Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 4, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1896
Page 5
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^ •SWWxKtfXKX'-WiSK^ Dunlap's.. Celebrated HatS, Silk, Stiff and Soft. Spring Styles..--- DHWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. SHOE BARGAINS , Ince Tip , pat- 98 Cents Bnys Men's Shoes solid leather, or congress. 98 Cents Buy« Ladies Kid Pateut Leather Shoes, button or lace, 63 Cents Buys Ladies' Kid Oxford Ties, test leather tips, 73 Cents BuyeSLadies' Low Calf Skin Shoes jnst the thing for Garden. 29 Cents Bays Ladles. Serge Slippers, bolid comfort. 69 Cents Buys Children's Tan Shoes, button or lace. 19 Cents Bays Baby Shoe», patent leather tips. 50 Cents Bays Bt antlful Velvet Slippers for house wear. . ... Stevenson & Klinsick, 403 Broadway. THE FIRSI rtATIQNAt BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT, .. . INDIANA. 1 CAPITA i; vsxn.wn ~ JL J. Mi.rttocK. Pr««.- - W,-W. .Ro.ii, Cann. J. r. Brookmeyur, AMt. Ca«h. . CIBSCTOB3: m. a, KIM, W. a Brtnglmnt,' ttesr ..^M-. Bankins !n all Its Departinentg promptly Stockholder. Stron* H«»*rv« Fund miant«Jn>a. Business Change. James B«hoor has -purcbased tbe Pelton meat nrtirket. He now occupies the n»w room Just erected to the west; .of the oW stand, and It la his Intention .to run a flrst-dass shop and handle a full line of fresh and salt meats. DAILY JOURNAL ~—^•^^•^^••^^••a — l ssxxsssa!^aBe^^^^^=*= TUESDAY, AUGUST 4, 1890. Subscribe for The Journal,'40 cents a month. Geo. HarrliOD hu the finest line of hammock* hi the city. They go faster as the people learn the true value. Those Bh'lrt waists nt the Trade Palace. . ' 'WHllam J. Donald/son and : Knte Fornoff, Ora 0. Burton and Minnie Reed bave beoo licensed to -wed.' What you want when you 'are ailing 19 a medicine that will cure. you. Try Hood's Sarsaparllla and be convinced of Its merit. ' ' The C.-E. if the English Lutheran church will give a lawn fete at the home of Mr., and Mrs. Wobor, Wednes; day evening. Ice 'cream and cafce will be served, price 10 cents. The Daughters' of Liberty will hold an ice cream soetol at the- residence of Mrs.'Wilson, corner Fourteenth and Spear streets, till* evening' to 'which tic public Is' cordially Invited. " .. I SB- Awarded Highest Honor*—World'* Fair. •OR; CREAM BAKING POWNR MOST PERFECT. MADE. » vve Grape Ci«am ofTsrtar Powder Fr« ''. I f Ammonia, Alum or »ny other adull«»W f 40 Ye«s the StarJati .Tamos Pierce of Delphi was In the city yesterday. Charles M. Triulcl of Alexandria is visiting In the city. Mr. and M.rs. Fred Baockcr of Chicago spent Sunday here. Miss Myrtle Hickmau spent Similar at Lake Maxinkuckee, ITonry Melton and w.lfe have returned from a visit at Muucie. George Elliot of New Castle visited friends here'on Sunday. Cu.pt. Bradley ot! the Panhandle df- ti'i'tlvo force is In tho city. Clnro Ray has rctnrned from a visit wirh friends at In-dlauopolis. Mr. Gijorpo W-ljtmorc and wife of Rochester are visiting 1'rlcnd.s Tiere. Mrs. IV. E. Powell Is visiting' her brother, Win. Zimmerman, of Chicago. Mrs. S. Ad;w and children of Lincoln, III., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Bernard. The HL-V. Father Bloom-of Ft. "Wayne was In tilie city yesterday for a short time. .T, M. Studobaker, jr., passed through this city Sunday while enroute to Lafayette. S. X. McComiell lias returned from a few 'day's vacation at Lake Maxinkuckee. J. T. MeN'ary bas'boen railed to Mausfield, Ol«io, by t.he serious Illness of his brother. George HeltnJick, WH1 Knelbus and Char-lea.Perjy at Marlon were here Sunday. WUllard T.homas has returned, from Gosheu where h« attended a shooting Miss .losio Sumption who has been visiting Miss Pe'rcle-Luce has returned to her Iwme at Wa-lton. John Ryan and .William Delaney of Indianapolis vlsdted William Shanohan and Tajtiily over Sunday. B. M. Gorrell has reramcd to his home at New Haven. ITO!., after a pleasant visit-with tils sister here. South Bend.-Tribune: Mr. J. M. Chll- las, of the Boston store, was in Logansport, I ml., yesterday on business. Sheriff Adams has gone to Michigan City, to bring back Andrew Boccoski who was sent from here for burglary. W. O. Curtis of Franklin, who Is the guest of Miss Daisy Bell, rode In. on his wheel from Goodland last evening. MOOTS. Edward, George and William Wendllnff who live near Walton will go to-Clinton, Tenn., today on a prospecting tour. Bert Tomllnson -leaves today for an extended trip among, the Michigan summer resorts. He will be.gone two or three -weeks. • ' • "' Ed Goff, formerly of the Sells Bros.- Barnum 'circus was In the city yostor- day. He will loin Buffalo .'Bill's wild west show. 0. E. Alli-son wr,s at Goodland yesterday attending the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of 'the-marriage or. his grand-pa'Mn.ts. W; E. Foskett h.-w returned -from Iiwllmm Mineral Springs where- lie accompanied his wife, wbo Is taking treatment for rheumatism. Walter Jackson, pressman on the Koko,mo Tribune, was in Hie city yesterday on his'way. home from Wabnsh, where bo Siad visited friends over Sunday. Kokomo Dispatch: Ed -Freeman of Logausport, a brother of Bruce Frcc;- maa of this'city,-is critically 111 with rlicumatism. His left.log is drawn up as .1 result of .bis condition. Dr. McClurg vfeltcd him .at St. Joseph's hoi«- pltal Thursday, Arthur Shiart, day clerk at the Mur- iloc-k,"d : id not go.to. Waterloo,-Iowa, to testily -in. t'he case against the preacher, 'George E, Scott. At the last moment a tclcgi-aim ,wn-s .received from Sheriff Ijnw telling Mr. Stun'rt to await further instructions before coming: .-.'. • : •Wabnsh Tribune:-Mrs. .T. L. Hudson of tlic Southsldo, left for Loganspoi't .•mil other points JiiWe.?ternlndla-iia.yes- terday afternoon-where she will visit frlon'ds anil .relatives for a-short time... ...Miss May McClnnahan and Mrs. Lc- viile roturned'to their home'ln togans- 1 -port last night, after ..spending a. few ' .dnv.i with .friend*. Today the Bee Hive offers choice of ly $3 or ?4 shirt -waist for ?1.50; $2.50 ,for $1 and 80c. .'.-.-. any Subscribe'for The Journal, '40 cents a ' The games .month.- '',-''',- .' - on It Indiana State League .of Clubs Is No'JIore. Ball ''.ami. DROP A TEAR HERE You Baseball Cranks-.-Logansport Club May Continue. A fro,<t! That's what tho game'yester- day with Rushville ••' was. -• Prom<"the ll-me play was ca'11^4, jfi:'3:3d' o'clock uiitU the two' > tcanjs;'jlii;l dragged through nine n* mJseivlW'e' iiiniugti as were ever infllcted'on i*iii~iij]Snspci:t_iiig public in tfie guise of basehall,;there was not. one mloemlrig''I'ea't\ir'e'abont it— for the public; 'rti.ere.'wa's iiof'a .c'or : poral's guard out to sjj'ejlie'.horse play"." When O'Connell stepi^dM^jlie box and pitched -the first .l]aC ; pV.i;r','tl there was a certain/klr...^!'.Us. about Uls movements .fjiat 'inilicatt-'d,..' ."don't care'a continental iiuyiiow,7,.ai»' tho play of the whole t«inj j .p.royi.'d tlie truth o(' tlie suspicion,^, i'^e Bnsh- vlllians hit the lia-11 wheneyor'.fjnd .wherever tin.-}- wanted .to.^niid.-' that was pre.lty nwch all the. time.!Uid,.nll over the lot. Seventeen hits, aud. ; .Bia.vbe. more. That's a i'ocor(l.tli!\t.,niiy.pitc)ier, or any Urn* pitchers. p]lplit...euvv, for O'CoiineM was succeeded ;; l;ii,.-'tlie sixth. Inning by Lycn and .!>«• In .-turn , : .by Bevll-k', who pitched The^iini} .two. .innings. ' - ' ••'"-••' -•' "-.' If tlio pitchers didn't cav.e:-ibe;fl!?l.ders were stiU worse. Tliey.-."boo.ted'-.'. a.-ud fumbled and fo'u-ght tbc ; .b»U at eyevy opporlunily and If one.of-them made f» good pliiy.lt was a ml.stflks. -It wasn't "booze" that was responsible-:..for.-..-the miserable work elUier, •for.tlvey-.baxctf.t had enoii'gh money for a.-tuontli^torbuy. them a round of driuiks.nt.fi:-lialfr price, "booze joint." The whole secret of tlie miserable playing is tlUTt-"-T!ip---playoTS have not been paid their s:i];iEJ.es.. and Uiey want their money; ...AreJhey .to ; .bc Warned? W<?!1, . hardly;;.; But.-.if.'.the jnhiyers iJ-e in a Uul iVft.v,-.t:ie manage-- me'ut of the club is Iri'ilusfiis bad a fix: We have had some good,,baee ball here this season, but it liaSiCostr.fMHnetlilnp. Notwithstanding the-rc/bas bcen.a gtiod attendance at ai.niost all''of'tne-Sunday games, there is a deficit.'in t-bo. strong' box of the association which makes tli'e members sick every tlme'timy.: think of it. There Is no use to.taik.<flf.;reorganl- zatiou, for there has never been an ells'y discovered as yet there vrlffl resurrect a corpse. As if is, the association fliul.3 itself facing the extremely' unpleasant necessity of paying fora' dead-dog In the pi-t. The back salaries of the players, board l>U-ls aild sundry itein*;ha.'yc mounted up until the time camerfecall a halt. ; ....-. . ; It would be a. waste oil' -time.and,spacej to publish fhe : official-score of yosfer-j day's game, but the score by. Inning j may throw a little llSlif^'^.^'^t'i ' ' *"' 1P ful' way the game; ck but nothing was' : i#Wmpll#hed -In; ic way of rwrBnnl'zif^i'Tliiojyfelfe-. 1 ' Logansport: ... .0 0 2^;p, ; (f Q.p 2 T .^" Rushvllle ,0 3.1'tf OJ 2 : ;2 ^Kl; Hits—Logansport- 8,.- -Iltiiaw-lllc .-IT;,; enws-LogansportW,-"--^-^'"-™-* terie,?—Logansport BcvMle, pitchers, nnd catchers; Rushv.llle, Weaver. A meet-Ingot .the meittbeisoHlie-aaso-; eintlon was held dock th' nation -of M. A. Hyan i yj.,Hj. i P,v l 'i;;'/;;.vc" accepted, aind.Abe Sl6r£,ffa£'!«JfiP.M fo fill tho vacancy.'. -There; jsr'-no.doubt but that the league M^^lis-ilpt game. If the clob Is rv^^T£cd('nr'all,- will be as an independent eTnb as It .is before there was 1 %tfj'' 1 l(!Wgufl talk:, reality the league-ba(5ibur'.a''pi-eca.ri-: ..... existence and/Its/di.^^..'^/)^,bu.t.a; question-of days, nay ittUa»'«fc".-A t'- le ; gram was received if«wi.-i!icrn)auagnt" of the Coimersvllle toart jMjsUfrdny any-. Ing that the Andcrson^lfitiTx-fliiceled the. date at Hint elry'loX/siin'^/'aurt. yes-. terday, which- was to-bnveibeen'plape^ 'th the QomiersvlHe-clul), and the Con. rsville man said tba'f'iil8"Clul). wou'4 no-more gami?s>.'iin,tll-'the-.gunraiir .of $.">fi per sa'nie flYSfirJWt-"P- . Afi ' mere i<* no provlsioa-made'.-to. for.ce ,tli« Anderson club- to: pay, the guarantee, unless the members ol-^flip'-'n^bi'fii'i'fon ire. men "of honor that basis, there. It in ous with play ' there THE Yesterday—Baltimore -Woji; y:i: j STANDING OF.iiHB GJ.UKS. : Clubs Wo'n-ATi'Lnst For Ct Cincinnati "- •'-*>£-' '-^ 20 .fiSl. l Baltimore Cleveland Chicago' ., ittsburg '.,:..... •!'• "*f ^ oston '-'i'lw Philadelphia ......'"&); Broo-klyn. New York ..:..- J Washington ••,•.--•-i!' St. Louis .: .^l Eouisville' ..,;-,.,. .sis. nla "ST.262- SPRING NECKWEAR,' SPRING OVERCOATS. OTIS. Q. GRACE •*).-• •-. v I WILL SELL YOU A SPRING TODAY FOR fcESSMONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IJSJ LOGANSPORT. COHPLETE. aiougley Hat and be up to Date :^ 426 Broadway. PvS If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't for- /geit'n^tfiie of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing ^ ^ ^ Into tentli place, -where New Wrfc : 'ha's been lin- gerlmg so long. -Baltimore is only two points behind -GiiitlmiaHvifind will lead the 1 Inint-liefo're the week is-out. • Fol- low'jjig'avc the' sc6rcs ''of the games played ySstcrday:' At. Bosion—Pliilailelpbta ."!, Boston 4, At Louisville—Plttsb'oi'g 11, Louisville 10. ' '-'-' : -'" '"' At Broo-klyii—New- York '10, Brook- lyn.C. '• ' ' ''Ac'"washlbRton—Baltimore 7, -Wash- ict* - ff ( . .-y .••-••"• ' in^.lon. 0." fl TO, SMASH A RECORD. ! ' J ' ~ '. ' ' - Frank'-iWnner and Charley v- T Grant Will Ride. c; F.'W.^BKlijne.r "a"'}, .Cbarley Grant will; on; : nftjii7Th,ur!ulayivatte!i)pt a feat Itli,'-If sticcessfuliMVill- smash a roc- oird aJul bring .the'.Uiimfi.'of the Riverside Cycle cliib Into; /prominence, as well as give Jh'ese"gentlemen a name among i"aciiig-men f- '- '.Uliey- will attempt to-'iMdo oytii'''tiie'-s'rtii*e :f t'OHrse as that of last Tuesday, vfa'^jvl.!-! rlue live two hundred milei^-M le^Sj^iine.tljau it. took, the-relays. ,to:do, I t:-.e :i>f.ri> •~ l.ioMowlrijr!4s:tljei. 1 «ebt)di'ile of the trip, showing tbe-tfane'-ar/stfirilng. the distance fro'm-'poVn't fo; : 'i*t)liit','.nud ibe time. Ole riders'nre^rtTio aireiicb city named: . Mifc '".. Ql(i\""'' l ' t J'f'' TlmeDnO .0 . LogiinsjjgKt-^'fiijit) 2;00. a. m. !8.- Delphf.-j,,'.." tf-i--f '• ^^'P a.m. r>:.'!0 a. ,m. 7:30.a. in.. • 0:20'a. m, .7% Frankfort -•'«.« "•". .10:30 a. m..- "•'••''- ' - : 2:!iO p. tn. ~-"- ; -- ; •'•"'• ; --4:0() p/mv li:00 ! p. ft'.. lli hours. 10 LOKiinspnrt 20Q ..The road record .for ; ^ipi.djstance l .with' "•'-"- -'•lerSwJs 1 J(i. h6uis,"".'39 "''""tes. ,-.-• -Skinner,! nijiirfirant.- will .cn- „.„, lo-makp. the;distance .under that; TO.- They"*I1):ride ITI ra'cuip co.<tn'nie i^-will practicallrea^Ss they run. If 'c.\j-;t:ctei.i..tliat TlierHvftI be provided l.iji pacemaki.'r.'j thfoiigbniit. .the; whole .sijii'icc',^aud"uiders'..iiv' : tb'e cities.men- oiipil iiave..beiui.\-qminilulcated . with' nil reoufsteil to-,pe-Qd.'.out' fast-men to nkc Tlic pace. Counting -actual, riding Ih'iv :'io -ililcrs w51t'.M\-e to make a nlliV evei-y, -four : m<n"ti'fC -While this ;''iiot li,TRlVo : do'fbrfi7n';'t.WLMiry or even hfrt'yir.'i'lcs.'if is a very di'rf'iirwit propq- comes • to making two •tkH .IJotlrmon are'ln'-excetiet'it trim for tlie •;il. They rode "rjven«-y : fire miles on; >i' track^n't :thi,vdrty,ip.«, park yc.stcrday i 3:lfi, n:nd : were, nbt:;pa.ced awy part. fife •miles.''this- r njoi : bi<ig.;lii-the way of iracer Eastern 1 Meck-iVaftrenn-ncd frcin hl8 cay he visited several PoJAt^oJ-I^Westln Pennsylva- rurylhntl rjuid-Vii'grDia. . iie spent time otfatiie-JBeWcOf Getry/sburg flia't HUMANE OFFICER SELECTED Patrolman Bishop Appointed Fill the Position. to William Bishop, late Fatrolman o-f the Fourth ward, has been appointed Humane ofllcer and a<wumed his duties as such on Sunday morning at 0 o'clock. The oHicers of the Humane society were allowed the privilege of selecting any of the thirteen, patrolmen they liked, and Mr, Bishop proved to be the favored one. He is still under the Metropolitan system and has the same power as an officer be always had, and has charge' of the Humane work besides. He goes on duty at 9 a. m. arid works until !) p. ni'. He Is an honest, upright ofttcer, and a pleasing gentleman. The appointment, is well spoken of. TO REMODEL THE COURT ROOM. The county commissioners yesterday received bids for the proposed changes in the court room and the other offices on the second floor 'of the court bous-i. The jury box will be changed to tlie Northeast corner of the court room, and the court clerk will be removed to the Southeast corner which is now occft- pied by the Jury box. This will prevent, the jurymen from, being disturbed by persons entering the room behind them. The rooms now occupied by prosecutor Hale and Deputy Gamble will be fitted up for a, library for the Tuilgo, and the sma-ll room, which Is now used by the Judge will be used as a consultation room. "GOLD MEDIUM" HOMIi. ,T. D. Ferguson has returned from Danville'.. 111.,, whore' be went to take charge .of his horde "Gold Medium.' 1 The horse was found in the possession of-Mr. Champlom who claimed half ownership. The horse was In very poor form owing to the fact that Clwmpion had ridden him Ivarelxick from Laporte. He was skinned In several places and was lame in two feet. , A suit will be filed in the Laporte Circuit court-and the ownership will be settled at once. Yesterday In .Tnstlce Lalng's court S. Reed plead gullly to the charge of assault and battery preferred by George Liun-born and was fined one cent and costs. Before the -big remodeling In the Bee H!vi/«.Annex you can buy skirts, wrappers, duck suits, parasols, etc., ar.nn^ half and less! A young, mnil 'named Lynch wan arrested last night at the Panhandle 'station by Officer Gallagher upon the . charge of Intoxication. Mrs. Theresa Cleaver of Jefferson vllle, ceased working to'complain of th'. heat, and died within fifteen mlimteOI An expert strolling bllliardist claim- IUB Indianapolis as headquarters, lias been arrested at Anderson for cultivating a Jag. . , r The .lournal, 40 cents /i month. 20c wash goods, 7Vic at the Ber Hive A Stolen Bicycle Means a great deal to the one tb«t U t loecr. Wby mn any risk when you CML have your wheel Insured against theft at a very nominal figure and get Its T«l- ae wuen stolen? Insur* «t once and be on the safe side. Ponctored Tires Repaired. From this date on for 25 cents at the Burgman Cycle Co Sealed Proposals, To furnish BuppliM f or the Northern Indiana Hospital for insane For the Montfi of Septunber 1896. Will b« >«*l™<> *Tthe Board of Control, rttty Hospital; until 12 o'clock , noon on Tuujlu, In Wfc Assnusriwr s^i5«sstios NitlocBl Bink. By order of tb« Board, J. G. BOGERS, Medical Supt Long Cliff, iug. 4 IMC. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A BLOODY DUEL. Animals Do Battle to Death !» Hiami County. A very bloody batitle. oceurcd yestrt- day on Richard Jordon's farm, tf Miami, ' »tween a sralllon. ai;d a. TiaBL and now they are .both dead, Tfce -tlghl lasted about thirty ml miles iml in thiiittiimc more blood was s)>!llefl.aD* more in-Jurk-s were iiifli(.-ti>rt ilia-n in. many a battle between men. Tho bull thrast his horns ihro-usii t.lio sides of the stallion and the stallion kicked In the ribs of t-he bull and kioked him /* nuiD.v times that it was not long until the s-iallio,!! l«ul conquered, for 'the bun lay down aud died. The lilooil streaming from the woiuKl.-s g'oroil by tlie horn* of the bull had telling cir«.-t on the siaV llpn.atid a half an hour after, tho bull died tho big horse also suctuiiilwl. The .conflict was a dreadful one and tbe ground was covered wini 'a iua<« oi Wood, Tlie animals wore tl»> iii-onerry of Mr. .lordao and t.lielr value was up in.,, the hiradreds of dollars.-Per* Journal. Since delivering an address before tun .teacher* at the Marion county institute some weeks ago, Prb-f. 0. W. .Michael received invitations to <le!lv« 'ssi\* before similar I:oi1lcs tlirougb- ihe State and country. out t " Snbscrllie.for Tlie .Tmiroa), 40 cents month.

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