The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1930
Page 8
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PACK IvlGJfT FflH ! BRUSHINGWsiwfs t U I 1 I ' _. . '" : """OF By Laufcr l j at ComniiUec Releases ings For Senior Meets at Osceola. Drawings county senior ... of the niyt'K-vil'.f u-in:i>:. i man o( I lie coimniure. O!''i bcrs arc Mi's Cii.ii'y.s i; ; I;. 11. «; ; -i-y . flctu:, Tlie schedule of i:-»i.-5 lire n-- f.v.lnw ,". I Vs. Luxorn <;ir!-:: I.' ;^'h'. ;'. vs. Osreolr: boys: vs. 1.C.-U hviile Friday iKurninK: Wi!'--i OECf-ol.l |!ir!s; Hll-.v. ]..•:• Wilson boys. Friday uflrrmcn: ]',:•- ,i-. vs. Ltixoru IKIVS, v hii'."i. firsl- girls' came vs. '.-HUM; ,,i «nd K«"ic; v.'iimrrs my vs. winnsrs of .-Pi Friday W.?hS: c ijame: champion ititji I: i The county Jill 'iiii t, will bo held ru I.uxura and 15. fr* APOLCXY TO m MANAGER. BILLS Mur McCarthy Stands on ruus' Ratling Order CHICAGO, IM.-'Tm standhv i pa l on my 192D butting order at , least for the opening game* O f'lh» 1930 season," says Joe McCarthv. boss of the Cubs The Bruin Is pretty satis lied Some Tail-Others Taller ,—J^Il^AY, PRBKUARY 15, 1930 Diirocher Joins IK When n fine ln:ie!<I'.T like Durachcr Is waived out ot American Lcssuc. there Is n'.vay. -.-. reason. Leo. recently sen: i<> t'l' Cincinnati . Ucds by tin- y^u'-- joins Uie Ions jiru.iuV of p-ayor; moved out of ihe le.:i'>i:'-- I'"'!- inauji, ,Moiis»l, S:i!c.v, Carl" *,;"wi Joe Dunlin. Er.rl Slifly, riciii^i'.' anil -Df.a" .McWeeny." rn over • case there was n v.:iy gonci r.v.ion. Daroelier. a great l:if]i\'il.>r. n.u been a trouble mafcor. }le p?cl:s ci brand of ego -Jiat make; Jiiiu un- populnr v:illi other plnyei >. 'i'liou-.-'h a yrrat 5.h»r,'5to;i. n! :!•; he is'" ! weak hitler. H:-.rry Hcilmrnu s-ir i to the Reds by l!i» Tii.vrs, h n i flow fielder and ahvnys Im been lax In trainlnj. U;om;h he pounds Ihe bat! at a terrific clip. Bob M»u- sel, nlso imlo.iUc.1 onto Uui Howley's team. Is hzv. iiuhlldoiU an • l:nvd to dis-iplir..-; George Sisler hits that bull, bit; •is J.-nsv.'ii to ii.ics deflnUs weak-j tir-=:e=. He is a loi.; 0:1 ;;:v>und b..i: to his lelt nnd balls pitched .au-nv hi, knees. Cail Mays packs a ba-1 lii-posJt'cii .mil i; li.nvl to ms.'ia^e Jc-e Dtijjan. besides hnvini; n trick knee, has v.-ljni i.s hioivn in oprrn stars as tempsralmeiit, and Jor never could take Die game seriously. Shesley, slowed up bv a l;sd lei has bc;n knovrn as n "nrcl!iic pro- liuri-r of douWi- pl.iy.i. Pic;:r:ch b"- sidcs beinj a weak hitter, a!ro re- yarded his basecall lijhtiy anrt for that reason has not bcrn ra;cd ns a great handler of p::c!iers. -HII/Z' Mc\Vivny. waived to Jirr.oklyu bv the Chisox. errnc:i Ihc'rcic:- tatlcn of being as mdUIeru" n, his curve ball. pllo: wcit with thc ayitreijaiion that brought Chicago Its first N a I i o n a I League p.'en- nant since iuia "EiiBllsh Is to eel the load-olf a s s I g n in e in at'uin," says Jo:, "«llh Cuyler Mornsbv. Wilson', . • firlmm following In iliut order. I'm pulling i jCslcr Beli, our new third baseman, 'n liosliion wheic McMillan bailed last siunincr. Dell is a d:m- Kfrons bluer who puts distance in his drives. We'll score inoix- nu> lor he'll furnish the punch to fcore Wilson. Sophie and Giimnj. I "KvcrybcKly knows Ciahljy ilnit- unt is one cf Uie best catchers in the name when he is riifht He wi'iil Ihrounh 11 series of' opYra- lirms to remedy the trouWe that 11"" 1 '^ 1 - 'I«l'" and Collings are from Independence \lo whiln <fcu-IO[X!tl in Ins throwing tun, and I City furnished Baker and Welsh • ' ' " :i severe lest revealed Hint it is as | - ; ' ' IS as ever. And (lint's bome :ig, too. I'm cimfldcm Gabby brhiK his hitthiB back to his usual stride, now that his throw- iillincnt is gone. "Bell was a star on the championship Cardinals that Hornsby managed and there Is no rcnson I why lie shouldn't be with us He'P ] be riyht in the middle of a bril- I Haul environment, which should •. biiug out the best he has. boys in ihe middle above They are Harry Welsh, lelt center, nnd Colll T . r,giu center, and , hc „,»„ (ltcv (ook cause o cnarlu.. H,,hn. left, anrt Bill Baker, right. Huh,, and ire t feel. C l IKtei , al |. A.I are reg,,!a, s o, thc Mis.s=, I »I» YOU KNOW THAT— Wilbcrt Robinson has a weakness for remembering names. . . • He calfs Otto Miller, (he Robins' coach, "Mooncy." . . . Ho reeenily traded "Buzz" McWeeny for Ariclpho LuC|UC, the Reds' Cuban pitcher, and ben are down, 2 to 1, that Robbie calls )jim Amos or Charley when he meets him In Florida. . Says Hobble, "I've noth- ins against Buzz, except he'd cuie of those three -atid-ln'o tnys. and the fans yell murder as soon as Ihcy .see him." . . . Can Litid and Eddie Morgan of the Indians and Jlei Ott of the Giants played pro basketball on a team in Nciv Orleans this winter. . , . Lint! and Morgan were All-Southern players in their college days... Lew Fcnseca wires that lie ts iccovering from scarlet fever, lias gained back ten jxramls ami will be able to leave ihe coast March 10 for thc Indians' training camp at New Orleans. Taking The Kap "What did Ihe gentleman say when you trictl to collect Ihe bill?" "That If he saw me at Ills house again he would thrash me to u. liulp and throw me out of thc window." "Just go back and tell him I won't stand any of his nonsense." — Buen Humor, Madrid. VMKn(Q ORDER "The S])irit witli w^icli the __ gang signed up this year pleases ! Chancery Court, Chickasawba Dis- I Lookoiil Hack-It's Donolracs ; me probably as much as auythlii D . i A iiKiimger can go farther with a I satisfied bunch than he can with I Wlou.s who arc contlunlly sulk- or smarling under dissatisfac- Head Coiirlfir Keira Want. Ads. Mississippi County, Arkansas. Ola GunneJls, Plalntiil VS.;NO. 4674 Sid Gunnells, Defendant. The itefendant,. Sid Gmmells. is warned to appear within thirty clays in the court named In thc caplion hereof and answer the com. plaint of the plaintiff, Ola Gun- nclls. Dated Jan. 24, 1930 W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk. By Harvey Morris. D C W. D. C! rave tie. Ally, ad I.llem. E. E. Alexander, Atty. lor Plaintiff. Frank C. Douglas. Atty for Plaintil! Jan. 25, Feb. 1-8-15 WAKNLNG ORDER Chancery Coint. Cliickasaivta Dis- (rict, Mississippi County, Arkansas. May Davis, Plaintiff vs. No. 4672 Ert Davis, Defendant The defendant, Ed Davis, is warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in (lie caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Mary Davis. Dated Jan. 24. 1S30. W. W. HOLUPETER. Clerk. By Harvey Morris. D. C. :|au«c F. Cooper. Atty. ad Litem. 3. E. Alexander. Atty. for Plaintiff. Jan. 25, Feb. 1-8-15 WARNING ORDER Ohntitery Court, Chicko.san'ba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Bhf.heville Lumber Company, PJainiilT vs. No. 4679 Tom Glass, et nl, Defendants The defendants, H. L. Mercer, Trustee and J. li. Mercer a»d Company are warned to nppeav within thirty days in the court named In Uie caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Blytheville Lumber Company. Dated Jan. 24, 1030. W. W. HOLUPETER, Clerk. By Harvey Morris, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford, Attv. ad Litem Jan. 25, Feb. 1-8-15 Jli5*'-!Hr &K?Sh.?iS iU.1 !.<•,:! ' tltfcsS It's RoiiiR to lie just twice as hard this summer for Hack Wih- n to elc.-.n u;, on Pele D.molme, Cljiclnnail licds' pitcher. The reason is clenr. Mr. anil Mrs. Pelf Donnluie. married Pebrunry 10, were plnlo?raphcd shortly nfiir/ward. The pifeher's bride befcre her marriage was Frances K. Meyer of Louisville. Incidentally, it was Hie first nmrrlaje .'or each. He hns been in this country only a few weeks but already n v:.irUi's record has fallen before his prowess on skis. Alt En^'n, SO-year-oM Norwegian, cojnpeling In ii;-, lirs: sl:i meet in this cour.tvy ::t \ l .'r ;•••• \Vi~.. jumped HIT fc?' six LIH^S n: j." , rompeliiion and o ;c': i.ii,-r crowned. But'll''^'^^''^^: ,'p ! i" »" exhibition !o ..=•.).-.:• lai ic^t. "- ' j His jump lias been vccor«V;i They May Tby Jor Dan Can Howley fiets Meuj"l. HeP- mann, McWeeny and Dnrorii?/. jr you thinl: rjanioi hr,.;n't ta'sVi'i 'a job on liis hai;il:-, you r.i'.r' l -^ —•' of those hesvyweigV.s c,n il<nv One-Eyed Connelly Used lo Work the Trick of Losing His Eye ItV TIM MrGRATII The One-Eyed Connelly cf Ihe 'Ms. a clover anrt suave uaie m's>r. carried a bag of tricks with him, and one of thc best I have seen liim work \vas the lost, eye stunt. Cctmelly. nltire;! iu Prince Albert coat with button-hole bouquet, c ' a ' c1 " 1 ' V01 ' ;;i ' s man handler of who i- results ^ut of a g.uig iik« Ui ; , ti i'.v- Dan Hovv'ey, and no other. DurocHer leave; r. :r^;l of !'.-irv) - ctxl *>M plnyers wore s;v.;s. Thru wcrds in li-.c An:er:^au ;.c,;si:i H ' cvrnlll c Uurociier ii JM! i., i.. u; . called our ump'-e E'"-''• pwchased six pairs. t'Big Sho:) McGowan. a Tanner- i ... viHe umpire. Once when Tlo'j Fo'.h- '= Wl>cn "c Hoilc t'rhrh Burins the Ynnks-C.ird-- \\o:-ui r.-, p. p;ne]! hii- . Durociier a kiliir.!! clip from the b-nc!i. U;ion Frank Frlscli. mib!:?:l ":i:' crei'.I v,»s at bat ter. Durccherf s 1 tiirce times by Insi'-t'in-r ;o"uinpVr 1 - Oimsby there \vs s " somcthVn'i «rong with the batiir.;; order. Fol..-' i-""'.'i!hani Flash" by .,.,..... ergili, sensitive atau! his we*-*]-- ! Hurcrhcr hung the appc'.I.ii crald have snot h'.m v.l-.c-n ii- ' : ~-.\-j ' | "Fordhnm Flush." vsvyn 'mere arc two men r.', IKU or v ' ; '-' "^>>rdhatn Fo.;r-r:':<: must uj Ol . ; _.. ") r>ll . v . Kt M .,..., I)|]; Once nurccbcr was chapel bv ., ' = : l'^iislnii. and he | rookie Uu-.p:rc. Ho fci^ir'l .-,,,.. ^ u u.)*. 11 . .ii-.' lf'T.i r 'l C! 1^711-:' . ' ••"- • l ' jl ••- "Viit t 1 Ki!>i ; , r and remarked. "I v-onVir.'i nii-i-l i unmercifully from tl:i> t": tcing cfia-ro by n. r(..-,:i i.-r.-.n:^ i.k V3 ' ; nnally called up'.o :o •, Tommy Conr.o'.jy. b.r 1 t:^^,'- 1 ;• • l 1 -"^^ "t shori. He 11;-. ;1^:1 n tufhers ought to f-jc< t&U'tV:::. 1 >.loi;~ rtoub!e-p:ay thai v :>. • Babe Ruth oner iri\] T .-<,":-.>..t *•• " tV.c scintlllatihir MVV.<; in - W%' TO A?.'.: zr t \f q 9 £ til'* v'' •'' They will never f:::Li kitchen bij; t'iioLii,'ii K.T to Ii: -.l" :i\ spois v,::cro fine firliii:^ p!iiy.< v\ •-.-,• liccalile by tV.elr r.b^srV UK FJcw Robot Batleiuler ftfecs Paris Cocktails :n.'.:i rrr,:p n i'.-.r. r-.s wc'.l as Air.?rir:>n ; pu-l:inq button:, and ;•! >o rsi their fnvorit^ chanically mixed. Several specimens o? ihe me- i ch.inical tar have j;:^i n:rii-e.l •from London and are in.-.k.iw i ; .i,i',. a bit. Press buttons r/.in-.i;,., •,'',•,•! ;S p.rd you %?t n .Si:!.':ar c>:-:-i.iii- trns number 3 nnd 2 ar. ; . j.iVi ; RC: a Marlinl. Ii you ivaii; a tn'ich . c:. French "anrntil" il'ii.V;-!.- v - .ciccie;.; nrc lirlil!::.; r x k p ,•• ciii;;-J !r.?r ill Prr.nre. Tiu -.v.ii- ..:•.•'.-,'(, ' cane nnrt s.'iff hat, wonW stO|i in front of a cynr store nnd pretend I to lose his eye. i "It was an eyo I bought in London." he would say, "antl it \v.ib very expensive. I would ciw 20 pciu-.ds re\vard ror'its relnrn." | A search would beyln, b-.;t ,i-.e eye would not be loiinrl. Connelly i would leave his rsirrt with Uie proprietor of the store, scribbling a i'.elephone number on it, i La:er a confederate of Ci-iiuelly's «.-iiid ••find" (he eye nnti inquire I In Iho cigar store If anyor.e Iwd rcjioited the lo;s. Thc store ! proprietor, seeing n chance !o make n smart bargain, would nffer the limter $10 or $-0 for Uie eye. •Ihe coiifedcrate would acap: ami the cignr man woi;1d call tlie number One-Ej-e Connelly had nven him. Ccnnclly's favorite nuir.K'r V,-.i5 ;hc uicrB>ie. iCopyri-;!-.;. 1030. NE,\ Service. Ine.1 WANT ft ' 77ie \ SHORTEST \ LINE \BETWEHf \ \ USE PHONE \ HAVE All these added improvements - yet thc price lias been greatly reduced! New Lou) Prices! =495 ! 495 The Sport Roadster °555 S S6S The Rn.iiMrr .. Thr PJiacton . Tlie Club Sedan.. The Srdan The Coach ... The Coupe ... The Sport Coupe.. '655 S 625 S 675 TV Srrtin Drlivrry 595 '.ighl Delivcn- SO/"f C-lia M ; s ....... OO.) 1 1-3 Tnn rh.wls '520 ' 1-' Ton ChaMls Wilh Ca AH prices r. o. h. factory I'llnl, Michigan The new Chevrolet Sli Is enjoying the greatest public reception ever given a Chevrolet car. For it offers scores of new improvements and refinements that make it a finer car in every way. Yet it sells at greatly reduced prices! Consider a few of the extra-value features that Chevrolet has incorporated in this greatest of all Chcvrolets —a smoother, flashier sis-cylinder viilve-in-head motor, with its capacity increased to 50 horsepower! —a stronger, more durable'rear axle, with increased gear ratio! —four Lovejoy hydraulic shock absorbers—assuring a smooth, even, comfortable ride over any road! —weather-proof internal-expanding four-wheel brakes, with front and rear drums tightly enclosed. Rain or shine, when you put your foot down, you stop! —larger full-balloon tires, a new clutch and a stronger transmission! —quieter, stronger, more beautiful Fisher bodies—withricherupholsteries, more distinctive colors, and wider, deeper seats! Every factor has been considered that would add to the safety, comfort and convenience of the Chevrolet owner. Come in today. See this greatest of all Chevroicts! : S 625 THE GREATEST IN CHEVROLET HISTORY W. I. Denton Chevrolet Co. Blylhoville, Ark. SIX IN THE PRICE RANGE OF THE FOUR

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