The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1930
Page 8
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K1GHT HFflSTFIfilT Memphis Fighter Gets Judges' .Decision; Graham, Tuck 'III, Draw. ^::rr.^~^_^_-. ;=:==ro ..^^^ COURIER-NMVS BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer BLOWING his Opponent, Buddy MCDo 11 n Id of Paiagould. n M |i o un d advan- t n i;e. To m m y r\5w!kr>s, vpl Memphis l the judges' d e cislon after i whirlwind cluh 1 . rou.'id bout tit .Osceoln last night. Tho two judges voted In favor of Fowlkcs while Chester Dancho\ve:-, referee, called the boul. a fast draw .with a slkht shade. If any, In fa .vor of McDonald, an opinion cd by Ihc wrilcr. Uegardlcss of how ihe honor.; were divided the boul was ix real - flght from start lo finish wllu . Fowlkes. the boxer, pilling all his 'ring cunning against McDonald, a lough, strong boy with n damaging wallop. Tlie Puragould fighter appears to be n comer If he Is properly handled. Both fighters started slluglnn gloves 'from the opening bell wltn FoivUtes, Apparently aroused by (he strength and socking ability ol tho •: heavier McDonald, punched harder than In any previous engagement here. Severn! times the Memphis lightweight appeared ready to slug it out with 'the Paragould boy but usually changed his ladles when his most punishing blows failed to hurt McDonald. Fowlkcs clearly outboxcd'McDonald but took 'a terrific body drubbing in Ihc clinches. .'The bout, was rough and furious all the way through with both ooys resorting to methods that kept Referee Danehower on the lun. Wildcat Takes Lessons .-.- Somebody laught wildcat Graham. 95-pound Farngonld youjig- ' sler hoiv lo protect his chin, since his last fight against Tuek III, nnd ' the youngster' fought his way to a dr^w wilh Tuck In four rounds. The decision was rendered by two Judg- UE CHAMPIONSHIP f BUT HE HOPES MTU ' CHAMPION SftMMV MAMDPLL HAS INTO A WEUERUJEISHT-—Gefr^ AL ofcOAffK won'r co THE CHAMPA BiroFCcoo. es; and the referee. Graham, u-ho wns stopped by .Tuck-in with a Icehnlcal k n ockout last week after one of the greatest exhibitions of ring courage ever ,; witnessed at Osccola, again showed that he had plenty of spirit, e- Ing 'on the aggressive from the start.. • . . : Tuck had the beat of the fighting but Graham's tggrcssive leading entitled him to a draw. • A R<*1 Shlefest Cuban Kid and Sambo Sam. two youthful ne^ocs. put on a three round fray that was bristling with action. These youngsters threw cnu- ' tkm and skill aside to stand too to.toe, and slug Incessantly for the • full three rounds. They received n bis ovation when Referee Danehower declared the bout a draw. . Another pair of negroes, a Ions skinny, flat-faced boy and a short, dumpy brownsktn, gave the crowd plenty of laughs In another three rounder. Skinny started out like a house'afire but soon bogcn to back pedal and stayed on the bicycle the rest of the bout wllh Kid Brown slinging a looping overhand right that found Skinny's head with uncanny accuracy. Kid Brown won n popular verdict. Kid Young, midget son of Osceola's police chief, took his opponent from Marked Tree to the •cleaners In a three round fray. While Young's margin was not as great last night as the previous Monday night, he was easily front at the finish. in Where Are You, Girls? Women's Interest In the sport; pages Is likely to perk up shortly The reason Is Stepping Slelia Walsh, the 19-year-old Cleveland girl to whom no day is quite complete that doesn't see a new worW record in some sort of a sprint. We are going to hear a great de?.l ol this startling miss belxeen now and ttie 1832 Olympic games i She clipped two full seconds olf the wnrhl record even If she did turn around. Wonder whnt. Stella would do If she could keep her mind on the race? Alien I the {Dolomites In Ihc scurry for names (o hang upon the Camera, the bsys have evolved the monicker, "the Dinosaur of the Dolomlles." It's a very high-sounding handle, ir you ask us .iiifiybc even n little bit too lofty lor the cauliflower non-intclllgent- sla to handle. We asked the man who writes n occasional scientific article about these "Dolomites." He told us he though it referred to a sen area oil the coast of Africa where there were no winds. Another source was touglil and we were Informed that the "Dolomlles" were Ihose crystals they found hanging In eaves. The telephone operator said she though* the word means "the blues." As a last resort we conferred with N'oah's bevy of words. Mr. Webster tncw what ihe Dolomites were all right. They arc mountains In the Tyrol. Mr. Camera and a couple of other glaciers were raised there.' Well, well! In the Chancery Court for Ihe Chlckasawba District. Mississippi County Arkansas. . SUMMONS gymnasium of the new Osceola high school building here, where tip tournament will be held. Improvls- Pllt IVA.J, i J • "^'"6 *J'*V uy HI graduated rows and arranged with tiers of comfortable seats broiHi' from the school auditorium, to'adc- qustely accommodate what Ii-a) fans believe will be one of the Inr". est tournament' audiences ever assembled In trie county. Charles Craig of the University • D_....> j p' r' 1 ' . OI Arkansas will referee the games IX Hoys and 01X bids j j™* Places Imve been drawn as fol- Teams in High School Tourney at Osccola. ME TILT OSCEOLA, Ark.. Feb. .. . . girls and six boys tennis arc regls- lered for entry in the Mississippi County basketball tournament evening. n.-SIx Wilson girls will play Osceoln ' girls and Shawnee boys will 'play Wilson boys -Friday morning' .Friday afternoon Blytheville boy's "will Friday. These teams represent the'morning ilgh schools of Dlythevillc. Oscc- I n ola, Wilson, Luxora, Slmwnce and IXMichville, and 'if Judged by their respective records this season, arc perhaps ns evenly matched teams us could be found In any high school loop. Preparations arc being made for the comfortable seating of seven hundred or more on-lookers in the Board of Improvement of Paying ^—T T" District No. 2 of the Clly of In ""f Chnncery Court for the _ . . . ui»j ui r»Mn\rifsin.U.i r~tl.t.i.i _* »,»_ BlylhevlIIc,' 'Arkansas. and Board of Improvement of 1'av- injt District No. 3 of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. Plalnml vs. Robert Black, and various other defendants, and various lots, blocks or pnrcelt of lami In (he City of Blytheville. Arkansas. Defendants. THE STATE OP ARKANSAS to 1 the Sheriff of Mississippi County: You are commanded to summons the following named defendants, towlt: H. xtoore, P. T. Elder, A. R. Smith, S. M. McOoughcy.' . Brewer. Tom Jones. Lee Wilson & Co.. Ola Wllliford, Will Tuckir. Jane Ilolloman. Rufus Aiu.tin. Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church, Ira Via, Mectry Holmes, , Chus. A. Word. W. B. Thompson, R. Applewhite. T. A. Reagan. Clyde Robinson. C. H. Hawkins Estate F. B. Hill Est,. E. P. Wright. Edith Johnson, Cora Henderson, Invln Walker, Hulda Small. R. o. Taylor, Beatrice Mason, Frank Nfartin, Wm. Brown, n. L. Mortis. Est., Nancy Montgomery, C. F. Brown, Cross Grocery Co., Pauline Jasper', Mollie Lane Est., John Whitsetl. Sam Roe Est., n. Scnrs, Mrs. E. E. Shcppard, to nnsiver in fifteen days Siete. 'ThriUtrS omc: '"«' "™ ""'tee of this clerk has been studying ihe Twen-! l , po " 'he c-inplalnt file g e wen-"'«> tjeth Century's form, and ne.v i 5 1 ,™ 1 . " l ! hD chall "ry Court of world records In all events for lh« j „ 'Si 11 ! 1 Com W' ArtniiMs. tor ladle/ Is her aim. If vou could sc- 'J 10 Chlckasawba District, wherein her stamp along the track, yo-i! E ? ard of Improvement of Paving might mistake her for Genre? ' Dlstrlct No - 2 "'"I Beard of Im- Slmpson," "the "fastest human" h *. | P">vcmonl of Paving District No. running form Is that closely pit- 3l , ot Dlythevillc, Arkansas are terned to a man's ! Pl«t»tiffs. and the above-named After.Stella put her new 50-vard I persons Bro defendants, nnd worn record on the books at the Mill- i l!lDm lnat U P°" tllrir failure to rose games In New York—« flat— I ansffer Eald complaint same will they were all set to take her a lev I ^ iat;en tor confessed nnd you days later at Philadelphia's Mca- dowbrook games.- The little Polish flyer upset the works again. * • • Like Lot's Wife In the field at Philadelphia were Dallas Creamer, Canadian girl champion, and Olive Kreiiger of Chattanooga, the star of the south At the finish of Stella's wiil make due return of this summons on the first day of said court Is in session after twenty days after the day of service. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 3rd day of February, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk. Net being able to locate the above awba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas SUMMONS Bfard of Improvement of Sewer .Improvement District No. One ot Blytheville, Arkansas, Plain- IIIT vs. W. J. Short, and various other defendants, and various lots, blocks or parcels rf land In the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, Defendants. THE STATE OF ARKANSAS. To the Sheriff of Mississippi county: You are commanded to summons tho following named defendants, lowit: . W. J. Short, C. O. Sims. Frank Mnrkcn, K. J. Boyd. R. H. Jackson. W. N. Smith. Charles Needham. Sam Rowe Est., J. I,. Williams, Mrs. S. L. Driver. S. L. Driver J. R. Erwiu Est., H. E. Bransford, Ewart, Beatrice Mason. Walker. A. P. Johnson. W. B. Thompson. A. R. Smith, A L C-nvln. Herbert Willts. C. . H. Hawkins Est., W. I. O'Donnelly. J. F. Wood Est., Cross Grocery Co., C. M. Leird. W. B. Hill Est., Edith Johnson, Geo. P. Klee D B. Nally, J. W. Holly. C. A. Wcod, Mrs. W. J. Soiithwortb, E. P. Wright, and Mrs. C. W. Hogan. to answer In fifteen days after (he service of this summons upon them a complaint filed agntnsl Ihem in the Chancery Court ol Mississippi Counly Arkansas, for the Chickasawba District, wherein Doard of Improvement of Sewer Improvement District No. One of Blytheville, Arkansas, Is plaintiff, and the absvc named persons are defendants, and warn them lhat upon thefr failure to ancwer said complain will be taken for confessed; and you will make due return of this summons on the first day that court Is In session after twenty days after the day of service. Witness my hand and the seal of said, court this 25th day of January, 1930. W. W. HOLUPETER Clerk. I will compete In scml-fln- Prlday afternoon, nnd championship games will be plavcd Friday evening.. WARNING ORDER : Chancery Court. Chlckasnwbn District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. H. T. Briridenburg, Plafntlff vs. No: 4101 Ellen Brandenburg, Defendant.. ' The defendant, Ellen Brandenburg Is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the capti"n hereof nnrl answer the complaint of the plaintiff, H.' T. Brandenburg. Dated Feb. 17, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, clerk. Dy Elizabeth Blythe. D. O. ewe Taylor, Atty ad Lltcm. ' ' Feb. 18-25. Mar. «-U HOME THEATRE Monday and Tuesday Silent Pictnire Janet Gaynor, Mary Duncan, Charles Morton, Barry Norton, Nancy Drexel and Fan-ell Jlac- DonnUL The Circus Drama of 1,000 Thrills—w i t h good comedy and Review. Matinee andNiglit 'I0c-25c. Creamer broke Into tears. '(It wasn't so bad that she beat us," s»ld Miss Creamer. "Bui rijd you see her turn around half way down the track to see where we were!" , Stella fell prey to the same curiosity »), a t undid Lot's girl friend. »'* «eord named defendants within Missis- Not being able to locate the I 220 0»»a3 |lPPl .County, I have served (he \ above defendants within Miiisslp-l Home Theater Wednesday Only 4 ACTS OF WLS SHOWBOAT same by posting copy of summons! Pi County, I have served the same Collegians Meet Independent Stars in Outstanding Game Feb. 22. QUINTET of "PiKhting Vols" from the University of Tennessee will encounter Arkansas' premier Independent basketball team, the Earle' Cafdinjls. In the Dinner attraction of the season In th!:; section of the slate, at the Shawnee school gym on Highway Ul, near Joiner, Saturday night, Feb 22 Just how the Earle baskeu-ers will rare against one of the leading learns in the Southern collegiate conference is a matter of conjec- Inre bill Earle fans predict Iheir nCBreKallon uf stars will prove too much for "Hack and Mack," the Vols 1 stellar grid and cage combination of Gene McEver and Buddy Hackman, and their mates. Other members of the famous Vol grid squad will also appear In the game Including Hug find Brandt, stellar wlngmen of the football team, and Bobby-Dodd, quarterback sensation of the past season. It. is very likely, however, that some lesser light among the Vo!s will steal honors from the better known players. The Tennessee cagers will fl n d themselves pitted against 'some of the greatest players produced in the south In the past few years. Potts Johnson, former Ole Miss luminary, and Aiken, another Mississippi player, made great reputations. l n collealale circles as did Slick Vincent. ex-Alabama star, rated one of the best floormen in DIxV Lightfoot Wesl, Indian sensation, has just begun to hit his stride with the Cardinals. Marvin Bird, ex-Hendrlx eager, and Earle high coach, is another outstanding member of the Earle squad.. The Shawnee high quintet will meet another high school team In a preliminary to the feature game. The Earle-Vol game will start at 9 o'clock. The fray will be staged In the Shawnee gym, the biggest and most modern in Mississippi county and the largest crowd of the 'season is expected to turn out for the game. DID YOU KNOW .THAT—. There are more than ' 600 fighters, hanging around ,Miami right now You.can get 'em la any size and'condition you want. . . .'Leon See says that ,11 Primo culs loose against his opponents right oft the bat, the njht looks'phoney ... So he has told Camera to let 'em stay in there, a while. . .. Maybe one of 'em .will stay in there too long one of these fine evenings . . . Camera Is supposed to meet Kayo' Christner In the Garden April II . . .If Primo bats Kayo down anywhere before round six we'll admit he shows promise. . ; . itcOraw Bill have no less than 16 pitchers in camp . . . That, lets you In on his problem . . . Hack Wilson wears Ihc largest collar In the majors . . . Size 17. . . Which Is about the same size as the shoes worn by Vernon Gomez, the Yankees' new pitcher from the coast. RITZ THEATER Today and Wednesday Now He's Talking! See and Hear the Laughs Comedy Thrills'! HAROLD I.LOYD ,, u« y tit'o;! Llot/d Corporation February 10, 1930. W. W. SHAVER, Sheriff. Feb. 11-18. February 10, 1930. W. W. SHAVER. Sheriff. Peh. U-18. over the Air,—Now See Them All Talking Comedy and News ( Admission Matinee 15c-35c Admission Night 25c-50c a. jna The man who is driven to drink, generally backs Into the shafts of his own accord Memphis Mysteries Trim Cooler Team COOTER, Mo.—Saturday evening the "Memphis Unknoirhs" of Memphis, Tenn., Jairneyed down to Cooler and defeated the Cooler Pirates Z9 to 28 In a very fast and Interesting game. Equally as interesting was the game between the weaker players of Steele and Cooter high school teams; score 11-n. In the games between the inde- pendent teams, Memphis- took a commanding lead and retained ii. until the last quarter when Ccote broke through the dtfense tnd plte the scores up to »ilhln one point of a tie. .. In the high school game two extra periods were played In an effort to break the tie but neither team scored. On the Broadway of America otel and Baths Hot Springs, Ark. New Fireproof Hotel For State People Moderate Hates Coffee Shop v, 150-Car Garage 0. W. Eyerett,_Munaging Director HATS / SPRING Our fitting/service this season will be important to you. For when you leave:;our Store you are certain that the Hat you bought will become you. Unusual values are presented in' gray-tone .Hats, which will go .well with''the blue 7 grey' Suits':that. will be worn extensively this spring. Every wanted shape and shade included - • •' —........ ... . 's $8 and $1O Byron's $5 SPRING SHIRTS Here they are—the new pastel shades in solid colors —the new stripes and thejiew conventional designs. Every desirable style, evejy wanted fabric, shown in models by Manhattan, Enro, AVilson and Arrow. $1.50 tO $8 Interwoven Hose Shown in the new vertical stripes and all-over patterns. 5OC to 1.50 $1 to 2.50 Beautiful Ties A wonderful collection of new patterns and solid colors, The New MeadClothingCo.

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