The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1940
Page 3
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.MONDAY, JANUARY 2f), 1040 BI,nHRVIU,R (ARK.)' COTTRTEn Their Cross to Boar Club Has Largest Membership Of Any Slate Club OSCEOLA, Ark.. Ja,,. 29,-Annu- 1 election of 4-H club officers held each year in January, for the 14 ''tubs in South Mississippi county MIS been completed this week with the exception of the Dyess Center '•!ub, il Is iinnotinccd by Miss Ine/. Kincaid, home demonstration agent I lor this section. Mississippi county has the liu-jest 4-H olub enrollment in Arkansas with 1200 members'in Hie S7 dnbs- WO ol these are enrolled in the clubs of the southern section the county which also claims 14 the ol largest club of the state, llmt Dyess with 252 members. Hassell lihiyloek, outs(an<!lii° nember of Hie Mlssco High 4-H Club, Is president ol the Mississippi County Council of 4-H clubs, and James Jacobs nnd Hazel Johnson both leading members of Ihe Dyess club, vice president and secretary •if the county council. Included In the summary of Ihe 'ear's work reviewed bv \ilss Kincaid and E. H. Burns, county demonstration agent, were 391 girls enrolled in 604 projects in clothing, cooking, home improvement, gardening ami canning. Eighteen hundred twenty-EC veil meals were prepared and served; DC dresses iind other garments made; 12 rooms were rearranged and retinlshed and ln K^^^^OQP^Q\Qry I'.n IxU'lUlljir'K rt1" l),i I.,,,., . i._ it..,. ! I—4 I f*i \~\r\C f- I i- 1 * I I C* PAGfi TTIRT3R The winter's coldest-weather failed to Interfere will, u,,, tmumom.i observance of ,l,c Feasl of the Epiphany by the Greek Orthodox Church Pour thousand, three hundred -'iahty-six quarts of food were canned from the 17 acres of 4-n club gardens, and 37!) trees and shrubs nation from n model form, 174 boys and girls attended the annual 4-H Club Visiting Day at the Cotton Branch Experiment station at Marianna. For the second consecutive year Mary Prances Neal of the Still'maii club was ii»-nrdcd the blue ribbon rating on her "best dress for street or church" ensemble at the Mid- Soiitli Fair in Memphis. New officers chosen this week in ' he various clubs are: Reiser- Kathleen Montgomery, president; J. E McDonald, vice president; Russell Roy Hell Webb, onc-month-old ngram, secretary; o. W. Thump- son of Mr. and Mrs. Bcnnlc Webb on rp,, m -ter; w. E. Plgg, locnl ' o! near Dell, died Sunday morninir vlisseo High: Leslie Haynes, | after a two tlays illness] York ci.v. Above cha le . - rr oir tiie Biiu - : '« " A '' Se " iOS as !>art of lhe " world" ritual. of the waters of HID of cotton in family clothing planning. Si.vleen members of the South Mississippi County Agricultural Committee met here Tuesday and completed plans for the year's pro- yram lo be followed by the extension service in (lie county J I-' Tompkins of Hiirdettc Is chairman' of the committee. Month-Old Infant At Dell Dies Sunday Burial was made Sunday afternoon nt, Manila cemetery with 'Us Master of the Council Tivelvo candidates are to be liivcn the work. Juke Thrailkill is recorder of the council which was reorganized last October nnd now has 27 members. Two-thirds of (| lc livestock i raised in the tlnilcd Slntcs is produced west of ihe Mississippi while two-thirds of Ihc country's meal, is consumed east of (lie Mississippi. Kastcrn Avkansiis Council Agrees To Hire Assisi- iitil For Macnal) Kmployineiit uf ,ui ii.v.i.sduit s««it I'xci'inlvc for the KaMnn Ar!:ini- • i as Council ol lhi> isoy scnuts ol Ami ilca; suonsorlnii ol the ainunil Hoy Hcinu circus this summer; planning of Increased si-outlnn ixc- uvllies lo Include more- Cub smnl.s nnd tho raisins of funds to wiy on work Mint had alreruly bewi budi;eU'd were OiU'lded UIKIII In a mirtlii}' of dm comn-ll yeslerdvy ul'ternooj) at j.i,wiTst C:i(y at wlilcn Jiuncs Illll j,... cf "m^ihevill,', Council president, prcsiilrd. A commlltce of Ed l!nch!ira( h, 1). II. Aycofk, Floyd A. Whito nnd Col Nell Kuydcr, was appointed to assist Hobcit Macniib, scout ex- cctiltvc. In selecting nil assis'ant who will Hid Mr .Macnab In Ills work of directing Scoultng In 15 coimdes. All executives and their, iisslstnnis uiv oolle fi e gradunks wilh six mnnths' inienslvi' limning course at the National School or Scouting at Ithaca. N. Y. The Scout circus will be held hi Jonesboro iliirinu Die first week In) June, it was decided ader plans had been made for the event. in discussing i>.. c nml llf n ,. creased Scouting activities. It undecided lo enlarge Die «ro(rrnnis in every town with .spiciid emphu-1 sis upon oiuniilzalion of new troupsI of Scouts nnr) cubs which give the younger boys a eluiuce to pic-' pare themselves lor Scouting V :ork nfter (hey have passed the are Of 12. H was announced llmi no double is anticipated In the misinc of funds already budgeted and campaigns w ai be canli'il out Immediately. Members of the board of Ihc council, which covers all activities! of l!oy Seoul* in Ihe If, bordering the eastern portion oi the state and as far west and In' eluding Clay, Randolph and Lawrence comities, were present (is follows: W. l|. Heitt nml j w Lipscomb of Wynne. I). E n . , • wr»\i-j .Mlioro 11IH I'.d Hai-hararli of!!. Ihe Hcv v. A. l^iimiHiiui Unuy Orrs'.ory, I Kmw^'r lll; "i "Hit liny' Morrl.s ol I'iHV II. Wil-ion mid Janu-.s lilll .I;-,, Of IJI.,lJlH'ill,. n. I). Kmllll ul .\fll-! riiniiia. Cn|. ^^j snyiln- i.| i'(irn- t hontav. uoij ( .,-| ^^„ ( .|', ll | ) ,,, ,i, m ,' f ;- ! IKIIO. and II, !•.-. KVI, ()1 Mcmpiiis, j Th-' nrxt mi'vtiiii; will bi- held at the linii-i M,i|,| r . j,, .], m ,,,i, ( , m Get Commissions In College R.O.T.C. Unit Oil" itiviliovDl,. boy nnd two ollii'r Miv.ivii,,,! c'ounly buys havo vecclviil a|,|H>ii)liiit'nl;,- In (hi- Aik- linSils s:a t|1 Ccllt,>|..' Hc::i'lVi- Dlll- ci'js li:nniiii: t!oi-ps ui JoiiesL'oio. itiin-ii- c. Diivi'i- Jr.. of l.uxora, n si'i-n'r in. in,. ,-iillrKC, imx b«.|i nplKiiiicil capiuin ,,i i)mt 0 ,._ v -A". •'. l>. liiir-lwniis ol thtii ciiy. n junior, «-,(, ii|i|K>lnu'd Ctirpornl of liat- ""T i" aim ])oiii;)a.s Laivson of M'lnla a ,s ul ,h,, m o, t .. iwlvoil in, Hliiwlnliiii'iu |i, Corpnrnl „[ |n u . lery "I!" Mr. Husbands, (Hi- son of Dr. iniil Mr-; r. | r . Husbands, is work'»K Inward |,[s A. 11. tlr-urn- wilh i> niajnr n: Kn,,.||.s|i. ll ( . | s | n i h( . club''' ' l ''" U "'"' ""' S|)lll)lsl1 'j'hi 1 uiii ,n Mr. and Mrs. O. c. Hum-, Mr Dih-,.,. j s „ uicmijc,. ( ,f Ihe A-!a Tun Skin .suclul trnlernily,! Ill,- "A" club. Hi,, PIV-UIW club! i ic hiwinsi, dui, , mc , „„. Pn , Mh cnib. II,- is woiklix: toivwrd mi A. u. tli'iirct- with a major In Kni:llsh. M"'. I.:iwsi.n. who Is work!nr>, for n u. .,. diwn- with a major In »K- !''h,'i! ,','' '•"" mi '" ilm ' » f I'"' "AK" i ni". Uc is tl u . .son () f M|. ,,, u i Mrs. Koy A. i,awson. Yarbro Infant Dies At Family Residence The eiclit-rtuy-old son nl Mr nnd Mrs. ,j. AJ . ]. lu , llcl ] d | eti S|ll . urdiiy alii-inoon at ihc fnmlly rent- ilcni-e at Yarbro i''oui- Brothers in Navy; Two More May .Enlist ' SOHAM,Kfl. "hT~7ui>> '- ii'mcc : I'nllen, lO-ye.-ir-old Schiiller youth, ; nn.s ills ,.y,. (ln HIP U. .S, Nuvy. i Although )i,. isn't old enough to t J«ln. hi- has u xootl rr-ason -- flv<- I I' 1 "'"' »l tin 1 tn others -Myio, ai ; All™. 2;'.; C'lircm:,'. '2-1. and oil- bt-rl. 1!»-.«!•(• on (he VMS. Ncvmla. ""' » llll '>' <>m-, Hay, IH. roccnlly wi-iil In Hi,. (;,,,.,, , uk<vs N ,^ liiilnlii}' titnllcin. fillll iiiii>!ln-i' I'iilu-n lirotlii'r. M.irvln, 2'(, has ij,rn (lUflmrtjed' lioin tint (icrvk-i! bvit is plannhiK to iv-i'tillst. iicaiuliiiji to II. K. FrcyiM- Km IWdst' rr».-riilllii(j oU|cer. K(.iin-ljod.v irporlji linn Cleniwn Irnop i-otK-i'iilrnlUiin on ilm Hn'.Ui innl Ui'li;lun bordi'is Is a minv to blufl: out (Kissiw,. ,,IH,, ( | hueiln- ..:•#; r> Thousands <,f poisons who use•us Cdinpany's proilucl regularly limn who ji ( >v(.i- lK.,,,-,1 (]f | |im) were surprised to \ fatn ,| mt ,£ U'ver Hrmliors soap (inn^'was >-"•' .I)V tht- u, s, Ireasury as lie lii|>licsl salaried person in be U,,Vl Stales in S Vl." treasury s i eporl on sjilnrics, Just icleaseil, credits Commvfly\villi «» income of $1611,713 in i!)3» Hi-nil Courier News iraji it mis Ncrlli Kswbii cemelery with Cobb Pinifiul Home In eharne, I'''iur sisters. I.lllie, I,nvernne llessle. What Diseases Do Piles Cause? Thousands of sufferers from such common complaints as Headaches. Nervousness, Constipation, Stomach r w .„ . lu »- ;inci ljivc '' Disorders', Bladder Di'- by two brothers, ijemrie '"''bailees. Heart Troubles. Despond- Wcbn Jr., and Willie Jewel \Veub i cnc - v - all[1 general "Tired Out" feel- •:i- also survive. An excellent laxative In colds, relieves biliousness, sour stomncli, bilious indigestion, flainlcnco and licadnclic, iliie to comtipatioti. IDc:iinl 25cnt clcnlors pnw in inn Finnbh invnalon. i-tow If .somebody could only work out, a move to bloct. onl Hitler. Days A Three uays Cough is Your Danger Signal Crcotmilsloii relieves promptly because U foes right to the seal of tho trouble to loosen serin laden phlegm Im-reiise secretion nnd uld nature id boolbe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you u bottle of Creomulslon wim th" , tlmt you are to like the wny It quickly nllnys the couch or you nrc to liave your money bafis CREOMULSION J-or Coughs, Chest Colds, B;onchiHs ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm & City LOANS LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS -LONG TERMS Idlest closing service of imy mortgage loan com|)iiny ilolng business in tliis s(n(c. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark. \\ I GET • Harycy Vanes, vice pres- Sl^iAlenoX'hapman. scc.rcti.ry: - .,.,,,-^j, v 'olimii fi , ! \janley,.rei)orter;. GeorgeIColib Funeral Home in charge 01 ar'S'w°w C1U " M '- Et0wah: BcEi rt<*'"'I' parents, he is iur- crmrles Wildy, president; Ma.vlnc ''" ' Moran, vice president; Elmo Tor- vatcr, secretary; Junior Little reporter; S. O. Osborne, local leader i rj n ~, -- Lirmey: Harold Glrclley, pi-ratal-i J - o. bimn lo Head \'orma Jene Rodgers. vice president 1 I' Murrel Hays, secretary; Van Mace'i importer; Mrs. Fred bcmpscy and I laynos Murphy, local leaders Dyess J°?'l., 14: , B ™ clfor " Shipp. president; VY i it, ui, \ ICG president | Mug- j •-' •^^t\.~,vn^ l \\u^ yiucmti presi- Webb, .secretary; Mrs. SI. M. J d =».l "f the o.sceola Shrine club I -iinesly, leader. Dyess Road 1: wtl- i at tlle baiuiuet meeting lield at Ihe mm Batimez. presd-mt; Margaret ' Osce ola Community clubhouse Fri Bfzzo, vice president; Twyla Whit- I *»}' "Isht at which 36 members lock, secretary; Jimnita Thompson, wcre Present, reporter; Mrs. Charles Knight and ' Elliott Sai-taln was cliosen secre- irs. Fred Dallas, leaders. Dyess t!1 O'- Standing committees will be hnve found their condition closely connected w i(ii pj| es or some other Rectal trouble. In addition, there i.s authority to (lie effect that rectal disorders do not OSCEOL-A. Ark., Jau 29 -j „ ST'dcL'' 01 ™ 1 lhen ! sehrcs lm<i l> f B rand masierV^ ^..^"Ly" ^""S K Masons^ was elected prcsi- comp]ications. Osceola Shriners • .....t.i-i j, U^ (_;>.^ ern Saiycrs; Prccda Henson, prcs- dent; Bonnie Sulfridge. vice presi- - - , „„„,. cut; Rosalie Goldem, secretary ne - v - was toastmaster of the o-c-i Clmrles Chresman, reporter; Mrs.; s '<"i at which plans were outlined .innoimccd later. Mr. Bunn staled Charles E. Siillcgcr. local attor- ,_ u •.'»! t..iiiLiiii, i iTjjui ic!j ^\irs •=''"> nnrles Wells nnd H. o Hcii'on'i r °'' "~—-- ' i hrld Shrine Ceremonial to be : y- I "" ii -^.e May 30. Osceola was host ilillfgan Ridge; J. T. McCormick ' to the ceremonial ever held in resident; Marvclle Swingle, vice . : tllis section last June, reslrtent; Christine Rowletl ,sec- i Visitors from other temples in- etary; Jacque J,Liye Hollis, re- 1 dudcd Dr. Lonzo Howton Riziwh orter; Max Isaac and Miss Willie Temple. Madisonvilie, Ky • Jon ewis, leaders. «-.». - '•• ou> Whitton; Wilma Jackson, ])i- C 5i- ™.. ..„. ent; Charles Murphy, vice presi- i Memphis. "it; Eugene Minor, secretary; I All Shriners from West Memphis lary Ruth Rushing-, reporter- nn(l Northeast Arkansas are in ose Aucrspcrg nnd p. j. Deer. I v i'ecl to the Febrnnry mecti') U at ", rs - Sunset 1'arlc clubhouse near Bas- Biirdetle No. 1: Lacy Powell. «tt on tin- night of Feb. 23 ' : r |i SO rdp,-«: o, n «-, •esuciit; Jim Henry Lutes, vico A delegation from Bm-eka Coun- I Tn ?^rt r resident; Sue Howard. secrcHrv U-il of Royal and Select Maslm in , t ( ? I , a , CC ' )y of 1:ll 'S 1 '- "' tie Emma Lloyd, repoiter; L. H ' Memphis is expected to alien, U c Ui .'™ tKl Flw b ° ok w »ich will en- utry, leader. ' | meetitii; of Osccola Council No w i-l-l" you , °" (lle scr '°"s na'"™ ! -" Tucsdav night Jan TO it i, ^ aUCi ° thCr Recla1 ills - Emtl ''"' " . 1S your request to Tliornton & Minor Suit 319, D26 McGec SI.. Burdetle No. 2: L. H. Autrv Jr reslrtent; Charles Roy Lutes! vice resident; Nannie Mae Hcssic. sectary; Inez Eubanks, reporter; L . Autry, leader. Stillman: Lorcne Marlow, prcsi- ent; Wanda Herndon. vice prcsi- nt; Jeraltlenn Btcaltley. secretary arold Bingliam. leader Mtecc. High: Fi ora Mac Coo es dent; Frances Bine, vice prcs- : '« ^U Vl , a Fnley - secretary; Mrs. H. Ford, lender. ^ S i- . Sl ,' C Mnrsl '!>". extension ecialist in clothing. Fayeltcvillc, ill be in Osccola Feb. 7 to conduct leadership training school on' nsumcr education, fabric selec- ' on, and wardrobe plnmiin^, g |)c . ' "ONT SLEEP WHEN"~ ~ GAS PRESSES HEART! j If you can't eat or sleep because i gas bloats you up try Adlerika. I lone dose usually relieves pressure I on heart from stomach gas duo to constipation. Adlcrika cleans out ! [BOTH bcwels. Klrby Bros. Drug i Co., nntl Robinson's Drug Co. ^ .- -« ik j., out; Cotton. Joe Miller and W. B. Bur- kctt from Al Cliymin Temple in j • "vr. IL 13 voiir ri announced by J. B. Bum,. Thl - ice ' C|J!1JC in slower-burning Camels/says Bsil Coru m/ famed sports writer and columnist from nny of Ihc on above ciuirt. PRFSrRIPTIilNS Kansas Ci'»y,iMo.-onc of-fhe iroiId's r«f.atKir tiunj,— i ]ai . g(!Sl aml Dl(lcst rocLai ^.^ Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First Tiione 1 where over 50.000 men and woini'n have been treated in' the past 62 years without general anesthetics,, :radical surgery or the usual hospi-l tal experience. Your copy of Pro; Book will be mailed you in plni: 1 wrapper and without obligation. HOHE HOW BEAUTY WORK CALL 106 Apl)OM Xent Margaret f s _ BEAUTY SHOP REIJUCK SENSHJI/V Swedish Massage, Yap. B.-itbs Jlrs. Kulh Ijiwhon SENTRY COA. Mlfs EVERY ROOM IHC SAME UNITORM lEMPERATOBE $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. $7 „ Phon« 76 M>l MtLDER, COOLER CAMELS ARE CHAMPS LIGHTNING.FAST in i!, e press-box! Why, Ilill Gmirn's liccn known to file .1,000 words of si-czlinR copy liuring a sinylc sports LVCIII. Hat no speed for liim in liis smoking-slowcr-lnirn- int- Camels arc Dill Cumin's o'g.inMie. lie likes that extra mildness, coolness, and tlitvor. he Im office. nill...ty.i?cwrit<-r...»)oi>ks...pifmrcj... . .-"" ' h x "•"• "' find ilictn milder and coolcr-and thriftier" - And, being a Caiml ftn of many years' standing, !„ OUK ht to know. •DIM. CORUM'S sports new. isn't j u », U's s/, r i,,i e J... M |i B htniu s spccil from prcss-hox to press ami die Five- Swt Final. Hut when the c.indid camera caulics Rill in Im office with n cig.ircttc- >«I1, "No speed for me in mv m ,,hm g ," h c says. His own common sense and smoking «r>"icn« tell him what scientists have confirmed in their research I.ibor.iiories- that "slow-burning cigarettes are extra mild, extra cool, fragrant, and flavorful." Cigarettes tlut burn fjsi just naturally I'urn liot. And iHitliini; so surely wrecks the dtlicaic clcmcnd of flavor and fra- Kr.ince in a ri£,irciic as excess Jn?.it. You don't want a liot.flai.iiiKTiiiifortahlcsmolic. 'Hie cblightful mildness, coolness, fragrance, anil flavor of Cinu-ls arc explained by tin's important findinjj-Cnmels proved to he the 5/o>ir»-hurin'ni; ciK.ireiic of the sixteen largcst-sellinfT liMntls tested! (The litincl at right exphim ihc leil.) MORE PLEASURE PER PUFF... MORli p UH .- s ,, ER PACK , C SMOKERS: SAVE AGAINST THE COST OF THE STATE CIGARETTE TAX Smokers who Jive in communities where certain state cis.ircuc tmcs arc in effect can save the um »f ibu (ax-ami, in some instances, more -through smoking Camels. (Sec bcloti:) When you arc a C.iinct smoker, yon get this unique economy-anil all ihe extra cnjoymcntof cooler, milder smoking - die fragrance and delicate tjste o/ finer, more costly lob.-iccos. In recent laboratory tests,CAMEIS burned 25Co stoircr tlian the average of the 15 other of the largcst-scllin}; brands tcsicd- slowcr than any of (hem. That means, on the average, a smoking plus equal to 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! cig-aretfe <?/"Catf/t'er•Tctacws

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