The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1940
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1940 ' PAGE f WB BLYTIIEV1LLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Sale 80 acres cut-over Inml. $2(XiO. 3 i miles northwest of I'orlagcville.| I.. A. Davis, Storehouse. Mo. ] One consccu - nnd smta stnll °" al Osccolil scfoss i tirhes per lino per day.....Ooo Uonlh rate per line COo fafds of Thanks 50e & 15c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times arid stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the add appeared und lidjuslinent of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy vibmilted by persons residing oui- ncie of the cny must ue accom- vanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above uible. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions lakes the one time raie. No responsibility will be taken loi' more than one incorrect insertion of any classiticd ml, Dry Cypress wood. 51.00 per Kick.! At Walker and Harris Sawmill. I Enst Main St. 13-pk3-13l You Won't Mind the SNOW in a PHILLIPS USED CAR Sec These Models HOLD EVERYTHING 1 still mate and sell Dr. Phillips' Annllm Liniment. Mrs. O. B. Phillips. 216 No. Franklin. O-pk-2-9 Registered Poland China plga. 3 months old. J. L. Plnketou, Ho!-! , ^'~ - ...„..,_.., land. 8-uk-3i, Ami Our Many Olhers Todtiy Good black land, corn & cotton >39 Void Timor farm. Write P. O. Box 345, New Madrid, Mo. For Rent Notice $105 aa-pic-ai) i ' 3S n " ll ' h C(1!l<l11 5295 " j'37 Chev. Sport Sedan $315 I'37 Fonl "00" Tlillor S3 IS Ford "85" Coupe $325 Bargains in USED TIRES AND RADiOS Some Kepossc'sscd, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HAKDWAUE CO. J'llUNK =5 3 room furnished apartment- and -; bath. Modern and clean. Corner \ Main nnd 2nd. p. Simon, phone!'38 Chevrolet Coach 5115(1 76*. 25-ck-tl' , SPECIAL HAUUA1NS Four room furnished apartment. TOISVY Call 214-W. Hfrs. Edwin Robin-,' I .son. i«24 cl: 1-31 '32 Chevrolet Coupe $:(S.50 599 3 room furnished apartment. 600 ' •3-1 Ford Tmlor , No. 5th St. Mrs. CrowdL'r. 12cktl;,, n „ , ... .. i'.iO Fnnl luiloi- I Unfurnished apartment 4 rooms "•", Ford Tmlur , with bath.. SOU W. chlckasiiwbn. I Phone 728. Farm Loans Large or Small At f.niv Interest Kates. We are equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tract of farm Innd, at low cost, and al a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Wnlnul St. Blytheville, Ark Welding ~ EXi'Eiif ""ELECTRIC"~~ AND ACETYLKNE I) r a line and heavy welding a specialty. Desirable bedroom in private home, with heat nnd private bath. I1W7 W. Walnut street, phone 88-1. G-ck-lf ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished. One bedroom. 914 Hearn. 3|>k2-3 Nice bedroom convenient to bath Steam heal. Phone 280. 21cktl For Sale or Trade MOLES " \Vill trade for Mules, Cows, dcifs, Cjiltlc, Corn, llr.y and Lumber. Delta Implements, Inc. See VIoyd Simpson 8-ck-U ............ $50 ............ $52.5fl '3G International I'iek-llp ...$m '33 Fonl rick-Up ........... $M Th[i is the f fme of itmes to buy a late model used Ford V-B — tremendous choice of unmatched values — priced way down for quick salo. Van/ are rare bargains — vxtra good trade allowance — ' ernis that don't pinch your purse> v/c '" mo!te y° u ° dcal ' "^ C ° m8 '" ~ \VoIding BXPIiKt WELDING Ciiuilos L-ons, fufmcriv welder for Hlyltiei'iHe Muchlne. Shop MXK mill UKAVV WKf.O- INf! Ol'li Sl'ia;l,u.TV ! P. W. CRANFORD GARAGE Dell, Ark, Salesmen Wanted i a fulesmon wiuiiccl. M,,sl haw cnv. post Ofnce llox 3V l.- Repairing Kxporl gun repairing. See E. M, Dnmon nt the UlyWievillo Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. with Italy it'nd Oermimy dropping out Inter, and 20 nciv countries Joining tiio movement, n lets talk it over. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER Personal rhune 11! or Res. 1019 Poultry Highest prices paid for all kinds oS • vc!irs ' Poultry. Fisher nnd Worths', Steele, Mo. H-pk-2-12 Arouse Sluggish Liver, work off the bile to rlu yourself of consti- oatton, gas 'jams, and that,'sour, punk feeling. Take one box of K WHY'S ACTIVK i-.iVEK 1'II.I.S • .•'• 25c at ait Kirby Stores Land For Sale -i -- ,. jMJSSOlilil I,AND—SO acres cut over on Highway' 62, SI per acre ± | cash, balance over period of six ; g. Co. PHILLSPS MOTOR GO. 5th & Walnul I'honc Slti MaleJIelj) Wanted "There's no law iiguinsl it, Jones, iiut wc iry lo discourtiiM! swing music la-re." All Mow l.iir.ited »t mi Kiirtli Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I>ON EDWARDS, I'rojirldor Miili^ ,,f u<>liul]f Tyiicwrllns, Ai!illn K (\1acl.n.r, (;;ikiilat<irs— ItciMilrliiB— I'aru— li Thlrty-twd cmnUrlos Joined in the l!oy Seaiil inovoinml. TERMINATES TERMITES ^ MEMPHIS SPHNR VOW CiASOUNIi noi,i,,\R. wisi:r.y SAVE ;tc l<> 'Ic Per Oullnn ON GASOUNR Valiirible Coupons Wllli Knelt r»re]iase OASOUNK-MOTOlt OH, KIMIO.SI'.NK lli- * liolllll TILADK Wli'll JOYNER OIL CO. Independent Dealer TANK C.VU TO V()t||t CAR Illjiliwiiy (11, Nnrlli, lllytlievllle We Deliver 1' 153 Business Directory FULLER BRUSHES C'.lll f).ii|- Mel-ca'n, t'hoiic 1050 -KECTAL CANCER ' I" >l>> I iirrinnu. ^'nircli l<ttiiii'.'it<irU'h nf iltlvnilri'il li,.( u i-,. n 1, «"Ti««ry llnr nn,| ,„„ HUT h |intliulil)> |n. loin rrypu :»r,- nlnu DRS. NIKS & WES Our Service is y'buu •Assurance OF Safe Driving! Safe motoring Is the nlm of every driver. Then, why not as- Miro yourself of this wifely as fur us yow automobile Is concerned. Drive In nnd let our inrcliiiiilcs put, your cnr In shape for any drh'inir. The cost Is reasonable nnd the work juar- iinlced. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT AlTwORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Mh Jt Wulniit I'linnn 810 Coiiway & Houchins i"Local Watklns Route now ow Blylliovlllc, Ark. I for reliable man with car. i>; 12-ck-tf : capital or experience required In iPUt in full time. Good income 'nf Baby. Chicks Custom Hatchim? «<-»» ITU --- — Marilyn Hatchery _^nted _lo Bny ^~™^cWc H Blytheville ffiwy. ci Nonhj.Wanted to bus Government Cot- Walkins Company, Memphis Ten 12-pk-3-l2i (on Loans. Blytheville Gin Co, '"""""" Wanted To MAP PUZZLE HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured is |B'l.:Lll the map of . 611 is a — Eurasia. lOGfig 13 Hodgepodge. IJiRiAl I 14 White, poplar. _3/V!M[D Answer to Previous Puzzle . 17 It was called the Ottoman - (Pi.). 1 9 Mexican animal. 20 To eject. 21 , important ciiy in this land. 23 Carries. 25 Balance. 2G To bury. 23 English money. 30 Auriculate. 32 Split pulse. 34 Old cnrd game, 30 Part of ear VERTICAL' 38Domc,tk-atcd. * XUtYifJU. fft **\ 2 Rubber trees. ^ " v erpowering fright. 43 Spanish dollar. ,, p . lP.R.'o:RBS's:i i iniCTAif tgt 21 Common verb. 22 Quaint. 42 Upward. 23 Greek-letter. 44 Evil. U Street. -15 To sew an 25 Century plant edge. 3 Border. fiber. 4SNote in scale. 4 Mountain. 20 Electrified •IS To decrease. 3 Charge lor particles;. 51 Pertaining to use of a yard, 'is To assist 27 Also. tho brain. G Thing. 46 Destiny 29 Deputy. 54 To soak up. 7 Ell. 4T Mo rind in dye 31 Barren. fu False gods. 3 Nut. 'til To cry ' 33 Diner. 57 External. 9 Snake. 50 Mineral 35 Pertaining to 58 An important 10 Upright shaft. spring the nose. agricultural 11 Cow-headed 51 Company •57 To change .1 crop in (his jjoddess. 52 Genus of Ecm setting. country. 12 Court. cattle 39 Runaway. 59 This land's 15 Sleeper's 53 Old wheel •11 Go on llni tof couch. track (music.) currency. ISPnrlicle. SCToMifTice. nessee." J F-iurifl Ladies belt of preen fabric. Povir Thursday morning on Mnin SI nt Goff Hotel. Ott-ner ffmay hav bell by paying cost of this at Courier News Office. Key to Willys Overland automobile. Owner may have same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News Office, OSEO 6MS al Trices tbat say liny NOHJ Wc'vn slacfccd prices on the great"! Rroiip of Used Cars you've laitl cyfi an. Every rar must lie sold so we're .ill set la sell nml trade. Sec us today. ) Chevrolet Deluxe Sport Sedan. Low milcnRC, hc;il- cr. A tic.-iiity f nr ' 55(15 193!) Tnrtl V-fi 8S Tudor. Ma- rolnr. Urlvrn only miles. 1939 fhcvnilrl l!iisi»c:s Caiifii*. llratrr. LOW inileajc. Huns like new j.-,)", 1!KIS ('hevrdlet Sport Scilan lll.irl; color, molor coiu- rldi'li' ni-crhaided 1!»7 Chevrnlcl Town Sedan. Unit*, jjoni?. has fog- lights, spot light, healer, ne«- l!i;!C (:hcvrnlel Town Railio. only Sedan. j IBM Dodge Sedan. City driven S'!2,> |in:ll Clir.vrolcl Coach. Special Sl»9 : Tnifk-.. l..iii;>- * .Smalt. All Makes ; Chevrolet, I'linl. f;AHJ, Int., t 1 /. Ion, j • Tim. New boilics ir j-nu jtlirm. ! We Trad 1 Easy (i. M. A. C. . LESS -T^LK, TftAVIS. Hi' Iliimllccl [(, Ail BY V. T. llAiMLIiN GOOD WIGHT. WHAT A TIME ,, , TO RUM OUT OF 1^ \AMMUWmoN! I'M A dONER/ SHUX rve COME, our OP A LOTTA TISHTSR J,\MS THAM THIS SCVLLA'S HORRISU- CEASED WITH A HOOTS AM) nun M'clcnmo, L X, I!Y KDfJAlt MARTIN HY ROY CRANE VEAH. MC\« WEU 60 OVER . - WEDER CAME TO THE ^PTER THE C,ECOWD SHOT TO THE fflWR HOTEL AVJD THERE \To<iET,»\w6 WMiT MO- W9VI WE'LL BOOVWOOR WAV.EH. HY JJEftRILL BLOSSKK 1M GETTIMG COLO. FRECKLES, " ir> TMIS is A PRETTY LIGHT DRESS ' I KNOW. WtT HAVE TO SHCOT TME SUMMER SCeMES am-t^ ^^ Trouble, Trouble, Trouble si 1 MESS'S TUB SCENE—*TRuOV WALKS OUT OF THS BAftMiSGVT- iFf?s Faeo '& TUG CHICKRMS AV<D LOCKS UP '£> FIMO MAROLO SHOUT7M6 TO Ger A wove ow. 1 WK'I.L HAVE TO HURRY WITH TI-IIS ONS.I IT W^S CLOU&NG UP TMc LAST TIME I. LOOKED I NOW S EVEP.VfHlM<5 " O-EAR. " 0 (' VJELL HAVS Tb CHAMGE TH5 SE)W AMD WAVE TO.W TWf!C»VlMQ RSM TO Tl« fttLAR. BEAR J

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