Logansport Pharos-Tribune from ,  on October 20, 1957 · Page 34
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 34

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Sunday, October 20, 1957
Page 34
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PAGE SIX Handy Man Bags House-Saving Comfort With Calking Gun ._ * ' —•-.lii.i i i.i N..II when-, you-ha THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT. INDIANA A PAGE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY __ HERE'S HOW... SUNDAY, OCTOBER », By MR. FIX Distributed by NBA Service Fall is just one holiday away, ' and it's time for the handy man to load his calking gun and shoot • for comfort during -the coming - winter. Time spent in filling cracks and| ' chinks in the outer surfaces ofi the house is paid for in protection j against moisture and weathering. WHERE TO CALK: Calk around windows, door .sills, .frames of • combination 'screen-storm window installations. Calk along sill at • point where it rests on the foundation wall; where walls or roof and walls meet; around wood trim on the house. Calk where, boards meet, if . there is an- appreciable crack. - Those are but a few suggestions. You'll find-other targets for your •• calking gun. •••. • PREPARE before you shoot. Clean cracks thoroughly. Remove • .loose .paint,-- dirt, rotted wood, •'crumbling masonry. . " If the crack under treatment is - very Vide or deep, stuff first with ' oakum or a mineral wool insulation. It's best to clean away old calking, if repair is indicated. Use • a, putty knife or old wood chisel ' for this job. Chances are, you'll not be able to force enough new 1 calking in place over, or next to, old calking. Exception: portions of , .calking around storm - screen Clean thoroughly all cracks, top left, before shooting, them full of calking compound, bottom left. Top right, gunful of calk» inr compound should be warmed 'before use in cold weather. Bottom right, clean gun thoroughly after use; dried compound in a run is next to impossible to remove* frames can be removed without weather sets in, if at all possible doing the whole window over. DON'T CALK over an unpainted surface. Bare wood will soak up ofl in compound, causing premature drying. First, prime unpainted wood. On previously painted surfaces just scrape away loose. paint and dean'' out old caulking, if any. DO YOUR CALKING before cold A puttering-type job can torn into hard wor'k with the coming of cold weather. You can, of course, calk with bulk, knife-type compound, using a putty knife. But we'll.suppos you're interested in an easier way Hence, 'the' gun. CALKING "GUNS .are of tw types. One is a bulk gun, for us you have a lot of calking to do. Be sure to order gun-grade compound. •. • , -Wipe /inside, of barrel of your gun lightly with, linseed or a light machine'oil before and after using t, to help keep it clean. Be sure to clean .the calking gun after, each use. Clean out excess compound and wipe all parts with an oiled fag. Ignore this housekeeping procedure at your own .peril. A "gun in which the compound has-hardened is-a real mess. 1 . A-MORE EXPENSIVE,-but less messy .type of gun .to use is 'the cartridge .gun. This is ideal .for small;,:'touch-up calking jobs. Again, keep 7 parts that come in contact with compound CLEAN. ' ' .'. D? YOU MUST calk in cold weather, stand gun in a container of-hot water or wrap in an electric heating pad for several minutes before, using-. . You'll have-to repeat this procedure often while working, as calking compound jstiffens rapidly in .cold ; weather, and is almost impossible to handle in that condition.' DON'T FRET when a cold-weather job is finished because you can't paint over'the compound. The paints for appearances - sake, mainly. Calking compound dries on the outer surface',: but remains moist inside, expanding and contracting with the wood or metal around it. Fine ctina given proper care will provide' many extra years of service. Cups tend to suffer the most abuse from improper storage. To prevent worn or broken handles and chipped edges, cups should be placed flat rather than hung. A rack which provides for flat storage can be made of 1 by 12, 1 by 10-inch .lumber and t %-inch. quarter round moulding. Make the base of 1 by 12-inch lumber, rounding the leading. edge as shown. The back, made MAKE A CUP RACK of 1 by iO-lncn lumbar, fc rounded at its top'edge. • The rack is made of-I by 12- inch lumber beveled at the edges. Fasten^%-inch quarter round moulding along the sides and at the center of the rack. Position the,rack 3 inches in from the leading edge of the base and 1% inches from the' top edge of the back. Use 6-penny finishing nails to assemble the back, shelf and rack, and 1 inch brads for the moulding. ... 4'OUARTCR Z ROUNp On The House INSULATION MAY CUT WUR MATING BILLS PERHAPS MORE THAN any other factor, insulation—or the lack of it— will determine the size of your bills this winter. An adequately insulated house .not only loses less heat through walls and roof, it also can'be'heat- ed comfortably with a smaller heating plant. Storm windows and doors also ._ increase savings in fuel bills. Most homes being built' today have proper insulation. It is an important item to check before you buy your house. If you home was not built, say during the last 15 years or so and you think your fuel bills are too high, its insulation is the starting point on a check list to find out why fuel dollars are being wasted. * . Other factors, too, play an important role in heating costs. The larger a house, naturally, the more room volume there is to be heated—and, consequently, more fuel will be required. Some Materials Resist Cold THE TYPE Of construction varies heating bills, too. Some building materials offer higher resistance to the weather and are more .effective in keeping heat inside a •house. A brick building may hold its heat better than some types of frame dwellings. A house with large -glass areas and many windows may lose more •heat than a house with fewer windows. Quality heating equipment is no luxury. It may save many dollars in heating bills over the years. Therefore, don't shop for "bargain" heating plants. On this point, the Better Heat- Jn^-Cooling Council, which speaks for the heating industry, has this to say: , Quality Heating Important 'TOOK EFFICIENCY and higher fuel bills usually result when the heating plant is of poor quality or if the heating system is improperly . installed. This situation frequently occurs when a homeowner gets a' 'bargain' from his heating contractor' or builder." The council then adds: "Also, operating expense may be lower with a heating system that continues to provide heat when the thermostat calls for an intermittent time out. Heat may dissipate rapidly from some heating systems, causing frequent ,on- and-off periods which lead to higher fuel bills. Hot water heating systems overcome this particular problem, however, because of .the heat-retaining power of water." A question frequently asked by homeowners is this: . . ''How much should it cost to heat my house?" IT IS ViERTUiALtLY impossible to set a first average for fuel bills. Costs of different fuels vary' widely from one region of the country to another. Actual fuel prices may be set by local competition. Fuel prices also may vary because of the expense involved in distribution and the distance of a particular 'community from the fuel's' natural source. About the only test of over-all operatin gcost is one of comparison. It cannot be wholly accurate but it can provide a rough measurement. The Better Heating Cooling Council offers this advie: "-First, find several homes in your community similar to yours in age, .size, construction and price range. These test homes must all- be heated by the same type of system (hot water, steam or warm air) as yours. They must uses the same fuel "(oil, gas or coal). "Next, check monthly fuel consumption with the owners of the test homes in terms of volume and cost, - and take an average. If your costs run- close to the average/your system is operating with reasonable economy. If there is an appreciable difference, and its not in your favor, get in touch with your local heating contractor. Chances are he will pay you back for his charges with reduced fuel bills." Fix Up Old House If You Want To Sell „ If you want to sell an older home in a hurry, see-that it puts its best foot foward—fix it up before prospects start ringing your bell. This is the advice of the National Institute of Real Estate Brokers. Specifically, the Institute points out that homes with dingy, unattractive bathrooms in need of modernization are hard to sell. With an FHA home improvement loan calling for small easy-to-make monthly payments, it's no strain on the family budget to.modernize an out-of-date bathroom, says the Plumbing and Heating Industries Bureau. The-prescription is simple—have a plumbing contractor remove the old fixtures, replacing them with a matched ensemble of new fixtures in color. Here is the color palette you can choose from—blue, green, yellow, pink, ivory, suntan, gray or red. Change the floor and wall treatment when you change from old to new fixtures, the Bureau ad-; vises. You'll want a completely different bathroom setting to show off the new fixtures in full advantage. Be sure to include a roomy meal- cine cabinet and; plenty of accessories—towel -racks; robe hooks, soap dishes .and tumbler holders, tissue dispensers—for convenience. Do these things, and youMl have a new bathroom that will'be the envy of friends -and neighbors, the Bureau adds. . ROUND EDGES CERAMIC TILE is coming out of .the bathroom. It's been a.fixture there for' years, as flooring ' and wall material: 'Now it's spreading throughout the house—in living >and fining rooms, basements, terraces, foyers and on walls and-fireplaces. Tile has, been employed for 7,000 years .as a building material but its .uses have been somewhat limited. Today it seems to be undergoing a renaissance. Why? Its increasing range of colors and textures, as well as'simp- ler methods of installation, are credited for its new popularity. Attractive and Durable A fired clay product, ceramic tile has two qualifes which give it merit as a surfacing material; it requires > little care and it has esthetic appeal. It's waterproof, colorfast, easily cleaned and durable, and it requires no waxing, polishing, painting or other redecorating., Tile products come in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes and textures. . Although its use in dwellings dates back many centuries, not too many do-it-yourself homeowners • (fctloiul lumlw Mimrfartuiw Ajwclrttwi _^ have been willing to take on the job of installing tile with mortar, It can be a messy job, and one best left for the professional surface, but it's more .expensiv*, it's more easily chipped than unglazed tile and its glossy-smooth surface presents some hazards. In the modern kitchen, tile goes on surfaces in need of a sanitary, easily cleaned finish. A tiled panel surrounding the range, for- example, eliminates the need to redecorate that often-spoiled space.. Cooking fats and steam stains will not affect the tile. A cloth, dampened in a. detergent, solution, will restore its brightness.: Tile ii being used for kitchen drainboards, counters and splashbacks. In children's rooms tile can serve a useful purpose because its surface is sanitary and'' the smudges left by small hands can be easily removed, : Tile • on toy shelves and on windowsills in the children's rooms make paint or garnish jobs" unnecessary. Tiled fireplaces are', becoming popular again, too; and in recreation rooms the: functional qualities of this material make it highly suitable. Recreation rooms get rough treatment, and tile is tough. There are three main _ types of ceramic tile; glazed wall tile, ceramic mosaic and quarry tile, x Glazed wall tile is'made from a pre-fired "biscuit" of white clay to which ceramic color .glazes are Butler buildings New Kitchen Appliance Htove "Built-in took" The big news in kitchen appliance this year is Built-ins, according to the current, ipsue of "Today's Home" Magazine. It says that "almost any appliance you buy will look as-though it was made to fit your precise kitchen." • New refrigertors, ovens, dishwashers and clothes , dryers . are made with flat sides, fronts, tops and backs, they iit flush with cabinets and flat against the waU. IDEAL WORKING CLIMATE Keep employee morale Mgh •with the ideal working climate in a Butler building. Perfect illumination from light panels in roof. Self- ventilating gable keeps air constantly fresh. Insulated Butler buildings heat or air- condition efficiently. Ask to see our sound-slide films. Call or write today. STRONG BOY The wood-framing lumber used to form the skeleton .of a home, such as studs, rafters and joists, never loses its strength when properly cared for. Tests made on joists in the famed Octagon House in Washington, D. C.,' built 150 years ago, show that they are as strong as the day they were put in place. TAPE PREVENTS MARS Rubber electrician's tape or- a strip from an old inner tube wrapped around the head of a hammer prevents marring the surface of wood when removing nails. Dual Water Supply Recognized As A Potential Hazard One of the fundamental princi- ^ pies of good plumbing is that there chore c must be no "opportunity for" the pure rooms, water supply of a building to'be- come • contaminated- by the waste water or by any-other water which may.be used in a buEding. 'The dual water ^supply system has long-been recognized in the plumbing -industry as a potential health hazard.. Research work at the State.University of .Iowa sponsored by 'the National Association of Plumbing Contractors has disclosed the dangers in dual water supplies.' There are various kinds of duplicate water supplies in buildiings, the NAPC explains. Sometimes a house has city water 'and cistern water; sometimes a factory will have city water for drinking pur ; poses and water from a stream or pond for making steam or cooling condensers for air conditioning or processing; not infrequently.-a commercial building will have two water supplies, "one for drinking and the other for air conditioning. While the plumbing-industry is fully aware of the hazards to x health which result from any'interming- ling of two water supplies, these dangers .are not so' well Understood by persons outside of the industry. It is because of these hazards, that only qualified -journeymen plumbers employed by experienced plumbing contractors should be permitted to make plumbing installations, either in new., construction or in. additions to existing buildings or replacement or repair work. " Experienced journeymen plumbers working under the supervision of contractors know how to guard How Is The Time 76 Redecorate NOW THAT THE CHILDREN are back in school, many mothers are finding that th-ey-have time to get in a little redecorating. First chore often turns out to.be the bed- Washable bedspreads, slipcovers and' drapes are a necessity, especially in homes with children and puppies. Now it's possible to make spreads^-and curtains* of topsail, that long-wearing,-gay'-and. washable light-weight sailcloth that has been a standby in 'small-fry^play 'clothes and now is 'available in decorator widths of 48 inches. The decorator' topsail comes in patterns coordinated with solid colors. You may choose stripes, checks or plaids teamed with matching plain colors. A fresh and pleasing combination is a'pink and white stripec bedspread with solid pink- dust ruffle. Curtains may have plain valance and striped drapes. Local sewing center experts suggest making a reversible' bedspread, plain on one side, stripec on the other, to go with a' solid color, dust ruffle. One full width of fabric goes down the middle o the bed, with a half-width stitched to each side to form the overhang Cut two complete spreads, one striped, one plain, round the.corn ers- at one end,' and stitch righ sides 'together 'around,-.both side, and rounded end, leaving top open •Trim seams and turn to right side just like a pillowcase. Press care fully to eliminate wrinkles and top stitch open ends'together. . Coordinated cafe curtains, striped and plain topsail, make a good decorating note. Wood Is Relaxing : or Family Room Women have discovered a secret allure for -keeping husbands home. They are having the family room paneled in :friendly, relaxing,wood. ' Since most exclusive men's clubs favorite hangout- of some hus- .ands, are wood paneled, the smart vife has reasoned .she-'must compete, if she'wants to see more of mbby, during waking hours. -The male behavior being what it s'— psychologists supplying the words — the little lady may have an idea, the conservative^ West Coast Lumbermen's Association-remarks with a mischievous smile. The lumbermen, always .trying to be helpful, suggest -another asset value of wood-paneled living rooms. The relaxing atmosphere created, s.ay these worthy gents, may be so, complete that the too- Fauber Metal Bldgs., Inc. 9. 0. Box 496 Phone 2-0&76 Lafayette, Ind. MATERIAL SPECIALS! Beautiful genuine selected Mahogany Panelling i n large sheets, grooved like plank, easy to apply . . . . $7.04 Read the Classified Ad tightly-wound-up -husband may not lave, to take tranquillity pills in the future. All of which is a leadup to something else, a suggestion by these west coast tall timber boys of _ti*e land of wood which" has the highest built-in tranquillity factor. May they suggest, and they do, Doug- las'fir for beauty and friendliness The popularity of tile with the average man about the house has been enhanced, however, by an adhesive method of installation. In new construction, the adhesive technique for- tile is particularly suited to dry-wall construction. In remodeling, it permits the installation of tile over, most existing surfaces in proper condition. The remodeling chore thus becomes less' painstaking. Today's architects, builders and interior designers are making wider, use, too;'of ceramic tile because of its' ability and beauty.v One architect,' for example, transformed an otherwise uninteresting open brick wall into a conversation piece by mounting on it an intricate and colorful design' of .tiles. The brick wall thus serves as a textured background .for a smooth-surfaced painting in tiles. Adds Color to Planters Tile also is finding use as surface decoration for planters and room "dividers. Planters and room dividers, of course, are being utilized to achieve ' the so-called "opening planning". and "partition- less definition".of various' areas of the home. • Unglazed tile provides a safe and comfortable waiting. surf ace, Some homeowners even have made use of glazed tile as a flooring applied and re-fired in kilns. Under the high temperature of the kilns, the color glazes- are fused into the white tiles. Ceramic mosaics generally are unglazed, poreclain or natural clay tiles with color penetrating throughout. They are made in small shapes, usually squares and rectangles, and now come factory- pasted on paper sheets for-easy application. .Ceramic mosaics ar« most popular for floors and as coverings for the tops of tables • and counters. Quarry tile often has been called "red tile." Much of'it is red . but improved .manufacturing methods .have introduced other colors to this type of tile.. ' Today's homeowner can buy ceramic tile in about 200 colors. After thousands.-.of years .-.as a fixture in man's, dwellings, tile is being used in more and more ways in the smartly-designed homes of today. west coast hemlock, for blond loveliness, or western red:cedar for .the old-shoe homeliness of calico and gingham. FARM LIFE It is estimated that of the,,nation's .seven million farm dwellings 95 per cent are built of wood. Farmers are great users of wood .because it can be easily worked with simple tools,'the hammer and •saw. Most widely--used-structural lumber, in the. country' is fir, a tough and durable wood : grown mostly in western ,,'Oregpn .and Washington, sold at every crossroads of the nation, and making up about half of all softwood lumber cut each year. Rugged contractor, type aluminum 1 stot-m door, complete with all hardware Standard Sizes '. A factory-finished Red : Oak Flooring thafs easy to lay; Enough to cover a 10'xl2' .60 Check for our Bargains Every day. Free delivery SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. 811 Burlington Ph. 2319 They have no rounded corners and no bulges, so they look like wall and base'Cabinets. ' - . •.'-.. Many appliances can be installed under, in or around cabinets, and they blend perfectly into the decorating motif of the major room. against connections; which, might permit the contamination of the. drinking water by another water supply of doubtful 1 -purity. Says ideal Home Site Has street On North Seeking an.-"ideal building site?" Choose one -which. has the street on its north, side, recommends Architect' Gregory Airi. Writing in the .latest issue of "Today's Home" Magazine, Mr. Ain, says-that with such'-a lot you can enjoy privacy and controlled sunlight; 1 - "The : ideal lot is one which^not 'only meets: these conditions,"'he says', "but also has a fine view to the south, preferably overlooking lower terrain in that direction." GARTER'S Concrete Block Plant For Allergy Sufferer* New electronic air filters, developed 'for use 'with,'warm .air systems offer .important .'comfort to hay fever and : 'allergy sufferers, says ""Today's Home" Magazine. A good filter is so efficient it will remove particles as small as. 1/100,000"of. an inch and make air virtually dust-free. '•- Sign of a Grocions Home Iron ornamentation of the entrance keynotes the warm hospitality and gracious living within the home. Many distinctive de-signs. Logansport Metal Culvert Co. 220Hanm>». Dial 5137 BLOCKS HOME and ^INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Ind. Phone 624 MUFFLE RACKET and hide ugly cracked ceilings forever with (Armstrong CUSHIONTONE You can put Gushiontone* ov«r any ceiling regardless of condition. One* up, it muffles up to 80% of the note that hits it, and cracks are gone forever. Costs only $20.40 lor a room •10''x 12'. See Cushlontone at— SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. 8TT. Burlington Av«. Phon* 2319 Liberal Trade-l Storm Doors Allowance Windows Purchase these SELF STORING ALUMINUM COMBINATION WINDOWS MEASURING SERVICE ESTIMATES Lumber ASPHAIT DRIVEWAYS BUILT and REPAIRED LIMESTONE FQR DRIVEWAYS Agricultural Limestone (High testing in calcium and magnesium.) . CALL US FOR FREE ESTIMATE! STUDEBAKER CONSTRUCTION CO. PAYING CONTRACTORS a D * -...-. Phone 5-6358 ONLY WOLF GIVES YOU Premium Fuel Oil Additive Aot awurti cfcoiwr; morrtffictart ht«t, «t wving* up to 20* ;ON CASH PURCHASES} I For the »ame price as ordinary fuel oil. WOLF COAL & SUPPLY 314 Heath Phone3990

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