r hrjtiily •slK's t;o[ to leave- my Irojilne.s iiloii,':!'' Will trade fn I'lnyd Siiiiiison fS VOUK Assurance or Safe Pnfc motoring is the aim of cv- fry driver. 'n,cn. why not as- siuc yourself of tins snfely as fur us your niilomoMlc- is con- ccrnrd, Drive In and let our mechanics put your car In shape for any driving. The cost is voascnmlilc mid the work b 'iwr- EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED Personal Welding EXPERT EI.ECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING j Arouse Shigfrlsh Liver, work off 1 the bile lo rl'l yourself of consli- j ration, gas ™ms, and that, sour, | punk feeling. Take one Uo.x of KIWKY'S ACTIVK I.IVEK PII.LS 25c nt u\, Kirljy Stores Laud For Sale MISSOURI LAND—80 acres <mt over nn HiElivay G2, SI per acre n:« over period (if six Drag line and licavy vrelrting a specialty. ,,vcr nn 11 BarksdaleMfg.Co.j^"" 11 T,,— ,„ „ .... j Conway & Houchins • | Blyllicvlllc, ,lrk. i 12-ck-tf l-hone IS or Kcs. 1019 Poultry Highest prices paid lor all kind.s ol eorltrv. Fisi'.er and Worlhv ^ , Steelc Mo 19 nk •> rt '• tx P crt S»n repairing. See _. _._. : : _!__ Damon at the Blythevillc Arm- , Bahv f li° If ° r " V °" We(incs(la >' s and Thursdays. • Custom Hali:hin<jr Marilyn Hatchery Rlythcvillc Hiwy. Gl Norili ! Wanted to bn.v"~Ooveniiiient " flol 12-pk-2-12 ton I.oaiit Blytheville Giu Co. N'IIH Lm'iUti! nl 111) Nwlli Nrrund ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU IION GUH'AKtlb. .,f u,.i»iil( TyiiL-iiTltcrs. Adding AlnctiiKr* i—JtrjxilrJnjt— J'jrii REH RYDliK REDffl'DER — In l)n liul \Vi,i| let's talk it over. jrjWl '5VOl.V=S> HOSSE AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER R-VOOI AFTel?-" ' '• . ACCUSED W>~\ OF OF THE "THIEVES WHO tea^ "V J3>i /fi* > Welding EXPER NOW HOW'Ml GOWWA THIS WATER IS -L GIT UP OM'THIS ., SO'S I WOhi'T HAVE •• BOTTOM OF v= OUR SHIP ELECTRIC & ACETYI.ENf Wanted To Charles Long, ionncrly welder for Blytheville Machine Shop FIMD HIM AT THE BOT DRAGLINE and IIICAVY \Vt:(.i(- OUli SPKCIALTV INDIAN HEROINE GARAGE Dell, Ark. HORIZONTAL 1 Daughter o£ the Indian chief Powhalan. BOOT S AND TIER HU 1)1)1 KS Salesmen Wai Hod KDGARfliAim"N 3 salesmen \vanlcd. Must have car Write Post Office llox .171. 33-ck-W VM &SWWOV TO VOO TOR VOR ?^fo ,V'O S.W.t TO COUVO SOU o£ Captain John Smith. H To pierce with a knife. 15 Red cosmetic. 16 II lustration. 17 Snare. IS Three. 20 To touch. 40 Diocesan 21 Encountered. center. 22 Sandy. ^IHight. -John Rolfo. 23 To reform. was received at court in ; 27 Machines lor dye in j. 29 Brief. 31 Tennis point. 33 Greek letter. 39 Fortress. 2 Lengthwise. 41 Chinese sedge. 4G God of love. 47 Men's reading " rooms. •18 Antelope. 49 Freedom from care. 50 Aroma. 52 Hurried. 54 Monkey. 55 Spanish. 58 You. Only 2 Moi-u |);iy s ], e r( („ fiiiy i<)f(l Stale License. called an Indian - • . 60 To arise 24Pallern block, 42 Indefinite 26 Measure of article. VERTICAI, area. 43 Church title. 1 Postscript. 27 Form of "be." 45 Sprinkles with 2 Fish-eating We Will liny Your License Wilh Any Recontlitinjied Car or i'ick-lip IJsted fjcfnw. WASH TUIiliS 28 While. 30 Onto. 31 Astir. 32 Definite article. 34 To ebb. 35 Large inn. 36 Ireland. 37 Period of iirne. 38 And. mammal. 3 Wagon. 4 Camel's hair cloth. 5 Either. 6 Musical character. V Rotation. 8 Money changing. 9 Southeast. flour. 50 Ancient. f.l Strife. 53 Sphere of action. 54 Bustle. 55 Slender prickle. 56 Tonic spasm. 57 Small horse. 50 She was HY HOY CRANK Wto Vr.AFPO.MTEi) THW I '\ .I.ET WW COVE WITH WE OUT . NEWT uwrtrcs^vio. »!t) i conM 1EIL V5C M3','j 1JU6H THIS OIL CROWD *S-HJWTWtV' MURDERED THAT ^ 6UL061ST AMD Fnr.1 V-S Deluxe Tnilor. ntro IVE (SOT AS MUCH IUTEBEST !W KHOWIM6 IF WEBB on. IH -niAcr vjsa AS HER THUMBS 6WE ME A PA1W. IMS Hudson liroiiglmi. Ikalcr. low iiiilc;ii:r. A l! Sllcrial fnr •>. (lays only .' .......... QUICK'. WAKE THE REST Or THE MORE.AWlX\60- IW6 TO FOLLOW If):!: ('h(-vro)rt (•„„; ovrrhuliled . ?, I Chevrolet Cftnrh. SIM \ JS.1S riirvrc.'cl Sp. Sedan. lor m-r.rh.iulc-d 3-IJW Kon! f'rcctal FRIiCKLKS AND fn's He \oncfiiilatil HY MKKRUJ. IU.OSSKH DullRC TMrk-ljp Trilfk Int. Vrck-itp Triitk. I'.liy OKAY, LARD--- LeAN WAY OUT'.' SHOr H4.S TO RE PROM TME cosKfc-cr AMGie ItTS GO, JUMP.'' V ''"TME _ DONT SPOIL THE SCEME FRETeND I- UST METCOR.' 0|».'ii .Viglils A- Sundays

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