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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California • Page 6

San Bernardino, California
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a-6 Bistioin THE SUN-TELEGRAM April 27, 197S High court OKs corporation spending on political issues "Today's decision also casts doubt about the legality of lobby reform proposals which single out activities of business for special treatment and regulation," he contended. The decision struck dow a Massachusetts law that had barred corporations and banks from spending money to make known their views on issues not materially affecting their businesses. The law imposed fines of up to $50,000 on corporate violators and maximum fines of $10,000 and prison terms for offending corporate officers. The spending ban was challenged in 1976 by two banks and three corporations doing business in Massachusetts. They wanted to publicize their opposition to a proposed graduated stale income tax for the state.

The proposal was defeated in a statewide referendum that year and Massachusetts still has only a flat-rate tax on individual income. The same state statute also banned corporate contributions in candidate elections. WASHINGTON (AP) The Supreme Court, over strong dissents by four of its nine members, ruled Wednesday corporations have a right to speak out on political issues and can spend corporate funds in doing so. "The inherent worth of the speech in terms of its capacity for informing the public does not depend upon the identity of its source, whether corporation, association, union or individual," Justice Lewis F. Powell Jr.

wrote for the court's majority. Powell's sweeping opinion for the first time gives all corporations a full share of free speech rights previously enjoyed only by corporations in the business of communications or entertainment. "The press does not have a monopoly on either the First Amendment or the ability to enlighten," Powell said. Justice Byron R. White, writing a dissenting opinion, said the decision "casts considerable doubt" on the constitutionality of laws in 31 states which limit corporate political activity and on the federal Corrupt Practices Act which bars corporations from spending money in candidate elections.

Powell, in a footnote to his 29-page opinion, discounted White's concern about corporations unduly influencing political campaigns. "Congress might well be able to demonstrate the existence of a danger of real or apparent corruption in independent expenditures by corporations to influence candidate elections," Powell said. The Federal Election Commission said it was withholding comment on the ruling's impact on federal law until its lawyers could review it. The Chamber of Commerce hailed the decision as a great victory for the business community. "The opinion clears business of the charge that the AP Wlrtphoto Andre the Seal, right, kisses friend Smoke before beginning annual swim to Maine Andre the Seal gracefully begins annual 160-mile swim to Maine Dukakis likens Congress to Alphonse and Gaston WASHINGTON (AP) Massachusetts Gov.

Michael S. Dukakis said Wednesday the House and Senate remind him of an Alphonse and Gaston vaudeville act, with each chamber of Congress saying the other should go first in overhauling the nation's welfare system. "There has to be some way in hich this Alphonse and Gaston act has to be broken," Dukakis told a Senate welfare subcommittee. He referred to a vaudeville act in which neither man would walk through a door because each insisted the other go first. Dukakis was testifying on behalf of the National Governors Association.

hours, but last year he dawdled for about two weeks. Goodridge says he always knows when has finished the trip, because he immediately climbs into his 32-foot long pen anchored in snug Rockport Harbor. Goodridge adopted Andre 17 years ago when he was a 3-month-old pup Abandoned by his mother. appearance or possibility of corruption win mevnamy result if hnsinpss sneaks out on public issues," chamber President Richard L. Lesher said.

C3 I 0) iU MARBLEHEAD, Mass (APi Andre the Seal stared furiously at a throng of admirers Wednesday, then slid with a graceful splash into Marblehead Harbor for his annual lW-mile solo swim to Maine. "Go home Andre." admonished Harry A. Goodridge. owner and best friend of the frolicksome harbor seal. Andre is the most famous resident of Rockport, Maine, where he passes his summers performing tricks for the tourists.

he does each spring, rode from his winter tank at the New England Aquarium in Boston to Marblehead, where he flip-flopped off the town dock for his journey up to Rockport. The freckled, gray and brown seal cavorted around the harbor to the delight of about 500 people who lined the piers to watch him. Before leaving Boston. Andre cave a farewell performance at the Aquarium. For a fish as a prize.

Andre clapped his flippers, snorted, jumped through a hoop, fetched a rope and kissed his trainer. "He's a hair overweight." worried Goodridge as he looked at his blubbery 180-pound pet. "But he'll lose some of that on the trip." When hurries, he can make the long sw im in 02 Smaller dollar is one step closer WASHINGTON 'API The possibility that Americans may soon have a new coin to jingle in their pockets a dollar of manageable size advanced a step Wednesday. Walter E. Fauntroy.

chairman of the House subcommittee on coinage said he has received and introduced the administration legislation for a new dollar coin and expects to open hearings on the proposal next week. The Treasury Department envisages a coin between the size of a quarter and half-dollar and made of the ropper-nickel material that replaced silver in U.S. coinage 13 years ago. The hearings are likely to stimulate a debate already begun informally as to whether the new dollar should be the first S. coin to carry the portrait of an American woman.

The model prepared as a suggestion by the Treasury Department has a female figure representing liberty Susan Anthony, an early leader of the women's rights movement, and other women who figured in U.S. history have been proposed. Producing a dollar coin would cost two to three cents compared to the 17 cents for printing a dollar bill. But the Treasury Deparment said the dollar coins would save money since coins last about 15 years while dollar bills usually wear out in less than a year. Vending machine companies welcome the proposal, saying the new coin would broaden the variety of merchandise that could be sold through machines.

The current Eisenhower dollar, a big coin like the silver dollar it replaced, has never had much circulation. i aTTnn rrrrt Ni on TWA h'n you rhr in for vnur cut In ii in I mht. i nive you vnur bn.n pnss mm! M'li't tnr our ret urn tliyhl. too "Anytime somebody i dii keep mi' lrom stdiidine in line. 1 like i' I told my sei ietar to put me on TWA whenever she i Si i 1 1 mi; as; mi i Inn'! to 5.x.

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It makes the trip more relaxing To New York It good to know you don have to rush or worry ni.y aDout getting a Ml Sedl. Stops Los Angeles NOX-STOP NON-STOP NON-STOP NON-STOP NON-STOP NON-STOP NON-STOP liequi daily daily 'i daily daily daily daily dailv daily 1 1 often travel ih or 4 people on And this ay we ran check in ahead LIMITED TIME ONLY J.ipill pm (cjpni i TH 7: "illpni It). 10pm oiiHani (i; Hicini il I liullK. ami arrange to sit together comma i "ir-nniiniii i bai ITW err8 Air: (J )l; ToVashtngton lreiii' K.y (Vive I) Stops I. os Angeles ON-STOP NON-STOP ihii ago one-stop NON-STOP one-stop Sdt.

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Sat. daily 'itillam I) I) I 11 I) rWA- Niulii ii I 5 iSL V-' N-Ndtiullctl U-Du CikIi's: U-Unldiiu Aniiolcs i-HriifimriiP Wrfshmulnn lntrrrMtinnrii SUPER CLAN PV lit a i vM To Boston Leave Arrive Stops Frequency 7.47pm Los Angeles dailv NON-STOP daily 511 1pm one-stop dailv New York daily 115. one-slop daily.biilil rWAs NmliM.nai liuhis. iii.ji.whhlii mi Now Airport O-OnUrio L-Los Anm'lt'S, liter 5 -N, 1 1 Only onTWA.Check-in once, fly twice. iJLLr-d I I ftiwwi Stotr.r, Amanda UiKG'Ktp' Prlwon cnrt.

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