Fall River Daily Evening News from Fall River, Massachusetts on October 18, 1883 · 4
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Fall River Daily Evening News from Fall River, Massachusetts · 4

Fall River, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1883
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r ' 4 THURSDAY OCT 18 1883 ALMOST BURIED ALIVE A Singular Case of Restoration from a Horrible Death A distinguished physician of this city who has now retired from active practice While travelling in Wisconsin stopped for a night in a small village writes a Washington correspondent A friend and former pupil called to see him and during the evening mentioned a very singular case which he had been lately treating The young lady his patient so he informed Dr — — had died very suddenly three days before hut after she was prepared for the grave and laid in her coffin she presented such a natural and life-like appearance that he was unwilling to have her interred The family insisted that she was dead hut the young gentleman to whom she had been engaged remonstrated so decidedly that the interment was postponed after the minister and friends had assembled on the second morning On the third morning the burial was again deferred For though the body lay perfectly motionless in the casket without evincing any signs of life they hesitated to put it in the ground while it continued to look so natural The young physician had used every means that he knew of to restore animation if there was life left or if possible to detect some sign of it Nothing which he had tried had discovered any sign of remaining vitality and they had at length determined to delay the burial no longer It was to be on the next morning the morning of the fourth day The young physician requested Dr to go with him on the morrow and look at the body “ The following morning” says Dr “ I accompanied my friend to the house where the body of the young lady lay When we reached the house the friends of the family had already arrived and the officiating minister had gone through a part of the service in the room where the body lay a prayer I think it was and the family had taken their last farewell of a beautiful girl When I stepped into the room the undertaker had the casket lid in his hands ready to screw it down No sooner did I see the face in the casket than I felt sure that life was not extinct There was not the faintest pulse-that I conld detect but when I laid my ear close upon her breast I was confident that I heard the sligntest heart-beat So certain w as I then that it was a case of catalepsy that I did not hesitate a moment to apply the proper remedies Imagine if you can the scene when the young lady uttered suddenly a piercing scream and rose up in her coffin It was the most awful note of agony that I hope ever to hear The room was filled with friends beside the family and domestics Several ladies fainted outright some screamed and went into hysterics the servants ran out into the yard and I confess that though I was expecting to see her revive my own nerves were so shaken by "the suddenness of the occurrence that it was with the greatest difficulty I could stand Her face too which a moment before had worn that sweet smile of peaceful sleep writhed as she rose up in the most dreadful contortions I have never seen a face depict so much terror and agony It seemed as if all the mental suffering which she had endured through those four terrible days and nights found vent in that one cry and look In a few moments her pent-up feelings bad found relief and she then got out of the coffin and down from the table with very little assistance By this time the tumult in the room had in a measure subsided and she told us what was the most fearful part of the wholeexpenence that she had been perfectly conscious during the entire time ! She had heard all that was said and knew all that was going on around her She had felt herself being shrouded and laid in the coffin had heard her friends weeping over her before the coffin lid should close upon her foreverand thought she should surely be buried alive Meanwhile though she tried her utmost she was unable to move or utter a sound Her friends look upon her as given back to them from the grave and indeed in the - ueamtry -around it is reported that I really raised her from the dead and after I left they told me that the country people flocked in crowds to see me What the young lady’s feelings are it is useless to try to imagine and what they were during the four days and nights in whicn she lay in the coffin awaiting to be buried alive too terrible to contemplate” Dr will not allow his name to be mentioned in connection with this incident but knowing him personally we are able to vouch for all that he told us He is of the opinion that premature burial is very rare but thinks it occurs sufficiently often for people to be guarded against it TRADE REPORTS Cotton goods have been in light nldder-ate request yet the many takings of this character are' absorbing a larger quantity than is credited The export demand continues of unimportant feature though a light request is of some steadiness The movement is sustained of fairly average proportions the shipments for the week comprising 2474 packages from this market and 337 packages from Boston and elsewhere in all 2811 packages and for the expired portion of the year a total of 132972 packages against 125237 packages the same time last year and 130130 packages for the same time in 1881 Printing cloths have been in moderate demand and sale the tone of the market unchanged and quotations firm at last figures - Prints have bad a light and irregu'ar demand for small assortments and the chief business reached through deliveries on the moderate orders in process of execution — N Y Journal of Commerce The cotton mills of Canada are jjow looking to curtailment of production if not the — temporary closing of their establishments altogether as the only means of improving a greatly depressed market They say the trouble is all owing to over production — N Y Bulletin At Malden the Governor said : I was unjust to the regiment under the command of Colonel Codman m one particular and only one and that Is that I said his was the “ seed-cake regiment” and it was not and I certainly shall not tell you what regiment it was that went by that name I never mean if I can help it to do anybody any wrong and I always mean to put that wrong right And as usual his statement was false and his apology incomplete and unsatisfactory He asserted at Faneuil Hall on Wednesday night (1) that the forty-fifth regiment was called the “ seed-cake” regiment — which he retracts (2) that the Confederate general sent a message insulting to t le bravery of the forty-fifth to the Newbem garrison (3) that the losses of the regiment were falsified and (4) that the colonel brought back more than he took away “ barring deserters” Every one of these assertions made in a tone of insult to the regiment was utterly false and has been proved so The Governor makes a show of - retracting one of them the least important of all and stands by the rest That is to say he repeats the falsehood and the insult — Boston Advertiser Saturday one of the most prominent teachers in this city said “ Bast year at the dinner of about twenty teachers in this vicinity I found that none-of them bad any interest in the election and that Beveral were going to vote for Governor Butler As a matter of fact very few did not vote against him I among them At the last dinner the topic came up and I found that nearly all if not all of those present were in earnest to secure the defeat of the present Governor” The surprise is that alleged liberally educated men did not know all about Governor Butler last year— Boston Journal Gov Butler has been recently praised for his labors for the ten-hour law He never raised hand or voice for that law though he was a member of the Legislature which passed it He was absent or else he dodged every vote on the question Gov Butler is a sham friend of labor No other public man in Massachusetts ever treated workingmen with such utter contempt— Boston Herald When 58 names are assessed at a house in which there were but 12 it shows that the Butler-Palmer managers have entered into a conspiracy to cheat Boston out of an honest vote — Boston Journal The Boston Herald correspondent predicts that Butler s majority in Lowell will be gOO leas than last year and the chairman of the Republican City Committee claim it will be 500 less A VETERAN SOLDIER Mr G F Bowles of No 24 Common Street Lynn Mass says : — “ While in the army at the battle of Spotteyl-vania I fell while getting over a rail-fence and was badly injured and left for dead but after a time I was picked "up by comrades and upon examination it was found that my back was badly hurt and my kidneys seriously injured and 1 have suffered the most excruciating pain since and could obtain no relief although treated by several physicians and I had given up all hope of getting help when I was recommended to use Hunt’s Remedy I purchased several bottles at one of our drug stores in Lynn and began to use it as directed and can now attend to business and am free from the pains I formerly had and I wish to say to my friends and comrades that Hunt’s Remedy will do all that is claimed for it and worthy of all praise You can use my testimony when you have occasion to as I most heartily recommend it to all that have kidney or liver troubles” April 20 1883 “YOU MAY USE MY NAME” I desire to inform you what your valuable medicine has done for me I was induced to try it by a member of our family “ who had been benefited by its use” I have suffered terribly from kidney difficulties At times I have been very bad having severe pains in my back with general loss of strength and vitality My urine was very bad with a heavy sediment of brick-dust which was fast leading to gravel I commenced using Hunt’s Remedy with a marked improvement from the start the pains left the urine became more natural and I can truly say one bottle effected a permanent cure I have recommended it to many persons both here and in Boston all of whom speak of it with the highest praise You are at liberty to use this letter or my name in any manner you may think best that other sufferers may learn the value of the greatest of all remedies Most truly yours ’ JOHN F COX 62 Pleasant St Malden Mass April 23 1883 DR GEO PIERCE’S INDIAN Restorative BITTERS This great family medicine has been before the public for more than iorty yeaisand stands high as an infallible cure for Jaundice Liver C omplainf Indigestion or Dyspepsia Cob-tivene 1 iss of Appetite efc It is the best cathartic and Spki:ng Medicine jet oi fered to the public It purges without pain and unlike other cathartics does net leave the bowels in a costive state It acts upon the Liver as certainly as calomel aud is tree from the secondary ell ects which cause calomel to be so much dreaded As a cure lor Dyspepsia and Indigestion it is offeied with the utmost confidence It will afford speedy rehei lor soul ness of the stomach and headache and as a Blood Fm iher Las no equal Ask vour drug gist for a circular containing a list of genuine unsolicited testimonials Piiee in bottles hold ing more than one pint 73c GEO FIERCE CO Boston Proprietors GEO C GOOD AVIV & CO General Agents Sold by all druggists and medicine dealers mv24-dTuTbS-awly-nrm NEW PERFECT’ RETURN-FLUE FURNACE No'more Hot Chimney and Cold Houses no waste of heat or fuel no gas or dust The full benefit from coal obtained bv radiation from four times the usual heating sui face Furnace has no bolted joints nothing to wear out Examine the merits of this great heater with its solid cast return-flue Radiator and three flue body Will last longer without expense than any fnrnace made Richardson & Boynton Co Manufact’rs' 232 & 234 Water st !New York Sold by COOK & GREW ag8-deod3in Fall River Mass sApsn&j 5eVER FAILr ts UMFAIMWC AHP IFAI Lit nr ctTimro tEpileptie Fits Spasm Falling Sickness Convulsions St Vltns Dance Alcoholism Opium Eating Seminal Weakness Im-potency Syphilis Scrofula and all Nervous and Blood Diseases frWTo Clergymen Lawyers Literary Men Merchants Bankers Ladies and all whose sedentary employment causes Nervous l’ros-n Irregularities of the blood stomach tratlon bowels or kidneys or who require a nerve tonic appetizer or stimulent Samaritan Ner-is invaluable vine fTHglSREATj iH ’(coHqiiEaon! “Thousands proclaim It the most wonderful Invigor-ant that ever sustained a sinking system 1150 at Druggists TheDR S A RICHMOND MEDICAL CO Sole Pro- prietors SL Joseph Mo For testimonials and circulars send stamp Clas N Crlttenton Agent New York (8) BEST THING KNOWN WASHimW’BLEACHmG IN HARD OR SOFT HOT OR COLD WATER BATES LABOR TIME and SOAR AMAZINGLY and gives tmiversal satisfaction No family rich or poor should bo without it Sold by all Grocers BEWARE of Imitations well designed te mislead BEARLLNE is the ONLY SAFE labor-saving compound and Always bears the above symbol and name of JAMES FYLE NEW YORK THOMAS B WARING Practical Embalmer and Funeral Director Would announce to the public that he has fitted up his rooms in first-class style enclofl ing his Caskets thereby keeping them free from dust and has as large and as fine an assortment of CASKETS COFFINS BURIAL CASES ROBES SHROUDS etc As can be found in the city Kind treatment of the dead assured Thankful to my many friends for their many favors shown me while associated with Westgate Baldwin & Co Baldwin & Waring and Waring Bros I would respect fully solicit a continuance of the same at my new place of business 1ST o 99 Sontli Main Street All calls promptly answered day or night by THOMAS B WARING — Residence No 220 South Main street J STUART MORRILL — Residence No 80 Bine street I A00atnta JAS S HARGRAVES — Residence No 12 Bark street j A oe!2 d3m HENRY WARING (FORMERLY OF WARING BROS ) Practical Embalmer & Funeral Director Will give his entire attention to the UNDERTAKING BUSINESS in all its branches and may be found at NO 152 SOUTH MAIN STREET Wiere he will keep on hand all the Latest Improved Stjles of CASKETS COFFINS ROBES &c All calls either day or right promptly attended to Telephone at Office OFFICE— No 152 South Main Street oci5-d3m residence— No 5 Cottage Street OLD RELIABLE H W JOHNS’ Asbestos Liquid Paints We wish to call the attention of all contemplating Painting this fall to our splendid assortment of colors some of them entirely new and novel and very pleasing in effect These colors are nicely laid on large wood sample cards showing you the true shade and effect as it will look upon your dwellings We invite all to call in and examine our new selections A FEW FACTS TO BUYERS AND CONSUMERS We give more pounds to the gallon We cover more surface to the gallon One gallon will covet from 225 to 250 square feet two coats Our Paints are more durable will last longer and hold color bettci than any othei mixed paints known By using our Asbestos Liquid Paints your buildings are better painted and at less cost theieby saving money and the trouble of painting so often Finally these goods have been before the public nearly a quarter of acenturj Our sales and success have been far beyond oui expectations and we can give von testimonials from our own citizens who have tested it thoroughly We cairy the finest assortment and laigest stock of prepaied Mixed Paints in Bristol County Call in and look at samples and obtain oui puces before painting SANFORD & COVEL Sole Agents for H W Johns’ Asbestos Paints TROY BUILDING PLEASANT STREET Hardware and Mill Supplies PORTER BROTHERS BARGAINS IN Ladies’ & Children’s Merino Underwear Bargains in Ladies’ and Children’s Scarlet Underwear BARGAINS IN GENT’S SCARLET ALL WOOL SHIRTS & DRAWERS BARGAINS IN LADIES' GENT’S & CHILDREN’S HOSIERY & GLOVES Remember the bargains we are offering in Black Cashmeres Black all wool French Foule Black Flannels Gilbert’s Mixed Suiting Plain Costume Clotli Plaid Suitings 54 inches wide Colored Cashmeres Colored and Black Silks Silk Velvets Brocade Velvets Velveteens Long and Square Shawls BLANKETS at Way Down Prices $125 $150 $2 00 $2 50 and $3 00 per pair PORTER BROTHERS 69 PLEASANT STREET 93 SOUTH MAIN STREET £1 S RAYMOMB (Formerly of WOOD & RAYMOND) Practical Embalmer and Funeral Director AND DFA1ER IN AIL KINDS Or GASKETS COFFINS AND ROBES Of the Latest Improved Styles at Very Low Prices All calls promptly attended to either day or night The services of a "competent lady may he procured for laying out and dressing bodies Flowers furnished when desired The best DISINFECTANT known constantly on hand Telephone at House aud Office je4 tf OFFICE NO 7 ROCK ST RESIDENCE NO 14 FRANKLIN ST BLACK GOODS! A FIXE LINE OF Black Cloakings anil Black Dress Goods MAY BE FOUND AT NO 5 GRANITE BLOCK PALL - NEW GOODS have arrived and we have a FINE ASSORTMENT OF SUITINGS AND Fall Overcoatings and Pantings Call in early and get first choice J D BOONE 24 SOBlflUM STREET BORDEN BLOCK VELVETS ! CASHMERES We have just added to out stock a choice line of these goods in Black and all the most desirable shades and colors Oar 50 CKNT CASHMERES in black and colors are splendid value being extra heavy and wide width Black Silks ! Colored Silks ! A full line of these goods of reliable auakes and the prices we offer them at are an inducement for all to buy these goods at JAMES W HENRY’S - - No 3 Granite Block 1 Like an Evil Spirit In olden times it was thought that evil spirits came in through cracks and keyholes The generally approved way to keep them out was to plug up the keyholes and stop the cracks with cotton Notwithstanding these preventive measures the evil things had their own way and often came in as they pleased --s So comes malaria now-a-days We try to keep jt out of the keyhole and it comes in by the crack W e stop up the crack and lo ! it comes from a leak in the plumbing or an opening from some neglected drain or from some unsuspected source and unguarded direction We cannot always keep malaria out but we can give it battle and drive its effects from our systems If Brown’s Iron Bitters is taken in time malaria has not a ghost of a chance This is the great family medicine Y our druggist sells it and you ought to keep a bottle in the bouse s ISTERS Remedy at OF MERCY— Cough BENNETT’S DRUG STORE — at — Lowest Brices Best Goods TjOSBi or Palestine new pe XV 26 Ots at BENNETT’S DRUG STORE! Beat Good a t Bowest Prices- SAMUEL AI£HEr - 1883 BIRD SEED — Fresh and clean 10 cents a package at BENNETT’S DRUG STORE Best Goods at Lowest Prices Keep it sweet How to do it at BENNETT’S PKUG STORE — at — Leweat Brice J D FLINT & CO The Great House-Furnishers Are offering a complete tine of all the Kew Patterns and Desirable Colorings of Fine To which they inite special attention RICH MOQUETTES with Matcli Borders ROYAL VELVE TS ELEGANT BOGY BRUSSELS w ith Match Borders TAPESTRY BRUSSELS IMPERIAL THREE-PLY' LOWELL EX SUPERS OIL CLOTHS AND LINOLEUMS RUGS AND MATS - - - - All in want of a CARPET or IIOUbE 1 URNISHINGS of any description urtist not fail to examine our immense stock as we sell LOW FOR CASH or on J- D FLINT & CO 121 South Main Street - - Flint’s Exchange WM H ASHLEY & CO’S Special Clothing House Commencing the Fall and Winter Season of 1883 After the season of rest and recuperation we launcli forth with energy stability and vigor and shall show to the public one of the BEST LARGEST ARD MOST SUPERB STOCKS In every department you will find Reliable Well Made Clothing Of the best fabric and of superior cut and make for Men Young Men Youths Boys and Children The reliability of this stock is such that no customer need to fear that he u ill not realize the full amount in value for every dollar expended at the SPECIAL CASH CLOTHING HOUSE WM H ASHLEY & CO 20 SOUTH MAIN STREET! 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COAL ! COAL ! The subscribers have on hand aud are constantly leceivmg T RES II MINI D LOT'S VALLEY RES ASM WHITE ASH AMI LEIHCII In the oiiftient sizes and Chestnut Coal for Domestic Purposes Also LkHKilf in Broken and Fgg sizes for tcani and Furnaces LEHIGH CIILST-NUT for Base Burnei Stoves and BITUMINOUS for smiths’ use Ac Ac All oirteis piomptly delivered by careful ttainci' in good order and at Lowest Prices Offices : 55 North Main Yards : 22 Davol and 5 Telephone connections vyitn Offices and del5-dtf S I? THE GENUINE FROM THE BALTIMORE HADDOCK Fall River Office- No 7 BEDFORD ST New York Office-111 BROADWAY Coal-Wholesale Retail ! We are prepared to furnish ALL KINDS OF COAL Anthracite and Bituminous At LOWEST MARKET RATES both for Steam and Domestic use GLOBE OOiTcOMPANY oxjAhis: chase Agt Office— TSTo 3 1 J3eGf oir1 Street YARDS— RODMAN’S YVHARF Davol St and GLOBE WHARF nu5-Rf J E BUFFINGTON Supt COAL ! COAL ! THOMAS & HADDOCK No 7 IBedford Street NEAK CORNElt OF MAIN STREET Yards— GS DAYOL ST and EIGHT ROD WAY WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF FAMILY COAL Lyken’s Valley Lehigh White Ash &c CLEAN COAL ! LOWEST PRICES ! PROAIPT DELIVERY ! Orders received by Telephone Orders received at GLOBE DRUG STORE GRAY & CO — DEALERS IN — FIRST QUALITY OF COAL! 1000 Tons Lyken’s V alley Coal Broken Egg and Stove sizes IltESfl MINED just landed Also WHITE ASH & RED ASH COALS In sizes to suit FAMILY COAL a specialty YARDS : MECHANICS WHARF I BEDFORD ST foot of Bock J A BOWEN Has on hand and is constantly receiving for family use The Original Lyken’s Valley Coal RED ASH AND PLYMOUTH VEIN WHITE ASH For Furnaces and Heaters we have the celebrated JPITTSTON COAL & DUCK MOUNTAIN LEHIGH We do not employ any solicitors thinking the variety and quality of our stock to he sufficient recommendation Orders left at 1ST o 11 GrXaiiit© Block "Will be promptly filled and satisfaction guatanteed August 25th 1883 I COAL! COAL! COAjTT A 11 Kinds of COAL and "W" 0033 Delivered to any part of the city at LOWEST CASH P RICES ( Order by Telephone promptly fiUed Satisfaction guaranteed i Offices 120 North Main Street and at Yard near Sagamore Mills X 3QC WILSON Thio Wonderful Effective and Harmless Medicine is emphatically a Womb Tonic invigorating and aiding it in tlio perfoimancc of its functions It is a purely Vegetable Curative for all diseases arising from uterine de-langements BONA DEA Will roBevc at once that “ Pain in the Rack md IIlps’' that “Bearing Down” it vi’l hi pal1 impurities from the blood regulate the n iiod of menstruation cuie Reucorrlicea ni 1 i ailing of the Womb and relieve that ternl le sulKnug usually attending it It will quut trio icr giv o i efreslung si ep prevent Headaches banish all feeling of depressed spirits and guai m-ee a long continuance of womanhood It 1 1 y m eluab’e assistant to nature importing tiengih and vitality to the whole sj stem Bona Dea is sold by druggists or sent by Mail Postage Paid and securely packed on receipt of $100 Send for ilustrated Treatise Jos S Hall & Co "'7 Coiloge Place Jv Y City IT A and 9 Bedford Streets 127 Central Streets C3-TJXXXjSrJ?EEX atds BUFFLNTON & CO VEIN— Maud and Shipped by & STEEL OFFICE : 43 BEDFORD STREET nvS-dtf Traveling OLD COLONY RAILROAD PT On miff After OCT 18th 1888 Pasnen pci Trams will leave Pall River Stations as follows WEEK DAYS from steamboat wharf station For Boston 520 a mor on arrival of steamer from New ork For Boston (via BndgowatPi 1 ( 30 a m l or Boston (via Taunt n t 45 a m For Fitchbuig Lowell ami Stations on North ein Division 5 2o a m For Woictstcr bpiingiieUI Ail m anil i mnta wvt via South Iniiiiiijil cn and B & A R B also Lowell N iiuia Mai ches ter ( oucoid and lntc 'Mountain points via I owoll and points on the Chednie Ilooac Tunnel and Centiil Ytrmont road via I itchbuig at 520 a m and Dorn Feirj stieet station at 8 08 a uav 3 35 n in liom Toucnville station at 8 14 a w ? 41 i ni For Mw Lcdfoid Martha Vincyardand Nai-tucket at 0 30 a m Ft r M mdi Id and M nv Mationt at ff45 a m Im Middlehoto and Matious on Cape Cod Division t dt-ta m Tor B’v mouth st n 30 r 45 a m For 1 rovidenee M arien and liitol 710 am FROM FI Bin ritllT STATION For Bo'-twn via launton) 8 08 10 55 a m 3 35 p m 1 or 1 e-ton (via Bndgf v aer ) 5 ( 5 p ni It or M u M eld and May Mation at 8(8 10 55 a m 3 3" 21 p in For 1 ltdibuur and bt itioni on Northern li imom 808 i in 3 35 p m For Middleboro and Stations m ( ape Cod Division 8 08 a m 3 o5 in For Plymouth at J i p m lor Newport aud May Stations at 845 1021 a m 528 ( 53 p m lor New Bedford at 8 08 0f5 a iu 3 35 p m Foi Martha’s Yinevard at 808 ’ 055 a in I or lavnton and Wav Stations at 8 08 ltoo a m 3 35 5 25 p m For Prov idence Y arren and Ih istol at 85P m 12 3 4 10 p in Saturdava 555 p m For Warren and Bristol at 555 p m FROM BOW ENVILXE STATION For Boston (via Taunton) 048 814 1100 a m 341 p m For Boston (via Bridgewater) 634 a m 510 p in For Mansfield and Wav Stations at 648 8 14 11 00 a in 3 41 5 30 p m For ITtcliburg and Stations on Northern Div-sion at 814 a m 341 p ni For Yliddleboio and Stations on Cape Cod Division at 6 34 8 3 4 a ro 3 41 p m For Plymouth at 6 34 f 48 a m 3 41 p m For Newporr and ay Stations 829 1016 a m 5 23 6 39 p ni For Maltha’s mevard at 814 11 00 am lor New Bedfoid at 034 814 11 00 am 3 41 p m Foi Taunton andWav Stations 6 48 814 1100 a m 341 and 530 p m For Providence M auen and Bristol at 715 9 00 a m 12 34 4 15 Saturdays 601 pm For M arren and Bnstol at 001 p in TRAILS Li VV E BOSTON FOR FAIL RIVER fi'eek days at & 00 n in 3 15 m in (via Bnrlgewater) 8 15 1140 a m 335 445 and 600 Expiess p m (via Taunton ) Sundays at 5 45 (via Bmlgewntei ) 700 Ex press p m (via Taunton) TRAINS LEAV L I KOVIDFM E lOtt FVLLRIVFB Week days at 740 9 50 a m 1 00 420 620 p m TFAINS LEAVF N FW PORT FOR FALL It TVER Week dajs at 7 30 745 a m 255 4 30 pm SLNDAIS FROM STF V ytllOA T WHARF STATION For Boston at 5 20 a in or on an ival of Steam er fiom Neyv oik Foi Bo-ton Biidgeyy otcr and May Stations at 7 20 a m il’OVI BOW FN y II J F STATION For Boston Bridgewarei and Waj Stations at 723 a m r AT L RI LK KK NCII Bofyreen I all River awd New Bedford moil STATION ON FIGHT IOD WAV WEEK 1 V? tor New Bedford and avptations at 910 a in 2 40 o5U p m TKUV’LFOt M W B1 I1 OLD 1 OR FALL RIVER At 745 a ni 12 15 5 55 p in t E hi DRlCk Gen Manager L ACM 1 5 Agent F all Ri er U t I 5th 1883 Fall River Line lor Be® Toil The Staunch and Elegant Steamers PILGRIM MD BRISTOL Are now running on this loute and Mll remain m ser Mte until further notice Leave Fall River from Steamboat T liaif week davs at 730 p in siuuIaj s at 8 20 p m — arriving jn Isew Yoik in season to connect vwtli eaily trains South and West annex steamer connection with jeisev Citv and Brooklyn On and alter Sun dn8ept 23d lrav e New Yoik at 5 m MliSl CLA'-’S Unlimited 1 ubets 3 00 FIHsT CLASS Liiaitc d Tickets 200 SECOND CLASS Limited “ 150 I-or THEFTS and M A'JLROOMS apply at KINGS! LY’S nPIOS OF i IC L 2 $outh Mam stieet or on the steamer aftei G p m J R KENDUK K Gen Manager A L ACKLLY Agent Fa)1 River Oct lt 1883 Fall Eiver & Providence S B Co Between Fall River & Proviflence Tcucliing: atBiistol erry and Bristol Bad W aj ON and after V rDNTSDAY Fept 2(itli fluff until fin tlur notice STEAMER RICHARD BOBDLN vi'l inn dsfolloafl: LEAi E rAIL It It Eli AT - 8 00 A M HAVE PHOT IDENCE AT - - 3 80 P M mj 7-dtf D C LAWTON Agent PIltLAOELPilLl 1 FALL RIVER Steamship Line FROM FALL RIVER Every Wednesday and Saturday AT 5 P M THE BOSTON AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP CO Knownin Narragansett Bay as the ”W insorLine Will run a line of Steamers as above receiving Freight DAILY at Derrick Wharf Fall River Steamers Leave Philadelphia For Fall River direct EVEPY WEDNESDAY For Fall River via Providence EVERY WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY Toi rates and further particulars apply to H J JLR5EGAN Agent Derrick W harf I'aHtiver U WIN&OIt & CO General Agents 338 South Wharves Philadelphia oclG-dly ' NATIONAL LINE OF STEAMSHIPS Between New York Liverpool Queenstown and Tendon direct Sailing Weekly from PierO North River New Yoik are among the largest steamships cross mg the Atlantic Cabin rates $50 to $70 ex cursion $100 to $120 outward steerage prepaid steerage tickets $20 “ being f 1 low i than most other lines” Offices 69 aBd 73 Broadway New York The new and fast Steamship “AMERICA GDOO tons now building F W J HURST Manager Agents at Fall River— W Burgess Jery Kelly G M Haffards W H Aisworth Donahue & Dean ap2-dl Hatch & Co’s Express — TO — NEW BEDFORD & MAETIIA’S VINEYARD Direct Messengers on each promptly delivered F OFFICES: Train ad Boat n ITnelnv IfvnrPUS Ffl ALLEN SLADE & GO Agents for Fall Eiver and "Vicinity

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