Johnson City Press from Johnson City, Tennessee on June 19, 1975 · 18
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Johnson City Press from Johnson City, Tennessee · 18

Johnson City, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1975
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-V- - ’ - f " Page 18 JOHNSON CITY PRESS-CHRONICLE Thursday Evening June 19 1975 Baseball’s top ten ay The tliKltM Pre Iim4 1 t lt) NOTICE CITY OF JOHNSON CITY TENNESSEE Th citizen and taxpayer ot the City of Johnson City r hereby notified that ft Board c Commissioner will consider lha passaoa at tha Appropriation Ordinance June 24 1975 at 7 30 p m in me Commission Chamber at tna Momci-pal-Sataiy Bulbing All cihians and taxpayers may be heard In person or by attorney in regard to the passage ot sa0 ordinance The Appropriation Ordinance to be considered contains the tniinwino nnticioated revenues given bv sources The Appropriation Ordinance to be considered contains a statement ot expenditures to be appropriated by departments The proposed Ordinance is tor the htett period baginning July 1 1971 and andmg June 30 197a - SUMMARY OF REVENUES GENERALFUNO SOURCES REVENUE ANTICIPATED 1975- 1970 Property Tax Penalty and Interest on Taxes Tax Equivalent - JC Power Board Tax Equivalent JC Housing Authority Tax Equivalent Tennessee Valley Authority Revenue Sharing Sales Tax State Sales Tax Local 1g State Income Tex Beer Tax-State Beer Tax - Local Liquor Tax Local State Highway Maintenance Supplement Supplement Street 1 Transit System Community Development School Fund Stele B County School Tuition School Textbook State School Capital Outlay " Federal Impact Law No 174 Manpower Dneiopment Training Vocational Education Trades & Industrial Education ROTC Municipal Court Revenues Business S Special Tax Building Permits Rents ot Buildings Parks etc Fees - Electrical Plumbing 4 Gas Parking Meter Revenue Golf Course Revenue Civic Center Revenue Park and Recreation Revenue Industrial Building Revenue Interest on Securities Tennessee State Planning Off ica Miscellaneous Revenue Surplus Appropriation Johnson City Sewer Fund Transfer Johnson aty Water Fund Transfar Johnson City Regional Water Fund Transfer TOTAL Less Transfer to State Street Aid: TOTAL GENERAL FUND S 1775000 00 i 10000 00 446000 00 tiooooo 1900 00 41950000 S 50000 00 900000 00 so ooooo 1400000 43000000 170000 00 33000 00 175000 00 1141000 00 031500 00 15000 00 4400000 96000 00 3000 00 7500000 15000 06 16400000 19000 00 11000006 150000 00 UOOO oo 100000 16000 00 10000000 11300000 44000000 170000 00 7400000 - 40000 00 1300000 7500000 9400000 $ 6000000 1400000 7600000 $1374960000 87720000 s124pMOoo STATE STREET AID FUNt): Revenue from Generel Fund Gasoline Tax Surplus Appropriated TOATL STATE STREET AID FUND S 87710000 40000000 -0- $ U7710000 WATER FUND: Water Fund Revenue Tap Fees Surplus Appropriation Total Income Less: Transfer to General Funds TOTAL WATER OPERATING FUND $ 162000000 2000000 -0- S 164000000 16400000 S 147600000 SEWER FUND: Sewer Fund Revenue Tap Fees Surplus Appropriation ' Total Imcome Less: Transfer to General Fund TOTAL SEWER OPERATING FUNO JOHNSON CITY REGIONAL WATER FUND: Water Fund Revenue Tap Fees ARC Grant Surplus Appropriation Total Income Less: Transfer to General Fund 93400000 7000000 -0- SI 00400000 6000000 $ 94600000 66200000 3000000 6900000 0- 76100000 7800000 TOTAL JOHNSON CITY REGIONAL WATER OPERATING FUND t 70300000 TOTAL ALL DEPARTMENTS $1727480000 SUMMARY OF EXPENDITURES BY DEPARTMENTS 197S-197 GENERAL FUND 50 100 200 350 400 500 600 600 Debt Service General Government Finance Public Works Public Welfare Public Safety Education Motor Transport t 83970000 198480000 14560000 ' 27450000 170280000 185640000 401430000 5430000 TOTAL GENERAL FUND STATE STREET AID FUND 300 Public Works TOTAL STATE STREET AID FUND 81287240000 $ 127720000 S 127720000 WATER FUND Water Department - Operating Expense - - - Tci 700 750 Water Department S 111770000 35830000 TOTAL WATER FUNO SEWER FUND $ 147600000 900 950 Sewer Department Sewer Department Operating Exptnst Debt Service 41550000 53030000 TOTAL SEWER FUNO t 94600000 JOHNSON CITY REGIONAL WATER FUND 7700 Regional Water Department 7750 Regional Water Department TOTAL JOHNSON CITY REGIONAL WATER FUND OperatlngExpgns Debt Service 45520000 24780000 t 70300000 TOTAL EXPENDITURES FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS This is the 18th day of June 1975 $1727480000 Board of Commissioners By: William C Spain City Recorder 1975 Appalachian League baseball schedule Flayer Cleb Carter Min Hargrove Tex Lynn Btn Munson NY Hisle Min CMey Chi R White NY Yount Mil E Maddox NY Singleton Bat Horton Detroit 15 Bonds New York 15 RJackson Oakland 15 Burroughs Texas 15 Lynn Boston 14 Rune Betted la Lynn Boston 50 Horton Detroit 46 GScott Milwaukee 44 Hisle Minnesota at LMay Baltimore 48 G Nettles New York 48 Pitching (7 Doctsiem) Palmer Baltimore 11-8 Tee RMay New York 7-2 778 Keel Chicago 10-8 760 Blyieven Minnesota 5-2 714 Blue Oakland 10-5 667 Fitimorrii Kansas City 8-4 667 Lee Boston e-S A42 Busby Kan sat city 9-5 448 Bited en 146 at Bats NATIONAL LBAOUB BLUEFIELD BRISTOL COVINGTON EUZABETHTON Luilnskl Philadelphia 14 Bench Cincinnati 14 Schmidt Philadelphia 18 Bakar Atlanta 18 Wynn Los Angeles 12 Runs Batted la Bench Cincinnati 57 Luzinski Philadelphia 44 T Perez Cincinnati 44 Staub New York 48 TSimmons St Louis 42 Watson Houston 42 Cey Los Angelas 42 Garvey Loe Angeles 42 Pitching 17 Decisions) Klson Pittsburgh' t-2 ’ 778 Messer-smith Los Angeles 10-2 769 Gullett Cincinnati 9-3 750 RJones San Diego 9-3 750 Seaver New York 10-4 714 Bllllngham Cincinnati 7-8 700 Sutton Los Angelas 11-5 688 Fryman Montreal 6-8 667 JOHNSON CITY KINGSPORT Yesterday’s stars MARION By The Aisecleted Frees BATTING— Fred Lynn Red Sox drove In to runs with three hemers and a triple to lead Boston to a 15-1 decision over the Detroit T igers PITCHING— Bert Hooton Dodgers pitched a three-hitter to lead Los Angeles to a 4-0 victory over the Houston Astros PULASKI AT BLUEiTELD July July 27-28 Aug 23-24 June 21-22 July 18 Aug 13-14 July 7-8 July 28 Aug 9-10 July 1-2 July 20 Aug 15-18 July 3 July 21-22 Aug 3-4 June 23-24 July 18 Aug 27-28 Juno 27-28 July 14 Au(r 21-22 AT BRISTOL July 11-12 July 31 Aug 7-8 197S July 10 July 29-30 Aug 25-28 June 23-24 July 17 Aug 21-22 June 19-20 July 13 Aug 17-18 June 25-28 July 19 Aug 11-12 July 5-6 July 25 Aug 15-16 July 1-2 July 20 Aug 3-4 r - COVINGTON AT EL1ZABETHTO? June 25-26 July 19 Aug 17-18 July 7-8 July 28 Aug 9-10 APPALACHIAN - July 9 July 27 -28 Aug 3-4 July 3 July 21-22 Aug 21-22 July 1-2 July 20 Aug 1-2 ’ June 19-20 July 14 Aug 23-24 June 23-24 July 16 Aug 11-12 July 10 July 29-30 Aug 25-26 June 27-28 July 14 Aug 5-8 July 11-12 July 31 Aug 19-20 LEAGUE June 25-26 July 19 Aug 27-28 June 19-20 July 13 Aug 7-8 July 1-2 July 20 Aug 13-14 July 5-6 July 25 Aug 15-16 AT JOHNSON CITY July 4 July 23-24 Aug 1-2 June 29-30 July 16 Aug 13-14 July 5-6 July 25 Aug 5-6 June 21-22 July 18 Aug 11-12 BASEBALL June 27-28 July 17 Aug 25-26 July 10 July 29-30 Aug 19-20 July 11-12 July 31 Aug 7-8 AT ' KINGSPORT July 5-6 July 25 Aug 19-20 June 21-22 July 18 Aug 27-28 July 4 July 23-24 Aug 15-16 June 29-3Q July 16 Aug 23-24 June 23-24 July 14 Aug 9-10 SCHEDULE July 11-12 July 31 Aug 5-6 ‘ July 10 July 29-30 Aug 17-18 AT MARION June 29-30 July 13 ‘ Aug 11-12 July 3 July 21-22 Aug 1-2 June 27-28 July 17 Aug 7-8 July 4 July 23-24 Aug 17-18 July 7-8 July 26 Aug 3-4 July 9 July 27-28 Aug 21-22 1975 June 21-22 July 18 Aug 25-26 AT rtxsKi June 19-30 Iuly 17 Aug 5-6 July 4 July 23-24 Aug 19-20 a i 4 4 4 June 29-30 July 13 Aug 27-28 July 3 July 21-22 Aug 1-2 July 9 July 27-28 Aug 23-24 July 7-8 July 26 Aug 13-14 June 25-26 July 19 Aug 9-10 ' Sunday Spring Nationals 4Big Daddy’ heads field at Bristol Milligan’s Dean Minier listed as one of NAIA s top sluggers BRISTOL — “Big Daddy" Don Garlits unbeaten in IHRA competition thus far this season heads a strong Top Fuel field for the IHRA Spring Na--tionals here at the Bristol International Dragway this weekend Garlits of Tampa Fla has won all three IHRA national events this season and is the man to beat in the "Grand-daddy of them all” the “Thunder Valley" spectacle that gets under way Friday Garlits has won the Winter Nationals World Nationals and Pro-Am Nationals this season and is setting the pace in the IHRA Challenge points race The field is filled with plenty of former winners that are expected to give the "Big Dad dy” all he wants and all are capable of bursting Garlits’ winning bubble "He got me in thermals' at Amarillo last time out but that' won’t happen again” says 1974 IHRA Top Fuel Driver of the Year Dale Funk of Rad-cliff Ky "I had the fastest car at Amarillo setting low et but I just went to sleep on the starting line and let the “ole man" get the jump on me It’s going to be different at Bristol That's my favorite track holding the et record of 604 there It’ll take a five- Amold Palmer’s mother-in-law dies MEDINAH 111 AP) — Arnold Palmer was notified Wednesday that his mother-in-law Mrs Mary Walzer had died in a hospital in Orlando Fla She had suffered a stroke last Saturday Winnie Arnold's wife was with her mother She and her father Martin S Walzer urged Palmer to remain here to play in the US Open Golf Championship second run to beat me there” Funk says Other drivers capable of unseating Garlits are former IHRA winners Jack Hart Rupp & Dakin Paul Longneck-er Clayton Harris Allan Starr and the Carroll Brothers Also entered is Gary Beck the Canadian champion from Edmonton Alberta who set a new IHRA elapsed time record of 600 at Miami’s Winter Nationals earlier this year1 Qualifying for Top Fuel will be open on Friday and will continue through Saturday night The 16 fastest cars will get the green light at 1 pm Sunday 1 DEAN MINIER Top Slugger Fight results By Tit Associated Prta BARCELONA Spain — Jose Ramon Gomez Fouz 139 Spain outpointed Romano Fanali 140 Italy IS: Fouz retained his European Junior welterweight title LAS VEGAS NEV — Lonnie Harris 13 Los Angeles declared winner over'' Jimmy Carter 15Vi Las Vegas when referee disqualifed Carter tor failing to fight In scheduled 10-rounder Dean Minier the only senior on the 1975 Milligan College baseball team is listed among the top home run hitters in America according to the final statistics issued by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Minier one of the jnost versatile players to wear the orange and black for Coach Harold Stout drilled 10 four-baggers during the campaign — a mark that ties him from eighth spot in the NAIA home run list Otis Foster of High Point College led the NAIA with 26 homers According to Dr Stout Minier’s strength does not lie in hitting the long ball alone Dr Stout said the Boswell Indiana native has played outfield the infield and pitched for the Buffaloes in addition to developing into a fine hitter He hit 319 during the most recent campaign "Minier shifted as needed for the good of the team" commented Stout "consequently no major league scout had a book on him at any one position” The Milligan coach went on to say he believes Minier to have the capabilities to play outfield at the professorial level : Dean holds or shares seven Milligan baseball records He holds the record for most hits in a season (55) most runs scored in a season (47) most RBI’s in a season (37) most career RBI’s (81) and most career triples (13) He shares records in most home runs in a game (2) and most career doubles (18) Minier was named to the District 24 All-Star (NAIA) team this year He has also been selected an Outstanding College Athlete of America “For versatility hitting ability and the love of the game-you just cannot find many players like Dean” Stout con- eluded “this kind just doesn’t come along every day” tennis continues Johnson City’s USLTA sanctioned tennis tournament con tinued yesterday with the following results and schedule a " 4 - 4 y -vi Attention Advertisers § Publishing Schedule The Johnson City Press-Chronicle will publish one combined edition on Friday July 4th Deadline for advertising in this edition will be 4:00 pm Monday June 30th For advertising Deadline is in editions of: 4:00 pm: Sunday July 6 th Tuesday July 1 st - Monday July 7th Evening Wednesday July 2nd Tuesday July 8th Morning Wednesday July 2nd Tuesday July 8fh Evening Wednesday July 2nd Wednesday July 9th Morning Wednesday July 2nd Wednesday July 9th Evening Thursday July 3rd Thursday July 10th Morning Thursday July 3rd Offices of the Johnson City Press-Chronicle will be closed all day Friday July 4th in observance of Independence Day r- JOHNSON CHY-PRESS-CHBONICLE WHAt IH( PiOFU PQN‘1 KNOW WILL HURT IHEM Running action Julian Thorp races to his left for 'a shot in the USLTA sanctioned tennis tournament at the Park and Recreation courts Thorp will be in action today (Staff Photo) A J Foyt aims for title in June 29 Pocono 500 LONG POND Pa (AP) — AJ Foyt is aiming for one of -the few auto racing titles he hasn’t won yet as he prepares today for the June 29 Pocono 500 at Pocono International Raceway here Foyt winner of this race in 1973 has yet to win the Triple Crown of Indianapolis-style rac- ing— the best cumulative finishes in the three United States Auto Club 500-mile races Foyt who is a five-time national champion and winner of 51 Indy-style races claimed the California 500 at Ontario on March and finished third at In- -dianapolis lat month But he trails Bobby Unsef in the Triple Crown standings Unser with a second at Ontario and his victory at Indianapolis has 1800 points to Foyt’s 1700 with 1000 more to the winner here Unser appeared serious about retaining the Triple Crown title he earned last year by posting the quickest time Wednesday in the opening-session practice at the 2'2-mile tri-oval here : Unser's lap of 1792 miles per hour edged the top speeds of John Rutherford and Gordon Johncock by about a half-mile per hour Rutherford who finished sec- -ond to Unser in the Triple Crown standings last year despite winning thi§ race and the Indy 500 is the only other driver who figures in the chase this year He had 800 points for his second-place finish last month at Indy and could tie Unser with a victory here assuming Unser and Foyt score no points Foyt was not among the 26 drivers taking advantage of the ' opening practice Wednesday hut he was to be on the track today Practice continues Friday with qualifying for the $400000 race scheduled Saturday' and j Sunday ' for today's action Beys 12 and under Woodward over Green 6-1 6-3 Boys 14 and under single Water over Perry 7 $ 6-2 Rogers over White 6-1 6-1 Bov 16 and under tingle Burker over Millie 7-6 6-1 Carmichael ever Wiley 4-6 6-3 6-1 Bey II and under tingle Rogers over Proffit 6-3 6-3 Today' schedule: 14 and under single Water v Roger II and undar tingle Rogerf vs Thorp-Wycoff winner 16 and undar single Burker vs Carmicheel 14 and under double Water-Roger v Laitinen-Graen and Wilson-Cusack winner Lewi-Perry vs Whlte-McKinnorg Bays 16 and under double Carmichael-Young vs Laltinen-Sulli-van and Croley-Whlta winner Bowley-Canter vs Wampler-Hurt and Burkar-Perry winner Boys II and under doubles Thorp-Rogtrs v Roger-Waters and Stettord-Pertner winner Protltt-Wiley vs Young-Carmlchaei Man's Open double Colvin-Zannls vs Wilson-Claytsn and Gentry-Moor winner Me Letl an-Ponder vs Odell-Mathes Geeplon-Rhudy vs Saunders-Haisley Young-Bohlinger vs Harber-Laitinen and Warden Bally winner Pele directs J 2-0 victory NEW YORK (AP) - Pele may be a superstar but he’s not necessarily a superman Though Brazil’s “Black Pearl” did not score any goals or assists magnificent or otherwise in his professional debut with the New York Cosmos Wednesday he did direct the North American Soccer League team to a handy 24) triumph over the Toronto Metro-Croatia and drew a sellout crowd of 22-500 in the process “I might not have scored" said Pele afterward “but I think that I made the Toronto defense spend two men on me and sometimes three Both goals were as a result of a man being free on these types of plays" — - Pele assumed the role of on-the-field coach in the first half and most of the second directing the movement of his teammates But he failed in three easy scoring attempts most of which went wide including a direct kick from twenty yards out with Toronto goalie Zelko Bilecki out of position m When asked about the trio of mishaps the 34-year-old soccer legend said "It’s not the first time pnd it won’t be the last" "I still have to get adjusted to the American ball which is lighter than the ball we play with in Brazil" he said "I feel this will take me about another week or so I feel real good physically" The Cosmos finally broke through with 12:51 gone in the second half New York's Barry Mahy passed to Julio Correa who headed a shot past Bilecki fi3F Prirmno' fire! rtrxnt Fly This Flag Proudly On Your Home INDEPENDENCE DAY JULY 4th Ml 188 3 x 5-Foot Fib Cotton Flag with Double Stitched Stripe Canvat Heading and Bran Grommet 4-Foot 2-Piece Staff Cord Halyard Golden Tog Decoration ’ ’ Heavy Call 2-Way Permanent Metal Socket with 3 Mounting Screw Mounting Infraction Flag History and Etiquette Folder in Full Color Self-itorage Heavy Corrugated Mailer Kit Offered at cost as a patriotic public service COMPLETE KIT PURCHASED $C25 AT OUR OFFICE Hailed To Your Homo 600 (Include pottage and handling) To: JOHNSON CITY PRESS-CHRONICLE CIRCULATION DEPT POBox 1717 Johnten City TN 37601 I Enclosed le $- I I j NAME ( ) Check ( ) Money Order Flag Sets at $600 per Set ADDRESS CITY- STATE ZIP CODE Plea irjake check payable to PRESS INC j JOHNSON GlfcPESS-CHRONICLE whai ini rioeia ooiri inow wiu mxi imi

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