The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1940
Page 7
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THURSpAY,'JANUARY '2?, -« _BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER.NEWS PAGE SEYWfo CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecu- '.vc Insertions: One time per line ____ t'wo times per line per day.. Three times per Hue per day. 6ix tlmes-per line per day.,. llouth rate per, Hue. .OBu .OOc , ..-, ........ COc tarrts at Thanks.,.. ..... 500 & 75c Minimum chsrge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times ami stopped before expiration will be charged for tlie number of tlmefc. Lhe add appeared and tcljustment' of bill made. Ail Classified Advertising copy vibjultted by" persons' residing out- ude /of the city must be accom- I'tinjed by cash. Rates may be easily .'computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irieeulnr insertions lakes the one time nue. No responsibility \vlll be tnken lor more Ulan one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Notice Bargains in USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Kepossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONB 55 For Sale Orocery slore, roonilns,' house nnrt. 1 service station at Osceolft Across j from Magnolia Filling SUUIcn. J'honc 326 at Osceola. 25-pk-l Dry Cypress wood. 51.00 per Rick. At Walker and Harris Sawmill. East Main St. 13-nk2-|3 I ttlll make mid sell Dr. Phillips' AJiulba Liniment. Mrs. O D Phillips, 216 No. Fiaiiklh). O-pi-2-fl Registered Poland China nlgsT"? months oW, J, u. Plnhston, Ho)land. 8-uk-31 Good blnck' land, corn & colton fium. Write P, O. Box 345, New [adrlrt Mn . O.»_.A^ *jn! Madrid, Mo. You Won't Mind the SNOW in a PHILLIPS USED CAR Sec These Models -._—— ... And Our Many Ofherti Today TGI' Keill 'W Ford Tudor jigs' 3 room furnished apartment and >38 Bulck Couch J29SJ hath. Modem nnd clcnn. Corner ,.,, m, E • c j Main nnd 2nd. r. Simon, phone " Ohcv ' bpwl Sedi>1 * 3 ' 6 7C4 - 25-ck-tl '31 Ford "60" Tudor S349 Four room furnished apartment. '37 Ford "85" Counr ... S325 Cftl! 274-W, Mrs. Edwin Robin- .son. \--n c )c j-31 '38 Chevrolet Coach ... ...H6B T\vo furnished rooms, Adjoining SrKCMJ. BARGAIN'S liath. 701 W. Ash. Phone 299. TODAV 23-pk-aO — , - . '32 Chevrolet Count $38.5 3 room furnished apartment. Mo;l- , . crn. Private entrance. 713 ChicK- ^ ' nr<l Tudor 590 jasawta. Phone 88-W. M''^^ .30 Ford T,,dor $5B Nlccl 5 ~rum"lshcd~"r room " I '** ^ rd Tudor Si2 ' £ W13 W. Main St. 19-ck-2U I'36 International rick-Up ...S151 3 room furnished apartment. 606 No. 6th St. Mrs. Crowder. 12cktf HOLD EVERYTHING By Clydo Lewis WeJding KXl'ERT WELDING KLKCTUIC & ACCTYI.ENK 1 jM long iwiiwiy welder /or nlythevllb Mndilne shoj> ' DltACiUM; n ,,,| HEAVV U'iJl.O- ING OIJI! Uclu Manpower ODESSA, Tex. (UP)^The Odessa Chamber of commerce reports dm! the blggesl. problem during IJir joceiit imvliig of $0 bitcks of city di eels was finding enough unemployed weiv to. reelster for fho WPA project, Ottwsn U In tiw Chemist, have pvodUced""nTrl f \'i tlian 2000 siitistoiKes fi'om coal. • D. W. CRANFORD GARAGE Avk. SI'BNI) VOUR CIASOLINK DOLMK WISELY SAVE 3c to 4c Per Gallon ON GASOLINE Valuable Coupons With Uach Hntcha» OAS01.INK—MOTOK OIL KKKOSKNE Whtlrsalo A H«Uii THA111', WITH JOYNER OIL CO. Ini)rprn<1rii4 Denlrr TANK CAR TO V(HW CAR Hi, Noilli, We Deliver Phone 153 Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Kules. We are equipped to handle large or smnll loans on anv sized Iracl of farm Itmd, at low "cost, and nt a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. ' Blytlievnie, Ark 'Welding .-.EXPERT" ELECTRIC' AND ACETYLENE WELDING Drag line and heavy_jvclt spcciaTfJ."' ". Barksdale Mfg, Ca Unfurnlslicd apartment, 4 rocms with bath.. 508 W. Chicknsuwba. Phone 728. 12-1 '33 Forrl 1'loU-lip §60 Desirable bedroom hi private home, with heat and private bath. HOT W. Walnut street, phono 884. 6-ck-U ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished. One bedroom. GH Hcnrn. 3pk2-3 Nice bedroom convenient to batli Steam heat. Phone 280. 21cktl For Sale or Trade , MULES ~~ Will trade for Mules, Cans, Mo«s. Cattle, Corn, Ha>- and Lumber. Dcltsi Implements, Inc. See Floyd Simpson 8-ck-tl .. Personal Phone 19 or lies. J019 Wanted Wanted to tray Government Cot- • ton Loani Blyilievllle Gio Co. Land For Sale -Arouse Sluggish Liver, work oft .-•{•the bile to rla yourself, of const|. j oation,-, gas pains, and that ?aur, — i punk feeling. Take one box of ' I KIRBY'S I ACTJVlC i.IVER PILLS 25e at afc Kirby stores over on Highway 62, $1 per a.fic ™sh, balance over period of six .vcars. Conway & Houchins Blyfheville, Arh. J2-ck-tf Poultry Thli it tfc* time of times to buy a late model used Ford Yi-ir— tremwdoBi choice o URmatched values — priced way dow» for quick sale Vaiiy are rare bargains — Vxtra good trade allowant' r-terms thot don't pinch you purse. We'll make you a dea you can't refuse. Come i* — let'i talk It over. •. ''"• '.-'• r ' AUTHORlirtO FORD DEALER OurSeryJce ; is YOUR '''":'••' ' Assurance OF Safe Driring! Safe motoring Is'the »!m ol every driver. Then, why not M- suro yoiiTOlf at this Hifcty as far ns your automobile U; concerned. Drive In and let our mrchmilt* put your car In shape for nny driving, The cost ti rrnisonnble oiul Ilic .work jiuar- nntcrd, EXPERT MECHANICS ; MODERN EQUIPMENT V ALL WORK I GUARANTEED •; PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5(h <fc Walnut I'hone 81 . . Key to Willys Overland* autanw •. bile. Owner may have same b Highest prtces'ymld for all kinds oJ Sf yln? . cost of ' thls n(J - Cour ' Poultry. Fisher nnd Worthy, i Nelvs o[flce Steele, Mo. 12-pl?-a-12! ' Baby Chicks Custom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery Bl.vtheville Hiwy. « jiorih 12-pk-2-12 TENNIS ACE HORIZONTAL, 1,5 Pictured star of the tennis court. 10 Close. 12 Ore laundry. 13 Condition. 14 Epoch. 15 Guided. 16 Somewhat like. 10 King of Bashan. 20 Short time. 21 Note in scale. 22 He has - 38 Postscript. or coached '39 Butter lump. tennis players 40 Wrath. 25 He was - — 42 Whirlwind. national 43 Sworn lo tennis secrecy. champion for .45 Mu'sical years. • . , direction. 29 Conjunction. 47 Furtive 'move. 30 Proportion. 49 Bustle 32 Electrified 51 Glacier Ice parficle. . , .; pinnacle. 33 Sneaky. ' 53 Average. 34 Barrack in 54 He has done garrison town. much to :' 36 Courtesy title. popularize Answer ia.PTtviom Pnnle ~ II Mastic. 13 Coin sill. 17 To repeal. 18 Gaseous compound. 20 To proffer. 23 Some. 24 Badger. 25 Ozone. 2G tyole in scale. 27 Aurora. 28 Mussel. 31 Five plus five, 33 Paroxysm. 34 To seal -. crevices. his . 35 Docs wrong. 56 To crush. 37 He is famous 57 He is one o£ a for his lone band of • :. • or paid 39 Instrument, players today, -11 Swelling VFRTirtl 43Eyc nuld VERTICAL 4.) nibbles 2 Tolalities. 45 Moldings. 3 Precedence. 46 Spoken. 4 Upright shaft. 48 Fiber knots. 6 Newspaper •. 50 Dower paragraph. property. 7 Kind of poem. 52 Onager. 8 To apportion. 54 Southeast. QCoypu. 55 Toward. Business Directory FULLER^RUSHES~ j Ca)1 D a» McLean, Phone 1059 Salesmen Wanted 3 salesmen wanted. Must have car Write Post Office Box 371. Repairing Expert gun repairing. See~~E.~M Damon at tlie Blythevllte Armory on Wedn«day« and Thursdays USED CARS ill Trices Iliat say Buy Now! We'v- stacked iniccs on the E rc»te5tgroup of Used Cars you've laid e.vcs on. Evcrj' car must lie sold so we're all set to sell and trade. See us tudjy, 1!>3!) Chevrolet Sport Sedan. Low iniltage, heater. A beauty for" $595 1939 Ford V-8 85 Tudor.-Maroon color. Driven only 14,000 miles. Special .... S5fl5 19M Chevrolet Business Coupe. Flcattr. Low mileage! Runs like new. ... 1R38 Chevrolet Snort Sedan. color, motor completely overhauled ...... SIM 19.i7 Chevrolet TOTO Sedan. Kims s'md. has f O)r lights, spol lishl. heater, new 193(j Chevrolet Town Ttariirc, only Sedan. 1D5S Dod;c Sedan. Cily driven l!»l Clicvmlct Coach. Sptcial S103 Tritrks. t.argp. & Siiiall, All Makes Chevrolet, I'nrd. «JtC, Tnl., U'.liiH, * Ton. Nnr lioillcs if you w.inl Ihcni. Al'c Trade Kasy O. M. .V. C. I'aynirnl TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. J. I GUARD Ontnmu'triM Only Ciiaduiilc Oplome Irlst In CANCER "J. D. nnisl !>o sore at his elmuflciir iignin," Now Limited «1 101 Nnrlh Srconil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DO.N' EUWilKDS I'niprfrtot N1ES & NIES Illylliovlllc, Aik. Tj-ijowrllers, Adding Mnctihir,. KrimirlnK— rnrli— ||IM IO ,I, The Clinsl Thluf .., STAUtlOK) JUMP5 Al-ERT- ALLEY 00! Nice GOJW YOU GOT TWO OP THAT SIXTH OME-IT'S COMIKJ' IM BOOTS AND HER TJUDD^KS Tnl(cH Busy, II VO' PAPPY WASH TUBBS VOUR G Insiiic tnfnrmiih'nn HY TfOY ORANB YOU SK, WHEU GEAli'JPA, WED, HE BUT THERE 5 MEVER BEEH A - 1" THIS LOCAl WILDCAT COMPAMV W4TEAC OP ELLIM6,WU LM)V, WE'PE TOO VALUABLE TO CABRV AROUWD. I HNJE AVJ IDEA. VOUB SRAWOf-WTHER KWIWE OH THE'ttVIOENPS VET.- • • : , , ALOHG C^WiE A, SUCK SMKMA.M AMD PEESUA-uED HER TO BU/ STOCK W THIS COMPAW. POOR 6BAV)D^THER : -SHE EXPECTED TO LNE OM THE POVALTIES W HER OLD ASE PW1DEMO. VOU COULDM'T EtlEfJ 6WE VTA\W,,, BUT RECEHnV ^^A,« OFFEBED HER S10O FOR \T. AVJD ^HE NEEOS THW ' 4100 FKECKLKS AND IHS KHIKNDS BY MERRILL:BLOSSKI USE hAV OLD BARN? WELL, i GUESS SO.' 'TA MUCH USE To, ME NOW ANYWAY ' WE'D LIKE To FIX u up LIKE , A MOVIE STUDIO ! TMEM VWEM TME WEATHER IS BAD, WE'LL HAVE A <300D SPOT 'To TAKE OUR PICTURES wsioe _ PAINT ir f 1 . ALL UP FOR YOU | BOYS, <30 AHEAD AUKE I ANO HAVH YOUR. F1JN (.JUST DONT BUWJ DOWN / MOW EVERYBODY PITCH IN Asit> WE'LL MAKE SOME- our OF THIS PlACe / PUTT/N' INl A NOKW LlGHTj ' 23-ck-30

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