The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1930
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS TIVJ cents a wcrd let first Insertion' end one cent a word for each eubsequlnt Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than SOc. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 306 SAIJi BABY CHICKS—All v&rtetles, (torn proven Hocks, Custom Hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Bly- Ihevlllc, Atk. 9ck-tf FEED FOR SALE—Corn, hay. oats, special price on car loads. Phone 65. Ira Crawford. 18ckU. PAGE FIV1 .. r B30 & NEA Service Inc. JM LAURA LOU BROOKMAN TOR SALE;— Clever, Timothy or Pea Hay. Write R. L. Morrow, Oran, Missouri, GOOD USED MORE BARGAINS IIKIHK ittUlK MHIA» JUDITH CAHKHO.V. JVrn ««rk I > » I • I. mar firm A II T II I M KMljHT. rirrulllr «l Ibr vuli. UhblH^ huu»r Mhrrr ah* (Tttik* KufuMI l» • nlrfimri ivllfc n kjAMulilrr. ruSIT. IN. &n4 eon. JLMIlK I(L Ton; Ornun.rf. Ju- <llk n. » n«l« dlujtrr. Her (mkri •mkrft kri N|uilii;;lxr. Whm jHBlui buiur 1m rltrUlmn* hi.ll- i,,,n HnULl ,alff,in tvllfc tie !• In >';in> un hn Ir^ 111 ,-iin- Juilllli Jixo Vou cao'l kcec OB tolnj (toll siren unill pare—" Knight Interrupted, lili tore iiead *rlrl(|pd In »,frown. "Miss Tapper." he said, "I wnni <uur frank opinion. Will you ix> Honest wllh me? Tell me, do /ou *nj» lir ! AMI* .III hn* Ml:Jrd. (:i Ihi- t i:il>lliltln lin,. nilb To rrt-t,i lly "Oh, o( course not! 1 iuit menu It's only natural for her to want lo Gel around anil eee her trtcndi oc caslonaUy. H'lio arc licr friends t'other?" "Why— the tamo pcoiile you mil I know." you "l!ul there must be glrls nieii-that 6ho knew 'licfor* am) Elio were married!" 1 Knlglit looked at Tony.. She hart stnrlcd aft a wtiolo trnln of u 1927 Model Chrysler 50 Iload- sler. New paint, good tires; motor in good shape 1928 Model A Tudor, driven only 12,000 milts; has sood rubber, motor In coed ccudltion; a real buy fcr .3215 5385 1926 Buick RoadjUr; motor in good condition; good rubber $185 1997 Model Chrysler 50 Coupe. New paint Job. motor In excellent condition and good rubber all around $255 Authorized Ford Uealm PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. PHONE 811 FOR SAIJ, OB RENT—10 acres two and one-half miles north of Blythevllle. $50.00 per acre. Terms direct from owner. A. Mixer, Sr, Clayton, Illinois. !7pkSO FOR SALE-me Buck Eye ISO egg Incubator. Pho:ie r 1504F11. Mrs. J. H. Smotherman. 17pk20 FOEl SALE Some excellent bargains in used typewriters. In fine working condition. Call and see them. Blytheville OITice Zquipn-.eiit Co., 210 West Main Street. 17ck20 FOR HALE—Cash Registers, Adding Machines. Typewriters and Filing Equipment. Prices as cheap as out of town dealers. L;l qu"te you prices. Blytheville Office Equipment Co., 210 West Main Street. 17ck20 FOR.KENT. FOK RENT—One or two furnished rooms, i.I.;:c in Apply Jimmle Ledbetter, Triangle Store. 4ctf, .FOR RENT—6 room stucco residence, furnished of unfurnished. 512 North 1st Street. Will be va- cant'February 15th. Dr. Saliba, Phone 410. 10ckl8 nil Ki:i II OltTI II K II. i<n< «,L,rr!,< TLI. I. rr. lik I fullirl li-:,ll, Ibr ~ Ill JuilltEl itilxtilV rr tltlllh i« rr >tu:irrrl ulrl I. lilnk I've aged lu tlie unit few monlha!" "Why—oh, my no! 1 didn't mean i that, Mr. Knight! Oh, 1 hopo you .tidn't think I meant anything llke i 'hat. It's just ihiit you aren't aajcloim thoughts, e.ich' cnichlns •ti-oiis « yuu were, I mean, you! from tlic oilier llko a iiackiu: : niuBlu'l let yourself get tired!" j Fourth of July Hr« crackers. He smiled at her confusion. } • • • "I'm afraid you're quibbling. : Well, na mntiDrl 1 certaluly 1 mustn't Veep you any longer now • Von']! l>e out tomorrow?" i .Slie suld she would arrive at the usual lime next day. Then Miss | I'uppcr [licked up her brief case .nud wem out Into [lie haUvrajr 1 where Harriot Drought her wraps u | T,.n> r.i »iii en llr.l., E Ilic (rlti •rl [I Ilirrl • l«r J Irll hn illlh n'l'.l! sho naO sooo Knlsht con I" tlinr n»r». JnclElh Mcrri-p, rma df*i Sr.r lf:it,'« n niilr litt Arlfctir Mm tin n.\ ivnii i UK si (JIIAI'TKH XL ••<•' I'll. \ 1">! nil for today!" Arlhui in : ills (iosh clialr. Tony found him *n ilto K.nnic posltLun 15 minute.* ' Slie Mine In radliititly to I" • i.i< HIT father to tea. : Ti'a (or an Invalldr' he asked . 'l)n ton ihlnk d's (julle proper;; 1 : -You're MI tin Invalid, mister Vnu're the linrny-handed son. of \ lull! Haven't you ticen worklnp nil | alicrnoon;; Too had Miss TIIUIIT'?! i;one. Isn't tl? She mlsht uavf Mked a cup of tea." I :1S pl>01 "- 1 K!iis!!i inokrd up smllliu Ills sprirlary. whn ;--nl tvllh dicta linn Hntrliniik un mi'.* curlier ot nlf 'leF.Ji "Well/ li'l snins lo b' inns now. I Imiu'. before I'll in netting tain Uip timce- mysell aud =iire y-ui nil tries? suhlirlinn Irlpn.' with 0111? lu u-hlc-ki iniueniiil U'D'ler I <irs:i ni:cl ihp rr-spcci. due'an tin ^Inycr wore mingled. "I tin hope you'll no bark at yoin -lesU EHOII." slic .insivernl. "Kvciy '"' ' |IS '" tow " 1;llcly - baan't'sli >nc In I he tiffire l» .inxIniiR to act 1 'cm. HIST yon knnw It Isn'i nn> i:ni|jer al nil Inr n;t? lo ri,rn^ o:n 'FOXY ivas quick to aolzo ber ou Iiortunlly. "Yon know, Father," slio «cnt on seriously, "I've Icunicil lo under 'stand Judith u | 0 i belter iban I did. Of course, you know t apologized for Iho way 1 treated Her at llrat. I conlJii'i bclp tLtit. It was —bccsii.'o I Invcil you so cmclil llul lately Elnco we've all been hnine lo Aether so much 1'vo learned lo k;iow her uclicr. There's lust PI:U thlnir Hint—ratlier liuita me." "\Vliai Is llinl?" "Well, I'rc tried so dnrd to bo friendly with her bul It doctn'l seem In do any good. Slifr—1 BUMS sho doesn't like we!" "Nonsense. Tony. Vim mustn't tnit Dial wny nbont Judith." "Hut. KiUlior, It's irnc! Yosier- May aflcrnoou 1 rearmiiBed nil my plrius EO 1 could drive Into tow with her. For sonio reason—1 don'i .,,..,,. ... , , : know why—she didn't seem to like Knight followed bis dniiglilci : | ( nl al ] „ - "- llvlag room. No one elscj ..,.„, turo V(nl . ro ni | s , ahcn _ Tony Judith docs want to lie frlendlj "Where's Judith?" he asked with you. I know that." "Oh. I'm so E'nd! If you rcillj lielleve. that, I'll keep right OQ try Ing." Stio slipped her arms about he fnlhcr. affcctlotintely and Inlet he head against his slioulder. I'rescnt ly slio glanced up at him. Arlbii "Oh, I don't know. In Hie city, I milioso. gho'a been making a lot l Tolly lvas a3 cnslj;1 l I I "er as wore her words. n her mnn- Harriet en- nere 1 -1 dnn't iiiliul thf FOR RENT—Nice large front hed- rooiu. Couple or Beullemen. Meals served if preferred. Call 310 or sec Mrs. B. F. Loftm, 1415 Main St. lipklB. FOR RENT—Nice steam hcaM bedroom adjoining bath for gentleman, G03 West Main street, rhonc G42 or 26. Hck-ti FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 305 Dougan. !5ck22 WANTED WANTED—Cotton renter. No over- flew. Box 12, Fagus, Mo. TpklO. POSITION WANTED — Anyone "ceding Stenographer, orTypist. I'honc 82 or 846-W. 13pkl8 She tind hnreiy snvrrt j;er.seH from niltlinp tliat she enlnyoil the milmary nl .iviirklns with Arthur Knlshl here in hfs tinine. It would have ticen H iriiiliful jfatenieni dui she decided the words seemed too pck'snun! As ihoiiRh any thonslil at all ol Kalhryn Tnprer's conrcrnlng nei einiilnyer was mil nersimal a'lcr she nail v.nrkeil with the man and fui him for 15 years! The private secretary hart no! forgiven Knisht for marrying nls allraetlve youriK wife. Inii she was like an Ludul^eiit elder viewlns a wIMfui 1 child. She preferred in _ thlnji Ills errors were the fauU of othyrs. "That's nil very, well!" i\n> <ii assured tier. "Just [ho same 1 know cumins out here Is a nuisance. Well, strtclly in confidence. I've made Shephard promise to let mr oul ol the house next' week." * "Oil. I'm 50 Blarl!" There was no doubt of that. Mis; Tupper'a voice, more clearly than her irords. expressed dcllght- ."Don|t suppose I'll get into town the first day,-nut ll's a start. Lord! Seems as though I've been cooped uu lu this house for 10 years!" "You've always boon so actlve," murmured Hie secretary. "Dnt you must turn over a new leaf now! j tcreil with ihe lea tray nnd placed It on a. table conveniently near Then she !llled Ihe cups aud serred ! r iho plate of cahca. • Knl^tit sipped bla tea. looking bored. 'I -ny put ilor.-n i;ar cup and perched -u the, edge of her father's chair. "DaiIlia's tired. Isn't ne?" slie crooned. Knlgl:t shook his head. "Yes. he Is. He's tired and fed .1 wiih ihls stuffy old place. What juu -need Is a lot of people around and Uilnss bappenlng. l.lfe! Come on —lot's go places aiiM dn things! Let's get ihe car and . vc dinner in town totiiglit!" "Not tonlglit. Tony," tier father snid. "Nest week perhaps. I'll certainly like to. But what would Judllh say?" "Oh—Judith! Have we alnoy; got to think about Judith?" "Of course we. have." "Hut she fortcts about you. "What do you mean?" A harsh .uallly had entered Knight's voice. "Well. 1 mean—she tsu'i here is she? And every day :il:imst It'p Just Ihe same. Sometimes 1 ihlnk i -\vc!l. I linn't knnw! Ynu ami 1. are used to living out here. Fallicr ' Wi- like It. Uut I suppose for suine waa Blaring off acroE> the -'h nnncelu;; eyts. . Isn't it lime for you I 7 You know—doctor' OM!UI. He smiled at her. "You're becoming quite n nurse Yes. I tniss It Is lime for mo ti so upstairs now. Dinner's a seven I suppose!" Tony said that she supposed 1 was. Arthur Knight arose atn wont up ihe stairway. When nt r,:3U ho reappeared In the living mom Tony did not hca him enter. All In sparkling white she was Intent before the radl dials, tuning in on a hotel orchea tra's sync;oraiiuu. . .Tlt.a crash of (trass and trumpc .filled the room. ^ 'h'nlght crossed the room, placed a band on the girl's shoulders »u sho whirled abouL "'t Judith corao la yet?" h asked. Tony shook her head Innocently "I haven't seen Ijer," sho eali "Wait— I'll ask Harriet." Arthur Knight shut nff iho ran .(111.1 aerial dfn, nnd wetted. "Harriet says she hasn'l seen Ivjr," '1'u'uy reported. "Sho tali] I'elultinl little Han tonucd ou il)G glri'E hrow. "Did aher »ho repeated. "No, I can't seem lo remciiibcr nuylhlnti. It's itinngo. Isn't U!" KnlKlit rang a bell for tho nmld. "Will you go uiislnlrs." he BiilJ (o Harriet when sho uppcntcil. "nud sco If MM. Knight la lu her rooiu7" "Vca sir." l^IVK itilnules Inter lio nn« la- L .'oriued that Mra. Kiilglit was not upstairs. , "She didn't go Into town, nltlicr, r. Knlelit—t!mt to, not with the ar. llen'» bceu working out In 10 saiato nil afternoon." "1, soe. TlKnik you, Harriet. 1 utiglno Mm. Knight will bo hero oon." Seven o'clock caiuo. tint Juulth Id not appear. Dinner was kepi • allhiK auil Arthur Knlfilit pnccd 'U^h ami torth, bacli and loith hroucli i!io living room and hall. Tony hail found Uita was no ttino o hear her Invorlta railio Inns. Slie sni ujniii n window teal, wcrliiK out lino iliosliaduu-y street. I'ony's conecrii nvcr her alen- nolbcr's illsapiicarnnfo was per- ectly slnnilaicd. At 7:30 Knight waa worrlql. "J'erl.niu llicrc's ncen nil accl. lent!' ho niipe.nlcd lo Tony. "If slie went Into town ntio must hnt« :akcn a iraln. Judith wouldn't lave fni- fi otlen all ahoul lime tht» way. I'm E0 liii; lo telephone—" it was then, aa he li through the. hallway that His eyo Glgltl of ttio envelope, li was address) In Ji J( j|ih'a ivrltliiR— The folded sheet was spred bo- fore him I,, ni Sncip.ut. Arthur Knlulit ica : I: ' • .11- AL-Uiurt ": iiicthlng has happened very u-lilc;!, Is taklcs ma away for a short time—" Alter Hie man had rend it all through twice lio stood through the wlinlow. This leller, bo was tiyiiiK to convince bltusclf, meant thai Juillth dad gone! Tony, watching secretly, i nervous. Why. it must have 10 minutes ho liad been slim there with his Irack toward She went Into the hall. "Itadily, irlint's liaptiened? nnythtng Iho matter?" sho a>V-i ;. sllpplnfi ono hand under his nr:n. ^Knlglil turned. Ho eyed the sir! ns though ho did not know wlmi ahc said. ."What Is It, Daddy?" Tonj bjEBCd. "Head tt," ho said, h.imllng :icr tbo letter. [ "Hut—wlijr, how slrriiEo! What In tho world does It mean?" tbj gfrl ilcii:andeil, "It i. :ins I've lost her." . ..Knight's face, thin from Illness. Uwlicd drawn and careworn. Ills resilesg, burning eyes eoustit who isn't accustomed to tliis: Jlr3 - Wlieeler was Idohlns for her sort of lifo tt would bo nionoto hasn't cumc In yoi." "Thai's sir.iusc. Judllli didn't .. "Vou tufnk Judlli fa tired ot- | say anything at noon^. about going all this?" |out anywhere, did sho?" Tony'a In misery. j "Judith's gone," ho conllnnpil •Jliat Btlll, oddly untmiurnl tones means she won't come back!" His glanca circled Iho room sharply. Suddenly -Arthur Knight caughi up n hat anil overcoat, uud swung out ot Iho housa Into the. night. (To Ilo Continued)) y~' SISTERMARY'S WANTED—Good clean rags: must] At-present there are five known be free ol buttons. Highest prices. 11ck20 Acton E'rinl'ng Co. TKADR FOR TRADE—Ford 1926 Coupe and Furniture fcr larger car. Call at " ~ '" 17[jk20. and and supplies nil these food elements and every honieniafcer is vitally tested vitamins, A, B. C, D E. Tlie ideal balanced diet 212 Franklin. interested In tlie incaiis of furnishing tliem. A recently published (able slioiv- ing the relative distribution of J.OST I vitamins reveals that, fruits and LOST—Reward Offered for return i vegetables !irc excellent .sources of of black suitcase containing 1 the first lirce vitamins, A. B nnd L clothing-. bctv,-cen B'ubtown and j C. Sleetc. No'.ify N. D. DePricst. Hol-| Unrier the general classification land, Mo. 12i>'KlQ i of fruits, which includes citrus as well as all other varieties, this S'KKSONAI, W. J. KNOX repairs shoes No. 204 West Main. good TYPEWRITER REPAIRING- Why table gives the amount, of vitamin A as "variable," B "gocd" and C "ricii." Green vegetables arc designated as "good" in vitamins A and Tl let. a traveler clean yew ty]re-| a »d "rich" in vitamin C. wvitrr or nddinjr machines when] Yellow root vegetables are guaranteed work can be secured' "scod" in all three vitamins. White r'liiht here at home. Next time your machines give you trouble oriiuins B need cleaning call 603 and \vc min A. will do the- work right. BLYTHEVILLE OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY, 210 W. Main Street. jrool vegetables arc "Rood" hi vila- and C but "low' In vila- Uvcr and kidney, butter fat. ITcKO WERT He Makes 'Em See Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Ta*. Bookkeeping Syslems > Fhone 52 Ingrani Bldg. Blytheville, Art Jags- THONE 100 Irntc Dart: "What is (lie stuff on my new car? Calm Son: "That's only traffic jam." A RENTER NEVER DIES WITH THE HAPPY THOUGHT ON HIS MIND THAT HIS LOVED ONES WILL HAVE A PLACE TO CALL "HOME." E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. min C and must, he- used daily i health is maintained. Vitamin D. wliicli is kinwn n fish oils and eggs arc "rich" in nlone furnish Hie three substances vitamin A. which are necessary for life, Milk- Is "good" In vitamin A and growth and health. B and "low" in O. Meats and fish arc vitamins A and'B, with vitamin vegetable makes It possible for" the Ismail" amounts Fish oils are II C absent. liomcmaker to plan and buy ivilli • only type fcotl described as "rich This brief summary clearly lile utmost intellisenco and ccon-, In tills vitamin. Ilntlcr fat, live shows the importance nf fruits and 0 "iy. Fruits and vegetables arc, nnd kidney, milk and In Ihe diet for they practically the sole source of vifa- i nil "low" in vitamin D. To go further into the study and I the prevcnlalivo for rickets "low" In learn the vitamin content of each found in frulLs and vegetable: MOSI'N TOP KRKCKI,BS ANP HIS FRIENDS THE, BASSBW-V. SecTioM Ar5' So FAR. fto sien AT A\_\_ CT- ^^sv DOS suo«---- OUK BOARDING HOUSE 'Best* wisries success, I'p MY VoUU WAV, BUT 1 QUIT TWo ce^i-f STAMPS' • SO'OT* AAl' SET \T-fO MUSIC, So VoU PCAV AROUKlP HERB? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES----, : A wowV MOD NPo, I'M 6CMN* VtOC. I* SOME - w wtft so ; «00t WNb MHOft WWRtW- l'60l«>\OO»V ACT MUSIC WITH HISiMEALS CDUVP HEAR H1S1 SOUP - jijst UK£ FoP Does A 1)007 SHOW!

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