The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1940
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 1940 JBLYTIIEVJLLE (AliK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB : '«$ %?*%$?$ l$rrt : *'>l*iy5lrlr mom l^<JF.:;lf:®&3si.'&i\ .., . '^^^J^ CLASSIFIED AU Vll/Kl loliNvy For Sale Daily rate per line for coiisecu- '.ve Insertions: 180 noes cut-over land. $2000. :jj ' mlles no rtl ™e*l of Portajcvillc. ; U A, Davis, Morehoiise. Mo. I 2G-pk-K> ' - Vou Won't Mind the • HOLD EVERYTHING By Ctydo Lewis Welding KXl'EUT Hcpa'iring Grocery sioro, rooming house and KxiKTl gun repairing. See E. M. • Damon at the niylhcvlllo Armory on Wednesdays nni! Thursdays. One lime uer line 10o' service station at Osceoltt across, IVo times per line per duy....08c ft' 0111 Magnolia Filling Static.])., Mirce times per line per day,..acc Phone 328 nt O.sceoU). 25-pk-l j Blx times per line per day 05ci „ „ Month rate per line 60c| Dr - v c S'P'-css wood. 51.00 per Kick.' tarn's of Thanks 60c ft. 75e| Al Walker mid Harris Sawjnlll. Minimum chnrge 50c ! Eilsl Ma1n st - !3-pk2-13 Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before exultation will be charged for the number of times the add appeared and kdjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy yibmltted by persons residing out- Jide of the city must be accom- Business Directory FULLER BRUSHES"" _5-' !| H_ Dan McLean, I'lioni! 1059 , ,.,,„ n)alf< , nmj sc|1 D| . Antilba Liniment. Mrs. O. B. Phillips, 21G No. Franklin. O-pk-2-9 Registered Poland China pigs, a months old. j. L-. pinksion.^Hol- And Our Many OUu'l'S Todity ](uld Vauled by cash. Rales may be ens- Good black land, corn A cotton ily computed 'from above table. ' farm. Write P. O. Box 345, New '3d miick Coac] Advertising ordered lor irregular Madrid, Mo. 22-pk-30' insertions takes the one time rate. ' No responsibility will be taken lor more than one incorrect liiscr- For Rent tion of any classified ad. Notice Bargains In USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. CIIONK :s ]Three room unfurnished duplex. >' :i1 )r(ml " SB " Counc : S20 per month. 700 W. Ash. Telephone 100. B. D, Ferguson, 27-ci(-ai -. 3 room furnished apartment and j baih. Modern nnd clean. Corner ( Mal)> and 2nd. F. Simon^phemai.,, <,,„,„,,, t , m , |]( , ! Four ' room furnished apartment.'' 31 F ""' T " dtir I Call 274-W, Mrs. Edwin Robin- \':m Ford Tudor i ion. 1-24 ck 1-31 13 room furnished apartment. COG No. 5th SI. Mrs. Croivtter. 12ckU Unfurnished apartinent, 4 roottu with bath.. 508 W. Chlcltasawhii. l j hone 728. 12-ck-lt Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Jnttrest Hates. We are equipped to handle farec or small loans on nny sized tract j Nice bedroom convenient to bath of farm Isnd, at low cost, and at a low interest rule. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blythevllle, Ark Desirable bedroom in private home, with heat and private bath. 1037 W. Walnut street, phone 884. 6-ck-ir — way dawn for quick sale. ROOMS, furnished or mifurnislied. .. ' , 7 ; One bedroom. 914 Hcam. 3pk2--.i| yan y aro rai '° bargains — I jxtra good trade allowance IS YOUR Assurance OK Safe Driving! motoring Is the aim of every driver. Then, why not assure yourself of n,| s safety as fni' ns your automobile is con- cernrcl. Drive In and let our uifdiantei init your car In slmpe lor nny driving. The cost to iciiMinnblp ami (),(, wnv j. ^, >lr . untec'd. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED Steam heat. Phone MO. 21ckli For Sale or Trade Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE | Will trade Tor Mules, Cows, l!or,H Cattle, Corn, Hay ami Lumber. Delia Implements, Inc. Sec Floyd Simpson a-ck-tl | WELDING Drag line and heavy vrehlhig ; specially. Barksdaie Mfg. Co Personal Phone 19 or Res. 1019 Arnusc Slngplsli Liver, work off the bile to rid ymirsclf ot consli- nation, gas oams, and that sour, i punk feeling. Take one box of i Kiunv's I ACTIVK >,IVKH 1'II.LS 25c at ab Kirby Stores ™ ^l Feir.alHelp^Wtd. SOURI LAND—80 acres cut 1 — -- MISSOURI LAMl—80 acres cu .. _ ._ over on Highway 62, $' per acre Make $4—S6 weekly spare time.! Ladles belt of preen fabric. Fo'u'nd cash, balance, over period of sis' Take orders from friends, others j Thursday morning on Main St. years. ' -for "Dated" dresses. No expcd-1 at GofT Hotel. Owner ffmnv have ence. Outfit furnished. Janalono, j'-ell by paying cost, of this ad. Dept. 853, Indianapolis, Ind. , Cr.nrlcr News Office. rr n ^ •> j Key to Wlhys bile. Oivner Conway & Houchms Blythcvillt, Ark. ia-ck-tf Wanted To Buy Trees For Sale ., trees now. Catalog free, Bass Pe-J wanted to buy Government Cot-. can Company. Lunibcrton Mtsvis- i ton Loans. BlytJicvllie Gin Co. |sipj>t GOD OF JANUARY HORIZONTAL 1 Piclnrcd is .January wns named. 6 Period. 9 He wns an ;mcient sod. 13 Not to win. 14 Hurrah! 15 Sound of sorrow. 1G One who totes. 17 Gnawed. 18 Surfeits. 20 Wceriin? devices. 22 Form of melody. 25 Minv;te psrticles. 27 Red Cross. 28 Throbbing. .•!•! On fire. 36 Mountain pass, 37 Weighing Answer to Previous ruz;lc 12S(irring. •~ ~" ^ " ~ 16 He is pict, " [OjDlDg -PilJTIA^. L-QiQggA'GlilNlTfflT A R 1 !D^ElAITiE|Ra N A-SjA|L^RiEfe!EfT ij^EIL!QiPiB§E?35 LJ Pf?S2RtAlfSS?Ult=!M MAP Cf or SS New England. IPi.liASrf&Rl 33 Neither. ^35 machine. .WWrfnlrle. Mart. 40 Spikes o~f 41 PCCpeci. rnrn 42 Plant fluid. VERTICAL , }! ^ •14 To fortify. 2 Bittrr drugs, n Papa •!5 flat-lwttomed 3 Short letter. 44 Sloth' boat. \ Consumed. 49Setr,idiamc- 5 Withered. Isrs. SI Keeps afloat effect. 5S Form of "!.-' 7 Grain. S5 Horse's guide 8 Warm. rope. STnt'ers. 55 In behnU of. lOJr.r. 58 He was god of 11 To mangle. Charles Lous. lormcriy welder for Blythovlllc Mnrhinn Shop DHiUil.INI'. anil HKAVV \ Sl'KNI) VOim OASOMNIi OSED CAR GARAGE , Ark, .'!c In .Ic I'or Gallon ON OASOUNK Valuable Coupons H'llli Ki f!.A.SO),INi>-,AiOTOK OH, WEIJOSKNK 'wilo ,{• Hoiiilt TKADH U'lTJ) Salesmen Wanted !t snlOMHtn wtmtod. Must linvii car". Write I'osl Ofncii nox '.'» C'hcv. .Sport Sedan '37 Foril "00" Tudor The liiif.]- quocn Mnvy, a font llilinln's pride ol Hid sen, con- JOYNER OIL CO. Dculcr TANK (!AI| TO VOIIIt (.'All a.v 01. Norlli. Illvllic-vllli' \Vi' IJrllvcr IViiinc 1X1 i-c'l /ruin Cnuc,.r l,,,r,>ni^ ,,m,,. ncfvil'in''.'!'''!'!',.'}!, n>- •i 1 T,-i..M „),„» ii,., „.„„„.). ii,,,, „„,, •,•„; n 1" 1'Binvr Is iiriiliiilily Ii This U the time of times to buy a tare model used Ford Ninv l.ociil<<d «l Ull Nurth Sccon ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU HO.V EDIVAHDS. l'r,i|irl.-|dr AM M;ikn ulciiluturs— ltl>ji«lrlns_J';irlj—uihtan* V-8 — tremendous choice of unmatched* value} — priced DRS. N.IKS & NWS niythevllle, Ark. — terms that don't pinch your & Wnlmil n, ni]c 811) purse. We'll make you a deal you can't refuse. Come in — lot's talk it over. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER lysPejltP HERR. "Vlipp^^ y. %^^-- JKMm OF SEW'ONEOF-lM'IMlF.vlES R, Hu-N fivuinft/ JUST SIDLE YOUR llOSSGS - K v ' lrtlul -'< ' ;, |\ lRCUIASTAMCES, YOU VXM-Yf LEMD t-\d t\ - k'CJvp> . _—-^V ; ' ws >W' -S^T^ & ^^if^^ik^^S film PHILLBPS MP HI^» HHV.Ct .INC t,n me u.n. WT. 0 "GOOOBY OOP." fH" 1 ! I GUESS Vt)U EOM'T KMOW /• —~ MY BOV- / WELL,WHAT HAVlMG SUP THE WIThERIWQ PIRE CP OME HEAD FELL A VICTIM OF ALLEY COP'S FLASHING •SVJOKO Highest prices pnicl for all kinds oJ Fisher and Worthy, Steele, Mo. l2-pk-2-i? HOOTS AND HER HUDDIKS BaW Chicks Custom Ilafchinir Marilyn Hahcriery Bl .Vorcli I2-pk-2-l? SOP.E'.WV. MUST V.M Po& ^viO WE.R = ^>ucv\ ^ „,&000 / GEE UJHIZZ — 'EH nl I'rirrs that snj- Buy Xoiv! \Ve've slacked prices on the greatest croup of Usnl Cars you've l.iM c.ycs on. Ei-cry musl be sold so «c'.v all KB!) Uirvrolcl Deluxe .Sport Sedan. Low mileage, lic:\t- cr. A ticaulv for ....... SS!)5 WASH TU15US No Company Wanted UY ROY"CRANE 0SD I-'onl \'-8 «s Turtor. Maroon color. Driven only 1 1,090 miles. Special ____ S.W5 AFTER AU tHE EX- \ HOTH& CON6 YOWC, CITEMEI1T, J COUlWl'Tl 1.WV. I\\ 60IW6 OUT 61EEP. WMT'U. I Oi\ to THE WSLLTO SEE tiRESSED AWD I'LL / \t= 'TOERK'S CEAL1.V WKE A W.M. K iwc i A AW OIL . nt TEU von ^''\ YOU AeouT mw' ;>xTV6 WORSW6 WORE THUJ6 TO CHECK, AND I OOM'T IHTEHO RUH- lfl«6 OUT TUL 7 WHERE \ ARE YOU DOIVJ6 UP? 133!) Chevrolet Rusiinss Cnnpr llratrr. r.ow ftims like new 1S3R Chcvrnlct Spor Black color, motor ccm- 1M7 Chcvralrl Town Sedan. Runs Ronrt, has foj liglils, spot Jiffhl, heater, now I.O-.5T ^c.l;,,, Cit, driven «« 1WI Chcvrnlet Coach. Special SIIW Trouble in' «iW, EV6WTHWG& GOME ' f.arpe ^ .Small, All Mikes riinrnlrl. I'onl. CJ.IIC, fill., I'. • lint, • Tun. New hotlirs if vnu w,mt Ihiin. 5S.8^H 1 • S-«.™vr&™™ "THEN LARD snof ^HAPPENED?) /GOOD GOSH, ~\ @^ 5?',V_- S POP, WASN'T THAT"/ 0M{ ', ( / I f-l I/-.1 !,-! I -. / ,Sli Hi A SLEW Of CLOSE-UPS WITH Tt)E CAMr-'RA F(5?.TY PEET, AMD WITH 'THE L6WS IN MIS POCKET .' SO W5 HAD '£> s^oor 'EM ove* Trade; fi. 51. ,\. c. rayuicnt Plan mfsfr*v-'M"\ WE GOT six PIES TO l.tSr IM A COMfTOY ?tOL'nWCC , AND HKTOR AlOMQ ANO ^^ ^ THE WHOt-g P^of/y l^[ Overland aiitomo- tnay have same by Slant cany bearing Pec ^l,nd Fruit! K Bo f^ ° f Ulis a(i ' Co " rier irofic tlnn- f^ntnln-r t* nn n, n^ WIILLI,. pci-.son. 10 January was to him. 21 Light blow. 'a Kiln. 26 Indi 2ft Pastry. 29 Constellation. I SO Fewer. 3J Short article, metal. . •iC Piccolo. •17 Ladder round 43 Ascetic. 50 To repair. 52 Japanese coin 54 Year. 55 Pound. . 57 Giant king.

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