The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS T1IK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST A»tr»»o. n .'..., *^~M f f ^/ VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 2GG. niythcvllle Dully News Blylheville Courier Mlsssissippl Valley Lender BlyUicvllle Herald Finns, Soviets Fight On; Nazis Teeler' Bombers Repulsed fly United I'ress Royal Aiv Force pliuiea drove n Nay.i bomber .siinadi back from the northeast coast, of Britain today and tin (lie I'liimsh fighting front a nine-day Red rmny otVeiiMivu \vas Vi»K out afler vainly spending its strength 'against dcl'»iisp lines northeast of Lake l.atloga. The Russians wen? estimated nt* : Helsinki lo have lost about 15.000 Glollios Afire, JPlungos Into Drainage Dilclij NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANI> SOUTHEAST MISSOURI AKKAXSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY 2<i, . men Including perhaps 5,000 li> Hie nine days of assault designed to flank ilic MjiDnerhrijii lino on the Kftvcltan Isthmus. I Over the week end (he Reds continued to attack but eacli thrust was weaker, nccordlns; to the Finnish reports from (he front, i ^ nml It was believed thai the of-i tensive in which morn than 40,OK JUI "P"', White Dust From Dixie men participated had been !)nj|c:l for the lime being. The unsuccessful Russian drive may have Into nn ice-filled ditch saved (lie life of Hoy V. Moore. 22-year-old dredge machine oiler who wns seriously • >.\ Mn.nll-l.u.l.-'l ItL IlLI.-J^lltll UllVl 1 , , ...... ..... .u, . lo encircle Hie lake, however dcm- mm > ccl t>"»'la.v morning In an onstrnUd to neutral observer? f.'.ie P |os , lou wlllcil occurred :\t n dirnculties wMch the Finns will u !' cd B' n S J°b "ear Gasnell nt six PLEfl Rules Hospital Operator Musi Stay In Jail Pending Appeal UTTIJ3 HOCK, Jail, a <U1>J_ U. a. District Judgo Thomas G Irlmbie today denlwl bnil for Nor- innn )3:il:ei-, muter four yeni- prison sentence and $4.000 line f O1 - ni(ll , fraud In advertising a "sure cure" for cancer. Trimble declnrod (Iml linker u former Iowa politician hnd tried lo capitalize on his trlnls. fn overruling n motion for bnll Trimble said: "Here Ls a man who apparently has most oi his investments In a foreign country nnd if r were In his place if I werc on bail I would slep over the line no matter whnt Ihe bond might be. face in coming months The Red > °' c . lot ' k '" tlle "mnttifs. I "I feel that here Li a man who army command appeared to nave' , A , c , an ' illled wl!h "'el oil, c x -l"»s practically defied the courts, functioned more efficiently t'mn >' lc(lci1 as llc nckl ». causing his "c "as published articles in niaga- in earlier thrusts further north"of fnc . e ' vlght mm ' lcft wist, itnd'? ln< ! s and advertised to the world (lie lake where Die strayed whole dl Into trnps jumping into n nearby ditch. "-"tiv HL- nus ueen irieci niut hns This lime thc Red army proflte-l Although the burns arc serious, lr!e <' lo » lilke capita! of II, In his by earlier mistakes and avoided 1C "?, cx l j ecl«l 'o recover unless m if' n " s .- , complications dcveton, his physi- l ™nk upon testimony of Ills cians announced today. He is at lilytlicvuie hospital. nor o , ' . e Finns had Or- I st lcg to bc liadl >' burned but »y mnwnao. Implication and Indl- ivisions tliat lr-11 ,' oxtmBiilslied the /lames by "cllon anrt has reflected on courts . jumping into n nearbv ditch. wllcrc llc h[ls been tried and hns Snow from the iiesset train on its full, C. I. 0. Cliidlnin Highly Snrcaslic About Lalior Dcparlmenl Mend C01.UM1JUH. O., Jan. w. <iji»)._ • i „'.'; Uwlli l()l1 ' <lf'"iii\les lo llio United Mine Workers conven- loii lodny (lint Secretary of Labor I'Vimivs Perkins does nut know «N much about econoiulc problems us n "holientot" does nbout Urn uionil hnv.s. Lewis, U. M. \y. president, do- iiumdcd nn answer from president Hoosovell's mlmim-ilrnllon for its "Inncllon" on (he uiieiuploymcnt l!r«btein inul declared Hint If llu'.v nre not (joins (o do nnythlnti about It "why don't (hey cpilt.." A foiv moments before Vice President Philip Murray of ||,o U. M. W. charged Mint UUO.OOO uncmiiloy- ed I'l'imsylvmilnns i\re slarvhiij lo ilwith nml imd demanded u im- ou'hland l« mwn( r , Monnl economic conference to seek 'i-fiiami is swept from obsorvnlton plntform of Ten- JoUs for 'O.MO.OOO Idle Americans in muMutton. D. c.. where 914-lncli .snow- four years, slowed Irnnspoitntlon. n • SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Sun Is Said To Be Shining In Dixie As Mercury Climbs fly Hulled Press MO nun en mi- out. over refrigerated Dixie ' nn mlwry ™<>^> mn IS DUE SfflfE the expon.w o( millions to farmers. + At least 100 lives were taken di- TOIIy pr Indirectly by the colif during II;; extended reign over iha iwutli. Tlujusaiids of families Buffered acutely from cxposura Ue- cnusp Ihcy could not obtain fuel. Although sub-trcoKlng temperatures reached again Info cential Mot-Ida wcnlhev forecasters agreed ir i r* "7.rr, '|> ll l ">c worst wns over and tlwt High Lourl SaVS Tax Musi 1C mcicui y wnlil begin a rnpld ' n P ' 1 A ni VlS ° l|llcl totlB y Wld tomorrow. (jc l aid (Jii blended As " 1Q wc <* long cow wave- I ; o , m ,, cn ' sc '' lla «f'I>. workers Ijcgnn ro- ' uulh moving snow and Ice from streets T i.iwi ' ~ lim ' highways nnd growers un- nn\ I ,, n ° OK ' rtrk '' Jn "' 2 ". '""'took thc depressing business of luu-^ DlMlllwl Product estimating their crop losses rom|)iuiy must pay MIC slntc $14.- "I'n.dy It was agreed Hint titick j . • ' .-..,, v y« i,- ~j " •. .1.1 it£l\,i\i lllilV II HUT* , ,.'" , l " xcs on wlilskoy and crops in the Kverglnclcs nnd lower Denied In u plntit In West COM Florida were virtually destroy- ruled inl> C siDircmo court cd at a low rapccled to amount i .. Cil l(Hln! " lo $20.000,000. citrus In thc noiih trails set for them by ilie Finns By WEBB MIM.KK WITH THE FINNfSH ARMY KARELIAN ISTHMUS, Jan. 29. tUP)— Soviet bombs struck a Red Cross military liospital today, killing 23 persons including four women. Most of the casualties were wounded soldiers. Of 30 persons in the hospital when the Red army bomber scored a direct hit only seven were saved. The dead were incinerated in the hospital which burst into Names as soon as it was struck. Although the hospital prominently displayed a Red Cross sign Die Soviet planes swooped low and dropped a bomb through the center of the building. In a few minutes the entire structure was ablaze. Seven of the dead were men wounded so seriously in recent fighting at the front that .they were in bed. They had no chaiK.e to escape either the explo- ..sloiroMhc fire." Two. of the women who' 'were' killed were girls of (he Finnish women's auxiliary. The other two were nurses. Police i 011CC Robbery Of Two Movie Actresses own witnesses he has proved the case of (he government. Doctors who he placed upon the slnmi are ns Ignorant of cancer ns most laymen nre, especially In Internol cancer." Baker's attorneys immedlalcly announced that n motion for bail would be appealed lo a higher court. 1 Trimble had heard arguments | on the request for ball for the P ,. „ U o i °f' cral0f ° r ">c Hospital nt Eureka I 1 0 U ^- Springs, Ark,, for three days. Two of Bnker's associates also werc convicted ot tlie charges. R. A. Bellows, hospital superintendent, wns sentenced to two No Inquest Held Necessary In Missouri Farm Home Tragedy mm P ^ Aa BLUFP ' Mo -> J«n. 29- (UP)-Coronor Grover f!fp™ ,»ia Will Be No General Sale Of Paralysis Fund Ban- qucl Tickets liccnusc CHIOAOO, Jan. 29 (UP)—Lieut - veius ' Dr ' J ' L - S!ltlcr . technical Herman N Kyrnn Phelaii of the robbery dc' ! 5or> was selu enctti to one year youngest e tail snid today "we're investigat- "'"' °" c "">'• " l'n"y buriu ing" a $33,095 jewel robber? rr- jfarm home est!™! $33,095 jewel robbery reported by actresses Constance Bennett nnd Anita Louise. Scores ot suspects were questioned nud released. The actresses said.. five, masked men "in a dark sedan" forced Miss Bennett's limousine to the curb near the "loop" early Sunday and forced them to Give up the jewels children who were fried In their one room les west of here ...T' 1 . 0 ™ n " !\ OIB . C 5"s set on nre »•«_ of the largo number ni id for the Voble Tue.s- the benefit, rnfnntlle Paralysis" nmpnlirii. n (jeiiernl ticket snh will Hit- ticket, sales. . ("'hen Atrs. Miic'helT'l.oTdin 1 ;" i,"r ||1A , U1 "«W 1 ' ™ wuiries Imve nsta! 10-monlhs-old sm, V nUe h, one . vr «™tlons be saved, none arm nnd n five Ballon coai o ™n , hc , '"""" " nt " llll! '»°™y Is '•in-Ihe •other, tried to slat a ?f» ""»'"' S ° thoso tllat s««l Lha In their wood sto ve remlllanccs first will Pot tl,e oO(i|.,, "" " " Beats for 110 I reached the scene ot the explo- i °'j "ave their "braius blown out." jjce sion and fire shortly nfter the! Tlley saitl their chauffeur, George bombing. The building, about 200 feet long, wns burning like a blazing furnace, throwing up flames and sparks nnd lighting the whole countryside. Splotches ot blood flecked tlie snow. All ctforts to retrieve tlie bodies failed. Only one torso wns pulled out of Hie flames as I watched. It was burned beyond recognition. Holleman Funeral Is Held On Sunday "" 1VJ1 - •-"""l-y, AccordiuJ o M cliell u-ho wna " T "'"»'"^ Beats: for T. ! sc '^«lv burned but ifexpected to Tom":, 1 ; aVa " nb ' e Gorges Form Al Missis- O u rvlcvc> bo ! h the fitovc niltl lllc pared "or n^'oSoU 8 u°' nE pr °" mni Rnfor P^intr- M~«,. over Ihr ini^,-i n >. *^r *i.^ , .* contain nnmes of nil mn\';i<i ^.f^ our committee went nwny liilkliig coll, n,,,,< to Ihcin.TOlvcs-vvoo/.y in the head co " ulto "* —Just like the «ood woman who' •tiers, The company in opposing the tnx nnld monthly were ucnvly wiped out nnd silsjar rnne t'rowers nsked for n $40000 number of callous""uio'mieifh-iii lllcrcilfic '" "crease nllotmcnt bu- bcc,, macic to'ih e"ub nm," thni ^.,™ m sUll(!s * llhered b >' a revenue commissioner then In, (ifflL-c Imd ruled Hint suuh pny- ' ""S^nr, "in"' ,luV"^!lO-Year-OM r. W ^t'lhe^i^s^r! sledding> Victim verbal order wns acting wlllioul nnttiority nnd dlrcHcil thc Puliskl Tlic toll of serious injuries from sippi Here i-, . ,. • .-..ii^k.Lu iuiuiiiLjj unities VCY TOintS Near ° v , cr , thc lnle ''or of the house. - -• 1.1^ uin.1 ILH uj IJie HOliSi,' r~* i UL o »"-"i.i. mi. , -.-„.., .,—. ul v ,,,. muviiJii -Mllchcll said his wife dromiprf UIP , wl " m »^» at bis office, 221 l' lctllre "Oone With ihe Wind" wns uaby and that Melvin 1 iiid no-c ^''i 0 ' 1 1)llil< ""f>'. tuitll six o'clock """""' ""-••-"•"' r . .... . . .'. '• <ll]u U "^L.. toil yi^l r/i i«^,b.^ H«l-ni^ ».. , Reports of gorges In the Missis sippi river ha ay and that Melvin and no- 0 . . IB, IVOR- trapped in (heir bed tc-' n' S ' ,- 'hind the sto!-, A back door tad ""I" er have sent people of this u «n barred because of Ihc cold ',', c ' yo ° r ° r lwr) |lcl ' s01 hurrj'lng to Onyoso Bend weather. , ; vlllc!l cost $5. are for Ihc b: issue ticket,! ns long n_ available. Is. good for two persons nnd Bayne, hid been slugged. Miss Bennett said that she hadi lost a diamond nnd ruby bracelet worth $28.000 nnd n singe diamond ring wortli 595. She lold phelan she hnd saved n pair of earrings nnd H Invalid' worth $4,5CO by! 5ec ti° ( i --^-. u .„ „.. ^, u tjtll -.. ^ „ llvw hunching her shoulders and 'burying ' n few miles nbove CariiiTiersvije' Mitchell snid his wife find In the' lmt ^ Wf ' (s lhcl 'c will be guests of them In Ihe collar of her $7,500 j nnd nbout seven - • . .. . <•'<•>> »"• 11 mink cont. Miss Louise reported 1 Csceola nt wlint Is that she hnd last two rings and two bracelets, all of which was worth 55.000. Richard Alnley, leading mnir in Miss Bennett's stage production, Star Of G.W.T.W. Named Co-Respondcnl In English Divorce Suit LONDON, Jnn. 20, '(UPi-Aclress Jill Esmond was emitted a divorce from Laurence Olivier, nctor, on the grounds of adultery toclny. all eucsls. Mr.! v , lvin " l^lgh, star of the motion miles south of S'nrd with her clothing burnlnj ,ind , , \ ' y colnlnlt[ « ( = for Hie dance known ns Port, that he received his Injuries In . .• lu a tllc samL ' "'S 1 ' 1 Pillow, en the Tennessee side. tpulllns off her ciolhes and rolli.iu " 5 ' '' l " lltorlll 'n under au's- No gorges hnvc formed nt Bar- her In the snow. Two other clill-, P ' cr>c , s OI lhc ' Uacliclors 1 club. field, eight viil 5°,.! a '^ a f. llns beenlearned, no ' ^n'a'._' deslroycd 'tnc""liouse "before ^^.•,, n "°"!!"!_ to •ec children d. eight miles east of Blythc- d«". Lucy, H,- and Ruby 12 fs-' r nlls Im ' "" " lrnlli s behvi held e, Lusora ov Osceola. leaped. Fla.mes, fanned by a b'isk occasion nre going for- "Easy Virtue," had $«o in his ,0,10 has walked ncroVs the"ViVe'r nt the boa^"^Ihc^ll^T^"^ collntv ^>™»- Hill Jr., OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 29.—Funeral .»!,.. lu iu ii.-t.-i. mto me air uelorc I icrizcd to nnnoimco ihn rmuli , I - 11 " 1 ' "» ""r ••>»«.'. .elng blocked, adds to the spec- ciacy of John Poster fo, the "'/ice hoxM '" ' H " )llc plnccs - Mr. Hollemnn, ivho h.-iri been for several months, was a son „. the late Dr. James L. Holleman. pioneer physician of the Hatcher and Etowah communities. Dr. Ifollc- man came to Missi.-aippi county from Boston, where lie received his education, over fifty years ago. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Marie n of^ a P an T ° < Release Of Germans TOKYO. Jnn. 29. (UP)—F;.r- AI Hivfioi in, '"' clty clcrk '" tnc municipal i-lco- Al Batfleld there is not much lion in April. a broailcasl over nntned co-respondent. An nlflclnvlt was rend teforc Jastlco Laugton in divorce court lo support Miss Esmond'.'; charge tbnt Olivlci- nml Miss Leljh hnd committed adultery. Olivier did not defend Ihe nctlon Ciislody of their child wns grnnteil to Miss Esmond, Counsel (or Miss Esmond sold the Innirinao hnil been happy for six years but Hint In 1!M7 Olivier told lus wife Hint he ivus In lave wllli Miss Leigh, Tlie suit of Herbert Lcl?h Hoi- man, it barrister, for divorce from Miss Leigh will l, c henrd Inter in the current term of thc divorce court. Hohnnii hns named Olivier as co-respondent In his suit Cily Welcomes 'Mild' Weather The temperature sonrcd to •lo degrees yesterday for the first time 3:.10 '" u (l< >J's! And , . .--.._ .._ „„ .„ ,111111. — Tuesday afternoon, — .. ce today, because of Ihe gorge r Well known In Blylhcvllle where °' cloc>: - n ' llm Eaala Ditnsmoor and nijrr!t>s Erected you this moriiliig. uoicung it nt the Missouri point. |he luis resided for the pnst 25 orchestra will play some ol ll 'W slopped (shortly nfter 0 o'clcclc . , „„ _, years, Mr. Foster has been u tllc muslc thc >' wl11 P ltl y »t " 1C bul ' lhe sklra were overcast nt noon pign Mmistcr Arita will demand CHA11ANOOOA, Teim. (UP) — member of the citv nnllri- force "' .--..that Britain release the 21 Ger- Criminal court officer Walter T for seven years B-cius" of his Holleman; four children. Bobbie,! Karl. Jerry, and Helen. He is also" survived by his mother, Mrs. Mattie Holleman; a sister, Miss Cora Holleman of Lcpnnto, and n brother. Fernando Holleman of tlie Hatcher community. man seamen laen fro mtiie Jnp- |anesc liuer Asaina Bam by a New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Open High Low Close Close 1070 1073 1040 1043 1000 1003 9-10 9-IG 934 939 930 ... British worship, the Domci agency snid today. — --• ,.i,,n.i A. *ui O\.»L-II jciii.*;. liccnu 1 ; 0 ol Ins Wood listened lo attorneys argue work in this capnclly he fceh li t their cases until he dreamed about he has been in such clo°e to e ' " Stock Prices . - — "o- -• -••> —> affairs of the office he decided to become a lawyer, he Is capable of don - I ™Z It? R mcmber ol the Ten- he said in making his n today. I nessce Bar. ins if more while feathers would fall from the clouds nt any nio- menl. I-nst nlRht wns warm compared (0 other nights of Ihis cold wcnth- -,.,, „,„.,, , ... , . cr w " 11 f'e minimum temperature <"ni weiu 10 GUIcauo bccnuse he only 23 decrees "tit irfrl?,' 0 ! 1 by T' la , 1 ' 1C lcnnc(l L/)W of lhc scnso " h»s been lour _mc Harvard accent of Bostoniniis." degrees below zero. ""'« « Am. Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Cities Service 170 3-4 88 1-2 2fi 7-8 73 1-2 82 7-8 4 1-2 E By MAITHEEN KINO NORP.IK till rjoy^ ThrilUtf Walking Across Mississippi River body ol water Is an when you slngerf^ 'Cricnce und , line boat "Indiana" blocked at But- fractured prlvls as the result of a ,stcd being struck by n car. Mre. f'rnry Lny.son, who was American Ship Boldly F> M • • 1 ni l •••*••• . i i" i i-'j>jauu, «IIU «;ts Klins IwitlSn Blockade ln J llvcrt ln the same nccidciit, also ' •'•••• ~^-J- • ^te/.?..f«wj\!}'«jl. |jplyis.'.'."Both ,ejpj, BERGEN. Nimunv .!«,< in ,IT'T,* ni W""* liosiifini;'"' ••••"-*• *•'- ' ••••> ->•:•• BERGEN, Nonvay, Jan. 20. (Ul 1 ) —llio American Semitic- 1,1'ie Al (lie I/me of (lie .Occident, •i-.-lglilcr Mormnetlde reached Nor- Jo "" V" 3 "? l bollcvc(i - to " bc s ° rj way by i, direct run from the , n ' sl " bllrt lnit hcr l ^ United Stiites without subm"""- '- (a " c soro nm1 K ' rny I)lcl the nilllsh contraband control, Its lntu Snt " r<1 "5' revenlcd tlie frac captnln said toduy. lure. Layson Mormncltdc arrived ye.iter- RI|S - n - ••tiy mid flic captain, worn out niul Ross D " 1011 Hughes Jr., cs- . turned In at once for a rest. ' C «I )W| "'"h -illjht Injuries when "There wasn't much j-psl for the ll)c lni ' 8C sletl ' bcln E pulled by a las! Ihrce or four days at sen," he cru ( '''' vcn by Mr. Campb.eH, was said. ' .sldeswiucd by n ear driven by Fred - - . 'Ellis niter the- «lrd swerved to lli Islde of Campbell's car. A hnt, manufacturer says that Price IAVSSII. (130 13, who hnd men's lints will depart from con- just gotten into the car after volitional styles and that (he sum- > nvbw ridden on th? sled, escaped : mcrs straw i haU will appear in Injury but it fell his lot lo look novelty forms. And lo think «f all nftcr the Injured. the nasty things we stilil women's hats. Little Finger Gets Wioole On : The O|'|T folks urcscnt said lie went to work with his first nid - Scout knowledge assisting him as (he negotiated his mother and sls- |tcr nnd (he olhers injured into the .cars for the trip to the hospital. Captain A. D. Hnj-nes nosed (hc (lmt we would Imve to slay then 0-foot wide boat into the Ice for "days maybe" mere we werc held fast in fro- 18 feel deep. On n trip at nil. For dinner we had n five ih n hours earlier, members course meat nnd hid teen shown the crew had tested the ice nnd n month's supply of food for the 28 unless we did some more walking, worried us not New Orleans Cotton Open High Low Close Mar. . 1019 1081 1072 1072 IfjEUi Texas Corp Mny . 1050 1053 1041 1M2 10o, iu S Steel •July . lorn icia icos ioos icjsj Oct. .. 940 946 937 838 9501 Dec. .. 938 938 928 930 9411 Jan. .. D33 925 936 WeWOrCnWll "' lllW "" 1 May July May July Chicago Wheat open high low close 931-2 985-3 933-4 97 953-4 357-8 9! 1-4 941-4 Chicago Corn open high low close 511-4 573-4 561-2 5SI-2 611-8 571-8 563-8 561-2 42 3-4 rivcr '"to a "Little America 57 3-4 Now. walking ncross thc MLssts- — sippi river In this part of the coun- Livestock & £ "or" K? *™ '» ^ FAST ST TOtiT- ,„ ! 1)VnVC SOU ' S Cr ° |)l R <=ross ._™l. i>1 - L 9 ljI "->, III,, Jan. 29.'sheet of Ice at Bnrflcld. a few a so!ld o 15t0tK) ~ U ' 090 170-230 Ibs., 5,00-535 140-ICO l':s., 5.65-5.80 Bulk sows. 4.15-4 75 Cattle: 4.200-4,000 srUablc Steeri, ll.oo Slaughter steers, 6.50-1150 Mixed yearlings, heife Instead of smooth ice for tin cue-half mile walk we had to pick our way through i;c ami snow frozen together, som of which reached lo wliil^ o seats to ' alter our shoulders ler's landing since n week ago be- of floating Ice in the river, ire bo^letow^acr^Vier^; iuV 1^"^ 'bont ^tch'ZsU \vc started. - I4 bathrooms! little ! We hnd "ten" wlilcli wns ri-.illy a typical Sunday niflil supixr, , , -. .. white thc engines worked to thnw „,.,,?; ' Assistant Engl- the Ice at the end of the river for neer Dupont. cnme to our assistance a while so fnr ns running n boat We mnde it alone for .. while but galoshes nud ice (iiiAt; ui i kUiilillH ICC In inf* TiVPT i — >t*it su jtu IV.T re reached thc boat n, tt mr to ; | ™ I w cs iient several hours walking is concerned. [V™?-i to "«*'•:.«»me-of Lrf l 'r^ri'^^: ^L™"?**: , heifers, 7.00-9.00 had been for many weeks The l'fi^-l^O | river *M 150 feet Ve,f knS ;. Tl' „„.„ i dinner iriiich we knew nothing. Thc four miles up the river on the 200-foot boat wns like it must be traveling to the Nortli Pole. Orcnt |»,"tlo)is of snow covered Ice fioalcri down the river as the bow of our boat cut thorn as it they were splinters, Thc sun dazzled the ado comfortable wnler and Ice until it was almost while cooling off j blinding but it wns fun. wanner than \ve| After a little while cries ot 'licrc she Is" made our eyes open wide to bo confronted with Ice stretching from Fort PI'l-vv, Tenn.. across to ihe Arkansas side. nt the >j n% . F , , ~ vr'7",' 1 "" " J ~ " *- nvl11 ' "jilt* iu Butler's Mnclins Norrls, who plied his Irndc of pic- nt t cn m) | c ., , )Pr llollr lnto „ £ luro mnklng from ftdvantngeoiu ting sun, stopping once to put "out angles. Tho thermometer regts- some more rones to safeguard the tcrcd 43 dsgr-tfj! nnd many of the tivo and n half million dollar cnrro crew wore no coats. on the bnrgas held nlotig side the Kcady for the return trip to thc bank. v 0 ™^™!?! b ".f' T' gl , nC3 ^' C ' rC , ""' Wllcn thc ^ r| ? c brrnks, which hurtw ^ C ,, refused to 1 will not be until there Is a worm Wt n ]f « rUdrtCrS VVCrC ' V0rk "' ™ in 1n thc "P" 11011 » f Captain bnck nnd forth again nnd again but Hayncs, Ihe sight will be n Firemen Answer Three Alarms Over Weekend Three fire alarms since Saturday night kept, city firemen busy lAit only one proved serious. Tho niitomobile belonging to M. D. Tulles burned late Saturday night while In the driveway of the Tul-' i'.s residence nt 1200 Willow street. •rim dimes, which storied in the upholstering, spread so rapidly after discovered that the car was '••'ore the flames werc es- tlllRUlsllCd, A flre Sunday morning, at 5:30 oc. v,..j in n residence at 407. r " c '. Svcnmorc street, owned by Thomns Land Company. Sparks leu on Ihe roof lo cause slight dnmnge. "Hi's morning's flre at 9:30 o'cl'ck wns nt the Jerry Henrii residence, 100 Dougan nvenuc. An ovcrlicated stove pipe cnused ,.'a Miiall clnzo which resulted in nbodt S15 damages. Judge Witliout Robes Jfusf-"A Bloke" to Boy BOSTON (UP) — From n child, District Judge Thomas H, Connelly of Brighton learned the importance of wearing his robes while hearing cases. "Once," he says, "when I heard n juvenile case In my ordinary business suit, the young defendant on leaving with thc probation oftl- ccr a?fccd: '"Who wns that blolre we were Just talking t:?" r When Jack Hollingsworth ot Brownsville. Tex., wanted to got n wtggte on, he liad to wail WEATHER Arkansas — Fair tonight and • »vi ni n^uitk in n* Mp,iim intL it ,\ yilvS HID Stffnl Wl I hn n cnnf* »i — f , » «<* n-M-i^m, anvi it look two hours of thawing be- tac c of life trie he «W Tho lucc ,"ours for his lilllc linger Tuesday, slightly colder iu north rore the boat wo.d ,cnve ^ Ico ice te Ud'mto ^ nh ^mlnj X'X' ^ ™^°nc£ %"** ^' *"™ » 4 ° moorings. Wise cracks by the co-pilot Ca;>t, ngnln by the roarlti E. aorver, or Paducali, Ky., neath. tot and crashes to be heaved up dcnl - 1!lp di Si> was found and \femplits <ind vicinKv — ------ ' - ' z water under- ^ tu ™ c(i 10 Hollingsworlh b.v cloudy tonight and Tuesday, slight- bis brother. A doctor sewed it ly colder tonight with lowest tern- back on— successfully. peratuie 24 to 28.

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