The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1930
Page 2
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Items of Personal Interest I SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities ayclNews ' of Women Calendar . The Dslphians arc meeting at Ih Hoi«l No bit. ••"-' iirs. j.,n. Ukins it cnlcrtuUuu; tile Weunescuy bridge ciuo. Memoers os the KI-SI rruoy uui courcn will ai nusio ai u u- oepacm lor ur. ami MIS. Man. •Inc '(Jenlral Ward P. T. A. I rn&eung at 3 o'cioct. , Ttiuficay The American U-gicn Auslllur; it jiaving a unage ana <-uu; puriy u, tnc ciurjhouse. MJs. .'.osa U. liugiiL'i is haYim the Tiiursoay Luncnton emu. 'ihe MiQ-n'eeK ciuo is nieeini, with Mrs. A. B. Fan-field, Mrs. biepnen h. crojss Is en tcrunninB ine Two -lalTi- brius uuo. 'I'M Armcrcl P. T.'A. is havin; a .special program at V:30 O'CKK-K. -Tne .ladies of tne Cnurch 01 m Immaculate CotKcpiion are havm a Dsuenv card pariy lor rooX, nun my, bridge ana p.uh at tnc iceu hall al e o'clock. The Music department ol th Woman's emu is incuting a; tn ciuonouse. • • 'itie Udells Sunday school clas of tno tirsl Baptist cnurcn WH luiyc a banquet av 7 o'clocK tor tn members' nusmnus ana lor tneni Mrs ol the Uioie class laugnt u : Ivy Crawiord. 'i'hcre fill oo a bsneftt card p»ri> •t the Woman s cluu av 7:,W oc. of. rook, bnoge, rummy and inter lor botn men and women. Mrs. C. W. Volimer is having i bnagc pariy ni tne clualiouso fo ner srsier, air*. SV. J. wuiiueri^. ot Picuens, Miss. Sen Born. , Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Fleets-nod, o, Jsckson, Miss ;iannounco I'nc mrn ol'a son Priuuy, Tnc oaoy mis ooOi named Allison Maynaru. ueiuri heir, marriage Mrs. f'lceiwoxi win Miss Tflena Allison, aaiigntcr' ui J. P. Allison. '' . * » » . To Hire Fcondtrs 'ihe tarent-l'eachcr assoclsttb:. of 'tne Armorel junior ruth •. I\M. *ili nave a rouiiuers D.iy progrant Tiiureaay evening, V:3l> o'L-iOt.'*, i. wriicn lathers as well as mmncr.x are. invited. "ihe iiuerestlUG numbers foiloc. Communny sinking; tnlK, "inc . Uittoty. and Sminnciuicc ulV. T, ji. 1 wo>t," Mrs. U. te,".Orjg&er; Memo',' lai irltute, Miss Wuhe'A. Lawsoii; ioip, ."A Uttic Child Snail Les- Trim," Mrs, 'riaymond Fowier, pageant oi'^|j9 VW" e Lightma Ceiemony. ten women; song, -Mo- iher's Jlymn." Tne program ' will be coneludcc. with a Dlrtnday donation. • • * • Women Quilt. Members 01 the Women's Coiincl. of the first Chnstlan cnurch spcn. yesterday afternoon quilting at tn. home ot Mrs. J. 0. 'Ellis on tlx. Memphis highway. In the dainty icfrcshments served there was a note oi Gcargc WasliiriEtoirs birthday. To l'ftebr»lc Founders l>ay. The Parent-Teapher association of.the Central Ward scnool win celebrate rounders Day wit!) A special program NVediicsday Mter- noon. 3 o'clock, with Miss Mar> Outlaw in charge. She will <sv«ak on "What It Is and Why We Snouh. Observe It." Mrs. Otto Kochtitzky will E ivt the state president's message iniu a memorial tribute lo Mrs. Theodore S. Birncy, founder of the organization, has been assigned U Mrs. B. A. Lynch. A voice duel '>,, Mrs. Rowland Wollort and Mrt. Walter Rosenthal will conclude thi program. In the social hour refreshment will be served, it i? hoped 1. of the 155 members will aUcn:l. Executive Hoard Meets. At a meeting of ths executive boaid of the Woman's club Moncliu evening, at the home of Mrs. K. M Terry, plans \vero formulated io. events lo be held at the cliitaousv this week. The M'members present cnjoyN. . home-made candles. To. Have Parly. Mrs. Krert Fowler Is having Ion. fables of bridge tonight at her houu on West Walnut street. Basincrs Women Celebrate Bh-thdsy. 'Flic past preslrtents ot the Business and Professional Women's cuii. were hostesses at a birthday pwij Monday evening when the club wa". six years old. The past, president: who were not there in person sen their messages in 'cleverly wrltic:. tellers and the affair \v,is a tie- lighUul reunion of old thoujhi-. and friends. Jdiss Marie llariish. the fir;,. president, cut the birthday caKc Mrs. H. L. Heynolds, arthiif vict- president, made a sho:t taifc as m Introduction lor a varicti piogrsii-. Tho. club songs were suns. icUe:. read by Miss Harnish in a -Tun'. In Radio" program including ihosi frcm Mrs. John P. Former. lor- mErly Miss Selma Shide and Mrs Tom Jones. Mrs. Ponnc-r non live, in. Ohio and Mrs. Jones in Lit tie Rock. Another letter was from Ruth Alice Wilson of El Dorado, state president. Miss Keturah Keeij spoke of "By-Gone Days" and Mr.-. Bob Barnes, accompanied by hei daughter, Mrs. Lee Medlin, sang a fplo. "Our'Place as a Ciui)" wa; : Mlss Minnie Matthews' subject Io: a talk and another was given by •Mrs. George M. Hunter on "Oui ftS ft UONML fHIOKtTH i (lie remalnacr of tlw school I inrt' » th %" aunt fln ' J uncl e. Mr. and Mrs. George M. Lee. ! Mrs, M, J, Suitor;/ who has bee-i lUat the Baptist hospital iri M 2m ', [<nls, was brought 'to the home o: - her daughter, Mia. Ujyle iftntfe,-, son, in i Ccbb amubuljnce today, j I'rwfiise f*aml NEW SPRING S • Mrs. H. W. Nipper W .T..WIlIl. rB g|d- I Mr and Mrs. J. H. Ball and • aauBhlcrt, Bertha and DUMB v/ s Walter Stewart home Saturday Miss Ruby Garner spent Fridav telH with Lena Mac Culler ^ Misses Oia Davis, Bertha' Bill nnd Ethel M3C willlarm visit- school Friday afternoon for lli* . Valentino program. - : i n«"p Lc ,"" le " ak « visited 'Mrs. Less Frazlcr Friday aftouajn. •Mr. and Mrs. Kd gar Davls ot Kh »* S " ent Suntia >' afltrnoon Mr' 1 "^ '«"' W " T - W11Iiam • I Mrs.-J. T. Sykes of Blyihcvll'* i spent a few days of last week w, h ; her -parents. Mr; and Mrs J j" :Uall of Promise Land. of Ladies Ready-to-Wear Graceful new brims and off-the-face hjits in Lace and Hair Braids, Baku, Panamalac and Panamore. "1'j -Jf^f^— 1 —-^-^--^—^^StJi^^iJ •Bits of News Mostly Personal. ^tr. and Mrs. Braxton Hi-ring of Orceola, were tn the city Sunday Tinks Hnil. of Osreoln. was a vis- tor in Ihe city for the week-eml Miss Louise Turner, of Osceola >ent Sunday here. Mrs. J. R. Hiu'iccck spent t!ic •cck-end in P.iragould ivitli reb- ives. f. A. Rice was n visitor In West 'laliis, Mo., for the vjjck-end. Mrs. B. M. Green, of Osceola, was i the city Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blomcycr, of 3arulhem-llle. were gursts of Mr. nil Mrs. E. F. Blomfycr Sniid.iy Juliuji Blcekcr, of Wn'nut Uldge ccompanicd Miss Marguerite Pride rane for the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Artolph Crnflon nve move<i to the McBrldc npar 1 ,- icnis on \\x-sl Walnut street. Mrs. Enrl Hatcher and daughter nnc Evelyn, are in Osreol:i toilav isltlng relatives. Carlock-s mother, ot Gra- ols, Mo., is (he guest ol his fnm- ly while Mrs. Carlocfc Is seriously 11 at the Blythevillc liosjiitnl. J." S. Stnoot. of LilbDi;rn. Mo., I-, isiting his daughter. Mrs. E P Bloineycr, and familv. Miss Elizabelh Miller is ill ni her tome, 131 East Main s'.rcet. Lou Rhodes, of Osceola, has mov- 'Ince as Others Sec It." Mi S5 ciarr. {uble gave a reading and Mrs. IcHnn played sevrml pi;u:o .wise- ions in concluding the projrai:i The past presidents ;irc: Miss iarnlsh. Miss Hulh Snlhvell. Dr. ~~J.\u Nies, Mrs. (\inncr am! Mr/ 'cm Jones. * • * Irr. Ross Stcvciii 'resident Auxiliary. Mrs. Ross Sicvem, electocl irCEidenl ot tlw Wimisi'-.-, :niM'.in-\ if the First Prccbyirrlan i-hiirci: n a meeting Monday att^nwo-:. Mrs. Roy Walton was u.une:l !rens- irer. These two officers, olerrni for wo years, replace Mrs. Cirorpr H Crockett mid Mrs. L. S. Hriscoi- esiwcUvcIy. The vlrr-iisc.iWrnt ana errctjiry. elected las', remain or another year. As token of. appreciation for their vork hi this group. Mrs M ; u:cn A Boggs. wlio is niKvins to Hot Springr. and Mr.". K. A. Moore who r. going to Hilton, Mo. \ivrc n-i- ented gifts. The 4'J mcmorrs nml \ij- toi-s prcKCiit heard a jirr^ram nn Oi'eign missions lod ijy Mrs. Crlcl!- llcld. assisted by tlic president, vie'. 1 iresldrnt and several ol tlu <au.« secretaries. The subject »-.,•. -jfr- tir Thyssll" nnd cor.:lltinn-; nmaiiv he various foreign tuitions uer^' splalncd and prayers olfcrr:! i-s. heir advancement. For the devotlon.ll, Mrs. l/v,ii; tooiwr read and cor.iiv.nntccl try » Math. 28:16-30. nssblrtl by .'!| r « smcs H. Brooks. Prior lo tlic aux:11ary n-.m-iw members of circles t aiid 3 i,-', : ^ he earlier part of ll-.c day t(..i:'::.- wo quills for the Ver.i l.loyr, \,- M -' Circle 2 finished two quilts for th- ame home at a meeting at Mib fi !. Vall's liome. An apoetiziiij uncheon menu -vras served til noon j cd hfro and is now connected with i Uie Tom A. Llllie Molor rompin.r. j W. M. McFnrlnncI Is 111 with p'.o- mnino poisoning. Leonard Cassiday six^nt thc-weck- :id in Stesle. Miss Geneva Slnlllngs returned Monday froin !>riiVretoii, Kj'., 1 Vliei'i! slie had been visiting relatives for n month. She wns'mct In ll-m-chl^ Saturday by Miss Mnbcl Norrls"i,n lliey spent the week-end there. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Walters have returned to their home in Jonrs- boi-o after visiting ;-.lrs. Waller* 1 sisisr, Miss Mabel Norris. Uoy Smith lias rcturiied from Carutbcrsvillo ivhcrc lie (ransitci- ed business for several days. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sarrel! were guests of relatives in Dexter, Mo lor the week-end. Edwin Jones spent the wcek-eml In Riplcy, Tcnn., with relatives.' Marshall S. Fie'its, who has been ill for fcrcral days, Is now Improv- 'ng. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Falrficlrt haw .-as (heir guest, Mrs. Fred w. Scluuz, of Helena, wvo formcrlv lived here. Arthur 1'nlton nnd Joe Folocn- thai siwnt the week-end in M-m- phls. Miss Kcturah Ncely nnd M!ss Ei;In Miriam \Vestirciok are going , 0 Wilson tomorrow for ditvs stay, '' H;\lc Jnckson ol Oscooln was ;i visitor in the cily Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. HolHield, "of Reclor. Ark., are c'lcsts of their dauijii- lers, Mrs. A. B. Holland, and \i r Zal B. Harrison, and (heir (imu- lies. Mr. nnd Mrs. D.ivc Dinkelsnlrl. formerly of here nnd new of Mrm- phls .nve in the dly for teu::<: flflys stny to attend to business and visit friends and rji.m-es. ; Miss Lnclle Wilkinson, n? Mi*-;r | S. 'Dakota, - has- arrived here- to I ANOTHER CASE Df RHEUMATISM and SJomach Troubles— HoUl Man BeflBflts This TimcT . E:i:linK the siitTpriiiK «f 10 ye.nrB in just a fe " out quic eases that never yield to othar remedies. . e siipriiK « ye.nrB in just a few v/ceks is Koiiii,'"sijrne out Hint's just an example ot how quickly Tanlac works in stubb^jrn No ».., [ , ; M,,lr »i t ^ W,,I,JIT -In- ^j^, .ifSthlj -h :11 Mr; J. \c'li*il .l-o of .. iiinlirhw. R,,f for IMI I., hlinc Myfij "Kor 10 denial trv'uIilL-^. ithcuimti- nior.liiitrs. Miil n> l Mrr all o ._ nl)sy In l-arl; sVn-jltJcr?. A cw^-1 l:ov,prtt]| mt.ticliw vva, ,, tl ,M 1D [a mr ,,! T™:ih= ,iri»v,] |o ly all of I col rciict t,nn nil Imuh rhmmnlbm. ,>!>• Jinr>iio oKrit 103-:; OT.-!. ,Vo n-,ur trrjj. i;<K«l. »licp n. c ,,,l ,., ] „(, pnin.»lllln.-s,. m^r,. nil tori . |(|, c ama- II. m in l>^ck stiuulrfcrs uiiv,) &ut J li.nvc tiic;l oul lou of r.ic.llcin.-c b-;i T«n- lac irnva m-2 rMull»." Tl^l'» iho ,tr.ry »f rnnlac in n nutshell— U (.ivct robiilu nn.l ctirg (hen (pick, for rvcrs- hfih hmk ^nll riyrt •• n r«l nv*lK-lnp. MJII-V -],nlCht r.irJfrincG" make Blovrlnu iiTrniiir* Ihlt fr.ty fool ynn into Jj-.iyint: tl.f.-o. !-:,[ rr- F-.f-nilk-r Tw.lac Ij » tc»\ ir.crfi(-inp (h*t I'nrl;^ it.* r[.iimj wilh'a cunrmiic^. At nil drncri.'l*. Accept oa mlslitulc.!; How ,M;iny ,SuTfV|-> iiiu] Do Nolhiiu' Aliotil K SJMI'l.K HO.MK KIOil'DV (JUICKI.V HTOi'S I'll.KS "I fiuflcrcd lei-ubl,- •.,•;:), |,i rrc i•\K piles which ,were ,i'\t\;\ painful. F'nally aflcr n t,-.-, severe Rlt^rfc I pet a bottic of c.\ v mio Pills from the drui; M ;,- ;UH i ro _ lull. 1 , were so Kood I'vr • : .| ~. : , ncf of the ndvertisrinen: m s-vi-i«l l*rp!c 1 knew, for ll:.,y aro'wurt- Ccrful." dcclaiv;. ann|ij,-V i m - and h:\ppy nun. Mr. \Vii;:., m tib;i.-n well kir\ui flrlirnnan .,( H;-ck Jlall. Marylaiitl. Thcu.'ands of nun ;m-i u.nvn .ufTcring (rom Ihls iliv.uir,) pile trcuble are today in, Uintrr Mh- cre<l. If the rcartpv suij,-^ with piles they slioukl .siillei no 1 n w r Oct n bellle of Cnbr 1>,] 0 I'm- n '' 'lnn'?ii.!s—swallow s rcupir |, : ji<, p:r illrcctonr p.icii mrnl 1-15,0 tor » few days. That'.- ; ,i: i), Kl r,r 5 r:nd-rse this newer, b;i; n - imornji «-ay. or send 15c hi :.taii-.i-s or crin to Colac Co.. Hrrnuviwti Mr), for icgiilnr bottle, full <iircc- H'<ji«. rcti.rn mall. M-r,ry li;,ck 11 '!.oy l:iil. Try Ilieni UT.houi li^^•.- ir.g a penny, on this tamoiis coii- ccra's absolute Buarantee.—aclv. ofFatjn27Days niiriiK October n woman in Montana wrote - ".My first bottle ol KriVdir.-, salh >,ut«l almrrt 4 weeks anrt goring that time I lost 10 ixiuntls of fat-Kfiischen is all veil claim lor it-I feel better than I nave for years." f ! £Cr< VY thc redllc that banUhcs ist, ana brlnss 'nto bl-ossom all (he natural attractiveness that cvorv wcnian iicsscssts.- J Every nicrnlng take one half tea- ,ru5wi5ul of Kriuchen Salts in a .'S!ns5 of hot water before breakfast Be sure and do this every m^rn' |ng for "it's (He mile daily dose Hiat takei off (lie fat."-Dou't miss :i morning. Tl:e Kruschcn Imbit means lhat every particle of pci-- 0115115 ivaste matter and harmful acids and- gases are expelled from Hie systrm. • At the same time the stdmach tivrr. kidneys and b-wels are ton- r.'l up and the pure, frc^li Wood containing Nature's s,Ix lifc-glvlnE i-r.Ua. are. carr(ed to every organ glaiid, netvc and nbre of the body end. this is followed by -'(hat Kturclicn feeling" O f eiiereetic health.and activity that is re- flcuted in brljht ; eyes.'clear skin cheerful vli-acitj* and cliarmins fu:-' ure. . * If you lose tat with speed cet an 85: bottle of Krusrh- cn Salts from Kirby Drug Co.. or any live Orugg.'it 'anywhere' in America with -the distinct understanding that you .must -be.satlsfiecyjfitf] resiitj5_j>r money-iiacfcr—a'dv.' - ' i 18, 1930 An excellent showing of coats in sport and dress modes to suit the spring silhouette. Many new 'tweeds, plain and figured crepes in suits and ensembles. There is genuine QUALITY and, STYLE in each of these •> new creations. Hosiery to Match I Every Costume \ ;i;Exqtiisite.'pnnts, .plain crepes, chiffons,. .•-georgettes and lac'e dresses are this^rare collection of "the season's best. HALL SISTERS SHOPPE BL'YTIIEVILLE, AHK. SHELBY REDUCED-TO-ONLY Terms If Desired LOOK $QOO Q*J ——— FOR YOUR OLD MATTRESS We want your old mattress, therefore we ., allow you $3.00 for it on purchase of one of these bargain mattresses Nerves A night of broken rest •*"» followed try Iioin-s of mental or physical strain; nerves tensed almost to the breaking point; irritable; unable lo couconlr;ite_jin- olhcr hectic i)ii,'li| j, i?( | m j s _ crable day ahead of you' Why cmlure il? | lr '. ^\j fs - Nervine ttincls the 1 irrv,. i .l, r i |1 g g rnnn nnd poise, ami jn-nuits re- freshim? sleep. Dr. Miles' Nen-ino j s now mado in two firms-.].j,.i|i,i ;lnc ] K(Tcn-cj<-enl Tablet. ti,,;'|, '. lr ., the same therapeutifally. Large Package Jl'.OO re is ,1 real opportunity d> have n lovely livini; room at a very .small cnsi. l{cd Davenport Suites in high grade • two tone jncquard velour upholstering. Slightly used hut real values—only ;i in stock. End Table and Lamp with Each Suite Beautiful Pieces . Only 100 East Main St. Phone 680

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