The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1930
Page 6
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(AUK.) COURIER-NKWS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1030 IHE IH.YniEVlL. -OUUIER NEWS THE COUi'lE-i NE\ . CO,, PUBLISHERS . C. R. BAJBCJCK, Editor H. W. HAI.NES, Adverting Manager So)* National Advertising llepresenlaUvcs; The Bcckwilh Special Agency, Inc. New York, Chicago, St. Louis. Detroit, Kansas City, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, IMS Ai>t;e!es. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office at Hlylhtvllle, Arkansas, under act ol October 9, 1911. Seived by the United Press. SUBSCR1P1ION KATES By carrier in the city of Blythevlllc, ISc per week or $C.5fl per year Ir. advance By mall within a radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.60 for six months, 85c for three months; by mail In nostal zones two (o six,- inclusive, 16.50 per year, In seven and eight, 110.00 per year, payable in advance. Lesson In Democracy Nothing Hint has happened in this country in ypai'j more interesting insignificant than -until is going on in Chicago today. The second largest city in America has skidded into an utlcvly iisLouiuling condition.. Its income liar, been cut off, it, is upwards of §275,000,000 in debt and II cannot borrow any more, and no permanent relief is in sight. On lop of this gang warfare has flared up again as of old, and the police seem just us powerless as ever in the face of it. Thus Chicago, at last, is galhurlng the full fruits of misrule. It is paying, in a very unpleasant way, for the fun of electing officials whose <|iialifici»- tions for the jobs they sought were 'rather less than adequate. Furthermore, the remodios thnl Chicago is preparing lo apply hint nt very disturbing possibilities. •To cure her financial ills, a committee of leading business men is inepar- i.ig to lend the city money eiiounh lo keep it going—provided that they can supervise all expenditures. . To get its crime in hand, another group of business men is organizing a ' sprt of vigilance committee, in the hope that it can do what {he police cannot. 'Both of these steps nro necessary. The city government has, to a certain extent, broken down. Chicago is lucky in possessing pr' men who nrc wi. rescue. ; Yet it is not si from these two i ship by big biisin lion put ti]i with luiarchy for months —until n group of cili/ens biindud together under Mussolini, over-riding constitutional limitations, and established a dictatorship which i> still in power. Now it would l»! ab-invi lo say that Ihc same thin;; is going (o take place c in Chicago. lint it i.s not at nil absurd to sfi'y that Chicago has got dangerously near the puiiu where such a thing might liappi'iO Democracy is .--aft) (.'iiuu^'h in this country MS long us the voters slay awake and use their brains lint Chicago's plight is an example of the path that events will follow when Hi; electorate gets careless. 11 is an object lesson for everv city in the nation. I SIDE GLANCES JJy George Clark Lei l( Be. Thorough Congress having voted ('resident Hoover $50,000 for an investigation of conditions in Haiti, it is In be hopid thai the investigation will be speedy, thorough and absolutely impartial. It is quite apparent thai somelhing is wrong in connection with our occupation of the island republic. There IIHVO been ton'"many proUsts to permit anyone to believe that everyone is satisfied except some irresponsible agiia- lors. Just whal needs to 1)2 done, however, is not at all clear. Let us lupe thai {'resident Hoover's commission will furnish him with knowledge that will enable him to form a new iiolicy that will lie more equitable and workable. \Ve have done enough aimless nuidiliiiig. Announcements The Courier News has teen authorized to auirmicc the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic pilniary. w. (lection). For SlirrlfT W. W. SHftVKll (lie-election) TVir County 'Ireasurcr W. W. HOLLII'K'IEK. "(lee, Mae, I can't wail till I slarl coiiliinij for you." Stanley Jialdwln snys his best sjwcchcs are iimile when there are no rr-poricrs present. Thai holds for n couple <•.( clhr-r fellows, loo, Slnntey. ARE:- SNKT/J WHITE IN WINTER., CHANGE TO BROWN JM SUMMER.; I-'i-r (.irt-uil (.'curl (,'lc-ik \V. I'OTTER. GAINES. Pur County Cinul Cli-rk MRS. .IOI11-; LONG i|K--C'!cc!!nn) l-'or {,'nunlv Assossur J. S. Dll.LAHUNTY. Jl\f FOWLER cnr-rlcction>. I-'ur City Attorni-y IVY W. CHAWl'OlllJ <i<C-e]r-c lloni. Fnr City Clerk :i. i,. MCKNIGHT. til.'OHf.lK CHOSH. 8. C. CKAIU UiE-rMectiun). MISS MAIiY HONIiY. For ATilrrtnan, 1st Ward •I. LOUIS' CHKi.itV. L. O. THOMPSON (Pete HIE Plumber). I-'ur Alderman, 2nd Ward HAY WOin'HINGTON. Fnr Alilcrman, 3rd Ward ERNEST n. JACKSON. ALONG MAIN STREET Hy F.. 1,. n. business to come to the RY ItODNKY ill advance and when the president WASHINGTON, Feb. 15.—A story! arrived they were lo \i'j foimilbnth about Charles Evans Hughes which ' perched in trees anil in Ihi- wm- huuses. Show me n man w:io is supremely s.Uisfiecl with himself and liis rAU-rouudliigs nnd I will show you a fool. Most fools have not. sense j enough tn rcalinc thai they are fcols. And thai is Ihe chief rca- -cn they arc fools. °"<' M:>in street man is such n Radio sels lire being litilallcd In the Illinois penllciUlary nt Jn'.le-t. Nov.-. will you guys ue- liuve! tie oucc told on hliuself still sur- . ('.««s of I vivcs nflcr nearly 25 years. The new chief justice was run- j men al o nee deployed in fun for- 1 "'cry circular letter lie" receives. | nlng for governor of New York in million and with grim v:on!s n:i;i " . (.««s o iicBiong ouses. couple of cm-load* of secret servic: 1 1'"' 1 '' soul iliat lie politely answers " The slotjnn hi Hollywood seems lo I)i! " "I'ls Lellcr to huve kivcil juid lost tlnin never tj hnve been en Pugc One al nil." The (jue.stlon:; and answers clcpartuient li.\s received .scvctal requests for inConnalicn as lo wlnit nsefiil work radio nnnouncers used lo lie employed nt. 1900 and he came back from :'. ! upturns conveyed the Information campaign lour reporting to In.-. 'thai there would be no piclurM friends Ills surprise ot nndiii<! "1 •• tiiken wlmlcvcr. And there \vcre hnd the rcjmlalton ol beln^ n vc-rv 1111'.. still-necked iicvson." ' when the Hoover "medicine irll A "lan may be right 9D limps. '"'I If he mtikes a mislakc the I hundredth effort it generally ovcr- (balances all the other times when '" c w:ls riB ' u - u is llot llHman nl At one stop he had been th- cabinet" wenl into action mere' l , l . 1 f c ,. 10 comione illc '"'slakes guest of honor al Ihe home of ;i were many photographers "•"•-•' utncls - Uepubliciin county chalrnvui nn.l »<ui!<l have given a right ey<? fci .11 oi:nty thut the ladies of ilv picture of it, but the orders very great step . vs to a dictator. Carry the -whole thing a little fiu\ner and. you would have the government of a city taken from the hands of the electorate and controlled by the bankers • and industrialists. i To be sure, this won't happen in Chicago. The rescue committees have ho such aim in mind. Their proposals j»re emergency measures. | But an absolute business dictatorship would follow very easily, if conditions were a little bit worse. • Take a parallel case from Europe by way of example. In Italy, some- years- ago, democracy broke down. The na- Most cf [he jobs uround (he house are licne by electricity now. The syr'.rm will net ho perfect, ho\ve\er, until some high-voltage invention h .worked nut for discharging the conk. I ha dobservcd parly were payiny special atlcr.- .my photography were lion lo him. Finally he nntlccti tlr.r <-ne. however. Mtinlly came au.i while he had nvo or three wom::! puked i camera over a wall ami hanging closely on his words, Ui.- took such a picture away. It was men were diiftlnij out hit:) aiiD'Js. somewhat blurred and Ihc only on 1 ? cr room. of il5 kind ever published, bill it- Eventually the candidate <iism- aroused the folks al the Wtmc BttKeil himself and wenl in-.o ihc IIO115C - A dctccmlued but fruiltes If women 1 as hard to tint your.'- i l:lfcrc niarrliijc as they are aftci there v.-cnld be a la: of old maids In a way, I believe that all mar ried men arc hypocrites. A inm will lei his wife go to the wel .vhcn she brings it in Ihe hou^ iia will say: "Why didn't you t: me. dear, lhat you wanted som water and I would have gotten i :or you." A Blythevillc man opines Ilia one good lliins about the ictur of long dresses is the fact th: (hey will hide a lol of ugly, goos- pimpled bare legs lhal were o: display last summer. "Women Have Their Wny." av. notmces a headline In a St. Loui newspaper. If that headline v.'rito thought that was nsws he is iv tioubt a young man, unmarried. Fashion experts say the moderr girl, dressed for a party. WCT.V; aboul sevenlcen ounces of clothes Thai is. nol counting the paint. Il is announced that the federa prohibition enforcement unit i: going to slop interfering with home and dr:uv a buukel nf v.v.ler, Th?u, [ distillers. Oh, Columbia the Gen f the Ocean, the land of the fre* ind the home of the brewer. .I:i •hcrt. she land of the red. whit; ind brew! • • • The recent snow failed to brin p : >ul the old lime sleishbells in Bly- thevillc. buL the lire chains Slav- ling agalst the fenders made ,111 jxccllent substitute. Pity the poor billboard adv? 1 -. tiser when we all take to the en 1 . It is going to be almost imparti- ble for him to stick his unsigh'iv signs along the highway of Iravj 1 . I have heard of no parrot fjv • cases in this section of the country, but I imagine \ve are goinL; i > suffer from a malady of tha'- c- der when the campaign oratcrs •;,up steam this summer. '. .. Mature turtle eggs are ah-" 1 the size of n i;olf ball and will 3'', break if dropped from a cotisidj.-- able height. Alt the other men in j invcsllgntiun was iiiiulc lo di the Identity ol the culprit. u'-sl room. the parly were having a (irinlc. ^ "I'll' have a Scotch li!?bh:ill." snkl Hughes as he walked in. ' Thls Congressman Jolm C. Sctia- "Wcll. by K«tl." cxclninu'd Ihe rcr o( Milwaukee, who has bsun "Unpaid Vcllcp l?a!d Gunmen; Arrest nil." says (i hpadllni! in a Chicago ncyvspiiper. The Riuimen must hnvf bren pretty seriously in airears. Receiving sots with a high decree of selectivity ure being exhibited al the radio shows. There doesn't seem to be much Improvement along Hint line by the people who make up the programs, liowcver. Republican Representative James M. Heck of Pennsylvania says prohibition Is going lo ruin his party ((he Republican) if s?meth!ng Isn'l done abou; 11 right way. Maybe President Hoover ought lo appoint ft commission en "ruination. j CSL bcllowins for Ihe \vets m UK- Hm ' Si; . llas " ee " dubbed "l-'irpo : b ^ b ° mtl of lllc al!ier ""•' 1 " be13 !!ml »™ COmC tO b = « IIM the Harding and Coofidge I " Ttl!! Wilt l B " 11 of Wisconsin." he was known as a lus- " If >' ou Klw Schafer, you'd know why. He's the Huskiest, if not the largest man in Mie House and appears capnle of licking almost any otlier ten. His brown hair tends i townrd red and his weight is 21U pounds. He was a locomotive cngi-1 ncer for the Chicago & Northwest- I OUT OUR WAY -To ee& Cocvfoo WOOU'IM Bof IN A SHOP i"=> uv(& BoT ON A HOT plCK"iM vjP /ou MEt- Ht'«b ~\O' RAFfLt OFF A Cuckoo CLOCK" \AJHO HIM \MVVEM TMCUCUCO CO"T >T MEAtsS. AM' j GONG , SuT ; \MHEM TvA' 6OV-L . _. _ (jP IT MGJ^N^. A I <3AUE6>MPVM C-iOMSi man. alter all!" Even in the old (lays, however ughes was always l:nuo,n as D secretary ol slate in cabluels lie lolalev. But except ainoi^ 1 , v:ios^ who Knew him personally he never did miltc live down his reputation lor behiB "stiff-necked." The news photographers Tf Washington are poigniintlv n-iuiii'.i- eil of liuw well Calvin Co=lldgo i fm nt the lime of his chclion. liked to have his pictnr,' lahen by | He has been putting in long, late Hie frequent balkiness of President hours studying and assembling his Hoover. nmmnnilicn for use against tit? When Mr. HODVIT Iravcs tn-> drys. liecently il became known While House and dccsn'i. waul to ! that he had also been dropping br- photographed he simply lays I around at police stations on Sntur- down a secret service censorship— | day nlghls lo get some evidence in and Isn't. Thus, recently the pr?.si- , the Triuv. dent paid n visit to Ihc s'.ricken I "Lots of people don'i know whal'.= William Howard Taft and passed \ going on." he snys. "There arc nol Ihe word down in advance Ilia'. ! only more drunks, bill the drunks Iherc wouldn't be any photographs. I are a lot woise than tlr.'y use;! to But the cameramen skipped out be." Pork Must Be Well Cooked to Be Eaten With Safety Hy Bit. SIORRIS FISIIHKIN I Fiihrcnhcit or below lhat tcmpera- Kilitor Journal of the Am:rlcan i .^Icdical Association anil of Hy! , gcia, the Health Mag^/iiio "I'lie disease trichinosis nlTccts ttccUs cliicfly hogs and rats. In a ircccnl survey of diseases transmit' ted from animals to man. Thorn:!*! lure for five days, practically allot the trichinosis worms are destroyed. Storage of pork al a lennera- tine of five degrees Fahrenheit or below for 20 dnys will dpslroy all of the organisms. The Uiihed States Department cf G. Hull asserts lhat the Jewish | Agriculture requires such storage prohibition ngnlnst pork made by i for all pork killed in slaughter I Moses about 1500 B. C.. wc.s prob- houses under federal Inspection. ably due to his recognition of the ! occasionally meat of animals killed danger of such Infestation from f Or home consumption is no', prop- callue the meal of the hog. erly controlled and epidemics oc. It was not, however, until 1822 cur . Thc sa[c rmi t 0 is no( , to cat that anyone recognized the PITS- J pork or sauscge containing pork whether it has been officially Inspected or not until il has bscn properly cooked. A temperature of 131 dcurr-c? Fahrenheit for a sufficient perioi of time will destroy Ihe organism Since all of our slaughter house not umler federal supervision proper cooking In the home is tin method of safety. dice of something strange in the ! nuiscle ti-ssuc and the ori>AnlMii it- [ self was nol demonstrated until 1435. The organism that causes trichinosis Is a round worm scarcely visible lo Ihe naked ryi\ o.uite jflcnder and tapering .11 multiplies freely In the intestines am! nllsv \ ('.evc-lop'.ncnt passes by way of tne j blocd to the musclrs, where i', lives and causes pain and o'.her serious i symptoms. About 1880 American pork was j so commonly Infected Ihnl it was ; excluded from German markets. Since tlinl time government control and meal inspection h:ivr Un to a ccnsidcr.iblc decrease in (.uuhreaks. t Occasionally considi>ral;lr i»iml>;rs •of persons arc still iuferin! thrauyh eating pork lniproper:y inspected, insufficiently cooked ami impraucr- '. ly handled. A recent on i the Pacific coast iCMiltcii irom the ! rating of hams thai had i : .ecn cju- nctl without proi>er cmurol. When meal is kepi at P,vo dt^rces Woman 23, Obtains Freedom Third Time SAN FRANCISCO (UP)— Hold Ing what is bclived the record fo divorces nt 23 years of age. Mrs Helen Spcllman. walked from su- pe.rlor coiiri here freed from her • third husband. She sought an introlocutory decree from John \V. Spclmian. an nulo salesman, because he an- : swevcd her questions with bbws ! when lie came home late al nlglu. I "What's the News" When Columbus and his caravels returned from the New World, the first question shouted from the shore was, "What's the news?" That's always the question of paramount importance. Years ago folks asked it of the post rider, the soldier returned from the wars, the man who had "been down to the settlements, or the neighbor back from the general store. Today, you find the answer in your newspaper. Through the newspapers the news of the world and of the community quickly becomes public knowledge. And remember this—it takes two kinds of news to make a modern paper complete. The first tells of happenings near and far—of fires, sports, elections, accidents, marriages, deaths, great men, great events. The second tells of things you eat, wear and use— things you buy, things, being sold to your friends and neighbors. This news is advertising. It's just as important to keep up to date on the advertising in this paper as it is to read about what's doing in the world of events. Ad vert sin ff is un essc?itial news service, It is distinctly to your advantage to be f/uided by it.

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