The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1940
Page 3
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'•ATURnAY, JANUARY 27, 1940 _ BLYTHEVILLE (ASK.)' COURIER THE TOTAL WAR Sees Europe's Foes Building Up To A Terrible Crisis By THOMAS M. JOHNSON NBA Sculce sun Correspondent 'flic struggle between the Nn?.is ind the Allies now crackles with 1ml electricity of drama—suspense. 'Hie war today may not be ilash- n? hwl crushing In full jiower tit he front, bui behind the Iron! it s being waged wlih an Inlc-iislly hat makes this period unique in ntercsi and import. Virtually ihe whole populations of he greatest military, naval and ilr powers in the world arc work- ng night and day, witJi fierce fury )r clutching dread, building up to- rard crisis— tho most terrible trial if arms In history. Meanwhile—to 'prepare for, lo (mil. or to profit from that trial's Mtcomc— the diplomats scurry and "hlsper In corners. The world's ickshlis never were so crowded— lor so slippery. "Only a few weeks more"—the ' iortent from sources official and inofficial is the same. What we ee today above ground Is simply '• lie War God Mars trying out new .'capons that down below Ills mil- bus of Vulcans are foreing •X)R THE UOMENT, DEFENSE The Germans are well or land warfare and need mostly weapons of sea and ntr—magnetic lines, submarine. 1 ;. Innd planes <md eaplanes. The British, hastily training mid inning Improvised armies, need •very-thing _ but notiiblv nnii- ank guns and anti-aircraft cqnip- ncnl. Both sides need new llanos. For the time the Franco-British orces will use these weapons mosl- • In defense. Germany's tentative thrusts of •ecenl weeks may indicate the lanncr in which she will use her nil might in the future. Her uagnetic mines that tied up the "ort, of London probably were ex- wrimenlal forerunners of many nore. Her first wave of stib- narines, now rolled back, will be allowed by other waves of siib- inrines clashing not just against single ship but against hitherto mpregiiable convoys. With them ii-plnnes that now are busy learning the new trick of attacking all :ina_s of shipping, even fishermen an! lightships. • !R BOMB CCURACY INCREASES And not forever will taj-gels arger, and more human, escape The mass air attacks the world as dreaticd nre being prepared In lie buzzing airplane factories of 10th sides. But iii this tense period they are nakmg fewer bombers than fust igilc fighters. For without the aid if fighting planes on long raids he slower, heavier bombers have ooked like the Red Army fl'iuiii" he Finns. Most fighters until now ave lacked the endurance to serve escorts. To produce a new tvpe fighter, both sides are hbh- •cssuring—the Germans on the ew iHessersChmitts and Junkers- ic Briitsh on equally new Spitfires'. Watch the coining American- adc "bomber convoys," for they nd American planes generally— ay prove ' " " r nshington one wants Colorado Gok! .... „ Believes Idle Since 1600 fEKVKIt, Jnn. a,. (W) .^ hnl . u ul st i , l " u'l I s ,ii,»v , i : iv Arm s " i ' ,uc! To,,,. s , 7U-,,,,, worklii,'. limn "lx>ci ford ir. i,,(ir,i" .,1, oriliiiiny ),,!> ',i, 1(1 of the million <|,, mi'lls ibis .• r ])i-|n K , I ToiTt';: in ooilliiti' ! dlscovoivd hMi iii ' of 8oiiiliii|-n Colimirto " ne.u'"'i'i-Jiiil' dud, u • io\l mini*" trom u'lilch IIM;* end says Hi,. Spnnlimls took tnn-i jut fnbiikuisly ricli n c)d oiv mure tliini 'M> years ano. Torrtf. wJui for sovevnl years hns been a imitation oflkW for Ihe Juvenile court, stumbled m-ro« the iilwiuloni'd inhi(, lilunt utop lofty Ciili'brn IVak cm » hiking trip last mil. i)ei or( , ,„, COHM u ._ (urn to UK- .sit,. („ c i,., u . a ,,,„,, thronsli fiillcn limln,r.s Into Ihv lore sample, cleoj> smws lin(1 olo .. k . ed the trull. •May Know \\y !\|ny Mid. ''iMnylw hint'." Tone:; iilicndy hns illed -, oilrt- Ills fl'i"'"' °" "" ' in "' ' smlouiuill| l' I.U'niil ,100 Vcnrs Old j »K In Honthorn colomdo "nf fuljiilously rich mino was ilesovtM' by 11 ic Sp.wjimls .-JDO ,.,>„,., 11Kl ,< when Hi, ii|in-iiU)i.s \\viv onlin) Imck 1(, Knrupc by wnr. t-coivs 11 l«os|M'i<if,s ti:m> Minit most ,,| Ihi'lr liviv; ,scun-)ilii« far n,,. |.|,|. den in Hie i,',;| ( ,|i ol C'ulrtnii wus carried down iho almost ins,-, oc.wlblc nioiiniuln iide by PAGE THRER . ' lo 'Record' Shows That It Isnt So About Times Square Noise YORK, Jan. 2C.—Here's a' labels sncli as "The Bellv piquan situation. A thundering "Uedside Manor" and * columnistic legend has been erect- but this was a new cue Sn T iV™ , —- eri around Times Square. According ged lo stop at 11c lie" ' K a° station "T ? llcy DU to professional ears. Times Square lor Illuml, ndm, »Th,, .^L S ,,"°. eost ° f 52,000. to professional ears. Times Square i sthe "hubub," besides being dubbed "the double-crossroads" of the ivrrld. You me told about tiie '•YT~ 0 —'" """"-'"• >v' 1 " mem detonating sounds of the town's ill dash more and more of the busiest corner. The crowd noises. lor Illumination. "That place," sou, the attendant as part of the service, "belongs to Henry Mueller, the spnglicttl-and-inacaronl man " l asked Manila School Buys Truck Farm Acreage MANILA, Ark., Jan. -a -Announcement was made here this cd School DIs- irciL NO. 15 of Mniijin Imrt purchased 22 ncrc-s of land adjoining the school here. Purcha.ic wnsinnde from Rilcv Dmikln nl n reported "t was said Hint, ; planted to vcge- ... , - food crops, which will be canned by the workers In be sure of Ihe t 10 taken irom (he slum lo hide Die mliu ; '.% location. Aci'oidtiu: lo the Ictietut. the iiinncl iiuiiilli w.i.s vis left. Only a board, ihe li'iii'nd snys, was K'li lo murk tin- -nxit tt'luw pcrlinpR millions ol dullura lay hldili'ii in tiic iiioiiiid. Magazine Pictures Arkansas Woman';; Work Till- piirsmi of rim hooklnx, no\v so ixijiulur in ihe south, aiul tho liivlly, Mrs. Hurry Klnj, «| nccbc, Ark.. IHV pli'luictl on two imnes of (he cimvnl. issue ol i,l|,., One |«ig|. sliows Mrs. Kiun slt- iliii! on (lie Moor n( tt rujj-hookliii party, .surroundcil by nine other women hooking ruit.s, tvt tin., home of Mrs. iloiiu'c Slonn itt Jonesljoi-o Ark. According lo utc, olie of Mm - I'itus hns 150 coloi'it and mules to curry out ore liiini- plcs." A witilicr-benlcn piece ol timber in Ihe foot «r „ sm ,,n dm iicnr Ihe simunli ol Cnli'tirn 1'enK led Torres lo his discovery. "I wondered what Umber was doing so fur above tlmbc-r line," he saiil. "l <l,i|. nnd utmost fell Into ihe ciivcrecl-ovcr .slmlt." Torif.s tald he cxjitored Ihesimlt -tlotl^Jnc; (Icriivotl din In* t p< * mill Hit 1 . ,' 111 jv-t,i >ij>ii uiv , i h ,,i, i ll I III I LUi; I'll dust o centurlfs-morc than 300 p,,i Bn by Imvluj; „ feet into the mountainside. their own it was r. "Then, was n cro-ss-ciil -iluif. tiny hy i/ W- } nmi\my, tlicrc Into which l couldn't; Irndent. intc svlUiiinl more tools." ho| The snle will be held Mcnilny. Ing her hooked inns M-hlli- ID ||| 0 city us snast of tin- Iiuiilly of Mrs A. M. Ulltl. Negro Students Are Staging Tag Day Students or the IIOBTO school ut, Armoiel ure hi Ihi- n u till) ilny of to- inl ,,I C WAHNlNd OKDKIl '"!,,".'. ''".'"I" 1 "*'""™ "I I'lvlnic Dislrlc, .V,,. ; decisive. Important that Britain - lhan 12,000 American planes although n lady our factories have sent or II send to her and France in to. five thousand. This will rther develop our aviation indus- y nt a time when some nuthori- es think already our army and avy have gone in for too many anex—and when indeed, our whole fense policy is at the mercy of ongress—and what happens in trope. HITHER OTAI, WAR.? For we here cannot be sure how > arm for defense until we kno.v e answer to the Sphinx's riddle osed for the world by the Impend- g outbreak, ft is ihis: What will e total air war. unrestrained, to Western Europe? What mean even in a military a naval sense, no one yet knows fferenccji over it.s strategy helued use Hore-Belisha's resignation as cretary of state for War But soon we stun know. For the rmans will altack Britain with ncs and subnuirincs and, above , with airplanes—of which ihev vc now probably fifteen thous- d. They will attack not only itish warships but especially the nmcrce that Is England's ' verve—and not only merchant vessels t the ports that already thcv vc photographed, ^ctory toft-nsi 1 London? Paris? ancc? Why not? For this massed attack will usher In the real I war, which means the use hout stint or limit of every insslblc means to crush resistance vf enemy nations; not fighling nen alone, but civilians, women md children. In this total war Hitler will lave staked his all to win against he counter-attack of tho Allies, !md of their super-ally, General rime. The traffic's blnre. The trolley cars' ,..,„., grating. The pitchman's and news- comes m,,, boy's exclamations. The cop's wills- ATE ins tlc HAT Aloug_comes a debunking com- The last quaint bet I heard about mittee from the hotels of Times and recorded was the wage, be- Smiare to lay ihe legend low. tween Fred Waring and Paul They say, by inference, that Times Douglas on the outcome of the &<lrare is so serene you could hear gridiron season. The loser aVrcctl rtiamom stickpin drop ,vl len yoll lo lead a live bull Info a Hf "I' 1 Si!! 0 !!;. A ?,l, Smnrl . h ^'. «"» A ™»" -"ton 1,0,, and pnyfor l>.' ' tlic providing employment for WPA In- Imr i n workiiiK crops. Purchase of tlib tract of land :l the school ground here to -- The district nlso holds cvcral acres in outlying . , , M ' v " i 'j->, ij.t; «i> ciiiiiu SHOD jinn MIC ff.i- — hotel men pin their argument on ensuing damages Warina tho ins dcfcnt «»g Ihcn the evidence of a wizard of sound cr, paid his debt. lk,t ow 1 eu lle ' S likc] * to effect.?, one Thomas J. Valentino.'of Harol.i R,,r,,, n IL , ...L,, ca> 1 Unless Norway nud Sweden null riefendlng themselves, Stalin says -fllail Of C.TIIllll (myllli; |i' lsl . H il, hU|>,l otvni'r linviiij; I.,-,, llii llii' uiiiininK M'vi'rull)- ilu,. effects, one Thomas J. Vnlentino 'of Mr. Valentino records a w;rd-' instructor" Burum, ' Jctinmlisi.. despaired of very sore. ---^ ..^,, vblL111 .,;, UUU]U11 . uuittr UI milKl IB neatlllllPS Fl background. And he sa.vs that all j he remarked Urn T S he the sound pfTrrli! nf Tlmoc o !„ „„. ,.._ .... ,, . u " L •OWNEH Unknown Liikiiiwi, L'liknoini K. .1. S,,,, l/'nktiilwii I MkiMnvn the sound effects of Tliues Square he ever recorded actually were obtained In other parts of the city. He testities there isn't enough ntlse at Broadway and 42nd Street to covet- uj) (lie sound of the needle hi the grooves of the recording And. alas, in all his attempts at that busy corner, he just couldn't get the right snarl of traffic In his DISAGREES Excepting New Year's Eve, when the noise on Times Square wiuld restore the power of hearing to that deaf Uncle Harry. I plead Valentino's apparatus must that need cleaning. A cabman beat would lnu s h the tc-.,,,,,, u , ly down, for lie knows the volume of his own hern, not is lie bashful when he presses down on Ihe but- con. The pitchman, selling hj s W ares, does not spare his larynx nor docs' any of the numerous sucker-bail .lucUoneets in Ihe vicinity. Those trolleys running crosslown on 42iid Street sound like nn Invasion, and the barkers of the burlesque, dime- " -"• -«v. ii urj: tvimnt? to cat his hat If the student pai;er ever came out on time. Well me paper came oul on (line. And Burum. n ma,, of his word, nte his hat He reduced It to a sandwich cinemu Flea Circus are not die most soft-spoken gents in ull; world. And you can't ask an arUc- ulatiii" crowd brushing elbows on Times Square to hush up. nor is it, practical to treat the sky overhead with an accoustic lining. Nope. This Is cue time when u columnistic legend stands, 'nines Square is a strident corner the hostelry folk lo the contrary "C'nion in, folks, the glrl'U and sing - -.- -- *~ ,i anjiuiyjcn spread by using various adulterants, smeared it over crackers and swal- ,, i, "• Antl hc " AD Proved Ws point, he remarked later. Hermandale Infant Dies On Wednesday The Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John w. Mills died Wednesday niteriioon at the family residence near Hcnnandale, a' short time after birth. Biirlal was made In North Sawba cemetery with Hanna Rniornl Home in charge of arrangements. The b:iby Is survived by his a" 11 several brothers nnd DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. Bruno Marazino, Plntnll/I vs. No. 1127 Marie Marnzlno, Defendant, The defendant Murle Marnzino, ia warned to appear n-itbln thuty caption hereof and uns'wer the"con^ plaint of the plaintiff nnmo Mnm- zlno. ly ol Now this article ,] l,i:^_ i 'I jenls, '1 be sold blind for ten' -cuts and who knows, il ma WARNING IN THE CHANCE11Y COURT OP CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. ' Bcndona Jones. Plaintiff vs. No. 7129 David Joins. Deicnriant. The defendant, David Jones is warned (o appear within thirty days in the court named In tho. caption hereof and answer the com plaint of the plaintiff, Ben'ricna Jones. Eatcd this 27 day of Jan ISUrj HAIiVEY MORRIS 'clerk By Elizabeth Blylhe, D. C. HARVEY MORRIS By Elizabeth BJythe, D. c. Claude P. Cooper, Alty. for Pltf Percy A. Wrtghl. Atty ad LHcin. WARNING OIlDEIt IN THE CHANCERY • COURT OP CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. AU- Ida Hughes, Phinllir, vs. No. VI28 Escn Hughes, Defendant The defendant, Escn Hughes, is warned to appear within thirty days In (he court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Ida iiu-hcs Dated this 27 day of Jan., 19-10 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Elizabeth Blythe D C Claude F. Cooper, Atty for »llf Percy A. Wright, Ally.'ad Llteiii ' Mnry U,n, Mrs. .!,,(• A Mr». I,. \V Itupfrl .(• llM|iprl i ALLISON ADDITION l>>._. 2 -I BAHROX k MLI.Y ADDITION Ill A .. Kl U "_ IS II II "1 ' " IlIA'Tlll! ADD1VION ;l ;i .. I 21 WHT. Ho. 2 DtST. No a lot Bile Tax fully Tn» . Viilly Total a,l i .1. K. Crnn,. l!,i|,crt K J. K. I'rofu, Kupcrl 4- J. K, Cr.ill,, llriplil Ic \ Mr«. Mj-rll,, JlaM, .1. .M. A,,,!, T s.,l, . llrs. Hoy,fM,.n liufuril M»rlln I Ilillonl Jlnrlin iii ri -ji - 0 K 1(1 22 11 li'j 13 22 (1 21 -. .- II '<\ .«•'., ir. a i . iii si \\i •£ i - !fl '.'I 2S.7-I 12.00 12.IK) 12,110 12.1IO 12.UO L'IMll Id.itll n.'^a worth len dollars HURRY Hurryi • Say, officer, decs --••j, uumji ( u CS Ms trolley go to Madison Avcm-e - . WUXTRY! . . . WUXTRYr Those hostel-keepers m us t. he thinking of Central Park. AS for Sound-EJTcctonan Valentino h( , nust be thinking of Brooklyn HACK WARD Clailtle F. Cooper, Atty. f or P || f Percy A. Wright, Ally ad Lltctn. Read Ccurier News want ads On an auto Jaunt out ( 0 ..,„„ i'amt the other day, a tcw ^| -paused at a stalely al , d bca ™ ' ifui mansion near the Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Wain A Firsl p honc M _.,. "•"" '.^»i me wadin River. A neat signboard pro-Li" ed it to be called "Seldo= n Thomns Jefferson, born April 13, '.743, and John Adams, the only R'esldenU who signed the Docla- alion of Independence, died on •hfl same day, July 4, 1826, (he tniilversary of their act. I J. L. GUARD Onrometrist Only Graduate Optomc- trlsl !n BlylrrevUlt-. Glasses Filled Correctly EXPERT BEAUTY WORK CALL 106 Appoh X cnt Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP lTEI)UCK "SRNSTBLY Swedish Massage, Vap. Baths Jlrs. Rulh Lanhon H APPY HOUR GRO.& HMKT. FKEK DELIVERY JOO Vf. Main SI., Phone 15 . Mrs. ll M,,(',r,l Iliifonl .!. T. r l-tikric,,v,, . lln.nor \Vli It. Ynrliro Mr.'. <Jnrri»' Kilclln Klc "c-nr .llc'in 2..'.H 1.20 1.20 I.'JD 1.2H 1.20 1 . I'll 1..H8 2.0! 'J.02 1,02 i.or, 2,, 0( , o ;l 7l , ->\'.:io 12.01, I.'I.'.'O 10.80 17.52 27.OU n.-, no 11.01) I,'..CO IS'..10 111.II 9.110 Ifi.Kh Mnrlii, Mtinh, Jlnrlin .i.rl ._._ Sjin.klin •• . "ra. K. L',UL.' y.o:, . H'.»a 2.00 .__._ ift.flr, n 2-1 • lii.KO I.:IK IO.'HO ».'J-i .»a n.-jo 'j.iio .n» 11.C,K -. -. ii. -in i.n i,.:in 11.10 l.ll ii.iH) 10.50 — o.oo f. -2 m — 22..10 - 7 .IS l.'t.flQ I" ™ - -- D.'lil in 3:1 a H " :••! '.',;*, i: j , -:o k n :n nui.:i2 m.oa is,',.'.iu ,if. u. or, 2 1. .15 2:1. in l.fisi sri. i --- M.I' -.- l I.n . -- 11.1 i.™ s:t..i a.oi nii.c; 2.71) .1:1. .mi :sy,' .1111 .12, r.:l n. .1),, ;t ; ; l.r.u -ir,:_. l.ll,'. in.r.c 1.111 nu.o; .mi HI.OF . 1. 7« .112 l.^W 1.32 I.IG 5.02 .Oil .01. 1.05 .9(1 [ .20 .110 'i'l 28.71 1'r.f.r 21,1..' 33. SO r.a. I 8 ^ 11.6; . 1-1. 10 7.r,f IlLYTIir Uh AUDITION BI.YTHEvrLLn"LHBR." CO. VlRST " AnDITION '" " r, 'l in.ii iiji 1711, nLYTIIKVIU.E LMim. Cll. SKOONO ADDITION ...... -. . CHICAOO MII.'j & Lilllin. CO. 2a,l ADDITION Crnlloii •• \ to.'jfi 3,00 REMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Hfohilflas Now ManaRcrl by Waller Cox, ,] r . and E. JI. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. C7 Phone 76 Y* W,,l( .(,;„„ i-'vV.'.'i,' 1 :i; <'. A. hi-;,,,), ^l"- '.' K .Ul,.« •I' !•• I,,rnl..l.' »••"• Mliiui. Ml. .1. H S, V |(, M". J, H !!wl(( M". I', A. l/.ir., OriU'vn 1'onnn J. K. }l*».,,i. • •I. I',, •I. I. (In«i-,( .1. I.. ISuiml OHlUIUaAWHA ADDITION W IS' I fl 3.(|o 7 0 I I'J .'..10 — •' in 4.zs 'I 10 J.3S - .-10 10 W If,' || i, " "• DAVIX .SECOND AI)bmo(J DAVI.S TIIIKD ADDITION '•> l Irt.o.) i >'•'•! I I 'J I 'J7.12 f. 2.VII2 '. -'.'..(ill •'. 21.S4 S J KO III :i 11 ' J 0 '.'0.10 I' U al.iKl o | in..10 i 2.71 L*.:.,.I 2.M I'.O I 2.J1 N !•'. Knl^U, w. A iiU'Ui. H. f. II,,,,,, II. S. ll,.,i,i, . . KM >i' 1IRAHN 17.70 13.50 I'-'.OO 11.70 I3..10 7.Ht r.,r,rt I.-JO 1 1> r/> I3.KC I0.:'.0 'J.Uti 10XII IL' SI ll. 110 1.71 fl.7« I*. II! Tr,U| -t'l ^/>\ M |.-,'To' 1.77 ->:,.l.', I.5S ll.Sr, 1.17 20/,'j 1.80 Ji Sj l.ll ISM I .(1(1 1.7.'. 17.7K i.i.os 1.0") :!8 67 1.00 3:1,10 .',1.5', 1.2? 20.l» ,111 27.01! 17 .').'.'I r, i ;,..,4 Of 7.1(1 AND .'KHUY A AnumoN•"''' HIOIIMKI) 1'I.toil' ADDl'riUN • •• • • - i :1 i :ii).;m ii.uii as.iw •-'i.i.i i.' S.70 12. I'J • '.l.OH I..','. .87 1,21 ;!.'. '1 27.1)0 2.811 It. II. l.,.lmi "x. ll. C. Mi-1,,.,1, Wnllrr Wn.l.lj- .. A I-:, n.ii-ii,.,- .... --- 11 n :i 12 JAMBS'V JOI.LY AimvriOK 17. in ll.M 11.1-' .'."I llS.dij l.a.', :tr,9u 1.01 .IS.70 1.13 10. Si; 1.12 .11.7^ i.oi ii).iir, 2.0D 29.03 - -- 18.1.1 - -- 18.1.1 --- 17.or. i .an m.ii '.i.oy IH.'JU UllkllOlVI. '"'- M. lliiri-lniTliMi"" 1;, U. dr,-,.|| KM. . (fir, ill,";"' o. i'. riy,,i -i-'-'i."."." «.-.r K1 . .M. I,,,. ' w si. i.,.,.-;;;:- Chnv A. H )R MM. A. HI,,I,I ( , I'r. W. A, llrhiiniKl" II I -- _. 10 1 MAIIHU ADDITION' K 1! 'JI.7H V'.l U :i 0.72 :i 7 S1.72 MOliilw'ADDlTION 1 ' 7 ' 2 NI/J 11 |( HI.OH s '-'f " ll 7.I1S NVj 10 II HI.IIH S)i II) H [l.;| rt :i i; 11. is : n.ili 7.52 S.2.v I'. Hi 2.IK 1.111 ,117 'J..I7 2.-I7 1.87 1.01 .71 1,01 .01 2.1 f, -- -. . HI (Ifi 15.0D i.r, u .1:1 no lf,,(Hi l.flo l;l r,9 11.09 7.02 1.2:1 ;i7.iii •17.Ill) . -!.'/;) 2H.HO 2.HH it,. no is.iHi 2S.10 'Jl.llll „ Sinlih ..... " ...... """""~ w. (i. ir»i;. '.:;:; A. S. ll»rln,r,, A ( A. H. llnrl,,,,,, j, t .,, A. N. llarl.i.m ,1 (V, ll»»cl [|,..;,l,. .1)1,,,, IH'ii I' ' VniC ADDITION - o i is.on I,RO 2 21.00 a.ID •i .•«!;!> -.vii K no 1 o A. S. Hnrl.un, a c,..' 111111" «r, . i. s. iiim,,,,,, WiUon.W.,,1 On " •JI.IJI) IS.72 12.110 Hl.OS II'.72 I ,'.H l.fiS L'. in 1.K7 I.K11 1.117 1.87 17 .17 0.00 I9'.7.1 L80 li.72 111.IIS rt.lO 7,1 i) 1.80 72.62 KSl) Sa.47 2.Ml 27.OR '•!.".2 27.08 2..M 27,,11 a.-lO 27.00 L'.-'O ^.:'2 .'J9 30.UII i.ii 1.88 S7.20 Mil ISfOf. J8 .',.23 .'17 7..10 1.01 11.12 I >'C l:l.5(i 1.20 111.78 .no :ii.ii.i S.82 S.IO .SS 11.54 .«2 8.0S r.:i« --- ........... -11 i.!.« " Er ' SOM ;i0111 ' 'VISION lUncOI.U 21.'.to ii, in 20.10 9,0.1 (!0.!i(i 1I..1.-1 in LOT .07 I./-.0 2.02 22.18 2.13 20.73 2.01 22.11 - .- 185,03 9.07 2.63 l>.li I 1,no TS.IKI •;•«« 72.77 72.77 ll.V Snt.VH'tiuncr lllylliu A'lilillon. ll ' l.i.l », IHnck B ic,- X 15' K ' '' (KKAL) 20.-27-:l-10 ,1 f,,11, nr tlio sain^ \illl cutiToil ,liri',-|in>: 11»!»> i.r ,i> M-.Miiorils, Hj^i'iluT 1,1 aplitar within 1,0 Irtk.'ii for ron- ol s.ii'l Iniuli for .ill) the p-lsmiMiK .,M ,'»fli Ui.i-t. IIAI1VBV Mimltl.S. (.'li-rk nt sniil Coi)rt Hy: Klitnliclli lllvil.,.. D. V. MISSOURI Farm & City LOAN LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS-LONG TERMS Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in (his state. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark.

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